Deep penetration with oral pleasure smalltits hardcore

Deep penetration with oral pleasure smalltits hardcore
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The Las Vegas lights were shining bright at 2am. As we drove past clubs we could her loud music pounding out the door. It was spring break, and I had just turned 21. It was my girlfriend, Liz, my xxxx mom big boobs son friend, Shane, and his girlfriend, Amber. I was horny in the backseat of our rental Hummer, where my girlfriend had one of her legs in between mine.

I was so horny and hoping to fuck her tonight. She started to rub my cock, and I got an instant boner. "We're here!" Shane said as he drove up to the Palms Casino Resort.

Liz took her leg off me and got out of the car. Her blonde, coconut smelling hair hit my face. "Niiiiice." Amber said as she looked through the window and started sucking Shane's neck.

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He let out a little moan of pleasure. Everyone got out of the car. I was on Shane's side of the car. "Can't wait to get fucked, huh?" I told him, talking about Amber. "Of course." He said as he ran over to her, she was wearing a short jean skirt. He lifted the back of it up, revealing her pink, lace thong. He spanked her ass. She giggled and kissed him. As we went in the lobby to get checked in, I was talking to Liz about what I was going to do with her.

The check-in gave us two cards, and we gave them to Amber and Liz. "Go get unpacked, baby." I told Liz as her and Amber walked into the huge elevator.

Shane and I payed for our rooms. And, after we entered into the elevator. "Have a little boner, there, huh, Zack?" Shane said as I laughed. "Liz was giving me a hand job in the car." I said.

"Nice. On the way home, I want Amber to give me a good long, road head." He said. The doors opened. Shane was in front of me, he was wearing a green shirt, and cargo shorts. His legs were beautiful, with his big muscles and brown hair. I followed him. He found our rooms from the paper he was holding.

He knocked on the first room, the other one was about 7 rooms down the hall. We knocked on it. Liz and Amber opened the door. They were wearing unflattering flannel pajamas. "Sorry guys, we're really tired.

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But we just ordered John Tucker Must Die, if you wanna join us." We looked at each other, and shook our heads. "Naw, we'll just see you guys tomorrow morning.I guess?" I said. "Byeeeee." Amber said as she closed the door. We could hear little giggles when she shut it. "Dude, this sucks! I wanted some of that ass tonight!" Shane said. I agreed and we walked down the hall. He opened the door. We threw our bags down on the separate beds.

He went into the bathroom, not even closing the door, and started taking a piss. I was curious, so I went into the bathroom with my bag of my toothbrush and toothpaste. I looked down at his cock. I could only see the head of it, as it was through his briefs. "DUDE! Do you wanna go to the pool?" I asked in excitement. "Yeah, that sounds yui kasugano tight schoolgirl fucked by the teacher. What if it's closed, though?" He said.

"We'll find away around it." I said. He finished his piss and shook his limp cock. He then started taking off his shirt. His brown armpit hair looked amazing and his amazing muscles were shown.

His large biceps and triceps, and muscular arms. I was also pretty muscular. I've known him since I was a junior in high school. We were on the football team, and I've seen his cock a lot of times before. But not since football in senior year. It was much larger since he got out of puberty.

Probably nine inches! I remember when we were juniors, he came over to my house and we put our cocks in my penis pump, to make them bigger. Mine was probably eight inches, but nine fully erect.

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He revealed all of his body, but, his cock was covered by his briefs. I stripped down, into everything but my briefs. "Wait! Shit, I forgot my bathing suit." I said. "Damn it, so did I,"he said, but he then pulled down his briefs"But, I'll just skinny dip." His cock was babe fucked before gfs hardcore and blowjob than mine.

He covered all of his body in a white robe provided by the hotel. "Yeah, me too" I stripped out of my white briefs, and walked next to him. The robes were next to the shower, were Shane was. I walked and bent over to reach down to get it, My cock touched his leg, and my stomach touched his cock. I took a while to get it on purpose and moved around a little bit. His cock wasn't limp anymore, and neither was mine.

He spanked my ass, and I was a little surprised., so I slapped his cock with my hand. It was almost erect now. We both laughed, and put on our robes. We made small busty les beauties trib pornstars and big tits until we got explicit and wild club gratifying striptease and hardcore the elevator. He pressed the button that was marked P. We was in one corner of the elevator and i was right next to him.

Our arms were touching each other. He pointed out a camera in the other corner of the elevator. "Sweet!, Lets make the security guards get boners." He said. I laughed and asked what to do, but before I could get finish my sentence, he had taken off his robe, and started jacking off. He then pulled off my robe and put his hand on my cock.

Pulling it back and forth. He licked his finger and started massaging the head of my cock with his warm, wet finger. Dady sex gay older man 3 gp got rock hard. DING. He rubbed my cock all over and then tied my robe back up, along with his. We came out laughing. I was so horny. We exited the elevator and into a long hallway, where at the end was a desk with a hot, blonde girl wearing a pink bikini.

We walked up to her. "Hi, can we have some towels?" Shane asked. "The pools closed may I offer you some spa packages for tomorrow. " The girl said as she was flipping her magazine. "Baby, can't you just let us in." I said. I walked over to her, and she stood up. I sat down in the chair where she was sitting, and pulled her on my lap.

I started pushing my tongue down her plump pink lips covered with strawberry lip gloss. I started massaging her breast and opened up my robe, I had a hard on and she made a noise of "OH!" in surprise, when my dick hit her thigh. Shane got in back of her and took his rock hard cock and put it inside of her skirt. She let out a giant moan and Shane and I got up. She moaned even more. "Oh, yes, you can go." She said in ecstacy We walked through the door of the locker room, and hung our robes on the hook, with towels on our shoulder.

"I'm gonna take a shower, driving for 4 hours makes me rank." Shane said. "Yeah me too." We walked into different showers, and turned on the water. I immediately started pounding my cock up against the ceramic wall. I saw no soap in the shower, so I walked out and started saying "Hey, can I borrow." I saw Shane rubbing his diamond hard cock with a bar of soap. He was embarrassed I saw him jacking off. "the soap?" He smiled and put it back on the panel.

"Oh sure, it's over here." I walked over and rubbed bodies with him trying to reach the soap. My cock was rubbing all over his hot step dad and patron xxx cam girls ass. I finally got it as he was licking my fingers. I let out a moan. "Why don't you just wash in here with me?" I agreed, and started to soap my cock.

"Dude, I haven't seen your cock in so long. It grew didn't it?" He got down to eye-level with my cock. He started licking my balls, massaging his tongue fast into my scrotum. He layed down on the floor, and I squatted down. I started to put my ball sac in his mouth. He started licking and nibbling on it. I let out a huge moan. He then got up. My cock was touching my ripped abs, and he moved it from my abs, to his hot mouth where he fit all ten inches into his mouth.

"Shit dude, isn't that a lot?" He laughed and started licking it all over. I pushed his head down and his wet nose went into my curly brown pubic hair he took his mouth out of my cock and started nibbling on the head of hit. It was too much too handle. "Harder!" and I pushed his mouth into my cock. I squirted six loads of cum into his hot mouth.

He swallowed every single bit of hit, although some of it hit his pubic hair. "Shit, dude, I missed some." He said. "Don't worry, I'll get it." I said and pushed him to the floor. My tongue was spasming all over his straight, brown curly hair. I grabbed the shampoo from the panel and squirted it all over his chest. My hands were massaging his chest as I was sucking his balls. "Harder! FUCK ME, BITCH!" He yelled. I started nibbling his balls and worked my way up to his cock.

He squirted his salty cum all over my face. I layed on top of him, rubbing our cocks together. He licked my face filled with sperm. His tight body held me. I put my face, still with sperm on it into his armpit. It was amazing, the musk of a complete hunk. I was playing with his nipples, now. I put the soap between our cocks. It was felt so amazing.

We both got up and started washing each other's body. Shane put the soap on the panel again. "Wait, I need the soap again." I said jokingly and put my arms around him. My hard dick quickly went into his asshole.

I started pushing in and out, and I could feel his body spasm. I touched the head of his cock, slowly. He squirted cum on my hand. And, as it went in and out faster, I let out four squirts in his asshole. I was inside of him. Daddy eric romping elsa dreams tight pussy of a beautiful Greek boy with curly brown hair, a ripped body, a tan complexion.

A beautiful cock was in my hand and it was filled with his internal juices. It just made me so hot, I spat two more squirts out of my 10 inch cock. His face relaxed and the cum ran out of his asshole, onto my cock and down his leg. We let the water hit us, and I took my cock out of him. We walked out of the shower, panting and moaning. My arm was around his shoulder and his hand was massaging my ass cheek. We entered the cold room where a giant pool, bar, hot tub, and spa was.

"Hey, do you want to get a drink, and maybe.I can give you a massage?" Shane asked me. I went in the back of the bar, butt naked, (I'm sure Shane was checking me out) and grabbed a bottle of champagne, a plastic bottle of chocolate sauce and whipped cream. "Nice choice, baby." He said and spanked me. I smiled and stuck my tongue down his throat. We walked into the massage room. I layed down on the table, with my erect penis straight up. He popped the champagne open, and poured it all over my stomach and cock.

He started licking it. I was diamond hard and my cock was touching my abs. He sprayed the whipped cream on my cock and started eating that, he put my cock in his mouth, along with a load of whipped cream. He told me to flip over and I did. My ass was clenched when the cold chocolate sauce hit my ass.

He put it between my ass cheeks. He then put his tounge in my ass hole. I was spasming and my cock hurt because I was laying on it. "Put your cock in me, baby!" I said. He did, and the chocolate sauce got in my asshole and on his cock, he went in and out and his feet were touching my muscular legs. He then sat on the table, his cock in my body, going in and out, and his size 14 feet were next to my face. I started licking them. It was too much for him to handle onto the, he shot six loads in my asshole and removed his cock.

The cum was leaking onto the table from my ass hole. He moved from the table to where my head was. I sat up and started sucking his chocolate and cum-covered dick. "Let's go relax in the hot tub." Shane stated. "Sure, baby." I said. For the next hour, we sat in the hot tub with the jets hitting us, our heads back enjoying the hand jobs we were receiving and giving.

We came multiple times. He then got up, he sat on my lap and started rubbing my body. We then heard the door open and saw a pool boy dressed in uniform. It was 5:30am. He was 6'4", huge feet, green eyes and blonde hair.

He was hot. "Hey guys, the pool opens at 6." He said. We both stood up, and he saw our huge cocks erected.

He smiled in lust and came over to us. TO BE CONTINUED. (Coming Soon Las Vegas Lust: Part 2 )