Fucking and enjoying watch part on suzcamcom

Fucking and enjoying watch part on suzcamcom
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Jack and Kelly had always been normal siblings. They grew up five years apart so they didn't have much in common but they still found a way to get along despite that. Their parents were middle class but always made sure they gave their kids everything they ever needed.

Kelly was now 19 and off at her first year of college and Jack was married with a baby on the way. The two siblings lived on opposite sides of the country and usually only spoke when they were both at home together. Kelly was in her dorm room studying when the call came in. She actually dropped the phone when her dad told her that her mother had passed away suddenly from a stroke. She cried for over an hour with her dad doing his best to be strong and try to comfort her.

She bought a plane ticket home as soon as she was off the phone and didn't sleep the entire night. When she touched down in her hometown late the next night she was emotionally drained and dead tired.

Jack and his wife were there to pick her up and they had long hugs in the airport while Kelly fought back more tears. Her brother was being strong for her but was obviously just as broken up about their mother's passing. They made small talk on the drive to parent's house and Kelly was happy that her sister in law spent most of the time talking about her pregnancy as she couldn't find any words of her own. When they arrived at the house Kelly found her dad on the couch and just sat down and held him while they both cried.

Jack got his wife settled and did some cleaning around the kitchen to try and help out. After a few hours her dad fell asleep on the couch so Kelly got up and went into the kitchen.

She saw her brother helping out like he always did. She grabbed a college girls fuck a line of dildos to blow her nose and Jack turned to her and gave her a brave smile "How's it going kiddo?". "Oh I guess as good as it's going to be. you?" "I miss her a lot.

It's so weird being in the house without her" Jack said with a big sigh. "I'm so glad you're here. you look so much like her" Jack looked his little sister over as she blew her nose again. She had soft brown hair just like their mother and so many features of her face were the same. Kelly had just thrown on a pair of jeans and a tank guy cums on luscious cutie after sex before getting on the plane and it didn't do much to hide her white bra.

Jack smirked. "What is it?" Kelly asked curiously. "Oh nothing. I was just remembering how mom would yell at you whenever your bra was showing" A little smile crept over Kelly's face "ya, she always said a woman should be properly covered up.

She was always so carefully dressed" she remembered thinking about how her mother's outfits were chosen to be ultra conservative. At the first sign that one of her tops or bras might be getting stretched out she would toss it and go shopping.

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She had such a particular way about her. Jack thought about his mother too and how she always seemed to have every last button done up just right. As a child he would be shocked to go to one of his friend's homes where their moms wouldn't be shy about showing a little cleavage.

She was always a lady and a pride to have for a mother. Kelly hugged her big brother and they stood there for several seconds.

Jack's fingers brushed up Kelly's back and felt her bra strap. He caught his breath as his thoughts went to what his little sister's bra contained.

Just as he felt blood rushing to the wrong part of his body he pulled away and gave his teenage sister a kiss on the forehead "get some rest kiddo". She sighed not looking forward to being alone but nodded "ok. i'll see you tomorrow". Jack wished he could comfort her in some way but he wasn't very good at that kind of thing. He went up to his room and found his wife asleep. He undressed to his boxers and a tshirt and laid down beside her.

He gave her pregnant belly a soft rub before rolling on his back and closing his eyes. At about three in the morning he woke suddenly but wasn't sure why. He went down the hall to go to the bathroom and noticed that Kelly's door was still open. After doing his business he peeked in and saw that his sister wasn't in her room. It was then he heard the clinking beauties play with sex toys masturbation and smalltits glass from downstairs.

He moved quietly and looked in the living room to see his father was still fast asleep on the couch with the glow of the tv staring back at him.

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He moved into the kitchen and saw his sister sitting at the table with a large bottle of wine open and looked to be almost gone. She gave him a drunken smile "hey. i. i uhh couldn't. ummm sleep" she said giggling as she finally found the word she was looking for. Jack chuckled "hey kiddo. come on.

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you should get to bed". "hmmm. nah i don't wanna" she said with a big smile as she polished off her glass and started to pour another one. Jack was finding it difficult not to stare. Kelly was only wearing a tshirt and panties at the moment and her legs skinny young blonde chastity lynn fucks her mechanics big dick lazily hanging open under the table.

Her breasts were just as perky without her bra and they strained into the soft cotton of her top to the point where her nipples could clearly be seen. Jack sat down when he felt himself swelling at the sight of his distraught sister. She looked so out of it. He pushed his chair closer and put his hand on her arm simply meaning to comfort her but the touch of her skin was electrifying.

When he realized she was barely paying attention he let his eyes look down at her top, studying her young breasts. They were so full and round. He had a sudden desire to see them naked. His hand ran up her shoulder and touched her silky smooth hair which he could smell from where he was sitting.

It was intoxicating. she was intoxicating. He moved his hand down again until it was firmly against her left breast. He looked up at her eyes and she was staring at him but didn't pull away. His other hand came up and cupped her other breast and the pair just sat there in silence. Jack cupped and fondled her through the thin tshirt. Kelly was breathing faster as she watched him touch her.

She was drunk but still knew how wrong this was and she didn't stop him. she just wanted to feel something other than pain. After a few minutes Jack lifted his sister's top over her head and exposed her large boobs to the cool air of the kitchen.

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She quietly sighed as he put his mouth over her left nipple and sunny leone lesbian oil massage sucked on it as his hands squeezed her harder. Kelly loved drunken sex and couldn't believe her brother was going to be her next partner.

His mouth switched to her other breast and he spent at least 10 minutes just worshipping her chest. Jack pulled his penis out of his boxers and started to masturbate.

He knew he couldn't have sex with his little sister but he was sure going to enjoy her young boobs. Kelly sighed as he stood and began to jerk off very near her boobs. Precum was leaking from the tip and every so often it would press into the underside of one of her tits and leave a sticky mark. Kelly looked up at the lusty face of her brother and took hold of her own breasts, leaned forward and wrapped them around his thick shaft.

They both sighed as their skin touched and Jack began to hump his sister's full bouncy boobs. Kelly held then tight and let her brother's cock bump into the bottom of her chin as he had sex with her chest. He was in heaven and Kelly loved to be the one to bring him there. Jack groaned as his sister gave him the best titjob of his entire life. He looked around and couldn't believe this was all happening in the kitchen he grew up in.

There she was, his cute little sister, stroking his very adult penis with her god given breasts. But who was he kidding, she wasn't just cute, she was a sex goddess! Her hair hung perfectly around her ears and her sexy brown eyes were so soft and kind. He ran his finger along her full supple lips and she sighed and started sucking on it. His cock let out a nice big drop of precum as he felt just how soft those lips were and how perfectly textured her wet tongue was.

As she rubbed his cock harder with those perfect tits he found himself wishing he had done this when they were kids. He could've had her all the time. Whenever he wanted. He had been an idiot to chase girls when he had a fiery sex kitchen sleeping in the next room. His cum was rising. He couldn't help it. He looked down at his sister and they smiled at each other as he started to cum all over her neck. Kelly sighed and Jack held onto her shoulders for support as his warm sticky cum gave her a beautiful pearl necklace.

He stepped back to admire his work and swirled his messy seed around the top of her chest with his cockhead. He was surprised he didn't feel guilty after doing something like that with her. At this moment she didn't seem to regret it either. Jack ran his hand over her face "you're such a good kid Kelly. get some sleep ok?". She nodded and watched her brother walk back upstairs.

Kelly stood up on shaky feet and slowly wiped off her chest with paper towels. She was still feeling dizzy and started to head towards the stairs but caught the site of her father laying asleep on the couch.

She stopped and looked at him. The poor man had just lost his wife and would be alone forever. She felt so sorry for him. She wanted to make things better. Images of her brother's happy smile as she pleasured him ran through her head as she approached her sleeping dad.

He was still in his sweat pants and tshirt that he had been wearing all day. Kelly knelt down by her father and slowly put her hand on his crotch. He was of course soft but Kelly loved the feeling of his covered organ in her palm. Slowly she pulled down his loose sweat pants and was happy to discover her daddy wasn't wearing any underware. She gently held his soft penis in her hand and admired it. She leaned in and gave it a soft kiss, then another, and soon she was running her tongue over it.

Her daddy stirred and he opened his eyes, still half asleep. Kelly's mouth went down on his stiffening manhood and he groaned as he felt a wonderful warm sucking sensation in his lap. It only took dad a few seconds to realize he was getting a blowjob and when he did he quickly shot his head up and looked down.

His first thought was it must be Jack's wife but as his eyes finally cleared he quickly discovered exactly who it was. His face went white and he put his hands in her hair to try and pull her busty hottie likes to ride a dick. When he pulled up she whined and resisted.

Jesus Christ, she wanted to do this! Her lips moved up and down his shaft and felt like wet silk. Her tongue was massaging the bottom side of his enormous boner and he loved how she wasn't shy about drooling all over him. Kelly rubbed her father's hips and sighed contently as her father's hand went from trying to pull her up to pushing her up and down on his prick. As he grew more excited she had to work on relaxing her throat to allow this thick cock to work into it.

When he finally had her all the way down on it she gently shot out her tongue to taste his large balls. The same ones that helped create her 19 years ago. Dad's free hand reached out and began to fondle her bare boobs making him twitch and drip precum down her throat.

His daughter had always been such a good girl. The straight A student.

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The athlete. Everything a parent could want. He was amazed this same girl was now giving him the best blowjob he'd ever had. Her father was twitching in her mouth and she knew he was about to cum.

She pulled her mouth back slowly as his cock swelled up even more. The middle of her tongue was now pressed against his tip and she was ready to receive him.

His loud moan was the only warning she got as his tip opened and gooey semen started shooting along her tongue and into her throat.

The first shot went pretty far back but the next few just dropped perfectly on her tongue. Kelly could taste the warm spunk on every milimeter of her tongue and sighed in delight. As fer father's orgasm subsided she rolled her cream covered tongue around this penis and gently sucked on it like a popsicle. After a few minutes she had swallowed all of it and her father was once again soft in her mouth. She popped him out and he looked down at her shocked.

She gave him a smile to let him know it was ok and walked up to her bedroom topless. It took no time at all for her to pass out once her head hit the pillow.