Gorgeous babe please this stud hardcore and blowjob

Gorgeous babe please this stud hardcore and blowjob
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This is the story of Chloe.I posted this before in the forums and now Im reposting it here cause Im finally getting around to making a continuation to this story.Hope you guys enjoy.

I was always the shy and quiet one of the group. Chloe' The insecure one. The unexperienced one. The one that all the guys called best friend or friend. Never really the girlfriend. At least not as much as I wanted. Out of all the girls I hung with Rachel, Shannon and Tara I was sad to say the least experienced of all my friends when it came to sex having just lost my virginity a couple of years ago. Dont get me wrong Im not an ugly girl. I have long naturally curly black hair and green eyes with very curly eyelashes and pink pouty lips.

Im kinda petite for my age of 24 at 4'10. Very curvy in a bottom heavy kinda way whereas all my friends are tall at least 5'6 or 5'7. It kinda makes me feel inferior to the other girls, as they always old women fuck porn in nigeria to have an interesting story about what they did the night before or who they did for that matter.

Especially Tara. Tara seemed to always bring a different guy home every night to the apartment we shared and always seemd to be having very loud and rough sex right next door to me. She was a pretty wild girl and she made no objections about hiding it. She would walk up to any guy no matter where he was or who he was with and tell him she wanted to fuck or whatever. The surprising thing was that it usually worked.

She was getting dicked down four or more tmes a week. Jealous much? Of course I was. I think I saw my vibrator more times than I did an actual dick.

Plastic really wasnt doing it for me. So here we all are in the backyard relaxing by the pool and having girl talk when I see our new neighbor come out his back door to take the trash out.

This guy is so hott he makes my pussy start to ache everytime I see him. He looked up at me and smiled. I slowly dropped my head ashamed that he had caught me looking.

Tara looked up and followed my gaze."Damn, he is hott?" She asked licking her lips. "Thats our new neighbor John ." I replied to Rachel and Shannon smiling. "Well, I think he may be the next victim. If hes lucky I may even let him eat the pussy. Excuse me hot asu teen st assfuck brcc full video She said with a smirk as she got up and walked to the edge of the fence. After about five minutes of her flipping her hair and throwing her breast into his face she swayed back to us shaking her ass in her black string bikini.

I looked up and saw him watching her walk away. The same look of lust that all men have brunette comes out of the pool to get creampied they talk to her.

I was kinda upset seeing as though I had my eye on him for a while. He was always so nice and always smiled at me when he saw me. Maybe it was just his way of being friendly but I always thought that one day I would get a chance but of course noone gets a chance when Tara is involved.

Later milf came home from work to eat cock the night after I had just got out the shower I was walking down the hallway when I noticed that Tara's door was cracked open and she was fucking John. I could see his balls slapping swiftly across her ass as he had her bent over the bed her titties were bouncing back and forth. She really seemed to be enjoying it. She was moaning and screaming his name. I was so surprised and so fascinated that I didnt even realize that I was rubbing my pussy.

My finger moving swiftly in and out. I came so hard that I had to hold onto the wall to keep from sliding down. It was the best feeling I had ever had in my life.

I just stood there rubbing my pussy as the juices dripped down my hand. I had never been this wett before in my life. I must have been really into it because I didnt notice that he had looked over at me. He had the biggest smile on his face as he watched me watching them. I was so startled that I picked up my towel and ran into my room and started getting dressed.

I was so ashamed and scared that he had caught me watching him. I just didnt know what to say to him now when I seen him. I wondered if he would tell Tara. I didnt want her to think I was some kind of freak who liked to watch The image was burnt into my mind. I laid in my bed and came twice more that night from thinking about him. The next morning as I was making breakfast. He came quietly walking out of her bedroom with a big kool-aid smile across his face.

"Rough night huh." He replied sneaking up behind me. I was so startled I almost dropped the plate of eggs I was holding. I braced myself against the counter to help me keep my balance.

"Yeah you could say that." I replied my eyes diverted to the floor. I could feel him staring at me and I started to feel very uncomfortable and yet intrigued at the same time. I was feeling a burning sensation as I could feel him focusing on my ass that was barely hidden under my nightshirt.

My nipples were slowly becoming erect and were soon very visible. " He looked at me and smiled trying not to laugh. "So any eggs for me?" I tried to turn my attention back to the toast and juice I was making. "Sure you can have some." Here's a plate. I handed it to him and took a seat. He sat down next to me and his leg brushed against mine. I jumped a little and he smirked. "What is so funny?" I asked getting annoyed at him.

He laughed and simply replied. "You seem to be a little uncomforatble around me. Do I make you nervous?" I rolled my eyes in disgust.

"No actually you repulse me and I find you kind of nasty." "You do hmm? Well that's what your mouth says but your nipples seem to say otherwise." He said taking a sip of orange juice. I got up swiftly from the table and went to the sink to wash the dishes. I took a couple of deep breaths to try and calm my nerves as I heard his chair scrap across the floor. Soon I felt his breath on the back of my neck. "I know you enjoyed watching me fucking your roommate last night.

Maybe if you want I could do the same to you sometimes. As he spoke I could feel his dick pressing up against my ass.

I tried to move around but no matter which way I turned he seemed to press harder into me. "What makes you think I would ever let you fuck me? Plus aren't you involved with Tara?" Laughing he grinded farther up against me.

"Actually we just had one date and just because I spent the night with her doesnt mean we're dating." He kissed me gently on my neck and I felt me knees going weak. I gripped the sink to help hold myself up. "Look anytime you wanna try me out. Then let me know. You know where to find me." He backed away and walked out the door and left me standing there shaking. Was I turned on? Hell yeah!. Did I really wanna take him up on his offer? Anytime and anyplace but I wasnt usually the one up for casual sex and plus he was fucking my friend so that made him off limits.

I turned and walked down the hall to my room. This guy he was trouble and he knew it. He was cocky and arrogant and sexy as hell and I wanted him to fill my pussy. I knew though that I needed to stay away and thats exactly what I planned to do. At least I hoped I could. I did a pretty good job of it to. Avoiding him for the next month or so.

Everytime he was over with Tara I stayed in my room. Even though he went out of his way to put on a extra big show of fucking her. He made it an effort of pissing me off. Why was I pissed you ask? The answer is quite simple. I wanted him to fuck me. I wanted him inside me the way he was inside of her. I wanted him to do to me all the things that she bragged about him doing. I wanted him to make me make the same noises and sounds that I heard Tara making every night.

They seemed to be getting serious which made him even more off limits. I wouldnt dare sleep with her boyfriend as thats what she was calling him these days. I usually left 15 minutes early in the morning just so that I could leave my house without having to run into him in the morning. I kept this up for quite some time even though it was hard work.

I had a pretty good system going until one morning when I was getting dressed for work and opened my bedroom door to go to the bathroom and who do I walk right into wearing a towel. Yeah you guessed it John. I tried to turn around and walk back mother and mother fuck not their daughter free hd porn 43 young porno tube porn my room but he grabbed me by my hand.

"In a rush this morning beautiful." he replied licking his lips. I tried to walk past him but he blocked me. The only thing seperating us was a towel. "Yes I actually am in a rush so if you'll excuse me." I tried to move again but he pulled me into the bathroom. "Look, I dont have time to play with you so could you please move." I tried to look everywhere in the bathroom but at him. Here he was practically naked standing in front of me. "Why keep fighting it.

I know you want me. I know you want ravishing jenna rides on a stiff member to fuck you. " He was so close to me that I could feel his breathe on my face.

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"If I finally admit it then will you let me leave." Smiling at me he nodded his head. "Okay look, yes I do want you but I also think you're sleazy for trying to scam on me when you're dating my bestfriend." I took a deep breathe finally glad to get that off my chest.

What happened next surprised even me. He leaned in and pressed his lips against mine. I tried to move my head to get him to stop but I couldn't. He began to run his fingers across my waist.

I let out a moan that surprised even me. I felt his towel hit me feet as teen eager to make her own sex tape was standing in front of me naked. He kissed my neck and licked back up to my ears. The way his tounge felt on my neck was driving me wild.

He put his hand up my dress and squeezed my ass. He lifted me on top the sink and began to raise my dress up. His hands all over my red panties. He pulled them to the side as he licked one story sexy japanese belue sexy xx18 and inserted it into my pussy.

I ground myself deeper onto his finger as he plunged deeper into me. Before long he was fucking me with three fingers and I knew I was soon about to cum. "Oh my god.Im cumming!" I exclaimed as he buried his finger deeper into me. He put his fingers in my mouth and I licked my cum off his fingers. I had never tasted my own cum before and it tasted so good. He began removing my dress and soon I was only wearing my bra as my panties were on the floor with my dress.

He began licking the inside of my thighs and I knew what was coming next. I was a virgin to oral sex. "You ready?" he asked as he got down and spread my legs on his shoulder. "Sure." I replied my voice shaking. I could feel his breathe on my clit as he got closer. Finally I felt his tounge.

I began to shudder as he sucked ever so gently. I arched my back and grabbed one of my breasts and began to suck my nipples as he licked my pussy faster and faster. I felt his tounge moving in and out of my hole him fucking me with it. I felt that feeling that let me know I was about to cum again. I dug my pussy deeper into his face. I came so hard as i felt my body began to shake and I started to lose control of myself. He looked up at me and smiled. I reached down and grabbed his cock.

"Do you want me to?" I asked afraid that I already knew the answer. "Don't worry I'll be gentle. Lick it as you would a lollipop." He said as he stood in front of me. Until now I had never really noticed how big he was. He looked to be about 8 or 9 inches. I just held it as he began to stroke it.

I slowly lowered my head as I opened my mouth. I began to suck on the head as I moved my tounge around. I decided to see how far I could go as I slowly relaxed my throat. I began too push it further down my throat. I must have been doing a good job as he began to grab the back of me head.

He pushed me as far down as I could go as he began to fuck my throat. It felt so good to feel his balls slapping across my chin. I began gagging on his cock and I tried to pull back but he just kept going faster and faster and pushing down further. I soon felt something in my mouth as he began to cum. He began filling my mouth and it slowly dripped out the sides of my mouth. I swallowed what I could as the rest fell down to my breasts. Without any warning he slowly pushed my legs up and began to enter my pussy.

I began to moan as he was a whole lot bigger than he looked. He began to fill me just as I had dreamed about. He looked me right in my eyes as he slowly drove his cock in and out of me.

I held onto him busty redhead lauren phillips amp kendra cole share cock amp cum he began to get faster and faster. he funny thing was that he wasn't even all the way in.

Just halfway. He still had a good little amount to go.

Without warning he moved forward and was all the way inside me. His balls slapping my ass. "Fuck me harder! " I screamed out as I felt my juices running down his cock as he picked me up and placed me against the door.

Me bouncing on his cock as he kissed me and licked my neck. I felt his ass tighten as he stared into my eyes.

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I knew he was about to cum. I dug my nails into his back madison phoenix in wild ride for tattooed busty beauty I began to shake from my own orgasm. "I want to cum inside you." He said to me as the tears began to fill my eyes. I could barely make a sound through the tears so I just shook my head yes.

I began to feel him fill up my pussy as I ground my pussy farther onto his dick. It felt so good that I almost got lost in the moment. Almost I said as I remebered that here I was fucking my bestfriends boyfriend in our bathroom of the house that we shared. I sank against the wall as I began to cry. This time it was tears of shame. I couldnt believe what I had just done to my bestfriend and roommate. I quickly gathered up my dress and panties and began to leave the bathroom.

"So till we meet again huh?" He said with a smirk on his face. He laughed at me as I struggled to gain my composure. I ran out the bathroom crying and into my room. I couldn't believe what I had done. Tara was like a sister to me and here I was fucking her boyfriend. I cant believe I did that. I never just had sex with someone and not only had I had sex with some random guy but I let him cum in my pussy. Things were getting bad real fast.I thought things couldnt get worst but boy was I wrong.

Oh boy was I wrong.