Grand father rap son wife

Grand father rap son wife
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The Meeting Chapter 3: Caught, but the Officer is Seduced Also. I could see the trepidation and indecision displayed on JoAnn's face as she watched Willie stroking his fat long cock for her enjoyment. He knew the effect it was having on her. I watched the arousement building inside her, her breathing was becoming deep but unhurried as she shifted in the seat until she was kneeling facing Willie as her tongue slowly ran over her lips as she wondered if she could possibly get his fat dick in her pussy.

I softly said, "You know you'll regret it the rest of your life if you don't try!" She smiled at me and then lifted her dress over her head and lay it beside her on the seat and knelt there with her fingers toying with her hot step daughter face fucked by her stepdad until her courage built enough to allow her to slide through the seats into the rear.

I grabbed the toilet tissue from her ass and vagina as she moved to the back causing her to turn and say, "Thank You", as she winked at me. I watched as she sat cross-legged beside him with her hands gripping his cock as she felt it. Her fingers weren't long enough to completely encircle his massive thickness and her eyes gleamed as she realized just what she was about to embark on.

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I could easily discern her rapture as she began stroking him lovingly and his dick began jerking stiffly in her grasp. I knew she was wanting to taste his legal age teenager floozy sucks and swallows hiddencam and hardcore dick but couldn't muster the courage quite yet to do so.

I said, "Let us see you suck it Jo, play with his big balls and suck it good and hard so it can stretch your tight pussy". She moaned and slid her legs down along his as her thighs squeezed tightly and her mouth found his fat glans and she made a display out of licking all around it as she teased him before stopping and looking at me saying, "Does it turn you on watching me suck his black cock Jack, I bet you'd like me to suck on his black balls wouldn't you?" She watched my face as she licked the length of his dick, sucking at his shaft, licking wetly all over his thick shaft before sucking a ball into her mouth as she moaned her excitement as Willie placed his large hand on her head saying, "That's a good slut, suck those nigga nuts.

You want that cum don't you baby, want to feel this black dick shooting hot cum in your mouth. Yeeah I know you do. Show Jack and Connie here how bad you need a black man to cum for you, suck my dick baby, suck the cum right outta those black balls".

Jo was seething hot, his words had her pussy literally streaming her excitement as her lips slid over his knob and she began sucking in earnest at his tautly swollen glans. Willie began moaning his pleasure as her head bobbed swiftly, her right hand following her mouth up and down his dick while her left squeezed and felt his massive balls.

JoAnn's relative inexperience sexually except for missionary and oral sex with her husband had left her vulnerable to the intense arousement of the new experiences she was encountering.

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Interracial sex was never in her mind and now its taboo nature had her lost to the emotions and sensations that Willie's huge cock was instilling in her. She had always been treated with respect by her husband and now she was being called a slut and cocksucker and feeling humiliated and used by black men, fucking young teenagers and loving it and about to embark on her greatest adventure yet, Willie's huge black dick.

She knelt beside him rubbing her clit as she allowed her arousement to heighten, giving her courage to stand flat footed astraddle his erect cock and lower her sloppy pussy to his bloated glans. JoAnn quickly decided that it would be impossible for her to engage his thick cock head after trying unsuccessfully for a few minutes to impale herself with it. Willie folded his legs up as he knelt and pushed Jo to her hands and knees and began forcing into her pussy.

Jo screamed and tried to get away by crawling forward but soon he had her shoulders pressed against the front seats and was holding her by her long hair as he forced past her restricting inner muscles causing her to shriek with pain. She twisted her body and reached between the seats and grabbed the gear shift knob and tried to pull her body from his thick dick. Willie just kept fucking his cock into her pussy. Each forward thrust of his hips moved her entire body until there was nowhere for her to go.

She screamed how he was killing her, ripping her pussy and pleaded for him to stop, begged me to make him stop but Willie persisted until her cries became moans and her hips began undulating. Her head lifted and I saw the trails her tears had left down her cheeks but now her eyes were closed and she was extolling the pleasure she felt as he fucked her forcefully, deeply. Her beautiful face was contorted with the exquisiteness of the pain she was enduring as she became overwhelmed by the pleasure she felt imparted by his black cock's stretching her deeply.

Busty paige has her bubble butt creamed creampie and big tits she was kneeling with her hands on the seat backs as Willie's hands groped her breasts, squeezing them as he continued his forceful journey to her depths.

Her eyes were veiled with a fog of pure lust as her hips rolled in tight circles around boor chatne wala se story massive cock at her center. As each new orgasm began tensing her body she pressed back into his dick moaning, "Fuck me, oh god it's so deep, so hard and thick.aieeeEEEE.yes.yes.oh god it's so big.fuckmeeeEEEEAAIIEEEEE.arghhh.unghh doit.oh fuck.ccc.c.can't stop cum.cumming.arrgghhHHHH.fuck me.oh god you're hurting my pussy.don't stop.please fuckmeeee!!

That was how JoAnn was when the front door opened and I saw the girl that had been masturbating earlier climbing into the front seat smiling broadly. This was Lydia the girl that had talked her grandmother into returning to join us. I knew she was just sixteen or seventeen years old and I felt exposed sitting there with my hard dick jerking in full view of this beautiful teenager. JoAnn's loud exhortations of pained pleasure caught her attention and she twisted in her seat to stare raptly at her Mamaw's erotic fucking of Willie's black dick.

Willie was again on his back and Jo was astraddle him sitting on his cock with her thighs widely spread, feet flat on the floor and her arms stretched spread eagle as her hands gripped the passenger handholds above the windows. Her position left nothing to the imagination as she rose and fell fitfully on his massive dick. Her cries were constant as she fucked herself with his huge cock for a few seconds and then forced her pussy down onto his thickness while groaning as she felt him stretching and distending her pussy forcefully.

You could see her craven need as she ground down onto his fat glans while gasping how huge he was and how much she loved his black dick. Lydia's only response was, "Wow, look how her pussy is stretched by his dick, that has to feel really good", and then her entire body fit huge boobs babe anal fucking in the gym hardcore and creampie wracked by a shudder that left her squeezing her pussy between tightened thighs.

She turned back around and slid down in the seat until her ass cleared the seat and then raised her skirt and slid her panties down her shapely legs and off her feet before placing them in her purse and sitting it on the floor beside JoAnn's.

Then she turned to face me while leaning back against the door and spreading her thighs widely allowing me to stare directly at her young clean shaven pussy. She stared at my dick as her fingertips began rolling her tautly swollen clit beneath them causing passion filled moans to escape from her lips and her hips to sensually undulate. Her gaze lifted to my face and she panted, "You must think I'm a real slut but I'm really not, it's just that all this happening today has high school girls fuck big black cock overwhelmed my sensibilities.

I wouldn't do this anywhere else but I can't help myself in this sexually charged atmosphere. God, even my reserved grandmother is back there hunching her pussy down onto a huge black dick like a sex starved slut. And you, you're sitting there with your dick begging to be touched while I'm here craving to have it in me making me cum.

I was as aroused as ever in my life seeing this beautiful teen girl so lost to the arousement consuming her. Her pussy was oozing her excitement, the light was glinting off it as it seeped into the crack of her ass and coated her labia after her craving compelled her to press her fingers inside her vagina and grope herself deeply.

Her breathing was quickened, chest lifting and falling as her eyes clouded with the internal heat of her arousement. Her countenance showed the hunger within her, her eyes reflecting the animal lust overwhelming her.

I was sure the sight of her grandmother screaming her pleasure as she fucked Willie's black dick had a large part of the arousement gripping her now.

So much had been transpiring I had almost forgotten my wife was even here. What had started as her black debasement had become an orgy of sorts right here in the parking lot. I glanced into the back and didn't see her at first, then I noticed her curled in a ball at the back of the suv sound asleep.

She had a satisfied smile on her face and I was sure she was probably exhausted from all the energy she had used cumming for hours on Willie's hard dick.

He was everything she had demanded in her requirements and more! I loved everything that had happened today. Being very voyeuristic I had been hard most of the day as I enjoyed the throbbing and jerking instilled by my wife and these other women and girls. Watching as they allowed the men and young boys to sate the hungers they possessed in their bodies was a voyeurs dream as was the young woman sitting across from me expressing her need.

But even a voyeur needs relief occasionally and I held my dick as I asked Lydia, "Would you like to suck this for me sweetie? Seeing your beautiful body in such a state of obvious need has me needing to cum something awful." Her tongue ran slickly over her lips as she stared at the precum oozing from my tip and I could see her indecision at stopping pleasuring herself and sucking my dick or just continuing and cumming herself.

The dick won out as she knelt in the seat and moved to lower her mouth to my jerking cock. I remembered how JoAnn had assumed the same position earlier and I had been left throbbing my need as the boys distracted her from my dick. I planned on just lying back and enjoying this young woman sucking me as the hunger within her drove her to relieve the aching need of my balls to spew into her throat and onto her moist tongue.

She had just pressed her mouth down my dick to my balls when I heard a tapping sound. My first instinct was to ignore it but it grew louder and more insistent.

I glanced towards the sound and was shocked to see a cop standing tapping on the window as he bent to peer inside. Instinctively, not thinking of my action, I lowered the window with the switch.

"Goddamn, what the fuck do you people think you're doing in this shopping center parking lot. He stepped sideways and gazed into the back of the suv for much longer than he needed to in order to ascertain that yes, there was a white woman energetically fucking a huge dicked black man back there.

He returned to the window and placed his arm on the frame and leaned in slightly and said, "Welll as I see it one of two things is gonna happen here, one, all of you can go mom ind son full movie jail tonight, or two, he said as he opened the door and lowered his zipper and pulled his hard dick out, you can drain this cop's balls and mexicano se coge a vieja desesperada axxxteca out of the parking lot in a hasty manner.

I smacked Lydia's ass, who by the way hadn't missed a lick sucking my much limper dick, and said, "Have at it officer, she needs a good fucking, isn't that right Lyd?" "UMMMMMyeaass", she moaned as she shook her head yes while still bobbing quickly on my again hardening dick. God what was it about seeing white women fucking large black cocks that aroused everyone and made them need to cum so badly I wondered?

I was feeling elated that this cop had succumbed to JoAnn's display of her unmitigated hunger for Willie's dick and thereby kept us from the pokey. I watched as the cop pulled Lydia's ass towards the door allowing her knees to drop to the floor leaving her draped over the seat with her ass at the doorway.

I saw her face grimace as he entered her roughly then stop as he undid his trousers and allowed them to drop leaving him there with his utility belt hanging open as he again began fucking his cock into Lydia's young pussy. He soon was buried to his balls as Lyd moaned her pleasure loudly.

"How old are you", he asked Lydia as I prayed she said eighteen. "Seventeen", she said, causing him to bend down and look at me questioningly. "I have a daughter your age", he said matter-of-factly. one boy twhot girl chod you fuck her this good too", Lyd asked him causing me to about shit my pants. She told us later that every time she mentioned his daughter his dick stiffened and swelled inside her.

"Does she tell you how good your dick feels in her pussy? I'd like to fuck my daddy too, he's so handsome and he has such a big dick. I have to play with my pussy whenever I see him and mom fucking.

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You can be my daddy now. Fuck me daddy, fuck my pussy, I promise I won't tell anybody", she continued as he was obviously affected by her words. We didn't bus big bob sex brazzers that a few days earlier he had opened his daughter's door unannounced and saw her kneeling looking for something under her bed wrapped only in a towel that left her ass and shaved pussy directly in his view.

He had stood there gazing at her entirely too long and when he finally broke free of his thoughts his dick was hard and he started to close the door and leave but she had stood and said, you're supposed to knock before you come in dad.

He had been embarrassed as he saw her gaze fall to his obviously hard dick. And then the towel fell and she stood there nude for much longer than necessary before saying, "Oh my god dad", and turning till her back was towards him and then bending at the waist to retrieve the towel leaving her perfect ass for his view again. Holding the towel to her she said coyly, "Oh well, I guess you didn't see anything you haven't seen when you changed my diapers huh dad", and then laughed nervously leaving him wondering if it was sexual tension expressed in her voice.

He had replied, "Just more of it sweetie, you've certainly grown into a beautiful young woman like your mom, same body and everything. Oh I came to tell you dinner is ready. He knew his voice reflected the sexual tension he felt so he left quickly. He felt perverted for the thoughts he had while staring at his daughter's beautiful body. Those thoughts and the memory of her body had haunted him ever since though and now this girl he was fucking had brought those memories to the forefront of his mind.

"I've wanted this so long daddy, wanted to feel you fucking me like you fuck momma. Do it hard daddy, fuck my pussy like I see you fuck mom. You feel so good in my pussy dad, so hot and big. Tell me you like fucking me daddy, tell me you'll do it every day." He was sweating profusely as his strokes became more forceful and his dick swelled and jerked in her pussy as school girl first time sex virgin taunted him knowing he must have thoughts of fucking his own daughter by his reaction to her words.

He bent down and reached ansh and piya heart tuching song nazer and squeezed her tits while bent over her back. The sounds of JoAnn's cries caught his attention and he glanced at them and his dick throbbed and swelled even larger as he watched her hunch into the dick impaling her almost fully now. "Oh daddy would you like to see me fuck a black guy like that, I will if you want me too" "Yes, yes I would baby", he groaned as his mind became captured by the images of his daughter and wife impaled by a dick like Willie's.

Those thoughts and visions emptied his balls in Lydia's wildly hunching pussy as he thrust deep and hard into her repeatedly with each hot discharge. Suddenly the radio on his shoulder became alive asking if he had responded to the mall parking call yet. "10-4 you can 10-22 the Dixie shopping center call I'm 10-23 appears to be just a 10-92 the operator has the vehicle running and will remove it shortly 10-12", he responded as he pulled his trousers up and once clothed again he smacked Lydia on the ass and said, "Good luck with your dad sweetheart but now you have to get out of this parking lot before another cop comes along.

He seemed uneasy, as if he knew Lydia had tuned into his thoughts of his daughter, which she had, and wanted to get away from her. That and she was underage and he had just dropped his nuts sex 8teen sex porn com her young pussy thinking of doing the same with his own daughter. It was later when JoAnn's jaded mind realized it was her grand-daughter being fucked in the front seat just as she had been earlier except she had an older man's dick empty his balls in her hot young pussy.

I started the engine thinking I would get a motel room. Just as I put the truck in gear I heard a yell and glanced behind us to see Cocker running towards us yelling, "Hey wait up, where you going?" I stopped and he ran up and opened the door and stopped, smiling as he saw Lydia sucking my dick again but this time less hungrily as she seemed to enjoy it more.

"Damned nice pussy even if it is leaking some man's ball juice from it. We gonna share this ass too my man", he asked as he ran his hands over Lydia's smooth ass cheeks. "Get in, a cop told us we have to go or go to jail.

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Climb in the back I'm sure you can find something to get into back there", I told him as a disappointed look came over his face. I pulled out onto the road and began driving north. I stopped at a red light and a pick-up pulled alongside me with a blonde woman driving it. I let the suv roll up till she was alongside them fucking in the back seat. I pretended to be staring out the windshield like I was completely unaware my dick was being sucked.

She turned her head and glanced in our window as we rolled by. I saw her face register what she had seen and again slowly turn to stare at Willie and JoAnn. Her face took on a somber look, her tongue moved slickly over her lips as I watched her scoot down in her seat. I was sure she was removing her panties.

It seemed to take forever for the light to turn as she would gaze into our suv and then straighten, face forward, eyes closed as I was sure she was playing with her pussy. When the light turned green and I pulled off slowly she drove beside us hanging back where she could watch them fuck and see the road simultaneously. Each time I turned to watch JoAnn fucking Willie I also saw out the window the woman's face contorted with the passion of her own arousement.

Suddenly the pickup truck raced by us. As she passed I saw the woman's face and her mouth was open, head bobbing strongly and I knew she was cumming and inadvertently hit the gas as she tensed.

I had my hand on Lyd's head as I drove and Jo and Willie were oblivious to the woman in the truck that had been observing them. I saw the pickup slow and allow us to get beside her again. By now Cocker was nude kneeling in front of Jo while she stroked his dick while grinding down onto Willie's dick. She was on fire as her arousement expressed itself in her actions. This time the woman rode alongside us as she watched Lyd suck my dick. I turned my head and stared directly into her eyes and smiled as I motioned to her and then to Lyd sucking me as if asking if she'd like to suck me too.

She immediately lay back in her seat and her whole body began trembling, her eyes closed, head jerking big tits babe kyra hot gets her juicy pussy smashed good she cum again. I noticed that she was running up on the car in front of her and began blowing my horn and at the last second before impact she jerked the wheel and turned into a parking lot.

I watched in the rear view mirror as her truck sat motionless in the lot. I smiled knowing that she was still cumming because of us. It was then I heard my wife's impassioned scream of, "OH MY GOD YES, oh fuck, doit, doit hard.oh shit fuck me.

Oh my god another black cock is fucking me Jack! Fuck I love black dick! Oh damn its so long.fuck me.fuckit hard.oh my god I love this so much.oh god baby fuck it.hurts.oh shit I love the way you hurt my pussy.fuck it.oh damn.fuckme hard.hard.oh fuck I.I.I'm c.c.cummin.aawwwwkkkk.oh god its so big.hard.oh god yes.fuck it all in me.c.c.can't cumminggggggg.I love it.FUCK ME!.aarrrggghhhHHHHHH.ohhhhhhhgodddd Oh fuck you're ripping my it.yes.yes.right there.oh shit yeah.fuckit.doit.oh god no.not again.aaiieeeEEEEEEEEEEE.hurt it.oh pleasseee hurt it.aarrrGGHHHHHHHYESYESgoditssofucking big.long.fuck me forever.please don't stop.cum, I need you to cum in me.oh baby your dicks so fucking stiff.need it.d.d.don't hold back.make it cum.ohhhdamn.OHFUCKITS much dick!

Show Jack how much you like his wife's pussy.cum in it for me.make me scream while he hears me take your hot cum. "Hey Jack my man, this woman says she's your old lady and she wants me hugetits stepmom scissors with stepdaughter big tits and lesbian leave some nigga cum all up in her pussy, you ok wid dat?" "Yeah tear that slut pussy up Cocker, make her scream and then fill her up with as many loads of black ball juice as she can hold.

Make her beg for it, makes my dick hard hearing her beg for black dick to cum in her!" "You white people are fucked up man but I'm not complaining as long as this slut fucks dat pussy back on dis dick like she is. Your wife loves black cock fella and I love fucking her for ya. Yeah baby git dat dick, that's it fuck dat pussy back into it hard.

Fuck it like you havta have dat cum to survive!" I watched Connie ramming her pussy back onto Cocker's long dick like a woman possessed by a demon, a demon that craved black cock cumming in her. As I watched I saw headlights coming up behind us, lights that were set higher than normal and Connie and Cocker were illuminated brightly as they fucked. I knew who it was right away.

The woman drove up on our bumper and rode there for a few minutes and I knew she was watching them fuck. I could see his long dick silhouetted by her headlights as he withdrew it and knew the woman was seeing its length and girth also.

Soon her lights dipped and she slowed quickly and I knew she was cumming again. As high as her truck was she probably saw Jo rising and falling on Willie's dick also adding to the arousement she surely had. Lydia was driving me crazy with her avid tonguing of my swollen sensitive glans as she enjoyed licking and sucking at my dick. She had never been involved in a group sexual situation and I'm sure she felt sexually unfettered and free to enjoy everything she had ever imagined.

She was sucking my cock like she had been craving to lick and suck a dick for hours and now that she was free to do so she was enjoying it immensely. But her enjoyment had my balls aching for release and I pulled into a parking lot and held her young head as I proceeded to fuck her mouth uncaringly of her plight. God I needed to cum and it was her that I needed to hungarian wife takes it in the ass on webcam it to.

She moaned and allowed me to fuck her throat as deeply as possible until moaning I rammed my swollen dick as deep as possible in her throat and clenched my ass cheeks and exploded hotly into her constricting throat flooding her with the product of my long constrained balls. She choked, coughed around my pulsing dick and cum spewed from her nostrils as I tensed till I thought my glans was going to explode. Finally my need subsided a bit and I withdrew to her mouth and moaned my pleasure as she sucked hard on my tip, her tongue laving at my urethra as I continued spewing while holding her tightly to my throbbing glans.

Her hand pumped me as if she thirsted for my cum while she continued sucking and licking at me strongly as each drop oozed from my opening. Finally I sunk back into the seat while she was still sucking at my sensitive glans until moaning I had to entwine my fingers in her hair and pull her from my dick forcefully.

beautiful brunette babe sensually sex massage at the table wrong, did I do something wrong", she asked with a look on her face as if surprised that I had stopped her. "NO, definitely not sweetie.

All that cum dripping from your nose and chin says you did everything perfectly I'd say. You really love sucking cock don't you Lyd", I asked her as she wiped cum from her face with her fingers and made an erotic show of sucking it off and swallowing it. "Hmmmm I do now. I've never been able to just take my time before and enjoy the way a dick jerks and swells in my mouth and hands.

I loved teasing your tip with my tongue until it exuded that slick liquid so I could lick and suck it off you. That's the first time someone really fucked my mouth and I loved it. I really loved it when you cum in my throat and I felt it sliding down my throat making me swallow it. But damn you just kept spewing until I choked and a lot of it came out my nose.

I thought I was gonna drown but I really didn't want you to stop. The way you moaned as your balls emptied in my mouth and then when I was sucking your fat tip really turned me on. It turns me on knowing you like me sucking your dick while you're cumming and you have to just fuck it in me uncontrollably.

I'm gonna cute doxy gets hard weenie in hands one of those black dicks after while, that really turns me on thinking about it, gonna fuck them both too and that reeeaaaally turns me on thinking about it.

I wanna feel what your wife and Grandma is feeling now. I bet they wish they had fucked black cocks when they were my age instead of waiting till they were older. I put my dick up but the way this day was going I had a feeling I would have it out stroking it again. I started the engine and had it in my mind to drive to a motel when suddenly the woman in the truck sped into the lot and made a big circle and stopped with her door alongside mine.

She opened her door and swiveled in the seat and said something. I got out and walked the few steps to her open door and said, "What did you say", with a big smile on my face.

Up close I could see that she didn't have panties on and her open thighs allowed me to see her wet thighs and pussy as my face was at the same height as her seat. "What in the hell are you people thinking? Damn you've almost caused me to wreck three or four times watching you people fuck and suck. Don't you know how hot it is watching those black guys fuck those women?

What are you trying to do to people anyway", she asked as she sat on the edge of the seat? I got up close to her and placed my hands under her thighs and pulled them towards me as my head lowered between her thighs and I began sucking at her pussy hard, licking her soaked pussy as she screamed in surprise, "Oh my god what are you.ohhhhh shit.oh damn that feels so good", as she lay back on the seat with her thighs lifted and widely spread.

I sucked and licked at her furiously until her hands were holding my head as she rubbed her pussy against my face as my tongue flailed inside her slickly. My face was coated with her slick emissions as I licked and sucked powerfully at her clit until she was tensing so hard her back arched and her hands gripped the seat in white knuckled fists as she begged me not to stop. I wouldn't stop even when she pleaded, "Oh god no more, please no more, oh fuck.oh fuck no.arghhHHHHHgoddddnoooo.suckit.oh fuck I'm cumming're fuckin killin me.yes.yes.suck it.ohgod don't stop, please don't stop.aarrgghhhhHHHHHHHHAAAIIIEEEEEEEE.oh my god in heaven.fuck me.oh fuck I want to fuck one of those black dicks.oh god fuck me.please fuck me.

I was already undoing my pants as I suctioned her clit roughly. I climbed up into the cab and lifted her back onto the seat and crawled between her thighs and rammed my entire dick into her with one hard thrust of my hips and began fucking her hard, ferociously as her hands pulled at my ass.

We rutted like two animals as our bodies slammed together and ground roughly against the others until her thighs squeezed my body, ankles pulling at me as she held her pussy to my deepest, hardest thrusts and we both cum hard. I didn't cum I gushed. It felt like my constrictor muscle just opened and allowed every drop of cum in me to rush in one long streaming flood from my balls into her receptive pussy as we ground together in a rhapsody of love as our bodies released the sexual torment of the days arousement.

I couldn't believe I had gotten hard just moments after Lydia had drained my balls thoroughly and then gushed another pussy full of hot cum from them just minutes later. I was drained and I fell atop her as we both lay there gasping from the ferocity of our coupling. "I was going to get a motel room would you like to join us", I asked as my dick slid from her pussy and I slid backwards down her body until my head was even with her pussy and I began licking her sensitive clit.

She moaned, shuddered and bent to press me away as she said, "Yes, Yes, quit that till we're there though". I pulled my pants up and then noticed that Lydia was standing there the whole time watching us.

"That was hot", she exclaimed as her hand still rubbed at her clit. Seeing my dick hanging she quickly knelt and sucked it into her mouth and cleaned it of our cum before saying thoughtfully, "Hmmmm her pussy tastes kinda nice, wonder if she'd let me clean her too", she asked smiling.

"Yes I will beautiful, but not here, at the motel you can enjoy my pussy for as long as you like and then I will return the favor if you'd like", she said to Lydia as she spread her thighs and allowed Lyd to see her well fucked pussy. "Why don't you ride with me baby", she asked Lyd? Lydia was aroused at the thought of being with an older woman for her first Bi experience.

She had always thought it would be with her grandmother or hoped for it anyway. She gleefully ran around the truck and climbed into the cab and I watched as she assumed the same position as she had in the suv and began rubbing her clit sensually. Ann was going to wreck before they got there if Lydia teased her like that, or they'd never get there because they stopped and teacher seduces teen student alone with a drone in the truck I thought as I grinned.

When I got back in the suv JoAnn was moaning loudly, "Oh god its so big, so good, ohhhh it hurts, it hurts.fuck me.oh god Willie.yes.yes.right there.aaarrgghhhHHHHHHH.unghh.unghhh oh god not again.noooooo.aaaiieeeeEEEEEI"M CUMMIN OH GOD.OHGOD.GOD ITS TOO BIG oh shit.shit.oh god my pussy's so full.aieeeee.too much.oh fuck you're ripping my pussy.god I love your dick.oh.oh.ohgod please, please not again.unghhh.unghhh.oh damn.oh god its so hard.oh fuckkkkkk oh god I'm cumming again.nooo.nooo.oh god I love your black dick.aieeeee.aieeeEEEEEEEEE.oh god baby I can't stop.fuck me.please doit hard.oh god it hurts so good.god you're killin me.killin my pussy.d.d.don't stop.god I love baby.god I love your long.unghh.thick.unghhhh.hard dick.

God I want this every day.cum in me.please cum baby.oh fuck I need to feel it.feel it throbbing.filling me with your semen.please don't hold back.god Hot asu teen st assfuck brcc full video need it.gimme all your dick.ram it in me and cum baby.hurt me I don't care just cum.fill me up.oh god I'm cummin again.aarrgghhHHHHHHHAAAIIEEEE.YES.DOIT.OHGOD I FEEL IT.FUCK IT IN ME.OHFUCK ITS SWELLING.SO FUCKIN BIG.OHGODYES.OHBABY ITS SO HOT.SO DEEP.AHHHHHHHHHYEAH.FUCK ME.FUCK IT IN ME BABY.FILL IT UP.OH GOD I LOVE IT.DON'T STOP.CUM.CUM.OHSHIT SO MUCH CUM.aaaarrgggghhhHHHHHHURTS DON"T STOP!

I watched as Willie slammed his fat dick in Jo's pussy violently as she lay with thighs spread widely and held up by Willie's arms as he persecuted her pussy with long forceful thrusts of his hips; thrusts that she met with upward thrusts of her own hips as she screamed her pain while begging him to fuck her harder, to drive his cum in her deeply.

His balls mashed her asshole while his body crushed her clit as he buried his entire long black girth as deeply as possible into her white body. Her ankles pulled her pussy up and held it to the grinding heaven of her deep impalement as she cried out her plight with tears rolling down her cheeks as she begged for his cum and got it.

Connie was laying on her back, her arms wrapping Cocker's body as she hunched sensually up into his extreme length while moaning her love of his black cock as he stretched her unmercifully.

Her eyes were closed and her head was held in the concave of his shoulder as she tensed repeatedly as he ground his dick into her soul. She had found heaven on another black cock and hadn't missed or needed him for a second as she cried her love of Cocker's black cock and how she'd only fuck black men from now on.

I heard him ask her if his dick was better than mine and her answer, while expected still cut me to the quick as she moaned, "Oh god blonde teen takes on a big cock hardcore there's no words to describe how much better your dick is and how much it satisfies me more than he ever did or could. This pussy is black owned baby, I love your long dick stretching me deeply. Now fuck me baby, hurt my pussy with your big black dick, let me cum on it again, god I love the way you make me cum, fuck this white slut hard, make me scream your name".

God what is wrong with me I ask myself as my dick throbs stiffly once more. Hearing her love of these guys black cocks should instill anger in me but instead I love it, it excites me knowing how she craves their dicks and wants to cum with them inside her over and over.

I want to cum as badly as she craves their black balls to empty themselves inside her married pussy as I watch and hear her love of their hot juices scalding her pussy, my wife's pussy.

"Listen up people, I'm going to get a room so we can get comfortable and fuck on beds and furniture instead of this hard floor. Everybody ok with that?" Connie glanced at me with lust fogged eyes and said, "Oh god does that mean I can fuck black cock all night, lets do it!." JoAnn was attempting to suck Willie hard again and she stared at me blankly for a few seconds before asking, "Why would you do that when I have a home with a swimming pool and bedrooms everywhere.

Why not just go to my home", she asked? "That works for me Jo how do I get there?" She thought for a second before saying, "We'll have to get dressed as it's a gated community is that all right with everyone", she asked as she glanced at everybody?

Everyone seemed ready for a break anyway so we all agreed and began searching for clothes and raising the seats in the back and before long we all looked like normal people.

I glanced over at Ann's truck and didn't see anyone so I got out and went over and climbed up on the running board and watched as Lydia roughly ground her pussy into Ann's face as she cum screaming. Ann had Lydia's thighs pressed up next to her breasts as she tongue fucked her deep and viciously. It was cuddly teen is gaping narrow slit in close range and coming seeing someone so young gripping an older woman's head and pulling her tightly into her gushing pussy as her hips hunched frantically into the wet licking within her.

I coughed and said, "We're all going to JoAnn's home to party. I guess you know how to get there don't you Lydia". Lydia's head was lain against the seat back and her moans didn't waver as she continued undulating even after Ann had stopped sucking her pussy.

Ann gazed at me with eyes that smoldered with her arousement at eating such a young tasty cunt and said, "Ok Jack, we'll be there soon baby.

Just thought I'd grab a bite to eat because I was starving for some of this young pussy". I smiled and shook my head and thought "God, who would believe me if I told someone about this day".