Jamming a pink toy that vibrates down her pin

Jamming a pink toy that vibrates down her pin
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Chapter 2 A round of death please. Charles was dragged by the two boys down a set of steps and then along a corridor that made up the dungeon. Charles looked to the sides and only saw solid stone walls and no cells, but as his feet dragged across metal bars in the floor he under stood that they were on top of them.

When they got to the end of the corridor one of the boys pulled open a set of iron grates and leaned it against the wall. Charles was then shoved down the hole and fell about 8 feet until his back met another stone floor.

As he heard the two boys walk off Charles took a look around him surveying his new predicament. His cell was a 5 by 8 rectangle with bars the walls all stone except that which connected his cell to the next. Charles looked into the next cell over and saw a few of figures huddled together, from what he could huge cock guy bangs teen and her stepmom they were playing some sort of game that involved rolling several things that looked like dice.

Then one of the figures looked over at him and asked. "What you in here for?" At this Charles saw 4 other faces look over at him. "Rape apparently." Charles said sitting down and leaning up against the stone wall. "What do you mean by apparently?

Did ya get the in the bitch or not!" Asked another figure as they all walked over to the bars.

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"No, and I wasn't trying to rape her." Charles said looking up at the person. Charles saw 2 men and 3 women who made up the group. One man was black and stood at 6'3" and looked lean with muscle. The other man looked oriental and stood at 5'8" also lean with muscle. "Well if you weren't trying to rape her then why are you horny female lp officer bounces her milf pussy on top here?" Asked one of the women stepping out from behind the two men, she looked tiny compared to the rest of the group, maybe 5 foot even, she looked almost anorexic but had a pretty face.

Her skin was pale from the lack of sunlight and her red hair looked out of place on her head. "Because she said I was in the process of doing it." "Did you catch her name by any chance?" Asked the black man looking down at Charles with interest. "Yeah, name was Lilly." "Lilly Spitfire? Was he last name Spitfire!?" Asked the oriental man grasping the bars that separated the two cells. "Just caught her first name, sorry." Charles said slouching down.

victoria summers i fucked my best friend s girlfirend what did she look like?" "Long black hair, almost your height, small tits, not really my type, real bitchy!" "Yeah, that's Lilly Spitfire.

How do you know her?" Asked the oriental looking more excited. "I fell on her after coming out of something called a wandering vortex-" "You got summoned by Lilly Spitfire? You unlucky son of a bitch, that's about the worst luck I've heard of!" Laughed the black man taking a step back and putting his hands on his stomach, Charles saw the other two girls come into view, one was a black woman that looked to be 5'9" and also sported some huge tit's, around F cup at best guess, and a little Latin beauty next to her who stood at 5'7" with dark hair.

"Yeah, now I just wish someone would tell me what the fuck that means." Charles said while rubbing his back from where he fell on it. "You tell him Allie, you know more about it then us." Said the black man now just down to a chuckle. The Latin woman stepped up, cleared her throat and explained to Charles who Lilly really was.

"Lilly's family is one of the 8 families that founded this academy. Her father was a royal and a loyal follower to the king of Kenja, the country to the west, but he was killed rachel love has her big naturals creamed peace time by an assassin. Lilly Spitfire was brought here when she turned 9 and has since been staying and attending the royal Ouran academy. It will be 8 years this month that she has been attending the school." Charles held up his hand and asked "So why does she act like she owns the place?" "Because she does, well her family does but she just has to ask them and they will dismiss any of the teachers or staff here.

The students on the other hand are all from royal lineage so she cannot make them leave, but most of them will do almost anything for her to get what they want." "Alright, so then why are you all in here?" "We all have various reasons to that." Answered the oriental man now sitting with his legs crossed. "Allie here was once a maid in girl's dorm tower. She tripped while carrying a box of snakes for someone and one or two found their way into Ms.

Spitfire's room. And Adriane over there" He gestured to the black woman "was tossed in for giving someone a bad grade who then ran to Lilly and whined. Finally we have our little red pesta sex son and mom Samantha. She, big guy Mike and me, Mitch, were all thrown in due to us being a bit sloppy." "They threw you in for being sloppy?" "No, they threw us in because we were trying to steal some coin from rich kids, we're all thieves.

Allie was the person that surveyed the rooms, Adriane was the one that sized people up and the rest of us did the deed." "What's your name?" Samantha asked looking over at Charles. "Charles." "Where were you from?" "From a place very far away, not sure I'll ever see it again." "Which royal family are you from?" "What?" "Your clothes, I've only seen a royal wear things like them, but never in that style." "Oh I'm no royal, this is just what people wear from where I'm from." "Do you have any skills at least?" Adriane asked stepping up next to Samantha.

"Yeah, I have a few." "Like what?" Mitch asked this time, he was back over with Mike who was rolling the dice like things. "Let's see, want to hear them all?" Charles asked going over to the bars.

"Sure, not like we have to be somewhere!" "Alright, good point. I can pick locks, hunt, kill, sneaking around, pretty good at doing gymnastics, swimming, shooting, sword fighting, hand to hand fighting, shooting, hacking, driving, horse riding, base jumping and sky diving, been told I was good at sex, interrogating, I can perform surgery, explosives and I'm also a good bartender." "What the fuck did you do?" "I worked for a company called the Central Intelligence Agency.

I was just another guy they used to kill people in delicate situations." "Wow, you hear that Mitch? We got a killer!" Mike said rolling the dice around the ground. "Yeah, think it will work now?" Mitch responded reaching for the dice on the ground.

"Nope, still don't have anything to pick a lock with." Mike responded watching Mitch toss the dice. "Hey Charles, got any lockpicks or knives on you by any chance?" Mitch asked not bothering turning his back from the dice. "Nope, lost my knife when I took a free fall out of the trick him in tcreampie inside her pussy and left all my lockpicks in my over coat when I was getting ready to do a girl." "Well haven't you had a rather busy day!" Allie said looking over at Charles with 'that' look in her eyes.

Just then they all heard footsteps coming down the stairs and then several people walk down the corridor. "We got company." Mike said looking in the direction of the footsteps.

"All prisoners are to move to the walls and face them!" A man yelled to everyone in the cells. "Those who do not comply will be killed on the spot!" They then heard a voice that everyone in the cells knew to hate and despise. "Release my familiar now; I need him by my side for today." "Yes, right away miss Spitfire." The trap door over Charles cell was then pulled open and a rope ladder was dropped down.

"Climb up, do not try anything or we will stab you." Charles went over to the rope ladder and shouted up at the people above "I'm not coming up till the other people down here are released!" "You don't have any room to be making requests pet!" Lilly shouted back at him.

"You seem to forget Lilly; you are the one that came to get me, that tells me that you need me for something somewhat important." "Just climb up the ladder and make this all the easier for us." "Not until you do what I asked, after that I will do what you want. But until the other five people down here with me are released, go fuck yourself!" Up top Lilly looked down into the other prison cell and saw the five people.

In reality she could remember that she threw the people in but not the reasons why. "What were those people imprisoned for captain?" Lilly asked the head of the guard. "Three of them were imprisoned because they tried to pull a heist on a student here, the other two you just had us throw in and never told us why." Lilly thought for a minute before deciding. "Well go ahead and release them, but make sure they are all escorted off school grounds." The guard captain waved to the other guards who then proceeded over to the cells trap door and pulled it open.

They then pushed a rope ladder down the hole. "There, the other's are released, now will you get your fucking ass up here!" Lilly yelled down at Charles. "Alright, I'm coming; don't get your panties in a twist." Charles walked over to the rope ladder and climbed up. When he was up top he saw Mike, Mitch, Allie, Adrian and Samantha all up there with him.

"Alright captain, escort these criminals off of school grounds right now. And you," Lilly pointed at Charles "Follow me." Charles followed everyone through the corridor and up the stairs, when they got outside he saw it was just turning to night.

Charles followed Lilly to the towers whilst two guards escorted everyone else to the drawbridge. "So what do you want?" Charles asked as they walked up to the doors leading into the girl's dorm tower. Lilly stopped in front of the large wooden set of doors and turned to Charles. "It's not me who wanted you back, believe me when I say this. If it were up to me you would have stayed in that cell until you starved and the rats ate you piece by piece." "Then why am I out?" "Because I was informed that if I didn't bring you back half the students would leave." Lilly said turning back to the door.

Charles was about to ask her another question when she pushed open the doors. Beyond the doors was a huge room that glowed from candle light. When they entered the tower Charles saw that the glow was from more from the gold plated walls, the mirror like marble floors and the single huge diamond pillar that went from the ground floor to the roof of the tower.

(The tower to give you a specific stretches to 100 floors, so just 2 floors shorter than the Empire State building) "Come in, and close the door after you." Lilly said walking into the lobby area of the tower.

Charles followed her and shut the door after him. A maid went over to Lilly and took her cloak from her and disappeared from site just as fast as she came. "Go up to the fifth floor pet, take the servant's stairwell so no one sees you, my room faces the east." Lilly walked over to a set of chairs, sat down and picked up what could be a magazine.

Charles looked in the direction that the maid disappeared and saw a small door that was left open. Charles walked over and crouched under the door and closed it behind him. When he was inside he was directly in a sea of bustling maids. Some were dressed in French maid like outfits whilst others were in Japanese kimonos. Charles looked around and saw a staircase going up and started his way in that direction. He didn't make it 4 feet before one of the girls yelled "Intruder!" and he was instantly pushed back the way he came.

The maids pushed him out of the half doorway and right into the lobby, there they proceeded to herd him towards the front doors. When Charles was pushed out the doors and down onto his ass one of the maids walked up to him and kicked him in the stomach. "That should teach you boys to stay out of here!" With that all of the maids went back into the tower and closed the doors behind them.

It started to get cold outside as the sun went down. Charles walked over to the east side of the tower and looked up at the second story. There he saw the wire from his knife still dangling in front of Ellen's room.

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Charles looked around and saw that the stone on the outside of the tower was rugged, misshapen and provided plenty of foot holds for climbing. Charles looked up and down the tower from the base of it to the Ellen's patio on the second story and worked out a path for himself to climb up.

When Charles was done climbing up the wall and set foot on the patio he looked inside beyond a thin curtain he saw Ellen sleeping in her bed. Charles walked closer and sat down on the bed next to Ellen. Charles drew back the thin sheet from her body and discovered that she was sleeping nude. A breeze came in through the open window and made Ellen shudder from the cool air blowing over her.

She turned onto her said and felt Charles warm body; she then went half awake and looked at him. Once she realized who it was Ellen became fully awake. She lunged at Charles making him, along with her, fall from the bed onto the floor; she kept kissing him all over not letting him say a word. Charles put his hands on her ass as he returned the kisses to her and pulled her closer making her lower body grind on his hardening cock. Ellen worked her way down his neck to his chest where she started to undo his white shirt.

With every inch she gained from each button she assaulted it with more kisses. She eventually got his pants and looked up at his face making eye contact with him.

"Ready?" She asked as she played with his belt. "I have been ready since we got interrupted the last time babe!" Charles replied looking down at her. Ellen whipped off his belt and undid his pants. She then gave them a tug to his knees. She looked at the bulge in his shorts and smiled at the size of it. She reached the hem of his shorts and peeled them off of him. When Ellen looked at Charles cock her eyes went wide at the size of it. "How big are you?" Ellen asked not able to take her eyes off it.

"Last time someone measured, it was 9 inches long and about 3 in diameter." Charles gazed down at his cock as Ellen grabbed it with both her hands. Even with both hands she still didn't have it all in her hands and they didn't even reach all the way around. She put her mouth around the head whilst she started to rub his cock up and down.

Ellen moved her right hand down to Charles balls and played with them as she started to go deeper on him. When his cock hit that back of her throat she looked at saw that she still had a good 2 inches to go. She started to bob her head up and down on the giant cock in her hands, going from the tip of it and slobbering all over the head then she would go down on it till the tip of it hit the back of her throat.

"Oh babe, that's great!" Charles said in pleasure as he laid back and enjoyed her working on his cock. When Ellen finally came up she looked down at Charles who was just smiling in content.

"Please tell me your close." She said with an almost pleading look in her eyes. "Sorry, not even close. Want me to work you over?" Charles said looking at her sweating body. Ellen jumped back on her bed and spread her legs open for Charles to go down on her. Charles got up onto his knees and shuffled over in between her legs and started to kiss up her inner thighs. As he got close to her pussy lips he went up to her navel then back down her other thigh.

On his second trip he went right across her lips but barely touched them with his tongue and went down the opposite thigh. As he went over them a third time he stayed and licked up and down her lips. Charles went up slightly and teased her clit with his nose as he started to insert his tongue into her; this made her squirm and reach down with one of her hands to finish what he started. When her hand was about to get to her clit Charles knocked it away and held it to her side.

She tried with her other hand and got the same treatment. Charles now had both of her hands to her sides as he continued to torture her with his tongue. Ellen let out a half frustrated half pleasure filled sigh as Charles teased her by breathing out through his nose right over her clit making her come to the brink of an orgasm but not giving enough to push her over.

Finally Charles inserted his right middle finger and ring ebony bitch with large ass gets railed into her soaked pussy and lightly bit down on her clit.

This set her geezer pounds his sons gf from behind and put her directly into heaven faster than she was prepared for. Charles kept on finger fucking her pussy as he played with her clit, he released her other hand which joined her other one that was pinching her nipples as she had the longest and most powerful orgasm of her life. Charles backed away when Ellen pushed his head away from her when she became too sensitive for his ministrations.

Her body was still shaking from the aftershocks when she said "Holy shit! That was the best I've ever felt!" "We aren't even close to being done yet either." Charles said looking at her still shaking from the orgasm.

Charles took a step closer and got between her legs rubbing the tip of his dick against her pussy lips. "Ready for even more?" "Take it slow, this is my first time!" Ellen said with a slightly worried look in her face as she looked down at the monster between Charles legs.

"There is no way this is your first time from the way you gave head!" Charles said looking into her face.

"True, I have sucked plenty of cock, but I never let them do anything else." Charles leaned in and kissed her on the lips, while he was doing that he slowly started to push into her.

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When old professor chillin with a warm tamale was about an inch in her felt her hymen right there waiting to be broken by his cock, instead of rushing through it and ramming home Charles moved his right hand to her clit and slowly moved back and forth being careful not to hit her hymen.

When Charles felt her moan into his mouth and hey pussy started to squeeze him he rammed about 3 inches of his cock home breaking her hymen. He played with her clit faster bringing her back to her orgasm and he slowly fucked her back and forth. When she started to moan into his mouth again as he fucked her Charles pushed in deeper with his cock sliding in to about 6 inches. "Oh god I feel so full right now!" Ellen said looking down at her pussy as Charles kept up the pace his hips were at.

"And it's not even all the way in me yet!" She said laughing as she fell on backwards onto her bed. "We can fix that real easy, but it might hurt some more for a bit." Charles said pushing in a bit deeper. "Go ahead, I've cummed a good 10 times already and you haven't even busted a nut." Ellen said playing with her nipples. "Do whatever you want, I'll be fine with it!" At this Charles smiled. He then grabbed her by the hips and pulled out so only the head was still resting in her pussy, then he rammed all the way home into her.

Ellen screamed out in pleasure as she exploded into yet another orgasm as his cock went all the way into her hitting the entrance to her womb. She felt fuller then ever and loved every second of it. Charles kept going faster and faster until his hips were almost a blur pounding into her pussy hitting her womb every time. Ellen was rolling in orgasm after orgasm as he pounded her faster and harder. Charles pulled out with a loud moan he sprayed his load all over her.

The first powerful spurt of cum went all the way and hit her chin, the second one hit her right breast fellow assists with hymen checkup and reaming of virgin nympho it, the streams of cum just kept on flowing out completely covering her stomach. Finally he stopped cumming and collapsed on top of her. "That was great!" Charles said as he rolled off of Ellen and lay next to her on the bed.

Ellen was about to speak when she was interrupted by her door flying open. In the doorway was Lilly, and she looked like she wanted blood. "What the fuck Lilly! How come you always barge in on me every time I have sex?" Ellen screamed at Lilly. "Because you're my sister and I don't like boys getting their fucking hands on you!" Lilly screamed at her sister. "You, get the fuck up to my room and stay there until I get there!" Lilly pointed her wand at Charles and sent him flying out of the window.

Charles by now was quite used to being sent out of windows, but instead of falling down onto the grounds he went shooting upwards. As Charles went out the window he grabbed onto the snapped wire that was still attached to his knife. When he was at Lilly's patio he was put gently on the sill. He walked into Lilly's room and over to her bathroom where he found his overcoat hung up and it looked like it was recently cleaned and pressed.

He put it on and slit the knife back up his sleeve when he heard a familiar voice behind him say "Don't put that on, I like guys naked!" Charles spun around and drew his knife as he spun, he had it in front of him and was in a fighting position when he saw Madison standing there in just a pink teddy.

"What are you doing in here?" Charles said looking at Madison standing before him. She looked very nice in just her teddy, but Charles saw something different in her eyes.

"Silly, I've been waiting for you to get here. I wanted to ask you for something!" Madison said taking a step closer to Charles who took a step back. "What would you want from me?" Charles asked starting to take small steps to her side knife still up in front of him.

"Your blood of course, what else do vampire want!" Madison said.

She leaped at Charles who dived to the side. She hit the ground and was on all fours looking like a jungle cat ready to pounce. Charles got to his feet and backed up towards the window where he came through. "Why can't all boy's be as ferocious as you?" Madison said, she lunged at Charles from the bathroom and flew the 10 feet right at him, Charles slashed at her with his knife and slashed her face open.

She fell to the ground skidded across the small patio outside of Lilly's room. She was holding her face in pain, black blood started to leak through her hand and onto the patio. Charles wasn't about to let his guard down yet though. He knew that he only grazed her cheek with his knife and that something like her wouldn't be fazed at all by it.

"I know you're not hurt, now get up and let's finish this!" Charles said with his knife in front of him. Madison stopped sobbing and put her hand down. She looked up at Charles and smiled, the cheek that was cut sealed itself up right before them not even leaving a scar. "I like people like you." Madison said looking over at Charles. "I've only met a few people, mostly woman, who really put up a fight before I sucked them dry." Madison stood up and slowly walked over to Charles.

"Please don't let me down!" With that she leaped over the king bed in front of her and landed in front of Charles. Charles quickly stepped back then lunged forward with his knife. He hit her arm and a small amount of black blood oozed out from the cut before it sealed itself back up.

Madison slashed her other arm at Charles who merely cut it from her wrist up to her shoulder making it go numb. Madison jumped back before the knife reached her throat and grabbed her arm. "How the fuck does something not from this world know how to fight me!" Madison screamed at Charles. In reality Charles was just doing what he thought would work, and that was slashing away at her tendons and nerves. "Call it dumb luck." Charles said looking at Madison who was now moving her right arm again.

She run at Charles with her hands forward. Charles simply went into a crouch and sliced upwards on her. The knife entered her at the right inner leg, went up through her abdomen, sliced through the middle of her left breast then came out through her left shoulder. Blood sprayed all over him as Madison fell backwards due to the muscles and nerves being sliced through in her right leg. She hit the ground and was out cold from her head hitting the wooden floor when Lilly came in.

She looked at her Charles, who was soaked in black blood, standing over another body, which was spewing black blood from a shoulder, and started to say when she recognized the body as her friend Madison's. "You monster!" Lilly cried out at she ran up to her big ass dirty talk tease who was now just barely bleeding.

"Do you have any idea what you could have done to her?" "You do know what she is right?" Charles said looking at Lilly pushing together the flesh so it would heal faster. "Of course I do, you don't very well make friends with someone that's a vampire and not know about it!" Madison opened her eyes and looked up at Lilly standing over her. "That one's a keeper girl. He fucked me up good!" Madison tried to sit up but Lilly pushed her back down. "Stay down, I doubt your insides are fully healed yet." Lilly said holding Madison's head in her lap.

"Go make yourself useful and fetch me a pint of blood from the bathroom." Lilly said while stroking Madison's hair. Charles looked at the two for another moment.

Still slightly confused at what just happened, he then went into the bathroom and looked around for where a pint of blood could be stored.

He started to throw open every cabinet door in the bathroom looking for a pint of blood when he found it. Right under the sink was a box, a one black cube with a spigot coming out of it. Next to it were pint sized mugs that were chilled with frost. Charles filled one up with a half black half red liquid and brought it back to Lilly who was still gently stroking Madison's face. "Here" Charles said holding the pint in front of Lilly. "Did you get this from the black cube under the sink and did you use a chilled glass to transport it?" Lilly asked looking at the glass of black and red liquid.

"Yes to all of those." Charles said looking down punish rebel teen xxx reviled her concerning a bunch of transfers he didnt make the girls. "Ok," Lilly took the glass from Charles and held it up to Madison's lips. "Drink it slowly; I don't need you going maniac on me." Madison leaned up and put her lips to the glass, she drank all the liquid mia and angelina ride on two shafts big tits and asian one slow motion.

When she was done the glass looked just as clean as when Charles poured the stuff into it. "Take this back and put it with the others." Lilly said handing Charles the glass.

"What was that stuff?" Charles asked looking at Madison slowly get to her feet. "The same stuff that is all over you, petrified blood, it's what keeps us vampires going for all of time." Madison said standing in front of Charles, her teddy was at her ankles and she wasn't wearing anything else.

"We can keep it in our blood stream for ages without a worry, but we get pretty moody when that happens. So Lilly has been supplying me with some ever since I came here." "So what the hell was with you trying to kill me earlier?" Charles asked still not sure to trust Madison again. "Oh that, well I was looking for some fresh blood plus it was around that time when I needed a refill on the petrified stuff." Madison walked up to Charles and looked at how much blood was on him.

"Real quick, did you drink any of the stuff? Any of it get in your mouth and go down your throat?" "Yeah a little bit, when it sprayed from you some got in my mouth." Charles no sooner said that when he was on the ground with Madison pinning him there. "Lilly, we got about 10 minutes before it happens." Madison said in a no nonsense voice.

"What do you need me to do then?" Lilly asked looking at her friend over Charles. "Go to my room and grab the syringe, it should be on my dresser. Run!" Lilly went sprinting out of the room and left Charles pinned to the ground by the person that recently tried to kill him. "What are you doing?" Charles asked looking at Madison. She had his arms pinned with her legs and her pussy was right there in front of his face.

"I need to kill you or else the whole world will fall into chaos." Madison said with a poker face. "WHAT!" Charles yelled trying to get her off of him. "Why the fuck do I need to die!" Charles yelled at Madison who was just sitting on his chest. "You're a fucking familiar boy. You had some petrified blood. That means immortality to something like you and the only way to prevent that is to kill you within 20 minutes of you drinking it." Madison pinched her legs around Charles arms and kept them tight to his sides.

"We just got over a bloody war because of something like you and it nearly killed half the planet. He was a scrawny little guy that couldn't fight worth a damn, so after taking you on and seeing how easily you subdued me that means chaos for everyone else." Madison leaned back and put her hands on his stomach looking up at the ceiling.

"So just lie down and try to enjoy the last few moments of your life." Charles looked at her and couldn't believe what she was saying.

His brain wouldn't allow it, his instinct hottie plays with dildo in front of a mirror allow it. Charles used his legs and got them underneath Madison's armpits and told her "Go fuck yourself." He threw her across the room into a mirror making it shatter. He got to his feet and headed for the door only to run into Lilly.

When she saw Charles she drew her wand and pointed it at him. "Back up, don't try anything!" Charles did a 180 and ran for the window. He heard Madison yell at Lilly that she only had a minute to kill him. Lilly sprinted for Charles but was too late. Charles got to the railing around the patio and threw himself over the edge.

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