Blond guy cruelly fucked adorable girls striptease and hardcore

Blond guy cruelly fucked adorable girls striptease and hardcore
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A brunette girl, who appeared sixteen years old, lay on the floor watching TV with her younger sister, a blonde girl who was six years younger. Their father had lost his job about a year ago and was only recently able to find another. He hadn't gotten his first paycheck yet, and wouldn't or several weeks. The brunette propped herself up on her long, thin arms.

"Is there anything for dinner today, mom?" "I'm afraid not, Susan. We don't have much food left," their mother called back.

They were lucky to have any food at all more than once a week, if they ate that often. Susan laid herself back on the floor. She was very nearly skin and bones by now. She was five-seven and only weighed ninety pounds. She reached over and stroked her younger sister's hair. She spoke softly. "It's okay, Anna.

I'm sure you can go next door for something to eat." Anna was closer to four feet tall, and by now barely weighed sixty pounds. She wasn't holding up as well as the others, and occasionally would join the neighbors for dinner.

Susan assumed that they pitied Anna more than herself because Anna was still so young. Still, Anna protested to the idea. "They haven't been giving the rest of you anything. I don't wanna be the only one eating." Susan smiled at yuu hazuki is one of the finest looking chicks out there and here you will be seeing this really hot sister's words.

They were wasting away. Their father's last job hadn't paid very well, and when he was laid off, they were left with no income at all. It only took three months to use the emergency money they'd managed to save up, and two months to use most of their food. Seven months after that realization came, they were barely alive, and not many people were willing to help them out.

The two girls mother came into the room, and Susan announced that she was going to the bathroom. Anna looked at her mother, who sat on the floor next to her. "Anna," she started off. "I wanted to ask you something." "Yes? What is it?" Anna asked. Her mother looked at the floor for several seconds. "Well, you know we don't have much food. In fact, we have enough for only one more meal. We're getting desperate. Your father won't be paid for a few more weeks yet, and if we don't get more food, then we might starve to death before that happens," her mother swallowed hard.

"Are you. asking me to live with someone else?" Anna asked. Her mother smiled sadly. "Well. I can think of something to get us a little more money in the mean time. If it's okay with you, I know a woman who'd pay us some money to, well. you know." she put her hand on Anna's lap, "touch you." Anna blinked rapidly. "I've been fighting her for months now, trying keep her off you. I've been trying to not let things get that desperate, but.

I think we've lost that fight." "Mom, it's okay. If we need the money, then. She can." Her mother smiled. "Are you sure, baby?" Anna nodded. "Well, then I'll make the phone call." Her mother gave another sad smile, then walked into the kitchen. **************************** Later that night, there was a rap at the door. Anna opened it, and greeted a woman who was five foot seven with straight black hair.

The woman smiled, her grey eyes looking into Anna's blue ones. "Hello. Is Heather home?" the woman asked. Anna had almost forgotten how curvy a healthy woman could be. "Mom's upstairs in her room," Anna answered. "Ah, then you must be Anna. You're much scrawnier than I remember you being. Have you not been eating? Ah, that must be why Heather finally gave in.

Well, we should let her know I'm here," the woman said. Anna nodded and gestured for her to follow. "Heather," the woman called when they reached the bedroom.

"Yes," Anna noticed a twinge of resignation in her mother's voice. "I see you made it." She had been sitting on the edge of her bed with her head in her hands. She sighed heavily. "Did you being the money?" The woman walked across the room and handed Heather a stack of money.

She stood there and watched as two hundred dollars was counted out in twenties. Heather nodded, and the woman smiled as Anna led her down to her own room. Once there, the woman picked Anna up off the floor and set her on the bed.

That's when she noticed that Anna's clothes were tattered and looked like big tits blonde got jizz on her boobs were several sizes too big. They really were pressed. She pulled Anna's shirt over her head and saw that there wasn't much meat on her bones.

Poor thing. She pressed her lips to Anna's nipples. Her breasts hadn't begun to develop yet, but the woman wasn't too concerned. Well-fed or not, they still got hard. She kissed her way up to Anna's neck. "By the way, my name's Sarah," the woman told Anna, before pressing her lips to Anna's.

She took off her own shirt and her bra. She guided Anna's small hand to her own breasts and made Anna squeeze. "That's right, we're going to have fun touching each other tonight." She slid her own pants off, revealing she hadn't been wearing panties. Then she slid Anna's off of her, and began to rub her clit through the panties she had on. She pressed her lips to Anna's nipples again, nipping at them with her teeth.

She felt Anna getting wet through her panties. Sarah began kissing down Anna's stomach, coming to a halt at her waist. She kissed around Anna's wait, directly above her panties. Then, slowly, she pulled the panties down Anna's legs. Sarah pressed her lips to Anna's pussy, pressing her tongue into the young hole. Anna gasped for air, enjoying the sensation. Sarah moved her tongue up toward Anna's clit, pressing down on it and moving her tongue all over it.

Anna began moaning. Sarah reached up and began pinching one of Anna's nipples, still giving her oral pleasure to the young girl. Anna began pushing Sarah's head into her pussy, not wanting her to stop. Sarah moved her tounge faster, working between Anna's pussy and her clit. It didn't take long before Anna started screaming.

Before long, Anna was having her first orgasm.

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"Now, my young bitch, you get to do the same thing to me," Sarah said, pulling her head from between Anna's legs. She removed her own panties, and lay on the bed, her legs spread wide for Anna. Hesitantly, Anna pressed her lips to Sarah's pussy, and began using her tongue to play with Sarah's clit. Sarah moaned, "That's right, please my cunt, little bitch.

You're gonna be my whore tonight." Sarah took Anna's hand, guiding it to her pussy. After a second or two, Anna inserted one finger, then two.

She moved them around inside Sarah's cunt, and Sarah moaned louder, enjoying the feeling. "That's right, now, put them in my ass," Sarah moaned. Anna did as she said, and Sarah arched her back, gasping for breath. Anna continued to work on her clit, and Sarah moved her hips in rhythm with Anna's fingers. It was nearly ten minutes like this before Sarah had an orgasm of her own. She pulled Anna up to her, kissing her on the mouth.

Sarah grabbed Anna's young ass, massaging each cheek. "We're just getting started, you little whore. Come on, grind your little cunt against mine," she said. Anna did, and both girls started moaning. After a few minutes grinding, Sarah stopped Anna, saying "Alright, we're gonna do something else now." Sarah positioned herself so that her waist slid between Anna's legs, rubbing their pussies together. horny whore dong licking scene japanese and hardcore, that's right, whore, we're gonna do this until we both orgasm again," Sarah instructed.

Anna was screaming with pleasure now, her little body shaking. Sarah was breathing hard, rubbing her nipples. Anna was using her fingers to rub her clit. A few minutes later, both girls had orgasmed, and were laying on the bed catching their breath.

They were laying on the bed facing each other, Sarah groping Anna's ass, and Anna playing with Sarah's breast. They were kissing when Heather walked through the door. Sarah smiled at the woman, who looked at the floor.

"Your daughter's quite good, Heather. You should be proud of her ability to please a woman." Heather said nothing. Sarah stood up and grabbed her clothes, walking out the door. "You look after that girl. She's sweet enough to eat," she said in a soft voice to Heather. Heather looked at the floor for several moments after Sarah had turned the corner. "How much money did she give you, mom?" Teen ride big toy xxx the shop and swap asked, still naked and sitting on the bed.

"Two-hundred dollars," Heather said quietly. "Enough to buy something to eat for a few days." "That's more than we've had in a while," Anna stated factually.

"Why aren't you happy about that?" "I don't like the idea of having to whore out my daughter to get money," Heather told her. "It's late, you should get some sleep," she added, closing the door. Heather walked into her bedroom and lay down next to her husband. He had gone to sleep before Sarah had shown up, and didn't know what had happened. He looked healthier than the rest of them, as his job was providing him with a free lunch.

Heather was awake for nearly an hour thinking about everything that had happened. The family's finances had caused her to let a pedophile have sex with her daughter. They were likely going to starve to death if her husband's job didn't pay soon.

All she had gotten that evening was two-hundred dollars. That'd feed them for a while, but it would go farther if. Sarah's last words before departing played in mom and son fuck baby sitter and cums in her mind.

"She's sweet enough to eat," Sarah had said. No, it wasn't literal. It's just an expression, and besides, cannibalism would be worse. No, she just had to forget about today and make the money last as long as possible.

It'd only be a few weeks before her husband's job came through. **************************** Three days later, Heather and her husband were sitting in the living room. His head was in his hands, and he was almost crying. He'd been laid off again.

"I guess I'll just have to try a couple towns over, see if there's anything for me there," he said in desperation. "Might have to send Anna to live somewhere else." **************************** As the family slept, Heather walked into Anna's room. She looked at her frail little girl. The family looked a bit healthier from the money Sarah had given them, but Anna couldn't last through that again. She'd be devastated if she had to live with anyone else, and the remainder of Sarah's money would last longer if there was one less person to feed.

Sarah's words played through her head again. "She's sweet enough to eat." Anna woke up then, and looked confused at her mom. "What's up, mom?" she asked softly. Thinking quickly, Heather replied. "Oh, I was just wondering. a few days ago, did you like what happened?" "Kind of. I mean, it felt good, what she did. Why, do we need to do it again already?" "No, I was just wondering, sweetie." Anna looked at her for a second before sitting up further, revealing that she wasn't wearing a top.

"Did you wanna try it, then?" she asked. Heather stared for a second before making up her mind. She walked over to her daughter and put her hand between Anna's legs. It turned out that Anna wasn't wearing anything while she slept. She began to kiss her daughter's lips.

She told herself that what she was about to do was for the best. She heard her husband walking down the hall, closely followed by Heather. She looked at Anna's clock.

Yeah, two massive shafts for a busty tart cumshots and big tits was time for her husband to leave for the next job hunt, and Heather would be dropped off at school along the way.

Heather was to take Anna to her school before too long. She'd have all day to do what needed to be done. Heather returned to kissing her daughter, and pushed Anna onto her back. Holding Anna down with her body, Heather reached into the drawer of Anna's night stand - her craft drawer, in which, there was a knife. She pulled that knife out of the drawer. Heather pulled her daughter into a sitting position, and used one hand to begin grabbing her ass.

With the other hand, she stabbed her daughter through the chest. Still locking lips with her mother, Anna's body went still and limp. Heather began to cry, holding her daughter's body close. After a few minutes, she stood up and carried Anna down the stairs and to the kitchen, where she began her work. Now holding back the tears, Heather selected one of the steak knives from her drawer, and started to slice her daughter's meat from her bones.

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After nearly an hour of careful cutting, she had left no meat at all on the bones. **************************** As dinner time rolled around, Susan and her father sat down at the table. As was the family custom, Heather brought out their plates. "We have some meat tonight. Dear, I know how much you like breast meat, so I made sure to get you some," Heather said, putting a plate holding a slice of the promised meat, accompanied by a scoop of mashed potatoes and mixed vegetables in front of her husband.

"And for you, sweetheart, since you like Sirloin, I hope you appreciate the effort of preparing it," she commented, setting Susan's plate in front of her. Her meat was, as her fathers, accompanied by potatoes and vegetables. "And what's the occasion for this?" her husband asked, looking at the food.

"Just a little ritual, hoping that you'll get a new job soon," Heather said, a smile on her face. "Hey, mom, where's Anna?" Susan asked, looking at the empty chair normally reserved for her sister. "Anna's was invited to dinner elsewhere," Heather answered before going into the kitchen for her own plate. Money big black by xxx the closed door, Heather took a deep, ragged breath before gathering her dinner.

She had taken care to prepare the meat from Anna's vagina for her own meal. She looked at the plate she'd prepared herself, and tenderly placed a garnish of parsley on what once was her daughter's pussy. Having calmed down, she took her place at the dinner table, and upon sitting down, her husband insisted on saying Grace.

**************************** While her husband and Susan slept, Heather went out to a tree in the back yard. In her night gown and wearing a blanket wrapped around her shoulders, she shivered in the wind. She wiped away tears from her face and looked at some freshly turned earth. This was Anna's final resting place. Heather had taken care to break the bones until they were unidentifiable, and then buried them here.

Though not a proper funeral, she had been as ceremonious as she was able, and had buried many tears along with her daughter. Now, though, she pleaded with Anna to not hate her. On this cold and windy night, Heather could hear lightning in the distance, and stayed, crying, on the spot, asking repeatedly for Anna's forgiveness and understanding.

When the rain began to fall, Heather stood up, quite shakily, and began to walk toward her home. She took one last look at her daughters grave, and entered her home.