Hardcore bondage fucking machines and harmony concepts male first time london is anally

Hardcore bondage fucking machines and harmony concepts male first time london is anally
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Chapter 5 I go back into my little world, keep my head down, graduate High School early and I'm off to college at 17. It's a small Liberal Arts College several hours away from the home I'm dying to get out of. I just keep on with my earlier routine of getting good grades and having few friends. Who knows? Maybe I'll just be celibate from now on.

I live in a dorm and go by my real name, Kevin. My room mate studies a lot, as do I, but he goes home every weekend big ass latina fingers her shaved pussy I have the room to myself. My sex life consists of masturbating while thinking about the coeds and sorority girls in my classes. There are some really cute ones of course but not a whole lot of variety. They wear the same clothes, do their hair the same. Life is just a parade of varying combinations of breasts and butts and faces.

One of my few friends is a hot Goth girl named Christine. She has great tits, and wears what I consider to be sexy outfits which get me kind of fired up. While most all of the girls on campus just wear shorts or jeans and T-shirts all the time she wears corsets and crinolines and long sleeves and spandex and biker jackets and ankle length skirts and buckled boots and all in black, black and black on black.

Her hair has a blue streak dyed into it. She has seven ear piercings! She wears narrow, old lady glasses. We talk about stuff but I don't tell her about my life as a big sister. I don't show her my panty collection which I'm sorry to say is sadly diminished.

I only have the things that happened to be teen babysitter gobbles pornstars and big dick my house when Twyla and Cindy suddenly went away.

None of the great outfits Twyla bought that fit me or the things we bought at the store in the mall after extensive trying on. I still underdress sometimes, panties, stockings, hose. My roomate goes home every weekend and studies a lot when he's here. I jack off under the covers when he's asleep at night and on saturday and sunday I spend a lot of time in panties.

My collection gets pretty crusty and I either wash things furtively in the bathroom sink or put them in with my laundry and do it really late or early in the morning. I wouldn't want anybody to see lace and satin in with my guy clothes. I have a thing for Christine and I've come right out with it but she says she's a lesbian and doesn't think about me that way. She doesn't hook up with any other people and neither do I.

Nobody is openly Gay on this campus, nobody. We talk about sex to each other but not in a personal way, just in a general way. I watch her lips while she's talking and think about kissing them. I get to stare into her brown eyes intently while she holds forth on literature or philosophy or movies. Sometimes we point out coeds to each other and try to guess when someone is the other's type and when they're definitely not. "That's your girlfriend" "No way, she's probably a prude and won't do oral." "Her O face probably looks like she's taking a shit" She left me alone for a few minutes one day when we were hanging out in her room and I homed in on her underwear drawer.

She had some great things in there and I snatched a pair of black lace high waisted briefs to jack off with later. I think about feeling Christine's naked skin and probing her recesses but I don't let on 'cause that would be creepy and then I'd have one less friend. Kinda my best friend really. . I turn 18 second semester. One day I receive a brief letter sensastional slut gets a big hard schlong Cindy!

She'll be 15 soon and she wants to come see me! She sees her Mom at times but lives with somebody else, like a relative or foster family or something. We talk once on the phone but briefly. She still sounds like her but subtle changes in timbre and vocabulary show she's definitely growing up a bit.

I'm jubilant that I'll get to see her but wonder what's changed. What will we be to each other? She's going to take a bus. I get more and more nervous. Who is she now? What is she like? What are we to each other? I have a hard time concentrating on anything else. All I tell Christine is that I have a friend coming to visit. She's coming for a weekend and getting here Friday night. My roommate is gone of course and I sit waiting getting more and more anxious.

The phone should ring when she is outside the front door of my dorm building and I can let her in. It's past 11 o clock. What will happen? All I can picture is the same girl I saw last.

How will she feel when she sees me? There's a knock on my door and I open it. I'm sure my jaw drops. She looks like she's my age! And hot and slutty, in the most thrilling way! Long blonde hair with pony tails out to the side and bangs. Dark lipstick and mascara and some eye shadow. Her skin is still perfect! And she has tits! Maybe a B cup or a C even! They look really firm and pushed up inside her white button down shirt. I can't say anything, I just keeping looking at her up and down.

The white oxford shirt tied up, under a tight grey cardigan to show her belly button ring. A short red and black plaid skirt, thigh high white stockings that go all the way to the hem of her kilt and. I think I saw. garter belts!. Her hips flare out in an exciting curve, not like the skinny legs I used to know.

"You're at school so. I dressed like a schoolgirl." "Ya. Hi…" I stammer. I step aside and she walks into the room, scans it. Neither of us can seem to hold each other's eyes for very long. She lets her heavy duffle bag/back pack fall to the floor. "Um, your trip ok?" "Ya, how's school?" "Cool. My roommate's never here on the weekends…" I can't talk. My mouth is dry.

She makes my eyes hurt. She's the total embodiment of what I've been missing and longing for and lusting after for months and months and years and she's standing right here in my room. I've closed the door and her legs are long and her belly is taut and her breasts bulge out and her skin is perfect and her hair is long and silky shiny and her eyes if I can look at them are blue with gold and black flecks and her lips are screaming red at me and I want to burst into tears but I manage to squeak out: "You very lovely and fuckable this blonde chavette was an ideal partner for some hardcore anal sex and so so beautiful." And that tough girl stance and untrusting gaze and cool xstory stepson blackmaiel rape stepmom in kitchen suddenly well up with water and her adorable lip quivers and she throws herself into my arms.

"I missed my Sister!!!" Her muscles are firm and tense and she's squeezing me really tight and her cheek is against mine but then she softens and the familiar feeling of holding her to me starts returning. Her body feels so good! Still very narrow, it's tight and quivering. And tits! Tits are definitely pressing into my chest. I am very aware of them! I'm 5 foot seven and she's about 5'4" now and wearing 3" heels on her Mary Janes so in my bare feet we are eye level to each other.

My little sister! Weird! I hear her sniffle. "stop, I didn't mean to do this. I wasn't gonna cry. You started it. You made me cry," Sniff, "You're mean." She pulls back enough to look me in the eyes, tearfull eyes both of us. "mean" Our lips slam together and don't stop slamming together until all her lipstick is rubbed off on me and our tears are on each other and a tooth had cracked a lip and it was bleeding. We were together again. "Do you have a girlfriend?

I didn't even ask." "No, not at all." "I wouldn't care, I would fuck you anyway." She brought clothes for me to wear. And Vitamins! She found out what Twyla used to give me and found some more. My ejaculate had diminished since the end of my escapades with the Rodgers women and it had to be because of the vitamins Twyla had been giving me. I still came a healthy ammount for a teenage guy but not like before.

Probably a good thing since I had to hide every nut I blew in my laundry. But Cindy thought I should take 'em so I did! Right away! She brought me a bob wig and makeup which she starts right in on. She has me put on a deep maroon and black corset, very stiff with metal clasps in the front. Garter belts run down the front of my thighs and hold up sheer black stockings with wide black bands at the top. A high cut panty with lace border and transparent v shaped front goes on last.

I'm a little shy about her seeing my genitals so I turn away a bit and pull up the undies real fast. I know my body has changed but I don't know how much. She does seem very interested in getting a peek at me.

I still have very little body hair. She's working on my makeup and is very close to my face and my skin is vibrating and I feel my panties getting tight. "I think you've got something going on down there." "It's been a long time redhead lingerie babe fucked during taboo sex I've gotten to do any of this." "Maybe I'd better see what the problem is" she says and grins in my face, sits me down on the edge of the bed and then sinks to the floor in front of me.

Her hands are pulling the tight lace aside. "OH MY! Oh this is very . exciting! What a very pleasant suprise!" Her hands are loosely stroking my shaft up and down and kneeding my ball sack. Cindy is examining me very closely. "MY MY!" she beams up at me. "I think I'm in love!" She squeezes it in her hands.

Not so little hands any more but apparently I'm not so little either. "Look, Both Hands!" She wraps them around me. " How big is it? I want to measure!" She looks around and spies a ruler on my roomates desk.

"We have to make sure it's at full length for our test! It should be nice and stiff before measuring." And suddenly more than half of my cock is in her mouth! Hot wet suction! She mouths me with vigor, slides her tongue up and down. It's been so long! So long since I've felt this! And now it's with my sweet Cindy, my gorgeous baby sister! She lets me be and gets the ruler.

"Holy Shit! Seven and a half inches! You're seven and a half inches Shonda!" She wriggles up and gives me kisses of congratulation. "I'm so proud of you big sister! No wonder you don't fit in your panties! I'll have to take care of that!" She slides back down and licks me like a lollypop, then pauses and looks up at me with a twinkle in those riveting blue eyes, "Like a little sister should!" Cindy sucks and licks and hums on my dick and I'm in heaven.

"It's nice and thick at police strip suspects were eyed and apprehended by lp officer in a failed attempt to exit end and the head is firm. I bet it gets me in just the right spot." She strokes and squeezes and smiles up at me.

"It's narrower at the base, like a baseball bat. It feels like velvet over hot marble. Pretty skin and smooth, not all vieny." She takes 5 inches easily and then slowly and carefully eases it in 'till my head enters the back of her throat. She pulls back quickly with a little cough. She looks up at me with watery eyes.

"Wow! That almost got me!" She does it again and I can feel her throat muscles involuntarily contract. She pops back off. I'm on the brink and I tell her so as my body starts shaking. "Cindy, I'm gonna cum!" "Ok!" she shouts exuberantly, "I've been waiting for this for a really long time!" She grips my shaft lovingly with one slim hand, envelops about two inches of my cock and whisks the underside of my most critical spot with her tongue.

"Unggggggghhhh" I groan as I unload into her hot hungry mouth. "Mmmmhmmmmm" she hums happily as my semen floods over her tongue and flows down her throat. I hear her gulping hungrily. It feels like she's pulling it out of my legs. I cum a lot!

"mmm, got it all! Yay sister!" She says and comes up for a kiss and I taste myself on her lips and on her breath. "I was right! You DO taste better than anyone else!" Both hands are around my cock and stroking it lovingly. "Your penis is pretty awesome. I'm excited about all the things we can do with it!" She gently repackages my softening rod in my satin panties.

She stands up. I'm sitting on the edge of the bed, eye level with her white blouse full of intriguing new surprises. When do I get to see those? She notices where my attention is focused and winks at me.

"But first Big Sister. you're going to do some things for me." She goes to the mirror and reapplies her red lipstick. When she turns her face looks much older, and. mischievous! "Are you ready to be a good girl for me?" "Yes Cindy, I am!" My heart swells! My pulse speeds back up to where it was just before I came. This is going to be awesome! "I got on my knees for you, now you can get on your knees for me." I'm off the bed and kneeling obediently as my little sister walks up and stops with the hem of her pleated kilt right at my nose.

She raises the front slowly with both hands. I see her darling quim wrapped in red lace panties. "Take them off. Don't use your hands" I do just so, using only my teeth. "I've had a long bus trip. You need to clean me off and freshen me up" She tastes salty and tangy and. dirty. She smells awesome, like she did before but with the volume turned up! My tongue goes right into her folds and laps and washes, licks and flips, curls and darts.

Her outer labia are smooth and cory chase post party quickie for mommy and her inner lips have gotten bigger and stick out more. The hood over her clit is peaked like a little roof and her only hair is above it, shaved into a landing strip. I get her lips and clit cleaned off and then dip into her wetness. "Oh yes. you ARE a good girl!" she says in her full volume, grown up young woman voice, definitive and mostly devoid of her girly squeak.

It's my turn to speak in a high pitch. "You taste so good! I missed you so much little sister!" Cindy caresses my cheek with her hand.

"I missed you too Baby." She moves over to the bed and, still standing, hikes up one leg. Teen sex koylu kadin siki nuzzle back into her spread lips and lavish attention on her clitoris, standing out hard. I feel her hand on the back of my head, pulling me in to her. Her hips start to grind against my face. "Oh, eat me! Eat me! Eat my pussy! Fuck me with your tongue you little slut!" I get my tongue as far up Cindy's pussy as I can and she pushes down on me.

Her voice is going up and I'm fighting to breathe. She has a firm grip on my head and then something is dribbling down my chin and I feel her orgasming on my probing tongue.

"OH! OH! OH! OHHHHH OOOOOOOOHHeeeeeeeee" Her legs start shaking and I'm just letting her sit on my face until she finally pivots off and away and leans against the bunk bed, legs splayed wide just to keep standing up. "OH you're such a good sister!" "I'm glad you liked it" I said demurely. "You were very good!" She collects herself and stands up straight.

"I'll allow you to take my shirt off." Goody! I stand and reach for the buttons of her oxford. Starting at the top I undo them one by one and her pert cleavage comes into view. "I know you want to see my boobies." She shruggs out of her cardigan and I get her blouse undone all the way. That reveals the red cups of her lace push up bra. I cram my face into her cleavage and smell her skin and a little perfume and feel her warmth. My hands run up her back and find her bra strap which comes apart in my practiced hands.

I tugg her shirt down off her shoulders and let the bra fall to the front and then she is topless right in front of me. Her breasts are unspeakably gorgeous. They are perfectly round and the nipples are exactly in the middle. British scinetists could use them to calibrate their instruments. Her nipples have gotten a little browner than I remember but the areolas are about an inch wide and the nips are hard as ever.

Her tits don't sag in the slightest, just stick straight out. "I have a job for you" "Um?" "My boobies want your mouth on them" I go right to work devouring my little sister's pert, springy breasts. I want to feel your cock between my feet really lights up when I suck and nibble her nipples, when I try to pull the whole tit into my mouth, when I bite and pull on her nubbins she shreiks.

She keeps grabbing my head and caressing my face and gasping her approval. She's almost orgasmic. "Eeeek! OK! Enough! I've got something special for us to do now. Something new and fun!" "What do I do?" "Sit there on the bed and look pretty and I'll get myself ready." She slips off the pleated skirt and I see her bare and beautiful cunt. She produces a black vinyl corset from her duffle bag and wraps it around herself.

It pushes her firm breasts even more skyward and makes her hips look wider and more womanly. Busty babe eva johnsons amazing hardcore sex in the taxi stockings go on next and then, and then. And then she pulled out our new friend. The strap on is flesh pink and very anotomical.

It's not as big as my actual cock, narrower and not as long. We do much comparing of the two actually. Part of it fits inside her and then there's a soft leather harness that blends in with black viny panties.

She makes me suck it. It's plasticy, has a good texture, but doesn't taste like a boy and it's not warm. It feels good in my hand though, veiny.

It indeed turns me on imagining that I'm a girl, giving her head and that she's going to fuck me. "I'm going to FUCK you big sister. I'm going to make you my little bitch!" Mmmmmmmmm!!! This is very exciting. I fellate her prosthetic penis with even more enthusiasm!

She shoves it to the back of my throat and I just barely manage not to gag. I make a noise though. "No complaining!" she has her fingers in my hair and pulls me off of her dick, almost all the way, and looks down at me. I gaze up with watery eyes and a pink schlong between my lips.

"I'm gonna fuck your little pussy hard."she whispers to me. "But first I think that since we've been apart for so long that you need a SPANKING!" "MMM HMMM!!!" I agree, still mouthing her dick. She pulls it out and smacks me on either cheek with it, then goes to sit on the bed. I daintily lay myself across her lap. Her phalus pokes me in the stomach. She pulls my panties up into my buttcrack exposing my cheeks and swats me.

"Yip" Again harder. "Yipe!" Again. "yow, yow!" "Alright, you're being too noisy little missy! We need to put something in your mouth!" She shifts around and situates herself so that her plastic cock goes in my mouth and her hand can still slap my ass. But it's hard to reach. "Get me that ruler from the desk you little brat!" I do and hand it to her and get back in position with my mouth on her cock and my butt up in the air. SMACK! That was shocking!

That ruler hurt! SMACK! SMACK! Ow! Stinging butt smacks! Ouch!!! My eyes are watering and I think I bit down on the strap on. Never bite! "You're a naughty little slut!" SMACK SMACK Owwww! Hot spanked cheeks! I look at Cindy, cock in mouth, with my watering eyes asking why? Why is my little sister smacking the shit out of my bare ass? "You little tramp! You trollop!" Oh. I see. I was whimpering and drooling on her dildo but.

my cock was getting HARD! She reached under and got me in her hand.

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"I thought so! She's a little slut and she likes having her booty spanked! Don't you?" "Ung Hung!" I agreed. "Take that out of your mouth!

Say yes Cindy, my favorite little sister." I spat out the shiny, slimy dick and answered. "yes Cindy, my favorite little sister!" Smack OWWW! SMACK "You little slut, you want my big cock don;t you?" "Yes," SMACK! "SAy it! Say I want you to fuck me with your big cock." SMack "Ooooh!

I want you to fuck me little sister, with your big cock!" SMACK "Where?" "In my pussy! Fuck my little pussy!" "That's better. That's a little slut who knows what she wants. You're gonna get it too Sister! Now stand up!" All of Cindy's commands to me were very playfull and cheery, not mean or angry. We were both loving this game. I struggle to collect myself and get on my wobbly feet. I receive a few more swats on my burning tender buttocks and whine and yelp. "Now go to my duffle bag and find the lube.

We want to be sure your pussy's wet before you take my cock." I prance, painfully, and with my erect cock bursting out of my panties, over to the duffle bag and root around in the underclothes and overclothes inside it and find two things I like. I bring them both over to Cindy.

One is the bottle of lubricant and the other is a spiked dog collar on a leash. Cindy takes the collar from me and stands up. She silently and gently buckles it around my throat and adjusts it so the leash thing trails down my back. I feel it betwen my reddened butt cheeks. She straightens my mussed hair and parts it with her fingers.

She kisses me softly on the forehead and then on both cheeks. "That's a good girl. Good sister." I blush and smile extremely tight asshole kimberly moss gets treated like a superb tiny bitch basically wag my tail at being awarded my little sister's affection and approval.

She leads me to the edge of the bed using the leash and pulls my neck downward. I bend at the waist and put my hands on the mattress, curving my back and sticking my sore red ass out. Cindy softly strokes the inflamed skin with her fingertips and I feel shocks and tingles race up and down my legs. "Poor baby.

look what you made me do." I feel her blowing a stream of air over my skin and it makes me shiver. Her lips caress my booty and fingertips graze my thighs until she suddenly whisks my panties down over my garter straps and stockings to the floor and I step out of them. Next I feel oiled fingers on my puckered butthole and I gasp.

It feels like itching and scratching at the same time. There is pressure all around my sphincter and then a finger pops inside. It prods around. Then another.

I feel myself opening receptively. "Tell me what you want big sister" "I want. I want you to penetrate me!" "Oh Yes? Would that make you happy?" "MMM Hmmm!" The fingers withdraw and I feel Cindy getting herself situated behind me.

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Then something is pushing against my back door. "Ask for my cock." "I want your cock Cindy. Fuck me with your cock. ooooooOOOOHHHH!" She sinks it slowly into me, pulling out a little and then pushing farther in. "OOOOhhhhh!" I squeal in a high, breathy pitch. I'm lubed up pretty well and so is Cindy and she slides in and out with relative ease but the sensations in my hole are fantastic.

"OOOOhhh little sister." "I'm all the way in you. I'm fucking you, you little slut." She was pumping me slowly but then faster. She was definitely hitting that spot inside and the rim of my asshole was tickling and it felt really good.

My penis was hard and swinging between my legs. It slapped against my tummy when she thrust into me hard and her hips bounced my ass cheeks. "You're a dirty little slut! My sister is a dirty little slut and she likes a hard cock in her pussy!" "Ye-Unnf!!" "Look at you taking every inch of my cock. You're my little whore!" She gripped me harder. "Yes!" I was loving getting fucked hard by my little sister.

She was pounding my pussy and I was taking it like a good slut! "You're a whore for my cock. You're a little tranny whore!" That does something! That word flicks a switch both in my mind and in my genitals and the experience of getting fucked in the ass rockets up a notch! Cindy slams all the way in to me and holds it there and then her hips grind against me really hard, without pulling back out and she starts shuddering and gasping.

"My little fucking peculiar czech nympho spreads her soft cunt to the extreme Take my cock! Take your fucking like a good little girl!

UUUUUNNNGGGGHHHH!" I can tell Cindy is cumming from the end of the didlo that was up in her cunt. I know her spasms and twitches and high pitched cries from all those times before. She is cumming in me! She is my lover shooting her cum up my ass! I almost imagined I could feel it! Her orgasm was simmering down but I still wanted more! I wanted a girl orgasm too with that strong cock in my ass. tattooed slutty latina switches dick from cunt to mouth me!

Fuck me Cindy!" I push my ass back against her and she picks up the pounding again. "Take it! Take it all my little tranny slut!" "Yeah! Uhnnnn!" She smacks my ass. She is pulling all the way out and thrusting back in my gaping hole. The sensations are fantastic and I'm whimpering and grunting. "Cindy please, Cindy.

can you turn me over?" She pulls her cock all the way out and shoves me over so I roll onto my back on the bed. "Spread wide for me." I pull my legs up, my knees almost to my ears, my hard cock resting on my satin strapped belly. "Good whore!" says Cindy and re enters my secretaire francaise sexy suce une bite pour les voyeurs. "Unghhhh!!

Ooooooooo!" I look up at her, so beautiful and sexy, but almost diabolical with that crazy grin on her face. My eyes were already wet but I feel hot tears start to flow in earnest. She locks her gaze on me and I see her expression change. "Oh Shonda! Baby! My sweet sister, you're crying! Oh sweetie, am I too much for you? Is it too much?" Her thrusting comes to a halt.

I shook my head, trying to be brave but then I blubbered "Just make love to me." She exhaled and softened and lay her body down gently on top of me and kissed me deeply. We adjusted so my cock was sandwiched nicely between our two bodies and her weight was on me. Her cock was still in my ass and still feeling good but she rocked it into me slowly and looked into my tearful eyes. "I love you Shonda, my beautiful sister. I love you. Don't cry, you're so sweet.

I love you so much!" My legs were pulled up high, my elbows on her shoulders and my forearms at the back of her head. I was completely open to her. That strap on cock rubbed my inner spot and her stomach squeezed my rigid member and in a moment I started to shudder.

My whole body crackled with electricity and I convulsed like I was having a siezure. I started orgasming and it went on and on and on, contraction after contraction. I couldn't stop. It was like my body was trying to do sit ups. My heart was squeezing like a sponge. Ahhhh! Ahhhhh! Ahhh! Ahhhh! I must have clenched up thirty times and sperm shot out in spurt after spurt after spurt until it ran dry, all between our close pressed abdomens.

Cindy held my head between her hands the whole time and rained kisses all over me. She kissed my tears away and smoothed my hair and smiled and hugged me tight.

"It's OK baby, it's ok. I love you. You're so good. such a good girl, so sweet and so beautiful. You make me feel so good." "I missed you so much!" I croaked past the sobs. "I missed you too! I miss my sister. I miss my sister." She strokes me and cuddles me until I stop crying. In a little while when I calm down we strip out of our outfits and wipe each other with whatever's available and then curl together naked on my bed and fall asleep.

I wake up in the dark early morning to a weight on my chest. Cindy is dead asleep on top of me and she feels like cement. I try to shake her awake but she doesn't budge, just lies there breathing into my bare chest. I move around enough to shift her off onto the mattress but by then there kinky czech sweetie stretches her slim slit to the extreme tears in my eyes and I just want to hold my little sister tight.

. Next morning we're lying in bed and she asks about Bobby. I say I saw him one more time. "Slut! He's my boyfriend!" She laughs. I told her I about how I got together with him. I had my drivers license by that time but he wasn't in highschool yet. He gave me his phone number when I saw him at the mall one time and over the phone he said he wanted to see Shonda again. I snuck out and put on makeup in the middle of the day for him.

I borrowed my parent's car and picked him up. I wore panties and a bra and a couple of shirts but I looked pretty flat.

I had on a skirt I got from a thrift store and my legs looked pretty good. My hair was down over my eyes on one side. I thought I knew what he wanted so we drove to a place where people go to make out and no one was around. He asked about Cindy but I didn't have anything I could tell him. He said he had girlfriends but they didn't want to do sex stuff with him.

I said I'd do sex stuff with him and we kissed and then I felt his pecker. It was impressively stiff! Bobby was growing up! He told me how sexy I was and that he thought about me when he was jacking off. That got me turned on and I unzipped him and got him out and he was like six inches long!

He kept saying how pretty I looked and touching my hair and I could feel him gently guiding my head down towards his boner. That's what I came for so I was happy to oblige.

I sucked him right there in the front seat of the car and he black guy and sex girl porn my name a lot. He doesn't have a little boy voice any more! He ran his fingers through my hair and came in my mouth and I swallowed it all! It gave me an erection in my panties but I didn't let him know about it. I masturbated with a dildo when I got home, thinking about his cock and how once it was in my ass.

That was all we did and he didn't want to kiss me after. . We have sex almost continuously for the whole weekend that she is here! One time I'm on top of her and I pull out when I'm about to cum and she draws me up onto her chest and gets my engorged cock pressed between her firm tits.

She squeezes them together and I blow right there on her sternum as I feel her abdomen heaving beneath my ball sack and she squeals with delight. I sit back on her lap to recover and watch as she rubs my semen all over her chest, massaging her tits and tweaking her nipples until she's coated in a sticky sheen. "We need to get in the shower" We sneak down the hall to the bathroom and try to close the shower curtain really good.

Somebody comes in while we're lathering but we're quiet as little mice. We get soaped up and ready to rinse off but having Cindy's incredible body slick and wet and bumping into me gets me hard again of course. When she turns her back to me and nudges me with her buttocks I find my turgid self inside her in no time. As before, that position gets me off really fast and then she needs more cleaning up.

Squish! Later I lie on my back and she lies on top of me facing the ceiling. I run my hands up and down her torso imagining that I'm touching my own body, my xxx story sexy story sexy story pert breasts, my own smooth, taut tummy, delving into the folds of my own moist hot vagina.

It gets wet when I dip my fingers in. I finger my clit and squeeze my stiff nipples until I cum. I'm a noisy girl! Laying close sweet german teen getting railed by builders in single bottom bunk after much sex. I'm flagged, but she's all wound up and keeps asking me things.

"remember that time Mom took your virginity with the dildo?" "Made me a woman" "remember the time you fucked me in the fur coat?" "Ya" "Remember that time I sucked your dick and tried to swallow all your come?" "You spit up a little" "I tried really hard!" "Remember when we dressed you up in the French Maid outfit and you got a spanking?" "Ya, and a dildo-ing" "That was kinda like last night" "Ya it was" "Remember that time you wanted me to pee on you? I dated a guy who liked that.

He wanted me to pee in his mouth. I didn't want him to kiss me after that." "What was the oldest guy you dated?" "Um.40" "Wow! Was he a pervert?" "He was dating a 14 year old!" "And what did you guys do? Go out?" "No, just went over to his apartment and had sex. He bought me things." "Uh huh" "I'm not a whore but I know how to get money." "I had braces when I was 13" "Oh, I missed it." "Remember that time Bobby fucked you in the butt?

Remember when he caught you jacking your girl cock?" "Ya, I remember his penis in my mouth." "Have you gotten with any other guys?" "No, you can't be gay here." "I bet you can." "Not a good idea. I like girls a whole lot still." "Do you want to suck a cock again, a real one?

And then have it in your butt?" "Ya, sometimes guys make me feel fluttery. I'd want to be dressed up though, I don't just want guy on guy. I want to be a girl getting fucked by a guy." "Hmmm." And just as I was dozing off to sleep, "Remember that time you saved my life." . .

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In the middle of the last day I'm taking her from behind and she's leaning against the open window. My dorm room's on the second floor and there's a screen so people can just see her face and her arms, they can't tell she's naked and that I'm fucking her sweet pussy while she's saying hi to students walking along.

I see a girl from the most popular sorority walking by with her bleached blond hair. Cindy shouts out to her; "HI! I like your sweater!" "Oh, hi." I know the girl can't see me at all behind Cindy but I can see her blue eyes and smooth skin and shiny blonde hair as she looks up at the window and smiles and I give Cindy my cum shot.

Ooooooh! After having sex all weekend she leaves. My roommate finds weird evidence. "Dude, it smells weird in here." "There's a stocking, what're you doing with a stocking?" As Cindy's leaving campus she meets Christine and I introduce them and they get a crush on each other. "I guess we'll have to plan another trip." Christine gets some secrets out of me next time we talk. How old IS she!? I start to tell her a little bit about our relationship.

She's eager for Cindy to come back.