Russian clair santos brunette blowjob anal shaved

Russian clair santos brunette blowjob anal shaved
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Hi, my name is Jeff. The year was 2007, and I was 23. I was recently separated from the Navy, having done my four years of service. In the six months since I had left the military, I had yet to find a job. Luckily, I had been smart enough to set aside most of my paychecks in the Navy, so I had a large nest egg to survive until I could find work. After a lengthy mental discussion, I decided I had earned a vacation, and so I booked xnxxx the mother fucking between father is come trip to Las Vegas.

Go ahead; call me an idiot for wasting money. It was now February. I arrived in Vegas on Monday, and went straight to the Luxor, where I had reserved my room.

I checked in, and went up to my room to settle in. After depositing my belongings, I headed down to the casino. I spent a few hours roaming, and spending a little bit of money on various slots and table games. I wound up leaving with just slightly less than I had come in with. I glanced at my watch, it was 2300. I breathed a long sigh, and headed for the inclinator, the Luxor's unique name for the slanted elevators they have.

The doors opened to an elevator filled with cigarette smoke. I remember my first thought being, "Great, another asshole smoking in an enclosed space. However, since I was a smoker myself (Albeit a considerate one), I stepped in, and pushed the button for my floor. Turning, I laid eyes on the only other person in the elevator. She was wearing a set of form-fitting blue jeans, pretty black boots, and a white button up shirt, which was partially hidden underneath her leather jacket.

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She nodded in greeting as I entered, but I had to do a double take when I recognized her as Michelle Trachtenberg. I sputtered some passion hd sexy massage for darcie belle of lame greeting, and she laughed.

She said, "Relax, dude. I'm not one of those uptight jerk wad celebrities. You want a cigarette?" As a smoker, and a fan, how could I say no? I accepted a cigarette from her, told her my name, put the cigarette in my mouth, and reached for my lighter. She stopped me by taking my hand, and holding it to one side. She leaned in close, and gingerly touched the end of her cigarette to my unlit one.

I puffed, lighting it from hers, and backed up a step, even more self-aware than I was before. She smiled just as the elevator hit her floor. The doors opened, and then closed. She remained. "Uh, was that your floor?" I managed to speak as the elevator began moving again. She responded with, "Yeah, but I was thinking of following you to yours.

Interested?" All I could do was to nod repeatedly like a dumbass. Soon, the elevator arrived at my floor, and I stepped out. She wasn't far behind.

As I walked to my room, I remained aware of her following me. I stopped in front of my door, and fumbled with my room key, finally getting it into the slot. I pushed the door open, and held it for her. She walked past me, and entered my room, and I quickly followed, locking every latch on the door. "Make yourself comfortable," I called as I walked into the bathroom. After I had relieved myself, having spent maybe four or five minutes in the bathroom, I came out and saw her sitting in big ass latina fingers her shaved pussy Jacuzzi with her back to me.

I was immediately glad I had spent the little bit more for the room with the hot tub in it. After a quick glance around the room, I located her clothing in a neat pile in a corner. I approached the hot tub, and she lifted an arm, her finger beckoning me to join her. I quickly doffed my shoes, jeans, and t-shirt. Being a gentleman, and not wanting to outright assume, I left my underwear on.

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I stepped onto the first step of the tub, and she shook her head. "Take 'em off." After only a moment's hesitation, I dropped my underwear.

For the first time in months, I was naked in front of a girl. And that girl was Michelle Trachtenberg! I stepped into the hot tub, and sat on the little ledge opposite her.

The tub was fairly small for two people, so it was a little awkward, but she sat up straight for the first time, and I saw her chest. She was a year younger than I was, and oh so gorgeous. Her breasts were not large, but I liked them that way. She smiled, "Go ahead." I leaned forward, and knelt in the tub, my legs outside of hers.

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I reached out toward her. My hand hesitated about an inch away from her skin for about half a second, and then I touched her. Her skin was flawless, soft, and succulent. My hand brushed over her breasts, and then I leaned in, and placed my lips around one of her nipples.

My lips formed a seal on her flesh, and I gave a soft suck as my tongue flicked her nipple. My eyes looked up toward her face, and I saw that her eyes were closed. I returned my attention to her chest, my one hand closing gently around that breast, giving it more soft sucks.

My other hand moved downward, under the water. My finger grazed her thigh, and then homed in on the target Her sweet spot. My fingers closed crissy moon is a super cute newbie on it, and my hand turned over. My palm went flush against her pubic region, and my fingers curled a bit, touching her nether lips.

My middle finger curled more, pressing between them. As her nether lips parted, allowing my finger inside, I renewed my suckling of her breast.

She gasped softly as my finger pushed into her. My free hand gave her breast another squeeze, and I kept it up. After a few moments of her moaning softly, she opened her eyes, and looked down at me. "Okay, Jeff. Sit back." She pushed me back, and I sat on the other ledge in the tub. She moved over to me, kneeling on the floor of the tub. Her fingers reached down, grasping my manhood, which was throbbing by now. She gave it a few gentle squeezes and jerks. "You want me, Jeff?" I nodded, somehow finding my voice.

"Yeah, but I'd really like to take you on the bed. I want to see every inch of you." She nodded, "Okay, then." And she stood up. As the water cascaded down her body, she lingered a moment, and I drank her in. She stepped out of the tub as I stood up, and she moved to the bed, lying down.

She bent the leg closest to me, putting her foot flat on the bed. "Come on, Jeff. Don't miss out." I stepped out of the tub, still dripping, and moved to the foot of the bed. She slowly spread her legs for me, and for the first time, I saw her. She was completely hairless, and she beckoned to me.

"Come on." I couldn't resist. I climbed up into the bed, crawling between her open legs. I couldn't believe my luck. I had certainly picked the right time and place for a vacation. I leaned down to kiss her, and she closed her eyes, her lips opening as we met. Her tongue was warm as it snaked into my mouth.

I pushed my face against hers a bit more firmly, kissing her passionately. Her hands touched my cheeks, holding me as she kissed me back. Holding myself up with one hand, my other hand moved down, grabbing myself. I blindly felt around, using the head of my shaft, until I found her opening. As my manhood settled into place, I pushed a little bit, and my head pushed between her lips. Her hands moved to my upper back, holding my shoulder blades, and her chin went over my right shoulder, her eyes opening as I pushed myself into her, inch by inch.

After a moment, as I hilted myself inside her, she pulled me close with her arms, her legs moving up to wrap around my waist. I slowly withdrew myself, and then took the plunge again. She moaned out this time, and I began the slow, steady motion of making love to her. As my shaft pushed into her over and over, I could feel the contours of her insides gripping me. She settled back into the bed as we began alexis texas rides big penis gracefully session, and I leaned in to kiss her again.

This time, she pushed against me, kissing me almost violently, hungrily. Taking this as an encouragement, I sped up my assault on her hips. I started a new rhythm of movement, pumping her body. She began to moan out each time I pushed against her. Her feet landed on the bed, legs bent at the knee.

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"Unh! Unh!" She groaned each time I pushed into her. Her fingers on my back clenched a little, her nails starting the dig into my skin.

I upped my speed again, and I found myself slamming my hips against her harder and faster. She made many sounds under my assault, all of ecstasy. After another moment, I couldn't hold it anymore. "Michelle… I'm gonna…" She cut me off before I could finish, making eye contact. "Fuck me, Jeff: Cum inside my pussy." She had spoken through clenched teeth. That nearly sent me over the edge right there, but I managed to hold on for another few seconds before I lost control.

It started deep in my balls, and then the feeling surged out, hard. I slammed myself against her hips one more time, this time holding my manhood as deep inside her as I could, and I began to spray my cum into her. I must have spurted five or sex long jets of cum into her, more than I had in a long time.

As I came down from my climax, we made eye contact again, and she kissed me. "Thanks, Jeff. I needed that. How long are you staying here?" I grunted for a moment before I could answer, my breath still heavy. "I had planned to check out Friday. Why?" She laughed, and told me that she was going to stay with me all week.

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