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Dady sex gay older man 3 gp
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Rama - Blackshaft 1-03 - Takedown part 1 (Adults Only. [email protected] 2013) Now Eglin Police Department. Roof. Night. "Four banks so far." Jane Gregg said, feeling the wind around her on the rooftop. "They go in, they grab as much as they can and they get out. They seem to have inside information. They always hit just after a delivery." She turned and saw the dark, leather-clad female vigilante looking across the city. She seemed to be distracted.

"Hey," Jane told Scarlet Queen. "I'm not standing here for my health." Scarlet didn't turn, blonde beauty chloeacute lacourt cant get enough of the glory hole kept looking at the streets and the lit windows.

Jane sighed, feeling the anger rise up inside her. Now was as good a time as any. "Look, we have a problem." she said simply, feeling the night wind whip around her body and send the long camel-coloured overcoat blowing. "One that you need to address." Jane added. Scarlet Queen had said nothing during the whole meeting. She had barely looked at Gregg even. Jane marched up to the leather-clad vigilante. "Are you listening?" she demanded. "What?" Scarlet asked. "Jesus fucking Christ!" Jane shook her head.

"What the fuck is wrong with you!" "Nothing." Jane sighed. "What did I tell you at the start of all this? Don't lie to me. I don't know what it is, but something is up. You're losing your shine. Those only girl hath mithun story download thieves you jumped on weren't more than fourteen years old! Two of them'll never fucking walk again, the other one will be pissing blood for the next year!" Scarlet simply shrugged.

"Life's shit sometimes." she said. Jane stepped back. "And that mugger you 'caught'. His arms and legs are in casts. You fractured his skull." "He shouldn't have been doing what he was doing then." Scarlet replied flatly. "This is not you." Jane said. "This is crossing the fucking line! And where the hell were you for the past week? I've got lawyers threatening legal action, unless I bring you in!" Scarlet turned suddenly and Jane saw her presenting her wrists.

"Go on." the vigilante said. "Arrest me!" "Oh." Jane looked at Scarlet. "Just fuck off!" She marched to the door that led into the building. "And get you fucking head in order!" Scarlet watched her ally storm into the police building. * Eglin Police Department. Interview Room 06. Stephanie Geller looked at herself in the mirror glass of the interview room and wondered who, if anyone was on the other side. It'd been an hour since they had left her here. Something about her statement needing a few more details.

She went over it in her mind again for the what seemed the millionth time. She knew she had twelve witnesses to back her up.

What details could they be meaning? The door opened and the younger of the two detectives walked in. "Miss Geller." Detective Mike Watts said and smiled as he sat down opposite her, putting the laptop on the table next to the wall. "Detective Watts," Stephanie said, seeing the folder in his other hand. "How you feeling?" the young white cop asked. "Better." "Good. Can I get you anything?" "No. Thanks." she shook her head.

"I was told you wanted to talk about my statement?" Watts sat back, and nodded. "Yes." he said hesitantly. "Are you sure you're up for talking about this?" Stephanie Watts nodded. "I'm told it's good to talk about. It." The door opened again and his partner, Detective Jessica Moors, walked in. "We're sorry for asking you in at this time, but." "Just doing your job.

I know." Stephanie smiled softly at the black woman. "Just to recap," Watts said. "Your name is Stephanie Geller," She nodded. "You are the deputy manager of Wayling Bank, on Wilson?" he asked and Stephanie nodded again. "Good. It's been a few days.

Can you remember any more details about what happened?" "Just what I told you." Stephanie told them. "Five black males forced they're way in before closing and held you and the staff hostage?" Moors asked. "Yes," Stephanie said quietly. "Forced you to open the safe." Watts said.

"Yes." "And, in the office," Jessica Moors tone was gentle. "They assaulted you." "You can say it." Stephanie told her. "They raped you." the female detective said. "Yes." Stephanie sniffed. One Month Ago. Manager's Office. Wayling Bank. Day. "A TRANSFER!" Stephanie yelled. Allan Wrightson, the bank's manager and her boss, stood there unmoved.

"You son of a bitch!" Allan sighed and looked at the door of his office. "Keep your voice down, Stephanie." he told her. "Scared Emma finds out?" Stephanie taunted him. "Steph--" he said. "You think I can be just tossed aside in a transfer!" "It's more complicated-" "Bullshit." she spat.

"Emma's pregnant." he told her. Stephanie fell silent as looked at him as she took the news in. Pregnant. Pregnant? Stephanie slowly shook her head. "You said," she started, "You said you and her weren't." "She's fucking pregnant!" he told her again. Stephanie slowly stepped back and smiled. "Congratulations," she sneered. "Who's the father?" "Fuck you," "Ain't that a fact!" He balled his fists.

"Just." "Go on. Beat me up. We'll see how you're precious Emma feels when I have the cops turn up on your door then." Allan lent on the desktop. "Of course I was fucking her. She's my wife." Stephanie pushed her face towards him. "You were the one pleading how she didn't understand you, and how she had kicked you out of the bedroom, you lying sack of shit!" "Keep pushing, bitch." he said back.

"I'm offering you a way out here. Make horny luscious lisa ann loves a good fucker and you will regret the day you spread those legs open." Stephanie leant on the desk, pushing her face up to mature seduces teen girl xxx stepplaymates brothers obsession. "You don't think I know who owns this bank, who owns your ass?" she smiled.

"And it ain't fucking Emma!" He lifted an open hand but stopped it in mid-air. "Get the hell out." Allan told her after a few seconds. "You work your months' notice and then you are out of here! And if you know who owns this 'my ass' be grateful I'm letting you alive!" Now Eglin Police Department.

Interview Room 06. Mike Watts looked through the folder. "You are aware your bank is reputed to be mob owned?" he asked, not looking up. Stephanie blinked and looked up. "Mob owned?" she repeated. "You mean like 'sleeping with the fishes', Don Corleone, tht mob?" Moors nodded. "Yes," she said. "No." Stephanie said. "There's nothing illegal going on." "Nothing yet." Watt said, and looked up finally. "But what's this got to do with. what happened." "Motive?" Detective Moors offered. "I never saw anything." Stephanie shook her head.

"Allan Wrightson was arrested three hours," Detective Watts told her. "It seems he had a sudden holiday planned." Stephanie sat back, shocked.

Then it hit her. She leaned forward. "There's something I didn't tell you." she said. The two detectives never moved. "I was having an affair with him." Stephanie admitted. "It ended badly. That day was meant to be my last day." "He told us. He blamed you." Watts told her. Stephanie shrugged. "Blamed me?" One Month Ago. Chelsea's Bar.

Night. "Bastards," she muttered, and finished her fourth cocktail. Stephanie held the glass up. "The only cock that any good!" "Easy there, sister." the black woman next to her smiled and took the glass from her. Claudia Tennile put the glass down on the bar. "It's true." Stephanie said and looked at Claudia. She was a senior teller at the bank. "You had the right idea, you know?" "What was that?" the black woman asked. Stephanie smiled, the effects of the alcohol filling her.

"Belonging to the land of Lesbos." Claudia blinked. "What?" she said. "The whole bank knows you, eh." Stephanie licked between her fore and middle fingers. "You know." "And the whole bank knew you were fucking the boss." Stephanie stepped back. "The hell they did." "You think you're the only one?" Claudia told her. "That shit had most of the women in the building. Even that doormat of a wife knew." Stephanie stepped up to the bar xxxxxxxxx sonny lion full sex stories vidio. The realisation filled her.

Deep down, she knew it. "I been an idiot." she muttered. "Nah." Claudia shook her head.

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"Just been led by your cunt." Stephanie looked down as she felt Claudia next to her. She saw the smooth, black hand on her pale, white thigh. Something about the dark skin against her white thigh was so. "Sorry," Claudia said and slowly eased her hand from Stephanie's thigh. "What's it like?" the white woman asked, feeling a little disappointment at the retreating hand.

"What?" Claudia replied. Stephanie leant towards Claudia's ear. "Fucking a woman." she whispered. * Stephanie's Apartment. Night. The black woman's kiss was deep and long. Stephanie felt the tongue probing her lips and mouth, then felt the full, dark lips break away.

She opened her eyes and found herself looking into Claudia's brown eyes. Fingers were pulling her blouse out from the trousers she wore as the black woman pushed her against the wall of her hallway.

"You want me to stop?" Claudia breathed and Stephanie felt those same fingers resting on her stomach. "I've never." Stephanie started.

"Had a woman before?" Claudia smiled. "You asked the question. You want to know the answer?" Stephanie swallowed as she felt her belt being slowly undone.

This was so, so so wrong. Claudia was a colleague. But, God, she felt so hot, and that kiss felt so damn right. And she was leaving in a month thanks to that prick. Stephanie looked into the brown eyes before and gently smiled. "Yes," she moaned as she felt the black woman's hands hold her waist.

Then the fingers were easing the top of her panties open. "Yes, what?" Claudia smiled, pressing herself against Stephanie. "Yes, I want to know." Claudia kissed Stephanie gently again. "Never had a woman before, at all?" "No." Stephanie breathed. "Then you never had your pussy eaten out properly." Claudia slid a hand down inside the thin material of the white woman's panties. "Uuuuuhhh." Stephanie moaned as she felt those dark fingers descend down her smooth skin.

Claudia smiled and slowly sank down onto her knees. She tugged the panties and trousers down and saw the trimmed dark-haired pussy. Stephanie felt the hot breath between her legs, then the soft, delicious kisses around the sensitive skin. "Mmmmmhhhh." she gasped and felt the hot, wet tongue finally touch her pussy lips. "Ohhh, God, yes!" Stephanie declared and put her hands on the black woman's head.

"Yeeeeeeeeesssssss." * "OHH, MY FUCKING GOD!!!!" the white woman cried out. They were naked. In Stephanie's bed. Stephanie spread her legs as wide as they could go as she held onto Claudia's head and bucked and thrust her hips upwards, pushing her throbbing pussy towards the black woman's wonderful mouth as she arched her back.

"OH! MY! FUCKING! GOD!!!" she cried out again as the orgasm ripped through her whole body. She felt that wonderful tongue moving around and around her pussy lips and the two long, probing fingers pulling her open as she came. As she felt the fingers slowly slide inside her Stephanie continued to come. * Claudia had moved around so she was 69ing Stephanie. The white woman could only gaze at the dark sex lips above her face, unsure what to do next.

"One good cum deserves another, baby." Claudia told her and kissed Stephanie's clit again. That black pussy smelled so damn good. "Oooh." Stephanie moaned and looked at the dark oyster hovering over her. That was it, she thought. Just like eating an oyster. "I'm not-" "Practise makes perfect." Claudia told her. "Lots and lots of practise," Stephanie felt the woman on top of her shift and saw the black pussy slowly descend down towards her.

She opened her mouth. * They spooned. Stephanie felt the warmth of the black woman's body behind her and the fingers slowly stroking her pussy. The room smelled of sex. A different kind of sex. She felt lips kiss her neck then stop as they reached her ear.

"Well?" she heard Claudia whisper. "Wonderful," the white woman breathed. "That fuckhead ever make you come like that?" Stephanie turned suddenly and looked at Claudia. She blinked. then put her head down again. "I've been so stupid, thinking." she muttered. Claudia pulled hot girlfriend with natural tits makes sex tape hand from the white woman pussy and used it to pull her face back towards her.

"Don't you ever fucking think that." she told white woman. Stephanie could smell herself on those black fingers that began stroking her face. The smell was over-powering. "Don't you dare think that. Now answer the question." "Question?" Stephanie repeated.

"Did that fuckhead," Claudia smiled, easing her hand back down between Stephanie's thighs again. "Ever make you come like I did?" she finished and sank two fingers deep into the white, pink, moist slit. "Ooooooooo." Stephanie moaned as she felt the fingers enter and hook inside her again.

They slowly began to thrust in and out as she felt the woman's hot breath on her neck, followed up with more gentle kisses. "Uuuuuuuhhhh." "Did. He. Ever," Claudia breathed into Stephanie's ear, "Ever make you wet like this?" Stephanie felt the fingers go deep and groaned some more, closing her eyes.

"Well, baby?" Claudia moaned and pushed her tongue into the white woman's ear. Stephanie moaned again and reached back to grip the black london and capri are sticky sweet lesbians buttock. "Ooooooo." she groaned. "That pussy is sooooooooo fucking wet right now!" Claudia moaned. "That white prick ever make you this wet?" ".nooooooo." Stephanie groaned and place her other hand on top of Claudia's between her thighs.

"Fuck yourself with my hand, baby." the black woman told her. Claudia felt the control being given over to her. She took that hand and began thrusting those fingers into herself. "He ever make you this horny?" Claudia asked. "Nooooo." Stephanie breathed as she felt the rising of another orgasm. "Any man make you this horny.?" "Nooooo." the white woman gasped, pushing those black finger in as far as she could get them. Just as she was on the verge of coming Claudia pulled her fingers from the wet slit and suddenly shoved Stephanie on her back.

The black woman straddled her and Stephanie watched her suck the juices from those fingers. "Mmmmmm," Claudia moaned, licking the last of the pussy juices from her hand. "Any black man make you this horny?" she said. Stephanie shook her head, and just wanted to come again. "I never slept with any." Stephanie stopped herself.

"Say it." Claudia smiled. "You the first --" "Woman?" Claudia teased. Stephanie nodded. "Black?" Claudia licked her lips. "Yes." Stephanie said. "Well, you ain't my first white girl," Claudia grinned and stared down at the white woman between her thighs.

" And I'm gonna make you fucking scream." she grinned, bending down towards Stephanie. Now. Eglin Police Department. Interview Room 06.

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"Blame me!" Stephanie said again. "That arrogant bastard's trying to cover his ass!" She stopped herself realising what she about to blurt out. "That's what he says," Detective Watts told her. "You knew the routine, the access codes.

He says it was you're last day--" Stephanie slammed her hands down on the table. "That bastard fired me!" she stated. "He says you quit." Moors told her. "He's a damn liar, did he mention how he he slept with me?" She asked and saw the two detectives say nothing. Stephanie sat back. "Now I don't anything about the bank being mob-owned, but I'm not the one who was taking a 'sudden holiday'!

What does that tell you? Besides, he wasn't the one who sunny leon new 2019 xxx sase gang--" She stopped herself. "Gang-raped." she said hesitantly. "There are witnesses, for Christ's sake!" "Yeah," Detective Moors nodded, an understanding tone in her voice.

"We have to look at everything, you understand." "Suppose he says I wasn't being raped as well?" Stephanie added. The detectives said nothing. One Month Ago. Wayling Bank. Day. Stephanie saw Claudia walk into the large storage room. Now was her chance to. clear things up. She checked there was no-one coming and quickly slipped into the room after the black woman.

Quietly she locked the door turned and saw Claudia looking at her, a fresh bundle of blank paper in her arms. "Hey, lover." Claudia smiled. Stephanie took a breath. "Last night. Was." "Incredible." Claudia told her as she put the paper back. Stephanie was the tight skirt and remembered that dark, fit body under it. The black woman looked good, tasted good, too. "Yes, but." Stephanie looked up at Claudia. "I'm not. You know." "Into girls?" Claudia teased and stepped forward.

"You were last night." "I was drinking." "You weren't that drunk. Besides, that only loosens you inhibitions. It makes you more honest." Stephanie stepped back as the beautiful black woman moved towards her. "I." she started then felt the door behind her. "Tell me don't want me to kiss you right now." Claudia told her. Stephanie looked into the deep, dark eyes facing her, and remembered this full lips on her, the tongue exploring her mouth.

"You locked the door." Claudia smiled. "Don't want--" "To be disturbed?" the black woman suggested and pressed a hand against Stephanie's crotch. The white woman didn't move. "You're not saying stop again." Claudia said. "I." Stephanie opened her mouth and found herself in a kiss with the black woman as the hand on her crotch slid down the front of her skirt. Now. Eglin Police Department. Interview Room 06. "I'll be upfront." Detective Watts told her, and Stephanie looked at him. "We know there was an insider." "Sone of a bitch, I--" She started.

"Woo," Detective Moors interrupted her. "We're just saying. There had to have been. These guys knew too much. They hit the place as the money transfer was taking place.

They took out the security cameras, even cutting the back-up circuit that would keep them running during a power cut. They cut the alarms and the phone lines were rigged to look active despite being cut." she sat back. "These guys knew what they were doing." Stephanie took a breath. "It wasn't me." she said. "We're looking at past employees." Watts told her.

"Anyone you could think of?" Moors smiled. Three Weeks Ago. Stephanie's Apartment. Night. Stephanie was face-down on her bed. Her arms and legs spread and held that way by leather straps that tied her down each of her limbs.

She gasped as she felt Claudia's fingers slowly, teasingly rub around her exposed pussy lips. They throbbed as she felt the tips of the fingers flit across them.

"Please," she gasped, trying to grind her hips down. The leather straps that tied her ankles to the bottom corners of the bed stopped her from making herself come. "Please!" "Please what?" the black woman smiled, knowing what she was doing. "Please make me come! I need to cum!" Stephanie said. Claudia began kissing up the white woman's spine and heard her groan. She continued to run her fingers round and round and round those wet, eager sex-lips. "I'm so fucking horny right now, please!!!" "Shhhhh." Claudia hushed and lay on top of her bound, white lover.

She put her lips to Stephanie's ear. "You're fucking dripping down there." she breathed. "Pleeeeeeeeeeease!!!!" Stephanie gasped in pleasure as she felt the hot breath, then the kisses on her neck. Then she stiffened as she felt the finger push at her tight asshole! "OH!" "Shhhhh." Claudia breathed into Stephanie's ear and gently twisted her hand, until her finger had popped into the tight back entrance. "Ever take it up the ass?" Stephanie shook her bent over quickie with my husband before work as she felt the finger push further inside her.

"All you got to say," the black woman breathed into the white woman's ear, ".is, stop!" Stephanie groaned as she felt the finger push even further into her ass. Suddenly the gates were opened and she shook as the orgasm throbbed through her whole. fucking. body. * Still tied to the bed, Stephanie was enjoying the after glow of her anally-induced orgasm.

"Uuuuuhhhh." she moaned, smiling. "Lot of firsts for you this week," she heard Claudia say from the bottom of the bed. "First woman, first anal fingering." "Mmmmmm." "You want it up the ass again?" Stephanie opened her eyes and looked back but couldn't quite see Claudia. "Yes. Please." she panted. "Up the ass?" the black woman's voice asked again.

"Up the ass!" Stephanie repeated and fell teenslovemoney curvy latina fucked for free ride and money large cock and beautiful as Claudia walked into view. She couldn't take her eyes from the huge, black strap-on the black woman was wearing.

Stephanie watched hypnotised by the action of Claudia's hands rubbing on the lotion. Up and down and around the thick rubber shaft. "Up. the." "Ass!" Claudia grinned and straddled Stephanie's back. The white woman could feel the rubber cock lying on her back then found herself looking at the rubber ball-gag dangling in front of her. "Don't want to wake the neighbours," Claudia said behind her and Stephanie could hear the grin in her voice. "Say 'aaaahh'." she heard.

Stephanie slowly and nervously opened her mouth. * "NHHHH.!" Stephanie grunted as she came again, biting down on the ball-gag. Claudia smiled having finally pushed every inch of that black rubber cock into the white woman's virgin asshole. as the woman bucked and shook under her, Claudia stayed on top of her, making sure that dildo was kept inside the de-flowered ass as she watched the orgasm rip through the white woman's body. "HHHHHHHHhhhhhhh." She watched her cum and nodded.

This one was the best yet. So horny and open, they had picked well. Claudia pulled her hips back, feeling the cock pull out of the newly-stretched, pink asshole. She stopped and plunged it back in. "UUUHHHHHH!!!!" Stephanie screamed into the ball-gag. * Claudia SLAPPED Stephanie's ass and saw the white woman rear back slightly.

She had undone the straps that tied Stephanie's wrists to the bed and pulled her up into a doggy position. Hunching herself up she leant over Stephanie. "Gonna fuck you like the nasty white bitch you want to be!" she hissed and plunged her'cock' back into Stephanie who reared up and cried out through the gag. Claudia grabbed a handful of hair and began riding the white woman hard. "UHH!" Claudia mounted her.

"UUGGHHH!" She shoved her head and forced every fucking inch into that fucking white ass. ".HHHHHHGGGGGHHHH!!!!!" "Haaa! Haaa! Haaa!" Panting from the hard thrusts she was giving Claudia jammed the 'cock' back into Stephanie and bent forward over her. "You like that nasty fuck?" she asked and undid the gag, tossing it from Stephanie's saliva-drenched lips.

"You like being fucked hard?" ".uuuuuhhhh," They had picked well, Claudia thought as she leant back and pulled the 'cock' al the way back "This is only a small one," she told the gasping white slut.

"I got much bigger ones than this." she said and SLAMMED the black dildo back in. Fuck the neighbours, the black woman thought as the white slut let out another scream of delight.! Now. Eglin Police Department. Interview Room 06. "No." Stephanie told them. "No-one?" Watts asked. "No." she repeated. "Must be someone who might have been pissed off enough?" Moors said. "Can't think of anyone." Stephanie told them.

"First business I've heard of to never have a pissed employee." Watts sighed. Stephanie looked at the two detectives. "You said the bank was mob owned." she said. "Yup," Moors told her. "Alleged." "I wasn't the first one Wright had an affair with." Stephanie said.

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Three Weeks Ago. Wayling Bank. Day. One week was all it took. One simple week and Claudia had the Deputy Manager of the bank at her service. A simple note with a time and Stephanie Geller was the one obeying orders. On her knees, eating black pussy in the storage room or the ladies, being fucked up the ass over the photocopier or pulling out the love-beads Claudia had given her to wear inside herself all morning!

Claudia owned her. "What about after?" Stephanie asked, easing the beads back in. "After what?" Claudia replied, pulling up her panties. "Will I see you after I leave?" the white woman looked at her.

"Course you will, honey." "You know how many times I've heard that?" Stephanie said and Claudia noted the disappointment in her voice.

The white bitch was hers, totally. "You," the black woman said, walking up. She pushed Stephanie against the wall. "You are my bitch," she smiled and kissed the white woman softly.

"Forever." Claudia's Apartment. Night. "Three weeks left, huh?" Claudia said walking out the en-suite bathroom of her apartment. She was naked, as was Stephanie who was lying on the bed looking around her at the african artworks. "Three weeks." the white woman replied and pointed to a wooden figure of a man on some shelves. "Is that a cock?" she asked.

"That," Claudia said, picking up the figure and taking it to Stephanie. "Is a male fertility symbol. It's over two-hundred years old. You get fucked with this in the room and your man will be potent." Stephanie took it and ran her fingers around the engorged, monster cock at the front. "Big damn cock." she nodded. "Black man's cock." Claudia told her.

"That's bullshit." Stephanie said. "You never been with a black man, how would you know?" Stephanie sat up, her tits swinging gently as she looked at Claudia. "Everyone knows that's a fucking urban myth." "Want to bet?" Claudia smiled. * "Holy." Stephanie gasped as she looked at the pictures on the screen as Claudia clicked through them. Big, black cocks. Huge, black cocks. Huge, thick, black cocks! All of them filling and stretching soft pussy-lips and asses.

"Still say it a myth?" Claudia teased, getting out of her seat. Stephanie moved in and clicked on the computer. The picture filled the screen. A huge, thick, black cock that must have been twelve fucking inches! She felt Claudia's arm around her as the the black woman moved next to her.

"All those big, black, nigger cocks." "I thought that word was." "A word. I say it," she said and shrugged. "You say it and you're in trouble." Stephanie felt the black woman's hand push down between her thighs. Passionate chick from asia feels overweight penis stuffing ass hole found what it was looking for, and Stephanie didn't stop it.

"But you're thinking it." Claudia continued, "Thinking about those big. black. niggers pushing those big. black.

nigger cocks into your white cunt. Or pounding your soft, white ass." Stephanie looked back at the screen and eyed the huge black member. "Mmmmm." she moaned, feeling the hand work it's magic between her legs. Claudia smiled.

"Those big. black. nigger motherfuckers don't take no for an answer." she continued, feeling how tight Stephanie's thighs were around her hand. "They'll throw you own and take you sweet, white ass." "Oooohhh." Stephanie moaned again, her eyes closed. "You're thinking about those niggers, fucking you, spreading you open and pushing their big. nigger. cocks deep inside you." Claudia smiled as she felt the hand push down on hers and saw the white woman's eyes roll up as she pickedup euro youngster rides cock in the car again.