Two foxy honeys like fooling around naked

Two foxy honeys like fooling around naked
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I work as a sports instructor at a secondary school. This job has many advantages but the most cherished is seeing "my girls" (age 12 to 16) move.

With my colleagues we have every year a bet about which fresh student will develop the most beautiful. Regardless my fantasies I will never jeopardise my job by becoming intimate with one of the students.

Until today. On this spring evening is weather is not cold, but we have the occasionally heavy showers. My doorbell rings and when I open the door I see Miriam, one of my students. She is not wearing a coat and is soaking wet.

"Miriam, whats up?" I ask her. Her white blouse semi-transparent, sticking to her little budding titties. I have to force my self not to stare at her little erect nipples. "Mister R., I have a flat tire." She tells me with a pouty face. She is one of my favourites. Her gymnast-figure has developed for a year now. Blond hair with a smile to die for. Skinny with the cutest little titties and a perfectly formed ass. "Come in," I tell her against my basic rule.

I know she lives a hour-walk away so I decide to help. She parks her bicycle in the hallway. "You have a towel or something," she asks with her enchanting smile.

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I take her to the bathroom. "You are all cold and shivering. Why don't you take a warm bath while I look are your bike," I suggest. "I can also put your clothes in the dryer." "Oh yes please," she says. I bend over to turn on the tap, when I turn back she is already unbuttoning her blouse. She catches me staring at her titties. "You like them, don't you." she says with a horny tone in her voice and lets one of her hands slip in to cup her titty. "Uhm, I will look at your bike," I say blushing.

Damn, this is wrong, this two horny babes expose their hot bodies masturbation and brunette bad, I can't, I shouldn't. are the things going through my mind. Then I notice the valve is turned loose.

Damn, has she arranged all this? I inflate the tire and return to the bathroom. After I knocked she says that I can enter. She is sitting on her knees in the bath tub. Covering her titties with one arm. Aiming the shower head with the other hand over her shoulder. "I put your clothes in the dryer." When I pick them up I only notice her blouse and little denim skirt. No panties? She most certainly planned it all. "May I ask you to wash my back," she asks when I turn the dryer on.

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Damn with her begging face it is impossible to refuse. I sit on the edge and put some shower cream in my hand.

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Softy I start to wash her shoulders and back. "Shall I rinse it of," I ask. "You missed a part," she laughs leaning forward and lifting those delicious buttock out of the water. Very carefully not to get to close to her crack I caress her bum. She is making it difficult for me by wiggling in such a way it is hard to avoid.

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She sits straight again, this time shameless without covering her titties. When I want to get the shower head she grabs my wrist and pulls me in the bath tub. She laughs, "ha. now your clothes must be dried too." When I finally get on my knees in front of her she starts pulling my t-shirt up and over my head. "I knew it" she whispers. With her fingers she starts following the outlines of my muscles. I may say I am still well defined for a twenty seven years old man.

Down my six pack to the belt of my pants. "This needs to be dried also," she says pulling the band. I stand up in front of her and she slowly pulls my trainers, together with my boxers, down. The moment my cock jumps out looks very surprised. 9 Inches of vained man meat, as thick as her wrist. "Wow," she whispers softly. Carefully she explores my dick with her fingers.

I caress her hair, slowly bringing the tip of my cock to her lips. I let her explore with her tongue. "Do you know what I really like to see baby," I say to her when she is still kissing my tip. She smiles up at me and shakes no. "I would like to see how much of my toy you can take into your pretty little mouth." With her zanes sex chronicles s01e07 sex scene tube porn hands around the base she slowly brings my cock in her mouth.

When she is just an inch past the tip she gags and quickly retrieves. I see disappointment in her face. "It is the technique Miriam. This is probably the first cock you suck." I say to comfort her. "just relax," I say when I grab a hand full of hair. My other hand under her chin to tilt her a bit forward.

Slowly I penetrate and push it in deeper and deeper. This time three inches before she gags.

"See. You can take much more of me," I say smiling and kneel down before her. After an intimate kiss i tell her to russian mom jerking hard fuck up. I kiss her little pert titties, sucking and nibbling on her nipples. She encourages me by pressing my head against her chest.

My hand cupping her buttocks. One of them travels down her leg and to the front. When my fingers tickle her clit she grants me access by placing her foot on the side of the bath tub. When I penetrate my finger in her tight hole she sighs.

Soon she reaches an orgasm but I don't stop finger fucking her. She is unable to stand but I keep her up.

prolonging her orgasm. I let her go and she slowly sits on my lap with her legs on both sides. My cock on her crotch. She slowly sliding my shaft between her cunt lips.

"Mmm," she starts between little kisses. "You stopped just in time, I nearly fainted." My only reply was a passionate french kiss. "Do you know what I really like to know?" she asks. "No," I whisper. "How much of your toy I can fit down there." she says smiling, while her hand is already guiding my cock to her entrance.

Slowly she brings it in. My god she is so tight.

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As soon as my tip enters she starts to breath heavily and starts gyrating her hips like she is dancing a samba. I get her by her small waist and start moving her up and down, very slowly deeper and deeper. Soon she gets another orgasm. The spastic pulsating of her cunt makes me cum as well. I push her hard down on my cock fully penetrating her tight cave. She sexy story by venky ebony story this time, but I kept lifting her body and forcing it back on my cock until the last bit of cum shot.

I pull her close and softly kiss her neck. She becomes conscious again. "Wow," she sighs, "I died and went to heaven and back." "Glad you liked it," I say, "you took it all." "Wow, farewell virginity." we cuddle some more in the bath tub. My cock erect again when I stand up to get a towel. When I want to put the second leg out of the bath she grabs my toy with both hands. "I have to practise," she laughs. She already opens her mouth.

Just when she starts to suck her cellphone rings. She gets up and runs, all wet, into the hallway. Bends over to get her phone from her bag. Her red cunt lips glistening between nasty brunette teen fucks all her holes with multiple dildos and vibrators tube porn beautiful buttocks.

"Hi daddy," she says in a childish voice, "no, i am at Cindie's, just sheltering from the rain." She is listening for a moment when I notice my cellphone. I get it and put it on camera. Miriam turns slowly around and notices I want to take a picture. "Yes daddy," she smiles at me and strikes a pose cupping her little titty. "I will be home in twenty minutes." Damn, this leaves me only five minutes. We go back into the bathroom.

"Sit on the side of the bath tub," I command her, "I want to give you something for the road." I bring my cock to her mouth again and she starts sucking like a good little cumslut. She stops and looks up. "Please fuck my mouth," she asks. "I want to take all of your toy here too," she emphasises it by putting two fingers on her mouth. I put the phone down, grab her head and start fucking her face. Deeper and deeper.

She gags and tries to push me away to get the meat out of her throat. I pull back a bit only to force it in harder and deeper. Her next gag makes me cum. The first deep in her throat, the rest over her face. "Now you are a real cumslut," I say while I get my cam-phone.

"You can Caught out continued (kWs0) a proud, slut," I say. she smiles showing the cum on her face. "Now quickly," I hurry her, "You don't want to keep your daddy waiting." She washes her face and gets dressed.

Back in the hallway she bends over to get something from her bag. Her little denim skirt riding up, giving me a last glance at her delicious ass. I caress her buttocks one more time, sliding my fingers in her soaking wet cunt. "No don't please," she begs. She puts on some white panties. I kiss her goodbye. Just before she opens the door I kiss her neck and whisper, "Never tell anyone about this, or your pics will be all over school and the internet." She smiles, "I understand mister r." she says, "but can I come and play some more?"