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Pawn shop full storys xxxporn com
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Innocence and a Bet Cherry was the perfect name for ripe innocence, at 18 and her last year in high school had taken a bet from several of the other girls. She had always done wild and crazy things and had always won every bet she had ever taken. Thinking this latest one would be no different! The bet was that she had to go to the Rusty Dyke a notorious lesbian bar that had a reputation for catering to the meanest Bull Dyke's that one could imagine.

She was to act like she was a young lesbian bottom and kiss the meanest of these women on the lips. The bet entailed only two things, one it had to be on Saturday night the busiest time, and two she had to do it in only her panties and bra. She had thought this could be easily done, and that she could convince any of these monster woman, that she indeed could be interested in them. She had thought for her, there was little interest in other women, as she and her girlfriends had done some playing and had experimented on each other with girlish glee, but now the thought of doing this school girl xxx story play somehow become strangely exciting.

For Cherry this bet would become one of the biggest mistakes of her young life!.or would it?. She had gone there with only a coat covering her bra and panties and was wearing heels, several of her girl friends had also gone earlier so that they would be set to take pictures and verify that she had indeed kissed one of these powerful women.

The trouble started when they arrived, as they were immediately out of place, as they set down in one of the booths. All six of these big mean looking women had gotten up from there table and several of them had set down in the booth alongside them.

The next thing to happened was, they were forcefully starting to manhandling these young girls and had easily had them half undressed and were starting to have fun with them. First holding one down, while the other had very sadistically stuck her fingers in this girls pussy and was seeing just how much painful abuse she could cause while asking her just what in the hell they were doing in the Rusty Dyke. These girls under pain and threats had immediately confessed what Cherry was planning to do.

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All six of these women then took turns abusing this young girls first by holding them down and putting numerous bite marks all over there breasts, thighs and pussy's as well as painfully pulling and pinching on their nipples, one of them produced a long sharp three cornered needle and was playfully poking on one of the girls virgin nipples saying, I think we should pierce them don't you?.

This last comment had left the girls terrified.

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They then relented, and said okay you can stay and take all the pictures you want, but when Cherry shows up just set there and keep your mouth shut!!!. This, is what was waiting for Cherry when she showed up that evening, she was quite excited about winning her latest bet, and when she walked in, had no idea what was about to happen.

You had to give her credit, as she was very brazen to walk up to their table with her coat unbuttoned, as even the the regulars steered clear of this table when these six mean women were present.

Once a young couple had mistaken this bar for a rather risque night spot, and he, had left her, setting at the bar dressed to the nines, while he had gone to move their car, upon returning had found his wife totally nude laying on one of these tables being held down by all six of them who were enjoying and amusing themselves with whatever sexual perversion they could think of to do to her, the result was that that this young woman had not left the bar whole, and that it was a rather dreadful experience that neither had wanted to repeat.

Cherry at 18 had beautiful dark brown hair a nice set of 38" breasts and although she had done a lot of wild things was still a virgin, as no young man had ever fucked her and she had never been penetrated by anything. All six of these women were real Dyke's they all liked women and had just been talking about where, they were going to get some new sweet unused pussy as if they were a bunch of over sexed young men.

These gals ranged in age rich teens get impaled by well hung bodyguard pornstars hardcore mid 30s to the oldest one at 45, who was the most dominant one, her name was Blaze, she had auburn hair stood well over 6' had 40" breasts, at one time had been very attractive, but now was quite hard, as she had served time in a maximum security women's prison for brutalizing other young women.

This, was the woman that Cherry had decided to kiss, Blaze had decided to play along with this little bet and see just how far Cherry would go in trying to pull off this charade. Cherry had said to Blaze I hear you are looking for a new bottom and I want to be the one you are looking for, as she took a quick glance at her girlfriends in the booth. Blaze said playing along yes I am and you just might be the one as she remove Cherry's coat leaving her standing there in only a white lacy bra and panties.

Blaze then grabbed one of Cherry's hands and started leading her around to a number of other lesbians introducing her to each of them and offering Cherry up to dance with them. As the music started this one very male looking babe grabbed Cherry and pulled her tight crushing her breasts against Cherry's as she was danced around the floor, this person after a few moments had both of her hands down inside of Cherry's bikini laced panties and was painfully and easily squeezing her "fingernails" into Cherry's virgin bottom, Blaze was laughing as Cherry was trying to look and pretend, that these fingernails were a normal thing.

She was quite surprised at the sexual feelings she was having, and how sopping wet her panties had become. Blaze had cut in, and was now dancing and leading her quite expertly all over the floor, as they danced a crowd had gathered to watch them.

Cherry was the only one in the bar that was wearing only her bra and panties. Blaze at first had started kissing Cherry very soft almost lovingly, this had become more forceful sell your gf coed fucked for student loan shaved pussy cunnilingus the dance went on, Cherry had been wondering why her girlfriends had not taken any pictures, as they had obviously kissed enough times to have easily won the bet.

Blaze continued to kiss her harder and deeper, she again was kissing back so as not to tip Blaze off that this was only a bet and was even starting to somehow perversely enjoy herself. Cherry had not noticed that her bra had been expertly unhooked and was now laying on the dance floor, and after dancing her around topless for several songs was still wondering why the girls had not taken any pictures and that how was she going to get out and to her car wearing only her panties after the pictures had been taken?.

Cherry did not have long to wait as the last song came to an end Blaze had easily picked her up and with one hand had stuck her fingers down in the front of her panties and into her young wet pussy and at the same time was holding both of her arms behind her back with the other as she slowly carried her back to there table.

Cherry was trying to struggle and get free but was unable to move at all, until she was unceremoniously dropped on the table. Blaze had pulled her fingers out of Cherry's wet little pussy and was licking them like they had ice cream on them. Cherry was still wondering why ? No pictures had been taken, when several of these women began holding her arms and then her legs.

She was wondering and was trying to get loose when Blaze set down at the end of the table and expertly buried her face in Cherry's virgin muff. This at first scared her but this hard women was so far past being an expert at doing this sort of thing ,that cherry instantly had several orgasms in a row, she had never experienced anything so stimulating, she almost immediately went limp offering no more resistance what soever.

The sharp three cornered needle that had been used to threatened the other girls earlier had now been produced, and one of these women was using her lighter to warm it while the other was expertly holding Cherry's breast and nipple, this woman now pierced this beautiful virgin tip, at first because the needle was so sharp it had caused little pain, but now that a big gold ring had been inserted and crimped the pain was smoldering as they did exactly the same to her other breast had she not been so consumed from her double orgasm it would have been so much more painful.

The women who had pierced her were now playfully pulling on this hardware, that painfully stretched her very sore nipples. Blaze was again sucking most expertly on Cherry's now very swollen and stimulated clit that produced an even more forceful release this again left her again limp and trembling. These women were now holding her arms and had spread her legs so that Blaze could easily take this the very sexy milf like big hard black dick in their holes clip needle and was poking around on Cherry's stimulated puffy, and even more swollen clitoris to find the most perfect painful spot.

Cherry could not move as her eyes got very big and started to scream NO!!!. her nipples were bad enough but not this! It was to late, Blaze had easily sliced the sharp needle through this tender female flesh, blood had spurted out for just a moment as Cherry's heart pounded, she screamed in agony as Blaze expertly inserted another gold ring and permanently crimped it.

Cherry was crying and begging Blaze to stop something that was already done and that could now,no longer be changed. The girls were taking pictures as Blaze and the other two women were painfully pulling Cherry up almost off the table by her rings and at the jasmin dd tits are made for porno pornstar knockers time were posing with a smile for the camera while holding onto the rings, and displaying there handy work.

Cherry had been turned over and had her beautiful unblemished bare bottom now vulnerably exposed. Blaze had been warming up a small branding iron that said "property of Blaze' it was taking several lighters to make it a dull red when Blaze easily seared it onto Cherry's bottom.

The pain from this as well as her nipples an clit was almost to much to bare, as she continued crying in resigned agony. Cherry was being held down and was shaking in between sobs as her bottom and pussy were being forcefully held up, this was happening as Blaze had unzipped her leather pants and had produced an enormously realistic looking strap on Dildo followed by some slick em as if this cock was the real thing.

Cherry was just beginning to overcome the piercing and branding when this enormous cock was brutally plunged into her.

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The previously pain and abuse now paled in comparison to the penetration this gigantic copy of a male organ. She could almost feel it starting to rip her virgin slit.

Just when she thought she could take no more Blaze really started pumping and jamming it into her, the pain was so great that Cherry almost passed out, and was just laying there in a used helpless haze.

Oh, it hurt and she could do nothing but take this painful pounding, wondering when it would ever stop!. Again she was vaguely aware that the girls were now taking even more pictures as this enormous imitation cock was literally raping her. Quite a crowd that had gathered to watch this brutal event unfold and run its course. Blaze was really enjoying how much she had been brutally tormenting this young girl as most of the crowd continued to egg her on.

Just when she could take no more Blaze had pulled out leaving her with a empty hollow feeling that was quickly followed with a numbing and lingering painful sense of boding. Blaze had given her a couple of really good smacks on cougar and stepteen making teen guy cum bare bottom as she was turned loose and the other girls took more pictures of the brand on her bottom as she was helped up.

Blaze said, rather sarcastically, my name is forever burned onto your ass! and you are mine, and I expect you back here next Saturday laughing as she said the words.for exactly the same thing or even worse!!!. As the girls were leaving the Rusty Dyke and were helping Cherry across the parking lot,and was now totally nude, with gold rings pierced and crimped to her nipples, clit, and very sore well stretched pussy, she said in between painful tears and sobs, well at least I won the bet!!!.