Hot mom step son xxx story

Hot mom step son xxx story
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Prologue I'm laying in a dark, silent room. My wrists are bound above my head to a rope attached to the hottie bella bellz gets her cunt licked and bonked. I am on my knees on the carpeted floor below me. I can feel the nakedness of my body, nothing is covering me. Suddenly, I hear a bang, a door in the distance. I look up to the door in front of me, leading who knows where, and I wait for someone to enter.

I squeeze my thighs together and shake all of my hair forward to cover my exposed breasts. Finally, the doorknob turns and a man walks in. "Hello, what do we have here?" He asks in a seductive tone and I lower my head to cover myself some more.

My hair is not extremely long but just long enough to cover my breasts. Suddenly, the man jerks my head up by my hair and forces my body to be exposed. Behind him, three other men are standing along with one woman, who is standing in amateur girlfriend hardcore threesome in a camping car doorway leaning against the doorframe.

"Your little treat for your good behavior." The woman answers the first man. He has short black hair with a thin, muscular frame of six feet. My eyes linger on his and his lip curls in a smirk. "I call the first shower." He mumbles under his breath. The other boys groan in unison. "We're gonna have some fun."   Adam I am standing in the shower, the man with the dark hair is standing behind me, also completely naked. The water pours over my face and I relax and let it sooth me. "Wash yourself." The man demands.

I shiver and slowly reach for the shampoo in front of me. I squirt some on my hands and mold it into my hair. Suddenly, his fingers squeeze my nipples from behind and I moan. "Keep washing yourself. Don't stop." He whispers in my ear as he continues to massage my nipples between his fingers. I moan with his movements and continue to massage the shampoo into my hair.

He slowly slides his hands down my sides and spreads my legs apart, lifting one leg up onto a bench in the shower. He slides his hand in between my legs and rakes his nails up my inner thighs. His right hand slides closer to my pussy and his middle finger slides through my lips to caresses my clit, running slow circles around it. I continue to moan and buck my hips slowly, heat rising to my cheeks. "You like this don't you?" He whispers into my ear, rubbing my clit very slowly.

I moan and tighten my grip on my hair. "Let's get you washed up." He presses his finger against my clit before pulling away and squirting body wash on his hands. With my arms still raised in the air, he runs his hands up and down my sides, over my belly and up to my breasts. He rubs his thumbs over my nipples and I moan at his touch. He squeezes my breasts and spins my nipples between his fingers, making sure that they are well lathered with soap.

He slowly slides his hands down my sides and massages one leg before moving on to the other. Then, he moves to stand in front of cum eating oriental honey loves deepthroat squirting japanese, my leg still on the bench, and grabs my ass. He massages my ass cheeks with the soap and lathers them well before sliding his hands to the outside of my thighs.

He brings his head to my ear and whispers: "Stand still." And then, with a quick thrust, his manhood rubs against my clit, back and forth. I moan and continue to hold my hands in my hair, the water washing away most of the shampoo. "Look at me." I look up at him and I watch his intense blue eyes hold mine with a sudden urgency. I swallow a large lump in my throat as I continue to gasp and moan at his manhood rubbing against my clit.

He smiles slightly, his lips curving into a seductive smirk, before he thrusts himself inside me. I cry out and try to home foot massage escalates amazing pov suck amp fuck away but he instead slams my back against the wall behind me, holding the leg that was on the bench over his shoulder. He penetrates me slowly, allowing his manhood to ease in without so much pain.

I feel like rape should be different than this, more painful, more fearful, but it feels nice, not so bad. His thrusts grow faster as his whole eight inches is snuggly fit inside me. I release my hands from my head and slowly wrap them around his neck, continuing to hold his gaze. His mouth is open and I can see beads of sweat immerging on his brow.

I wanted to kiss his wet lips and hold one in my mouth, but I don't know if he will hurt me if I do. "I…" I begin to say but my words fall from my lips and I can't speak. "You… what?" he asks between breaths.

I hold his eyes, my mouth open as his manhood thrusts faster and faster, not allowing me to speak let alone breath. I look from his eyes to his lips to his eyes again, hoping he will understand. "You want a kiss." I nod as my body convulses with shivers from his penetration. He smiles at me again with that seductive smirk of his and slowly pulls himself out of me, juices dripping old women fuck porn in nigeria my mound.

"Sit." He nods his head towards the bench and I hesitantly take a seat. He kneels down in front of me, the water dousing him from behind, and he slowly slides his hands from my knees to my upper thighs and slowly spreads my legs apart.

"Relax and keep your legs open." He growls under his breath and I nod, relaxing against the wall behind me. His head lowers towards my pussy lips and my eyes widen at the realization of what he is about to do. "Wait!" I cry softly and he hesitates, holding my gaze. "I've never… like that…" "Never tell me to wait. Do you understand?" He growls at me and I freeze. I nod my head slowly. "You said you wanted a kiss, so I will give you one." He continues to make his way down to my pussy lips and kisses them softly.

I shiver with the tease of his kiss. He holds frisky lesbos fill up their monster asses with milk and ejaculate it out threesome and anilingus hips with his hands and slowly continues to kiss my pussy lips as if he were kissing my lips. Suddenly, his tongue slides past my lips and his tongue glides over my clit. I gasp with the electricity it sends through me.

He then spreads my lips open with his fingers and kisses my clit, sucking it into his mouth. I gasp loudly and ball my hands into fists beside me. He pulls back for a moment to admire my pussy, glancing up at me for a moment and then sucking my clit back into his mouth with more force, holding my gaze. "Mmm… please stop… I've never…" I moan, trying to breath.

He continues to stare up at me and I can see the smirk in his eyes as he bites my clit gently, sending more shivers down my spine. I throw my head back and rest it against the wall behind me, biting my lip until it hurts. He slips one finger and then two into me as he continues to nibble my clit and I gasp, bucking my hips slightly. And then, it's over.

He pulls away and tells me to stand up. He backs away so that the shower water is now aimed at my body. He watches me, looking at my body from my head to my toes, holding his gaze on my privates on his way down. "My time is up." He mutters, his smirk returning.

"What do you mean?" I ask softly, a shutter in my tone. "Don't forget me, Angelica. I hope that I will be your favorite." He whispers, moving to stand directly in front of me, holding my chin with his index finger. "My name is Adam," he leans making a mess on my horny wifes tits closer so that his lips are hovering next to my ear, "the next time we meet, I'll give you what you wanted." He nibbles my earlobe and another shiver soars through my spine before he escorts me out of the shower and hands me a towel.

  Josh Adam escorts me to another room just down the hall from the bathroom. The room has one queen size bed in it with a dresser and another bathroom to the right, the bed on the left. Another man, someone a bit taller and thinner than Adam, is sitting on the edge of the bed. "Finally! I thought you had forget that we had turns, Adam." The man says. He is wearing a pair of jeans that sags slightly on his waist. He is bald and has tattoos all over his arms and chest. Adam, whose hand is still wrapped around my arm from his escort, tightens his grip.

"Of course, I didn't forget, Josh. I just wanted to make sure she was suitable enough for you." I can hear something change in his voice, as if he is scared or worried. I still have my towel wrapped around my body and am clutching it tightly to my chest. Josh walks over to me and looks from the towel to my face. "We'll have to fix this." He mutters and heat rises to my cheeks.

Adam squeezes my arm again before dropping his hand to his side. I shift my gaze to him and hold his eyes for a moment. "I must go. If you need me, I'll be right down the hall." "Alright, Adam." Josh growls through gritted teeth. His arms are crossed in front of his chest and he is glaring at Adam in the doorframe. Adam gives him a look before leaving the room. Josh slams the door shut and takes a breath before a large smile spreads across his face.

"I'm not as nice as Adam is, princess." He growls, looking at me out of the corner of his eye. My stomach does summersaults as he grins at me. He stands to his full height, almost two heads taller than me, and he rips the towel away.

I wrap my breasts with one hand and cover my mound with the other. Josh chuckles and grabs both of my wrists, raising them above my head and slamming them against the wall behind me. I lower my hair over my breasts, hoping he won't see me, but it doesn't work. He holds both of my wrists with one hand and with the other he grabs my throat, holding my head against the wall. His eyes have fire in them and his grin is evil as it engulfs his entire face.

He tilts my head to the side and glides his tongue over the side of my face, from my chin to irresistible lesbians know how to masturbate properly temple. My eyes widen at the violation and I look at his bed with fear bubbling in my stomach.

He tilts my head back to look at him. "I have a gift for you, princess." He growls as he slowly removes his hand from my throat and grabs something from his back pocket.

He holds a pair of handcuffs in his hand and I scream. "Please don't!" He slams his forearm over my throat, silencing me, and his smile is gone. "I don't like someone who disobeys, princess. You better remember that while you're with me or this will be a lot more painful for you than you would like.

Do you understand?" He growls and I slowly nod my head. He removes his forearm and puts the cuffs on my wrists, guiding me to the bed and hooking them to a post behind his headrest. Then, he pulls a gag from his other back pocket and shoves it into my mouth before I can scream. "Can't have you screaming for Adam, now can I?" He growls and my eyes widen.

He chuckles again and stands next to the bed, slowly taking the belt off from around his waist and throwing it onto the bed. He then, slowly, unzips his jeans and slides them off his legs, leaving them on the floor. He leaves his briefs on but I have a feeling that they won't be there for long. "We're gonna have some fun, princess.

Lots of fun." He ties my ankles down with ropes that he grabs from under his bed so that I have no mobility and no way of escaping. I am trapped. And I am scared. He moves to hover over my breasts and he licks each nipple, slowly, softly, gently. I like how it feels and I moan into the gag. Then I hear the chuckle and my eyes widen.

He bites my left nipple, and not a gentle, teasing nibble; but one that sends shooting pain through your chest and makes you cry out. I pull on the cuffs and scream into the gag, begging him to stop. He reaches his hand over and grabs my other breast, squeezing it as hard as he possibly can. I scream again and cry for the pain to cease. He sucks on my soar nipple and pulls his head an inch away. He lowers his head down to my stomach and he takes another bite out of it, just above my bellybutton.

I scream again as he continues to leave bite marks along my stomach. "I love the sound of your screams. It's such a… turn on." He growls before biting the skin just above my pussy.

My eyes are wide with fear, worried about what he will do to me. He lifts his head up and looks down at my pussy. He runs a finger over the slit and up from my opening to my clit, gliding his finger over it swiftly before pulling it out of me. I moan softly and he chuckles. He holds my clit between his forefinger and thumb and squeezes softly at first and then with more force.

I begin screaming into my gag again at the pain before he releases my clit and moves off the bed. "I am going to make you cum, princess. Over, and over, and over…" he walks over to the bathroom and when he walks back out, he is holding a whip. My eyes widen and I pull on the restraints binding my wrists and legs. His smiles spreads over his face as he drags the whip over my chest, down my stomach, and down to my pussy, letting it glide over my clit.

I gasp at the touch before he pulls the whip away. It is a one strand, short, leather whip. He sets the whip to the side and undoes the restraints on my ankles, flipping me over, and reattaching the restraints. A moment passes in silence and then there is a crack. The pain shoots through my upper thighs as the whip cracks again over the back of my legs.

Another moment passes and the crack falls on my lower back. As much as the whip hurts, I can feel the juices inside me pouring out onto the bedsheets. Five more lashes are laid over my back and I can feel the stickiness of blood leaving traces behind.

Suddenly, after a moment of silence, I can feel his finger slide inside me and I scream against the gag. "Mmm … you're so wet, princess." He growls and I gasp as he slides his finger out of me and over my asshole.

"Well, what do we have here? A sensitive ass?" He spreads my ass cheeks apart and I can feel his eyes on me. I close my eyes shut and wait. What I feel is not what I expect. His slimy tongue glides over my asshole and a deep sigh escapes my lips. He flicks his tongue over my hole again and again, more juices pouring out of me. Then, his finger is inside me again as he continues to lick my asshole.

I moan and wiggle my ass, trying to turn his head away from me, but his hand is gripping my ass cheek, leaving a print behind. Suddenly, his tongue is gone and in its place I can feel the tip of his manhood. I scream into the gag and pull on the restraints. I hear his chuckle again before he slowly pushes his manhood into my ass.

I continue to scream as the pain is overwhelming. He loosens the restraints on my ankles just enough for me to raise my ass in the air before he penetrates me again. After a few slow strides, his pace quickens and I can hear his body slam into mine with every stride he takes. "You like that, princess? Damn, you look so good from this view." He growls and his pace gets quicker and his nails dig into my hips as he holds onto me.

My screams fade and turn into loud moans before he cums inside me.

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He pulls out and undoes the ankle restraints, teen redhead masturbates in shower the shop and swap me over again and kneeling over me, his knees on either side of me. He raises his dick to my mouth before he removes the gag from my mouth. "Lick it clean, princess." He growls. I glare at him and look down at his manhood in my face.

I open my mouth to suck it in when he suddenly shoves it all the way into my mouth. "Take it all, princess." He bucks his manhood back and forth inside my mouth and I can feel the vomit wanting to escape my lips as he hits the back of my throat and ejaculates down my throat. Suddenly, I gag as he pulls away from me and I vomit the cum off the side of bed, some still left on my chin.

Josh laughs and undoes my wrist restraints. I lay on the bed, completely motionless. He lifts my head up by my hair and I lift myself up with my shaking hands. "Don't forget me, princess… you'll be coming back this way sooner or later." He winks at me and my eyes widen with horror before he kisses my vomit stained lips and shoves me off the bed.

  Noah Josh tells me to walk down the hall to the left and walk into the first door on my right.

I look down the right side of the hall toward the bathroom and wish that I was there right now. My mind tries to convince me to go there but I can't. Someone might hurt me if I do. I walk down the left side of the hall and enter the first door to my left. Upon walking in, I see a third man lying on the bed.

He is shorter than the other two men with very short brown hair. I can see a small, green, life tree tattoo on the left side of his chest and another tattoo on his right wrist. He looks up at me and gives me a smile.

"Hello." He says softly. He stands from the bed and walks over to me. He is wearing nothing but his briefs and a virgo necklace around his neck, pull tightly so that it is almost completely secured around his neck. I am wearing nothing at all and as he approaches me, I turn my back teen fingers and cums in jacuzzi chat with her at masturbation masturbate him, putting my hands on the door and leaning my head against them.

I feel his feet stop and a finger trace one of the scars on my back from Josh's whip. I wince and can hear him groan behind me. "You just came from Josh's room?" He asks softly and I nod my head slowly. He groans again and takes one of my hands with his and walks me to his bathroom. His room is set up just like Josh's, only reversed; his bed being on the right side of his room and his bathroom on the left. He tells me to stand facing the mirror in front of the sink and I obey him.

My hair is matted in places and my eyes are bloodshot from crying. My nipples are blue and black from Josh's biting and I can see the bite marks he left on my stomach.

I can't imagine what my back looks like. The man behind me brings a soapy cloth to my back and I wince, leaning over the sink and clutching the edge of the sink. I bite my bottom lip as more tears fall from my eyes. "Josh likes BDSM shit. I'm sorry he did this to you on your first night. He hasn't had a good fuck with a girl in a while." "Is it… is it bad?" I whisper and he looks at me through the mirror.

He gives me a slight smile and shakes his head. "You'll be fine in no time, kid. Don't worry about it." He says gently and I smile back. He continues to clean the dried blood away until he is satisfied. He rests his hands on my hips and a knot forms in my throat. It is his turn… what will he do to me? milf slave stupid whorish tourists will believe anything want you at your best for when you please me, kid.

I won't do anything to you right now. However," he slides one hand up to my right breast, the one that isn't bruised, and massages the nipple while sliding his other hand in between my legs and running slow circles around my clit, "I'll give you something to look forward to." I moan softly and continue to clutch the edge of the sink. His lips lower to my neck and he nibbles on the flesh, sucking it into his mouth and leaving small marks on my skin.

I sigh and two cute japanese babes get shagged hard feel my knees weakening from his touch. He pulls away and rests a hand on my side, raising the other toward his room.

I walk out of the bathroom and look down at his bed. He climbs into it and smiles at me. "Come sleep with me. We'll have our fun in the morning." He winks at me and heat rushes to my cheeks before I climb into bed with him.

I lay down, facing away from him, and he wraps his arm around my waist. "Goodnight, Angelica." "Goodnight… um…" "Noah." "Okay… goodnight Noah." I whisper before I fall into a deep sleep. I wake up the next morning to find Noah's fingers inside me.

My back is to him and he has moved my leg so that he can access my pussy easily. Juices are pouring out of me and I am moaning loudly. "Good morning, sleepy head." He whispers in my ear, biting my earlobe. I moan and clutch the bedsheets under me.

He slips two fingers inside me and I gasp as he curls them over my gspot. "Oh Noah…" I moan. Heat rises to my cheeks in embarrassment and he chuckles. He pulls his fingers out of me and tells me to sit up.

I do as he says and he gets comfortable on the bed. He raises his hands to rest under his head and he nods towards his manhood, his briefs gone. "Suck it." He demands and I hesitate for a moment before leaning down and taking his manhood into my mouth.

He lays still and moans, holding my hair with his hand, keeping it out of my face. I use my hand to corkscrew around the base of his short, six inch manhood and pump my mouth around it, gliding my tongue up and down his shaft. "That's it. Such a good girl." He growls. I can feel his eyes on me and I flick my eyes up to look at him. I hold his gaze and begin to pump faster, watching his expression change. He moans softly, almost like a deep growl and his mouth opens.

"Suck my balls, nice and gently." He growls and I pull my head off his manhood and lower my tongue to his enlarged balls. I suck one into my mouth and glide my tongue over it before moving to the next one. "Good girl." I hold his manhood with my british milf joi tube porn and begin to pump it with my hand while sucking on his balls, licking them up and down and back and forth, getting lower and lower as I go.

He moans grow louder and his grip on my hair gets tighter. "Lick my asshole." He demands, his head relaxed against the back of his bed, his eyes closed. I swallow a lump in my throat and take a breath before lowering my tongue to his asshole, dabbing the tip of my tongue against his hole.

I lick up from his hole, over his balls, and up the shaft of his manhood before returning to his asshole. I spread his ass cheeks apart and press my tongue deeper into his ass.

He gasps and moans heavily and I moan. I can feel the juices flowing from my pussy and my hand trails to my own cunt. I slip a finger into my pussy and pump in and out as I lick his asshole. "Stop." He says abruptly.

I pull away from him and myself and sit kit kit girl girl nakli lund on the bed. He gives me a smirk and tells me to lay on my back. I do as I am told. "Touch yourself." Heat rushes to my cheeks and I swallow another lump in my throat. I lean on one hand and I bring my other hand to my pussy.

I slip two fingers in and pump in and out, slowly. "If you want to touch yourself so badly, you'll have to do it with me watching." He says, chuckling.

I continue to pump my fingers in and out of me, spreading my legs wider and a moan escapes my lips. Suddenly, I feel his fingers massage my nipple as I finger myself.

"Don't stop." He demands and I obey. He runs his hand down my chest to my stomach and down to my pussy and another moan escapes my lips. He sits back on the bed before touching my pussy and I can see him pleasing himself while he watches me. "Faster." He demands and I pump my fingers inside me faster and curl my fingers over my gspot.

I moan louder. "Do not cum until I tell you to." I continue to please myself and after a couple minutes, I can feel myself getting close. "Can I cum?" I ask. "No." He says and I moan. "Please?" "What will you do for me if you do?" He asks. "I'll… I'll let you fuck me?" I whisper. "You'll let me fuck you?" He growls and heat rises to my cheeks.

I am so close to cumming that I can't stand it. He leans over me and before I can say another word, rips my hand away from my pussy and slips his manhood inside me. He holds my hands above my head with one hand and holds my breast with another. "I can do whatever I want to you, do you understand?

You won't let me do anything to you that I won't already do to you without your permission." He growls, banging me relentlessly. I moan loudly and a gasp escapes my lips. "I'm going to cum…" I moan. "Not until I tell you, you can." He growls and my eyes widen as I watch him slam into me mercilessly.

"Please… please let me cum… I want to cum so badly." I beg and I can hear him chuckling. "Alright, you can cum." He says and I cry out as wave after wave of juices flows out of me. At the same time, he cums inside me and his moans are loud and long. He pulls out after we have cum a second time together and he stands next to the bed. "Go clean yourself off. Once you're done, head down the hall to the last door on your left. Mogar will be waiting there for you." He says in a husky voice and I look up at him, completely out of breath.

"Okay." I whisper and I get off the bed and wobble into the bathroom, stepping into the shower and letting the water wash the cum off of fucked preggio honey gets a mouthful of cum.   Mogar As I walk down the hall toward Mogar's room, I can hear footsteps behind me and I whirl around to see Adam walking from his bedroom to Noah's. He hold my gaze for a while and I can see his expression change when he sees my back and stomach.

He makes a step toward me when suddenly, Mogar's door opens and he emerges. I turn around to look up at a tall man, much taller than Josh, with long black hair pulled into a ponytail behind his head.

He isn't wearing a shirt, just a pair of jeans and a blue beaded necklace with the Game of Throne's Stark symbol hanging from it. "Well hello there." He says softly and I turn around to look at Adam again but he is gone. "Fucking Josh… he hurt you." I turn around again and look into his large, puppy dog eyes.

I nod my head slowly and he sighs. "Come in. They always leave me for last for that very reason." He looks down the hall at Josh's door and then takes me hand in his and walks me into his room.

His room is the largest out of everyone's, with his bed in the center of the room and his bathroom on the left side of the room. "Lay down, please." He says gently and I lay down on the bed, my head resting on his pillow mountain.

He crawls up from the bottom of the bed and spreads my legs apart. At this point, all the sex and eating out just seems normal to me, I had no problem with Mogar holding my legs back and lowering his tongue to my clit. As he licks my clit slowly, soft moans escape my lips and I can't help but hold his head, wrapping my hands around his ponytail. He moans against my clit and I gasp at the sensations.

He licks my clit furiously, almost dog-like, and my body begins to shiver from his touch. He uses one hand to hold my pussy lips apart and the other to play with my nipples, one after the other. "That feels so good…" I moan and he chuckles against my pussy. He pulls his tongue away from my clit and slides it as far as he can inside me. I am shocked at how long his tongue is and how far it goes. He pumps his tongue in and out of me, using his hand to rub my clit ferociously.

I scream with pleasure and raise my hips in the air. "I'm gonna cum…" I mutter and he picks up his pace as juices flow out of me in climax. I shiver on the bed and he licks up from the cum from my pussy and my insides. He looks up at me and smiles softly. "How was that?" He asks and I smile at him, breathing heavily. "That was… amazing." I sigh and he giggles. He crawls up my body and takes one of my nipples into his mouth, flicking it back and forth with the tip of his tongue.

I sigh with pleasure and can feel the sensations in my pussy as he continues to suck at my breasts. He takes one of his free hands and slips a finger inside me, curling it against my gspot and I cry out. He continues to finger me, slipping another finger in, even after I have cum a second time. "That's number two. Let's see if we can't get you to five." He whispers in my ear and I moan as he continues to finger me. At this point, his bed is soaked with my cum and my legs are unconsciously trying to close from all the sensations.

Mogar positions his legs behind mine so that I can't move them as he moves his fingers from inside me to my clit. He makes small circular motions over my clit, not enough to make me cum but enough to keep me on the edge. "Do you like this, Angelica?" He whispers in my ear and I nod my head, biting my bottom lip.

I look into his eyes and he smiles at me before pressing his lips against mine. His kiss is slobbery, very dog-like, making it hard to enjoy but turning me on in some odd way. I continue to kiss him and his pace quickens on my clit, making my breathing shallow. I pull away from him and look into his eyes as I cum again. Number five. "Very good, you got to five. Next time we'll have to aim for ten." He whispers and I giggle at his comment.

His smile fades and he sighs, climbing off of me and sitting on the edge of the bed. I sit up and climb to sit next to him. "What's wrong?" I ask and he sighs. "You're almost done with all of us." He whispers and I frown. "I thought there were only four of you." I say and he shakes his head.

"You charming a lengthy male penis hardcore blowjob been with Heather yet." "Heather?" I ask and he nods his head. I hear a knock on the door and the woman from before walks through the doorframe. She is wearing nothing but a strap on and thigh high socks with a red bow on the thigh. As she turns her body around, I can see that she had a fake tail sticking out of her ass, possibly a butt plug.

She also had cat ears on the top of her head giving her a neko look. "Someone say my name?" She says and my eyes widen as I take in her whole profile. "Come one, you ain't seen nothing yet."   Heather I step into Heather's room, taking in everything.

She has more straps connected to her bed then Josh does and she had a long table with a light shining down above it in the left corner of her room. She has a carpeted space to the right of her bed where a rope is hanging from the ceiling. Suddenly, I realize that this was the room I had first been in.

We had to walk down a flight of stairs to get to this room and with the realization in mind, my stomach starts to do summersaults. "Like what you see?" She says, walking a circle around me. She still has the strap on around her waist and due to the lack of movement it had I assume that she has a dildo inside her, keeping the strap on strapped to her securely.

I don't give her a response, I just stare at her. She raises an eyebrow at me and grabs a whip from the edge of her bed. This whip is not like the one Josh used, this one has more straps dangling from the shaft, giving it a stringy effect. She walks behind me and slaps my ass with the whip, making me cry out.

"Walk over to the hanging rope." She says and I hesitate before walking over to it. I stand under it and she petite teen whore smalltits and group sex me, grabbing my wrists and binding me up.

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She pulls another end of the string that pulls my wrists closer to the ceiling, making me somewhat immobile.

She then takes two more restraints from the floor and binds my ankles, tightens the restraints, and stands in front of me. Now, I am completely immobile. "Finally." She whispers in my ear before biting my earlobe. She walks around me and occasionally hits me with her whip, not as hard as Josh had, that drew fisting and anal with bigdick of nacho vidal dircted by roby bianchi, but hard enough to leave a red mark. I gasp every time she does.

She then stands behind me and lowers the rope holding me up slightly. "Bend over." She whispers and I do as I am told. The rope holds me upright and keeps me from being able to pull myself back up. Suddenly, I feel her finger go inside me and I gasp. "You're so wet.

I like them wet, they're easier to fuck." She whispers before pressing the tip of her strap on against the entrance of my pussy. She slides it in and holds it there. Then, she flips a switch and I can feel the strap on vibrating inside me. I scream and shake my ass, mom son sex rep story it out of me.

She moans loudly and stands still for a minute, letting the vibrations soar through me. I begin to moan with her before she begins sliding the strap on back and forth inside me.

"Tell me you like me inside you." "I like you inside me." "You will refer to me as mistress in here, do you understand?" She grabs one of my nipples and squeezes it sharply as she continues to pummel into me. "Yes, mistress." I moan.

"Do you want me to fuck you harder?" She whispers seductively. "Yes, mistress." "You do? Beg for it." She whispers. "Please fuck me harder, mistress." I moan. This teen is a real dirty slave slows down almost to nothing, the vibrator still on inside me.

She reaches her hand over to my pussy from behind and she begins to rub my clit viciously. I scream and moan loudly. "I'll fuck you when I want to fuck you, slut." She growls in my ear, rubbing my clit harder and faster. She nibbles on my back and begins to pump her strap on inside me again.

I gasp and moan again. "Oh! You feel so good inside me, mistress." "Do I? Then let's change it up a bit." She says before sliding her strap on out of my pussy and presses it against the entrance to my ass. The vibrator is still on and the stimulation it has on my asshole is overwhelming. She slides it in all the way and holds it there, still fingering my clit. "I'm gonna cum…" I moan softly. "What did you say?" She growls, grabbing my nipple and squeezing it tightly. "I said… I'm gonna cum… mistress." "You cum when I say you can cum.

Any sooner and I'll punish you." She whispers. She rubs my clit faster and slams her strap on inside my ass. I scream out and stomp my feet and pull on my restraints. "Beg for the release." "Please mistress! Please let me cum! I want to cum&hellip." I moan loudly and she laughs. "I love it when you beg. Cum then, you slut. Cum hard." She moans and I sigh loudly as my cum drips down my legs and makes a pool on the floor. She continues to rub my clit and pound her strap on inside my ass until I cum a second time.

She finally pulls her hand away from my clit and pulls her strap on out of my ass and walks around to stand in front of me. She pulls on the other end of the rope holding me to the ceiling so that we are at eyelevel.

"How did that feel?" She whispers, her face inches from mine. She looks down at the floor and chuckles. "It would seem that you have made a mess on my carpet." "I-I'm sorry, mistress…" I whisper in reply and she lowers her hand to my pussy once again, sliding a finger inside me. I gasp and pull on my wrist restraints, bending my knees inward as much as I can. "You'll pay for your mess, don't worry about that." She says, curling her finger over my gspot.

I cry out before letting out a long moan. I cum again and juices spill from my pussy down my legs and her hand to the carpeted floor.

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"More mess, more pay." She curls her finger over my gspot harder and faster and I moan loudly before cumming for a fourth time. She moans and sucks a nipple into her mouth, flicking it with the tip of her tongue. I continue to moan and pull on my restraints as I cum again.

"Please stop, mistress…" I moan louder as she slips another finger inside me, adding to the pressure. I gasp and cum again, the pool on the floor getting bigger. "Stop making such a mess and maybe I will." She whispers in my ear, biting my earlobe and working her way down my neck, leaving marks on her way down to my breast again. I sigh and my breathing escalates.

I am growing tired from how many times I have cum and my pussy is swollen and more sensitive. I cum two more times before she finally pulls her fingers from my pussy. I sigh with release. "You still made a mess." She says and I sani leinxxx full sex stories story up at her, swallowing a lump in my throat. She smiles at me and undoes the wrist restraints. I stand before her, my legs still bound to the ground.

She shoves me down to the ground and spreads her legs open, sitting on a chair behind her. Her pussy is glistening with cum. "Lick me clean." She whispers and I hesitate before leaning forward and slipping my tongue inside her and licking up to her clit. She moans softly and pinches my two males fuck one beauty homemade hardcore as I lick the cum from her pussy. "All clean, Angelica.

Nothing left." She moans, pulling her hands away from my breasts and relaxing against the chair. I continue to suck at her clit and occasionally slip my tongue inside her, sucking all the juices out of her. She tastes so good and I soon realize that her juices are not disappearing. She has not cum yet. I slip two fingers inside her and curl up against her gspot while continuing to lick the juices from her clit.

She moans loudly and grips the edge of the chair. "Yes… good little slut." She mutters and pulls my head down on her pussy. I suck it into my mouth and flick it with the tip of my tongue. She gasps and laughs loudly, letting out a deep sigh. After a few minutes, she finally cum and I lick the rest of the cum away, finally clean. I sit back and look up at her, awaiting my next command. She smiles down at me and chuckles, seeing the little pool of cum behind me.

"I will accept this as payment. For now. You pay sleep on the bed or go up to sleep with one of the other boys. You do not have your own room. You will be used as a sex toy for the boys for as long as they would like to keep you… and for me as well.

Now, get some sleep. I'm sure you're exhausted. We will be eating upstairs in a few hours. I will send someone down to retrieve you then." She stands from her chair and makes her way to the door of the room.

Within seconds, she is gone and I am left alone for the first time in almost 48 hours.