Jillian and a guy in a santa costume bangs in the basement stepdaughter fantasies

Jillian and a guy in a santa costume bangs in the basement stepdaughter fantasies
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I have read a lot of stories on here and have decided to share one with you. This is the first time I have ever wrote anything like this and was never any good at English at school so be gentle with your comments. This is a true story. Part 1 of 3. Over the past 7 years I have become very close friends with my neighbours and their 3 daughters who live at the end of our drive.

David (Dad), Claire (Mum) who are in their late thirties the same as I am and the 3 girls aged 16, 17 and 19 who all still live at home. My story is about the 17 year old Abi who is the prettiest little thing you will ever see.

She has long blonde hair, beautiful blue eyes and being only 17 and a dancer has great firm breasts, well toned long legs and a super sexy ass. She is a little shorter than me at about 5' 4", size 8, 34B and about 110lb or so.

To be honest I have fantasised about all 3 girls and their Mum who is an ex-dancer and still very fit. At a house party 2 years ago Claire (the Mum) and I had a very passionate, drunken kiss and fondle in the kitchen which lead to both of us performing oral on each other but we had to stop as we heard someone walking about in the hallway. Anyway, that's a different story all together. Right, where was I? Being friends with the family and working from home I have seen the girls most days over the past 7 years and they have all developed into fine young women especially Abi.

When they pass the window of my home office they always wave and on occasion stop for a chat. Just over 6 weeks ago Abi came round to my house with the invite for her little sister Samantha's 16th birthday party and we chatted for a few minutes. She looked absolutely stunning in her tight dance wear and said her class had been cancelled but no one had bothered to tell her so she had nothing to do for the next 2 hours. I said that hopefully my fianc?and I could make although, my fianc?maybe away on business that same weekend.

A frown came across her head and she said "I really hope you can Mr. D as I want a dance alexis texas rides big penis gracefully you, smiling she continued "if Trish can't come make sure you do and I'll keep you entertained" then she winked at me and smiled very teensloveanal horny holly ass fucked by her sisters bf holly hendrix ass to mouth. I was listening to the radio when a song came on and she said "this is my favourite, turn it up" she began to dance a little, moving her stunning body from side to side and looking right at me.

Was I imagining this or was she flirting?

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Abi was smiling widely and moving faster and getting closer to me as she spun around. By now I was moving in my chair to the beat and my cock was getting harder by the second. She was really moving now pumping her young fit body to the beat around my small office.

I was so hard and thought to myself "if she keeps this up am gonna explode in my jeans." She motioned to me with her hands saying "come dance with me Mr. D" my heart was pounding and my cock was throbbing as I shook my head "no, no" I said while laughing, "come on, I bet you're a great mover" she said, then I said "not as good as you Abi" with that she came right up to me and grabbed hold of my arm and pulled.

I was putty and didn't resist at all and got up from my chair. She took my hand in hers and moved out then spun into me so that my arm was wrapped around her and she was pressed up against me.

She moved away again and we danced. I could hardly move as my heart pounded and my cock throbbed even harder and I thought I was going to explode there and then. Abi was moving into me and way again, moving her hands down my chest each time. She was smiling and singing along to the music and I kept my eyes on her stunning body and gorgeous face. She backed into me and I held her slim waist as she innocently or not rubbed her tight ass against my throbbing cock.

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I ran my right hand up her back to her shoulder and my left hand moved around to her stomach as she pressed harder against me. It was only for a few second but it felt like much longer and I was sure she could feel my cock through my jeans. She moved turned round and looked right into my eyes as she continued singing and dancing with my hands on her waist she placed her left hand on my upper arm and the other on my chest. The song ended and we both stopped dancing, Abi clapped her hands and said "Mr.

D, I like you moves" as she smiled. I was so turned on at this point and breathing heavily not from the dancing but from my pounding heart and throbbing wet cock. Abi flicked her hair to the side and moved back to lean on my desk and Camgirl jewel colombia big boobs big tits could see her hard nipples through her top.

I couldn't take my eyes off her and it was obvious to her that I was staring. She looked at me and said "am all hot after that dance, what about you" I replied "yeah, am a bit out of shape but you look stunning and have a great figure, must be all that dancing." She asked for a drink of water and I left her in my office to go get it and take the chance to cool down.

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I took this opportunity to lock my front door and send a quick text to my fianc?to ensure she wouldn't come home earlier as I wasn't sure just what might happen. Then I went to the kitchen, as I prepared the drinks my heart was pounding and my cock was throbbing. I was going over what had just happened and I wanted to go straight back in and ravish her fit young body but I just didn't have the guts.

Then my phone beeped with a reply that read 'Home at 10, see u then. X' and I knew then we would not be disturbed. Part 2. I gathered the drinks and returned to my office.