That perfect ass was made for anal

That perfect ass was made for anal
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This Saturday started exactly as I had planned. Minx's lips wrapping slowly around my sleeping shaft, my slave has the hottest mouth.

She is so careful while I sleep that I can't resist keeping my eyes closed an extra ten minutes before I start to stir. There's few things hotter than her scantly pajama clad body snaking up mine to the treat she craves. Her fingers lovingly stroke my balls as her warm mouth suckles on my hardening cock. Her technique is precise mujra sex aaa zzz mmm her eyes flutter open and closed as she rocks back and forth, pleasing me and rubbing herself against the linen at the same time.

She sucks in earnest as she nears her own release, the pink hot pants stretching over her bum cheeks as she begins to clench, she relaxes and I slip further and further into her wet mouth, blonde beauty lexi belle shows off how to ride like a cowgirl fingers stroke into her hair and I grip tightly as she humps the bed and pumps my cock, as I explode I pull her head back by her hair and spray her pretty little face with my stickiness.

She doesn't wipe it, she knows better. She snuggles up to me and my fingers go straight to the pussy that belongs to me, I rub the outside of the pink hotpants, I can feel how wet she has made them. I love hearing the sounds of my fingers delving into the juices she's dripping with.

I tease her through the hot pants, they become soaked as she purrs in my ear with her shallow breaths. Her eyes are tightly closed as she gyrates under my large hand. Her bouncy breasts are rising and falling with the increase in her breaths, I can feel the slight tremor start and there is no way I could have not swallowed her nipple right there.

Her mouth opens in pleasure and I chew her nipple gently, her moaning grows louder and force my thick fingers passed the material to be buried deep in her pussy while I take her over the edge.

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She shakes and squirms and floods my hand; her fingers tightly gripping my shoulder as the pleasure holds her consciousness hostage. I lightly slapped her arse and told her it was time to get going.

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Her instructions were simple. Clean up, wear nothing but clothes pegs on her nipples and cunt til I arrive home. I didn't have to check on her, I know she obeys me. She craves me. While I drive the thought of her at home getting wet with no release makes me excited again.

I am on my way to fetch a surprise for my minx. One that she will learn to enjoy after she gets over the hate she will initially feel. When I enter she is as I have instructed. Her face lights up when she sees me and this makes me smile inside.

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I do not wish for her to become too comfortable. She has become accustomed to a rather lax routine and today is the day I fix that. I will admit it is partly my own fault, it is near impossible to tell her no, but now I get to enjoy the torture I plan on forcing on her. I usher her to the room and tie her standing arms taughtly apart, then I spread her legs, as I move down to secure them I can smell her, this must have tortured her all day long.

Once she is open and secure Mom and daughter and dad sex lift my eyebrow and grin evilly. I can see the clouds on her face now, she is unsure and this is exactly the reaction I want. "What's it my Pet?" I whistle and two large German shepherds come bounding into the room. Minx's face is priceless, she is trying her best to escape the bonds, her face is that of utter fear. I cherish it.

I see her mouth opening and closing, I think she is trying to decide whether she should use her safeword or if she is worried that this might spark the attention of the dogs. I notice the shiver running over her skin and I step closer to drag a finger steadily down her spine, her breath catches and I wait for her to calm before I bite into her neck, I feel her body soak it up and I know she is once again dripping, the dogs long forgotten.

I click my fingers behind my back, she has no way of knowing what is about to happen. The dogs take their cue standing ready and behind me, I rub her clit and then her slit, my hand getting nice and juicy, I feed it behind my back and the dogs lick at it, perfect!

I think. I rub her clit while it gets swollen, I love watching her heat up, I know it's becoming sensitive but I have a plan and I keep on rubbing with the same intensity on the same spot and she starts to protest, oh I love hearing her moan softly no and get louder until I see it in her eyes that she is begging me to stop and carry on; and just before she cums, I remove my hand and she frantically begs me to finish her off. I let her cool down for a few minutes and then I start again, working her up.

She whines in frustration and I tell her the dogs could finish her off. She shakes her head and so again I finger her wildly, I whisper in her ear, "Pet.

let the dogs please you." I see her give into the sheer lust. I move out the way and let the dogs know that it's ok.

she shouts loudly at me for no more than a few seconds saying she has changed her mind, and then the dogs dive into her wetness causing her immeasurable pleasure with their tongues.

I have to take another look to make sure that I am seeing my minx, my minx who did not want this, trying to shift closer to the dogs. "You are such a hungry little slut, my pet; tell me you are my little doggie loving slut" I listen but she is fighting the title. "Tell me", "I said tell me!" I send my bare hand slapping onto her white bum cheeks scooting her straight onto the dogs face and as she orgasms all over the dogs snout now screaming out how she is my doggie loving slut.

"Oh precious, your will is definitely mine."