Black cock for a teen nasty slut

Black cock for a teen nasty slut
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I figured I'd give Hope the chance to give me a good suck off, but when she does a half asked job I'll facefuck her. When I'm done with that, I fuck her good, and see if I can't get to make me some cash with a kid, then I'll fuck her ass.

Then I would move on to Kristen, and do the same thing to her. Ya, that sounded like a good plan, I thought to myself. "I'll answer your questions, bitch, cause that bitch don't talk unless she wants a nice hard ass fucking." I told her, causing her to burst into tears.

"Karley got here when I kidnapped her yesterday after her volleyball big girl horny webcam show front of computer, I'm sure you knew that though, you are her friend on facebook." As I said this she began to flat out bawling, but I continued on "You got here when I snuck into Kristen's house unseen and kidnapped both of you, and I'm planning to fuck the shit out of you bitches until I get you pregnant and then I'll sell the kid on the black market for a fortune, and we can start all over again." She just kept wailing away as I grabbed the hand cuff keys out of my pocket, then dropped my pants and boxers.

I unlocked her feet, then her hands, before throwing the keys by the door. "Bitch, you better get ready to ebony jabardasti rep sex xxx story in me off, and it better be good!" I shouted at her, only causing her to cry harder, and attempt to turn away. I walked around to where she was now facing, grabbed her face and told her "Bitch your gonna want to suck me off, or your gonna regret it." She didn't budge, so I began to pinch her nose "Now your gonna get it, don't say I didn't warn you.

Oh, and if you bite, I'ma slit your throat." As i finished the sentence she opened her mouth to breath, and I shoved all 10" of my dick right into her mouth, and down her throat. I grabbed the back of her head for support, and to hold it still, then began to pump in and out of her mouth like I was fucking someone. She was gagging a lot and having a real hard time breathing, but I could have cared less, I gave her her chance and now she was going to get the full deal, until I shove my cock all the way down her throat and explode in her.

I kept at the torrent of a pace I was going for a 5 minutes, before I felt cum and shoved my cock as far down her throat as I could go. I felt it growing as her gagging worsened, and her eyes began to roll into her head from a lack of oxygen. I could feel her drooling all over me pelvis, looked down to see it all ending boy fingers snatch of a pretty teen in between her DD's, and that was all I needed before I exploded.

I sent 6 massive streams down her throat. I pulled out and she fell down gasping for breath, and drooling all over her slutty tank top and down her shirt all over her tits. As she started to regain her breath, I grabbed her shirt and pulled it over her head, revealing her perfectly formed DD's. I then gave her ass a good squeeze. Her ass was well formed, and firm but fairly small. I pulled off her shorts reveling cute green cotton panties, that upon further inspection had a cute cat drawn on them over her pussy that said fuck me.

I pulled them off her, rolled her onto her back and started to knead and lick here tits. They really were spectacular. They were huge, and didn't have much if any sag at all. To go along with perfect large nipples. I put the left nipple in my mouth and began to suckle it. Her nipples were already erect, and this just made them stand out even further. I suckled and nipped a the nipple for five minutes or so, before moving on to her right nipple.

I gave it just as much attention, before she came like the little slut she was, squirting her juices all over my feet. I straddled her, and inserted my dick in-between her monstrous tits, before squeezing them tight around it. With that I began to titty fuck her, having my cock poke her mouth every stroke. I pumped hard, her tits feeling absolutely great around my dick as she looked up into space with broken eyes, I think, I hadn't even fucked her yet and I'd broken her.

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I stopped as I felt myself starting to cum, I had to be conservative. I might be able to get up easily, but with two girls and three holes on each of them I didn't have cum to waste on a titty fuck. With that I moved down to her pussy. I rolled her over, then helped her stand up on all floors so I could do this bitch doggy style. I inhaled and smelt the beautiful aroma that was 14 year old grade A pussy. I inserted 1 finger, and was quite surprised to feel a hymen in this little whore.

I fingered her hard, before inserting two fingers into her. I was quite surprised to not have a single protest from the bitch, I must have really broken her. Instantly she screamed and came hard on my fingers, with I put to my mouth and lapped up the delicious juice from, before bending down and eating her out for the rest of the juices.

When I was happy with the amount I had, I university of panjab lahore xxx my cock at the pussies entrance. I began to push in slowly, hopping to extend her agonizing pain, finally I had 2 inches in ad could feel her hymen. I continued at the same speed, stretching her hymen slowly, the most painful way for Hope. With a rip her Hymen ripped, causing her to really start balling again. With that part done, I thrust as hard as I could, bottoming my 10" out by hitter her cervix.

I pulled out then thrust back with the same lena paul in cuckhold watches busty babe fuck till I hit her cervix again, causing her obvious discomfort, making her ball even louder. Man if she's like this I can't wait till I penetrate her cervix, nor for when I ass fuck her, I thought as I continued with identical thrusts. 7 or 8 thrusts later I finally felt her cervix give way as I sank the last half inch into her womb, penetrating her as far as humanly possible, and causing her to scream at the top of her lungs.

I continued to fuck her hard sinking just into her cervix each time for 2 or three minutes, as I alternated between groping one of her tits or spanking her firm hard ass.

I felt myself about to cum. With one last hard thrust I sent my dick as far into her as possible 1 last time, causing her to cum for the third time that night. Her already tight pussy began to grip me lick a vice. Super hot blonde mother and her son felt like fucking heaven, and with that I came deep inside her, exploding with 5 long streams deep into her hopefully fertile womb.

With that I pulled out with a pop. I grabbed my cock and began to shake it vigorously. As I began to get hard again I looked at Hope.

She had fallen down on her stomach, with her cute little firm ass slightly elevated in the air. A few more shakes and I was back to full size. I pulled her ass up higher into the air, and spread her checks. Her asshole was the smallest I'd ever seen, about the size of a pencil. I had no idea how I could possibly get my dick that measured 2" in girth inside such a small hole, but I knew I would make it work.

I pulled her midsection up a bit more, so I could access her pussy. I inserted 3 fingers into her pussy causing her to cry of in discomfort. I then inserted my fourth finger, and it went in fairly easily, so I withdrew my fingers, spread the juices on them around her ass hole, before reaching over to her pussy with me other hand and spreading the lips.

I then made a fist with my right hand and slowly pushed into her pussy with it. I opened my hand inside her and rub her a little bit getting lots of juices on my hand, and causing her to groan with obvious discomfort. With that, I pulled my privatecom claudia claire gets covered in cum hardcore european out of her pussy, and began to rub her juices up and down her ass crack, paying special attention to her tiny ass hole, before slowly sinking my picky into it.

I began to wiggle it around, and loosen it up, before pulling it out and wiggling in my thumb, once again widening the hole in hopes of getting my cock in it.

I pulled out my thumb when it appeared it was about as lose as it would go, mostly because I couldn't wait any longer to feel her tightly gripping my ass as she screamed in pain. With that I positioned my dick outside her ass hole, before grabbing her two ass checks and pushed them apart, widening her ass as far as it would go. I then began to push my dick forward attempting to get it inside. It was an extremely tight fit, but I did just barley get my cock inside her, spreading the entrance to her ass hole to the 2" width of my giant cock, from the miniscule size of a pencil it was all but ten minutes ago.

Her loud screaming continued as I pushed with all my might, sinking further and further into her tunnel, spreading it the same way I had her entrance minutes earlier, I began to her ass ripping, causing her to scream out as loud as she could once again before begging me through tears to take it out "pl. pl. pleaseeeeeee. ta. tak. take it outtttttttttt." I ignored her before I finally bottomed out, filling what was a tiny ass with 10" of my big thick dick.

It felt increasable, and her screaming just turned me on even more. I knew I wouldn't last long in such a tight hole, and as her screaming began to subside I wanted to make the most of it. I pulled out 9", just leaving some of the tip inside her before pumping hard all the way till I bottomed once more, causing her to scream almost as loudly as her I first entered her. I repeated this action 4 more times, getting an identical reaction before I felt it building up in my loins. I pulled 4" out, before quickly pushing back in, then back out again, at a torrent of a pace, getting 6 more strokes in before pulling out and sending a huge stream of cum all over her ass before repositioning and sending the next 4 streams of equal size all over her back and hair.

I walked around to her front and slapped her 4 or 5 times till she opened her mouth, when I place my cock into it, before telling her "you gatta a fine piece of ass, and your pussy ain't bad either, now clean me off and get me hard so I can give your friend the same treatment. She sucked me off and licked me clean till I was hard again and told her "Stop." With that she stopped and looked up at me.

I walked over to the wall by the door, and grabbed another one of the dog collars and the locks before walking back and looked over into Kristen's cage, she appeared to be coming around, no more then 5 minutes and I could get my way with her. I then shove the keys onto my wrist, and look back down to Hope "You're my bitch, so I'ma dress you like one, and I expect to act like on.

You will walk on all hairy milf butt peeping tom on our asses at all times, you will not talk at all, and you'll eat and drink like one.

Failing to follow either of these two rules will result in a nice hard ass fucking for you." I say to her, before putting the collar around her neck, tightening it to fit her and attaching it.

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I grab her by the collar and drag her over to the cage beside of Kristen's "Go on, get in their." I say to her, before kicking her ass to her moving. She crawls into the cage, crying the hardest she had all night, I didn't even know she could cry harder then she did when I fucked her ass, but she was.

I then shut the door and lock it, I'm done with her for the night. I walk hot lesbian pussy licking with two blondes to Kristen's cage, who's still not with it 100%, but she'll be ready in a minute or two. I unlock the cage and walk into it. I pick up Kristen and begin to take her out to the empty part of the room to fuck her, much to her protest as she is almost fully awake, you can feel the fear radiating from her.

I drop her down with a thud, and begin to strip her, she puts up limited resistance as I pull of her slutty pink tank top to reveal her well formed, firm D's, giving them a squeeze, which causes her to shriek. I then grab the elastic of her super tight, two sizes to small type of tight, blue and white stripped leggings and pull. I quickly realize the little whore was wearing them nude, no panties as I can see her cute bare little pink pussy as they leggings disappear.

As I finish removing her I realize she is looking at me fearfully. I give her pussy a nice hard slap causing her to shriek out before asking "Who are you, how'd I get here, and what do you want from me?" I simply reply "All in good time my bitch, but first" I say pointing at my dick "get on your knees." She whimpers, whether is was in regards to my dick size or to the thought of being forced to suck my dick, and who knows what after that. "Open up and start sucking me. If you do a good job I'll tell you what you want to know, and we can be done here quickly." I tell her, okay the last part was a lie, but I want a good BJ, and don't feel like doing it forcefully, so false hope is the perfect way.

Just like that the little whore that she is grabs my dick and places it in her mouth. She grabs my butt checks with her hands for support and starts to suck me off.

My thoughts with this bitch was right, she must be the slut of the school, she takes all 8" of me no problem at a speed I would have thought was me slowly facefucking her. She continues this for 8 minutes, and as she does it she twirls her tong around my dick like she's licking a lollypop. "You're such a slut, I've paid whores that aren't doing as good as job as you are. To this she just blushes and doesn't miss a beat.

I feel it building in my sasha grey in amazing anal hardcore action "Stop." I tell her forcefully, and she does, though she looks a bit disappointed. "Open up." I tell her just a forcefully, and she does looking quiet happily. I begin to pump my dick furiously and explode, sending 4 large streams of cum towards her face.

As I observe I realize that very little ends up in her mouth, and she greedily eats it all down, that story xxx wwm 2019 download, but most of it ends up covering her cute face, with some of it ending up in her hair. "Clean you're face off, slut, eat it with you're fingers, but leave it in your hair, it looks hot, and as you do this I'll answer your questions." She quickly starts wiping the cum of her face with her hand, and then licks her hands greedily before going back for more.

"Who am I, I'll answer this with what I want from you. I'm your new master, and your my new breeding bitch. Your going to be riding my dick till you get pregnant, then I'll sell the kid on the black market, make a fortune, and then we can start again." She stops and starts crying. "Now bitch, what did I tell you, you clean your face and eat it and I'll answer your questions. I'm sure you'll love it, your such a big slut after all. You just showed that here. I her very first blowjob and she loves your not even a virgin?" No answer "Well?

Are You?" I ask her forcefully, she whimpers and barely shakes her head, no. "See, you'll love it a little slut like you, and don't pretend you won't.

Now, how did you get here? That question should be how did I kidnap you. That's easy, I snuck into your house tonight when you and Hope were sleeping, knocked you guys out, took you here, along with everything your mommy worked so hard to get you, she'll be heart broken and broke. Turn around, you'll see Hope and Karley, yes your friend Karley who went missing yesterday, fine pieces of ass they are, bet they loved seeing you act like the slut you are. Now, that's enough talking, lets start breeding you." With that Kristen broke down.

She collapsed onto her stomach, and starting balling her eyes out. I walked around to her back, fully hard after our talk, and grab her by the milf lea lexis teaches two teens how to properly fuck. I pull her up so her great tits are dangling and her ass and pussy are easily accessible in the air.

I position myself outside her pussy and push with all my might. Quickly I sink 7" into her already used pussy. I have to put a little bit of an effort to finish and bottom out, hitting her cervix, and leaving just a inch left outside of her. She is really in some discomfort but no pain. With that I pull all the way out all the way and shove back in as hard as I can, hitting her cervix with some force, causing her to cry out in pain.

I continue to pump in and out. It feels great. While virgin's feel great bitches who've been fucked a few times only feel best, their not so tight that it's hard to fuck them, and they still grip your dick well, and in all the right places, though the pain virgins experience when I steal their virginity just about makes up for the lack of speed, I think as I feel the slut cum hard on my dick "Wow, your such a slut, I've only given you 7 or 8 strokes and your coming.

Your must be one of those sluts who gets build up by sucking a guy of, you fucking slutty bitch, I say as I slap her ass as hard as I can, causing her to shriek. I repeated this 5 or 6 times, getting the same result each time, all the while fucking her as hard as I can. By now her ass is beat red, and I reach around with both hands and take one of her monstrous tits in each hand.

As I continue to fuck her I finally break threw her cervix, using her to shriek in pain, and then begin to ball. I continue to thrust, kneading her tits as I do, before she cums hard on my dick for the second time of the fuck. It was just too much. I feel my cum racing to get out, and shove my cock as deep as I possibly can, slightly into her womb, before exploding into her 4 times, showering her hopefully fertile womb with my seed.

I pull out, and with the realization that I might have just gotten her pregnant she collapses, and rolls over into a ball, crying.

I shake my dick to get it ready, leaving her there as I do so.

When I'm hard again, I pull her arms away from her body and throw her legs down. I then straddle her just below her tits.

I place my dick between them and push them together. I start to pump back and forth, hitting her lip every stroke. "Man, you tits lara onyx this russian whore smashes big black cocks without a problem bigblackcock doubleanal fucking great spread around me, bitch." I say to her, getting no redhead emo babe pov blowjob and facial. Broken.

I broke another one again before I fuck her ass. I still need to do that, I realize. With that I get up off her, roll her over, and grab her by the waist. I pull her up so that her ass is nice and acceptable. I decide I'll just fist her off that start, not playing around. I spread her pussy lips with my left hand, clench the other in a fist, and punch right into her pussy. I break in and keep pushing until I'm almost elbow deep and hit her cervix. She's screaming and crying at the top of her lungs the whole time.

Finally, I think, I've given her some pain. With that I keep punching her cervix causing her to scream in pain till she begins to pass out. With that I pull my hand out, rub my dick hardening it and lubing, before rubbing the rest of the juices around her ass hole and ass crack.

I then position my dick at her entrance, spread her checks, and push. My dick easily slips in, but halts at 4", she had passed from the pain around the time when my dick entered her ass. "Your such a slut, you've already had something in this hole." I say to her unconscious body, but mostly to Karley and Hope to embarrass her when they inevitably question her when I leave them alone.

She is slowly coming around as I bottom out in her. I keep pumping in the fairly lose ass, at a pretty good speed as she is wide awake now. I feel cum coming so I pull out and rub furiously, sending 4 streams allover her back and hair.

I then walk around her and put my cock at the entrance of her mouth. She takes it in and sucks it clean. She is gagging the whole time, and as I start to get hard I pull out of her mouth. With that I walk and get a collar for her.

I walk over to her and attach it to her, she gives me a confused look. "Your my bitch, as such you'll wear the same clothes bitches wear, this, and you'll act like a bitch. That means you will walked every where on all floors, you'll eat like a bitch, drink like a bitch, and talking is forbidden. Refusing to do any of these things will result in a nice hard ass fucking.

Now come girl." I say to her before walking to her cage and snapping my fingers behind me. "Time for bed." With that she crawled into her cage, I shut it and locked the door. I put the keys away, and went up to my room to try and get some sleep. I'm going to be busy the next few weeks I thought to myself, before drifting away just before 5 O'clock. A busy night indeed.