Black guys or pujabi aurat ka sex onli

Black guys or pujabi aurat ka sex onli
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I sat there absorbing what I had just been told. When I spoke I said "Thank you for caring. I will do whatever I can to return the love. What can I do for you ladies?" with that Anna got up, ran around the table and placed her naked ass on my lap atop my hard dick and announced "I want you to make me a woman". Before I could say anything CJ had come around the table and with my head between her breasts hugged me and Anna and said "make me a woman also".

I looked at the other two sitting there with big smiles on their faces and Alissa says "I just want some of that fabulous sex you had with my sister last night; of course some more of the great tongue in my pussy wouldn't hurt either." Amanda just gave me a wicked little grin and said "I'll think of something." I told them it was ten in the morning and I thought we should get in the pool and just lay on the deck for a while then facials my girlfriend sucks other cocks for living could figure out what was next.

The Girls Next Door 4 We spent the rest of the morning splashing around in the pool. Around noon I got decided to stretch out on the deck and tan a little. The girls finally decided they had enough and got out also.

I looked around at the mix of cute round asses and pairs of tits facing the sun and smiled as I realized that they were all mine. Now the problem was how to keep them all happy. First I had to find out who was on the pill and get a supply of condoms for those that weren't. The last thing I needed at my age was a pissed of dad showing up at my door wanting my balls for a trophy. That could wait a few minutes. The sun felt good and it had been a while since I felt like just laying out and enjoying it.

I rolled over on my back and in a couple of minutes I was sound asleep. I was having one hell of a dream about last night. One of the girls was running her mouth up and down my dick, each time her mouth was hitting my pubes and she was holding my balls up with one hand so she could lick at my balls on the bottom of each stroke. I felt my groin tightening up and sex hot whores xxx com I was about to blow when my body told me this was real.

My eyes popped open and I saw Anna on her knees between my legs with my dick buried all the way in her throat. She saw me open my eyes and smiled around my dick. As I sat up she pulled my dick out of her mouth with a pop and said "Hey sleepyhead, I thought you were going to sleep the rest of the day away." I saw CJ and Alissa asleep on two of the loungers but Amanda was nowhere to be seen, probably a bathroom break.

I asked Anna what time it was and found out it was a little after 1pm. Anna moved up to sit straddling my lap facing me and gave me a hug and a long deep kiss as she ground her ass against my still hard dick. When she broke the kiss she leaned in and whispered in my pretty astonishing lesbian cosplay tube porn "Are you ready to make me a woman now?" I took her head in my hands an held her where I could look into her hazel eyes and asked " Are you on the pill?" she looked down and in a voice I could barely hear she said "No".

I had her raise her eyes and said "Then you are going to have to wait until I can go buy some protection. You don't want to become a mom on you first time do you?" "No" she replied in that soft whisper.

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"But it's just not fair; I wanted this to be my special weekend." I told her I was sorry but I cared too much to let her take the chance. There were other things we could do for now. "Like what" she asked. I had her get up and then led her to the pool steps. I went in 1st and had her walk down the steps until we were eye to eye. I hugged her close and kissed her and felt her melt into my arms. I moved to nibble and kiss her ears and I felt her press her groin into me.

As I moved to kiss her neck I cupped her mound with my right hand and rubbed it gently. She moaned softly as she closed her eyes and leaned her head back.

As I moved to kiss her right nipple that was just above the water I inserted a finger into her tight virginal hole. She gasped and I felt her pussy clinch my finger. I used my thumb to massage her hooded clit and her gasps became faster and harder. I flicked my tongue around the nipple I had in my mouth as I fingered her hole.

As I moved to her left nipple I inserted another finger and continued to massage her clit with my thumb. Making a mess on my horny wifes tits now she was trembling and gasping for air. As I removed my lips from her nipple and was pulling my finger from her hole she looked at me with teary eyes and pleaded "Please don't stop." I grasped her by the waist and sat her on the edge of the pool.

I raised her feet to my shoulders and spread her thighs with my hands. I said to her "Remember saying when you spied through the fence all those nights you wished it was you?" I a quiet little voice she replied "Yes". I lowered my mouth to her slit, kissed her clit and then sucked it between my lips. She drew in a sharp breath and yelled "Oh god". It must have wakened CJ because I heard her voice say "What's going on?" I glanced up and saw her moving towards Anna.

As she reached her little sister she asked "are you ok?" Anna panted "You never told me it could be this wonderful." She raised her head and said to me "Please, please, more." I sucked her clit back into my mouth and rolled it gently with my teeth, as I began licking and sucking on each of her lips I felt shudders go thru her body. I placed one finger and then two into her tunnel, as I pushed in slowly she lifted her hips to them.

When I had inserted my fingers to the second knuckle I felt a resistance.

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Each time I touched it I felt a tremble go thru her body. How easy it would be to puncture it now, but I knew that was not what she wanted. I continued to stroke her tunnel with my fingers as I kissed her pussy lips and nibbled on her busty blonde gets nailed in a threesome and clit.

CJ kneeled down and kissed her sister on the lips and told her how happy she was for her. Then she placed her lips on Anna's right breast and sucked it. That must have been more than she could take. Anna arched her back and thrust her slit to my face and started shaking. Her juices flooded my face and the she went limp. CJ said "Is she alright?" I moved my fingers from her tunnel and gently lowered her legs before answering "I think she just had a pleasure overload." CJ said "Gee, I think I'm jealous".

As I climbed out of the pool I told her "Your day is coming." I scooped Anna in my arms and started for the house. She placed her arms around my neck and laid her head on my shoulder then she whispered "Thank you". As I went thru the house I saw Amanda on the phone. After I laid Anna on my bed, pulled a sheet over her and told her to rest I went back out to talk with Amanda. I said "What's up?" she told me that while I was snoring (me) the girls decided they wanted to take me out to dinner and since CJ and Anna's folk were coming home tomorrow evening it had to be tonight.

She added that we had a reservation for 8 tonight and would need to leave by 7 to make it. Of course using guy math that meant they would have to start getting ready by 5. I looked at Amanda standing there nude with her fiery red hair and emerald eyes and asked what we should do for the next couple of hours. She smiled, crooked her finger at me, turned and walked towards the other side of the house.

I watched her cute, tight ass for about 3 steps and started after her. She went into one of my guest bedrooms. As I entered she was turning on the radio on the table next to the queen size bed. She tuned it to a soft rock station and climbed on the bed. She patted the bed next to her and I hopped on. She said "Let's talk first." My Big brain overtook my little brain and all I could think of was here it comes black mail, police, Big Bubba as a cell mate or the end of my life as I know it.

It's amazing what can go thru your Big brain in a couple of seconds, a lot more than what goes thru the little one in the same time. She saw my smile start to fade and she said "I just wanted to ask you a question and see if there was anything you wanted to know". A weak smile returned to my face as I asked "What is the question?" "Well, CJ's 18th birthday is in two weeks on Friday and Anna, Alissa and I want to throw a pool party here for her.

We were hoping you would say ok." I must have been holding my breath because I exhaled deeply and smiled. Amanda looked at me and said "Are you ok? You almost look like you saw a ghost for a second." I turned to face her wrapped my arms around her and kissed her long and hard. When I let go she looked at me surprised and ask what that was for. I told her that when she said let's talk first, I thought the worst was coming and I was about to get turned in.

She started laughing and when she stopped she turned to face me and with her head propped up on one arm and one leg over mine so that she was rubbing her mound on my hip she giggled once and said "Sweetie, if I did that where would I find another dick like yours and someone to use it as well as you?

Sex with you Friday night was better than anything I've had in a long, long time and no one has ever fucked me till I passed out. Beside you promised two young virgins you would make them women." She kissed me gently and laid her head on my chest.

After laying there for a minute or two with what was probably the stupidest grin ever on my face she raised her head back up on her arm and said "Well korea utara by movis freand is mam about my question?" to make sure had my attention she started rubbing her mound against me again.

My little brain was trying to take over but while the big one was still in charge I asked "If her birthday is Friday why have the pool party Saturday." "Two reasons" she replied. "One, her parents have planned a family party at some hall Friday evening and all of her relatives will be there. The second is that her mom and dad are going to the valley after the party to do some ac work for relatives before summer gets here."I said "You have to tell her parents and they have to be ok with it.

Everyone invited has to know you and Alissa are in charge and I am the chaperone and parents have to know where it is and how to contact me if they have questions." Amanda grinned and said "Ok." Amanda said "OK your turn what do you want to know?" I said "I know this is hind sight but are you on the Pill." "Oh yeah. Since I was 16." "I know Anna isn't but what about Alissa and CJ?" "Mom put Alissa on the pill just before she turned 17 and CJ's mom put her on the pill about the same time.

We have been friends for a long time and we don't have many secrets, especially when it involves boys and sex." "Well Ms Amanda what do I need to know about you, hmmm?" "I'm 21 so we can party anywhere we want.

I'm 35 23 36D, all natural I might add and 5'8" in my nude feet. There is no boyfriend and hasn't been in quite some time. I work part time as a bartender at a club on 6th street. I go back to classes at UT full time in about two months. I'm getting ready to move out of my apartment and back to the dorm so I won't have to work as much and will have more time to study." I said "I think you left off the part about being an exhibitionist." She blushed the doctor fucks the girl comes wetil dottore dotato scopa la ragazza bagnata said "Honest, before Friday night I had not even flashed my breasts in public.

I guess I was just trying to impress someone." "It worked." I decided we needed a break from 20 questions and Amanda rubbing her mound against my hip had given me a raging hard on.

I pusher her over on her back and after another long kiss I started kissing my way down. I grasped her breasts one at a time with my hands, pinching them between my fingers and sucking her large nipples into my mouth.

As I sucked and nibbled on the second she jerked and said "Whoa there big guy, take it easy it's a nipple not chewing gum." We both laughed and I moved lower. When I sucked her clit between my lips and flicked it with my tongue her giggles were replaced with moans and her body tensed.

I separated her outer lips with my thumbs and sucked on her inner ones switching back and forth as her moans increased. I pulled her inner lips apart and drove my tongue into her hole as far as I could.

She responded by grabbing my hair and pulling me hard to her slit. Her thighs clinched my head and her sweet juices flowed almost as fast as I could swallow. Just as I was about to run out of air she released her grip with her legs and gasped "Turn around." I rose up and turned around kneeling with my dick hanging over her face.

She grabbed my dick and guided it to her mouth and pulled me down, suddenly it was fully engulfed in a wet warm pulsating sleeve. I could feel her throat massaging the head. I had thought the blow job she gave me last night was the best ever but if there was a heaven this was the blow job angels gave. I pulled her legs back and placed them under my arms. I now had a perfect view of her slit, her tainer and her pretty little puckered anus.

She now had one hand stroking my dick with the head in her mouth and the other holding and massaging my balls.

As I kissed her hood and then ran my tongue down her slit to her tainer I felt the suction on my dick increase. I planted a kiss on her tainer and the pressure of her hand holding my balls increased to a level just below pain. I circled her puckered asshole several times with my tongue and without warning drove my tongue past her sphincter into her ass.

She grabbed my ass and pulled my dick into her tight, velvety throat glove until I could feel her nose against my scrotum. As I continued to probe her rectum she hunched her ass upward while she held my head down with her feet.

I felt vibrations from her throat like she was trying to talk. She pulled my dick from her throat and alia bhatt and varun dhwan xnxx "Fuck me now." I rose up and turned around. I grabbed her legs behind her knees and pressed them back next to her breasts.

I lined my dick up with her hole and in a single plunge drove it in until my balls slapped her ass. She arched her back as she grabbed at the covers. Her eyes fluttered as she opened her mouth but all she could get out was "UUUGGHHHHHHHH". I held my dick buried in the depths of her hot wet hole as I savored its contractions around my meat.

I held it there until she began to relax and then I began slowly withdrawing until the tip was barely in her hole and then slowly pushing in until I could feel it bump her cervix. Each time I hit bottom she would let out an "UGH".

She opened her eyes again smiling weakly and said "OH god where, UGH, have you been, UGH, all my life. UGH. Fuck me faster, UGH, faster, UGH, UGH, UGH, UGH. Once again she grabbed the covers and arched her back. Her body started shaking and her juices flowed. She was covered in sweat. When the shaking stopped, I slowed, she raised head and with a smile she said "I know what you can do for me". I must have had a puzzled look on my face. She said "This morning you said you asked what you could do to return our love." "What" I asked?

She told me to get up and she would show me. I released the pressure on her legs and pulled my wet dick from her tight hole with a plop. She moved to the edge of the bed and put her legs behind her shoulders as she had the night before. This time, after she said "Remember I like to watch," she added "Fuck my ass." I said I didn't have any lube. She jammed two fingers into her slit and brought them out covered in her juices. She pushed one the two fingers into her asshole and "Said try now." I lined my dick up with her pussy and buried it to the hilt one more time to make sure it was wet and slick and then I pulled it out, put the tip at her asshole and pushed.

It was so tight that when the head popped in and the sphincter closed around it, it felt like it was being pinched off. I pushed again and was able it get another inch in. Amanda began plunging to fingers into her pussy and rubbing her clit with the other hand. As she did this I could feel her asshole relax a little. I used this chance to pull back until just the head was inside and push back in.

this allowed me to get half way in, only 4 more inches to go. With all of the pent-up pressure from the un finished sex with and just before and the sucking and fucking with Amanda my dick felt hard enough to poke through anything. As Amanda continued fingering herself she relaxed some more so I pulled out again and this time when I thrust into her I buried my entire dick in her bowels. She yelled "Yes, that's what I have been waiting for".

Juices flooded form her hole and flowed around my dick buried in here ass. I grabbed one of her large breasts with each hand and started making short strokes in and out of her. She was frantically fingering her pussy hole and clit. As her hole relaxed more and more I was able to take full stroke, pulling out until only the head was still in and ramming it back in until my balls hit her ass cheeks. She raised her head and with her face barely a foot from her pussy she said "I see your dick fucking my ass.

Fuck my ass hard and fill it with your cum." I fucked into her ass faster, using her breasts as handles to help me fuck into her harder. I feel the pent up pressure from today's sexual escapades building big black cock sucking with brooklyn chase my groin. I tell her I'm about to blow and slam my meat into her.

Her body starts to tense and as I finish my last thrust deep in her bowel I start unloading ropes of cum into her ass. I can feel her sphincter clinching and un-clinching my dick as I watch more of her juices flow out of her pussy and onto my dick and balls.

Hot desi babe toys her tight cunt clutch her breasts and use them to hold me deeply in her ass. When I finally finish shooting into her I release her breasts from my grip and lean down to kiss her keeping my dick in her ass.

She puts her arms around me and we kiss deep and long. When we break she tells me she has never felt so fulfilled from sex. I look into her eyes and say "Thank you for deciding to come over and tease me with the girls." I pull my dick from her ass and lay down next to her.

Amanda straightens her legs and rolls on top of me. "We need a cleanup, "she says. As I start to get up she says "I got it." Then she slides down off the bed to her knees between my legs and takes my dick in one hand and my balls in the other.

She begins licking my balls and sucking them into her mouth and swirling her tongue around each one. She begins licking up and down my half hard dick removing the cum and juices it has collected. I rose up on my elbows as she sucked it into her warm wet mouth and saw Alissa walk in the bedroom door. "Looks like you two are having fun". I said you don't know the half of it." She said well it's almost 5pm. When are we going next door and get ready for our night out." Amanda pulled me out of her mouth with a pop and said "As soon as I finish my cleanup." Alissa said "Need some help?" Amanda already had my dick back between her brittany bardot fucks and squirts during massage instructional large ladies so she just nodded yes.

Alissa dropped to her knees next to her sister and began licking and kissing the base of my shaft. Amanda sucked my once again hard shaft deep into her velvet throat and then she rose up off of it and offered it to her sister who eagerly sucked it down. Just like her sister after just a few strokes the full length of my shaft was buried in her throat. They switched every couple of strokes as they sucked, trio a la piscine avec copines amatrices francaises en cam and massaged my cock and balls.

I didn't think I had another one in me after just having finished amazing sex with Amanda but watching and feeling this red head and her blonde sister suck and deep throat my dick soon had me ready to blow again. When I said I was going to cum again they both began running their tongues around the tip of my dick to see which would catch it. My first shot hit Alissa above her top lip. She laughed and aimed my shaft so it hit Amanda's cheek. After that it just seemed to bubble out onto Amanda's hand as she stroked it.

I watched as they licked my cum from each other's faces and then licked Amanda's hand clean. They moved up onto the bed next to me and we hugged and shared kisses for a moment.

Then Alissa stood up and said "We need to collect Anna and CJ and go get showered and dressed for tonight." When Amanda stood up Alissa bent over, and using two fingers, wiped a big dollop of cum and pussy juice from her sister's thigh.

She put them in her mouth and licked them clean. "Mmmmm, we need to leave." They tied their bikinis on loosely for the trip to CJ and Anna's house where they had left their clothes. Anna gave me a hug and pressed her crotch onto my dick and whispered "I'm still waiting. Amanda told me to dress casual and pick them up promptly at 7pm as they went out the back door.