Sexy milf india summer and teenie veronika radke threeway

Sexy milf india summer and teenie veronika radke threeway
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I'm Don, I'm 28 and I have brown hair and eyes. I'm about 6 feet tall and I like to think I'm fit too. I've been with a few ladies in my time, but not enough to be considered a player or a ladies man. I live in an apartment building that has 8 floors and every weekday morning I get in the elevator at about 8:05 and come back in the elevator around 5:45. I would say I have a strict schedule, but if I do than this woman that lives in my building does too.

She is about 6 foot too and also has brown hair and eyes. I think she is an office worker or something like that, because I always see her dressed nice.

So for the past couple years, we've asian masseuse cindy starfall fucks her client in bathtub ridden the elevator at roughly 8:05 in the morning and 5:45 in the evening.

Of course other people have been in the elevator with us from time to time, but for the most part, we've been alone in the elevator when we rode it at those times. I don't know why, but with only knowing her physical appearance, I've gotten a little attracted to her, even though I had no idea what her name was or what she's into. She is pretty, but I don't like wanna do it with someone as soon as I see them, and I haven't talked to her either to really build up an attraction either.

Granted we have had very minimal confrontations, like asking the time or saying hi, but that's it. I had a thing for her some time and I wasn't ever sure if she was ever seeing anyone, she lived on a different floor from me, but on 1 Wednesday night at our 5:45 elevator ride, there was a little malfunction with the elevator. "Whoa, that was weird," I said as the elevator stopped. "Try pressing the button," The lady said. So I pressed the 'Help' button a few times and we waited for someone to say something to us, but we got nothing.

"Shit, I guess we're stuck in here," I said. She didn't say anything, she just sat down on the floor as I stood on the opposite side of the elevator.

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For a few minutes after that it was silent until I finally spit something out. "I'm Don, I live in 6C," I said. "I'm Tracy, I'm down in 2G," Tracy replied. "Nice to meet you Tracy," I said. "Well, it's not like we've never seen each other before, I guess we never officially met though, and nice to meet you too Don," Tracy replied.

She put her hand up and I shook her hand as she was sitting down and I was standing up. "So, you fucking anyone?" Tracy asked. Now I knew that had to be too good to be true, she wasn't gonna ask me out just like that and she seemed feisty.

"No, I'm doing it myself right now, thanks for asking," I replied.

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"Oh," Tracy said in a surprising tone. I thought maybe she was interested, possibly, then we heard from security for the building. "Hi, we're working on getting it asian babe sucks on this oldies cock again, it just maybe another hour or so," A security guard said. Tracy stood up and leaned back.

"Well I just asked because I've seen you in the halls with some attractive ladies, no offense but they are so hot, I might fuck them," Tracy said.

"Well, I'm not like a ladies man, or anything like that," I replied. "If you say so," Tracy said. We made some conversation for a little while and it was nice even with that mouth on her. I was attracted to her and I was really liking her as time went on.

We talked about work and how funny it was that we never ever had a real conversation. "You know something?" Tracy asked. "What?" I asked. "Sometimes I've just really had to rush out of work to make sure I get back here to ride the elevator with you, I think I might have a little crush on you," Tracy replied. So exceptional model shows off enormous ass and gets anal hole reamed she was interested.

"No kidding, I'm surprised that you never said anything to me other than 'what time is it?'" I said. "Well, I just see you with hot ladies all the time, I don't wanna stick my foot in the pool if someone is already swimming in it, if you know what I mean," Tracy replied as she walked towards me. All of the sudden we got a little personal, she kissed me bp is karina kapur xxx the cheek, took off her jacket and her breasts were just begging to come out of my her shirt.

She had a button shirt and there was a huge crack in her chest and that just gave me a huge hard on, I didn't think she noticed though, she was busy talking about work, and I wished I worked there.

She walked back to the other side and I tried to hide my hard on. "On my way to lunch, I just walked by a conference room and there they were on the table. Just 2 co-workers and he was giving it to her good doggie style.

I watched them for about 15 minutes and it was really hot," Tracy said. Talking about such a topic is not something I normally did with complete strangers, but for her I made an exception.

"Did they see you watching?" I asked. "Nope, I was sneaky. Have you ever seen someone doing the deed before?" Tracy asked. "I can't say I have," I replied. "Well you should try it sometime, it got my pussy wet, and you know what?" Tracy asked. "What?" I asked. "My pussy is getting wet from me just telling you this," Tracy replied. I had a very stunned look on my face. "You don't mind if I say that kind of shit do you?

I mean that's just how I talk with people I like, and I like you a whole lot," Tracy said. "No, it's OK," I replied. "I just put my hand into my panties and rubbed my pussy like mad. I had my fingers really far irrumation in outdoor environment hardcore and blowjob there, I came quite a bit and got my panties soaked. After that I just ran to the bathroom to wash up, but as I was walking out, the woman was coming into the bathroom and she was sweaty.

I took a picture of them, if you wanna see," Tracy said. "No, that's OK," I replied. "Are you sure, I do have the proof if you think I'm lying," Tracy said. "No, I believe you, but thanks though," I replied. I got a raging hard on and it seemed like that story was a magic blue pill for both of us.

"Well I can see you liked that story," Tracy said as she looked at my cock. "Sorry, but that was hot though," I replied as I adjusted my pants. "Have you ever done in here before? I've seen you smiling after leaving here before with your sexy lady friends," Tracy said. "I can't say I've done that either," I replied. "You should try it, doing it in here is really kinky, the thrill that you might get caught, oh fuck me," Tracy said.

I had another stunned look on my face, was she trying to get me to ask her something? "Have you had sex in here?" I asked.

"Yes, but keep it under wraps," Tracy replied. "Nice," I said. Obviously this woman gave off the wrong signals as we were in the elevator together, she was some sex freak or something like that. "What about at work, you ever done it at work?" Tracy asked. "Maybe," I replied. "A quick blow job under the desk?" Tracy asked.

I just had an embarrassed look on my face. "That's a yes," Tracy said. "Well, what about you? You ever do it someone at work?" I asked. "Fuck yes I have, and I've gotten caught twice, and I can honestly say, it was 100% worth it," Tracy replied. "And weren't fired?" I asked. "Nope, I let my boss just get a look at the merchandise and we called it even," Tracy replied.

"But you never had to do sexual favors for him though?" I asked. "That's where I draw the line, I'm not a slut," Tracy replied. "And you only talk like this to people you like?" I asked. "Yes," Tracy replied as she came towards me and kissed me on the lips that time. Of course I was happy about that, I never ever met someone who talked like that to pretty much a total stranger, and she was a total stranger that I didn't mind if my lips touched hers.

Obviously this was going somewhere. "Can I see your cock?" Tracy asked. "What?" I asked. "You show me yours and I'll show you mine," Tracy replied. There was no way I wasn't about to take that deal, then we got another quick announcement from security. "I'm sorry, but we're thinking it could be another hour and a half now," The security guard said. "Well it looks like we got nothing but time, so what do you say?" Tracy asked.

So I unzipped my pants and my cock poked through my boxers. Of course it was fully erect, and she did hold up her side of the bargain and showed me her boobs. She had solid C-cups too and then both my pants and my jaw dropped. "Nice," I said. "You are not so bad yourself, Don," Tracy replied. We both just checked each other out for a minute. "So, how has your sex life been? It must be top notch considering the hot piece of asses I see you with," Tracy asked.

"Good I guess, I see them more than just hot piece of asses, and how has your sex life been?" I asked. "Down, I'm just looking for someone I really wanna fuck," Tracy replied with lusty eyes. "Oh," I said. "Do you mind if I see the rest of you?" Tracy asked. She was pressing all the right buttons at the right time, we both stripped down in about 5 seconds, and when she saw what I had to offer, she was sold too. As we were completely naked, she came towards me and grabbed onto my cock.

"Seriously, this has gotta be a record, things have never gone this fast," I said. She kissed me again and began stroking my cock slowly. "If you didn't figure it out, I really like you, now kiss me Don," Tracy said. We made out passionately for a minute and Teen couple enjoy in sex and blowjob wrapped my arms around her. We got really close to each other and her boobs pressed up against me.

"Someone is very horny now," Tracy said. We kissed again, I leaned down towards her boobs and I began licking the tops of them. A minute later I got down on my knees and took both of her boobs in my hands as I began licking her nipples really softly.

"Now that is getting my pussy really wet Don," Tracy said as she moaned. I began licking and sucking on my nipples really slowly and then I put my sexxxxcom hot sexy sunny leone mp4 download hand on her pussy. I rubbed for her this time and she was liking blonde cutie has fun with a pecker a whole lot, obviously we both had a thing for each other.

She put her hands on my head and I was going to town on her nipples. We began getting a little sweaty and my heart was pounding, other ladies I was with weren't special, this lady was very special.

"Oh yes Don, my nipples haven't ever been licked like that," Tracy said. Then I went down on the floor, and took her with me. As she was on her back, I got on top of her and put my cock right in front of her pussy. "Don't worry, I'm on the pill.

Still responsible when you are horny, I like that," Tracy said. So I slowly stuck my cock into her pussy and it was nowhere near as tight as I would have thought. "Holy shit, your pussy is a little tight for all the sex you have," I said. "Well, you have a big dick," Tracy replied.

I kissed her again and leaned right on top of her so her boobs would press up against me. We both wrapped i love you xxx cid arms around each other then the security guard had another announcement.

"We're sorry this is taking so long, we'll have you out as soon as we can," The security guard said. "Don't worry about it, take your time, we'll be OK in here," I replied.

"Damn right," Tracy said. I began thrusting my cock in and out of her pussy slowly. I didn't wanna make too much noise in there, I don't think the elevators were sound proof, so we kept it down just a little. I never fucked a stranger like that before, but I had a big crush on her and she wasn't a total stranger either.

I leaned my head down a bit and began sucking on her nipples, that was when she belted out some moans.

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"Oh fuck me hard Don," Tracy screamed. "Shh, we don't want them to know what we're doing in here," I replied. "Oh fuck them, what are they gonna do, throw us out?" Tracy asked. "Maybe," I replied. "Oh fuck them, we'll move into another apartment building and fuck in that elevator," Tracy said. I liked the sound of that, even though I didn't actually know her name until about a half hour ago. She definitely had that 'X' factor thing going on in a very big way. We both planted quite a few kisses all over each others faces for a few minutes as I was thrusting my cock in and out of her pussy ever so slowly.

She let out a few very soft moans of great pleasure and wrapped her arms around me again. We stayed in that position for about 10 minutes straight and I kept thrusting my big dick in and out of her pussy when all of the sudden, the elevator doors opened. The security guard just looked at us with an awkward face for a minute. "Whoa, did I rescue you two at a bad time?" The security guard asked.

"Something like that, couldn't you have waited to rescue us for like another 10 minutes?" Tracy asked. "Well last time I checked, you both have apartments here, I'll give you a couple minutes," The security guard replied. The door safely shut and we just looked at each other for a minute. "Well, it probably wouldn't gentlemanly to not invite you to my apartment after we had sex," I said. "I agree with that," Tracy replied. "Would you like to come up to 6C with me Tracy?" I asked. "Well, I know we gotta put our clothes back on now, but how long do we have to keep them on after we get up there?" Tracy asked.

"Not long, maybe 3 seconds after we get in there, 2 if we're really horny," I replied. We both laughed, kissed each other japanese newsreaders ayumu minase squirting live tv and got dressed. We went up to the 6th floor and went to 6C to finish what we started.

Who knew sex in an elevator could be so great?