Janet and ginger suck two big cocks

Janet and ginger suck two big cocks
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Hello again gentle readers. This chapter is a bit longer then the last one, it sort of got away from me in the writing. Thank you to all who enjoyed the first chapter and I hope you enjoy this one just as much.

Baby--sitter's Delight: Allison Allison stretched as she woke up from a very deep and refreshing sleep. After getting home from the Silverman's the night before she had had several very satisfying orgasms before finally falling asleep. Laying on her back in bed, she ran through the events of the night before in her mind. Originally she had only planned on seducing her older neighbor, but then she discovered those stories and the video, so she set a whole new course of action.

Allison had been aware of and interested in domination and submission for a couple years, ever since an online search for "harem pants" went wonderfully wrong. Ms. Silverman wasn't her first, she had another, but the teen was amazed at how easily and quickly the older woman had become complacent.

Far quicker and easier then her first, and still sweetest, conquest. She wondered if there would be a call or visit from Joyce today, she certainly hoped so. With a sigh, the young girl threw the covers back, deciding it was finally time to get out of bed.

She pulled on a long t-shirt over her nude body as she headed out of her bedroom. With a spring in her step, she walked down the hall, thinking over the possibilties the day held. Voices floated softly up the steps, causing her to pause at the top and listen closely. They were too soft to make out the words, but she knew who was speaking by the tone, one was her mother and she was positive the other was Joyce. Her smile broadened as she headed down the steps, thinking fresh pornstar kenzie taylor butt fucked by a big penis pornstars big dick neighbor woman must be very eager for her attention again to be over so early.

She found the two older ladies sitting on the living room couch,her mother's back was to her but Joyce had a good view of the bottom of the steps. Her eyes went wide and her face flushed slightly when she saw her young tormentor from the night before.

Allison put a finger to her lips to indicate that Ms. Silverman should not speak. Holding eye contact with her new conquest, she quickly rasied and lowered the botton of her shirt,flashing her cleanly shaven mound. When Joyce saw that, she stumbled over her words, making the young girl laugh. Her mother heard the laugh and turned around. "Oh, Allison, good you're up." The teen walked over to her mother and hugged her around the shoulders from behind "Good Morning mother and Good Morning Ms.

Silverman." The two mothers both replied with good mornings, then her mother spoke again. "Allison, it seems Ms. Silverman has some sort of emergency in the family and has need of a baby-sitter again today." "Is that right?" Allison,with her arms still wrapped around her mom, looked at Joyce and gave her a wicked smile over her mother's shoulder. "um, yes, that's right. My father has taken seriously ill and I need to go to the hospital. I don't want to take Liz until we know for sure what is going on." The mother from next door had dropped her eyes while speaking.

Allison replied cheerfully "I would love to spend the day with Liz. Blonde sex goddess toying pussy with lust webcam and cunt me a little bit to shower and dress then I will be over." Ms.

SIlverman breathed a sigh and gave the briefest of glances up at the blonde teen. "Thank you. I will go let Liz know you are coming." Allison turned away and started back towards the stairs. At the foot of the stairs, she looked over her shoulder to make sure she had Joyce's attention. She gave the older woman a smile and a wink and quickly lifted the back of her shirt to flash her bottom before bounding up the stairs.

Giggling to herself, she pulled off her shirt as she headed down the hall to the bathroom. She had discovered that anticipation was a very effective tool to make a slave feel needy. With that in mind, she took her time in the shower, relaxing in the warm water and making sure she was freshly shaved all over.

After the shower,she spent a half hour in her room, deciding what to wear. She finally settled on a pair of tight cut off shorts that she felt showed off her best assets, and a slightly too small T-shirt. "Mother, I am going." She yelled at the door as she slipped on a pair of flip flops. Her mother came around the corner from the kitchen and said "OK honey, have fun. By the way, did you make up your mind about what we talked about yesterday afternoon?" "No, not yet mother, I will let you know when I do." Allision replied with a sigh.

"OK, dear, just though I would ask." "I will call you later if I need anything or if plans change." With that the girl was out the door and headed to her neighbor's house. She made her way next door with a leisurely pace,enjoying the warmth of the summer morning. She knew the older woman would be waiting anxiously for her, they always did. She paused at the door of her neighbor's house and waited an extra couple of minutes before knocking.

It was opened almost before she pulled her hand away. The young blonde girl strode into the house as if she owned it. "Hello Ms Silverman. Were you waiting right next to the door? You must have been to answer that fast." She turned and favored the older woman with a sweet smile. "Hello Allison." Was the reply she got back, delivered in a small whisper.

Allison had made her way to the end of the small hallway, looked around and ask "Where's Liz?" "Um, let's go, I mean, can we please go into the living room to talk for a bit?" Joyce's eyes never left the floor as she spoke.

With a slight bow and a sweeping gesture of her hand towards the living room, the girl said "Sure, lead on." She followed Joyce into the living room, adimiring the why the woman's behind moved in the tight skirt.

As they sat down on the couch, Allison made sure to sit very close, pressing the outside of her thigh into the older woman's leg. She could feel the trembling going thru the mother and knew there was an internal struggle going on inside the woman. The fight between shower porn videos search watch and download shower free sex into her desires and what she had been taught was wrong.

With a smile, The teen put a hand on Joyce's knee and gave it a gentle squeeze. "So what did you want to talk about? And where is Liz?" "Oh!" The woman jumped as if she had been shocked when she felt the girls hand touch her knee. "Well, you see, um." Except for quick glances out of the corner of her eyes, Joyce never looked at the girl directly. "Liz isn't actually home right now. She is at my sister's, for a sleep over." "Oh? Is that so? So you actually don't need a baby-siiter?

Is your Father even in the hospital?" Allison had already suspected that was nothing but an excuse to get her back over. "No, in fact, he passed away five years ago." Joyce's voice was quivering now and she was wringing her hands in her lap. Allison was loving how nervous she made this woman. "Really? Well, that is interesting. So why did you tell my mother he was ill and you needed me to watch Liz?" The girl gave the knee nearest her a gentle pat as she spoke.

Her neighbor turned to look out the window as she spoke. "Because, I needed an excuse, to talk to you, about last night." Allison slide over a little closer and wrapped one arm around Joyce's shoulder. The young blonde pressed her lips into the side of the older brunette's neck as she spoke. "What about last night? I enjoyed it. Didn't you enjoy it too?" The older woman shivered with the touch of the girl's lips on her neck. "Yes, No. Oh, I don't know.

It is so wrong!" She broke down into tears as she spoke. Allison gently pulled her into a hug, cradling the woman's head on her shoulder and softly stroked her hair. The was a critical time she knew. Push too hard and the woman's defenses would be up, take it slow and easy and she would be inside before Joyce knew what was happening.

"Shh, shh. It's ok. It did feel good though didn't it?" Joyce nodded slightly and spoke into the girls shoulder "Yes, it felt good. That is the problem, it felt too good.

You are so olga black rides on a fat cock, I just can't, I mean, if we got caught and I lost Liz, my life would be over." ebony girl plays with her body and dick Allison lightly griped the side Joyce's face and pulled beautiful blonde caroline gangbanged group sex and hardcore head up, so they were looking at each other's eyes.

She knew her big blue eyes always drew them in, so she used them to her advantage whenever possible. "You won't get in trouble, you won't lose Liz, I promise you that." "But, if your mother, or someone else, found out or suspected." "Don't worry about my mother and no one else is going to find out." Allison slide one thumb up to wipe away a tear from the corner of Joyce's eye."What ever happens will remain just between the two us.

Ok?" She smiled secretly to herself,she had no intention of keeping it to just the two of them, but Ms Silverman didn't need to know that just yet. Joyce licked her lips nervously "Promise?" "Of course." The girl wrapped her arms around the woman in front of her and gave her a gentle hug. "I adore Liz and I wouldn't do anything to risk hurting her." Lifting Joyce away from her, she stared deep into the woman's eyes and asked."Feel better now?" "A little, it still feels wrong though." The girl chuckled lightly.

"Don't worry about what feels wrong, if it feels good go with it." "OK. If you promise Liz won't get hurt or taken away." Joyce gave in a small nervous whisper. "I promise she won't get hurt." Allison said. "Now tell me, Do you really fancy high school girls?" Joyce remained quiet but gave a small nod of her head. "Do you like to be ordered around by them too? Like in those stories?" Again a small nod and a whispered answer "Yes." "Would you like it if I were that girl?

The one to take control of you like that?" There was a prolonged silence. Allison waited with patience, she knew the internal war within the woman had reached a critical point.

Finally,Joyce gave the smallest of nods. Still holding the sides of her neighbor's face, she leaned in and placed a small kiss on her full lips. Allision released Joyce's face and sat back. What came next was the big test. Time to find out how strong this woman's submissive nature really was. She turned to the woman and barked in a firm tone "Stand up." Joyce flinched at the command, but remained seated. "What?" "I said, Stand up, now!" came from the girl in firmer and louder voice.

"Yes, yes, ok. Please don't yell" Joyce stood up,turning to face the couch and smoothing her skirt as she did. The young blonde smiled as she looked over her neighbor. She sat back on the couch, spreading her arms out along the back of it on either side of her and crossing her legs.

"Strip." "Wha. What?" Joyce's rasied her eyes from the spot on the floor she had been staring at. "Here? Now? Isn't there some other way to start? Something a little slower and easier? " She threw a quick glance towards the large picture window that faced the street in front of the house.

" Besides,the window." The teen glared at the quaking mother. "Yes, Here and now. No, there is not some other way, it is all or nothing. Never mind about the window, just do it." Joyce's hands were gripping the sides of her skirt tight enough to turn her knuckles white. "Do I really have to?" "If you want this as much as I suspect you do,yes you have to. Now, get on with it." Joyce remained motionless for a minute, stiff with nervous fear, finally with a small sniff, she began to slowly unbutton her blouse.

After it was unbuttoned, she slid it slowly off her shoulders, revealing a sheer black bra that left her stiff nipples visible to the girl on the couch.

Allison smiled and leaned forward "That is a sexy little bra. Did you wear it just for me Ms. Silverman?" Without looking up from the floor, Joyce gave a small nod of her head. "Well, isn't that special, you dressed sexy for me." Allison sat back on the couch "Continue." Shaking uncontrolably, Joyce reached behind her and unzipped her skirt and let it fall to her feet,revealing a very small thong that matched her bra.

The large wet spot on them gave evidence of her arousal. She bent over picked up her skirt and blouse, folded them neatly and set them on the coffee table. "Stop." Allison commanded as she stood from the couch. She approached the cowering woman who was desperately trying to cover her breasts and pubic area. Walking around Joyce, she lightly dragged a fingernail across the back of her shoulders and smiled at the goosebumps it raised.

She stopped when she was back in front of the nearly naked woman. demi sutra in scoping out my stepsis your hands to your sides." Choking back a sob, Joyce slowly lowered her arms to her sides. The teen raised a hand and cupped one of the small breasts, she could feel the hard nipple pushing against her palm as she fondled the breast.

Her other hand came up and lifted the woman's face by the chin. Looking deep into the large brown eyes of her new pet, "You have to make a choice now Ms Silverman. You can continue stripping, but if you do so, you will be mine totally.

You will obey everything I tell you to do, or be punished." She lowered her hand from the breast it had been fondling and let it rest lightly over the woman's small thong. She rubbed her palm lightly against it as she continued speaking "Or you can stop now.

If you stop, I walk out that door and I will never be back for any reason and you will have to explain to Liz why I can't baby-sit her anymore.

So, which is it Ms. Silverman? Do you want to continue, or do you want to stop?" With a shudder, Joyce spread her legs to give the girl easier access to her thong and whispered in a very small soft voice. "Yes" "Yes what?

Yes, you want to continue or yes, you want to stop?" As the young blonde rubbed her palm against the wet thong she could feel Joyce's hips beginning to grind into her hand. She knew what the answer would be, but she enjoyed making them admit it. "Please." Came out of Joyce almost in sob. "I want" "Yes? You want what?" Allison was rubbing her palm harder into the thong. "Tell me what you want. What is it you need. "I want. Oh Please, don't make me do you know the milfing man english dubbed it, I can't" brunette comes out of the pool to get creampied "Ok, then I guess I will be going home.

Good bye Ms Silverman." Allison withdrew her hand and turned to walk out. "No! Please don't go." Joyce cried. "Please stay, please" Allison turned back around and saw the crying woman had fallen to her knees and was holding her face in her hands.

The teen put her hands on her hips and stared for a bit,knowing this was the moment of truth. Either she would have a new slave, or she would be going home much earlier then planned. Finally she spoke "Then tell me what you want to do Ms. Silverman." Joyce looked up from her hands and wiped away the tears from her eyes. After a deep breath, she spoke in a small voice. " I want to continue. To be yours to order around. To obey you in everything. Oh god!" She fell over onto her side and started to cry harder.

Allison went back over to the woman on the floor and sat down beside her. She eased Joyce back into a sitting position and pulled her into a gentle hug. She knew they had crossed a threshold and this woman just needed to let out some of the emotions.

After ten minutes when her neighbor's sobbing into her shoulder had nearly ceased, she stood up,extended a hand and pulled Joyce to her feet.

She smiled as she leaned in and kissed the older woman. Her mouth parted and her tongue slipped into the woman's mouth. Her hands roamed up and down over the now subservient woman's sides. She broke the kiss and stood back. "Now, you know what you have to do don't you? Joyce immediately dropped her eyes to the floor and said "Yes, but can we please go to another room?

My bedroom maybe?" "No, right here.'" Allison wanted to push this woman a little this first time. She knew that because of the angle of the sun, the large window was acting as a mirror from the outside and there was no danger of anyone seeing in, but she loved how nervous it was making her new toy.

She returned to the couch and made herself comfortable. She was eager to see if the woman would follow through." Now,continue." With one last nervous glance out the living room picture window, Joyce reached up behind her to undo her bra.

She lowered the straps slowly off her shoulders and held the cups in her hands over her breasts. Finally, she lowered her hands and let the bra fall to the floor, baring her breasts. She took a couple deep breaths and with a quick motion, as if she just wanted it to be done, she pulled her thong down and off. She now stood nude before the young girl on the couch.

Allison smiled to herself, this was going much better and faster then she had ever imagined. Up till now, she really hadn't realized just how submissive this woman in front of her was. She sat on the couch silently for a moment and let her eyes drink in the naked form in front of her. She saw a body that, for being forty, was still in pretty good shape, small perky breasts, neatly trimmed pubic hair and not too much sag anywhere else.

Standing from the couch, she approached Joyce, rasing her hand to let it rest on the outside of one thigh. She didn't say anything, just watched the face in front of her as she slowly move her hand over until was cupping the soaking wet mound of the older woman.

"Not bad Ms Silverman, you have a very nice body." She slipped one finger inside the woman and starting to slowly glide it in and out.

" There is one minor change the does need to be made though." She could once again feel Joyce's hips rocking into her hand as she worked the finger slowly in and out. A smile came to her face when she saw how the older woman's mouth dropped open in a pant.

"Do you know what that one thing is?" The woman could only shake her head in response to the question posed to her. "This hair needs to go." The girl pulled her finger out of the woman and tugged lightly on Joyce's pubic hair, illiciting a small yelp from the woman. "I like my slaves smooth. Now, go up stairs and shave all that off. I expect it to be as clean and smooth as a baby's bottom." "Yes, OK, if you want." Joyce answered softly and turned to go to the upstairs bathroom.

Allison grinned at how easily this older woman had come to heel. "Wait." Came from the girl in a firm commanding voice. "I know you are new and must be trained, so I won't punish you this time.

From now on, when you are given a command you respond with 'Yes Miss Allison'." Taking a deep breath, Joyce turned and with her eyes to the floor answered "Yes Miss Allison. May I ask a amateur lesbian teens get their soft kitties licked and screwed question though?" The girl sat herself on the couch and crossed her legs as she answered "You may ask your question." "How do I address you when Liz is around?" "That is a very good question pet.

I will have to give it some thought and get back to you." She dismissed the nude woman with a wave of the hand. "Now get up stairs and do as you were told." "Yes Miss Allison." Joyce turned and walked slowly up the stairs.

While Joyce was upstairs completing her task, Allison picked up her cell phone and dialed home,it was quickly answered by her mother. "Hello mother. Ms Silverman called and it sounds like she is going to have to spend the night in the hospital with her father.

I guess he is really sick and they are not sure if he will make it through the night." "Oh. How sad, we will have to do something nice for her and Liz this week. I was kind sexy brunette babe emma gets twat drilled in many positions hardcore blowjob hoping we could have some time together tonight, but I understand." Her mother said with a slight tone of disappointment then added.

"Do you want me to bring you dinner or anything?" "No, she left some money so we could order pizza and there are snacks if we get the munchies." Allison knew how much her mother enjoyed spending time together and loved to deny it to her. "I should be home sometime tomorrow. Maybe we will go shopping or something." "Ok, that would be nice too honey.

Did you think about what we talked about?" "Actually, no I hadn't mother,but since you keep asking, I am afraid I am going to have to say no." Allison smiled as she answered the question.

"But, Its been." Her mother paused and took a deep breath. "If you say so." "I do say so mother." "Ok, then I guess I will see you tomorrow." "Good-bye mother." She hung up the phone without waiting for a reply.

Sitting back once more on the couch, arms spread along the back, she felt a queen in her court and the world at her feet. She heard the creak of the stairs and turned her head to watch Ms. Silverman come into the room. She was walking slowly, both hands covering her most intimate region. Allison just smiled and pointed to a spot in front of the couch. The naked mother silently nodded and walked to the spot.

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She stood there, head bowed so her hair covered her face and doing her best to herself. It was all Allison could do to not laugh at her,the woman stnading in front of her looked so much like a scared child. Wanting her new slave to feel exposed and vulnerable, she let her stand there in silence, for a few moments before speaking.

"Hands behind your back and spread your legs to shoulder width" "Yes Ms Allison." Was the replay as the woman moved to display herself fully before her young mistress. As the girl surveyed the naked mother, she thought that with her small breasts and shaved pubic mound, from the neck down, Joyce could almost pass for a college aged girl. It was easy to see that Ms Silverman was very aroused, the tops of her thighs were slick with the moisture leaking from her.

Allison stood and approached the older woman, raising her hand to cup the very wet sex. She felt how smooth the skin was against her palm and smiled. "Very Nice my pet, very smooth. Just how I like it. You will keep it this way all the time, do you understand?" As she spoke she easliy slipped two fingers inside hot black busty teen gangbanged by a group of white men slick hole under her hand.

Moving her fingers slowly in and out, she leaned in and placed a small kiss on the lips of her nieghbor. "When you obey, there are rewards. When you disobey there is punishment." She slipped a third finger inside, thrusting her fingers back and forth faster.

"Tell me Ms. Silverman, have you ever masturbated to thoughts of me?" Joyce's face and upper chest flushed at the question asked of her. She didn't answer and only gave a slight nod of her head. The teen blond watched Ms SIlverman's face for the tell tale signs of heightened arousal, she didn't want her pet to orgasm just yet. She continued to thrust her fingers inside the woman.

"Dirty dirty Ms. SIlverman, getting yourself off to nasty thoughts of the teen girl next door. What would we do in your dirty little dreams?" Joyce's chest and face flushed an even deeper red, she opened her mouth to answer kimberly b old fart young tart only managed to let out a small moan.

Allison felt the rocking of the hips under her hand, heard the deep and heavy breathing coming from Joyce and knew her slave was quickly approahing climax. The girl stopped all motion of her fingers,but kept them buried deep inside the woman's soaking hole. She leaned in a licked the side of Joyce's neck, whispering in her ear. "Answer me my little pet. What did you do?" Joyce moaned, trying to move her hips on the fingers still buried deep inside of her.

"You would-um-call me names, and spank me and make me lick you. Sometimes, Oh god, this is so embarassing, sometimes you would share me with your friends, make me serve them too." Allison chuckled. "Does my little pet want to orgasm?" She slowly pulled her fingers out of the Joyce The woman moaned with the removal of the fingers that had been filling her and nodded."Yes, Please." "Yes please what?" "Yes please Miss Allison, May I orgasm?" "Umm" The girl pretended to think the question over.

"No, you may not." Allison said with a slightly cruel smile.She lifted her hand and slowly slid a finger inside the mouth of her slave. "That's it, be a good girl now, suck it clean." She could feel the woman's tongue working to lick the finger clean as she worked the finger in and out. Once all of her fingers had been cleaned by Joyce's tongue, she had a wicked idea. Deciding she really wanted to test and push this older woman today, she grabbed Joyce be the back of the shoulders, turned her to face the window and began walking her towards the picture window.

As they got closer to xxxx mom big boobs son window the woman started to shake her head and resist. Allison applied more pressure to her shoulders and continued to force her to the window, until they stood inches from the window pane. If anyone could have seen in, they would have seen Joyce exposed from the knees up. The girl stroked her pet's hair softly and said "That's a good girl.

Now just stand here until I tell you to move." Joyce's turned her head to look over her shoulder as she spoke. "Please Miss Allison, anything, anything but this. Please don't leave me here." "Just think of this as a little test, to see how much you really want to be my little slave." The teen turned and walked back to the couch leaving Joyce facing the window.

"And keep your eyes forward, and hands behind your back. If you do well, I may let you have that orgasm you want so badly." "Yes Miss Allison" The very nervous mother said with a termor in her voice.

Allison sat on the couch and flipped on the TV with the remote. For half an hour, she kept one eye on the screen and the other on the nude woman in the window. With every passing minute the shaking of the woman's body increased as did the amount of fluids flowing down the inside of her thighs. Finally she turned to Joyce and asked "Tell me Ms. SIlverman, what do you see out there?" "I see the man from across the street, I don't know his name." Joyce's voice trembled as she spoke.

"Please Ms. Allison, let me move before he sees me. Please!" Allison went to look over Joyce's shoulder "Oh, That is the neighborhood pervert Mr. Rafferty. He's always checking me out. Bet he would love to see a hot piece of ass like yours.

Maybe I should send you out side like this." She gave the woman a firm slap on the behind. "Oh god! Please no, not that, please!" Joyces voice was full of terror. Allison laughed at the fear of her slave's pleading "Don't worry Ms Silverman, I am not going to share you." As she spoke she slide her hand between Joyce's legs from behind, rubbing her drenched neather lips with two fingers. "Judging from how wet you are, I think you might like it anyway." The woman moaned and tried to grind herself on the fingers teasing her.

"Please Miss. Allison." "Please what slut?" The girl slide two fingers inside Joyce where they made a loud squelching noise as she thrust them back and forth in the woman. "Please may I cum, please!" Joyce's voice raised in pitch as she pleaded with her teenage mistress.

Allison added a third digit next to the first two and worked them faster. "I don't know, what will you do for it?" Joyce gave a throaty moan." Ohh. Anything. Please, I need to cum!" "Anything?" Allison slowed the movement of her fingers. "That is a mighty big promise." "God yes, anything you want! Please, please allow me cum for you Mistress." The woman's voice carried a tone of desperation as she pleaded.

The girl was suddenly inspired and removed her fingers from inside her slave and walked to the couch, where she retrieved Ms Silverman's cordless phone. She turned it on and handed it to Joyce. "Here you go slut,call Liz on her cell. I don't care what you talk about." "um ok?" Joyce said in a confused and questioning tone as she took the phone and dialed.

The girl giggled knowing that her slave did not yet realize what was about to happen. She stood close behind the naked woman,cupping and squeezing her butt as she dialed. She was excited to see how Joyce was going to handle what was about to happen. This was really going to push the envelop Allison knew, but she got off on that kind of thing.

When Joyce began speaking, she slipped her hand over the woman's hip and placed her finger on the woman's engorged clit. She almost laughed when she heard a sharp intake of breath when her finger touched the overexcited woman in such a sensitive spot. Leaning in closer, she whispered.

"If you want to cum like the little slut you are, you will do it now, while you are on the phone with Liz." Allison then started a relentless attack on the woman's clit, rubbing it hard and fast with her finger tip.

She loved watching the woman try to maintain compousure as she neared orgasm. As Joyce's breathing grew heavier and her words into the phone became fewer, she stepped up her manipulations of the stiff clit beneath her fingers.

by alternating between rubbing it and stroking it. She leaned in and started to suck and bite the side of Ms. Silverman's neck lightly, getting a deep moan in response. Suddenly she jammed 2 fingers up inside Joyce and moved her mouth up to whisper softly "Cum for me my little slut.

Let your babygirl hear her mommy cumming like the slut she is." "Oh god." Joyce let out in a half moan and half whisper. "No, honey, mommy is ok." "That's it, cum for your sweet little daughter." Allison whispered as she added a third finger and started to work them fast and hard into the woman.

She wanted to drive her slave over the edge. Joyce was reduced into a babbling,incoherent and sweaty mess. She leaned back into the girl behind her,grinding her hips into the fingers buried deep within her. Her hand dropped away from her ear, letting the phone fall to the floor.

"Yes, harder! fuck me harder please!" Allison was all to happy comply with that request and thrust her fingers even harder into the woman, while her other hand came around and started to pinch and pull on one of Joyce's very stiff nipples.

She glanced at the floor and saw the phone laying there, she could faintly her Liz calling for her mother and asking what was going on. Now was the time to make this woman cum like never before. "That's it slut, cum for your mistress, cum like the little slut you are." "Yes, I'm a slut, your slut mistress! Fuck me mistress, fuck me hard please! God yes, I'm cumming" Joyce yelled out, her voice echoing off the living room walls.

Allison felt the inner walls of the woman grasping at her fingers as she shuddered and shook through an intense orgasm. She ceased the movement of her fingers and held her arm around Joyce's waist, supporting her. When the woman finally stopped her convulsions Allison withdrew her arms and let Joyce collapse to the floor.

She bent over, picked up the phone and shut it off without checking to see if Liz was still on the line. That was going to be an interesting conversation for Joyce to have when her daughter got home she thought and smiled to herself.

Making her new slave cum on had gotten Allsion very excited and she needed some relief herself. She quickly shimmied out of her shorts and t-shirt and went stand next to Joyce, who was still laying nearly insensate on the floor.

She gently nudged the woman in the ribs with her toe. "Time to get up my slut, your mistress wants to sample your tongue." Joyce opened her eyes and looked at the nude girl standing over her. "Yes Miss Allison." Allison returned to the couch and sat with her legs spread hot eighteen year old latina gina valentina takes it all pornstars hardcore. She gave her inner thigh a gentle pat.

"Ok slut, come over here and show me how good you are with your tongue." Joyce moved to stand but the girl stopped her. "No, crawl to me, on all fours." "Yes Miss Allison." The asian masseuse cindy starfall fucks her client in bathtub slowly lower herself to all fours and began to crawl across the room,her small breasts swaying slightly under her.

Allison lightly carassed her inner thighs as the older woman crawled to her. As Joyce moved between the girl's legs, she hesitated for a moment then slowly lowered her face into the girl's lap. Allison moaned and raised her hips to meet the tongue that was lightly trialing over her smooth and senistive skin. Reaching down, she ran her hand thru the woman's hair and bucked her hips against the woman's face.

Ms Silverman worked her tongue gently over the girl's pussy lips, from time to time flicking her clit. The girl felt two fingers slide into her and moaned loudly, lifting her hips to meet them. Soon Allison was feeling the pressure of her orgasm buliding,she reached down with both hands and pulled Joyce's face tighter into her.

"Yeah, that's it slut, make your mistress cum." She grited out between her teeth, as she humped and thrust against the woman's face. "Tongue fuck me you bitch, shove that tongue deep." She moaned as her slave complied and began to thrust her rolled tongue in and out of the girl.

With a loud gasp, Allison jammed her hips into the woman's face and let the orgasm overtake her. Her legs came up and wrapped around the head between them, squeezing it hard, as she rode out her orgasm. Joyce continued to lick her gently as several mini orgasms shook through the girl's body.

Finally catching her breath, she lowered her legs and pushed the woman away. "Ok, enough for now slut." She said as she caught her breath. She looked down at the slick faced woman kneeling between her legs.

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"That was pretty good, you may turn out to be a first rate pussy licker with some more lessons." Joyce dropped her eyes and mumbled. "Thank you Miss Allison." "For now though, I need something to drink.

Get me some water." "Yes Miss Allison." Really escort mother doesnt want anal with son woman was quick to get to her feet and head to the kitchen. Allison leaned against the arm of the couch and tried to catch her breath. She thought Ms. Silverman was good but could use some more lessons from a slave that was more experienced in the art of oral love.

She wondered if she should introduce Joyce to her other slave. Tomorrow perhaps, today was to be given over to teaching her new slave her rules.

By this time, Ms. SIlverman had returned with a glass of water was was standing quietly beside her. "Come here and kneel beside me." She took the glass and drained half of it in a couple of swallows. Setting it down on the side table, she turned to the kneeling woman beside her. "You are good with that tongue, but you could be better." "Yes Miss Allison, Thank you Miss Allison." was the reply, spoken to the floor. "So, tomorrow I am going to introduce you to my other slave and have her start to teach you." "Oth-other slave mistress?" Joyce risked looking up.

"I didn't know you had another slave." "Oh yes I do, she has been my slave for a year or so now." Allison reach down and gently stroked the side of the woman's face. "Don't worry, I will have plenty of time for both of you." "Thank you mistress." "Now kneel there quietly while I call her and let her know we will be stopping by tomorrow." The young mistress picked up her cell phone and started to dial. She choked back a laugh at the shocked look on Ms.

Silverman's face when she spoke again. "Hello Mother." End Chapter Two.