Lena paul in cuckhold watches busty babe fuck

Lena paul in cuckhold watches busty babe fuck
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I can't believe I let Kevin talk me into coming over to his parent's house after school, but here I am sitting on the edge of his bed as he shows me his model airplane collection that he started when he was eight. Now ten years later he's got a lot! Kevin is kinda a geek, but not too bad, but although he could use a better haircut, it wasn't his hair that I first noticed.

I remember seeing him running with the rest of the boys on the track field. I love to watch the boys run. Especially when they pass me by and I can see their buns flexing in the nylon school shorts we all have to wear.

The guys all seem to get their shorts two sizes too big and the girls get theirs one size too small. So there I was standing with my girlfriends waiting for our gym teacher, Ms. Elliot, to get done yelling at two of the stoner girls for not having their gym uniforms on. I smiled as I saw that the boy's senior gym class was going to run by.

With modern jock strap technology, most of the time the guy's things are not very evident, but for some reason, that was not true on that day. Then I realized that the cheer leading squad were doing calisthenics and that had excited the boy's class.

I could hear giggles around me as the rest of my girls class noticed also. Then I had to gasp as I saw Kevin. HE WAS HUGE! I stared open mouthed at him and when my eyes lifted from his crotch, I saw he was smiling at me. My heart skipped a beat as he kept eye contact with me as long as he could as the class ran by. The rear view was pretty good too. So he looked me up at lunch, we hung out for a couple of days, and now here I am in his room. As luck would have it, his parents both work late, so we're alone for at least another three hours.

I couldn't be happier. I've wanted to get him alone and see if he was really as big as I thought, and there he was, there for the taking! "So Kevin, you've got a girl in your room, she's sitting on your bed among your underwear and cum stains, and all you can do is talk about abella and riley loves licking each others wet pussies jumped at that and started to blush.

I crooked my index finger and motioned him over to me. Slowly putting down the F-something-or-other jet, he approached the bed, bulging crotch (and growing!) at eye level. Button fly jeans, I love a boy in button fly jeans. Since he seems a little too much of a geek to make the first move, I start to rub his growing bulge with my hand. Soon a little helmet peeks over the top of his waistband.

"Hello little soldier, want a kiss?" I lean forward and give the underside of his glans a smootch. Kevin lets out a low moan and I start to encircle his head with my tongue. He is already leaking pre-cum and I lick it up greedily. Popping the buttons open on his jeans, I see that he really is as large as he had looked that day at the track. Licking up and down the front of his underwear I am very pleased at his reaction.

"Kick your shoes off Kev, then your jeans. Leave your tighty whites on, they look so sexy." Standing there in only a muscle shirt and jockeys, he looks so young, but so mature at the same time.

I stood up and raised my arms. He took the hint and raised my t-shirt over my head. I'd gone braless this evening (cause I still can!). Immediately he starts playing with my b cups tits. Not much there yet, I'm hoping to grow a little more, but my nipples are huge and puffy. While his head buries itself in my chest.

I slip my shorts and underpants to the floor after kicking off my shoes. Grabbing his head, I pull his lips to mine and we start to kiss. Tenderly and hesitant at first, then stronger and with tongues. I break away and push on his chest. He doesn't resist as I push him back onto his bed.

Sliding next to him I pull his cock out through the fly of his jockeys, not an easy feat with his bar of iron, but I managed. I got a kanada bf six xxx vi look at it for the first time. I didn't have a ruler with me but it was easily 9 inches and the thing that surprised me was the width. His cock was much wider than it was tall, making it a huge slab. It was as tall as the head of his dick, but the width was almost twice that wide.

I could feel my juices getting me ready for his thick invader. "So where do you keep your rubbers?" His startled look made my heart sink. "Doesn't every guy have a couple of rubbers around just in case? I thought you used to be a boy scout!" I pout at him and he starts to lose his hard on, even though I'm rubbing it slowly. "Gee Allison, I got a couple and practiced putting them on. It was pretty hard as I'm so wide.

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I even ripped one!" His arms were flung up over the top of the bed and his face was a mask of disappointment and frustration. I snuggled up beside him and buried my head in his armpit.

"We can still have fun. Just not as much fun." I could see that my pronouncement was exciting him. The smell of his boysweat was exciting my further. I nuzzle my face in his pit and run it along his chest.

I take one of his nipples in my mouth and nip it. His whole body jumps and I tweak the opposite one as I continue to suck on his little boy nipple.

"Shit Ali that feels crazy. Crazy but good." I could see that his soldier was at attention again, and I start mouthing my way toward his crotch. I reach down and put my hand up the leg band of his jockeys and start massaging his balls.

Woah, he's packing a taming a lusty male pecker gloryhole hardcore load, that's for sure! Kissing up the top of his cock, reach his crown and he has a harvest of pre-cum waiting for me there. I dip the tip of my tongue into his pee hole.

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I'm rewarded with a jerk of his hips and he enters my mouth. I take this opportunity to start to suck him off. After a couple of trips down his cock, my jaws start to ache. Damn, he IS almost too damned wide! "Ali, oh god that feels good. Where. Where did you learn to make this feel so good?" I took my mouth off his boner and sat up and gave him a big kiss. Then I guide his head down to my nipples. Oh, he's a natural.

"Wouldn't you like to know," I answer mysteriously. I push Kevin back flat on the bed and I pull his jockeys up until he is totally covered again. The look of disappointment quickly leaves his face as I straddle his underwear covered hips. We both groan as my dripping wet snatch quickly soaks the front of his undies and I start to rock up and down on his cock.

He strains upwards as I can feel the usually soft cotton grate on my sensitive lips. My clit is out and swollen and I crush it into bottom of his baby stick with every trip up and down his length.

I have my eyes closed loving the sensations building in my groin and I don't see that he is slowly pushing his underwear lower and lower on his hips. I just know that it feels really good near the top. I know somewhere in the back of my mind that it had to be his naked stunning julia ann pleasures a massive dong, but I just didn't care.

Then I suddenly was feeling naked dick during the entire trip. His hands take ahold of my face and he brings my lips down to his. When we break the embrace I go back to try and start our sliding again. What I get as I back up is about three inches of naked iron erect cock in me.

My eyes fly open and I can't believe the shit eating grin on his face. "Don't make me take it out Ali, I want to give it all to you. I want you so bad." My mind is racing, all I can think of is how this is a bad time in my cycle. I'd probably be pretty fertile.

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I try to get myself to tell him to get out of me, but good ol' mother nature wants me pregnant. She has pumped me full of girl hormones and Kevin's ladle is stirring the pot. My body wants Kevin's impregnator inside me and it didn't care about the consequences. I almost say no when a subtle thrust on his part was answered by a shifting of my knees. Now he is more than halfway inside me and I can feel that I could cum soon.

I need to cum, and I want Kevin to fuck one out of me. I straighten up and settle down n him, taking him inside me to the balls. I sit there, fully impaled on his lance and I run my fingers through my long hair, milf emily is shy but despearte for her orgasm my back, sticking my little titties out.

It all feels so good. I smile down at him, "You gonna fuck me or not big boy?" With a grin of triumph he lifts his hips up and gets a little more inside me.

Then he drops back down and I start pumping my ass up and down meeting his thrusts. I have my hands interlaced in my long red hair and am whipping my upper torso around wildly as we establish a rhythm. All too soon he tells me, "I'm gonna cream soon Ali!" He gasps between deep breaths of air. "I tried holding it off, but you are so tight and your titties flapping around like that are driving me crazy." "Hold off a bit longer, think of nuns. anything!" "Sexy nuns, stripping for bed?" "Think of SOMETHING ELSE!" I scream, although I'm grinning.

I'd be sore tomorrow with his pounding and I already feel stretched out, but I don't care. I can see his neck muscles tense up and his teeth clench. Then suddenly he reaches out and grabs my titties. It sends me over the edge and I can feel myself squirting as I cum, it was so good.

Then my pistoning stallion rears his hips up and locks them there. I grind my pussy as far down on to him as it will go, trying to get as much inside me as I can. His twitching rod I can feel pulsing squirt after squirt of baby batter into me. It all just makes me cum harder. If Teenyblack hot ass ebony teen fucked and facialized have learned anything from my father, it is that dirty talk makes it better for the guy.

"Gods Kevin, fill me up. Pump your load. Pour it into me. Shit, I'm creaming sooo hard on your cock. I love it, pump me, pump me full, knock me up." His eyes snap open and he looks me right in the face. "You serious? You want me to preg you?" We are both breathing hard and words are difficult. I reach up and touch his beautiful sweat covered face tenderly. "I think you already did. You help me raise him or her?" "Of course, I'm no irresponsible jerk!" He takes my hand and kisses it gently.

I respond by squeezing the half erect cock still in me. I can feel him surge back to life, and I start to pump my ass up again when he grabs me around the hips and rolls me over, never leaving heaven's gate.

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We are face to face now in the standard missionary position. I can feel the beat of his heart in the gentle pulses of his dick as he holds himself still but fully iserted into me. Our eyes lock onto each others and he begins to pull out of me. I groan uncontrollably with the disappointing sense of emptiness, but then groan louder as he fills me again.

It is a slow and gentle fuck this time. We talk about our future. He wants to go to college here in town, I want to just finish high school. Talk gets scarce as we both begin working up to a climax again. He rears is torso up and grabs my hands. We lock fingers as he drives into me harder and harder. Every slam of his pubic bone into mine sends shivers through me. I feel that electric crawl starting in my loins and I moan loudly. With all the noise we are making, I'm sure glad his partents aren't home!

His body tenses and he starts unloading in me again. "FUCK Ali, you're milking me with your talented pussy. I'm dumping a gallon inside you. Fucking you full of kids. Making triplets. Take my juice. Take my. take it all." With that he stops thrusting and presses himself as far inside me as he can. I can feel him splashing the mouth of my womb with his seed. I knew I was sucking it up with my orgasm and we'd have kids in less than a year.

"Oh Kevin, sperm me, make me your knocked up little high school slut. Fuck that baby slime into me!" After the fireworks, we talk a little more. Then I have to get my clothes on quickly as we look at the time. I leave him with a quick goodbye kiss. I feel warm and happy and loved. Getting home, I quickly strip down to just my panties and enter daddy's room. He's laying there naked and already half erect. I approach him with my hands behind my back.

"Did you get it like I wanted Pumpkin?" His hands are already feeling my panty covered puss. I can feel all the sperm that has leaked out of me on the way home squishing around under daddy's rubbing. He gets even harder. "You've been a naughty little girl. You know only daddy gets you bareback." Taking my arms from behind my back, I show him the memory card in my hand. "I couldn't help it, he was so hard and didn't have any condoms." I pout at daddy as he looks sternly at me. I try to effect an innocent little girl look.

Pretty hard with what his hand is doing to my crotch. "Slut," he growls huskily. Then he smiles and I know everything is ok. I am jerking my hips as his middle finger forces the gusset of my soaked panties further and further into me. Nodding towards the card he asks, "Any problems?" I shake my head. "He never even knew I had a camera in my book bag! He was good daddy, real good! Can I do him again?" "Maybe, just maybe.

Now put it in and show daddy!" I grin mischievously, "The sd card or your cock." "Both!" he shouts as I skip on over to the television. * * * * * I close the door behind her and watch her run down the stairs.

Allison's shorts covered ass still makes my dick twitch even thought she'd milked me twice in the last hour. I notice a dark stain starting to appear at the back of her crotch and have to grin. Then I hear my annoying massage japanese erotis hot spa brother behind me.

He clears his throat, "You really gonna help her with the baby like you said?" I laugh, "What do you think? Did I help any of the others?" As Allison gets out of sight, I turn towards him, "Did you get it?" I ask him.

"I got everything online just like you asked Kev, the setup in the closet was perfect!" he hesitates, trying to get up his courage. "You gonna let me have a piece of this one?" I laugh at him. "Maybe.

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When I'm done with her." He shakes his head and says bitterly "Shit man, I tired of friggin my fist. and she was hot!" I tousle his hair affectionately, "Get out and get one of your own little bro, they're all just out there for the taking!"