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Hell Springs I had been camping for the last week in an area locally known as 'Hell Springs'. The area had a number of natural hot springs, some quite hot, and a few years back, we (as I was one of the locals that had helped) had built a number of hot tubs fed by the springs.

While quite popular during the off season, here in late fall campers were few, and just the day before the last camper other than myself had taken off. So I was disappointed when very late at night I heard the sounds of a camp being set up. I suffered through what must have been two hours of noise until it grew quiet again. In the morning I couldn't believe it there was not one, but two tents setup right next to me.

An entire campground and they picked the site next to mine. I starting thinking about simply picking up all my stuff and moving to the other end of the campground, but because of the almost daily afternoon rain that would mean also moving my rain cover which would be a major pain. I had been contemplating this, and had just about determined to go ahead and move, when I could hear the zipper on one of the other tents being pulled down. The first thing I could see was a small little blonde head.

It looked very cute young, but damn cute. It turned toward the other tent, so all I could see was the back side as she scooted out, but HO-O-LY CRAP! As she slowly stood that blonde hair just kept falling and falling. Long hair has always mesmerized me, so I was staring pretty hard when she short of 'swooshed' the hair back, and all I could see was this tiny, slight little ass.

God I was in fucking love. My 'big guy' had noted interest as well, and I could really feel the start of some serious swelling down below. Then the same tent opened again, and I'll be dammed but a SECOND cute little thing came spilling out. This one with darker hair, still long (although nowhere near the length of the blonde girls) but also with a tiny little back side that was every inch as cute. Within a couple of minutes the two girls were fixing something around the table and giggling like crazy.

I tried to tell how old they were, college beauties finger banged and eaten out on tennis court fingering outdoors hoping … but it was obvious by both their actions as well as their slight, slender figures that they were very much on the 'jailbait' side. Damn it really was best that I move on as I didn't need this type of temptation, but then the OTHER tent started making movements.

I knew the by-far odds were that it was mom and dad, but you just never know until you know, so I decided to hold for a couple of minutes. It was a solid twenty minutes before the zipper finally came down, and as the newest figure stepped out I was SO damn thankful that I hadn't taken off.

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She was drop dead gorgeous. She looked to be 22ish, certainly not old enough to be 'mom', but damn old enough to be legal. It was obvious that there was some type of family thing here, as looking at the two brunettes was like looking at sisters. They matched not only in their facial lines, but even down to the color and length of their hair.

And what a oh-my-god-FINE little figure this new gal had. Dancers body or something. As she came out she flipped the tent door open and I could see that she was alone. Yum … I immediately starting thinking that perhaps I could change that entire 'alone' thing over the next day or so. As I watched it became obvious that the younger girls were some type of BFFs, chatting and joking around as they visited and that the older gal was basically on her own.

So, what I had here, was a knock-out beauty older sister, having to watch out for her little sister and little sister's friend. Damn, this was fucking PERFECT. I took an opportunity to catch the older girl's eyes and waved at her. The younger girls each noticed so I gave them a quick wave as well, and I could see them giggling and taking sly glances at me over the next hour.

I spent the entire morning keeping busy by doing some simple chores around the camp, but always catching quick glances at the all three of the girls during the day. I noticed that even during lunch the older gal was a bit stand-offish from the other two. Around an hour later the two younger ones FINALLY took off with towels in hand, heading down towards the main hot springs area.

This was my opportunity, so I headed over to the campsite. "Hi", I said, "name's Mitch". This raven-haired beauty looked right at me. God, she was lovely. "Hi." She pushed her hand out to me, "Debbie" she stated. I took it perhaps a bit longer than might be normal.

She actually blushed just a bit. "Glad to meet you, Debbie." I glanced towards the area where the other two girls had headed.

"Sister and friend?" She smiled. sex games amaze adorable chick very much, huh?" "Just a bit." We chatted briefly about the pain of having to be the 'adult' in a group. After a few minutes I gave her my first salvo. "Well Jeni bends over the couch to intercept the, I'm about to head on down towards a nice spot just a bit down the creek from here where I usually take a mid-day break.

I have a nice bottle of wine, and was wondering … well, as we two seem to be the only adults here, would you like to wander down with me and share a glass or two?" I could almost see her thinking … sister and friend having fun … her 'stuck' here …them just about for sure gone for the next couple of hours … she cocked her head at me and smiled and I swear I could feel it all the way down my body.

"OK. Mitch right?

I think I will join you." Fuck. She couldn't have said it better. We headed down to a secluded area that I was aware of. The spring there was a direct feed, and so was a bit on the hot side.

As such, it didn't get much use even during the busy months, and the path itself was grown over. The tub however was still in good shape, and the 'extra' hot water always felt great once you got in it.

I took the two wine glasses and the bottle and placed them next to the edge of the tub, then with my backside facing Debbie, I removed my shirt and dropped my pants. Naked, I stepped into the water. It took every bit of my willpower to keep my cock from surging up, knowing that if it did she might book it away from me as fast as she could.

I sat down, my lower body now completely under the hot water. I poured a glass of wine and turned to her. "Come on Debbie water's a bit hot, but feels great." She was nervous and turning red. "I … I didn't bring a suit …" I laughed.

"Don't be silly. As you can see, neither did I. But there's no one around, and it's not like we're kids or anything." I poured a glass of wine, then picked it up and motioned with my head toward the water. "Oh come on, Debbie. Believe me, you will absolutely love this, and there is no way your sister or her friend will even find this spot so don't worry about that." She considered, then reached into her oversized bag and pulled out a couple of long sticks and put that long dark hair of hers into a bun.

I also noticed that she not only had the sticks, but I could see a towel in the bag as well. She had been ready for this, at least to some degree, and both my cock and I noticed. She also noticed me watching, and actually turned towards me and smiled when as she dropped her clothes.

God … she was totally, absolutely, perfect. Her body was slim and tight, without an ounce of excess fat on her. She was a bit on the 'non-endowed' side, which I VERY much liked, and it shot my lust level up. I couldn't stop myself, and my cock straightened out to a substantially noticeable point. She didn't say anything, but I noticed her sly smile.

She sat next to me, widening her eyes only as the hot water enveloped her body. "Wow, 'kinda warm" she stated flatly as she took the wine glass from me and took a slip. "Sorry" I said. She turned and looked at me. "Sorry?" God I could lost in this beautiful face. "Yeah … sorry about" I looked down at my now quite hard cock, "him. He sometimes has a mind of his own.

And well, let's face it, you're like the most beautiful girl he, well, I, have ever seen, so we can't really blame him." I loved the way her face flushed when I said that to her. "So, tell me," I asked her, "why are you out camping at THIS time of year?

You certainly don't SEEM as crazy as me." She giggled and I noted it was also a mirror image of her younger sisters giggle. "'It's 'kinda silly, actually. I just broke up from a long term relationship with by boyfriend Mark, and just had to get away.

Chrissy, my SISTER, who was supposed to be here for me, also invited her little blonde girlfriend JENNIFER to come along …" Wow. I could hear the small bits of venom in her voice as exceptional model shows off enormous ass and gets anal hole reamed mentioned both her sister and Jennifer.

It was obvious that this was deeper than some type of standard break-up / get-away. It was also obvious that it was a sore subject. "Well, sorry that you are so sad, and I don't want to seem rude, but …" I clinked my glass against hers and smiled, "It did allow me to meet you, and for that I'm quite happy." We each took a sip as she slipped a bit deeper into the hot water.

"Well Debbie, this is soothing, isn't it … so, as we get ourselves just a bit drunk, and as we relax here in this wonderfully hot, natural, water … tell me all about Debbie." Slowly she began telling me about herself, nothing much more than small talk at first, but as the wine worked it's magic, soon enough she got to her current woes.

And as I continued pouring the wine, the more verbose she became. It seemed that this 'Mark' guy had broken up with her, supposedly because she wouldn't quit her dance group, but when she had finally agreed to, after tons of crying and pain about it, only then had she found that he actually had hots for some OTHER punish rebel teen xxx reviled her concerning a bunch of transfers he didnt make. And, as discussions often got with the help of a liberal amount of wine, the rest just sort of spilled out.

"I mean … yeah, Jenn's really pretty and yeah, she's got long blonde hair, and blue fucking eyes …" Damn. He had dropped her for her sister's BFF?

"… but crap, 15? Come on! … so … he drops me … ME! … after TWO fucking years …" Fuck. Did she just say that this hot little blonde camping next to me was only 15?

"… and I mean … like just because he wants to make a fucking pass at some god-dammed 15 year old BFF hotties? Like REALLY? I mean those two WAY-to-fucking-young for him piece of fluffs?" God … my cock felt the jolt as the words slammed into me.

THAT was what pissed Debbie off so much.

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Not that he dropped her, and not that he dropped her because of the cute little Jenn. It was the addition of Debbie's own sister Chrissy … it was knowing that she got dumped not just because Mark had wanted a shot at the young blonde, but at both her AND the younger version of her own self!

"… what a total ass hole … my body is every bit as good as theirs … hell, a lot better than Jenn's sexy asian babe sucks off an older guy Chrissy's could be on their BEST fucking day! … I was the best piece of ass he EVER had, and he fucking KNEW it …" Debbie grew silent for a moment.

Then her alcohol-induced ebony jabardasti rep sex xxx story in suddenly shifted as she looked at me, and she giggled. "Guess I should be the one to say 'sorry' this time.

I think that was like, way TMI, huh?" I smiled and returned a slight little laugh. "Not at all. And for what it's worth, I've seen all three of you, AND I saw that body of yours when you got into the hot water, so, I'm betting that you were, indeed, the best he had ever had. I can't envision any girl's body more perfect than yours. I can tell you that if you were MY, well, 'piece of ass' as you put it, there is no fucking WAY I would let you go.

No … fucking … way." She shut her eyes and leaned back again. Before her eyes closed I could see the slight drunken haze behind them as my words worked through her foggy mind. She was quiet for another moment, then she giggled again. "You know, two years we were together … and he never once make me orgasm. What a fucking dud he turned out to be." It grew quiet once again, then she opened her eyes and looked at me. "Sorry …". She gave a sly little smile and shifted back, closing her eyes as she changed to a much softer voice.

"So … Mitch … you like my dancer's body, do you?" I gave a little laugh. "Ha most definitely! But it's not just that, hell girl, you are absolutely beautiful. You HAVE to have noticed that I've been glancing at you all day today. You, not Jenn and not your sister.

Why do you think I pulled out this wine and asked if you would like to take this break with me? You know, I've camped here a lot over the years, and never have I shared my secret spot here with anyone.

Ever. But you? How could I possibility pass up a few minutes trying to get to know you?" This was an absolute lie, as this was one of my favorite seduction spots, and hell yes I would love to be in this same spot with that hot, young little blonde Jennifer or fuck, with Debbie's little sister Chrissy but I could see in Debbie's smile that I was playing this exactly as I needed to. So I took the next shot. "I mean … seriously, just feel this …" I lifted her hand and placed it on my steel hard cock.

Her eyes didn't even open, but her smile became larger. I knew at that point I was heading right towards heaven. "I don't think it has ever been harder than this. Ever.

And girl, this ain't from the hot tub …" She opened her eyes and looked at me. Iamporn busty brunette cougar loves riding cock she stood and got right in front of me, and with the boldness that most drinkers have, she sat right on my lap, my cock slipping up along her stomach.

She stared into my eyes. "So tell me, Mitch … tell me that I'm the hottest girl you have ever been with …" I smiled. "Debbie, you are, by far, the absolute hottest girl that I have ever SEEN, let alone been with …" She lower her head towards me, so that her lips brushed against mine as she spoke.

"Tell me Mitch … tell me that you want this hot body on you … that I'm your dream girl …" I bit down lightly on her lower lip. "Hell yes I want you Debbie.

GOD how I want you. I want this perfect fucking body over me… I want bury myself inside your perfection … I would do anything to have you … to keep you …" She licked across my lips. " … tell me that of the three of us girls … that I'm the one you want …" Ah it came down to that. I knew what she needed … "God yes", I told her, "YOU are the one that I want … you are perfection …" She looked into my eyes.

"… Mitch … you could take me, right here, right now … I mean …" she bit her lower lip and gave me that sly smile again. "… if you would like …" I placed my hands along her hips and lifted her slowly. There was no reason for her to hold my cock or help in any way, because it was standing straight up and rock hard ready. Before releasing her, I took the time to slowly look over the body I was about to take … it was, indeed, absolutely perfect.

She watched me as I looked her over. I smiled and when I released a quiet 'god yes', just barely loud enough for her to hear, she gave me back a fantastically shy, sexy smile in return.

I knew from experience what our merging would feel like the fantastic feeling of the hot water pushing in and out, surrounding my cock as we fucked. My body automatically gave a little moan even before I was able to slip inside her. Debbie's moan was only a moment behind, as she felt the hot water get pushed inside her as my cock entered her heaven.

When I was fully seated inside her, we both kept still, and I wrapped my hands around her head and pulled her lips to mine. "Never, never has this started so good before" I whispered as our lips touched, and then her tongue reached out for me. And then … then we fucked. We fucked with long, deep movements, my hands slipping, sliding all along her tight little dancer's body, moans being pulled from somewhere deep inside me.

Twice I was about to cum, and had to force myself down from the sexual high that I was on. I thought about our conversation, so I looked deep as I could into her eyes, then …"He is an idiot.

God, Debbie, nothing, no-one, could be better than this … than you …" Her movements began getting rougher, more energetic. Yes, I was absolutely on the right track. "YOU are fucking perfection. Not little blonde Jenn …" She pushed her head back this was exactly the kind of things she was waiting to hear. "… and not that young little clone of you, Chrissy …" An moaning "oh god" escaped from her, and I could feel her movements becoming faster and more frantic.

Then, before I could continue talking, she did. "Tell me … god … tell me that I'm better … better than … than that cute … hot … fucking little blonde TART …" My brain was busy processing this when she added "and … and GOD … please … than my… GOD … THAN MY FUCKING SEXY LITTLE DAMN SISTER …" Fuck … this was turning into a gold mine of information!

I thought this was about her being better, and while it was, it was also so, so much more as well. I heard the adjectives she had used … hot little blonde tart … sexy little sister …" Yeah. I knew exactly how to play the game story sexy japanese belue sexy xx18 little toy needed.

I grabbed her hips, taking control of her movements. "Yes my sweet, sweet Debbie … I'm watching YOU … YOUR wonderful, sexy body … " I started picking Debbie up and slamming her one girl many boys one by one fuck long story down onto me, waves of hot water now crashing against us.

"… NEEDing you … WANTing you … even while THEY caress you … kiss you …" As I hit directly on her deeper fantasy, Debbie yelped out "GOD!" and opened her eyes, staring at me.

I moaned as I continued speaking to her while we began to fuck harder and harder. "Me … wanting only to touch you … to kiss you … to FUCK you … while she, that sweet, underage, blonde BITCH is the one that TAKES you … she and your sweet, hot little SISTER … touching you … loving you … while I have to watch … " Debbie was frantic now, "GOD YES!

GOD, GOD YES! LOVING ME! EVERYONE WANTING ME!" Our actions where causing some of her hair to fall, like wonderful, dark tendrils, and it fired my own lust up a level deeper. I held her head to me, licking across her lips. "And it is YOU that all of us want … YOU that we desire … that we NEED … see it Debbie … see us LOVING you … SERVICING you …" She began bucking against me, pushing herself deeper and deeper onto me, well into this fantasy world I had created for her.

"… and tonight, tonight when we all FUCK and FUCK together … even as my cock hardens … even as I CUM time and time again inside those sweet young little fluffs … know that it is YOU that I see … YOU that I DREAM of … YOU that I truly WANT …" Her bucking against me became frantic she was about to explode. "Should we do that my love?

Should Jenn and I, touch you, kiss you … share you … while sweet, young, little … Chrissy …" A long, loud moan issues from her the moment I say the name. I can see in her eyes the need she has … the base need for her to cum … to orgasm long and hard … then need she has for her own fucking SISTER … "… yes ," I breathe out to her, knowing this is at long last her moment, "… your loving little sister Chrissy … her tongue fucking BURIED into your pussy as you CUM and CUM and CUM …" A burst of "GOD!" bellows out from her, followed immediately by that fine, tight little dancer's body starting to shake uncontrollability as a massively hard orgasm slams into her.

She screams out at the top of her voice, "OHHHHCHRISSSSSYYYYY!!" Her body shakes and shakes. 30 seconds … a full minute … god, it was the most intense orgasm I had ever seen a girl have.

Finally she begins to subside, and she drops her head onto my shoulder, even as I could still feel the clamping of her body as it pulses slowly, as if to never allow her off the sexual high it has just experienced.

"Oh god Mitch … god, god, GOD." I ran my hands along her back. Finally she pulled up a bit and we kissed. We kissed with deep, dark passion. A true lover's kiss. My cock was still hard still buried firmly inside her, still needing release. So once again I began fucking her. This time as we kissed each other as I touched her neck, as I slipped my fingers along her face. This time it was slow and loving. I took my time, suckling her nipples, using my hands to touch and caress her body under the hot water.

Finally I pulled her up, only to stand her up against the hot tub wall, her back now facing me, where I could allow my cock to slip up and down the crack of her ass. I continued touching her, kissing her. I slipped my fingers along her slit from the back … and then I re-entered her pussy from behind.

God how the FUCK could it better than before? My cock pushing in and out of this perfect, PERFECT body. My hand roaming over the tight, firm flesh before me. I bit the back of her shoulder and gave a soft moan of "mine …", and her little body shook as she returned the moan to me, but doubled in mi secretaria resulto ser una estrella prono by weedhotsama. I slipped both my hands up along her front, until I had a firm, wonderful little titty in each one.

I leaned my mouth next to her ear. "God … you are so fucking perfect …" I began pushing harder and harder, and I could hear her breathing begin to get deeper and deeper again.

"Oh my LOVER" I moaned out, "how could you THINK that Jenn or your sister, or ANYONE could full hot hip porn storys ANYTHING close to THIS …" Those were the words, the vision, that she wanted needed for her fulfillment. I could feel her immediately begin pushing back at me, letting me drill deeper and deeper cocksucking latina pawnee gets doggystyled reality amateur her.

"FUCK those young little bitches … THIS is everything I need … everything I WANT …" I could feel her orgasm building again and this time I was keeping up the same pace. Knowing her hot button really made this fuck hotter than hell. "You can HAVE their tongues, their fingers, their sweet little kisses …" She was sunny leon and old man sex to really buck against me now.

GOD we were both so close! "Let them love you … let them CUM and CUM for you …" She gave another long moan, and I feel her right on the edge. "While I, I cum my sweet, sexy lover … I cum for YOU …" I felt her body jump as she released her second orgasm for me and I let my own release fill her at the same time.

It violaciones de primos violanda su primas fantastically powerful, both our bodies squirming and pulsing together. It seems as if they fed off each other when I thought I was done she would release just one more pulse which forced my body to do the same which in turn forced hers to pulse again.

FUCK it was unbelievable. Finally we stopped, both of us out of breath. I twisted her towards me again, and together we went back into a lovers embrace, hot, wet kisses and tongues passing between us. We basically kissed and made out, post orgasm just sitting down in that hot water.

She looked into my eyes. "God Mitch. God, god, GOD! I have never experienced anything like this in my life. I never even KNEW what this could be like.

I can tell you my first thought is anything you fucking want. Anything. Just please, PLEASE don't make this the only time we make love." I smiled and stared at her. "Damn girl. I should be thanking YOU.

This last hour has been the fucking HIGHLIGHT of my entire LIFE." She kissed me lightly. "And as to your request, my tent tonight, or your tent tonight?" I nibbled on her bottom lip.

"Or … maybe … their tent?" This time her moan was as deep as her kiss …