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Sex xxx vidos 2019 porn
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Fbailey story number 542 Shy Girl My Ass I was with my mother at a Chinese Buffet when a jessa rhodes fucks to save her mommy and her daughter sat right in my line of sight.

The daughter was really cute but she was dressed like a holly holler church girl. The mother on the other hand was wearing a very short blue jean miniskirt and a short top that exposed most of her midriff section. The mother was not wearing a bra and her large nipples looked like two headlights.

She had my undivided attention. Then she sat down, her knees separated, and her bright white panties came into view. Oh my God! Mom thought that I was looking at her as we talked but in reality I was looking over her shoulder at that woman.

I was treated to her getting up and sitting down several times and each time was just as exciting. I was in love with her panty-covered pussy. When it was time to pay our bill and leave the woman and her daughter got up too. As our mothers waited to pay, the daughter stood next me.

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She said, "Here. My mother told me to take these off and give them to you." Then she handed me her panties. I looked at them in my hand. She said, "Aren't you supposed to smell them or something." I was too startled to know what to do but I held them up to my nose and inhaled just as her mother smiled at me. I had never been so embarrassed in my life. Both mothers walked over to us.

Hot amateur passenger railed in the cab to off her fare pornstars hardcore said, "This is Mrs. Greene and she said that you couldn't take your eyes off her daughter so we have been invited to her house for a swim and a barbecue later." I was told to ride with them. Mrs. Greene told us to sit in the backseat together.

The girl whispered, "Now you know what I have to put up with. I cannot believe that she made me give my panties to you. How humiliating." I whispered back, "My name is Fran who are you." She replied, "Betty Sue and I'm fourteen, a virgin, and I've always been shy around boys." I replied, "I'm fourteen too, also a virgin, and I've always been shy around girls. But you're different." She said, "You too. I never talk to boys like I'm talking to you." At her house we were sent up to Betty Sue's bedroom to change…with very specific instructions…that we put on matching orange tear drop bathing suits.

Betty Sue took my hand and we walked up the stairs to the second floor and all the way down to the end of a long hallway. Her mother shouted out, "You might want to shave." Once inside Betty Sue said, "My mother is going to embarrass me to death one of these days. That orange bathing suite as she called it has less material in it than the panties that I gave you, and that includes your orange bathing suite too." Then she took them out of a drawer and held them up for me.

Oh my God! Then Betty Sue said, "To top it off they turn invisible when they get wet. I'll have to shave my pubic hair off to wear it." I looked into her beautiful face for the first time and she smiled at me as I said, "Please don't shave your pussy. I'd like to see your hair down there. None of the girls on the Internet have hair." Betty Sue said, "As long as you're going to see me nude in the pool I might as well let you look now. Can you help me with the buttons." Then she turned around.

I undid six buttons down her back from her neck to her waist. As it opened she said, "I'm not wearing a bra." I laughed and said, "You're not wearing any panties either." Then I slipped the dress forward over her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. Her back was smooth and her butt was perfectly rounded. I bet she could be a blue jean model. She took a deep breath and turned around to face me. She looked me in the eye, she smiled, and then she kissed me gently on the lips.

I held her waist and stepped back enough to scan her entire body. I immediately fell in love or possibly lust. Jada stevens gets anal sex from huge black cock said, "You are my dream girl, the one that I jerk off too, and the one that I plan on marrying and have children with." Betty Sue smiled, kissed me again, and said, "I'm flattered to hear that.

I feel like we are soul mates." I undressed and let her get a look at my hard-on. Betty Sue giggled and said, "That won't fit in that swimsuit. Lets make it go down." I started to jerk off but she took me over to her bed, she sat on the edge, and then she said, "Why don't you just stick it in me.

We both want it." She held my cock in one hand, she opened her pussy lips with the other hand, and then she pulled me into her. At that instant we no longer virgins, we had merged our bodies into one, and I knew that we really were soul mates.

I could feel energy from her coming up through my cock and enter my brain. She soon would be feeling my cum entering her body. However, in the meantime my cock was caressing the lining of her silky smooth pussy. I had been jerking off for years but sex with Betty Sue was out of this world.

My climax was so intense that I hardly noticed that she was experiencing an equally intense orgasm of her own.

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Once my head cleared I heard Betty Sue saying how wonderful sex was and how glad she was that we did it. I could not agree with her more. My cock went soft, we sexy asian babe sucks off an older guy cleaned up, and then we put on our matching swimsuits and went down to the swimming pool.

Mom and Mrs. Greene were waiting for us and they were wearing the same teardrop bikini that Betty Sue was wearing only in lilac and yellow colors.

In fact it was exactly the same size but with them being bigger in size it covered even less. I wondered if Mom knew that it would become transparent when it got wet. Betty Sue had relatively small breasts perhaps 32-B while my mother had medium size breasts at 36-C, however Mrs. Greene had huge breasts at probably 40-DDD. Seeing them standing side by side was like looking into the future. I could actually visualize Betty Sue's breasts growing over time.

I said, "Shall we get wet?" Then I jumped into the deep end of the pool and swam across to the shallow end to stand up. I looked back to see Betty Sue jump in and swim underwater to me. When she stood up I kept her back to my mother. Mom jumped in and swam to me. She was followed by Mrs.


Mom had swam past me before she stood up and turned around. Being in shallower water her breasts and her pussy were above the water. Also being on that side she looked directly at Betty Sue. Mom said, "Betty Sue your suit is transparent." I looked at Mom, at her nipples, at her freshly shaved pussy, and said, "Your suit is too Mom. By the way I like your nipples and I really like your pussy. Who shaved you?" Just then Mrs.

Greene stepped around me so that we were on a circle of sorts. Betty Sue asked, "And who shaved your pussy Mom." Mrs. Greene said sarcastically, "Certainly not the same person that shaved your pussy." Betty Sue said, "He likes my pubic hair and asked me not to shave it." Then in the very next breath she said, "We both got over our shyness and we lost our virginities." She let that sink in and followed it up with, "He also wants to examine your pussies, so lets get out of these suits and sit up on the edge of the pool." She tossed her suit and then helped my mother out of hers, while Mrs.

Greene took care of her own. Mom sat up on the edge, Betty Sue pushed her down onto the ground, and opened up her legs.

Like she did up in her bedroom she opened Mom's pussy lips with one hand and pulled my cock into lasbeen sex young girl 2 girl fingring mother's pussy with the other hand. Mom asked, "Are you fucking me?" Betty Sue replied, "No! Of course not! He's just checking your pussy out with his cock." Mrs. Greene started laughing and Betty Sue said, "He will be checking out your pussy pretty soon so you might as well get ready." I did not understand what she was up too but I was willing to go along with it.

How often does a virgin get to fuck three women his first time out and one of them is his mother? Betty Sue lifted my mother's legs up onto my shoulders so that every time that I slammed into her, her ass and her tits giggled. I smiled when Mom lifted her head and smiled at me. She said, "You know I have thought about this ever since you started masturbating into my used panties. I leave them on top of the hamper for you to find. Then the next morning I rub your dried cum into my pussy and play with my clit thinking about your cum impregnating me." Startled I asked, "Aren't you on the pill?" Mom said, "I don't have to be, I had my tubes tied." Mrs.

Greene said, "Hey, me too. What are the odds." With the excitement of the moment I started cumming inside Mom. When I pulled out, Betty Sue pushed me right into her mother. We talked the whole time that I was fucking Mrs. Greene. Betty Sue pretty much said that she and I needed to start sleeping together. Then she suggested that we sleep in my bed one night and in her bed the next night. She told both mothers that I would be fucking them when I stayed at their homes. Our mothers talked it over and said that Betty Sue could do whatever she wanted too.

At that I started cumming in her mother. When I pulled out of her mother, Betty Sue pulled me back into her own pussy. While I fucked Betty Sue in pretty teen rubs a big palpitating cock girlfriend homemade backyard our mothers started the barbecue.

Everyone stayed naked without any concern of being seen. That night Betty Sue slept in my bed. I had actually had enough sex to fall asleep without holding my cock in my hand, instead I held onto one of Betty Sue's breasts as we spooned in bed together.

Mom woke us and made us breakfast before she left for work. Betty Sue stopped her, had her bend over the kitchen table, and then Betty Sue lifted Mom's dress and lowered her panties so that I could deposit a fresh load in her.

Betty Sue then lifted her panties, lowered her dress, and kissed her goodbye. Mom smiled as she headed out the door. At noon Mom called us.

She was on her way home, her pussy needed more cum, and she asked Betty Sue if I had any left to give her. Betty Sue made sure that I was hard and ready when Mom walked through the door. It was a twenty-minute drive to and from work so we only had a few minutes for sex. Watching my mother suck my cum out of my girlfriend's pussy while I fucked my mother from behind was all the stimulation that I needed.

After I filled my mother's pussy Betty Sue used Mom's panties to wipe cum off Mom's face and then helped back into them for her return to work. Mom called Betty Lovely teenie spreads yummy slit and gets deflorated during her afternoon break to tell her how thrilled she was that Betty Sue was willing to share me with her.

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When I asked Betty Sue why she let me fuck our mothers she replied, "Because we are soul mates, because I know that you love me, and because I love you unconditionally.

Our mothers need your wonderful cock just as much as I do." We headed over to Betty Sue's house and arrived in plenty of time to greet her mother at the door. Betty Sue and I were both nude and I was then introduced to Mrs. Greene's sister Charlene. A much younger sister too. Charlene was twenty-two years old, single, and a stripper. Betty Sue said, "Aunt Charlene, keep your filthy hands off my man." Then Betty Sue turned to me and said, "If she had ravishing latina has some kinky alone time masturbation and brunette many cocks sticking out of her as she has had sticking into her, she would be a fucking porcupine." Mrs.

Greene started laughing and said, "Ain't that the truth." Charlene said, "That's okay I don't fuck for free anymore and I only came to congratulate my shy niece on becoming a woman." Somehow I found the need to say, "Spreading your legs doesn't make to a woman." Charlene smiled at me and said, "Don't get your panties in a bunch. I was only joking. Congratulation on landing yourself one fine girl." Charlene stayed for dinner then she had to rush off to the club that she danced at.

Betty Sue had me fuck her mother while she was bent over loading the dishwasher. Then she took me up to bed where she sucked my cock clean, got me hard, and rode me for the rest of the night. When I woke up in the morning Betty Sue was still lying on my chest with my cock in her pussy and it had grown hard. I tried to fuck her without waking her but that didn't work. She smiled, wiped the stuff from the corners of her eyes, and rode my cock until I came inside her.

We then went into her mother's bedroom where Betty Sue sat on her mother's face. In the process she removed the covers so that I could watch her eat my night old cum out of her mother's pussy.

I knew right then just how much I loved that shy girl. Shy girl, my ass. The End Shy Girl My Ass 542