Monster orgy more than people in one room

Monster orgy more than people in one room
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"The cannibals brooklyn chase i like my donuts filled with cream the old days, the natives of certain tropical islands, wrapped their dead victims with leaves and put them into holes filled with hot coals. We of course don't want do dig earth holes in our dining room, and prefer our meal well alive and medium rare, so this antiquated techniqé needed to be modified before we could put it to use." The woman smiled with pleasure, which in part was attributed to what she saw before her.

Kneeling in front of her, hands well bound behind their backs, were a man and another woman. He was quite handsome and athletic, for Northern Ridge Quality Meat had taken care of his workout, a pale caucasian with black hair, while the woman was of middle eastern beauty.

She herself, their new owner, was a stunningly beautiful asian. "My name is Saya, by the way. Usually I take some time to play with my meat, but this isn't possible due to our rigid schedule, so we will make this brief." She touched him between his legs, but John wasn't in the mood at all.

This was the woman who brought him here to kill him, so sexual arousal wasn't exactly what he felt towards her. Not that she cared too much. She produced a cock ring from her table and simply pushed him on his back.

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"At least try to please me, boy. This expierience can get a whole lot more painfull than what I already have in store for you!" No need to tell him she would make sure of that either way.

Her lipps and hands managed to erect his member to a certain degree, and put the cock ring on, fully hardening him in this process. John never felt so powerless in his whole life. He was plain and simply getting raped. She rode him, and in shock he felt himself coming after a while, but the ring held him hd fantasyhd hitchhiker cameron dee gets creampie on car and prevented him from cumming.

The rest of her ride on him was just painfull, and he was ashamed of himself. Then she came. As she removed his handcuffs she addressed him again. "Don't have any stupid thoughts, my boy.

Just fuck her too. You got five minutes to get her coming." Tears of humilation ran down his cheeks. His dick hurt, and now he was about to have sex with a total stranger, not entirely willing to have sex with him in the first place, while the woman who raped him just moments before stood lucky dude fucks two smoking hot stunners watching.

The name of the oriental beauty was Talia, and she tried to make it easy for him, smiling wryly and looking at him through broken eyes. After this ordeal was over, they were led into the kitchen. John was chained onto a tiled basin in the corner, and after Saya applied a dentist gag to him, she shoved some kind of hose down his throat, and not exactly the gentle way. He could feel it thrusted down until it reached his stomach, then she forced some kind of plug into his anus. John produced muffled sounds as he felt it ripping apart.

"The plug has a small motor and will insert the hose, so I have time for Talia. The hoses will meet at your stomach, and use water pressure and antiseptics to clean your bowels, and all the dirty stuff will be pumped out. Without a working digestive flora you won't really be able to survive for long, but thats not the idea, isn't it? I just don't want my meat spoiled by it.

Relax, it won't take long". At first it was like ants all inside his body, then it was followed by burning and the cramps. He was unable to scream, unable to move much, and had a sensation like someone cleaned him out with hot irons instead of water. Sayas voice reached him through a curtain of pain. ". a mild herbal drug to smooth the worst edge of pain and prevent you from falling into shock.

And a weak stimulant to keep you awake. Lets start." And it strarted indeed, frantic screaming, loud, painfull cries, and it took him some moments to realize that these screams weren't his, for they matched his pain perfectly, but Talias.

John blinked to get the tears out of his eyes and could see the asian woman working on the oriental. She was attached to some kind of frome, and Saya was walking around her witch a knive.

One moment later the screams increased again, and he could see it now. Saya started with the legs, and took the skin in scraps, strip by strip, slowly working her way up to the thighs, sparing her female triangle, and continued with the back. The screams got louder and louder by then, and Talias voice started to sound hoarse, so Saya made a break and gave the woman an injection into the neck, and started comforting her until it kicked in.

When the screams gave away to a pitched sobing, she grabbed Talias head by the hair and gave her a long, deep kiss, while softly stimulating her unharmed clit, then, after a while, she resumed her work, and screams were filling the air again.

John was reduced to listening by this point, as the pain in his body send new waves of tears in his eyes and sister full time sxi story sex stories througout his whole body. Slowly he drifted away into unconsciousness.

As he awoke, the pain was mostly gone. But he wasn't awakened by relief, but by a scream of pure agony. Saya was kneeling in front of Talia, who was shaking and trembling wither her whole body. There was no skin left except on her head, even the hands and feet where flayed now. The drug seemed to have worn off by now he thought, but then he saw Saya cutting a line exactle beside the base of Talias labia, and understood the screams quality.

Saya left the inner and outer labia intact, but removed the protective skin above the clitoris. It was a miracle to John that Talias was still alive, not to talk about awake, but humans can take some punishment, furthermore with the help of some drugs it seems. Saya gave the crying oriental a soft kiss and caressed her cheek. "We're done for now, relax. You'll like the next step. Just wait a minute, ok?" Not that Talia had another choice, even if her whole conscience hadn't been restricted to pain.

The asian woman stepped to John and removed the hoses, plug and the gag, and showered him down with cold water. The cramps in his stomach where tolerable. "You have no idea how horny Iam, but at first I need your help. Come on!" What a perverted bitch, he thought. Flaying a woman alive was a turn on for her. Sick. He was handed a bucket with what looked like barbecue sauce, and Saya took one herself. "Cover her with that and hurry!" While Saya did the same to Talias back side, he applied it to her front.

Barbecue sauce contains vinegar and spices, so he doubted it would be a big relief for the girl in the skinning frame, but he did as Saya commanded. No choice. She sobbed and followed every movement of him with her eyes, and as he smeared the first portion onto her left breast she produced a sharp hiss, and her breathing got faster.

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Tears got into her already reddened eyes, and he tried to make it fast. After they finished, he was bound onto a table, and Saya hardened his cock once more, using the cock ring to force his coorperation.

"One second, boy." She rose and walked over to Talia. "It's almost over for you, my dear." She forced a last kiss on the woman, which wasn't really returned, then reached into her mouth and grabbed the tongue.

With fast and expirienced movements she put a skewer through it to hold it outside the mouth. A sharp moan was the answer. Then Saya went on her knees again and gave the clitoris a last lick, before she skewered the labias in a way to hold the vagina open.

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This too was only accomplied by a moan, for Talia felt to weak to scream. Or so she thought. "Good bye Talia, it was nice to meet you. Take care of yourself, we see again at the table!" said Saya, as she clicked the brakes off and rolled the frame over into what looked like a shower cabin made of glass.

It wasn't, and when hot steam rose from the ground and hit the naked flesh of Talia, she quickly learned how much energy she had left for screaming. Quite a lot.

It shouldn't have surprised him at all, but Johns eyes were mirroring his shock. This was more than a bit cruel, it was. evil? "Everyone loves jerky." said Saya, almost apologetically. Then she mounted his member, by now aching in pain from the a bit to thight ring, and fucked him.

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As Talias screams rose and fell, she got more intense or slow, watching with joy as the womans body trembled and moved in a way to avoid the hot steam, wich proved futile. Then the screams gave way to moaning and sobbing, and Saya rode him slowly and relaxed, enjoying his pain as much as hers. A gurgling hiss was Talias last sound as she died, but Saya didn't hear it.

She was preoccupied with orgasming, while softly chewing on John's lower lip. Saya was bend over her table, the red dress raised to free her wonderfull butt, in wich Peter was thrusting with great enthusiasm.

The party was quite a sucess for now, and a little orgy before eating was perfectly good with her. Janet and Sandra were making out on her sofa, while the three remaining male gusest put a slave to good use.

The center of the room was occupied by a fireglas basin three feet tall, filled to half a feet with glowing coals. One handspan higher a metal grate was installed. The sides of the basin had some holes, as well as the lid, to keep the air circulating. In this space, lying on the grate was John, his dick still fully erect by the ring, now turning a nice shade of brown. Moaning came muffled through the apple in his mouth, wich gagged him surprisingly well, and despite his hands bound behind his back, he was struggling.

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It didn't do him any good, for the grate as well as the walls and the lid of the basin were hot, so his movements only made sure that every part of his skin touched the hot surfaces again and again, while the adrenalin and the movement of his muscles kept his meat soft and tender. At one point, Saya heard a crackling sound, as a the crispy skin on Johns leg broke in his movements, and she throrughly enjoyed it, keeping eye contact with John the whole time while Peter pounded her.

Then she felt him pumping his load into her ass, and allowed herself a lustful moan. Time to eat. John was berely alive when they lifted him out and placed him on a plate on the table, right beside a female form of smoked meat. Talias face was frozen in agony and terror, her eyes seemed fixed on him.

As they started carving him up it didn't hurt too much, but as the cuts went deeper, the pain returned. Nothing compared to the heat. He could see Saya, through blurred eyes, unable to focus, holding a dish in one hand, filled with smoked meat and roasted dick, while she chewed one of his testicles. Then she removed the apple from his mouth.

The last thing he felt was her cutting out his tongue.