Hot black busty teen gangbanged by a group of white men

Hot black busty teen gangbanged by a group of white men
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Don and Kate This story is about how I first met Kate. My name is Don. Im just your average 22 year old guy. Im 5'10'' tall and around 200 pounds. I have brown hair and eyes.

Nothing really special about me. I work for a company that goes all over the United States to help remodel wal mart stores. Im usally gone for about a month at a time and home for about a week or two, then Im gone again. Since Im single and dont have any kids its a good job for me. So because Im gone so much, I dont have many local friends.

Most of my friends are just work buddies. I own my house that is on my grandparents land. When I am home I help them out with their small farm. It was a friday night in late May. I just got home the night before from being gone for seven weeks. I decided to go into town and have a few drinks. I go to the same country bar everytime Im in town. I have a nice little booth kinda in the back. I like the bar because it has live bands come in a lot. I know the owner and I sometimes help the bands set up for the night.

So because of that the owner keeps my booth open for me when Im in town. I tip the waitresses pretty decently so they make sure I always have a drink in my hand and they make my drinks a little stronger than normal. I was sitting in my booth sipping on a beer listening to the music that the band was playing when I noticed three girls come in. Im use to seeing girls in tight jeans and western tops in the bar but these three girls came in dressed up like they were going to the new hottest bar in New York City.

Two of the girls had on low cut dresses that showed off a lot of cleavage. The dresses were about three inches past their asses.

The dresses one stud for luscious chicks smalltits and hardcore real tight on their curves. The third one wore a dress that was down past her knees. It was open in the back and fit her curves very nicely as well. They stuck out like a sore thumb. They sat down at a table about five feet away from my booth. As the night went on, two of the girls were takening shots of whatever a random guy would give them and would go out onto the dance floor and give the guys a sexy little dance as a reward for buying them shots.

The third one on the other hand, she just sat there sipping on beers that she ordered. She told the waitress to not open the beer until she got to the table. Every time a guy came up to her and asked her to dance she just rolled her eyes and told them no. She looked like she was getting annoyed by all the vanessa moans loudly while playing with herself coming up and hitting on her. At one point the other two girls came back to the table and was giving the third one a lot of shit for not going out and dancing.

She just shrugged them off. The next song started and the two girls got up and went back out onto the dance floor. It was about midnight and I was coming back from the restroom when I saw a guy talking to the third girl. When I got closer I heard the guy say, "Come on now honey, you dont have to be a bitch like that.

Im giving you the chance to have the pleasure of dancing with me." The girl laughed at him. "No thanks. I dont need to be out on the dance floor being grinded up against by some drunk hillbilly to get my pleasure. No be a good boy and go find a sheep or something to go fuck and leave me alone." The man looked at her, "Fuck you bitch. Who do you think you are talking to me like that." "It doesnt matter who I am. What matters is that Im not going to waste my time with a drunk piece of shit like you so good bye." The guy looked angry.

"You fucking cunt!" he yelled at her and raised his hand to slap her. Thats when I grabbed his wrist and pulled him back making him stumble a little. I stood between him and the girl. "Dude I dont know who you are but where I come from you dont ever raise you hand to a woman.

I think its about time you go and find someone else to dance with." He stepped up and got in my face. "Fuck you. I will kick your fucking ass." I kinda smirked at him. "Do you really want to get your ass kicked over some girl you dont even know?" He pushed me causing me to take one step back.

"I will fucking stomp a mudhole in your ass mother fucker." At that point I saw one of the bouncers start to walk up behind him. "Ok asshole. If you really want to fight, lets take it outside." The guy said deal and started to walk towards the door.

As he did he bumped into the bouncer and tried to push him as well. The bouncer grabbed the drunk's arm and twisted it behind his back then pushed him over a table. "Ok jack ass. Your out of here." The bouncer escorted the drunk out of the bar. Another bouncer came up and asked us if everything was ok?

The girl just nodded. "Yeah James everything is fine. Some guys just dont know how to take no for an answer." James just laughed to himself and walked away. I turned and looked at the girl sitting there. "Im sorry about that. I hope you have a good rest of the night." I then turned and sat down in my booth.

The girl looked over at me. "So I guess you think I owe you a thank you or something dont you." I just smirked at her. "You dont owe me anything. Some guys just dont know how to talk to a lady. And I cant stand by and sleeping girl rape by old man a man hit a woman." She smiled a little. "Well thank you. I guess that was nice of you." I smiled up at her.

"Dont mention it. Enjoy the rest of the night." She looked around and stood up. "Do you care if I join you?" I waved my hand towards the empty booth across from me.

As she sat down the waitress came by and I ordered a bucket of beer. The waitress asked the girl if she needed anything and the girl said she was fine for now she still had almost a full big cock fuked beutyfull girl. The waitress nodded and said she would be right back with my drinks. I smiled and thanked her. I reached my hand out towards the girl. "My name is Don." She shook my hand and smiled. "My name is Kate nice to meet you." "Its nice to meet you as well.

Where are you from? If you dont mind me asking." "Im from up north but I came here to go to the college here." I nodded my head. "Thats cool. What are you majoring in?" "Im majoring in photography. I love taking pictures." "Thats cool." She went on talking about how much she likes taking pictures of her friends and family.

But what she really likes is taking pictures of animals and nature. She asked me what I did for a living and I told her. She really seemed to be intrested in all the places I have been.

We spent the next two hours drinking and talking like we were old friends. We talked until it was closing time and her two friends came stumbling up. They said that they were going over to some guys house for a party. Kate looked at them. "Can you guys drop me off first." One of the girls who I was introduced to earlier in the night as Jennifer said, "No you should come with us." The other girl, Michelle, smiled over at Kate. "Yeah you should come with us. If your lucky you could get laid too." Kate just rolled her eyes.

"Im not looking to have sex with some random guy." Jennifer and Michelle laughed and said "oh well bye" and left with three men.

Kate just shook her head is disbelive. "I cant believe they just did that." I looked over at her. "They dont seem like good friends if they are going to just ditch you like that." "Oh they arent really my friends.

They are my roommates. They drugged me out here tonight. I really didnt want to come out but it beats sitting alone in the dorm room with nothing to do." I nodded. "Well I have a crazy idea.

How would you like to go get something to eat with a guy who isnt trying to get into your pants?" Kate looked up at me and kinda smiled. "What do you have in mind?" "Well since its two in the morning, only thing open is Mcdonalds and Ihop.

So its up to you. Afterwards I will drop you off at the dorms and head home myself." Kate seemed to like that idea. "Im not really in the mood for Mcdonalds so lets go Ihop." I nodded and we walked up to the bar and paid our tabs. I lead Kate out to my truck and let her in then I got in and drove the few blocks to Ihop. We walked in and ordered something to eat. We sat there and were talking about the different things we liked and came to find out we enjoyed a lot of the same stuff.

As we were talking I kept catching myself staring at her. She was about 5'8" tall and if I had to guess, I would say she was about 145 pounds. She had long curly red hair and the bluest eyes I have ever seen. She was a very beautiful woman. As we were talking I found out that she was a city girl who has never been on a farm before. I told her that she should come out sometime and I will take her horseback riding. She really seemed to like that idea.

After we got done eating I drove her back to the dorms. I walked her up to the dorm doors where we exchanged phone numbers. I gave her a good bye hug and watched her walk into the building. I walked out to my truck and sat there for a minute. My head was starting to hurt a little and I was feeling a little sleepy, so I figured I would just go stay the night in a hotel instead of trying to make the 25 minute drive home.

But as soon as I started my truck up to leave my phone started to ring. It was Kate calling me. I answered the phone. "Hi Kate, whats up?" "Im so fucking pissed off right now." And I could tell by the sound of her voice she really was. "Whats wrong?" I asked wondering if I had done something to make her mad. "I just walked into my dorm and there are people passed out everywhere including in my bed." "Oh shit. Thats not good. What are you going to do?" "I honestly dont know. Im so fucking mad right now that I could kill someone." I laughed to myself hoping she didnt hear me.

"Well I havent left yet. If you like you can come talk to me so you dont kill anyone." She said she would like that and a few seconds later she was walking out of the building and got back into stacked blonde starlet has her pussy nailed truck.

"Those fucking bitches brought strangers home with them and did god knows what. There are naked people passed out everywhere. I so fucking pissed off right now." "I bet you kortney kane sexy storys sex stories and I dont blame you.

I know I would be too.'' She looked over at me. "Im fucking tired and all I want to do is go to sleep. Not deal with this fucking bullshit." I took her hand in my hand and started to softly rub it to calm her down a little. "Well I was about to head over to the hotel down the street and sleep there tonight. Im not sure if I could drive home safely.

If you want, you can spend the night with me. I will get a room with two beds." She looked at me and kinda shook her head. "I dont know. I mean you seem like a nice guy and all but I just met you and I couldnt ask you to do something like that." I just smiled at her. "Well I was going to get a room anyways and you really dont have a place to sleep.

I promise I wont try anything. I will just go in, take my shoes off, get in bed and go to sleep." Kate sat there for a moment thinking and looked me in the eyes. "You promise?" I held up my hand and promised her. She said ok and we drove over to the hotel.

I paid for the room and lead Kate up to the room. I opened the door and let her in. She walked in and stood by the two beds. "Which one do you want?" She asked. I looked at the beds and pointed to the one closer to door.

"I will take this one if its ok with you." She smiled and nodded. She then went into the bathroom. I sat on the edge of my bed and took my shoes off then I got up under the covers. A few moments later I could hear Kate in doggy style hardcore pussy fucking for laura bathroom throwing up.

I just laid there, wondering if she was going to be ok. After a couple minutes, I heard the toliet flush and then heard the water in the sink.

She came out and walked over to the far side of her bed and sat down. "Everything ok?" I asked. "Yeah I will be ok. I just happened to drink a little to much thats all." I laughed. "I think we both did." I saw her take her shoes off and then got up under the covers.

Once I saw that she was in bed and comfortable, I reached up and turned the light off. "Good night Kate." "Good night Don." I turned over and was about to fall asleep when I heard her moving around on her bed.

After a few moments she stopped moving so I figured she was just getting comfortable and I than fell asleep. I woke up the next morning and after figuring out where I was, I got up and went to the bathroom.

As I came out, I saw Kate's dress laying on the floor at the foot of her bed. I looked over at Kate. She was still asleep, but what caught my eye was that her covers were pulled down a little.

I just frozen in amazement as I saw her laying on her side towards my bed. I was looking at a pair of the sexiest breasts I have ever seen inside of a black see through lace bra. I really wanted to walk over and start to massage them but I wasnt raised to take advantage of a woman.

I walked over and stood by her bed. I reached down and softly pulled the covers up over her. I layed back down and turned my back to Kate.

I know I was raised not to take advantage of women but if I layed there and kept stareing at her breasts like that, I honestly dont know if I could stop myself from doing anything. I layed there and dozed back to sleep with the image of her perfect breasts in my mind.

I woke up a little while later as I heard the bathroom door shut. I sat up and looked around to try to get my bearings.

I looked down and saw that Kate's dress was still on the floor. Which means she is walking around the hotel room in nothing but her bra and panties. I hurried and layed back down like I was when she went into the bathroom.

A few moments later I heard the door open and out walked Kate. Kate slowly walked over and opened the curtains a little. She was just standing there looking out the window.

I just layed there looking at one of the most amazing views I have ever seen. I was stareing at her amazing tight ass hiding under her black see through panties. The way the sunlight was shining through the window and off of her body was breath taken.

Kate shut the curtains and bent over to pick up her dress. The way she bent over gave me a perfect view of her amazing cleavage. She slowly picked up her dress and slid it back on than laid back down on her bed and covered back up. "Don. Don are you awake?" She asked just barely over a whisper.

I let out a little yawn. "Kinda. Whats up?" "What time is check out here?" I rolled over onto my back and looked up at the ceiling.

"Its at 11. Why? What time is it?" "Its only 9:30" she said. "Can I ask you something Don?" I look over at her. "Yeah go ahead." "Do you think Im ugly?" I sat up on my elbows. "No I dont. I think you are a very beautiful woman. Why would you think that I thought you was ugly?" I saw her blush a little.

"Well last night you kept that guy from hitting me, which was very heroic of you, we sat there and talked while getting shit face. We then went and ate, you took me home then when shit hit the fan at my house you brought me here. During all of that, You didnt try hitting on me once. Not even when we were alone in a hotel room together. I was wondering why you didnt try hitting on me.

I must be ugly if Im in a hotel room alone with a guy and he doesnt try anything right? I shook my head at her. "No. You are not ugly. You happened to be one of the most beautifuliest women I have ever seen. The reason why I didnt hit on you at the bar or Ihop was because I figured a beautiful woman like you gets hit on all the time and gets tired of being seen as a piece of meat.

I wanted you to feel like a woman instead of a piece of meat. And I didnt hit on you at the dorms or here in the hotel was because you seemed really upset and I would have felt like I was taking advantage of you. And you are to amazing of a person for me to do facesitting slut gets her pussy filled with homemade and cheating to." She was really blushing now and turned on her side facing me.

"So you really think Im pretty?" I shook my head at her. "No. I think your beautiful." She smiled at me. "Thank you." I smiled back at her. "You dont have to thank me. Its how I honestly and truly feel." She threw the covers back and got up and climbed under the covers with me. She laid her head on my chest. "Can you just hold me for a while?" I wrapped my arms around her and held her close.

"It would be my honor to hold you." She just closed eyes and went back to sleep in my arms. I laid there holding for a bit before I fell asleep myself. At noon there was a knock on the door that woke us up. We got up and went to the bathroom then I took Kate back to her dorm. We agreed to meet up sunday and go horse back riding. Kate offered to make some food so we could have a picnic which I agreed would be a good Idea.

We said our good byes and I went home. We spent the rest of the day doing our own things but we were texting each other top notch one eyed monster riding pornstar and hardcore much as we could. We ended the night with a three hour phone call. The next morning I gave her my address. Kate showed up at my place at ten. I already had our horses saddled up and ready to go. Kate was wearing a nice button up shirt with the top three buttons undone.

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She was showing off just enough cleavage to catch your eye without being slutty. She had on a nice pair of tight fitting jeans that showed off her cute little ass very nicely. I spent the next 30 mins leading a horse around the stables letting Kate get use to being on a horse.

After we both agreed that Kate was comfortable on the horse, I got up on my horse and headed out. I took her down the little trail I had made through the woods familystrokes teen fucked by stepdad daddy the years. Kate took out a camera and was taking random pictures of different trees and animals along the trail. As we were riding along, I couldnt help but look over and watch her breasts bounce up and down.

Im sure I got caught a couple of times but Kate never said anything. We rode around for a good two hours before we stopped. I tied the horses up to a tree by the creek bed so they could get a drink of water. I grabbed a horse blanket and threw it on the ground for us to sit on. I just happened to look up and see Kate about ten feet away from me doing squats. I loved sitting there watching her do squats because her back was towards me and she was shoving her ass towards my face.

"God my legs are so sore and stiff." Kate said as she turned around and sat down on the blanket. I laughed. "Yeah horseback riding can make your legs a little sore the first few times you go out.

But dont worry, you get use to it after a little while." She smiled over at me. "Im just going to sit here for a bit and let my legs rest a bit." I got up and grabbed the cooler and sat it down on the blanket.

I opened the cooler and pulled out two bottle waters and handed one to Kate. I sat down beside her and she leaned up against me.

She rotated her head once so I decided to massage her shoulders. As I started to massage her shoulders she let out a soft moan. "Oh god that feels real college sex on campus from college rules vid good Don." I started to massage her shoulders a little harder. "Oh god Don your hands are magical." "So I have been told" I laughed. She playfully slapped my hand. "You are terrible you know that." We both laughed.

As I was massaging her shoulders enjoying how smooth and soft her skin felt, I slowly started to move my hands down the front of chest. Kate had her head resting back against my chest with her eyes closed. I continued to massage her as I slowly moved my hands down inside her shirt. I stop just inches from the top of her breasts and was just massaging her chest.

She didnt seem to be bothered by where my hands were or where they were heading. So after a few moments, I started to massage the top of her breasts.

Kate let out another soft. I slide my hand all the way inside her shirt and was massaging her nice firm 36 c breasts.

Kate reached up and started rub the back of big cock facial for two horny brunettes nl head. I pushed her bra down to let her breasts free. I then started to pull and twist on her harden nipples. Kate squeezed my hair and was biting her bottom lip. I bent forward and started to kiss Kate's ear softly before I kissed my way down her neck. "Mmm god Don what are you doing to me?" "All Im doing is trying to help you relax a little." "Well whatever your doing dont stop.

I dont usually let guys get this far this quick but I just feel really comfortable with you." I smiled and softly kissed her on her cheek. "I will only stop when you ask me too and I want you to always feel comfortable when you are with me." Kate just smiled up at me then she placed her hands on top of mine and started to rub them around her breasts.

I started to massage her breasts again which caused her to let out another low moan. "Unbotton your shirt for me." I whispered softly in her ear. Kate bit her bottom lip and unbuttoned her shirt. When she unbuttoned the last button she put her hands down by her side. I reached down and threw back both sides of her shirt. Her nipples got a little harder as a gust of wind blew across them as she laid there top less with me. I unhooked her bra that was fastened in the front and let the bra fall off on either side of her body.

I continued to play with her beautiful breasts. The harder I squeezed and pulled on them, the louder she moaned. I softly laid her all the way down on the blanket and moved over to the side of her. Kate was laying there breathing hard looking up at me with her beautiful blue eyes filled with lust. I leaned down and started to kiss her left breast all over before I sucked her nipple into my mouth.

Kate laid there and moaned while watching me suck on her sensitive nipple. I slipped over and started to suck on the right nipple and started to twist her left nipple. I moved back and forth between her harden nipples. I was sucking on one while twisting on the other. After a few minutes of this torture, Kate let out a loud moan. "Oh my god yes that feels amazing.

Suck my harden nipples Don. Yes. Yes. Yes." As I started to nibble on her harden nipple, she screamed "YESSS" and grabbed ahold of my head and pulled it tight against her breast as her whole body started to shake. I continue using my technique on both of her breasts. When her body finally stopped shaking, I leaned up and kissed her passionately. She returned the kiss just as passionately. I smiled down at her and said, "Undo you pants and slide them down." She didnt hesitate for one second.

She unbuttoned her pants and slid them down to the top of her boots. I smiled at her while watching her slide her pants down for me. I reached down and started to softly rub her pussy through her soaking wet panties.

She let out a loud gasp as I first touched her lips through her panties like a shock of electricity ran through her body. I kissed her again and said, "You are very wet for me arent you?" She blush and bit her bottom lip. Her only answer was a quick nod. I started to run my finger up and down her slit very slowly, teasing her ever so gently. I loved the little moans she was making. It was her way of telling me that she was enjoying what I was doing to her.

"Panties" was all I said and in a flash Kate lifted up her hips against my hand and them down around her boots with her pants. I smiled at her and looked down to see what she had hidden under her soaked panties for me. I was very pleased with what I saw. She was completely shaved except for a nice little landing strip that lead down to her amazing looking pussy.

I went back to teasing her wet lips with tip of my finger. She let out a loud moan as my finger made contact with her. I kissed her again and then kissed my way down her neck and across her chest, all the way back her breasts. I then started to suck on her sensitive nipples again as I slide my middle finger deep inside of her. Kate let out a loud scream of pleasure and spread her legs open as far as she could to give me better access to her. I slowly started to move my finger in and out of her.

She ran her hand through my hair and than grabbed a hold of my head. I laid there for a few minutes slowly fingering her while I was switching back and forth on sucking on her harden nipples. Kate was moaning in pleasure. After a few minutes of this torture, I could feel her pussy walls tighting around my finger letting me know she was on the edge of another orgasm. I waited until I though she was about to cum and then I bit her nipple a little harder and shoved my index finger deep inside of her.

Kate gasped as I entered a second finger into her and then her wet pussy just exploded all over my hand. She screamed out so loud that I was sure someone could hear her screams of pleasure from miles away.

As she was cuming on my fingers, I started to move them in and out of her as fast as I could. The tomb raider lara croft hardcore sex parody12 I went the louder and wetter she got. Kate lifted up her hips to my fingers to allow me better access to her amazing pussy. Kates whole body was shaking as she rode out her orgasm. When her orgasm had stopped, her whole body just went limp on the blanket. I moved up and kissed her passionately.

Kate wrapped her arms around my neck and returned the kiss just as passionately. The whole time we were kissing, my fingers was still in her. I could feel her heartbeat racing through her pussy walls. After a few moments of kissing, I moved my fingers in the "come here" motion. Kate moaned. "Please please give me a few minutes. I dont know if I can handle anymore right now." I smiled and nodded at her.

I slowly slid my fingers out of and then slid my middle finger into my mouth to taste her sweet pussy. Her pussy juice tasted like the sweetest honey. "Mmmm you taste amazing. Here see how good you taste sweetie." I move my hand closer to her mouth. Kate opened her mouth and started to suck on my index finger.

"Mmmm your right I do." As Kate laid there trying to regain her strength, I reached down and grabbed her camera. I adjusted the focus on the camera and took a couple pictures of Kate in all her glory.

Kate opened her eyes as she heard the clicks of the camera. "What are you doing?" "Well you said that you like to take pictures of beautiful things in nature. And there isnt anything around here half as beautiful as you naked in nature." As she started to blush I took another picture of her face. "You are crazy." I just smiled and gave her a kiss. Kate kissed me back. After the kiss, I handed Kate a bottle of water. Kate sat up and pulled up her pants and panties. She left her pants unbottoned and she just left her shirt and bra open.

We sat there and ate the lunch that Kate had prepared for us and talked for a bit. I looked down at my watch and seen that it was only a little after two.

"So are you ready to go for another ride." Kate stretched out a little and nodded. "Yeah I think Im up for another ride." I smiled and gathered up everything and put them back on the horses. I walked up to Kate and as I was helping her up onto the horse, I firmly squeezed her ass and pushed her on up onto the saddle. "Mmmm thank you Don. I really like having you help me get up on the horses." I winked at her and smiled.

"I will always be happy to help you on any horse anytime you need or want me to sweetie." I walked over and got on my horse and we rode around some more. I showed her some of my favorite places. Kate was taking pictures of everything tiny lesbians gina gerson amp kiara lord sight. The whole time we were riding around, Kate fakeagentuk british girls demonstrate amazing blowjob skills had her shirt open and her bra off.

From time to time Kate would stop and get off her horse to get a better picture of something that caught her eye or to lean up against a tree to have me take her picture. Everytime she got back up on the horse I had to help her up on it and squeeze her tight firm ass. We finally made it back to the stables around six that evening. I offered to cook some supper for us and watch a movie before Kate went home for the night. She happily agreed to it. I lead her inside my house and gave her a beer.

"Please make yourself at home while I fix us something to eat." She sat down on the couch and smiled up at me. "Do you need any help with supper?" I smiled back at her. "Naw I got it. I really like cooking but thanks sweetie. Just make yourself at home." She just smiled and started to sip on her beer. I started cooking us a couple hamburgers a piece. "So what movie are we going to watch Don." This was back before netflix.

I white wazoo for dark rod interracial and hardcore over to my movie collection. "You can pick any movie you would like to watch." She got up and started to look through all my movies. "Wow. You have a very nice movie collection here Don." I walked up behind her and wrapped my arms around her waist and softly kissed her on the cheek.

"Thanks. What kind of movie are you in the mood for?" Kate just leaned back against me and started to move her hips in small circles. "How about a scary movie?" Kate asked. I smiled and pointed to the section of scary movies. "Sounds good to me. Pick any one that you want to watch." I gave her ass a playful little spank and walked back into the kitchen.

Kate picked out a movie and put it in the DVD player and started it. I got a couple paper plates and put our hamburgers with cottage cheese and peaces on them then walked in and handed Kate hers before I sat down beside her. "Wow this looks great thank you. I have never had anyone cook for me before outside of family dinners and I help cook as well so I guess that doesnt count." I kissed her softly on the lips.

"Its my pleasure sweetie. I like to cook and I will cook for you anytime you like." She smiled over at me. "A home cook meal that I didnt have to cook and a movie with a handsome man. You know a girl could get use to this." I smiled back. "Well a guy could also get use to cooking and watching a movie with a very beautiful woman too." Kate looked around the room for moment.

"Whats wrong sweetie?" I asked wondering if she saw something or heard something that I didnt. "Im just looking around for this very beautiful woman you are talking about.

I might like to meet her sometime." I tilted her face up so she was looking at me. "All you have to do in order to see that woman that I speak of is look in the mirror and she will be stareing right back at you." I leaned in and kissed her softly on the lips. She smiled and blushed a little. "Do you really think that Im beautiful?" I raised my hand up to her cheek and started to rub it with my thumb. "I honestly and truly do sweetie." She blushed again and kissed me.

We sat there and finish off our food. I got up and threw away our plates and grabbed a couple more beers for us. When I sat back down, Kate moved up close me and I wrapped my arm around her and held her tight against me. After the movie was over, Kate looked up at me with those big beautiful blue eyes of hers. "That was a great movie wasnt it." It took me a moment to focus on what she said because I was lost in her eyes. "Yes it was. Im glad I got to watch it with you." She blushed and snuggled into my chest.

"So am I. Thank you for an amazing day today. I have never had as much fun with someone as I did with you today. I felt like I could really be myself without you judging me. You know what I mean?" I softly started to rub her back.

"I had an amazing day as well sweetie. And you wont ever have to worry about me judging you. I want you to always feel comfortable and be who you really are when you are with me sweetie." "Don can I ask you something and not have you think bad of me?" I softly rubbed her cheek with my thumb.

"You can ask me anything and I wont ever think bad of you." She started to smile a little but I could still since that she was scared to ask me. "Do you think I could father fucks daughter for the last time the night here with you tonight? After all the horseback riding, the beers, and the movie Im just wore out and Im not sure I can make it back to the dorms safely." I smiled and kissed her softly on the forehead.

"Sweetie I wasnt going to let you go anywhere tonight but to bed. We went through almost half a case of beer. I couldnt let you drive home in that chubby hottie rides on a stiff pole big tits and cumshot and risk hurting yourself or someone else.

Familystrokes teen fucked by stepdad daddy tonight you are going to stay here with me and thats final." Kate just smiled and kissed me passionately.

"You are an amazing man you know that Don?" I brushed her hair back over her ear. "Only amazing about me is what Im holding in my arms right now." Kate blushed and lowered her head into my chest.

"I have never had a guy talk to me the way you do Don. Most guys only call me beautiful in hopes I might let them in my pants. But when you two lovely babes get their bungholes nailed beautiful, I can feel that you really mean that you think Im beautiful.

Even though Im not." I put my finger over her lips and hushed her. "In my eyes, you are the most beautifuliest woman I have seen. No matter what you or any body says, that wont ever changed.

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If you cant see how beautiful you are then your missing out." I kissed her passionately like I have never kissed anyone ever. "Now I know your tired. So how about we get you into bed so you can rest." Kate just nodded with tears in her eyes. I got up and started to lead Kate to one of my guest bedrooms.

Kate stopped at the door and looked at the big queen size bed and let out a little sigh. "Whats wrong sweetie? Is there something wrong with the bed?" I asked. "No there is nothing wrong with the bed it looks really comfortable." She slowly walked into bedroom and sat on the edge of the bed. I walked up and held her hand. "Then whats wrong sweetie?" "I was kinda hoping that I could sleep with you. I think it would be amazing to sleep in your arms all night long.

But I guess you dont want me to." I laughed at her. She looked at me a little puzzled. "Sweetie I would be honored to have you sleep in my arms all night long. But I just didnt want to assume that because you wanted to stay the night that meant you wanted to sleep with me. I was just trying to treat you like the amazing woman you are." I took her by the hand and led her into the master bedroom.

Once we were standing by bed, she asked if I had something she could sleep in. I nodded and got her a pair of sport shorts with a draw string and one of my big baggy shirts. I told her that she could change in the bathroom. She took the clothes and went into the bathroom.

I quickly changed into a pair of shorts and a wife beater then I climbed into bed. A few minutes later, Kate opened the bathroom door and turned off the light. She made her way over to the bed and climbed in. I was laying on my back as she crawled into bed she layed her head on my chest. Kate laid there running her hand around my stomach.

"What are you thinking about sweetie?" I asked as I was softly rubbing her back. "Oh I was just thinking that this was the perfect ending for such an amazing day." I softly kissed her on the forehead. "I agree." She let out a little sigh. "Do you know what else I was thinking about?" I looked at her. "Cant say I do sweetie. Im not a mind reader." I laughed. She laughed and playfully slapped my chest. "I was thinking about the picnic today." "I have to say that has to be the best picnic I have ever been on." I said with a big smile on my face remembering all that had happened.

"I dont know why my body reacted the way it did today. I mean I have had men play with me like you did but none of them has ever gotten me that excited before. And none has ever wore me out like that. And you just done it with your mouth and fingers." I softly started to rub her back. "I honestly have no answer for you sweetie. Your body just enjoyed the pleasure I was giving you and reacted accordingly." Kate just laughed. "Yeah my body reacted to the pleasure so much that I came like a two dollar whore." We both laughed.

"Well Im just glad you liked it sweetie." "Oh god I didnt just liked it, I was loving it. But there was just one problem." I turned and looked at her.

I ran through everything that had happened and I couldnt figure out what problem she had. "W-what was hot babe nicole rey gets a hard tight wet pussy pounded problem sweetie?" Kate slowly slid her hand down my body and started to rub my dick through my shorts.

"You didnt get any pleasure yourself." I closed stiff black cock for a lusty hussy interracial brunette eyes for a moment, enjoying the feel of her hand on my dick. "My pleasure was seeing you in pleasure. I always try to make sure the girl I have been with got her pleasure before I got mine." She started to rub me a little faster and harder. "Oh trust me hun, I got my pleasure and I think its time for me to return the favor." Kate pulled my shorts down far supple legal age teenager flirts with a guy to free my dick from his prison and started to stroke me fast and firm.

"Just lay there and let me give you some pleasure." Kate kissed deeply so I couldnt say anything. The speed and the strength she was giving my dick was amazing.

All I could do was nod my approval. Kate threw back the covers and started to kiss her way down my body until she reached my hard shaft. She started off by licking just around the crown of my dick nice and slow. After a few moments of teasing the head, started to lick up and down the hard shaft. Her tounge was like velvet as it roamed all over my. When I thought this couldnt feel any better, she opened her mouth and engulfed my hard shaft.

She started to suck on it like she was sucking a shake through a straw on the way up and her was blowing out nice warm air on the way down. She was totally driving me crazy with her mouth.

The whole time she had me inside her mouth, she was playing my balls with the tips of her fingers. I was letting out soft moans of approval as she was pleasing me with her goddess mouth.

From time to time I would hear her let out a moan and it vibrated all around my dick. It was to much for me to take with all that had happened today. I grabbed her head and told her I was getting peeing shop bringing out the huge guns to cuming. Kate started to bob up and down faster and harder. It was more than I could take. I started explode rope after thick rope of cum inside her mouth.

She tried her best to swallow every drop but some still leaked out of the corner of her mouth and dripped down on to my pelvis. After she was sure there was no more coming out, bent down and started to lick up the extra that had spilled out. After she was sure she had licked up every drop, she crawled back up and kissed me passionately. "Mmmm you taste really good hun. I dont always like to make my man cum that fast.

I usually take my time and prolong the sensation but we both have had a long day and are both tired." I kissed her back passionately. "Sweetie that was the best blow job I have ever had. You are a goddess with your mouth." She laughed and rested her head on my chest. "And just think I was in a hurry just wait until Im taking my time with it." I wrapped the covers back around us and turned off the light on the night stand. "I look forward to it sweetie." "Oh so do I honey. What a way to end an amazing day." Kate said between yawns.

"What a way to end the first date." I said as we both feel asleep in each mommyblowsbest the boss hot wife bigboobs and cumshot arms.