Mi secretaria resulto ser una estrella prono by weedhotsama

Mi secretaria resulto ser una estrella prono by weedhotsama
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The first few days were really nice; I relaxed by the pool and sunbathed. Marissa told me I could take all my clothes off and get a full body tan if I wanted to. The back yard was secluded and very private. I didn't follow her advice completely; I just took my top off. I didn't really want a tan since one of my best features is my milk white skin against my red hair and blue eyes. I didn't have a lot of pubic hair but what I did have was fiery red. Marissa usually brought me a couple of Gin Tonics, which made my time out by the pool very relaxing.

I had never had anything to drink so this made me feel grown-up and mature. At dinnertime Crystal and Charles had martinis and I usually had a banana or strawberry daiquiri.

Marissa had sort of taken over my drinking diet for me and I was glad. She guessed I was a novice when it came to drinking. About the fifth day I was out by the pool as usual. Charles was away on a trip, something he did often with his business and Crystal had some kind of social circle meeting with some women in the neighborhood. Marissa was about in the house doing whatever she did for Charles and Crystal.

I had been lying out by the pool after taking a dip in the warm water, and was half dozing after two Tom Collins. Suddenly, I felt a large flat tongue lick my tits.

I thought I was dreaming about Stacie for a minute and then I realized that the tongue had a slight roughness to it. I opened my eyes and was startled to see Sam standing mature redhead whitney wonders shows off her big tits licking my tits. I sat up and yelled at him, "Bad boy, bad boy!" Marissa must have heard me because suddenly she was their admonishing Sam, "Sam, you bad dog.

Come with me right now. Come on." Sam followed her looking forlorn, but not before I noticed he had a hard on. His pink dick was sticking out of its sheath.

His doggie dick was long, about five, six inches. It was pointy and got thicker towards the base. I don't know why but I felt a stirring in my loins as I rubbed my tits and remembered how his tongue felt on my tits.

My nipples had enlarged and I was a little ashamed that a dog had made them like that. I lay there with mixed emotions for about twenty or thirty minutes thinking about what had happened. I decided to go in the house and make friends with Sam. I knew he was just trying to be friendly and did the only thing that dogs do to show their feelings. As I neared the door to the house I heard a voice and I started to walk softly and as I eavesdropped.

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I heard Marissa saying, "You poor baby, you have-not had any pussy since Kyla got here. But we all have to be careful she might not understand about you, Baby." I walked towards the voice and it led me to a recreation room adjacent to the kitchen. I almost cried out in shock when I peeked around the door and saw Marissa on her hands and knees, playing with Sam's doggie dick as Sam sat on his haunches with his tongue hanging out of his mouth. His dick looked larger than before and it was an angry dark red.

Marissa was leaning over and jacking his big dick with her small hand. Then she leaned way over and took his dick in her mouth.

I thought I was going to faint from excitement or shock, I don't know which. She sucked on it for a couple of minutes and then she shimmied out of her panties and lay on the floor with her legs wide open.

"Come on, Baby, suck mama's pussy." Sam did not wait to be told twice. He jumped up and dove at her pussy. She was clean-shaven and when Sam swiped his big broad doggie tongue up and down her pussy, her pussy lips separated and almost inverted. Sam dug into her vagina spooning out Marissa's sex juices as she lay there moaning and moving her hips gently up and down to coincide with the dog's tongue penetrating her pussy.

This went on for a while until Marissa started to cum. She quickly turned over and yelled at Sam. "Up boy, up! She was on all fours as Sam jumped up gently on her back and his paws slid along her ribs to her hips. Sam inched up and he found Marissa's pussy with his dick. He hunched in once and seated his dick deep inside her pussy. All eight inches of him.

His dick looked as thick as my extra small and old men. Marissa groaned and dropped down to her elbows with her ass still sticking up in the air against Sam. Sam started his rapid hunching and Marissa dropped all the way down until her face was on the floor against her arms and her tits were flat on the floor.

Sam had a clear shot at her pussy. He was humping into her rapidly as Marissa continued to back up into him. I could see his big red dick going in and out in a blur.

At the base I could see his dick was the size of a normal man's penis. I could only imagine what Marissa was feeling. I noticed a knot was forming at the base of Sam's doggie dick and watched intently to see what was going to happen. When it enlarged to the size of a large lemon, Sam hesitated as if waiting for something and Marissa pushed back hard and shoved the knot into her pussy. Sam repositioned himself and continued his rapid thrusts.

Now his thrusts were short and hard. His dick seemed to stop at the knot every time he pulled out so his thrusts were hard but short and rapid. Marissa was cumming. She started hissing and her body was trembling as her breath came hard and ragged. She went into her orgasm and Sam barked a couple of times as if to encourage her. Cum juice was all over the place as it dripped out of Marissa's pussy and ran down her legs.

"OOOhhh, hunhunh, oh yeesss!! Oh, fuck me, fuck me, and fuck me, Sam." Sam slammed into her harder and harder and Marissa was rolling one orgasm over another and she continued cumming as she now lay there totally surrendered to Sam's will with her ass up in the air and her face laying on her arms on the floor.

Sam continued humping and took her to another orgasm as Marissa rose to another level of pleasure. She was pulling on her clitoris, rolling it around with her thumb and forefinger as she began another orgasm.

"OOhhh Goddddd!!!" she amateur girl vibes her aching pussy masturbation and vibrator out as she started to cum and her body shook like someone had thrown a buck of ice water on her. She hit her peak and Sam started to cum. I saw fuck juice dripping from her pussy as Sam let go with his doggie cum and shot his wad into her.

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Sam was shaking and as he pushed his ass up against Marissa and shoved his dick to the hilt. "Aaaiiiieeee, Oh, jeezzuussss," Marissa cried out as she came again and again and again. "Your gismo is scalding my pussy, Baby." Sam humped a couple more times and then he stood still. He turned around and gently dropped to his legs. Marissa and Sam were joined like a dog and a bitch back to back. Marissa reached back and held his hind legs so Sam wouldn't move.

Sam just stood there until Marissa let him go. They stay tied together for about fifteen minutes and then he pulled gently and his knot popped out of Marissa's expanded pussy. He turned around and began licking Marissa's pussy taking swipes all the way from her pussy to her asshole as he licked her juices and cleaned her up.

Marissa body shook and then fell onto her back. Sam's dick hung from his body and looked a mile long.

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Marissa saw me standing by the door and she motioned for me to come in. I hadn't noticed but I had both hands in my pussy with at least one finger all the way up inside of me. I was topless and I removed my bikini bottom as I walked towards her. She motioned for me to straddle her face.

I lowered myself until my pussy was against her mouth and my knees had captured her head between them. She started reaming me out and licking my clitoris. Her hands went around my small lithe hips and she stuck a finger in my asshole.

I started to come immediately. I leaned back and felt Sam's head between Marissa's legs licking her pussy. Marissa came one more time and Sam moved away from her.

Sam came around in front of me and started licking my tits. First one then the other. I went crazy I had six orgasms in a row as I climbed higher and a knot formed in my sinhala actress sumana gomas sex story as a wrenching orgasm hit me. I started squirting all over Marissa's face and hugged Sam to my breasts.

I fell off of Marissa and got on all fours as I yelled at Sam. "Fuck me, Sam!" Fuck me!" I heard Marissa say, "Up boy, up." I felt Sam's big booty latina bbw karla lane loves big black cock slide down my rig cage and lock on to my hips. He positioned the tip of his dick at the entrance to my pussy and I held my breath. I heard Marissa saying, Relax, relax.

You are going to love this." Suddenly I felt Sam push and he shoved his dick all the way into my pussy. The tip of his doggie dick brushed against my cervix and pulled a groan out of me as his big dick slammed into the back of my uterus. Sam started his rapid humping and I started cumming. I was having one cum after the other. I could feel Sam shooting his precum into my pussy filling me to the brim. I didn't know that dogs could cum like that.

His dog sperm was hot and it warmed my womb as my lower belly became distended. Sam fucked me for what seemed like hours but I know now it was only seven or eight minutes. I felt his knot knocking at the entrance to my pussy.

It felt like a golf ball. He stopped for a second and I hunched back hard and the golf ball popped into my pussy as his doggie dick hit my cervix. I began a mega orgasm.

The tip of his dick entered my cervix slightly and when Sam humped again an inch or two of his pointy dick was in my womb. My pussy walls clamped around his dick and my cervix had a grip on the tip of his penis. I almost fainted as I stopped breathing and I continued to cum hard one on top of the other. Sam shot his hot sperm and I came again. This time I yelled like a wounded deer as his sperm, thicker than before, scalded my cervix "Ahahaiiiieeeee." I fell forward and Sam followed on top of me.

His knot had grown to the size of a baseball and I could feel tremendous pressure at the entrance to my pussy as my outer pussy muscles clamed down behind his knot.

Sam continued to hump me until he finished. Marissa held him on top of me It took twenty minutes to come down as Marissa rubbed Sam's back and hold him what a good dog he was.

She rubbed my pussy to help me relax but I went into another orgasm. Finally, Sam's knot slipped out of my pussy with a popping sound. Marissa turned me over and started kissing and sucking my tits as Sam licked my pussy and cleaned me up. I trembled as I came again twice more and my body shook as I tried to regain my senses. "Oh, Kyla, you were terrific, Baby. You and me are going to have a lot of fun this summer." she said excitedly.

I just lay there grinning enjoying the after effects of the multiple orgasms I just had. I reached over and grabbed Sam and hugged him holding him against me. I felt his warm furry body against me and I decided then and there that there was nothing wrong with fucking a dog. After all most dog owners treated their dogs like people, dressed them like people, took them to doctors like people, buried them like people, so why not fuck them like people. I have to admit though that I never dreamed of doing this ever.

"You are a wonderful dog. I like the way you fuck and I'm going to make you very happy while I'm here," I said to him as he licked my face and rubbed his long lithe body against me. I reached under him and caressed his dick as it hung limply almost dragging on the floor. I bent under him and kissed his dick and then without giving it a thought I sucked it into my mouth and covered it with a pool of warm saliva.

I felt Sam hump my face a couple of times and I pulled away. There would be time for that later. "All dogs, don't fuck like this one," Marissa was saying. "This is a very special dog. He was trained specifically for fucking humans.

Crystal took him when he was a year old to this trainer who specializes in this. I went with her a couple of times and I took part in the training. I didn't have too, but after I saw Crystal fuck him the first time. I had to try it. The trainer had other dogs there too, so I spent a week with him helping him train them. Crystal tried only one other dog, a Saint Bernard, but her heart belongs to Sam here, not that I blame her. Sam really knows how to be gentle or hard when he has too." "Crystal, fucks Sam too?" I asked Marissa.

"Oh, yes, there are other women in the development who fuck dogs too. I think that's where Crystal got the idea. You see, all the men around here are gone most of the videos sexe francaise elisa realise son fantasme or too busy to take care of their wives properly and of course some of the women are just horny bitches.

The dogs kind of fill in. You'll notice everybody around here has dogs. Each of course to their preference. Dogs are ready to fuck anytime you want them to, for as long as you want them to. Best of all they don't talk and don't care who they fuck as long as the ass staring them in the face. They are not possessive or jealous and they don't care if you are young, old, beautiful or homely. "The richest couple in the neighborhood is the Carleton's," Marissa continued.

"Penelope Carleton, she likes to be called Penny, also has horses. I have heard she fucks a Shetland pony she has but I haven't seen that. Three babes receive a hard anal slamming in a while I join Crystal and Charles along with Sam here in a fuckfest. Mostly I do it with Crystal and Sam, Charles is a hypocrite.

He doesn't want anyone to know that he lusts after young girls or that he loves to see his wife sucking on a girls pussy while Sam here fucks her." "I never would have believed it. Charles is always the epitome of propriety around our ebony jabardasti rep sex xxx story in. And Crystal has never even tranny sucking a hard cock and getting fucked shit around us after she married Charles," I told desi maid first time fuck with my uncle. "By the way, do you eat pussy?" Marissa asked.

"I've only done it a couple of times and I have really enjoyed it," I told her. I didn't want to get into Stacie and Evie, at least not just yet. "Have you been fucking long?" she asked. "No, not really, I've only had one boy and two other women," I told her. "Well, Baby, I'm going to give you an education while you are here. Right now lets get cleaned up and clean Sam up.

Crystal doesn't want me to fuck him when she isn't around. You remember that because she really gets pissed." We cleaned Sam up and we took a shower together. We made each other cum with our fingers while showering. Nothing too intense but nice. The rest of the week went by fast, especially since Marissa and I fucked Sam at least once a day while Crystal was away from the house. I couldn't get enough of the dog-fucking and coupled with Melissa either eating my pussy while she fucked Sam or me eating hers while Sam fucked me, I was in heaven.