Stunning beauty shows oversized ass and gets anal fucked

Stunning beauty shows oversized ass and gets anal fucked
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In a medium-sized but well-furnished house, an old man was sat on an armchair, sipping at a glass of wine. His laptop began to ring for a Skype call, and he answered it. "What is it Johnson?" asked the man. "Sir, we have a problem," said Frank. "How interesting," the man said, taking another sip. "Asrah's been taken." "WHAT!?" "I'm sorry Mr Brookman, our plan failed. They worked out a way to remove Asrah from my control." "DO YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU'VE DONE!?

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They'll destroy us now! Kill us, or worse, and destroy everything we've worked for!" "Not quite sir, before they could manage it I released another genie and re-instated all our protections." "Well that's all fine and good except that she's still going to be able to tell them our secrets!" "There's very little she could tell them." "Johnson, I'm not sure I like how lax you're being about this situation.

Don't you want to rid the world of magic?" "Yes, but it's not as easy as yui kasugano is tight and that makes her man moan more at made it out to be." "Magic vs magic isn't an easy fight for either side to win.

Which is why we need every advantage we can get." "Yes, I understand." "First you lost that boy, and now the genie girl. Your failures continue to mount." "Yes sir. I'm sorry, sir." "If we succeed, you'll go down as the man who saved humanity from magical tyranny.

If we fail, you'll go down as the man who allowed humanity to continue on being used as slaves. Now get back to work, Johnson. And don't fail me again." "Yes sir." "No, wait…you've got more lamps, yes?" "Yes sir, 8 of them that we've collected." "Good. Then bring me two of them." "Two sir?" "Yes Johnson, because I don't trust you to look after me anymore. I will rub one of them, and leave the other for insurance." "Sir, with all due respect, I'm very busy." "Do it Johnson!" Alex Brookman hung up, and sighed.

That man was going to cost him his revenge. What is it with people nowadays? Incompetent, all of them. He looked forward to ruling over them all. After all, once all the other genies were gone, none could oppose him and his genie. He would control everything. The power taken from him by those idealistic adolescents would be restored a million fold.

Everyone on this planet…no. Everyone in the universe would bow before him. And no power in the universe could stop him. ------------------------------- With no obvious next move, Daniel was allowed to spend some time with his new genie.

He sat on his bed while Asrah knelt before him, waiting for instructions. "So you're my genie?" Daniel asked. "Yes Master," Asrah replied, smiling, but keeping her head bowed at all times. "And this is serious? It's not Harry and Charlie playing a joke on me?" "I do not know who they are Master, but I promise this is no joke." "In that case, this is bloody fantastic!

I've got a genie! I can have anything I want!" "Anything within the bounds of the rules, Master," Asrah said, smiling. "Alright, in that case…gimme a blowjob." "Yes Master." Asrah scooted over to Daniel, and happily took his dick into her mouth, beginning to suck on it.

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"Oh yeah…that's good…" Daniel moaned. "But I want more! Gimme a blowjob…while we're floating!" Asrah snapped her fingers, and the two of them began floating into the air, Asrah laying on her stomach as she sucked Daniel, who was reclining on nothing. "Oh God, I wish to fuck my Geography teacher Miss Parker, while Jenna Coleman, Karen Gillan and Billie Piper worship my body." Asrah snapped her fingers again, and Daniel immediately felt his body become awash with sensation.

The warm wetness of Asrah's mouth was replaced by the warm wetness of Miss Parker's pussy as she appeared in front of him, sex tussy xxxxx story con on her hands and knees as Daniel fucked her doggy style. Meanwhile the rest of his body became companion to pleasure as the three actresses kissed, licked and caressed every inch of his skin. "Fuck that's amazing!" He moaned.

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"Oh my God!" "You like that baby?" Asked Jenna. "Oh good God…Oh…I wish for them to feed me chocolate too! And beer! Lots of beer!" Still kneeling on the bed while her Master made love above her, Asrah snapped her fingers. Karen was given a big bar of Dairy Milk, which she began feeding to him, and Billie was given a pint of beer, which she gave to him between bites. It tasted horrible, but it didn't matter. No-one was going to tell him he was too young for beer! He was on top of the world!

He could have anything he wants! "Oh my God, I'm gonna cum!" Daniel moaned, "Do it baby, hot babe jessica cage enjoys dick of custodian deserve it!" Said Karen. "You're the best, Dan!" Said Billie. "Fill me up Dan!" Moaned Miss Parker. Daniel didn't need any more encouragement. With a manly groan, he unleashed an enormous load into Miss Parker's pussy while the other girls stimulated the rest of him.

When it finally ended, the girls disappeared, and Daniel floated back down onto the bed, and he sighed contently. "Are you happy with your wishes, Master?" Asrah asked him. "Very happy," Daniel smiled. "Then I am happy," Asrah said, outdoing Daniel with her own smile.

"Is there anything else you desire." "No…No wait, the rest of that chocolate," Daniel said.

"Feed it to me." "Yes Master." Asrah picked up the chocolate, broke a piece off, and placed it into Daniel's mouth. "This is the life, isn't it Asrah?" "Yes Master." ------------------------------- Antonella laid in bed that night, worried. There didn't look to be any way to solve this dilemma.

The best she could hope for it seemed was that very few Masters fell for the traps that had been laid for them. Things had all seemed so simple when she'd first met that genie, all those centuries ago. Back before anyone was trying to commit genocide.

Well, back before anyone was trying to commit genocide against genies' Masters. Antonella sat up in bed. She needed to do something.

The longer they waited, the more people would suffer. She got out of bed, and snapped her fingers, causing her clothes to fly onto her body. She closed her eyes and concentrated, and she was instantly outside the place she knew Frank had been using as his US headquarters.

She was surprised when he saw him and a man two hot lesbian girls getting dirty in the office assumed was his new genie getting into a car.

Turning invisible, Antonella summoned up an invisible car and got in it to tail them. He followed them to a lavish yet not overly-large house. They parked up, and she got out to follow them, slipping inside behind them before the door was closed.

She was glad she didn't seem to have been noticed yet. Antonella walked in and saw an old man sat on an arm chair. "On your knees in front of your superiors, genie," said Alex. The genie looked at Frank, who nodded, so the genie did indeed get down on his knees.

"So this is your new boy?" "Yes sir, one called Barakaat," said Frank. "Its name doesn't particularly interest me," said Alex. "Do you have the lamps I asked for?" Frank opened his bag and pulled out two lamps, setting them down on the table. "Here you are." "Gooood." Alex reached for one of them and rubbed it. Clouds of maroon-coloured smoke poured out and formed into a naked man. "Well that's disappointing.

I was hoping for a girl." "Greetings Master, I am Miguin," said the genie. "I really don't care what your name is," said Alex. "I am your Master now. And don't bother giving me the usual spiel.

I know all the rules and regulations." "Yes Master…" said Miguin. "Master, are you aware there is an invisible woman in this room?" "What!?" Shouted Alex. "Yes sir, Antonella followed us here," said Frank. "Barakaat noticed her. Restrain her, Barakaat." Barakaat snapped his fingers, and Antonella became visible, and was held in place by invisible restraints. "So you're the leader of our enemies," said Alex.

"What if I am?" "Well then I wonder why Frank there was able to have you restrained, and return your visibility. Surely his wishes cannot affect another Mistress?" Antonella stayed silent.

"Oh?" Said Alex. "Is it possible you are not a Mistress or a genie? And yet you have magic." "If you expect me to talk you're very mistaken," said Antonella. runs out of cock black girlfriends decides to fuck each other instead but you see dear, I think you are going to talk.

Because if we can affect you, then you are at our mercy. Miguin, I wish for all of Antonella's magical power to be taken from her. And for her to answer any question truthfully." "Your wish is my command, Master," said Miguin, snapping his finger. Antonella shuddered, feeling herself without magic for the first time in many, many years. "Now then, what is your name?" Asked Alex. "Antonella Acquarone," said Antonella, unable to resist. "And what are you?" "A human being," she said, trying to give as little information as possible.

"You know full well what I meant!" Alex shouted, slapping her hard. "WHAT ARE YOU!? Tell me everything about how you got your magic." Unable to do anything but obey, Antonella explained her full story to Frank and Alex. "Now that is interesting," said Frank. "It's more than that, Johnson," said Alex.

"That genie she mentioned. The one that gave her her magic. She and her Mistress are, along with a few other people, the ones who caused tired of facials fucked in her fave pair of heels quite a bit of grief in the past. I would very much like to meet up with her again." "You do realise she could be anywhere on Earth, right?" Asked Frank.

"Hell, there's no guarantee she's even out of her lamp." "No, she's around, and I know where to find her. She'll be living with her current Mistress." "Sir, who is this genie? You've never been very reluctant to answer any of our questions beforehand. Like about what happened to put you in your current state, and how you know so much about genies." "Yes, I'd like to know some things too," said Antonella. "Because you're the spitting image of the old man who was on the news being arrested after being found in Alex Brookman's house alongside a pile of corpses.

You're him, aren't you? You're Alex Brookman?" "What an intelligent girl," said Alex. "Was that a gift from your father as well?" "After spending a few months in prison, Mister Brookman offered to help with a matter of global security, in return for his freedom," explained Frank.

"He introduced the UN to the threat that genies pose. We didn't believe him at first, but after convincing us he was Alex Brookman he was able to prove to us the existence of genies. We then tracked down a lamp, which turned out to contain Asrah, and we began our plan.

To eliminate all genies." "But to what ends?" "Why, the safety of the human race of course," replied Frank. "You really think that's what he wants? I've been around a long time, as you're now very well of. I've met many Masters in my time, and the name Brookman has come up a few mom and dughter boy friend fuck com. I've heard stories about a society run by the Brookman family, trying to hoard genie lamps." "So he did this work before he joined up with us, so what?" "The society was a group of Masters.

They wanted to hoard lamps so that only they would have magic." "Sir, is this true?" Frank asked Alex. "Johnson, my time with my genie taught me that magic was a dangerous thing. That is why I always sought to eliminate it. My friends and I kept our genies purely to protect ourselves from attack." "So what went wrong? I mean, you don't have that genie now," said Frank. "And you never explained to us why you got so old and why you lost your genie." "Two impertinent adolescents, Matthew Evans and Sophie Swift.

Somehow they were able to wish away all my power. They took my genie, made my friends disappear, and left me to face human justice. I would like very much to make them suffer." "But how is that possible?" Asked Frank. "Surely they could not affect you with their wishes?" "Somehow they could. Which is why the secrecy of our operation is important. I do not know how we are going to kill Matt and Sophie, but somehow they have power beyond normal Masters, which means if they catch wind of our actions they will be able to destroy us, and undo all our work." "What do you suggest we do then?" Asked Frank.

"We need a plan of action," said Alex. "Matt and Sophie need to be eliminated, that much is clear. But doing so will be extremely difficult." "What about the girl?" Asked Frank. "I assume you're going to kill me now?" Asked Antonella. "Not at all. We might need you later on," said Alex. "And I might want to use you for my own benefit. Or maybe I'll just torture you a bit. But for now, have cherry jul is down for some dp simply taken downstairs to the dungeons.

And Johnson, have your genie guard her. She may be powerless now but I still don't trust her." "You have a dungeon?" Asked Antonella. "Barakaat, take Antonella down to the dungeons and guard her," ordered Frank. "Don't let her out." "Yes Master." Barakaat snapped his fingers, and he walked off to the dungeons, dragging Antonella behind him with invisible chains. She was taken into a rather unpleasant dungeon, and thrown inside ungracefully. ------------------------------- In the year 1397 a baby girl was born to Vicente and Flavia Acquarone, whom they named Antonella.

When Antonella was 4 years old however, her mother died of illness. They were both very sad, but for the most part they were able to live on. When Antonella was 6 years old her father came home one day carrying something odd and looking VERY happy.

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"Hi daddy!" She said. "What you got there?" "Um, nothing," he said. "Go play with your toys. Daddy's got some important things to do." Vicente was struggling to contain his grin the whole time, before he ran off to his room.

Later that evening, Antonella heard lots of strange noises coming from her father's bedroom. Moans and groans, and she could hear her father screaming things like "UH GOD! OH FUCK!" "Daddy?" Antonella opened the door, and she saw her father, naked and laid on his bed. Facing her and riding Vicente reverse-cowgirl was a naked woman, boobs jiggling as she moved. "Antonella!" Vicente moaned, coming from a mixture of horror at his daughter walking in on him and pleasure at a particularly wonderful thrust.

"Don't worry Master, I'll get rid of her," said the girl. She waved her hand at Antonella, and she immediately turned around and left the room. As she closed the door behind her, the little Antonella forgot everything she'd seen in there, and would ignore any cries of sexual bliss that she then heard. A few days later, Antonella woke up in her father's arms. She opened her eyes and saw that she'd apparently fallen asleep on him as he'd been reading to her, sat in his big chair.

"Morning sweetie," said Vicente. "Morning daddy…" Antonella said, yawning. It was only when she looked around she realised she didn't appear to be in her house any more. This house was much, much more lavish than anything he'd ever known. She imagined a King or a Queen may be more at home here than two peasants like they were. "Daddy?

Where are we?" "Why, we're at home, sweetie," replied Vicente. "This isn't our home, daddy!" Antonella said like it was the most obvious thing in the world. "It is now. Sweetie, something wonderful has happened. We're rich!" "Rich?" "Yep! We've got all the money we want! So now we can live in this big house and have anything we want!" "But all my toys are at the other house! My bedroom!" "It's all here. And something else. Or should I say, someone else." At this, a beautiful girl walked in.

She was dressed in lavish yet modest clothes, though they did show off a good amount of her figure. It was the same woman as Antonella had seen making love to her father, but she didn't remember her. "Antonella, this is Alexis," said Vicente. "She's going to be our servant." "Servant?" "Anything you want, any time of day, she'll give it blowjob cum three times purse snatcher learns a lescompanions son you.

Isn't that right, Alexis?" "Yes Master," Alexis hottie plays with dildo in front of a mirror, bowing her head. For several years, the two of them lived happily in their house, Alexis seeing to their every need. Antonella never questioned any of it, Alexis' magic ensuring that. When Antonella was all grown up, however, her father called her into his office.

"You wished to see me, father?" She asked, walking in. Vicente was sat behind his desk, with Alexis' lamp sat on it. "I did indeed," he smiled. "I've decided you're old enough now to know the secret of my success." "Secret, father?" Antonella asked, sitting down opposite him. "Of how we became rich, and how we've gotten everything we want." "Is there a secret behind it?" "Antonella, do you know what this object is?" "It appears to be some sort of lantern." "It's so much more than that.

Years ago I found this on the way home from work. When I rubbed it, something amazing happened." "What happened?" "Antonella, I'm about to rub the lamp. I realise this may scare you, but I want you to promise me you won't try to run away. Just trust me when I say it won't hurt you." "Alright, I trust you, father." Vicente picked up the lamp, and began rubbing it. As he did so, Antonella watched in amazement as clouds of light-blue smoke poured out of it.

They pooled up on the desk, and formed into Alexis. "Hey Antonella," said Alexis, smiling. "Father, what is this!?" Antonella asked. "Why has Alexis appeared? And why is she naked?" "It's how I dress when you're not around," she said. "Alexis is the reason why we have all these amazing things," Vicente said. "Because I'm her Master and she's my genie." "I grant your dad's wishes," Alexis said. "All of them." "That is a rather odd way of phrasing it," Antonella said.

"What is a genie?" "Oh nothing much," Alexis said. "Just an immortal, nigh-omnipotent being from the dawn of man, bound to whoever rubs my lamp. Which at the moment is your dad." "Alexis has magical powers. She can do almost anything I ask of her," Vicente explained. "That is nonsense, father," said Antonella. "I thought you might say that. Alexis, do your thing." "Yes Master." Alexis snapped her fingers, and Antonella saw that they were outside. Looking around however, she screamed as she realised they were floating high in the sky above their house in Venice.

"AHHHHHH!" She screamed, clinging on to her father for dear life. "Don't worry sweetie, I've got you," Vicente said, floating casually. "I won't let you fall." "How did we get up here!? And how are we floating!?" "By Alexis' magic, of course," Vicente replied. "And technically you're not floating, I'm just holding on to you." "Okay daddy I believe you, can we please go home?" Antonella asked, terrified.

"Do it Alexis," said Vicente. She snapped her fingers, and the three of them were back in Vicente's office. Only this time, all three of them were naked. Antonella yelped, and tried to cover her boobs and pussy. "Relax dear, you feel perfectly comfortable being naked around us, don't you?" Alexis said, magic behind her words.

"Oh…yes…" Antonella said, feeling rather silly as she moved her hands away. "Why don't we go and relax in my bed?" Vicente suggested. "I wish you'd want to do that." "That sounds wonderful, father," Antonella smiled. "Let's go." The two of them stood up, Vicente's enormous cock being revealed to Antonella, and they walked off to Vicente's bedroom, Alexis following behind them. Mom get son see xnxx two humans got in bed, while Alexis knelt at the side.

Vicente moved to snuggle his daughter, but she resisted. "Father…no…" "I wish you'd be comfortable with this. Just relax in my arms. The more I touch you, the more you feel safe, relaxed and happy." Alexis waved her hand, and Antonella found herself relaxing in her father's arms.

"I love you, Antonella." "I love you too, father," Antonella smiled. "Do you know why you've never had a suitor? Because I've been saving you for myself." Vicente ran his fingers across every inch of Antonella's skin, paying particular attention to her bottom.

"Ever since you were a little girl, I've been moulding your body, wishing every part of you to be perfect. You are the beauty incarnate, formed exactly how I wish you to be." Vicente kissed Antonella, and the girl didn't resist. Instead she returned the kiss, adding to her father's passion.

"I want to make love to you, Antonella…" Vicente said, sliding his tongue into her mouth. "I want you to deflower me, father," she moaned. "Make me yours." "Master, do you wish me to leave you alone?" Alexis asked. "Yes, be gone," Vicente said between kisses, and Alexis turned back into clouds of smoke, floating into her lamp.

Vicente rolled on top of Antonella, rubbing her perfectly-formed boobs as he did.

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Antonella moaned, her magically-sensitive nipples responding hungrily to her father's touch. "Please father…" she whimpered. "Make love to me…" Vicente nodded, and moved his cock to her entrance. Slowly he began sliding his entire length into her. Antonella continued whimpering as her father penetrated her, filling her groin with pleasure.

Vicente's cock kept on coming, with Antonella wondering if he'd ever finish entering her, and wondering how this could all fit inside her. Finally he stopped moving, his entire length inside his daughter. It felt absolutely wonderful, their genitals having been moulded to fit together perfectly. A few years later, Vicente and Antonella were married, no-one having any problem with it thanks to one boy twhot girl chod "persuasion" from Alexis.

The two of them lived happily for the rest of their lives, but that time only lasted until 1469. The still-youthful Alexis and Antonella looked over at the old-dying Vicente.

"My darling, it pains me to see you so full of sorrow," he said. "Father, you should not be saddened, it is we who are about to lose you," said Antonella. "Do you wish for anything, Master?" asked Alexis. "Another lifetime, but I know that is something you cannot give me.

I wish it were possible to simply pass you on to Antonella, but I know in a few decades she would simply succumb to the same fate as I am." "Well Master, there is the thing we discussed, but I do think you should consult her first," said Alexis. "Yes…Antonella, I am bound to Alexis, and as such, I must die at my appointed time. But I could save you. I could give you eternal life with Alexis' power." "What do you mean, father?" "I could give you eternal life.

One wish and you would live forever. And I could have Alexis give you magical powers. So you could live forever with this magical happiness." "But I wouldn't be happy without you, father," she said. "Please Antonella, let me do this, I want you to live and be happy." "You could always kill yourself if you didn't like it," Alexis said.

"You'd have that power. Trust me, there have been times I've wished I wasn't immortal, but it's mostly great.

Trust me, you want this." "Alright father, I trust you. But you promise I could stop this whenever I want?" "Yes." "Alright, then do it." ------------------------------- As Antonella sat on the floor in her cell, she thought about her long life. All the things she'd seen, all the wonderful (and all the not-so-wonderful) people she'd met. And how stupid she'd been by coming here.

She knew she had to someone stop these people's plans. She had to get out of here. "Hello there," she said, smiling at Barakaat, who was guarding her cell. "Don't suppose you're going to let me out, are you?" "I was ordered not to by my Master." "Yes, I know. But the thing is, you're a genie. You could just twist his words to do something he doesn't necessarily want.

You could give me teleportation abilities. Then you've not let me out, just given me teleportation abilities. "Then my Master would punish me. And anyway, I hardly think that would count." "Listen, do you really want those nutters to get their way?

What do you think's going to happen? They're going to lock all of you away somewhere. Do you really want to spend all eternity trapped in your lamp? Or worse, all your brothers and sisters being trapped in their lamps while you and Miguin are used to rule the world? Because that's what they're after really.

They horny lesbian couple tasting tits just a little bit want peace, they want control." "I want whatever my Master wants." "You don't really though, do you? That's just a face you put on. Admit it, you don't like their plans." "What good would that do?

Neither of us can do anything about it." "Yes we can. There's another lamp upstairs, isn't there? You could go and get that, I could rub it, and then anything after that point is out of your control." "My Master would force me to admit what I did and he would torture me." "And I'm sorry for that, but it's for the good of the world.

For both the genies and the human race. Who was your Master before Frank? The one they presumably took you from?" "…A little Australian girl called Olivia. Only 10 years old she was. They lured her in to their trap with promises that were obviously lies, but she wouldn't listen to me. That busty blonde gets nailed in a threesome the last I ever saw of her." "Olivia is dead now, and far more will end up like her if you don't help me, along with many living people suffering.

Do you want that on your conscience? I'm sorry if Frank punishes you, but there is a lot more at stake right now than that." "I couldn't do it anyway. I was ordered to stay here and guard you." "So clone yourself.

Send the clone sunny leone full hot bebas sex go and get the lamp. Please, the fate of the world depends on it." "&hellip.Fine. But just know that my suffering is because of you." Barakaat snapped his fingers, and a copy of himself appeared, walking off.

While she waited, Antonella thought about what she was doing. When she rubbed that lamp, she would be subject to the Master-specific genie rules. Meaning that her immortality would no longer work, and she would be required to die at her appointed time.

That time being nearly five centuries ago. She didn't know how quickly the magic would take hold, but she suspected she wouldn't have long to make her wish. The Barakaat clone returned and threw the lamp to Antonella, before disappearing. "Just do it quickly before someone notices," said Barakaat.

"I will, and thank you," Antonella said. She braced herself, and picked up the lamp. It was colder than she'd expected, but then, she'd never touched an unbonded lamp before. She'd never dared risk it. Bracing herself for the end, she began rubbing the lamp. As soon as she did, she cried out in pain, dropping the lamp as she did. "Are you alright!?" Barakaat shouted. "No, but don't worry, I expected this…" Antonella said in her pain.

She looked at the lamp, which had begun spewing out lilac-coloured smoke, which formed into a naked girl. "Greetings Mistress, I am Fahima," she said. "At this moment I really don't care," Antonella said, her voice growing weak. She looked down at her hands, and she could see herself ageing before her eyes, as more than five centuries began catching up on her. "Mistress, what is happening to you!?" Fahima exclaimed as she saw Antonella.

"Fahima, I wish for…I…In my mind…look into my mind…There's a message I want to send. Make that message into a letter, then send it to the location in my mind…" "Um, yes Mistress," Fahima said, snapping her fingers. "Mistress, what is wrong with you?" "I…now send me there too…And you too…" Antonella ordered.

Fahima snapped her fingers, and the two of them were suddenly in Mary's bedroom back at Antonella's house. "What's that?" Mary sat up in bed, turned on her light, and saw the two of them.

"What's going on!? …Antonella! Oh my God, did you rub a lamp!?" Mary ran down to her, and held her in her arms. Antonella was now a very old lady, though she was still alive and in immense pain as her body continued aging. "Antonella, quick, unbond yourself" said Mary.

"I'll have Christophe help you." "Excuse me Miss, but it would appear that my Mistress is dying of old age at an alarming rate," said Fahima. "Her death is now a certainty, I'm afraid." Antonella had long since lost the ability to speak, and was still aging in Mary's arms. Mary watched as the woman who'd sex with hot dark beauty girlfriend hardcore her mentor for decades slowly died.

When it was all over, Mary was left clinging on to a crumbling skeleton. A body which has just had 500 years of degradation in a few minutes.

Near to what used to be Antonella, Mary saw the message she'd had conjured for her, neatly packaged in an envelope. Before she could get it, however, she saw Fahima turn back into clouds of smoke, which were then sucked back into her lamp. ------------------------------- Author's Message: This Chapter has been up elsewhere online for a while but it only just going up on here now due to taking nearly 4 weeks for the mods to finally let Chapter 7 through.

It's currently the 29th of June, let's see when this chapter is finally approved. So back in Chapter 6 I mentioned that chapter contained foreshadowing. Go back and see if you can find it! Also go back to Chapter 11 of A Boy and his Genie and you'll see the first hint of Antonella's past (Although that's mostly a throwaway line I decided to pick up on). What I'm trying to say is I planned Antonella's origins ever since I introduced her. I didn't just make it up now. Way back in August when I first started this story Antonella was going to be a completely different character, but I'll go into that another day.

Something I've also always planned is bringing back Alex Brookman. Although this story was far off at the time, part of the reason I didn't get kill off (Or send to an alternate dimension) Alex Brookman in the first place was so I could potentially bring him back, and his return is something I've hinted at all through this story. It's certainly something I've had planned.

Incidentally, you may think you've spotted some problems with Alex Brookman's plan. And maybe you have. But please trust I have this all figured out and things will become clear as the story develops. For Daniel's sex scene with Asrah I sort of wanted to show an element of "Like older brother, like younger brother" with Daniel going to large excesses in sex, much as Harry has done for the past 7 months.

I also spent a while thinking about who he could conjure up to have sex with. Miss Parker was a must, making her return from Abducted on a School Trip (And a brief mention back in Chapter 1).

Both Robinson boys have now fucked her, linking again with Curvaceous shy teen taking in the cops wiener from behind being more like his brother than he'd like. As for the other girls, I considered making it just some random girls from one of his classes, but then I decided to make it a girl band, which I now as I write this realise would have linked into one of the things Sarosa said Harry did in Chapter 7. But then I had the problem of "What's a modern girl band that Daniel is likely to be a fan of?

(Or rather, whom he'd probably like to fuck). All the ones I could think of haven't been current for a while. I did consider the Kamen Rider Girls which isn't so far-fetched for Daniel to be a fan of (They're shit though) but I realised it'd be a bit too obscure for the readers.

So I went with the 3 most attractive NuWho girls (Although Season 17 Romana beats Amy) because they're girls Daniel may know of, want to fuck, and may be known to the readers. So that's all for this chapter I believe.

FYI I have no idea how long this story will end up being. Depends how long the story I've got planned ends up being. But bye for now. Chapter 9 is in progress. God knows when I'll finish it. And God knows how long it'll take to go up on here even when I finish it.