Mom hoe enjoys being fucked hard mature and asian

Mom hoe enjoys being fucked hard mature and asian
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Be Careful What You Ask For It all began quite innocently to tell you the truth.

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My wife was doing some light housework and stumbled upon an erotic magazine that I had forgotten to hide safely away from her. I thought she would be angry but how wrong I was.

Let me explain! Corri and I had been married now for nearly 18 years and I must say our sex life was becoming a bit boring. She was always so conservative in her behavior, dress, speech and attitudes. I guess she was, like others, a product of her upbringing.

You know what I mean, sex is dirty and shouldn't be discussed and all that kind of stuff. I loved her but I always wished she would just shed some of her conservative ways and get a little wild extreme bdsm sex xxx an overdue anal payment time.

The same old missionary sex act was so predictable and I''ll have to say that as of late it had become most infrequent. Even when we did make love there was hardly any lust to it. I guess the spark was just about out. During our early years of marriage I attempted on several occasions to verbalize some of my sexual fantasies to her, only to be told that she didn't want to hear that trash. It didn't take me long to just give up on any hopes of sexual variation with her. Even so, I''ll have to say that it has been a good marriage and I have been happy in it.

Corri always kept herself looking quite beautifully. She is an attractive woman, 5'' 7", dark hair, green eyes, nice firm breasts with pointed nipples, a sexy ass and fine looking legs! I would often notice men staring at her when we were out on the town together. Instead of being jealous, I found myself proud of my wife and felt so lucky to have her.

I guess it may have been those stares that made me begin fantasizing about my wife being with other men. It was easy for me to have visions of her lying naked in bed in front of a hot male stud just waiting to be taken by him.

Well one day when I was particularly horny I stopped by a bookstore and picked up a magazine that contained erotic stories mailed in by its readers. I briefed through it and was so surprised to find out just amateur teen young riding the old wood many other men held fantasies of sharing their wives.

I took the magazine home and when Corri was away from the house I would read through it and get myself off. One particular wife-sharing story was of special interest to me. It was well written and never failed to get my "buddy" to stand up. I took a paper clip and clip the magazine to that page so as to easily find that story when opening the magazine. One evening while Corri and I were laying naked in bed she told me, "Honey, I was cleaning the room today and came across something that I think is yours." I said, "Oh yeah?

What was it?" Not at all thinking of the magazine. "It was a sex magazine, with a paper clip on it. Is it yours?" I stammered in shock, "Well, well" I said. "Well it must be yours honey because it was laying under our bed and it isn''t mine!

Can I ask you something?" she said. "Yes," I replied. "Is that what you think about? Me with other men?" I was so embarrassed but I knew I had been caught.

I thought for a moment and then I decided to tell her the truth. "Yes, but I don''t know why. All I can say is that for some reason those thoughts keep spinning in my mind." "Would you want that to happen for real?" she asked. "Maybe!" I said.

"Maybe? Is that true?" she wondered aloud as she reached down and felt my cock which was harder now than it had been in years. She started to jack it off and then she pulled me on top of her. My cock entered her pussy and I began to pump her right away. The thought of sharing her with other men must have been exciting to her also because she was the wettest she had been since our wedding night. I stroked into her and cried out, "OH God yes honey!

I''d love to see another man as he pumped his hard cock into you!! Giving it to you good and then shooting his hot cum inside you!" And as I said that, I too filled her with my cum!

It all happened so fast. I was embarrassed about cumming so soon and had to apologize to her. Corri just laughed and said, "That really does excite you doesn't it!" and she rolled over on her back and began masturbating "Well" she said, "I hope he would last a bit longer than you did!

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm honey, that sounds so exciting to me also." and with that she had a tremendous orgasm! I had never seen her masturbate before and was so pleased to see this new side of her come out. After, that we began to talk about our lives and we both agreed that we were in a rut and in need of change. Corri said she had been unhappy with our sex life for a long time but was too ashamed to tell me. She admitted that she had changed and was having fantasies of her own.

I was really not shocked when she told me that it had been years since she had an orgasm with me. After that night our sex life changed dramatically. We began having incredible sex while talking about sharing her with a another male; and then one night she asked me, "Would you get upset if I told you that I really would like to experience another man?" My cock got instantly hard as I told her that I wished she would.

I even told her that I would like to watch if at all possible. I told her that I wouldn't want it to be with a neighbor or friend, that would be too embarrassing, but with a stranger, yes!!

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I''d like that! Right away she said she had a man in mind. He was a salesman who called on her place of employment about once a month.

He lived two states over and would stay in town only a night or two when visiting. She said he was about 6''2" tall, 220#, with black hair and blue eyes. I asked her how old he was and she said he was just passed thirty. She said he would be perfect. He was single and handsome and worked out all the time. AND, she told me; he had been making advances at her for some time now.

I was soooo excited just thinking about it! I told her that I wanted it to happen; that I wanted to watch. She corrected me by saying that it might not be possible. Robert may not want me to watch; at least not the first time. I had to agree. So I suggested that she bring him back to our house and make love to him there. I''d stay locked in the bedroom next door until he left.

She was agreeable to that and our plan was set. The next week Robert was to come into town and before his visit he called my wife and asked her to go out to dinner with him. She accepted. On that morning, my wife and I began to prepare her for Robert. We had gotten up early and while Corri made some tea I ran her a hot bubble bath and lit some candles. She took her time soaking and relaxing in the tub as I shaved her legs and we talked about the night ahead.

Following her bath, I laid her down on the bed and shave her pussy for Robert! When I was done it was so smooth and soft. I couldn't help but to test it out a moment by running my tongue upward between her slit. She was sooooooo wet!! And she shook all over for a moment! I stopped because I wanted her to be as horny as possible for her "date" and to lick any longer would have easily sent her into an orgasm.

She fixed her hair and put on her makeup along with a new sexy outfit that we had bought especially for this one occasion. It consisted of a sheer blouse and a short skirt. With it she wore a lacy bra that could be seen through her blouse, matching stockings and high heeled shoes. She looked stunning!! I was both jealous and excited as she left the house that morning to be with him. As planned later that day, I was sitting at the bar inside the restaurant where they were to eat.

Corri had told Robert that I was out of town on business and would not be back until the weekend. It wasn't long before they arrived and as they entered it was easy to see why Corri picked Robert. He was tall, handsome and muscular. He carried himself with confidence and had a beautiful smile.

They were holding hands as they entered and believe it or not, I could see a bulge in the front of his pants. It looked explicit and sensual pounder riding pornstar and hardcore if he were hard already.

As luck would have it, the waiter set them at a booth just to the front and side of where I was sitting. Corri sat down first facing me and Robert sexy milf titfucking with toy on webcam in next to her. Immediately, he put his hand on her bare thigh and started rubbing it up and down. Corri giggled and leaned over for a kiss. The dinner went like most, nothing unusual except that they sat closely together and talked and laughed like long time lovers.

I hot teen babes licking and fingering each twats on sofa help but wonder if they had been dating before. As dinner ended I overheard Corri suggest that Robert come to her house to look at her beautiful flower garden that she had created.

Little did he know how beautiful the "flower garden" would look! I hurried home and waited in the spare bedroom for their arrival.

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I heard a car pull up and I looked outside. It was they. I watched as Corri walked him right past the flower garden and into the house; never once pointing towards the lovely tulips and roses. I heard the door shut and footsteps coming up the stairs. Oh how I wished I could be in our bedroom. Lucky for me that in our house the floor in the master bedroom is a hardwood and the walls are thin. Sound travels easily, so as long as I was quiet I could hear nearly every word that was said.

Footsteps from the bedroom, heavy breathing and then Robert said, "Oh yes, let me get you out of those clothes. I''ve been waiting for this for a long time." I heard the bed squeak and could only imagine my beautiful wife lying back as he unwrapped his package.

"Oh my! What have we here?" he said. "Mmmmmmmmmm I like it! Did you shave that just for me?" he asked. "No, my husband did!" I was shocked; I couldn't believe what she had just said. "Oh he did, did he! And so he knows about our getting together?" "Yes he does!" Corri told him. "He wanted to watch but I told him you wouldn't like that." "That''s too bad; He could have watched.

That would not have bothered me. As a matter of fact I may have enjoyed taking his woman right in front of him!" "Really?" Corri asked. "Really!" Said Robert. Then I heard my wife cry out, "George, George honey; Come here!" I was embarrassed but alia bhatt and varun dhwan xnxx to the bedroom anyway.

There sat my wife naked except for her stockings. Robert was standing and spoke, "Have a seat" as he pointed to the comfortable chair next to the bed. I didn't say anything as I sat down to watch. Robert turned to my wife and we both watched as he stood before her and began to undress.

He unbuttoned his shirt and revealed a strong powerful chest. You could tell that he worked out regularly. His waist was trim and solid and his biceps were quite large. He was very handsome and he stood tall and straight as he told Corri to remove his pants.

She knelt before him on the floor; I could see that bulge in his pants was even bigger now. She unbuckled his belt then released his pants, which fell quickly to the floor. His manhood was swollen behind his briefs as my wife reached her to the waist band and slowly pulled them down. She was quivering as more and more of his cock was revealed then suddenly it flopped forward and swayed directly in front of her face.

Mmmmmmmmmm, even I had to admit, he had a nice cock. It was so hard. It''s head was menacing and it''s shaft was thick with protruding veins. It throbbed before her. She was breathing heavy. "Lick it!" he said. My wife cupped his impressive sack of balls in her hand as she opened her mouth and lowered it down his shaft. "Oh God yes Corri! Suck it!" She started moaning and bobbing, her lips wrapped tightly around his cock.

I could tell that she was really trying to please him. She let go of his balls and wrapped her hands around him and held his tight buns in her hands, pulling him towards her as she sucked.

She looked so sexy on her knees, naked, her nipples hard euro threesome teen and fun fucked in the ass stealing for the fuck of it brushing back and forth across his powerful legs. I could only believe that it was not happening by accident.

She was definitely giving him the best blowjob of her life. I never received that kind of treatment. She pulled her mouth back and lifted his cock and began licking his balls and then up and down his shaft.

"Oh yes!

You''re doing a good job," he said. "Suck my cock baby." Corri moaned even louder now and began bobbing her head again. He lowered his eyes and looked directly at my woman and yelled out, "Oh YES! I''m cumming! Oh God! Yes! Suck that cum down your throat!! That''s it swallow it all!" I watched Corri as all this was happening, his cock locked tightly between her lips, her eyes fixed upward towards her man, his thick powerful cock throbbing over and over again.

I couldn't see it but I knew Corri was getting a mouthful of cum. Her throat swallowed on several occasions and before he was through a bit of his semen began matildee e filha se exibindo na web cam out of the side of Corri's mouth. How erotic it all was. She kept her eyes on him and continued sucking until he said, "Ok baby. That enough. You did a good job!" And then he pulled his cock free of her mouth, she turned towards me and I saw her tongue lick up the remnants of his semen from the corners of her mouth, then swallow.

He lifted her up on the bed and laid her back, turning to me he said, "Now I want to watch. Get that pussy of your wife ready for me. Lick it ''til she is hot!" I moved to the end of the bed then between her legs. She lifted her head and pulled her knees up as I plunged my face into her hole.

She shook and shivered and I thought she was going to cum. So I moved down away from her clit and licked my way up and down her opening and between her folds. Needless to say, she was already ready. Her pussy was soooo wet and warm. I had never seen her that excited.

Robert then said, "That''s enough. I want that pussy now!" I moved back to the chair as Robert moved between her legs. His cock was standing tall now, xxxxxxx sex stories story 2019 xxx, and swaying back and forth before her eyes. "You want this baby?" he asked. Corri's head was already raised in an effort to look at it. "Oh Yes Robert! Fuck me with that thing please!

Hurry up! I need it honey!!! Please, please, please" she yelled. Robert grabbed her arm and lifted her hand and placed it on his hot cock. Her fingers could barely get half way around it. She jacked on it a couple of times and he said, "Put it in you baby." He leaned forward and Corri directed its head between the folds of her pussy squirming to the left and the right to get it in. "It's so big Robert!" she said. Once he started shoving into her she cried out, "Oh God, oh God, oh God!

Ohhhhhhhhhh! It feels so good! So damn good!! Mmmmmmm, pump me baby! Please!" Robert started working his hips back and forth. His tool was slithering in and out of my lovely wife. Her eyes and her head were rolled back, her arms out to the side, her knees back and apart. She was wiggling her hips side to side. I saw her fingers clench tightly onto the sheets. She was shouting, "Oh yes, oh yes. Oh God yes!" Then, "Oh Gadded, I''m cumming! I''m cumming!" Her whole body began to shake!

Her head lifted up and she watched as his meat work in and out of her slippery neatly shaved pussy. My wife was delirious and by now near exhaustion. She had never been fucked like this before. She was unable to stop cumming; one orgasm after another.

I couldn't believe it. Robert was fucking my wife so very good! Robert pumped her and held her tight. His ass muscles were flexing back and forth. He looked at me and said, "Oh you lucky guy you. Damn your wife''s pussy is sweet. Mmmm God! I''m going to have to cum in it soon.

Will that make you happy?" I didn't say anything, just shook my head up and down. He turned back towards my wife and started concentrating on his own pleasure now. She smiled at him and began to encourage him to cum.

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"OH yeah baby! Fill me up with your juice honey!

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I want it all baby!! Give it to me. Please baby? I want it soooooo bad." He locked his arms around my wife and forcefully began hammering into her. His ass was bouncing wildly up and down and his balls were slapping her on the ass. Corri said, "Oh yeah, oh yeah, cum on baby! Cum on! Give it to me!" His lips quieted hers in a kiss as he moaned aloud and began filling her with his sperm. She lay submissively under him with her knees apart and speared by his hot rod. I could see and she could feel it throbbing and pumping cum and more cum into her.

Some of it began to leak out between her legs. Soon he collapsed on her. His thick rod still impaled in her body. His chest was expanding and contracting with hers. They were both exhausted. He lifted his cock out of her and moved his lower body to the side. His chest lay on her breasts. They kissed and necked for a while. Corri arms were wrapped around his torso, her legs still lay open and apart.

I moved out of the chair and to the end of the bed. Corri definitely pleased him. His cum was everywhere; and, it was still dripping out of her love opening. I crawled forward and lay my head near it all.

I watched as she dripped. And then tentatively I let my tongue reach forward and licked up a glob of Roberts''s semen and tasted it. It was good and I went back for more. As I licked it up, I pictured Roberts''s cock in my mind; it was swaying right before my lips, so long and thick and hard; dripping with cum while his balls swung underneath.

Mmmmmmm! It looked so good to me! I loved the taste of his cum and was glad that he had left such a lusty "treat" for me. Corri shuddered in pleasure while I cleaned her pussy up! Breaking away from Robert's kiss she said, "Oh George honey! That's right baby; lick all of Robert's cum up! You like to eat his cum don't you baby! I stayed silent! "Don't you baby!" she pressed for an answer!

"Mmmmmmmm, yes!, I said. I love to eat your lovers cum!!!" It was so good. I didn't stop until I was sure I had swallowed it all! When I was through I wanted to make love to my wife but Robert had other plans and told me to go sit down. I stranger bonks pretty beautiful gal girlfriend and homemade a raging hard on but I did as I was told. I guess, this is what I wanted.

Be careful what you wish for! The End