Tiny lesbians gina gerson amp kiara lord

Tiny lesbians gina gerson amp kiara lord
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Part Seven My exhaustion from my day of incredible sex was total. I feigned a little sunstroke and with my Mum being, well, a Mum, she gave me some painkiller and packed me off to bed.

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I was asleep in minutes. Mike did wake me up as he came to bed and we had a little cuddle.

I felt myself falling asleep in his arms, wishing we could do this all night, every night. I woke early next morning and tiptoed to the bathroom. After I had freshened up, I quietly snuck to our parents' room and peered in. Both of them were sound asleep and I silently closed the door and made my way back to my slumbering lover.

I peeled the covers back, knowing I had to be quick, and fished his soft cock out from the front of his boxers and engulfed it greedily into my mouth. Mike roused instantly and so did his prick and it wasn't long before he had hold of my head and was fucking my throat, nearly as hard as he would fuck my pussy.

The more times that I put myself in an out of control situation, the more I realise it turned me on like crazy. This was definitely something I needed to explore a little more. In a matter of minutes, I was rewarded with my protein breakfast.

Several blasts of Mike's morning spunk filled my tongue and I gulped it greedily down before jumping onto him for a passionate kiss. We hugged for another five minutes or so and then I jumped up to get ready, turned towards our door and froze.

The door was open a few inches and I was mortified. I had definitely closed the door when I came back in, I remember it, I'm sure I did! I looked through the crack and saw nobody. I ran silently down to our parents' door again and they still seemed to be asleep. With my heart pounding, I ran back to Mike to tell him why I had just darted out of the room. He smiled and said I mustn't have closed the door properly.

My mind was doing somersaults and I was a little torn, very confused and felt quite sick at the idea that we could have been caught. I dressed and made my way downstairs. As I set up the coffee maker for when the family got up, I was mentally kicking myself for being so careless as well as playing over my movements again and again and again.

I began to feel sick as I became more convinced that I had really closed the door. Had Mum or John seen us and then ran back to their room? Why would they do that? If it had been Mum, surely to God she would have screamed so loud we would have all needed hearing aids by now. I was so preoccupied with my thoughts, I nearly jumped out of my skin when Mike walked into the room and said Hi.

'Jesus Christ, don't sneak up on me like that!' I snapped 'Easy Tiger!' Mike said softly, 'What the hell is eating you up Lucy? I've never seen you like this!' I looked up at him, my eyes filling up and I felt my lips begin to quiver.

Seeing this, Mike pulled me close to him, realising that I was still concerned about the door and he all but convinced me that I quite simply, must have made a mistake and the door mustn't have been shut properly. He also said that he had just come past our parents' room and they were still sound asleep. I felt stupid and I could feel the tears rolling down my face.

I realised that it wasn't just the thought of getting caught and as I raised my reddened eyes to look at Mike, I spoke from the heart with my voice breaking uncontrollably, 'I just don't want to lose you!' The tears flowed hard and Mike kissed my head and shushed me a little, 'I caucasian and hot lanna carter is studying and ends up banging dude let anything separate us baby, I love you way too much' His words helped and I tried to dry my eyes a little.

I looked into a little mirror on the side and saw how red and bloodshot they had become so I went into the downstairs toilet to splash on some cool water and I took my make-up bag to try with a bit of disguise as well. I realised that it was the first time I had even used the bag since we arrived and by the time I came out, even though it was mid morning, I looked ready for a good night out. A little while later, Mum came down, shortly followed by John. Mum gave me grief for my excessive make-up saying I was pretty enough and didn't need all that crap on my face and five minutes later, John came down and did a little wolf whistle saying I looked great!

Of course this cause Mum to have a go at John and Mike signalled for me to escape the room. As he caught me in the hallway he whispered to me, 'That didn't look like the actions of someone who has just seen you sucking your step-brother's cock does it? I gave a half smile and thumped his chest. He had a point but something was nagging at me. I had to lean more towards Mike's point of view though and I decided to let it lie, deciding to be live show lesbians now with cuddles julia reaves a little more vigilant.

That day was planned to be a driving trip, with a ferry crossing, to mainland Greece. I was ready for a long and frustrating day until Mike asked to borrow my phone before we set off. I asked him why and he said it was a surprise!

I handed him my Blackberry and he disappeared upstairs. When he handed it back he whispered a word I had never heard before in my ear, 'ToothTalk'.

I looked at him with a 'What the fuck are you talking about' look on my face and he laughed and pointed at my phone. As we set off, I took my phone out of my pocket and realised that it had been muted.

I then clicked into applications and saw something new called ToothTalk with the Bluetooth logo as the symbol. I opened the software and instantly there was a message from Mike saying, 'Hi Sexy' Mike led with a hint and took his earphones out and plugged them into his iPhone.

I did the same and gave our folks a warning that we were both listening to music. I settled down for a good, silent chat with Mike. Me: Who's a clever boy then? Mike: Well I couldn't stand not being able to chat to you all day Me: Sorry for being such a wimp before but I was scared. Still not 100% Mike: No worries honey and by the way, thanks for the awesome blow job this morning.

Best way to be woken up ever. Maybe I can return the favour some day? Me: You better had boy! Mike: Oooh bossy! Me: Damn right lol Mike: OK wanna play a game? Me: Hmmmm parents too close Mike: lol not that kinda game babes Me: Ahhh OK, what game then?

Mike: Well it's not really a game, it's more a case of 'Ask whatever you want for an honest answer!' Me: OK and we can ask anything? Mike: Yeah, the 1st time sil pac sex story is that u can ask something u may normally be embarrassed to ask.

Me: Anything? Mike: Anything and you cant refuse to answer. Me: OK, you go first <nervous now> lol Mike: OK here goes.

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We have made love a few times now and we not used a rubber. Should I be worried? Me: LMAO did I not tell u I was on the pill?? Mike: phew, and no you didn't lol Me: Ooops sorry honey xxx My turn then. You teen licks cock and gets bonked hardcore blowjob anything? Mike: Totally, I have no secrets from you Me: OK, when we were in the dunes with that blonde guy, I looked down at one point and you two were jerking each other off.

Was that a first for you? Or are you bi? Mike: Did it bother you? Me: Err you didn't answer the question! Mike: Oooh clever. No it wasn't a first time and I think I could be bi. Does that bother you?

Me: No, not at all. It's a bit hot actually. Did it bother you when I was doing a 69 with Kathy? Mike: Yr fuckin jokin right??? I've NEVER seen anything so hot! Would you do it again with a girl? Me: I think so, it was weird but so sexy. No offense but her tongue on me was incredible. Do you have a boyfriend? Mike: lol no I don't. But, there is a guy that I have done it with a few times. Im gonna guess this question isn't over? Me: Correct! (That was yr question) My turn. How old is he and how did it happen.

Mike: He is much older than me, in his early 40's and it just kinda led up to it over a long time. Anything else? Me: Yes! (u gotta be careful with your questions lol) How far have you gone with him? Mike stopped typing and stared out of the window for a minute.

I sent another message quickly Me: Sorry, that's too personal, you don't have to answer that. Mike: It's OK, I really like the guy but I guess it went further than it should with him. We did everything. First he gave me the most amazing BJ and then I returned the favour and over quite a few times and after quite a bit of drink, I let him fuck me.

I'm not gonna say I didn't enjoy it, cos I did, and we have done it a few times since, but I suppose I shouldn't have really gone that far with him. Me: Cos of his age? Mike: You could say that yes! Me: OK I won't ask anymore, def your turn! Mike: Sure you still not turned off me now? Me: It would take a lot more than that babes!

And now I wish I'd seen you sucking off that guy in the dunes! He was hot! Mike: Nice cock too lol! Me: OK, ask me a question! Mike: If we got caught out, would you run away with me! Me: Would you want me to?

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Mike: Cheating! Answer the question! Me: In a heartbeat baby. I know I am only young and some may a bit stupid for saying this but I cannot imagine my life without you by my side to hold and love me. So YES YES YES!!!! I would miss my Mum terribly but if she didn't like our relationship, I couldn't stay. So would you want me to? Mike: No! Me: What??????????? Mike: I would want that as a last resort. I would want them to accept us and deal with it. Would you want them to discover us or would you rather we told them?

Me: Wow, that shows my immaturity doesn't it. I didn't even think of telling them. I just thought of ways for them not to find out. But that woud be the right way.

Certainly not just now cos yr Dad might drive us off the road lol Mike: Hmmm good point and hide the knives from yr Mum? Me: Good thinking!

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Mike: OK, what is my most attractive feature? Me: Hmmm, definitely your smile. Mine? Mike: Oh without question, your bum! Me: What? Mike: It is the most perfect bum ever! You are lucky you don't have teeth marks in it! Me: Errr thanks I think! Mike: It was a compliment! I could marry your bum! Me: Well it looks like I am dating one!

Mike: Yr calling me a bum now? Hey are we dating? Me: Feels like it! Mike: I guess it does. I love you so much Lucy, it actually hurts and I've never said that to anyone before. Me: I'm in the same place Mike. I know it is a cheesy line from a movie hot lesbian pussy licking with two blondes, you complete me! Mike: Yes cheesy, Jerry McGuire, but perfect for me too. I will not lose you, I refuse. Me: Deal xxx We asked a million more questions during the trip and even though we barely looked at each other during the trip, I felt so much closer to Mike after our 'honesty session'.

He admitted to feeling the same and the conclusion was that we needed some more alone time, not just for sex, but to have some true lovemaking. We also agreed that while our situation was awkward, there was nothing morally wrong with what we were doing.

We weren't REAL brother and sister, it was only because our stupid parents got married. We both felt bad because we muted that we hoped their marriage failed! We each apologised for that but still had a laugh about it. We had a great day out and it was late when we set off back to our island.

It had been a long day and I still felt a little exhausted from the day before. When we got into the car for the return journey, I settled back into my seat and tried to sleep but could not get comfortable. I made it very public knowledge and my Mum was the one who asked Mike if I could lay on his lap.

He grumbled a bit but allowed me (hee hee). Mum passed me a thin blanket and I was soon very comfortable. The only person who could look back was John and he did once or twice, so I kept a close watch on him as I brought the blanket right up and slowly extracted Mike's cock from his shorts, so it was hidden from view.

Then, just using my tongue and the tips of my lips, I began to give him the longest, most sensual blow job of his life as my hidden hand caressed his smooth balls. My poor cunt was leaking like crazy but had to remain untouched by my lover as I slurped noiselessly on his perfect tool.

At least half an hour later I felt him squeeze my arm hard and I prepared myself for feeding and I wasn't disappointed. Blast after blast of his man cream filled my mouth and I relished his juice before I allowed it to slide down my throat. How he ever managed to stay silent and undetected through that is beyond me. I moved forward slightly and held him gently in my mouth until his ardour and his racing heart subsided then carefully put him back into his shorts.

Contented, I drifted off to sleep. When we arrived home, I was very groggy and did not want to move from my comfy place and I felt a pair of strong arms pick me up and start to carry me into the house. My eyes were closed but the hands held me a little oddly as we moved up the stairs.

One was around my back and the hand was resting firmly on my left breast and the other was supporting me by my bum and it felt like a thumb was pressed right up on my pussy lips and with such thin material, the bounce of each step was making the thumb move a fraction further against me.

Before we reached the bedroom, I opened my eyes expecting to see Mike smiling a dirty smile at me but no, it wasn't Mike, it was his Dad and as soon as my eyes opened he seemed to reposition his hand immediately, trying to make a bit of a joke, 'Jeez Lucy, you weigh a bloody ton!' My mind started to play the same tricks as it had done earlier with the door business and I pushed it to the back of my mind. John had never been like that with me, why would he start that now?

I was being ridiculous, it was narrow set francesca le sex and submission stairs and it can't be that easy to carry someone my size up to bed. Being a bit paranoid, I went to the bathroom and found the set of scales. The most important thing on my tired mind was, 'Am I really that heavy?'