Glorious busty bitches scissoring with dildo during a picnic

Glorious busty bitches scissoring with dildo during a picnic
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Ben has introduced me to my slutty side. Before I started going with him I would never have dreamed of the vulgar things I have done. Ben encouraged me to open my blouse and expose my tits, to reach inside his pants and play with his cock.

All this took place in a public bar. On another occasion, I was sold to another man for ten dollars. I fucked him outside in a parked car. For my depraved behavior I was taken over Ben's knees and thoroughly spanked on my bare ass. The pain was brutal, the humiliation worse. I deserved every slap on my wicked bum. The first time he fucked me was for lust. Without any ceremony, he mounted me with authority and drove his magnificent, thick cock deep into my eager steaming cunt.

He immediately began to pump in and out of my ravenous twat making lewd squishing sounds, but neither of us lasted long, we were too excited. The second time was for hunger. "This time I want to experience the real you." He said, and then he fucked me again.

I went home completely satisfied. The next time I met Beautiful bigboob ebony and oil show on webcam he treated me like a sex slave. He made me undress in the hallway outside his apartment and suck his cock before he took me inside and spanked my naked ass raw. Then he fucked me and brutally sodomized me. Afterwards he took me to his bed and fucked me again. I went home with a raw pussy and throbbing ass, from both the spanking and the wonderful ass fuck.

I felt elated! There is no other way to describe my behavior with Ben. As I said before, in my true natural self I am a disgusting filthy slut/whore. If any of my society friends saw me they would be revolted by my tasteless and indiscreet behavior. My mother would wash her hands of me.

I felt so dirty. I was being used like an object, a slutty sex object only good for fucking. I wouldn't have changed a thing. I had asked for this and I was getting what I wanted. I didn't have long to wait before Ben took me on our next adventure. I was told to wear a dress with nothing on underneath, no bra, and no panties.

We were going out for an evening's entertainment. So I wore a sheer white gown that emphasized my boobs. A single strap going behind my neck held the garment in place while showing an ample cleavage. From my almost naked tits the gown flowed tightly down my body softly emphasizing my female curves. The material was sheer enough to tell if I had obeyed my master and not worn any panties, in fact the hint of colour outlined where my shaggy bush protected my naked cunt.

Ben took me for a long drive to the other side of town where I was not known. We turned into a small dirt road that led to a low one-story house back from the road.

When we pulled into the yard there was another car and a pickup truck parked there. As we walked towards the door I had a foreboding feeling that something lewd was going to happen. I had started to know what to suspect from my lover/master.

We entered a one-room bar. there was a table where five black men were sitting around drinking. A man was standing behind a simple bar polishing the top with a clean rag.

There was a long mirror behind the counter that allowed a full view of the establishment. I also noticed that there were no other women in the room, just seven men… and me. Ben sat us down at the bar and ordered our drinks. "This the slut you were telling me about Ben?" "Yes Bert meet Julie." I sat still and began to blush. "Ben tells me you like to show off your tits." Bert said while staring at my chest.

I knew that he wanted a demonstration so I squared my back to the table of black men hoping they were not paying attention and reached behind my neck and undid the strap that held the garment in place. I eased down the top exposing my breasts to the bartender. I don't know if the air was cool or I was just reveling in the excitement of the moment but my nipples popped.

I felt like a slut. I could see myself in the mirror behind the bar. I stared at the tits of the society housewife who should be at a charity event drinking tea and behaving like a lady.

My body gave a slight shiver as Bert reached out and gently pinched my left lesbian teen shows her big tits on webcam. What lady?

I thought. That is a shameless tramp!

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A movement in the mirror caught my attention. One of the men at the table stood up and went to the jukebox in the corner and filled it with coins. It didn't take long for the room to fill with music. The man turned from the machine and looked in the mirror. Ohmygod, I thought, and started to make a move to cover my nakedness. Ben stopped my hand from going to my chest. I looked at him but he just sat there staring into my eyes. "Ohmygod! I whispered as I began to realize why we were here.

"All of them"? I asked still whispering. He just raised an eyebrow and released my hand. I knew the choice was mine. I knew that once again I could walk away from this and end this depravity and remain a lady with my dignity intact, or I could stay and become a slut again.

Time was running out. The man from the table was now standing beside me staring at my naked tits. "The boys and me was wonderin' if you would like to give us a table dance?" He spoke in a deep captivating drawl. There was that knot in my tummy as I looked at him and covered my tits by refastening the material behind my neck.

I turned in my seat and looked at Ben for a moment. Then walked over to the table full of black men. I had made a choice. There was no turning back now. "Help me up on the table boys," I said.

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With out waiting for the music to change I began to dance. I looked down to see the five black faces staring up at me and again lowered the top of my white dress and exposed my breasts for the new audience. I pushed the fabric down to my waist and let my tits swing free.

I heard a moan from one of the men. I got down on my hands and knees and with my boobs swaying I crawled around the table letting each one of them fondle me. I squealed as one of them gave me a hard pinch. "Ooohhh that hurt. Do it again." Soon there was a frenzy of hands playing with my tits.

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A coarse workingman's hand was working up the back of my leg towards my steaming slit. I rolled over onto my back and spread my legs. Another pair of hands worked my dress down over my hips and down my legs.

Except for my heels I was completely undressed. Once again I had chosen to mom hoe enjoys being fucked hard mature and asian a slut. I was naked in a room full of seven men.

My legs were spread wide so all could see my exposed cunt. I wanted to be fucked. I wanted then all to fuck me. Gone was the society wife. "Do I get to suck a big black cock?" I asked.

I no sooner made my depraved request than a big naked black stud straddled my head and offered me his fat erection. I opened my mouth and he crudely shoved it in. I was sucking my first black cock.

As he lowered his penis down my throat his black scrotum covered my eyes. Between my open legs I could feel someone moving. Suddenly I felt someone licking my exposed pussy. The sopping toungue traveled down to my anal opening causing a very unladylike feeling to burn in my spine. Then it moved across my perineum and stopped to explore the doorway to my now slavering cunt.

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With the cock in my mouth I thought I was going to pass out with the double pleasure I was experiencing. But the toungue didn't remain there it began to slowly move to my clit. Ohmygod! The orgasm hit me like a freight train. I couldn't breath! The cock came out of my mouth and I sucked in cool fresh air. The man below continued to stimulate my clit as I rolled around in ecstasy.

Someone captured my right breast and sucked it into his mouth causing a more intense shudder to wrack my frame. As if this was not enough the cock returned to my mouth and I began to suck on the head once again. I was in orgasm overload. Gradually I was able to return to some form of control. My licker stopped but a thick, hard, dick replaced his toungue. That dick parted 2 minite best sex storys cunt lips and easily slipped inside.

The black balls covoured my eyes again as I was being soundly fucked. On either side of me my hands were guided to the hard cocks of two of the remaining black men waiting their turn at my cunt or mouth while both of my hard nipples were being roughly mauled and pinched. In one hand I squeezed a thick cock while in the other I gently rolled a pair of sperm filled balls. I must have looked horrendous. My arms were flung out on either side playing with the private parts of two men while my mouth was full of another.

Between my wide spread legs a forth man was fucking my defenseless twat. Permeating the air was the pungent odor of sex. I hade never done anything remotely close to this in my whole life and a feeling of shame began to creep into my overloaded mind. I had made a choice and this was the result.

There could be no doubt that I had chosen to be a slut. The society lady was not lying here on this table with two holes filled with black cocks and her eyes covered with black balls… It was a slut! I had made my decision and at this moment it seemed to be the right one. Who knows how I would feel later? Who cares? The stud between my legs drove deep into my cunt and stopped.

Then his penis seemed to swell slightly. 'Here it comes!' I thought as I felt his cock begin to twitch. My cunt felt the warmth of his sperm as he drained his balls deep inside of me. The cock in my mouth was suddenly removed as cum juice began to spray all over my face and tits. If I had felt any degradation before it was nothing compared to having sperm sprayed on my face by a man who didn't even know my name.

Suddenly I was empty again. "Get up and fuck yourself down on my cock bitch!" I was ordered. I did as I was told. I straddled the man and lowered my drooling pussy onto his tall thick erection. It felt sooo… sooo… good sliding inside. I bent over so my tits hovered over his black face.

There was another huge black dick awaiting my mouth so I opened up karlee gray xxx sexy story sucked it in. Someone was feeling my smooth backside as I tackled two more of the Horney studs.

The fingers were playing around my well-filled twat gathering the overflow of sperm and cunt juices dripping out of my body. They were then applied to my tremoring asshole. My only thought was 'Ohmygod he is going to fuck my ass.' A sopping wet finger penetrated my anus lubricating my waiting channel. When this finger was removed I knew what was coming next. I could feel the monster sliding up and down my open ass crack looking for the hole.

At last he found the right spot and began to apply pressure to the willing barrier. My ass seemed to snap open when the invader broke through and sank deep into my body. With a cock deep in my mouth and two more banging away at my cunt and ass I was helpless sandwiched between these husky black studs. All I could do was fingers and fucks taut asian japanese and hardcore as I tried to urge them to fuck me harder.

Some one began slapping my wonton ass. If I had felt shame before, this was even more humiliating! I wanted to be fucked harder! What a slut I am! All of my holes were filled with black cocks and all Naughty america mom and son love story wanted was more.

My ass was being spanked adding to my thrills and humiliation. 'More! More!' Was all I could think at the time. I was going to pay for this later. I suddenly felt my orgasm cumming. In spite of all of this it was only my second one of the day.

This was going to be even bigger than the first one. I began to shudder and sweat but I couldn't move sandwiched as I was between these two black men. If their bodies couldn't hold me still the three cocks inside me kept me in place. The man in my mouth pulled out and sprayed his cum on my face joining the cum from my first cock sucking.

Gasping and screaming, I released my juices all over the cock in my cunt. This caused the male equivalent from my fucker and his cock twitched while he delivered his load filling any free space in my quim.

The recurring squeezing of my anal muscles soon brought the last of my sexual marauders to a climax. My ass was lubricated with more cum. As they retreated from my well-fucked holes I was left with cum leaking out of my cunt and ass and even more all over my face.

We rolled over and sprawled out on the floor trying to catch our breath.

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Now that the carnal games were over I began to realize what I had done and what I had allowed to be done to me. I had taken five black cocks in all three of my holes.

I did not even know the names of these invaders. It was clear that they were waiting for me to arrive just so they could fuck me. I had fucked two big black cocks in my mouth, two in my ever-open cunt, and one in my willing ass.

I am disgusting! A filthy slut! The worst thing xxx storys full move download, I had enjoyed it!! To be sure I would do it again in a cold second.

Just show me a cock and I would take it like a crude whore. Slut is to grand a title for me, I don't even deserve to be called that. Presently the black five got up and picking up their pants, dressed and quietly left the building. I was left lying on the floor with cum all over me and oozing out of my holes. I was all alone except for Ben my lover and Bert the bartender.

Two naked white men with two huge cocks. I was not done fucking yet! "Get up slut and come over here!" Ben ordered with disgust in his voice. On aching legs I staggered over to the two naked men. "Where is your dress slut?" "My dress… I uh… don't… know …" I stammered looking around.

I saw it across the room abandoned in a corner. "What have you done?" I started to cry. "Master don't be angry, I only did what I thought you wanted," I whined. I knew this was going to lead to a spanking and I wanted to be spanked. "You filthy whore get over my knees!" "No Master, please…" I begged. "You dare to tell me no?

"But… but…!" I tried to back away. From behind me Bert grabbed me by the hair and dragged me over Ben's naked legs. I could feel his hard cock in my tummy. My tits hung heavily from my quivering body "Spank the bitch!" Ben spat.

"I want to see her filthy ass turn red!" "No Master… pleeeeeease!" I begged as the first slap landed. "Oh… owe… no… owe… stop…ugh!" There was nothing I could do the spanking continued. Slap after hard slap filled the room joining my pleas of mercy. My entreaties fell on deaf ears.

My unmanageable tits swayed with each blow as I struggled to find a way to lesson the stinging pain of the spanking. Tears were streaming down my red face as I cried and wretchedly blubbered. Again and again he spanked my unprotected bum. I could feel the burning pain as each blow fell on a fresh spot.

His spanking hand went up high towards my back, and then moved methodically down from cheek to cheek towards my legs finding a fresh untouched spot.

All I could do was lie there and squirm as he hit me over and over again. The pain in my buns was agonizing, but I didn't really want the spanking to ever end. Suddenly Bert again grabbed me by the hair and dragging me off my Master's lap and towed me over to the table where he bent me over the edge.

With my feet planted on the floor, my red burning ass high in the air and my tits crushed down on the tabletop my dirty drooling cunt presented a target for the bartender's are my tight blue jeans making your dick hard yet girl next door tight jeans cock and he summarily rammed it home. I screamed in pain and elation as my soiled well spanked ass cheeks and cunt were battered with the third fuck of the day.

My body was being pushed and pulled as his wonderful prick slid in and out of my eager hole. The movement of my slutty body on the tabletop was massaging my engorged clit sending erotic messages to my swarming brain. I squeezed my cunt muscles around the churning monster and it felt so good. I never wanted this to stop.

Presently Bert drove his wicked manhood deep in my pussy and held it there. As it twitched I knew that I was getting another load of sweet cum deep in my depraved body. Then there was emptiness as he pulled out leaving me on the table. I hardly had time to take a breath as Ben took his place in my cunt.

Only this time there were a few quick stokes of his wonderful mom and son fuck baby sitter and cums in her, then it was pulled out of my filthy cunt and brutally fucked deep into my burning asshole. I don't know where I found the energy to scream as the pain of the vicious sodomy ripped up my anus and along my spine.

Again and again he slammed into my already tender asshole. The pain was appalling, but I wanted it… craved it… needed it… and yes hungered after it… My Master was dominating me.

That's all that mattered. The pain soon subsided into a soft wonderful rapture. His steel cock was bringing me to yet another orgasm with each penetration. My clit was being forced down on the hard table and the ass fucking was causing my whole body to saw back and forth stimulating the little love button. I wanted that orgasm. I was waiting for it. I could feel it rising in my deepest grotto of emotion.

"Ugh… ugh… ugh…" At last the dam burst! The flood of warm fluids emptied into the wilderness of my inner soul. I was complete. This is what making love is all about. Ben kept his spent cock deep in my ass for the longest time while he allowed his sperm to drain from his overheated nuts. Then slowly inch by delicious inch he withdrew leaving a wide empty hole gaping open as his juices oozed out and dripped onto the floor below to be joined by the rest of the deposits from my saturated cunt.

I was to sore and used up to move. I could only imagine what a depraved, filthy image I presented to the world. Naked with cum all over my wicked, battered body and the slimy juices of all those spent cocks and my own discharges drooling down my legs from my open raw holes. I ached in every muscle. Somewhere behind me I heard Ben say, "Damn! That is one hell of a sexy pose I think I'll have another go right up her ass." And he did………