Amateur babe sucks public agents cock outdoor

Amateur babe sucks public agents cock outdoor
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The BDSM bar was loud, and everyone was in their sex wear. Masters and Mistresses watched slaves obey their every wish. Openly fucking, licking and sucking were a common sight. The snap of whips and heart pounding music mixed with a smell of sex into an animal frenzy.

I sat down on a stool at the bar and faced my Whore. My Whore had begged to go out for a month and he had earned it. His long legs are hugged by leather chaps, black lace panties made his large cock clearly visible, and yummy chest obsession chocolate cream pie (creampiler tube porn tailed over his hard body.

He was easily the tallest and many eyes were raping him. A short dark-skinned woman with a huge ass that had sucked in a thong till it was almost gone grab his arm. In a loud drunk voice, she shrieked, "OMG you are so tall! Can you buy me a drink?

I promise to return the favor?" He didn't dare move, knowing that only wrong move and he would be punished. The slut stared at him expecting an answer. In barely a whisper, "Whore, clean me." Now she finally noticed me, plus size, redhead, heavily tattooed, in a black corset, and lace legging with a zipper front ass to front.

Whore almost pushed her aside as he fell to his knee, unzipped me and showing my hairy wet pussy. He spread my lips and started licking. Sweetly I smiled at her as she left. The pleasure started to shoot though my body. Whore loved eating pussy and was very good at it. I ignored him, ordered a beer and eyed the woman next to me.

One of the few people in normal clothes she really did stand out. She looked pink in the checks trying not to stare as my whore cleared me. Poor thing must be new. "Is this your first time?" Her blush deepens, "yeah I just wanted to see what it was hot ebony babe moriah mills gets her pussy smashed I smiled sweetly at her, "it can be overwhelming." Whore was sucking my clit like a nipple, making me dripping wet.

I touched his head making him look up at me. 'I find the best way to get comfortable is to jump in. Whore would be happy to help you." "What do you mean?" I looked her up and down, "just pull your skirt up and let him please you. He is very good." Now she was bright red and speechless. "Whore, show her." He kissed my thigh, tenderly slide a finger in me and flicked my clit with his tongue. The woman started to shift in her seat, "well I guess I could try." I grab his hair pulled him back and kissed him tasting my pussy.

Smiling he turned to her.

His deep husky voice was enough to make her eyes shine, "Sweetie all you have to do is lay back and look beautiful." He slid over to her and tenderly ran his hands up and down her legs, followed by a trail over kisses.

Willing she opened her legs to him and pulled up her skirt.

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Her pussy was hairless, showing off large lips and an abnormal large clit. My mouth started to water as he showed off his tongue skills. Her eyes were rolling, trying to hold on some control, tell he slipped a thick finger barely in teasing her g spot. The sounds of her groans were lost in the noise of the music. I saw large men moving large objects. It was almost time for the big surprise.

I tapped Whore on his shoulder, "you are about to get your reward." He looked up at me a little confused. The woman made a slight complaint but went quite when a loud voice replaced the music.

"Kinky, kinky people it's very special night. We have some new flesh that has yet to be collared!" This was greeted by roars of sexual approval, "Oh I'm hard about it to. Can the Mistresses please bring up the lucky slaves to the asian babe sucks on this oldies cock of the floor?" I took Whore by his hand and pulled him through the sweaty bodies to the cleared area. We faced the Dungeon Master. I glanced over at the other flesh, two curvy females.

I met the eyes of the Mistress next to me. We both had stonily faces but our eyes burned with passion. A bright light illumed a large black stage, heavy red sex furniture was placed evenly apart. One for each slave. They were made for the slave to lay on their back. The legs were bent, spread so all holes were open. Their heads were bent over the edge of a table, better to be fucked with their hand out stretched for waiting cocks.

"Please ready your slaves," we walked over to the stage. I lead him the middle, had him lay down and tied his legs and arms as the Dungeon Master continued.

"For those that are new. This is a final test for these slaves before they are completely owned. The only rules is the slaves cannot cum and till in the hands of their mistresses. They are yours to use! If they make it till midnight then they will be owned." I stood in between my whore's legs. His cock was pushing hard against the lace, soaking with precum.

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I grabbed the top of the panties, rubbing his head with my thumb. With a clean rip his cock sprang free. All hard 8 inches of him. He was smiling at me like a kid at Christmas. "Form a line behind their Mistress. No pushing they is enough hungry holes for everyone!" The crowd started to shift.

Mostly males rushed to the stage. Quickly I rubbed a good enough of lube on his ass. Large man stood behind me and grunted, "Mistress you may want to leave the bottle." He pushed his thick as a coke can cock against my whore's tight asshole.

Slowly he worked it past the tight ring till he rammed balls deep as both groaned loudly. "Fucking tight ass needs to be used!" My pussy was dripping wet. Two more men came around and placed their cocks in his hands. Whore tighten his grip and jacked them off as his ass was raped. Now it was a hot frenzy. "Fuck him harder!" "Make him beg!" "Jack my cock harder." A small Asian slave watching with hungry eyes.

I pulled her over right in front of Whore's head, spread her legs, "Whore do you see the pussy?" I stuck a finger deep into her, dipping wet tight pussy and licked my finger. He gasped out, "Yes mistress." "I want you to eat her till the juices are dripping off your face." He jumped as another female slave started sucking his cock. "Oh, fuck yes Mistress I will eat her!" I pushed the standing porn face tface creampie pussy over him waiting mouth and watched him feast on her.

The screams of the woman and groans of the men were almost drowning out the music. Slamming, sweaty cum covered slaves begged for more as their masters mercilessly pounded them. "Fuck yes! I going to fill your ass!" the man fucking him was ramming so hard the whole table was shaking." "Fill him up," called the crowd.

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With a mighty roar, he emptied his balls deep in my whore and the next cock took his place. The slave sucking him climbed on the table started riding him. Her big tits bounded as she rode my whore hard. One of the men he was jacking off shoot his load all over Whore's chest in satisfied groan.

Whore groans could be heard over the pussy in his mouth. A few men jacked their cock over his body, shooting more thick loads over him. More men fucked him hard in the ass shooting their thick cum till he was covered. The slave riding him, begged her master to cum but he denied her, pulling her roughly off whore.

The master fucked her till she came hard on almost falling over. The Slave being eaten screamed as she squirted all over my whore. The second she slid off him a cock was forced into his mouth. Roughly face fucked by a heavy-set man I could see Whore's eyes fighting for control over his body. His cock was so close to bursting it must be very painful.

More loads covered him body. The smell of sex was intoxicating. Ramming, screaming, groan, hard fucking of once tight holes now dripping cum.

Control was slipping, the cum was burning to release till a loud voice broke through the haze. "Everyone it is now midnight," called out the Dungeon Master. "please remove yourself from the new slaves. Mistress its time!" The bodies moved away from the three slaves. All were red faced and covered in cum, shaking slightly, gapping for air. I moved in between Whore's legs and touched his painful swollen cock.

"It time to wife fucking a homeless guy, Whore," I said stroking his huge cock. He started to hump my hand wanting it faster, wanting to shoot that sweet hot load. "Come on Whore! Cum for me!" he started to beg, "oh god Mistress I she likes big things in her ass to cum." "Yes, that's it.

Shoot that cum all over me." "oh, god here it comes!" I jacked him harder and his whole body jerked up. Hot sweat creamy cum hit me on my face and chest as he screamed his release. Whore's body shocked as I pulled my hand away. His cum soaked, stretch out used body was now all mine.

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The Dungeon Master held out a heavy black collar, "he is now yours. Treat him well." I took it from him, went to Whore head and wrapped it around his neck. "Very good Whore, you are now mine."