I play with my aunt while she sleeps

I play with my aunt while she sleeps
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Mistaken Display Story: #45 Copyright ©2009 Written: March 22 2009 A Story By: KaosAngel Proofed by: KaosAngel Please send any comments about this story to ([email protected]) ******************************************** Jessica woke up this morning to the sound of her mother calling her from the kitchen, "Jessy, Jessy dear come on down here" She called, forcing Jessica from a wonderful dream, she slumped out of bed gave nude body a quick look in the full length mirror, looking in the mirror her hand went down to her pussy where she felt the meat tag pierced thought her clit that identified her as available, usable, snuff able meat, every young girl age 18 - 20 was required to display such a tag until their 20th birthday when they were redeemed to human status and no longer required to submit to the sexual advances of every man or woman of age around them and were finally allowed to remove the tag.

Jessica who had only just turned 18 was freshly pierced with her meat tag a month ago and was already wishing for it's removal, "Don't think about what might happen in the next two years, think about how you will feel when your safe, when you reach the age of redemption" Her mother would often tell her, Jessica was still worried and didn't share her mother's confidence that she would make it to redemption, more like someone would be redeeming her meat for her, since her age group had been tagged a month ago she had seen sixteen of two hundred girls in her group called up to surrender their meat, the only thing Jessica had on her mind these days was, sexy awesome babe is willing for a wild fuck homemade hardcore long before they come for me?".

"Jessy dear, come on down here" Her mother called again waking her from her thoughts of how her friends were slaughtered and cold processed at the meat plant and turned to the door to head down the stairs, "Well finally miss sleepy head, I been calling you for half an hour? her mother said as Jessica came into the kitchen, "What did you want mom?" Jessica asked as she sat at the table and started to eat her breakfast. "Your father's off to work and wont have time to pick up the meat order today so I need you to head down to Hill's and pick up the pig, the freezer is running low" She said as she spooned some girl-ham and girl-bacon on to Jessica's plate, "Oh great mom, you want me to go up to the meat shop and condemn some young girl to die in our freezer just so you can eat her meat" Jessica said as she took a bite of girl-bacon, "Jessica you need to stop all this foolin, get with it girl, that ain't pork bacon your munching on" Her mother said gesturing to the slice of girl-bacon in her hand.

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"That's not the point, mother" Jessica said throwing the slice onto the plate and leaving the table, "Then what is?" Her mother asked, "So what your scared, I was your age once I wore the tag, I know what your feeling every girl your age has these feelings, you have it far easier then when I was your age there are so many young girls out there today that you have a very good chance not to be called, when I wore my tag the percentage of available meat was so low that if you made it to the age of redemption you were one of the luckiest girls in the world, nowadays there's so many girls out their your age the odds of you being called are high enough not to worry about" Her mother tried to console Jessica who was now crying.

This speech was almost a daily event with Jessica her mother had it memorized, "Now get on up to the meat shop pick up our order and condemn some sweet young thing and bring her back here so I can slaughter her and chop her up" Her mother said and patted her on the bottom and pushed her out the door.

Jessica knew her mother was right the odd's of her being called were kinda high and she didn't have anything to worry about, so as her mother asked she made her way to the local butcher shop "Hill's Meats" to pick up their order, Jessica entered the shop and noticed the strange lack of a live whole roaster in the window, "Hi Mr Hill" Jessica said walking to the counter, "Mom sent me to pick up this weeks order, dad's gonna be too busy today" She added, "Sorry Jess, im all out of live meat, the shipment Playgirl is smashed in a doggystyle pornstar hardcore was expecting this morning is late" Mr Hill replied, "Im sure you noticed when you came in that window display is empty, I had hoped to fill it with one of the meat-girls from this shipment" He added pointing to the empty display.

"Hey would you help me out today?" Mr Hill asked, "What would I have to do?" Jessica replied, "You don't want to butcher or spit me do you?" She added with a little fear in her voice, "No, No, nothing like that, I just want you to fill up my window display, sit in there for a few hours until I close shop, entice people to come in by showing off that beautiful smooth pussy of yours" He replied looking down between her legs, "What if someone want's to buy me?" She asked looking toward the empty window, "I won't sell you" Mr Hill Promised.

Besides no one ever buys the display girls the most that ever happens to them during the day is a customer or two will pay to use you" He replied, "So will you?, it would help me out a lot" He added, "Well when people come in to buy a live meat-girl and find out there is none available, what then?" Jessica asked, "We don't get people coming in every day for live meat, most just want cuts I have plenty of that in the case and in the back, your father is one of the few customers who place orders for live whole pigs, I assume because he likes to play with his food before your mother slaughters it" He replied.

Jessica was real nervous about getting in the window to display her meat, she was already nude as that was the law so having people see her nude body was no problem for her, but to sit in a window and spread her legs to show she was meat might be the one thing that could raise the odd's of her being called for processing, "I don't know, Mr Hill, it would be really risky for me" she said and started to walk for the door, "Do this raven babe with damn sexy tits fucking me and when the new shipment arrives ill send the best one to your dad, free of charge" Mr Hill replied and Jessica turned to face him she was deep in thought.

"Ok, Mr Hill, ill do it" Jessica said, "Great, thankyou Jess, this will help me a lot, just get on up in there and show off that pussy and your pert breasts, get some customers in here, ill call your mom and tell her that your helping me out today" He replied as Jessica slipped into the display as he picked up the phone. Several hours passed it was nearly closing time and Jessica was more then ready to go home, her legs were sore from all the flexing and showing off her pussy to the passerby's, as Mr Hill predicted many people came into purchase meat based on her display, some even wanted to buy her as she had feared but each time Mr Hill politely declined and explained she was only helping him out, the customers were more understanding then Jessica had thought and made her feel a little better, "Almost time to get out of here" She thought to herself and rubbed her pussy while a woman was walking by and caught sight of her and entered the store.

Jessica was too busy showing off her meat to hear much of what was said in the shop until she heard, "WHAT?!!, What do you mean you don't have any more live meat?" The woman said with anger in her voice, "Im sorry Miss Kast, my shipment never bp is karina kapur xxx up today, all I have are counter display cuts today" Mr Hill replied, "What about that pig in the display?, ill take her" Miss Kast said looking to Jessica in the window, "She isn't for sale, she is only helping me out for the day" Mr Hill politely replied, "Oh so your shop offers false advertising, showing off meat that is not available for purchase?" She replied in anger, "Wait until the County Meat Agency hears about this, ill have this place shut down so fast people will be saying, Hill who?" She added and turned to leave the shop.

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"Wait, Miss Kast, im sure we can work this out without involving the County Meat Agency?" Mr Hill asked moving toward her, "Sell me that pig in the display and there is no false advertisement" She replied and gave a stern look, Mr Hill was sweating now and he knew she had him, he wiped his forehead with a handkerchief and looked toward the window to see Jessica looking at him and shaking her head and silently mouthing the words, "No, Please, No, you promised" her eye's welling up with tears, "WELL MR HILL" Miss Kast said loudly to get its a family affair anime english sub attention, "What will it be, do I get the pig in the display or not?" Miss Kast said looking over at Jessica who was still shaking her head.

"Ok, Miss Kast you win, I can't afford to lose my shop, how do you want your meat prepared?" Mr Hill asked as he heard Jessica whimper in the window, "You can prepare her for me here?" Miss Kast asked, "Based on her tag restrictions yes maam I can spit roast or hang her right here in the backroom for you, or do you wish to just take her with you on a leash?" Mr Hill replied, "Are those the only options?" Miss Kast asked, "Yes maam, the only agency approved options for this pig" Mr Hill replied causing Jessica to shudder hearing him refer to her as a pig, "I want her spit roasted then, but I want to watch her spitting, so I can be sure you don't try switching her with another pig" Miss Kast replied.

Mr Hill went to the window to find Jessica slumped in the corner of the display covering her face and whispering, "No, please, No" as he walked over people were stopping in front of the window watching him pick her up by her wrists and force them behind her back and tie them together tight, "Im sorry Jess, I have no choice" He said as he picked her up over his shoulder and walked toward the back room, "Follow me Miss Kast" He said and went though the door, followed by Miss Kast.

Miss Kast had never been inside the backroom on a butcher shop having avoided them when she was Jessica's age, once inside the backroom Miss Kast looked around and could see a large guillotine used for decapitating a girl-pig, a large stew pot for boiling and a gallows set up with six noose's ready for use, but in the center of the room hottie plays with dildo in front of a mirror a J-3000 spitting machine of gleaming silver chrome with the steel spit locked in place behind where the pig would be restrained, "Well Miss Kast here she is, the J-3000 spitting machine, if you will just stand clear ill get the pig loaded and you can watch her impalement" He said and placed Jessica on the floor and started to adjust all the padded supports to Jessica's height and weight.

Jessica was in shock and just lay there on the floor whimpering and looking into Miss Kast's eye's, "Why do you want me?" Jessica asked in a low voice, "You showed off your pussy so well in that window when I passed that I just have to have it on my plate tonight for dinner" She replied as she kelt down low and placed her hand on Jessica's pussy and fingered the tag she was wearing pierced through her clit, The tag reads.

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Name: Jessica Kaos Age: 18 Grade: A Meat Status: Available Converted to grade A meat status until the age of redemption. Below are the only County Meat Agency methods of use for this meat-animal.

Snuff Method: Hanging Cooking Method: Live Spit-Roasting While reading the tag she year old slut sucks and gets fucked hard in outdoor action big dick bigtits two fingers into Jessica's pussy and pressed her thumb hard onto her clit causing her to moan a little and cum all over Miss Kast's fingers, she continued to finger fuck Jessica's pussy, "Ok Miss Kast the J-3000 is ready" Mr Hill said and bent down to pick up Jessica and placed her into position on the machine as Miss Kast raised her soaked fingers to her lips and sucked them clean, "Please, Mr Hill don't do this to me" Jessica pleaded, "I have no choice" he replied while strapping Jessica onto the machine and making sure her breasts slipped thought the holes in the chest support and clipped a set of suction cups to her nipples, "Trust me your gonna like this, this machine is designed for optimal pleasure during the spitting process" Mr Hill said trying to make her feel better.

Mr Hill stepped back to take a good look at Jessica wiggling on the machine trying to force the straps open, "Well she is all strapped in and ready to go" He said and gave Jessica a hard slap on her bottom causing her to jerk forward the few inches that straps would allow and squeal in pain as he pressed a button on the control panel that brought the machine to life and moved the spit forward six inches so that when her bottom moved back into position her pussy lips slipped right over the tip of the spit and stretched down the shaft to the six inch mark, the sudden sensation of the cold steel spit entering her pussy and filling her up gave her a shock, "Oh god this is really happening to me" She thought to herself as the suction cups attached to her nipples came to life and started sucking her nipples hard.

Jessica always loved getting her nipples sucks so it felt wonderful, until the long needles that were inside the suction cups were forced upward through her nipples deep into her breasts to inject them with the drugs she will need to survive the spitting and roasting and a special mix of seasonings and herbs that would serve to help season her meat while she roasted, Jessica was surprised to feel little pain and much pleasure on the machine after the breast injection's even the spit punching its way though her cervix made her cum hard and did not go unnoticed by Miss Kast who was standing behind her watching the spit slide into her pussy and saw the while cream around the spit from her many orgasms using the fingers she used before to rub her pussy lips making her finger wet again and licking them clean.

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Mr Hill was standing off to the side watching and getting a good show from both of them looking into Jessica's eye's he could see she was enjoying the spitting like he had said she would and even smiled teen sex koylu kadin siki and him, "Thankyou" she mouth silently as she started to gag a little as the spit came up her throat and exited her mouth causing her to cum again as she saw the sharp end of the spit emerge in front her eye's, "WOW, im really spitted?" She thought to herself and smiled, "That didn't hurt as much as I thought it would" Was her last thought as the gutting saw came to life.