First time brsis sex storys

First time brsis sex storys
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You are only 19 but one hot babe, I have abducted you and taken you to my house. I take all your clothes away except your panties and lock you in a bedroom. When I come in You are laying on the bed with just a skimpy pair of see through panties on, I tell you to start masterbating, i wanna see your panties getting wet slut. You slide your hand down your panties and start to rub your clit, circling it and rubbing it with 2 fingers, i am standing at the foot of the bed and tell you to spread your legs further.

I say faster slut rub it faster you hot little bitch.

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You dont speed up, I bring a riding crop from behind my back and swing it, it connects with your tits with the tip striking one nipple stinging it sharply. You start rubbing a bit faster. I see you run your fingers down your slit parting your moist lips, your warm juice starts to trickle from your pink hole and i can see it wetting the crotch of your panties. I roll you onto your belly and tell you to keep fingering your hot slit slut.

I put a broom stick across the small of your back, and pull one hand down your side and secure it to the broomstick with one of your stockings.

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I pull your other hand out of your panties and tie it to the other side. I reach down and feel the crotch of your panties, feeling the wetness you have secreted from your hot cunt. I put 2 fingers under the crotch of them and pull, ripping them from your body.

I wipe the juice off your pussy with them and take my fingers and push them up into your slit, when i pull them out they are soaked with your warm pussy nectar. I grab your hair and pull your head back. i cram your soaked panties into your mouth and tie a stocking around your neck over your mouth so you cand spit them out. I pull you up into a doggystyle position and spread your legs wide. Tieing your ankles to the bottom bedposts.

School gills sex vidos sex stories get your dildo from your drawer, then lean down and lick up your slit tasting you, i say mmmm you taste good slut.

I ream your tight butthole with my hot tongue.

i come up behind you and slide the dildo into your wet pussy, i fuck your pink hole with it wildly, i reach and get the vibrator and press it hard onto your clit as the big dildo slams in and out of your cunt. I grab your hair and pull you up off the bed some.

I put 2 smalll rings over your nipples and tighten them there with tiny set screws, I conect 2 gator clips to the screws that have wires running back to a small battery powered box on the bed. I say wanna see my liittle slut, ill show you what it does. I press the button and it sends an electic shock through both your swollen hard nipples making your back arch.

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I say well slut i think im gonna fuck your tight ass before i throat fuck your arousing foursome with scandi babes tube porn face. And later i have a special surprise for you, I have a real good friend of mine oustide the door that really needs to cum, and he cums a lot and many times in a row.

I grab the broomstickwith one hand puling back on your arms, you feel the head of my cock throbbing at the entrance of your tight butthole. I spit on your hole and penetrate your small shaking body with the head of my thick throbbing shaft. You squirm a bit but cant move. I start pushing it into you, watching as it stretches your hole wide open, i hear you trying to scream and you try to jerk away from me. I hit the button on the box stinging your erect nipples like wasp stings.

I thust my cock into your hot tight as hard taking your breath away, i pull back hard on the broomstick and ride your ass brutally, your screams just a muffled moan through your mouthful of panties. I start fucking you faster my balls slapping your wet lips of your pussy. I pull my cock from your tight ass, I spread your pussy lips with my thumbs and slam my hard shaft into your dripping pink hole.

My balls are hitting your clit with every thrust, I push the button on the little box and sting your nipples and start fucking you faster. I see your body quiver and your back arches as you start to climax. I pull my cock out and shove my face into your hot wet crotch. I start sucking on your spread pink hole, sliding my tongue in and out til you cum, your sweet warm juice trickles out into my mouth and i drink you down. I get back up and shove my cock back into you and pull it back out dripping with your warm juice.

I put a dog collar around your neck and hook it to a long leash which i attach to the ceiling holding your head up. I am in front of you, my cock in your face, i pull the stocking down around your neck and pull your panties from your mouth.

I shove my cock in your mouth, you can taste the juice from your hot pussy on it. I say suck it good and deep slut, oh by the way i have a surprise for you. I yell come here chico, cmere boy i got a hot bitch in heat in here for you. My white make husky prances into the room and across the floor, bounding onto the bed. mmm You see the big white husky as he jumps onto the bed, he goes right to smelling your pussy. You feel his large rough tongue licking your warm juice from your swollen lips.

I look down at you with your mouth full of my cock and see your eyes widen as the husky start licking your entire crotch from your clit to your butthole.

He starts licking your pink hole wildly trying to get some more of your sweet nectar, you feel his long rough toungue sliding deep into your hole as he licks your insides. I say ok slut now your gonna get fucked from both ends and i shove my cock a little deeper into your mouth. I say up chico, and the dog jumps to put his front paws on your back. You can feel his sharp claws on your back. I say dont try to get away from him bitch or he will claw you bad.

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Just stay there and be his bitch on that end and my cum slut on this end and you will be fine. The tip of his red dog cock touches your warm swollen lips and is hard as a rock in a second. He starts thrusting his hips, stabbing his cock against you but missing your hot pink hole. You the boss and hannah hays fuck like rabbits his claws move on your back as he adjusts his stance.

He thrust his hips again and his long slender dog cock splits your pussy lips. When he thrust again you feel his shaft go deep up inside you, i watch as your eyes widen.

He starts fucking you fast and deep slamming your wet hole. Your breathing becomes heavy and you are quivering all over. I start fucking your pretty mouth hard with my cock.

You can feel the dogs long cock way up inside you and his huge dog knot slamming against your soaked lips. He thrust it into you faster and you feel his hot massive load of dog cum being shot into your hot pink hole, running out of you and down your inner thighs.

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I pull my cock out of your mouth for a minute cause i know whats coming next, your pussy is soaked and wide open and he dont stop thrusting it into you, His massive knot penetrates your pussy stretching it wide open as he drives it into you. You gasp for breath as he pushes it into you, too weak to scream you just let out a long moan. I shove my cock back into your open mouth as you moan and start jerking it with the head just inside your mouth. I start fucking your mouth harder, deeper into your throat.

You can feel my cock swelling in your mouth. I ramm it down your throat hard gagging you. You can feel another load of hot dog cum being squirted intou you and I shoot my hot thick load down your throat at the same time.I jerk my thick shaft draining itin your mouth as you swallow it. the dog pulls out of your raw pink hole and licks you clean. I untie you and put you in your cage exhausted and get ready to move you to my camp out in the woods.