Time sexy story girls first time sexy story

Time sexy story girls first time sexy story
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Note: ——I am NOT the author! There are several authors actually, I'm not so certain that any one of them is the creator, but I know it's not me. Teacher cece stone squirts all over student squirting pornstars am simply sharing this lovely story with all of you because I have not seen it on here. Now originally it was all going to be 9 parts, but… Someone said the first one was too long, so I've decided to split all of these up into smaller posts.

And I believe you'll thank me for this because, as where chapters I and II were just two parts, this one chapter was supposed to be 11 parts. You're welcome. ENJOY——— Tim, the Teenage Part Ten By: Rass Senip +++ Chapter III: 9th Grade - Winter 1986 Part 10 - Make Love to me - Round 2 (mf, mm, mmf) Even after she warned us like that, Joey and I still couldn't resist starting something before she came out.

It started quite innocently.

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"Did you check this stuff out when you got it?" Joey said poking his index finger into the glass. "No. Why?" I said walking over to him. I put two fingers in the slightly warm liquid, and saw what he was talking about. "Weird," I said, rubbing my thumb against my slickened fingers. "It's sorta like Vaseline, but slipperier and thinner. Is KY like this?" "I don't know. Ted didn't show me, and I never actually opened the tubes I got.

Awe, shit. We don't have the rubbers. Oh well." "I don't think we're gonna get shit on our dicks. At least I know I'm not from doin' you. Not after hearing you moaning and groaning on the can like that." "Heh. Well, I didn't want to take the chance you getting grossed out and never fucking my butt again." "You don't have to worry about that," I said, running my slicked up fingers through his crack. He gasped, and almost fell when his legs suddenly went wobbly.

He had to grab on to me for a moment, and by that time, both our flag poles were at full mast. "She'll kill us if she finds out," he said stepping up to me, somehow managing to prevent our pricks from poking us while he wrapped his arms around me at the waist. Our hot tingling dicks were side my side, trapped between us.

"We'll die happy then," as I met his lips with mine. As our kissing became more passionate, we began pressing our pulsing rods into each other's lower tummy, grinding them when they touched each other.

Both sets of our hands instinctively worked their way lower, and lower, until we had to literally take turns hopping up so we could let the other run their hand across our crack. Luckily we heard Suzi shut the shower off and get out of the shower. We broke apart, knowing if we didn't break our physical contact, we would not have been able to stop again.

I was leaking precum, and noticed we both had quite a bit on our lower stomachs. I pointed out to Joey he had some precum seeping out of his, then wiped some up with my finger and tasted it. I literally had to push Joey away, for he had started to kneel down kitten is on her hands and knees take mine into his mouth.

"I can't leave you two alone for five minutes, big cock destroys amateur pussy and tattoo first time euro trip I," Suzi said, standing at the bathroom door drying her hair with a towel.

Even if she hadn't seen Joey getting up from his knees, she would have known from the way our bodies glistened with sweat.

"Well, I'm not going to wait any longer," Joey said as he took the glass to plunge his dick in it. He saw that it would have overflowed the glass if he had, so he slipped past Suzi and was pouring part of it into another glass as he came back out.

Suzi was still working her hair with the towel when Joey handed her the second glass and said, "Suz, would you care to have the honor to lube Tim's ass?" She smiled a dirty smile, tossed the towel into the bathroom, and said, "You bet YOUR ass I do." I laid down on my tummy on the bed while Suzi poured some right on my crack. It quickly ran down, and I had to press my thighs tightly to keep the sheets from getting messed up.

I shuttered with pleasure when Suzi slid her hand through the slippery stuff. But then I gave out an "Ack!" when her fingernail grazed my hole.

"Sorry Timmy," she said rubbing my rose. "I think this would be a lot easier if you laid some pillows under you or something." "Actually, I had always imagined it would be you under me when Joey did this, but I don't think it would work. At least not for our first time anyway. It would have been cool to loose both virginities at the same moment, though." Suzi went and got a towel to wipe up some of the excess.

Joey was getting impatient. He had been lubed and ready to go before I had even laid down on the bed. But he knew better than to try and hurry Suzi. Once my butt was up in the air, Suzi gave it another go, this time not putting nearly as much on me. She quickly saw that her fingernails were going to force her to let Joey loosen me up instead of her.

"Damn it," she said, startling both Joey and I with her sudden cuss. She had never said that before in our company, and she rarely cussed at all. "Joey, I can't do this without hurting him with my nails, so you'll have to do it," she said as she backed away from me on the bed.

"Sorry, Suz," Joey said sincerely. But he didn't waste any time taking her place at my back end. "You know," Joey began as his finger started to rub my puckered hole. "If I wasn't so grossed out by the idea, I think I would be using my tongue right now, not my finger." That triggered not only a moan from me, but also made me push like I was gonna poop.

My hole opened up momentarily, and Joey slipped one finger inside. That made me moan again, but at a completely different pitch. His finger was sending wonderful sensations to my brain. When I instantly puckered back up, Joey finger felt incredible. I almost came right then and there.

"Heh, Ted said that would work. He uses that line on every girl he does the first time." My only reply was another moan, followed by releasing and puckering my rose several times. When he began to push his finger in and out, I nearly came again.

I felt myself releasing my muscles back there, and soon Joey was freely working more lube in. When he stuck the second finger in, I jerked slightly. It had been just a little bit too much for it had hurt a little. "I guess you're as ready as your going to be," he said. Then to Suzi, "Could you put a little on me? I think it's drying up from taking this long." Joey kept his two fingers pumping in and out of my now permitting hole.

"Okay, Timmy boy," Joey said a little nervously. I felt the tip of his slimy head touch right below its destination. As he replaced his fingers with the tip of his head, he said, "Ted said this would hurt the most.

But if you push like your going to take a shit, it makes it go in easier. And the pain goes away after your ass is done stretching. Ready?" "GRRRRRRRR," I began, but it quickly became an "RRRAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarggh!!" as Joey pushed what felt like a can of beans in my ass instead of his cock.

My hole was on fire from the stretching, and my muscles involuntarily began to pucker my hole, which increased the strain.

Even though my eyes were clamped shut, I had tears running down my face. "GAAAAAAAGGGGGHHHHH" I said slim babe knows what a guy wants tried to keep myself from pulling away.

"Come ON Tim. PUSH!" Joey said. He, however, wasn't trying to push it in to me anymore, letting me get used to it before going any further.

I could see that I would have to go through the pain again if he didn't do it all at once. "JOEY, Get it in ALL THE WAY!" I yelled, almost choking on my own tongue. I bared down, and forced myself to shit with all my might.

When he felt that, Joey unintentionally pulled back before he rammed it home. "AAAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHH!! AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHGGGGGG!!" I mentioned.

Joey, on the other hand, moaned in pleasure, then said, "Hold on Tim. It has to start feeling better soon. Fuck this is good. You're so. tight." "Let's see how YOU like it when I'M Splitting YOUR Ass in two!" I cried out.

But after probably another thirty seconds, I did start to feel the pain start to decrease. "Okay I think it's starting to get better. Just hold it there for minute." I said as I wiped sharing a tough ramrod hardcore and blowjob sweaty teary face against my arm.

Suzi stuck her face in front of mine. "Maybe I spoke too soon about blocking the pain for us," she said only half jokingly. Then seriously, "Are you feeling better yet?" "Yeah, I guess.

Shit it hurt. But now it's really starting to. Arggg!!" I said as Asian pretty teen cunt to hot to be seen schoolgirl and japanese pulled back a little. "Sorry." he said. "I just kinda lost my balance for a sec. It's getting kind hard standing on my knees on this waterbed." "Okay, I guess xxgerdaxx f (new york united states viewers you go real slow, you can try pulling out a little.

But what ever you do, don't pull it out. I'm not doing this again." Then I added, "At least not tonight, anyway." "Okay." Joey said. He began to pull back slowly, and I found myself fighting back the tears again. But as soon as he stopped the movement, the pain all but disappeared. I released a breath of relief, then said, "Man, the pain practically stopped when you did. I'll start pushing out, then you push it back in." "K," Joey said relieved.

I started pushing the shitting muscles again, and this time when Joey started in again, the pain was much less, and I even felt some pleasure mixed in. "Keep going Joey," I gasped out when his thigh reached my butt cheek.

"It's starting to feel good." As Joey slowly made another full cycle, I found the pain nearly gone. His dick was really starting to feel good, and after he did it again, I was ready for more.

"Faster man." I gasped. He started quickening the pace. After three or four more humps, I joined in Joey's grunts of pleasure. My dick was oozing with precum, and as he started to really pump into me, I started to meet his thrusts, and hump the pillow on his back stroke. I suddenly found the pillows below me being tugged away. Joey slowed down, then stopped all together as Suzi was trying to climb under me.

Joey popped his dick out, making us both laugh at the sound, but Suzi was too far gone in her lust to even notice. As I lowered myself down on her, her pussy muscles clamped onto my dick with incredible strength. We had never seen her so turned on before. Suzi immediately started humping and wiggling so much, Joey couldn't get my ass to hold still long enough to get it in again. He also saw it wasn't as high as he would like it, so we made Suzi hold still long enough to put a pillow under her ass and let Joey get back in me.

The pain returned briefly when he did, but was gone by the time Joey pulled back.

He didn't waste any time getting back up to speed, and soon all three of us were grunting and moaning our pleasures out, lost in our sea of sexual motion. I felt Joey increase his speed suddenly, indicating he was close to cumming. I didn't want it to end so soon after it began, so I forced his climax to wait. I had to do the same thing to Suzi a moment later, and nearly came myself from the notion of what I did. I linked us up and went limp, making them do all the work to bring me to an orgasm.

Only then would they have their own too. I never got the chance to carry out my plan because I quickly saw they were tiring way too fast. So in a surge sexy beautiful girl play tits solo adultsmartlinksorg sexual energy, I quickly made up for my laziness, and in ten strokes our orgasms exploded.

None of us have a clear memory of what it felt like for it overloaded our pleasure centers and knocked me and Suzi out. I came to a moment later with Joey thrusting with all big tits blonde got jizz on her boobs might into me, releasing his hot seed deep into my rectum. That retriggered my own orgasm, which also woke up Suzi and retriggered hers. Joey collapsed on top of me, and after no more than five seconds later, I collapsed on top of Suzi.

Suzi's ass was touching the flat surface of the waterbed from the weight of two people on top of her. After she quickly came out of her orgasmic high, she was struggling for freedom. Joey was about to hot blonde teen with glasses rubs pussy until she cums off, when I signaled to him not to, and took some of the weight off of Suzi so she wouldn't leave either.

My only slightly hard dick inside Suzi, and Joey's inside me was bliss in it's self. I felt complete. We laid there, each of us very happy and content, until my muscles started to cramp from my efforts to support Joey's weight.

His dick popped out with only a sloppy sound, and I felt an emptiness within me. I rolled off Suzi, who almost leapt of the bed, running to the bathroom. She didn't close the door before she sat down on the pot and peed. When she realized Joey and I were both watching her, she blushed fiercely and whined, "Stop lookin' at me." Joey just looked at me with a grin, then turned serious and said, "Hey, Tim?" "Yeah, Joey." "So, what DO they do with the cow?" =============================================================== ++++++++++++Part 11 - Make Love to me - Round 3 (anal mf, mfm)+++++++++++++ "OH TIMMY.

IT HURTS SO BAD!!" Suzi cried. "I know honey, I'm sorry." I hated seeing her like this, but she had been right. It was part of the experience, and I wasn't about to take that away. Besides, I went through all of the pain, and I didn't see why they shouldn't either. "Gawd you're tight," I said feeling the incredible pressure her hole was exerting on the head of my dick.

"Now come on Suz, you have to push. I'm not even a third of the way in yet." We had rested for a while, then grabbed some food from the fridge in Suzi's room. After we got our strength back, I had suggested to Suzi she might want to have Joey lay down on his back so she could fuck him while I fucked her back door. She was extremely hesitant to agreeing to anything, half because she was getting tired of fucking, and half because she was scared of the pain. I checked to see how Joey felt, and he was in the same boat.

When I told them what I knew, they agreed that they would go on if I still wanted to. I told them I could do one better than that, and made them as horny as they had been when we first started. Realizing a little too late that I was getting a little tired of sex myself, I decided to let them fuck each other a little before I tried for Suzi's ass. Watching them got me back in the mood real quick, and now Joey was on hottie amber ivy gets her bumhole destroyed, Suzi had him inside her front door, and her little back door was now refusing to let anything more than the head of my dick in.

I saw that the pain was actually greater than mine had been. Probably because Suzi's rose was smaller than mine. Joey's dick had passed up mine in size over the course of the summer, but even the size difference between our dicks wasn't as great the differences between Suzi's hole and mine. I still felt that reducing her pain would be cheating her out of something, so when she couldn't get past the pain to push her shitting muscles, I did it for her.

"Okay, Suz, here we GO!" I said as I forced her to push. As I slid my crotch up to her bottom, Suzi gave out one of those silent screams into Joey's left shoulder. "YEOW! SHit, she bit me," Joey said. I checked out how Suzi was doing, and was horrified at the amount of pain she was feeling. It almost sexy mya diamond takes a good fucking hungarian and creampie me loose my hardon.

But I saw the pain was beginning to slowly ebb away. "There, you see? It's going down. Yes it's starting to go now real fast." I coaxed. "Jeez Suzi, your pain is going away a lot faster than mine did," I lied. She was sobbing a little. I saw it was time to start moving it out a little, and was relieved to see the pain stop when I had stopped pulling out. Now I did cheat a little at that time. I didn't take the pain away, but amplified the pleasure until the pain was gone.

"Oh man, it's tight. Suz, I love your ass. I may never fuck anyone the old way again." "I know what you mean," Joey said, stroking Suzi's head on his shoulder. "When she put mine in her a few minutes ago, I thought I was going to go soft on her. It was kinda disappointing after doing your ass. But you know there's one thing about Suzi you can't ever forget." "What?" "No matter how you do it, she's always a good fuck." Joey said, just before Suzi moaned for the first time.

"I think that's your cue," I said to Joey. "Yours too. Start pumping, you horse," Suzi huskily said. "Awesome. Hey, Tim. I can feel your dick's head going in and out. Fuccccckkk that's." Joey never finished because I had just gotten up to a speed where Suzi was starting to hump us both.

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"Timmy, slow down. Lets <gasp> Lets try doing it rrrrrrruh doing it slow," Suzi managed to say. I slowed down, and soon we found a pace that not only made the experience last, but it made it even more erotic. I watched my dick pullout, glistening, the skin tightly grasping my dick. And since Suzi could now properly fuck Joey without my thrusts messing her balance up, Joey and I could both feel each others dicks as the heads passed each other.

They were only separated by only by two layers of skin inside of her. It was like oiled up bodies and super squirt ep three of us were literally each fucking two people at once.

I had to put the stops on myself when that thought came to me. "I'm <gasp> getting worn <groan> out fellas." Suzi said. "Do you wwwwwaaaa want me to go full out?" I asked. "GGGRRRR," Suzi confirmed. "Joey, do you remember?" "Huh? rrremember what?" "Remember when we used to talk about both us fucking the same girl? Remember how we imagined girls had two pussies because we got grossed out thinking about doing it to her ass?" "Oh yeah. Heh. Now that's all we wanna do," Joey said remembering.

Then the part I was truly talking about came to him. "Ohhh yeahhh. You want to do the sideways thing. Okay let's do it." "What are you two talking about?" Suzi said as we started to shift our positions. "Trust us.

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You'll like it. We'll be doing all the work," Joey said as I carefully guided the three of us on to our sides without falling out her. "Yeah, well, we've never actually tried it of course, but we read about it once in one of Joey's magazines." "You read about it.

I only looked at them for the piii hheee heetures," Joey squeaked. I had begun to go to town with my thrusts, and when Suzi squirmed from the action, and with her legs now lying together, the pressure inside her already tight cunt must have been heaven. It was a lot harder to do this way, but at the same time, it was better because of the extra tightness.

Suzi was small enough that when Joey started to buck into her also, we ended up bouncing her back and forth to each other, and she would grunt a slightly different sound depending on which of us she had landed on. It was amusing to all of us. Joey and I later named it Suzball. Suzi and Joey had both been ready for a while to cum, and I had just kept waiting for my own to peak.

We were all getting pretty tired before I realized that I had forgotten to release my own block from when I had envisioned fucking two people at once. "Okay, here we GO!" I said as our orgasms came to a boil. I didn't connect us that time, just let ourselves feel the orgasms as they were meant to be. It was quite a let down, actually. Joey and I were both pushing hard into Suzi, and Suzi was twitching her insides.

But the moment only lasted for a few seconds, probably because I had already cum twice since dinner, and Joey had really come hard in my ass. It was still oozing out of my behind. I finally pulled my dick out Suzi's ass with a satisfying pop.

"Shit. That one was kinda poor, if you ask me." Joey said first. "I think we've gotten used to Tim's three way special's. We're like addicted," Suzi said, thinking out loud.

"Well, I don't know what we can do about it. I mean, we can't take that kinda shock every time we three do it. I could link with one of ya, but not both. At least not with that kind of pleasure passing through our heads." "Shit.

I wish I could do that. Then maybe we both could link up with Suzi. But then Suzi wouldn't share. Shit." We were all lying on our backs looking at the ceiling letting our energy return.

Suzi rolled over onto her tummy, got up on her elbows, and said to me, "Is there anyway of turning the volume down or something?

Or maybe we could." she stopped with a frown. "What?" I asked, rolling on my side. "Timmy, I think I AM addicted. I was just going to ask if we did it a few more times with the volume all the way up like that, maybe we could get used to it. We might be risking brain damage, but I didn't care. I wanted to take that risk.

Or, I guess I should say, I want to take that risk." "Shit, I'd risk it too," Joey said. "Well I wouldn't, even if you begged me. Besides, I think you both had good ideas. What if we did both?" "Huh?" Joey said.

Suzi just waited for me to explain, watching my dick rise from what I was thinking about. "Well, first let's see if you can do it Joey. You can send me thoughts, maybe you can do more. Remember what my dad said when you held the coin." "Oh yeah. I hadn't thought of that." Joey said while his own hardon started to rise also.

"Don't you two ever get enough?" Suzi said as she took each of our hardons in a hand and squeezed. "Nope and neither do you," I said while Oriental moans while taking dick japanese and hardcore played some of her own memories back of when Joey and I were fucking.

"Oh. Timmy. Stop. You're getting me soo. OHHH!." Suzi groaned before she ran her lips and tongue over my dick, then did it to Joey's. As she came back for seconds, I played back her memories of catching her parents doing it. "OH! That's GROSS!" she said as she flung our dicks from her hands. "Dang, Tim. What are you doing to her?" "Just going down memory lane with her. I didn't make her do anything." "All right. Well, come on Tim, let's try it. Err, how do I do it?" "Hang on, I need to think about this.

Suzi, can you be the guinea pig? All he will do is read your mind." "Uhm okay. But I gotta go pee again." "Shit, Suzi. How come you have to always take a pee after you have sex?" "I'm not just going to pee. Tim, do YOU like have that stuff dribbling out of you all the time?" "Well, actually, yeah, I do. Well, not the dribbling part, but I can still feel it in me, and, well, I guess I like it." "Oh.

Well, I can't stand it. So unless someone wants to clean it out for me, I'm going to the bathroom. And I'm shutting the door this time." I looked a Joey, and he looked at me. Then we both looked at Suzi and licked our lips. "Hey, I was only kidding. I didn't think you." She stopped there because we both had grabbed her. "Hey Tim. You really going to eat her ass out?

I mean, your cum tastes like shit even when it isn't in someone's ass." "Shut up, Joey. Actually, no I'm not. I was hoping to share yours." "Uhm, okay. Good, cause I would probably get sick if you. hey what are you doing?" he asked as I climbed down to his crotch. "I'm not worried about us becoming corrupted by all this any more, so I'm about to undo those cock slave things, and your own shit thing.

And then I'm gonna suck you off." "But if you do that, then I won't want to do. stuff with you." "Joey, trust me. You won't feel any different about me accept you won't be limited by them any more. Think of those commands like braces on your teeth. After they straighten your teeth out, they take them off. The teeth don't go back sexy babe in red stockings gets slammed way they were, but there is nothing to keep them from going crooked again either.

The only sure way of doing that would be to put the braces back on and force them. Do you get what I'm meaning?" "Yeah I think so. But what if you had taken the braces off before they had gotten straight?" "Well, I guess they would just be somewhere between crooked and straight." "Well, then how do you know if I'm not like that?" Suzi interrupted with, "Oh don't worry Joey.

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Even when you were straight, you were always a little bent." "Besides, I did it before I said anything about it. You don't feel any different, do innocent nympho blows dick in pov and gets tight honey pot banged "Yeah I do!" "HUH?" "Now I want you to suck Suzi out, and I'll suck YOU off. I just hope it doesn't still taste like shit." "Joey, you sure?

I mean, that's like. Awe never mind. You're like this now, and I would have to put the braces back on to undo it. It's not worth it. I can't just go fuck with someone's mind like that every time I get nervous." "Boys, I think I would rather go to the bathroom. I'm not up for another round of sex." I nodded, so she ran to the bathroom, shutting the door. "Joey, lets skip the blow job too. I've got to conserve it if I'm gonna do your ass tonight." "Yeah, and the twins, twice" "Shit! I forgot about them.

I'm not gonna have enough energy left to breathe!" I moaned, laying on my back again, putting my arm over my eyes. "I can't believe it. You're complaining about having too MUCH sex?" I sat up and said, "Hey, if I can talk one of them into it, would you do one?" "Sure!

That would be coo. Wait, what about Suzi." "I can take care of myself, thank you." Suzi said coming back out of the bathroom. Joey's and my dicks started to rise again from Suzi's naked form walking towards us. "No, No," Suzi said as she got on the bed. "Please, don't get up," she giggled.

"You know. I'm kinda bushed. What time is it Tim?" Joey asked. "Let me check." I said as I reached out to find someone with a watch or clock near by.

"Ten thirty seven," I said, reading it through the eyes of a cook.

That reminded me I felt a little hungry, so I checked to see what there was to eat. Obviously, everything was. "I'm kinda tired too. But I'm more hungry than anything. Anybody up for hamburgers?" "Yeah that sounds great. And maybe some of your dad's great drink. You think we could get some to take home?" "I'll check in a sec.

What about you Suz?" "Huh? Sorry I guess I was day dreaming. Uhm. I guess I'll have." she reached out and took hold of my dick again, saying, "This!" For a moment, I thought my dad had turned her into a cock loving slave girl behind my back. But when I looked, I found she had been thinking of Joey and I doing it again.

"Oh brother," I said as she crawled up to my dick. "What? What's going on?" Joey said a little worried. "Joey, if we ever fuck or anything again, Suz has to be out of the room. Look what it does to her to even think about it!" I was trying to keep my voice steady even with Suzi's mouth going to town.

"Come on Suzi. Leave poor Tim alone. He has to save it for my ass and the twins. If you want, you can do me?" Joey said hopefully. "GRRRRrrr" she said as she pounced on him. But instead of getting in between his legs, she turned around on top of him and mashed her crotch on to his face before settling down like a cat to lick her favorite toy. I could hear his slurping as I got off the bed. If I had watched any more of that, I would have joined them. But I needed food, and I needed to talk to my father and the twins.

I went into my room, found my jeans and shirt and put them on. It felt strange to be wearing clothes again. It wasn't until I was walking down the hall that I realized I didn't need the boss and hannah hays fuck like rabbits go and get the food.

All I had to do was let them know, and they would bring it too us. So, I popped the question into Suzi's subconscious, letting her attention stay on what she was doing. The answer came back free sex stories jesse jane solo yes, hungry, yes, cheeseburger. After ordering our food, I set out to find my father, and hopefully the girls.

Again, I had been walking down the hall way when I realized I could find them a lot faster without taking any steps. They were in the North Study, according to Sherman's mind. Apparently, the study was his favorite room. When I arrived, I saw why he liked it. Last time, nothing took place on the floor. But this time, there was a full production of Hamlet being played out. Or at least that's what it was supposed to have been.

I doubt Shakespeare ever even imagined everyone being naked and having sex in every scene. But then again. I talked to them, explained that I was running out of steam. The girls were upset, but my father was very understanding.

He told the girls that they would have their day when it came, and reminded them they had waited this long, so another week wouldn't kill them. We decided that the weekend after they returned from Europe when my mother and father spent their weekend together would be the perfect time for the twins to join my threesome to make a fivesome.

It was something we all began looking forward to. As I left, my father touched their collars with his finger, and they instantly turned black. It was after midnight when I finally arrived back to Joey's room after setting up a few things to take home tomorrow.

I found Joey cupped around Suzi, both asleep. They had already eaten, so I didn't wake them, and just ate with the chef standing by in case I wanted thirds. As I finished eating, I nearly jumped when I remembered and then felt the coin's presence in my pocket.

After I sent the chef away, I turned out the lights, shucked my clothes, and crawled onto the bed beside Joey. I laid there probably over an hour, just staring into the coin with my mind. The symbols were there, but I really couldn't see them. They were just faint impressions. I kept trying to access some kind of intelligence in the coin, but finally gave up deciding there wasn't any. I slipped the coin onto the night stand, then shivered from the night air. After unintentionally waking the other two while getting under the satin sheets, I found myself being put in the middle.

Suzi curled up against my chest facing me, and Joey behind me. I fell asleep and had the first peaceful night's sleep in over two weeks.