That s a lot of cum dude hd

That s a lot of cum dude hd
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Fbailey story number 406 My Sister's Lesbian Lover My sister Carrie and I are pretty close in many ways. We share the same birth date but one year apart. I'm the oldest at seventeen. We have the same physical build too. She is constantly wearing my clothes. I don't mind her wearing my jeans but I keep telling her that she will stretch out my tops with her big tits.

She just laughs and says that I'm jealous that hers are so nice. I must admit that my sister has great tits. At least she lets me play with them occasionally. I even get to fuck her if she is really horny and wants it bad enough. Otherwise I have to jerk off a lot and most of that is because she excites the hell out of me and then takes off somewhere.

Our parents were just starting to trust us enough where we could stay home for a day or two while they were away. Mom still checked on us once or twice a day anyway. One such weekend my sister went to a school dance. I stayed home to ransack Dad's porn collection and beat my meat raw.

awesome lesbian action with beautiful black babes Eventually I went to bed and fell asleep even though I wasn't quite satisfied. Then in the middle of the night my sister climbed in bed with me, pulled my hand around to her tit, and snuggled her fine ass into my crotch.

I slipped two fingers into her pussy from behind and she liked that a lot. When my cock was fully erect I replaced my fingers with my cock and lazy fucked her. I barely moved so that I could enjoy it forever. It had been almost a month since she had let me fuck her and I was going to enjoy it to the fullest.

She fell asleep before I cum but I didn't care. In the morning I awoke first and she was still there next to me. My hand was on her tit and my cock was snuggled into her ass and coming to full attention. I just slipped it right in where it belonged and where it wanted to be. I started out with a lazy fuck but as it got closer to that time I held her tighter and picked up speed.

She woke up, realized what was happening, and started fucking back at me. I let a tremendous amount of cum flow into her. She turned her head to kiss me and then asked, "Who to fuck are you and why did you just rape me?" She then proceeded to scream at the top of her lungs. Carrie came running into my bedroom and said, "Deloris, what are doing in my brother's bed?" Deloris looked at my sister, looked at me, and then said, "I must have gotten mixed up when I went to the bathroom." Deloris got out of my bed and waked naked over to my sister's bedroom.

It was right across the hall.

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Then I realized that she must have turned left instead of right when she got to our doors. I got up and just walked naked down the hall to the bathroom to take a hole in one a casa do prazer and a shower. Before I finished Carrie stepped in with me.

She told me that everything was cool and that Deloris was not going to call the police and report the rape. I tried to tell her that I didn't rape her girlfriend.

She just told me to get out so that Deloris could get in. Fine! I stepped out and was face to face with Deloris. I started to apologize but she walked past me and got in the shower with my sister. After I had dressed and stepped out into the hallway I saw the two girls coming at me.

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They were both naked and I looked hard at them. They could practically pass for twins. They had the same height, weight, and build.

They had the same color and length hair too. Even their breasts were the same size. It was uncanny. I was down in the kitchen eating a bowl of cereal when the two girls came in. I looked up but didn't say anything to them.

God they looked sexy.

They were just wearing sexy bras and panties. They were teasing me. Carrie said, "Deloris was a virgin you asshole, however I had fucked her with my strap-on for about an hour after we came home from the dance so you didn't break anything. In fact she thought that it was me fucking her when she turned around to kiss you." Deloris said, "Yes, I was a virgin and a lesbian but all that has changed now.

I'm no longer a virgin and I think I'm roxy isabella and alysa worlds most talented anal acrobats now, like your sister." I said, "I'm really sorry but are you girls aware of how much alike you look." They walked over to the sliding glass door that goes out into the backyard.

They stood there looking at their reflections. They really looked and then Deloris said, "You are right we do look alike except in the face. No wonder you thought that I was your sister when you fucked me. After all I was in your bed so it was partly my fault." I smiled and said, "Thank you for realizing that I didn't fuck you on purpose." Deloris asked, "Was that a compliment?" I replied, "It was supposed to be an apology of sorts.

But you are every bit as pretty as my sister is, maybe even prettier." Carrie said, "So anyway big brother we were wondering if you would join us in my bed. We have an idea that we want you to help us with." I said, "Okay." Then I finished drinking the milk in the bottom of my bowl and put it in the latinas porn videos tube porn. Carrie said, "I want to make love to Deloris but at the right time I want you to fuck her pussy.

The object is that it will be as if I were fucking her. I guess you might say that it would be the ultimate dream of two lesbians. One would grow a dick to fuck her girlfriend with, thereby making her pregnant." I choked on that one and repeated, "Pregnant?" Deloris said, "I'm not on any birth control.

Lesbians don't need to be." Then she smiled at me. I followed them up to my sister's bedroom. All the way up I just stared at Deloris' ass. She might look like my sister but she sure doesn't walk like her. Deloris had an incredible twitch to her ass that must wear out the material in her jeans just under her pussy.

My cock was stiff before I got to the top of the stairs. I watched as they removed each other's bra, then each other's panties. I watched them make out. My sister was an excellent kisser and so was Deloris. They really went to town stimulating each other. They got into the sexiest sixty-nine that I could imagine. After a few minutes Carrie motioned me closer.

I let her guide my cock into her lover's hole. As my cock entered her lover my balls dragged along Carrie's forehead. Deloris knew full well that it was my cock in her but she kept crying out Carrie's name and asking her to fuck her harder, fuck her deeper, and make a baby in her belly.

The baby part really got me going. I didn't want to be a father but I sure wanted to get a girl pregnant and watch her belly grow. It was kind of a sick twisted thing to want but I couldn't help it. When I finally dumped my third load into her pussy Deloris cried out my name, not my sister's name.

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I felt proud. As we ate dinner that Saturday my sister decided to share Deloris with me. I could fuck her girlfriend as often as I could get hard and she had her the rest of dans un coin discret madame se fait defoncer en levrette libertine francaise time. It was okay with Deloris so it was okay with me.

I stood up, showed her my erection, and took off with Deloris. In my bedroom Deloris giggled as I stripped her clothes off and tossed her on the bed with an urgent need. I kissed her like I had seen my sister do to her and then I entered her. My hard cock was inside her warm moist pussy and I just held it there. I was no hurry at all to have this coupling end in just a few minutes.

After all I only had her as long as I was hard and then my sister had her the rest of the time. I would have to renegotiate the terms of our agreement. Even if I was hard six times it would only be for an hour or more at the most and Deloris was too precious to give up that easily. Besides we were trying to make a baby. While my cock was in her I slow fucked her.

She remembered that feeling from earlier when she first woke up and she liked it. I had been soaking my cock in her pussy for a good fifteen minutes when I started pumping my seed into her depths. Deloris really liked it and she really liked me too. When Carrie came looking for us we both told her that we needed more time together. After that the three of us hung out together. Deloris slept in my bed that night and she left Sunday evening after our parents came home.

She had a few billion sperm swimming around inside her womb when she left too. Deloris brought my sister and I closer together. I got to fuck Carrie a lot more often because Deloris told her to let me. Instead of Carrie and I sharing Deloris it was Deloris and I that were sharing Carrie. I had the best sister and the best girlfriend in the world.

The End My Sister's Lesbian Lover 406