Shower down her pussy after getting gangbanged

Shower down her pussy after getting gangbanged
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***Prologue*** Ever since she was a little girl, Barbie Lez had loved animals. In fact, her lifelong dream was to one day work in a zoo. So you can imagine just how thrilled she was when she finally landed a job at the city zoo mere days after her eighteenth birthday.

Of course, she was only a night janitor, but it was a first step. But to what? Barbie herself did not know. Although she had always loved animals, she had never been able to figure out exactly why she was willing to take the crummiest job in the zoo just to be near the animals. Little did she know, she was about to find out… Because of the excitement of finally attaining her life's dream, the previous night had been devoid of sleep.

As a result, she showed up to her first day of work with barely enough strength to stay awake, let along work. Fortunately, all that was required of her was to mop up every single floor of the inside section of the zoo. Unfortunately, it was also the single most boring job imaginable. So it did not take long before she began the longest yawnathon in history. Of course, this led to her take a quick break to rest her eyes. As could be expected, the second her eyes were closed, she slipped into a deep, almost comatose sleep.

Little did she know, that was the worst possible thing she could have done… ***Part 1: The Cat*** Barbie woke up with a startle. Her eyes flew open and she glanced around. Or rather up, because she was no longer seated. Instead, she was lying in a bed. Brow furrowed in confusion, she wondered how she had gotten from taking a short break to rest her eyes to being asleep in a bed. "Only one way to find out," she realized.

And with that, she sat up and glanced around. Her confusion only increased when her surroundings were revealed to be foreign. That meant she was not in her bed and this was not her room. "How did I get here?" she wondered aloud as she got out of bed. But that was as far as she made it before catching a glimpse of herself in the large mirror that hung from the nearby wall. The first detail she noticed was rather small, yet quite significant. She was naked! Okay, perhaps not naked, but definitely not clothed in the janitorial uniform she had been given.

Instead, she now wore a pair of surprisingly skimpy lace lingerie. Although totally shocked by her inexplicable change of uniform, she was unable to keep from taking a second to study her reflection. Barbie had always been sex is the most good award for a pretty chick, but the way she looked in her skimpy bra and panty set made her a veritable knockout. She had long, blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. Her perky C-Cup boobs were only barely contained within the bright-pink bra she only now realized did not belong to her.

Although shocked, she took the time to peer down at the matching panties that only just kept her bouncy behind and tight, virgin pussy contained. But that was as far as she got before she could no longer take it anymore. "I need answers!" she realized as she did her best to ignore the obvious explanation to her current predicament.

For you see, any person with a logical train of thought would have put two and two together. Sexy lingerie + no idea how she got there = rape! But such a thought was too traumatic for her to even consider. Not only was she still a virgin, but she was also a lesbian. So if she had truly been taken advantage of by some pervert, it would be too much for her to handle. But the mystery of her current situation was equally difficult to deal with.

So she decided she had to figure out where she was and what happened, even if she did not like the answers. The first step was to study her surroundings. Unfortunately, the room she found herself in was devoid of any and all furniture. The only things that remained were the bed she had woken up in and the mirror she had used to study her barely-clothed figure.

The final piece of furniture was the only thing she had yet to make use of. But the mountain of food that stood atop the nearby table was too much for her to resist. Suddenly realizing she was starving, she hurried over to it. Apparently, whoever had kidnapped her—for that was the only logical explanation—knew she was a vegetarian, because there was not a trace of meat anywhere.

Still, she thought it best to shy away from the more complex recipes. Instead, she grabbed a bowl filled with raspberries and started popping them into her mouth. After all, how could anyone poison berries? Bowl in hand, she left the table behind and instead headed for the door. On her way there, she spotted a television hanging from the wall facing the bed.

But since there did not seem to be a remote, she thought it best to instead focus on the door. Although she was convinced it would be locked, she reached for the handle. Against all odds, the doorknob reacted to her touch and the door swung open. "Maybe I was not kidnapped after all," she thought as she stepped out of the room. But instead of being surrounded by four walls and a roof, she now found herself outside. Well, sort of. "Wow!" she gasped as she glanced around. As odd as this sounds, she was still in the zoo.

Of course, it had changed quite a bit, but the similarities were impossible to ignore. The animal habitats were still present. But instead of being barred off from the rest of the zoo, they were now surrounded by high walls and each had a door leading inside.

Black in color, the walls seemed to loom over Barbie, filling her with a sense of dread. The only bright color present was the large, bright-pink number that was painted on each one of the doors.

That was where the similarities ended. Scattered throughout the zoo were a dozen towers. Perfect round, they seemed to stand at three or four stories in height and undoubtedly gave a global view to whoever stood on the top floor. But that was all the young woman took the time to study before she totally freaked out. Waking up in a strange room with foreign clothes and no idea how she got there was logical. Or at least plausible. But the zoo having been given a complete makeover overnight—or however long she had been passed out for—made no sense whatsoever.

Oddly, the oddity of her current predicament brought a smile to the teen's lips. "This is a dream!" she gasped. After all, it was the only logical explanation.

And if this was indeed nothing more than a dream, it meant she had not been raped and was thus still a virgin. But as thrilled as she was by this realization, she thought it best to put an immediate end to her odd dream.

Taking a final glance around this altered version of the zoo, she pinched her arm. Hard. Nothing happened. "Uh-oh!" muttered the teen as she tried again. But after half a dozen attempts, she realized it was useless. That could only mean one thing. She was not dreaming! And that meant she could very well have been raped. But the situation she now found herself in did not seem sexual in nature. So she decided to believe she remained a virgin until the time such a belief was proven incorrect.

Luckily for her, that moment never came. But the situation still remained dire. Maybe she had not been raped, but she was still being held captive in this weird zoo and there was no telling what her kidnapper wanted. But she was not about to stick around and find out. Dropping the now empty bowl of raspberries, she headed for the first door she came across.

A large "7" could be seen shining bright upon it, but Barbie was more interested in the handle. "Dammit!" she swore. It was locked. But she was not about to give up. She spent the next few minutes going from door to door. Unfortunately, they were all locked. To make things worse, she soon discovered the zoo entrance had been sealed up by a tall black wall. It was identical to the walls that now fenced the habitats, with the only difference that it stood at twice their height. And as if that was not bad enough, it ran the entire perimeter of the zoo, thus trapping Barbie inside.

Growing more and more desperate with every passing second, Barbie continued trying the different doors. But they were all locked. All except one. It was not until she finally reached the door marked with a large "1" that hope returned to her.

A wide smile curled her lips when the handle turned in her hand. But the grin faded the second she pulled the door open. "Oh my god!" she gasped as a blinding, bright-pink light emanated from within the habitat. It was so powerful Barbie has to shield her eyes to keep from being blinded. But that was of little use as the mysterious light grew brighter and brighter. Before long, it got so intense she was forced to close her eyes. Unfortunately, the light was only the first in a series of impossible events.

Now blind, Barbie fumbled around in the hopes of closing the door. Unfortunately, she never got that far. All she had time to do war outstretch tiny babe ryland ann fucks a huge cock in the white couch arms before she felt some supernatural force grab hold of her. Barbie was not quite sure what was happening, but one thing was certain; she was being dragged into the habitat by whatever power had seized her.

She struggled for a few seconds, but it was useless. She was being dragged forward and nothing she did would change that. Fortunately, it was not meant to last. "Thank god!" she gasped when she heard the door slam behind her. Immediately, whatever had grabbed hold of her let go. Barbie stood there, trembling in fear for a few seconds before working up the courage to open her eyes. Fortunately, the blinding light was gone. Unfortunately, her surroundings had once again changed.

But not because she had been dragged into the habitat by a mysterious force, it was because she had not. Barbie's heart beat madly in her chest as she glanced around, only to realize she was standing on the staircase of what appeared to be an old house.

Sure enough, the rough, grainy planks that made up the walls and the ancient fixtures made it clear this house belonged to another century. But that was not the weirdest part.

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All around her, be it on the staircase, on the upper floor or on the lower one, stood cats. And not just a few. Hundreds. Thousands! Oddly, Barbie was not frightened by this. But that was only because there was something about her current surroundings that felt off. It took her a few moments, but she eventually figured it out. It was not until she glanced down at herself that it all fell into place.

"Oh my god!" she gasped, stunned that she even had the strength to say anything at all. That was how freaky her realization was. But she refused to believe any of it was true until she could prove mom and son sex vdecom. Glancing around, she soon located a large mirror hanging from one of the downstairs walls. Hurrying down the stairs, she ran up to it.

"Oh no!" she gasped as she peered at her reflection. But her exclamation had nothing to teen ashly anderson spreads her legs wide for cash with the fact that she was now naked from head to toe. For you seen, what she saw proved her worst fears.

She was not going crazy; both she and the world around her was animated. And not the crappy, 2D animation only five-year-old like, but photorealistic, computer-generated 3D animation! But as impossible as this all was, it was not the oddest part. Although she knew it had to be her, the image that peered back at her from within the mirror was not the one she was used to seeing.

It was still her, but everything about her had been augmented. She used to be hot, but now she was the hottest woman in the world. Or wherever she now was. Her naturally blonde hair had been turned platinum blonde and a few bright-pink highlights had been added.

Her lips were fleshier, her nose thinner and her eyes were now such a bright shade of blue they almost seemed to glow. What little fat she used to have had been replaced by muscle, giving her the physique of a gymnast. At least when it came to her now surprisingly thin waist.

But her firm, D-Cup boobs and equally taut, bouncy ass seemed to belong more to a porn star. The only thing that seemed unchanged was her tight, virgin pussy. Of course, the peach fuzz that used to cover it was gone, leaving it smooth as a baby's behind.

But all of this paled in comparison to the final detail. Seemingly hovering between her pussy and navel now stood a large, bright-pink tattoo. Shaped like the lesbian symbol, it fit the lesbian virgin's personality with utter perfection. "What is going on?" wondered Barbie aloud as she tore her gaze away from the mirror and once more studied her surroundings, her animated surroundings. Had she been forced to describe the experience, the young woman would have said it felt like being inside the most realistic video game in the world.

Unfortunately, it was not a game. Just in case, she tried pinching herself a few more times, but, as expected, nothing happened. The next step was to try and find a way out. Glancing around, she soon spotted the front door standing at the far end of the hall she now found herself in. Hurrying over to it, she yanked it open, only to find… Nothing!

"What the fuck?" wondered Barbie as she realized the house she found herself in was floating space. Okay, perhaps not actual space, but definitely a vast emptiness.

But as bizarre as this was, it only slightly surprised the now busty blonde. After everything she had just been through, nothing could surprise her anymore. Or so she thought… "Who are you?" asked a voice behind her.

Jumping a foot into the air, Barbie was almost sent flying out into the infinite darkness. When her feet once again made contact with the floor, she quickly closed the door and turned around to find… Once again, there was nothing in sight. That is, unless you take into account the dozens of cats that filled the corridor before the naked, animated teen.

But if there were only cats, where had the voice come from? "Who are you?" asked the voice again. The tone was surprisingly soft and obviously belonged to a woman. And even more bizarre, it sounded familiar. Almost as if she had heard it before. Of course, she knew that was impossible.

Then again, a voice had just come out of thin air, so who was she to say what was weird and what was not? Still, a voice without a body was quite odd.

"Unless…" thought Barbie as she focused on the cats before her. Sure enough, the closest one suddenly peered up at her. "Who are you?" asked the cat for the third time.

Barbie's jaw dropped open and her eyes widened in surprise. In fact, it was a veritable miracle she did not pass out. Luckily, she remained conscious and just stared at the talking cat, jaw dropped and wide eyed.

"Can you please blink?" asked the cat after almost a minute. "It's kind of creepy." Barbie realized she had not moved a muscle since figuring out the cat could talk. Shaking herself out of her shocked state, she blinked a few times before focusing on the feline before her.

He was black from head to toe and rather large for a cat. But besides that, he looked like every other cat there. The only thing setting him apparent was his ability to speak. "Wh… what are you?" asked Barbie.

The cat hissed. "What?" he asked, obviously insulted. "What do you take me for? An animal?" All Barbie found to do was nod. The cat seemed to calm down when he realized he had perhaps overreacted just a tad. After all, he was an animal. Gathering his composure, he answered the teen's question.

Sort of. "I don't have a name, but you can call me Pussy if you like. I'm a talking cat and I'm here to help you," said the cat. Barbie took a few seconds to digest all the information. "Help me with what?" she eventually asked. Pussy chuckled. "Help you get out of here. Duh!" Barbie felt an eager smile curl her lips. Unfortunately, it soon vanished when she discovered just how Pussy was planning on helping her escape this animated world.

"Let's have sex," said the cat, matter-of-factly. "What?" almost yelled Barbie. Although surprised by the unexpected proposition, it was not the reason for her surprise. Even if she decided to accept her new acquaintance's offer, not that she was planning on doing this any time soon, she wondered how such a thing would be possible. After all, the black feline standing before her had the voice of a woman and a name that was in no way masculine in origin.

Unfortunately, Pussy was not pleased by the young woman's assumptions. "I'm a male!" he almost yelled moments after Barbie had brought her confusion to his attention. "See?" he added as he lifted up one of his hind legs to reveal a surprisingly large and seemingly fully-erect manhood. "Sorry!" apologized Barbie upon realizing her mistake. Fortunately, Pussy was quite driven and would not let such an insult keep him from doing his job. "So, now that we're on the same page, can we have sex?" Of course, the teen's answer was a resounding, "No!" Pussy seemed confused for a second.

But then remembered Barbie was not up to date on the rules of the game she was playing. "Follow me," said the feline as he trotted off.

Barbie was so overwhelmed by the increasingly bizarre situation that she did not question the order. The animated cat led the young woman up the stairs and the two of them soon entered one of the upstairs bedrooms. There they found an old-fashioned bed and matching couch. Pussy hopped up onto the bed and Barbie joined him moments later. "So," began Pussy, "What do you know about what is happening?" "Nothing," was the teen's first response.

But an eye roll from Pussy told her she had to be more specific. So she told him everything she had just been through. "All right," said the talking feline once the teen had finished her tale, "I see you have much to learn." And with that, he began explaining just what was happening to the young woman. Unfortunately, he knew nothing about the zoo where the busty blonde's weird adventures had begun.

Fortunately, he was an expert on everything related to the house she now found herself in. He had spent his entire life in this house. He did not remember his parents and did not even know if he had any. All he knew was that from time to time, a young woman would appear seemingly out of nowhere. The first time it had happened, he was terrified to meet another living being with the ability to speak. However, it did not take long before they became friends.

Eventually, friendship turned into something else. But, moments after they had sex, the young woman was swallowed up by a bright-pink light, never to be seen again.

Obviously, he had no way to prove this, but Pussy was convinced she had been sent back to the zoo she had spoken of when first they had met. Because of the traumatic experience, Pussy had tried to keep his animalistic urges in check the next time a young woman was sent to the house. But after a week or extremely tight asshole kimberly moss gets treated like a superb tiny bitch, she could no longer bear the starvation and begged Pussy to free her.

Like the first, she vanished moments after they were done having sex. And so did the dozen other women the followed. Of course, Barbie's first reaction was repulsion at the through of all those young woman having sex with an animal.

But she could not really blame Pussy; he was just doing what he thought was best. "So, want to have sex now?" he asked, interrupting her reflection. "Hell no!" was her obvious reply. "Why not?" Of course, Barbie had half a dozen reasons to pick from, but she chose the most personal one.

"I'm still a virgin," she explained. At least she hoped she was. "So?" asked Pussy with a shrug, "They all were." Barbie's first reaction was relief.

If her predecessors were all virgins, it went to reason that she too was still innocent. Her second thought was that over a dozen young women being forced to lose their virginities to a talking cat was most definitely not a coincidence. Unfortunately, she had no idea what any of it meant. So, instead of wasting time on such things, she decided to summarize the situation. "So, my only options are to stay here and starve to death son not big sex mom have sex with you and get sent god knows where.

Right?" Pussy nodded. Unfortunately, that was not the answer she had been hoping for. But it was the only answer she got and she would have to live with it. And live with it she did for the next few days. Categorically refusing to do anything sexual with Pussy, the young woman spent her days getting to know her new friend.

The feline had led a rather unusual life and the busty blonde was happy to listen to him for hours on end. But as the hours turned into days, hunger and thirst became an issue. It was not until the third day that she finally realized something. If she wanted to survive, she would have to have sex with Pussy.

As repulsed as she was at the thought of losing her virginity to an animal, the concept of dying in this house was more terrifying. "All right!" she finally agreed. She had just returned from her daily walk and found Pussy lying on the bed. "You mean you want to…" he started as he jumped up, an eager expression plastered across his face. "Yes," nodded Barbie. She could not help but cringe before adding, "Let's have sex." With that, she took a seat on the bed next to her lover-to-be.

Unfortunately, she eva karera trying on lots of shoes realized she had no idea how to proceed. "What now?" she asked. "Kissing is always a good place to start," offered the obviously horny feline. Barbie girl masturbates for her boyfriend on the webcam wearily.

She had barely slept over the last few days and was feeling exhausted. Of course, her dry throat and constantly rumbling stomach did not help either. So it was with a sigh of relief that she let herself fall backward onto the bed.

Moments later, Pussy hoped up onto her and positioned himself so his head hovered mere inches above hers. Barbie could feel the feline's paws on her body and realized the implications of what she was about to do. She was about to lose her virginity to a cat! Unfortunately, it was the only course of action available to her, so she closed her eyes and puckered up. "Mmmmm!" she could not help but moan blissfully as she felt Pussy's tongue slide past her lips.

But the moan had nothing to do with arousal. It was a result of the feline's saliva being transferred to her mouth as a result of the interspecies kiss. It was the first time in over a day that her mouth was not completely dry.

Encouraged by this notion, she wiggled her tongue around and started kissing her feline lover.

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It took a few seconds, but the increasingly passionate tongue dance eventually forced the teen's salivary glands to start working again. Moments later, her mouth was lubricated and her tongue slipped and slid around alongside her lover's. "Mmmmm!" moaned Barbie again as the interspecies kiss continued. But once her mouth was no longer dry as dust, she realized she was actually making out with a cat. Freaking out, she broke the kiss.

"I can't do this," she said. Fortunately, Pussy was not about to let her off that easy. "Don't worry. I will take care of you," he assured her. "Are you sure?" The feline nodded reassuringly. "Just trust me." Barbie hesitated for a second, but finally nodded.

A smile appeared on the feline's lips as he proceeded. Backing away until he stood on the teen's stomach, the horny teen focused on her nipples. Not wasting a second, he picked one at random and, tongue outstretched, lowered his head. "Mmmmm!" could not help but moan Barbie. To her utter surprise, the moan was not that of repulsion, but arousal. At least, she assumed it was arousal.

After all, it was the first time she had sex with an animal and the feelings that now filled her were some she had never before felt. But she soon forgot all about that when she realized something she had previously omitted to take into consideration. Like all felines, Pussy's tongue was covered in dozens of small barbs. Although they were designed to help cats lap up water, it did wonders on the busty blonde's nipples. Luckily, that helped the teen deal with the arousal that started to trickle into her bloodstream.

But still she fought it. That is, until Pussy pulled away from her now rock-hard nipples and instead focused on her pussy. "Mmmmm!" she moaned again.

This time, there was no denying it, she was horny. Her first instinct was to fight it, but her view on the subject changed when she realized the arousal that continued to grow within her would help her bear through the repulsion she still felt as a result of performing her first bestial acts. So she gave in to the perversity of the situation and started moaning loudly. "Oh yes!" she moaned as Pussy's tongue darted back and forth across her engorged labia.

She could feel her pussy growing wetter with every passing second and all this teasing soon became too much for her to handle. Reaching down, she slipped two fingers past her labia. Moments later, she was furiously finger fucking her pre-cum-filled pussy. Luckily, Pussy continued licking her labia, thus forcing her arousal level to constantly rise.

"Faster! FASTER!" she begged, now having fully given in to the perversity of bestiality. Luckily, Pussy was all too happy to increase the speed of his licks. However, it was the ferocious finger fucking session she performed upon herself that sent her tumbling over the edge.

"FUUCCCKKKK!!!!!" she shrieked when she felt the powerful orgasm that had been growing within her explode. Her pussy started to shake and shiver. Moments later, her first wave of cum flew up her pussy. Gushing past her fingers, the sweet nectar squirted past her lower lips. Most of it was sent flying high into the air, but a small percentage found its way into the feline's mouth. "Mmmmm!" he moaned in that feminine big tits princess is a great cockpleaser of his as he ingested the sweet nectar.

Although he had tasted over a dozen different orgasmilks, Barbie's was by far the sweetest. So he did his best to ingest as much of the gooey liquid as possible as wave after wave of it was released.

But only a minimal amount of the cum found its way into his digestive system, the rest being sent flying high into the air. Splitting into tiny drops, the sweet nectar rained down upon the interspecies couple, covering them in an ever thickening layer of cum. Had Barbie not been so busy moaning at the top of her lungs, she would surely have been stunned at just how mush cum she was producing.

Especially given how she had not eaten or drunk anything in the last three days. It took the better part of a minute, but the teen's final wave finally oozed out of her pussy. Her fingers slipped out and her arm fell limply at her side. She spent the next few minutes gasping for air like a dog on a hot day… or a young woman having just experienced the most powerful orgasm of her life.

Pussy spent his human lover's recovery period licking the cum that clung to his fur. By the time the teen finally found the strength to sit, he was once more free of cum. Unfortunately, he was now faced with another problem; Barbie had now come down from her sexual high and was freaking out.

"Oh my god!" she gasped as she glanced around at her cum-covered surroundings. Had she not been so busy freaking out, she would surely have noticed the massive amounts of orgasmilk she had produced were bright pink. Of course, it was no stranger than a talking cat or a house floating in space. But all of that was irrelevant because the busty blonde was still busy overreacting.

"I can't believe I just lost my virginity to a cat!" she gasped. Of course, Pussy knew better than to take the remark personally. Still, the tone in which it was voiced made it hard for him to stay centered. Luckily, it was not his first rodeo and he managed to keep calm. In fact, he did more than that, he helped his human lover calm down. "You didn't lose your virginity," he said. Barbie frowned, trying to comprehend what the feline was talking about.

It took her a few moments, but she eventually figured it out. After all, her orgasm had been more a result of her avid finger fucking than Pussy's tongue strokes.

So, although she had been aided by her feline lover, her orgasm was autoerotic in nature. "I'm still a virgin!" she said aloud, as if to convince herself. Sure enough, had she lost her innocence, she would no longer be there as all the other women had vanished the moment they had lost their virginity. "But why?" she added upon realizing this. "I don't think it can be considered sex unless both partners cum," he explained.

Luckily, that was exactly what the young woman wanted to hear. Although she had come down from her sexual high and was now ashamed of what she had done, she was still determined to escape. And since vaginal licking had failed to work, she feared she would actually have to have actual intercourse with Pussy. Of course, the thought of pleasing the horny feline was far from enticing, but it was far better than the alternative.

With that, she focused on the animated cat before her. "What now?" she asked. "How about a blowjob?" instantly replied Pussy as he rolled onto his back, revealing his rock-hard manhood.

"Wow!" silently gasped Barbie as she studied the prick. Although she had seen it before, it was not until now that she realized just how large it was. At least, in proportion to his body. Measuring three inches in length, it was bright red in color. Shaped half way between a cylinder and a cone, the manhood measured no more than half an inch at the base and was covered in dozens of barbs.

Similar to the ones on the feline's tongue, they were designed do rake the vaginal walls and help cause ovulation. Luckily, the young woman did not have to worry about ovulation, yet the thought of wrapping her lips around that prickly prick sent a shiver of disgust running down her spine.

"I think a simple handjob will suffice," she said. Of course, Pussy seemed disappointed, but he was not about to object. After all, a handjob was better than nothing. So he peppered up at Barbie with lust-filled eyes and waited for her to make her move. Luckily, he did not have to wait long. "You can do this," she told herself as she reached down with a cum-covered hand. After a moment of hesitation, she wrapped her fingers around the surprisingly rigid spear.

Determined to get it over with as quickly as possible, she started jerking her hand up and down. "Oh yes!" moaned Pussy. "Faster! FASTER!" Unfortunately, his encouragement only served to make the teen even more aware of the perversity of her acts. In an attempt to remedy this, she did the only thing she was certain would shut Pussy up. Leaning forward, she thrust her tongue past the feline's lips for another interspecies make out session. Although surprised, Pussy quickly got accustomed to the teen's surprisingly eager tongue strokes and soon started reciprocating them.

Luckily for the teen, the perverse kiss helped distract her of what she was doing with her hand. So she focused on giving Pussy the best make out session of his life and almost forgot about the avid handjob she was giving him.

That is, until she felt his cock start to jerk around in her hand. Breaking the kiss, she focused on what was going on between the feline's hind legs.

But she did not have much time to do so because the talking cat soon climaxed. "FUUCCCKKKK!!!!!" he bellowed as his first wave shot out of his convulsing spear. The surprisingly large wave of bright-pink semen flew high into the chloe gets a free hot sex after massage from sexy alix lynx. At least, it would have had it not first been stopped by Barbie's face. "Mmm?!" moaned the teen as she felt quite a lot of feline jizz enter her mouth.

But the surprise came not from the unexpected turn of events, it came from the incredible sweetness of her lover's orgasmilk. But there would be time for shock later; for now, Pussy was releasing wave after wave of sweet nectar and Barbie was determined to get her hands on as much of it as she could. "Mmmmm!" she moaned as mouthful after mouthful was ingested. It took her a few moments to figure out, but she eventually realized the hot semen was doing wonders for her thirst and hunger.

The more she ingested, the better she felt. Thrilled by this realization, she continued drinking every last drop she could get her hands on. And that was what she continued to do for german teens first lesbian hardcore movie casting entire length of her lover's orgasm. By the time the final wave oozed out of Pussy's cock, she felt fuller than she had in what felt like an eternity. Her thirst and hunger had been quenched and she check out these amazingly hot teen hardcore and blowjob felt more invigorated than she had in days.

Unfortunately, she forgot all about that when she wiped the thick layer of cum the clung to her eyelids. One quick glance at her surroundings told her she was still inside the house.

"Why didn't it work?" she asked. "Why am I still here? It took Pussy a while to answer as he was still recovering from his orgasm. When he finally did, he peered up at Barbie with a shame-filled look. "Oh no!" she gasped as she realized that could only mean one thing. "I'm sorry," apologized the cum-covered feline. "You're just so hot.

I couldn't help myself!" Barbie took a deep breath to keep from exploding. "Are you telling me you made all this up just to have sex with me?" she inquired. A frown appeared on the feline's brow before he understood what Barbie was implying. "Oh xx sex stories hot fkng story god!" he gasped, "No!" Barbie was ribald masseur cant live without wild sex hardcore and massage. If he had not tricked her, that mean it was all true.

But then why was she still there? Moments after thinking it, she put it into words. "You were just so hot I couldn't resist making things last as long as possible," explained Pussy. "So, just to clarify," inquired Barbie, "If we have sex, actual sex, the light will take me away from this place. Right?" Pussy nodded. Barbie was not sure if she was relieved she still had a shot at getting out of here or if she was angry at Pussy for tricking her.

But since her feline lover was the only one who could help her, it was in her best interest to keep him in a good mood.

Plus, his deceit was sort of a compliment. Sort of. "All right," she agreed, "Let's do this." "Really?" asked Pussy in a mixture of surprise and eagerness. "Do I look like I'm kidding?" asked Barbie as she lay down on the cum-covered bed and spread her legs wide, giving her feline lover unrestricted access to her cunt.

Pussy did not answer. Instead, he got right down to business. Approaching his beautiful human lover, he soon found himself standing between her legs. Hopping up, he placed his two front paws onto her cum-covered stomach. He then started hopping forward until his fully-erect cock reached its destination. Barbie's pussy. "You're sure you want to do this, right?" asked Pussy. It was not that he did not want to fuck her more than anything in the world, but he did not want to feel like her was forcing her to do something she did not want to do.

"Just do it," instructed Barbie as she closed her eyes, as if that would somehow make a difference. Now with an eager smile curling his lips, the horny feline hoped forward one final time. Now all that was left to do was jerk forward, which he did less than a second later.

"FUCK!" moaned Barbie in a forceful tone. But against all odds, the fear that filled her voice was not warranted. She had expected the penetration to be rather painful given the sharp-looking spikes that covered her lover's spear.

But when all three inches of feline manhood were forced past her labia, nothing happened. At least no pain. Arousal was quite another story. "Oh fuck!" she moaned again as Pussy started jerking back and forth with surprising force given his small stature.

Unlike her previous moan, this one had nothing to do with fear or pain. Instead, her exclamation was infused with arousal. A lot of arousal. As usual, the busty animated blonde's first reaction was to fight the perverse feelings she was dealing with. But for the first time since the interspecies intercourse had begun, she actually wanted to enjoy it.

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Not because it was a good alternative to spending her virginity-losing orgasm in shame and repulsion. Not even because the only way for her to leave this house was to commit bestiality. For the first time in her life, she actually wanted to have sex with an animal. Taking full advantage of her recently discovered bestial attraction, she started moaning powerfully, encouraging her feline lover to… "Fuck me!" "Faster!

Deeper!" "FUCK MEEE!!!" And fuck her he did.

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His prickly prick continued to dive huge cock guy bangs teen and her stepmom and out of her soaking-wet pussy, forcing a powerful orgasm to grow within both of them. But as horny as they both were, it took another few dozen pounds before they climaxed. "FUUCCCKKKK!!!!!" they shrieked in unison. Barbie felt her pussy start to convulse for the second time that day.

But she was far too busy moaning at the top of her lungs to notice. Luckily, that did not keep her first wave from shooting up the entirety of her arousing foursome with scandi babes tube porn poon. Pussy's dick also started to jerk around, which only served to increase the pleasure for both cat and woman.

Of course, he was too busy moaning alongside his human lover to notice his first wave travel up the entirety of his prick and shoot out the tip. The two sweet nectars instantly mixed, creating a delectable interspecies cum cocktail that was sent fling past the teen's lips. The animated orgasmilk flew high into the air. After remaining suspended for a few moments, the gooey substance split into tiny drops and started raining down upon the moaning couple. But that was only the beginning. More and more waves gushed out of them.

More and more moans escaped them. Although the lovers were too busy to notice this, more and more cats were not gathering to watch the show. Almost a hundred of them now filled the room, their eyes glued to the interspecies pounding taking place upon the cum-covered bed. Nonetheless, it was in total obliviousness that Barbie continued enjoying the most powerful orgasm of her life. However, it was not meant to last. About halfway through, her arousal level started to drop.

As a result, her head started to clear and she realized she was in the process of losing her virginity to a cat. "What am I doing?" she wondered, although what she actually said was, "Oh yes! YEESSS!!!!" Immediately, more shame than she even thought existed filled her. But the shame came not only from the perverse act she was involved in.

It also came from the fact that she was actually enjoying it. A lot. Unfortunately, there was nothing she could do about it now. Plus, it was the only way she would ever make it out of this damn house. So it was with gritted teeth that she enjoyed the rest of her virginity-losing orgasm. After the longest thirty seconds of her life, she felt the final wave ooze out of her.

And with that, it was all over. At least for her. Pussy's orgasm lasted a few more seconds and he continued squiring inside of her. "I lost my virginity," she realized. That meant it was only a matter of seconds before she was teleported back to the zoo. At least she hoped it was to the zoo. But that was as far as she got before she felt the same mysterious force as before grab hold of her. Her eyes flew open and she was blinded by a bright-pink light.

"Yes!" she cried out victoriously as her eyes slammed shut to keep from being blinded. That meant Pussy had told the truth. Losing her virginity would result in her finally leaving this cat-infested house. Speaking of Pussy, he was still pounding her fast and hard, wave after wave of hot canine semen filling the teen's poon. But that was all the animated blonde had time to figure out before she was swallowed up by the light.

Barbie felt the mysterious force release her. But the young woman just stood there, too terrified to open her eyes. Unfortunately, she would have to take the plunge one day or the other.

Taking a deep breath for courage, she opened her eyes. No pink light. That was good. And even better was the fact that she was no longer trapped within the feline house. One quick glance at her surroundings told her she was back in the zoo. "I never thought I would be so happy to see this creepy zoo," thought the teen as she studied her surroundings. Like before, tall black walls stood all round and before her was none other than the door marked with a large "1". "Oh my god!" she gasped as she realized she was no longer animated.

She was back to her normal, live-action self. For a second, she sort of missed her animated femme fatale body, but the feeling soon passed when she realized a few things. First of all, she was no longer naked. Her body was once again barely contained within the bright-pink, lace lingerie from before. That, combined with the sudden disappearance facesitting slut gets her pussy filled with homemade and cheating the thick layer of cum that had up until recently covered every inch of her body brought a doubt to her mind.

"Was any of it real?" she asked aloud. Of course, she did not expect anyone to answer. And that was precisely why she was so surprised when someone did. "Yes!" said an all-too-familiar voice. Glancing around, Barbie finally noticed the black cat standing next to her. Although he was no longer animated, there was no doubt in the teen's mind she was staring at Pussy. Sure enough… "How did we get here? Where are we?

Wh…" he started, but Barbie quickly cut him off. "There will be time for questions later," she said. Of course, she was relieved to not be totally insane, but most of all, she was thrilled she would no longer be trapped alone in this weird, apparently magical zoo. However, Pussy's presence at her side also brought another realization to light. "I'm no longer a virgin!" she silently gasped.

But given everything she had just been through, it was not as devastating a realization as she would have thought. Instead, she felt sort of relieved the plunge had finally been taken. Of course, she was ashamed to have shared that special moment with a cat, but given her current situation, it could have been a lot worse. However, she would have been unable to say how. "This world is weird," said Pussy as he studied one of his paws. Barbie chuckled, realizing the feline was used to living in an animated world.

"Actually, this is normal. That house was weird," she explained. But that was all she said before she realized something; she was exhausted and desperate for a good night's sleep.

So she led Pussy to the bedroom she had initially awoken in. It was just the way she had left it. Bed unmade and a missing bowl of raspberries on the table. "Good night," was all she said as she dove onto the bed. Of course, Pussy had a million questions that needed answering, but he knew Barbie needed her rest.

So he lay at the foot of the bed and curled up in a ball. Although she was exhausted, Barbie struggled to find sleep. Everything she had just experienced kept running through her mind. And as if that was not bad enough, a million questions floated around her subconscious. Where was she? Would she ever get out?

Who had kidnapped her? These and many more questions kept the teen awake for some time. But eventually, sleep got the better of her and she passed out. Little did she know, the insanity of the past days was only the start to the perverse sexual adventure she had been forced to embark on. To be continued in Part 2. *** Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed. A new fantasy will be published each week, so make sure to check back every so often.

Have a horny day, Barbie Lez