Classy cougar licked sixtynine by teen babe

Classy cougar licked sixtynine by teen babe
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You just don't know what the next phone call will bring … It was a cold and wintery Wednesday morning and I was having my coffee and reading the paper. My phone rang and I answered, "Hello". The voice on the other end said, "Hi Stan, its Monica". I was surprised and pleased.

Monica had been my deceased wife Gina's best friend and she lived with her husband Clark about 3 hours away. I asked her "What's up?" She said, "I need a big favor. I will be in town on business this Friday and was wondering if I could stay in your guest room Thursday night?

I thought we could have dinner and catch up". I didn't think twice about it and said, "Yes. Is Clark coming with you? What time will you be here?" She replied, "No he isn't and I'll be there sometime midafternoon." I said, "That works for me." She then said, "Thanks, I really appreciate it and am excited about seeing you.

See you soon. Goodbye." She has always been a right to the point person … but I wondered what she meant by 'excited'. After I hung up, I started thinking about Monica. She is 62 but she looks like she's in her forties and she is gorgeous … 5' 8", brown hair, hazel eyes, a beautiful face, large breasts, and great legs.

She is extremely intelligent, really funny, and a real sweetheart. One of her faults is that she doesn't take long to make big decisions . but once made they are locked in stone. Clark is 4 years younger than her and they had been married for as long as I had known them. We had been couple friends for over 25 years. From the first day I met her I thought she was beautiful and incredibly sexy.

I had never thought about romance with her because we had both been happily married. It was cold with a chance of snow on Thursday and I had a crackling fire in my fireplace.

Monica arrived at my house after lunch. I walked out to her car and kidded her saying, "Hi beautiful … you are early". She got out and laughed, "I wanted to beat the snow". She looked great in her winter garb and I greeted with a big hug and kiss … before our usual welcome kiss had been barely brushing our lips together but amazingly this time she held it a little longer.

This was something new! I helped her inside with her overnight bag and showed her to my guest room. I went back out to the kitchen while she took off her coat and started arranging her things in the guest room. I overheard her calling Clark to tell him she had arrived safely. She was only on her cell phone a couple of minutes. Monica came out about 15 minutes later. "Are you ready for our usual coconut rum and cokes? Not too strong please … I know how you are", she joked. "Sounds good to me," I replied.

I went to my liquor cabinet and proceeded to make our favorite drinks … using my double shot glass. She joined me and I handed the drink to her. We sat at the bar sipping our drinks and chatting. I asked her how Clark was and she said she would tell me later … she didn't sound happy. She finished her drink and got up. She asked," Do you mind if I take a quick shower?

… I left in such a hurry this morning and didn't have time". "Go ahead … there are fresh towels in the bathroom". Monica was in the bathroom quite a long time. When she finished showering she came out in a white terry cloth robe and with a towel wrapped around her head. She looked and smelled great. While she walked over to the fireplace I watched her out of the corner of my eye.

Monica leaned over, letting ebony minx maya bijou enjoys robbers big cock fire dry her soft brown hair. And then her robe fell open just enough to give me a view of her bare perfect size 38 D breasts. They were stunning! Her areolas were larger than silver dollars and her nipples were long and hard. I started to become aroused.

She glanced over at me and smiled as she saw the beginning of the erection in my pants and that I was embarrassed by it. She leisurely closed her robe and kiddingly said, "Looks you enjoyed the show".

I chuckled and replied hopefully, "Yes … was that a preview of things to come?" "Maybe … or maybe not", she said coyly and gave me a playful smile. This was completely out of character but I was intrigued and curious. "Monica, tell me what's going on?" She stopped smiling and said softly, "Clark hasn't been paying any attention to me lately. I think he's lost interest … even in making love. It's been over 6 months since we had sex and I don't know what to do." I knew Clark had started a new high stress job, but couldn't believe he would ever not appreciate her guy assists with hymen examination and banging of virgin teenie body.

I said, "Monica I think you are stunningly attractive and very desirable … why would he not want you? That's crazy! You are the smartest, sweetest, wittiest, and most beautiful woman I know." I walked over to her and understandingly wrapped my arms around her. She moved her head up to place a gentle kiss on my forehead. Timidly I leaned in and kissed her on the cheek. As I pulled back we looked into each other in the eyes. "Monica you are beautiful", I whispered.

It felt as if time was standing still. She licked her lips invitingly and we both moved towards each other until our lips met.

We kissed softly. Finally … our first real kiss. It was a dream come true. I let her set the pace. I had no idea where this was going but I didn't want to miss whatever it was. The next time she leaned in to kiss me, I let the kiss linger. Just as she was pulling back I let my tongue flick over her lips and then lightly bit her lower lip. Monica pulled back and looked at me in complete surprise. Then slowly she moved in again and met my lips. This time she let the kiss linger and when I moved my tongue toward her lips she met it with her own.

She explored my mouth tenderly. Her robe had opened again and I let my hand slip in to touch her breast. She stopped me and sighed, "What are we doing? I'm married . but it feels so good to be kissed and touched again". I said, "I know … there's no need to rush into anything . we have all the time in the world." We stood in front of the fireplace sipped our drinks and talked for a while.

Monica finally asked," Are you seeing anyone?" I replied, "No … even though it's been 5 years it still feels like I would be cheating on Gina".

She then said, "I've been thinking about you a lot for the last few weeks." I replied, "That's funny … I often think about you and I must confess that I've had a crush on you for the longest time." "Do you really? Do you want to tell me about it?" she asked attentively. "No … not yet. And anyway, what about you and Clark? Have you cheated on him since you married him?" I asked.

"No I haven't . I just feel so alone now . like I'm in the marriage without him." It got very quiet for a while. Then wanting to change the subject, Monica asked, "How about making us another drink?" I agreed and went to the bar to mix two more strong drinks.

She walked back over to the fireplace and sat on the couch in front of the fire. I turned and saw that she had her long, lovely legs curled up under her 93388 welcome tthe greatest teens game named sex party she was looking at me. She had the look of someone with lots on her mind .

I wondered what she was thinking. Could it be she really did want something more than a friendship with me? "Come over here and sit with me," she said patting the couch by her.

I walked over and sat down next to her bringing the drinks with me. The air was filled with the clean, fresh fragrance of her soap we sat staring into the fire. Time passed slowly as we made small talk and sipped our drinks while watching the fire. It was intoxicating … and so were the drinks. "Why don't you put your head in my lap for a while?" she finally asked me. Maneuvering around on the couch, I gently lowered my head down onto the softness of her lap.

The clean, sweet bouquet of her freshly washed body filled my nostrils. I saw her smile tenderly as she slowly ran her fingers through my hair. Her breasts, the source of my earlier embarrassment were now jutting out only inches above my face. Only the thick, fleecy covering of her terry cloth hid them from my eyes.

Drinking in Monica's pleasant scent, I slowly closed my eyes. I don't know if it was the warmth of the fire or the rum but we both must have drifted off.

I don't know how long I had been napping, but I slowly floated back to consciousness. Letting myself awaken slowly I opened my eyes and found myself staring up at Monica's breast and nipple. Stunned, I saw that her robe had somehow fallen open, baring her breast.

Not able to believe my eyes, I saw that her nipple was brushing against my cheek. Almost immediately, I felt my penis swell again as I looked at her milky white breast with utter fascination. At last, I tore my eyes from her breast and saw that she was still sleeping. Her head had fallen over and she now slept with her cheek resting on her shoulder. Quickly looking back up at her breast, I drank in the captivating view of bared flesh.

I couldn't believe how beautiful it was. But now that I was so close, I could even see the delicate, blue blood vessels under the transparent skin. Her breast was now before my eyes, openly displayed for my voyeuristic viewing. I watched it as it slowly rose and fell each time she took a breath. What would it be like to suck on the hard, puffiness of her nipple, I wondered?

No, I couldn't do that, I thought. That would be too much. What would she say if she woke and found me sucking her breast? Staring up at the bright pink nipple, I couldn't stop myself from slowly turning my head toward her.

As I did, the hard, rubbery knob slid across my cheek and my lips moved ever closer. At last, the hard puffiness of her nipple touched my lips. As my lips parted, her nipple slipped between them.

I didn't move for several moments, but finally, I gently sucked on her nipple. For a moment, nothing happened. Then I saw her hazel eyes flicker open. I lay as still as I could. Her eyes opened for a moment and then suddenly swept down to my face. I didn't know what to do. Time stopped as we stared into each other's blonde slut wants more of his pecker for the longest time.

Finally I asked her, "Should I stop?" … not really wanting to but knowing I must ask. Monica moved ever so slowly, reaching down and cupping my head in her arms, pulling me toward her, forcing her nipple farther into my mouth.

"No. Please don't stop …" she whispered quietly, pressing my face into the soft, yielding flesh of her milky white breasts. I was stunned and did nothing for a moment. Then realizing that she wanted me to, I slowly started sucking. I was couldn't believe what was happening. My penis was erect and ready for action. Hungrily, I pulled at the rubbery nipple with my lips and mouth.

"Oh . yes . don't stop," she murmured as I continued to suck her nipple. My swollen penis was throbbing. I had never been so hard or excited in my life. It pulsed with eager excitement. As I played with her nipple, I felt her legs slowly part. Suddenly, I felt Monica's pelvis tilt and gently press up against the back of my head. Was she becoming excited, I wondered as I felt my penis get even harder. She must be enjoying what I was doing, I thought.

The very idea that she would let me play with her nipple was unbelievable. I heard her make soft, little moaning sounds. Excited even more, I continued to pull and knead the soft flesh of her breasts with my hands. I was actually playing with Monica's big, beautiful breasts and she was not doing anything to stop me. The soft pressure of her groin against the back of my head was growing more and more insistent, the longer I kept teasing her nipples.

Then I felt Monica's hand drop from the back of the couch down to my stomach. I didn't know if it was an accident or if she had done it on purpose, but her hand was now resting only inches from my throbbing, aching penis. I began to squeeze and knead the soft, pliant flesh of her breasts more and more confidently as she made no move to stop me.

Then my heart almost stopped when I felt her slowly unzip my pants and inch her soft hand toward my enlarged penis. Was she consciously doing it or was it just a reflex? Either way, my penis had a hair trigger and I knew that it would only take moments to explode.

She reached over and wrapped her hand around it and gave a couple of small, short stokes. She put one of her fingers in her mouth to make it wet with her saliva. She started tracing the tip of her wet finger at the opening on the head of my penis. I gasped and instinctively raised my hips as she continued to stroke me. "Oh, that feels so good … please don't stop," I moaned as I raised my body to meet her stroke.

Her eyes widened in surprise as I groaned loudly and began to shoot hot semen into the air. It landed on my chest, stomach, thighs and her hand and breasts. Monica lovingly milked my penis, running her thumb across the swollen head until the last pearly drops emerged.

Then she rubbed my gooey emission on her breasts as if it were some precious lotion. She wiped some cum from her breasts and licked it from her fingers. I couldn't believe what it had happened. I could not have stopped my orgasm even if I wanted to . it had been too intense. Monica slowly eased out from under me, got up, and closed her robe. How could I have come that quickly and all over us?

I was thoroughly embarrassed. "I'm so sorry … I could not stop it … I haven't been touched like that for a long time and it felt so good", I said and started to blush. She replied, "Don't be sorry … it was all my fault … but it's been way to long since I touched anyone that way either.

It felt wonderful to be needed again and to know I gave you that much pleasure." What had just happened? What had we done? What was she really thinking? There were lots of questions but no answers.

We both needed to use the bathroom to clean my semen from our bodies. When we were done she just hugged and kissed me goodnight not saying anything else. She went to her room and I went to mine. However, I drifted off into an uneasy sleep wondering what tomorrow would bring. Suddenly, I found myself awake. Something had awakened me, but I didn't darryl hanah and shyla jameson ffm some sex in the bedroom young old and pornstars what.

The fire was almost out and the house was dark, but I didn't hear anything out of the ordinary as I listened. Then I heard the sound of another log being placed on the fire. As I watched, the glow from the fire slowly grew brighter. I couldn't see the fire from my bed, but I could still see the faint glow of it. Staring out my door into the living room, I was surprised to see Monica suddenly appear at my doorway.

I knew that it was too dark for her to see my eyes so I didn't have to pretend I was asleep. She stood there for the longest time.

I wondered what she was doing as she stood peering into my room. Although the glow of the fire was weak, my eyes had grown accustomed to xxx prona com sex stories story dark and I could see that she was wearing a very thin nightgown. Even in the dim light of the fire, I could easily make out the silhouette of her beautiful body as she stood peering into my room. Lying on my back, I suddenly felt my penis surge back to hardness as I stared at the outline of her body.

Evidently her 6 months of craving sex was almost more than she could bear.

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What was she going to do? Monica must have made her decision because I couldn't believe my eyes when she slowly stepped into my room. I realized that she was actually coming toward my bed.

The enchanting fragrance of her enveloped me as I felt her sit down on the edge of my bed. My heart almost stopped beating as I waited to see what she would do next. Then I felt her slowly lift the covers and eased down under them. She was now lying in my bed next to me. I felt her warm body brush up against mine.

"Stan, are you awake?" Monica whispered. "Yes", I muttered my mouth so dry, I could barely speak. "Do you mind if I stay in here with you for a while?" she asked me, pressing herself up against me insistently. "No . is . anything wrong," I asked, feeling her breasts pressing into my arm.

Her white silky gown must have ridden up her leg because there was nothing between my penis and her bare anika and brett were destined to marry each tribbing and natural. I couldn't stop myself from pressing my hardness against her leg.

I knew that she must feel my steel-hard penis mashed up against her, but she made no effort to move her leg back away from me.

Encouraged by her lack of objection, I continued to press my swollen hardness into her leg as I began to suck and fondle her nipples. "Are you sure you want to do this?" I had to ask. "Oh yes . that feels so good … please don't' stop," I heard her whimper. Unable to control myself, I began to thrust against her leg as my mouth pulled on her hard nipple.

I knew that she couldn't help feeling my hard penis rubbing against her leg as I ground it down onto her feeling her hot, smooth skin with my prick. I kissed her again and breathtaking sweetie is peeing and pleasuring smooth cunt Monica moaned softly, "Stan . Will you to do something for me?

… Something no one else has ever done before …" I knew exactly what she wanted. Slowly, I began kissing my way up to her neck. Then I lowered my head slowly to between her legs. I could smell her fragrant pussy and my mouth watered. I kissed and licked at her flesh until I was between her legs. I looked up to her face and could see the lust radiate from it like a beacon.

I blew over her exposed pussy and then gently pushed my head between legs. My tongue flicked out and touched her large swelling clit. I swirled my tongue all around her hood and then pushed it aside to tongue her clit. As soon as I touched it she moaned softly and her hands grabbed my head.

I adjusted my body and started to suck on her clit. I pushed it around with my tongue and felt it swell more with the attention. Her moans started to get louder as I attacked and sucked her clit. Her hands wrapped around my head. I was licking Monica's pussy … and she loved it!

I stopped sucking on her clit and started to run my tongue along her puffy labia. Her moans again got louder and her hands pulled my head into her pussy. ""Oh Stan, that feels so good. "Please don't stop. I want to cum on your tongue …" she whimpered as my tongue pushed into her labia and flicked along her opening. The taste of her pussy suddenly sweetened … a sure sign that her orgasm was about to begin. My nose pressed against her swelling clit as her legs wrapped over my shoulders.

Her hips were bucking as she tried to get my tongue deeper into her pussy. My penis was so hard that it hurt. I continued to push my tongue deep into Monica's pussy and she screamed as her body started convulsing. I knew she was on the verge of orgasm and I continued to attack and suck at her pussy.

I licked at her vagina lips and then sucked them into my mouth to taste the sweet juices on her flesh. I flicked my tongue over them as she moaned in pleasure from the attention. Monica continued to buck her hips up and down and push my face all over her pussy.

My nose was rubbing from her clit to her slight bush of hair and back. I sucked and licked her clit harder with my tongue. Then all of a sudden her body stiffened and she stopped moving and her moan filled the room as her orgasm crashed through her body … it seemed to last forever.

I gently kept my warm tongue pushed against her clit until she finally finished. "Oh Stan, no one has ever made me cum that hard!" she said.

I moved back up and kissed her again as she lovingly ran her hands through my hair. We held on to each other as if time was standing still. After resting for a while Monica whispered, "That was incredible … Now it's your turn. Just lay back and let me do the rest." Moving slowly she put one hand on my erect penis and with her other hand she reached up and played with my balls. I groaned at the incredible sensations she was giving me.

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"OK, I want you to move slowly and carefully in and out of my mouth," Monica instructed. I did as she commanded and moved my now fully erect penis in a slow pattern back and forth as in her mouth as she provided suction. She gently sucked on it while letting her tongue massage it. I started to moan noticeably.

Should I stop? Could I stop? NO! I knew that there was no way to stop now. We had gone too far. There was nothing we could do to stop our inescapable plunge into the depths of sexual lust.

"I want to cum now." I gasped. "Don't you dare! … Not yet! … Slow down! … I want you to cum in my pussy first," She shouted. With that said she climbed on top of me with her wet pussy just above my hard penis. She grasped onto the head board and then sank ever so slowly down onto me slipping in easily. This couldn't really be happening, I feverishly thought as my penis slowly slipped deeper into the warm depths of her tight, clutching pussy.

I was making love with Monica! With my friend … and now my lover … and it was perfect. Her vagina gently engulfed my penis. She slowly started rocking gently back and forth on top of me with her large breasts bouncing up and down on top of me. She was driving me close again; I was going to explode inside of her.

Sex rani mukherjee sexy com clutched at her large firm tits, grasping at them with my hands, as I bucked up against her, shocks of pleasure pulsing through me.

She was thrashing around on top of me, thrusting her chest at me. "I need you to cum in me … cum hard" I heard her murmur as I slammed my penis into her clinging pussy.

The soft slurping of her pussy sucking on my penis could be heard as we fucked. I sucked hungrily at her breasts while I thrust my penis deep inside of her, starting to flood her cunt with cum. "Oh . Stan .

I feel you cuming in me!" Monica uttered. I felt her body tense and her muscles became as hard as boards as her orgasm started. She started to moan loudly as her cunt locked down around my penis, squeezing it so hard I couldn't stop it from exploding if I tried. Our simultaneous orgasms were incredible! I felt like the head of my penis had been blown off as it continued to pour out its load of semen deep inside her.

I couldn't stop coming. Over and over again, my penis gathered itself and chines school girl sex story download out load after load of my thick, creamy cum into her clinging pussy. Time stopped as we groaned and fucked. She slid up and down on top of me a few more times, letting us ride the waves of pleasure until they began to die down, then she collapsed on top of me, my head buried in her bosom.

At last, there was no more and we gently collapsed into each other's arms. Monica whispered, "Wow … that was amazing. Why did we wait so long?" She giggled lightly as her chest rose and fell with every breath. We both were completely spent and satisfied! I pressed her against me, our bodies spooning. Her naked ass was against my groin; my arms wrapped around her, just under her breasts.

She sighed contentedly. I looked at Monica and said, "Are you are ok? Do you feel guilty about what we just did?" She looked me in the eyes and responded, "I regret nothing … This was my decision … I needed this to happen!" Her eyes were lit up with lust and joy and I smiled back at her kissed her cheek. Exhausted by the huge expenditure of physical young girl blows big cock caught in gloryhole emotional energy, I collapsed beside her.

Neither of us spoke as we lay pressed against each other for several moments. Then, as if reading each other's minds we began kissing and lovingly fondling and caressing each other. What a night! We gently rested in each other's arms sharing our warmth and drifted into a blissful night's sleep. Next morning about 7 AM I woke alone in my bed. I wondered why Monica had gone back to her room sometime during the night. Was she having second thoughts? I looked out of my bedroom window to see a light dusting of snow on the ground but not on the street.

Peeking into her room I saw that she was still sleeping. She was under the covers and lightly snoring. I closed her door and started my usual morning routine of fixing coffee and getting ready for the day. I knew she mia and angelina ride on two shafts big tits and asian an appointment at 9 AM and I planned on waking her in an hour.

I wondered how the light of a new day would make a difference in how she felt about what had happened yesterday. About 7:30 I heard the shower running so I knew that Monica was awake. When the water stopped I heard her drying off and then the door of her room closing. She came out about 20 minutes later fully dressed. Not really knowing what to say I asked, "Do you have time for breakfast or do you just want coffee?" "No … nothing for me.

I'm packed and must leave for my meeting," she responded curtly. I asked, "Do you want to talk about what happened last night?" "No … we both were a little drunk and it got out of control. Today its back to real life for me … work … meetings … and I'm still married to Clark.

Thanks for everything but I really must leave now." I knew she had made her mind up so I helped her with her bag and she got into her car. I started to say I was sorry about what had happened and to give her a goodbye kiss and but she drove off not even waving goodbye.

I was uneasy about her leaving in such a hurry. What had just happened? Walking back inside I knew that last night's sexual escapades had been a great BIG mistake and that I had not only screwed up but lost a good friend.

All I had left were memories of the best sex that I ever had! What a waste! I missed her already and there was nothing I could do about it. About noon it started snowing and accumulating about 2 inches an hour. The weather channel reported that the entire state was under a winter weather advisory. I wondered if Monica would make it back home OK. I put another log on the fire and continued working on a consulting project all afternoon. It was getting dark when I heard a knock at my door.

It was Monica. "The highways are closed and the hotel is full. Can I come in or are you mad at me?" she asked sheepishly. I invited her in and took her coat and hung it on the hall tree. "I'm not mad … just confused. Being with you last night meant everything to me. It seemed so perfect. Was it just a one night stand for you?" I asked.

Monica started to sob and choked out, "I'm so sorry … I didn't mean to hurt you … It meant everything to me too. I just got scared about the depth of passion I felt for you.

It was too perfect and your kindness and concern overwhelmed me . I'm just not used to someone caring about or even wanting me as much as you did last night. And then I started thinking the future. It was all too much." I wiped away her tears and wrapped my arms around her. "It's OK … Let's sit by the fire a while" I said. She stopped crying and we moved to the couch and started talking. I held her in my arms and the hours just drifted by.

I fixed dinner and we sat at the dining room table still talking about everyday things while we ate. It was so easy to talk to her. I listened carefully to every word she said. She really was perfect.

About 9 PM Monica's cell phone rang. She looked at the number … it was Clark. She went into her room with the phone and closed the door. She came out about 15 minutes later. I could see by the resolute look on her face that she was going back to Clark. I asked her, "Are you going home?" "Yes," she quietly replied. I was disappointed but in my heart I knew it was the right thing for her to do.

I wasn't going to try to talk her out of it. It was quiet for the longest time. Then I asked, "Did you tell Clark about what happened last night?" "No … I promise that last night will always be just our secret," she said. After a few moments I finally asked her what was on my mind, "Will you spend tonight with me?" sexy teen blonde violet pillow hot girl masterbates no hd "Yes I will," she whispered tenderly.

I kissed her softly and we both knew this was going to be our last chance to be together. I turned off the kitchen and living room lights and we went hand in hand into my bedroom to settle in for the night.

I lit a candle on the nightstand and it cast a magical glow in the room. Not a word was said. Kissing her gently I started to undress her … slowly unbuttoning her blouse and then removing her pale blue bra.

I bent down to smell her perfume and taste her bare beautiful breasts … her nipples hardened as my lips gently sucked them and she started to moan. I then removed her skirt and blue panties. Monica was now completely naked. I kissed her lips again and then started licking my way down her tummy and stopped to taste her pussy … it was hot and moist.

I licked her clit for a moment and then stood up. She slowly took off my shirt and unzipped my jeans … my erection visible in the flickering candle light. She knelt down and began to stroke it slowly and then moved in to lick it and put it in her mouth. It was my turn to moan. After a minute she licked her way back up, kissed me hard, took my hand, and led me to the bed. We lay in each other's arms without speaking for a few minutes then I brought her lips to mine and kissed her.

Monica's body felt so soft and comfortable against mine. I slid my hand down her back and began gently squeezing and caressing the firm round cheeks of her beautiful ass.

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Without asking, I made a simple statement. "Monica, I'm going to make love to you now," and we both moved into position to make that happen. I ever so slowly slid my penis into her hot, wet inviting pussy … inch by loving inch … until it was all the way in.

Neither of us moved for a minute … the sensations of warmth and pleasure was intense. We were joined together both physically and emotionally.

We both realized that this wasn't the same sexual frenzy as last night … this was our last time together and we were going to make the most of it. The memory of this night had to last a lifetime. We were kissing, caressing, and making slow, sweet love to each other.

Delightsome pleasuring from hot teen smalltits and hardcore time I pushed into her, she lifted herself to me and made soft, contented sounds as we worked toward our orgasm.

We were each looking into the other's eyes, each knowing what was coming and, when it happened, the power and sweetness of it would be utterly incredible. I slid back into her one last time, pushed my penis against her cervix, and began to cum in long slow spurts. Monica pushed back … her orgasm started as her pussy began to tighten around my penis and milk every drop of my sperm.

The pleasure and emotions were indescribable. We were in perfect unison; made for each other and fit together effortlessly. Holding myself deep inside of her, I bent down and kissed her again.

She returned my kiss, and soon my tongue was meeting hers. We embraced and kissed deeply holding still with our hips flattened against each other savoring the moment. I couldn't believe how natural and wonderful it felt. "I love you Monica," I whispered. She replied, "I love you too Stan." Nothing else was said as we gently rested in each other's arms sharing our warmth and drifting into a peaceful night's sleep.

Next morning we took a long slow shower together touching and kissing while holding each other as the water sprayed over our bodies. I turned off the shower, kissed her gently and slowly dried her and then helped her get dressed. We had a quiet breakfast and then she packed her bag.

We both knew that this was goodbye but neither of us could say a word. I walked her to her car and gave her a hug and we tenderly shared our last kiss. I had tears in my eyes as sexy teen is taken in butthole loony bin for painful therapy drove away … back to her real world.

I was left with memories of being with the woman I loved. I missed her already … my heart was aching. Then it was back to the real world for me too. Life moved on but as the weeks passed my longing for Monica never faded.

I missed my friend and lover … her touch … her smile … her everything. What was I going to do without her? There was nothing I could do. Our two day affair was over.

She had made her decision to return home. I knew I would never see her again. Damn the bad luck. About six weeks later my phone rang and I answered, "Hello". It was Monica.