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The Secret Cheerleader Vote - #6 "You WHAT?" Bella exclaimed. "When?" Bella was shocked at what Stephanie had just said.

She slept with Zane? Stephanie had been dating the same guy since freshman year. They'd had a few little episodes where they broke up for a month or so, but they always would get back together. For her to just randomly sleep with Zane was totally unbelievable. "Last week" Stephanie answered. "I was trying to corner him and find out what the hell his deal is and things just, happened." "And so you slept with him? What the hell did he say? And what the hell is Anthony gonna say?" Bella asked.

"Fuck Anthony" she said. "He's being such a dick lately it serves him right if I start seeing someone else" "Seeing??? Now you're seeing him?" Bella asked, again, shocked. "Okay not SEEING, just fucking" Stephanie answered with a little laugh. "You were right though" Stephanie continued. "Zane really does seem to have control of all the votes. The seniors will probably all vote for whoever he asks them to.

Maybe not who he asks them to vote FOR, but definitely who he asks them to vote against. So, I figured what the hell, it couldn't hurt to have him on my side." Once again, Bella could barely even think. Stephanie. He had gotten beeg mom sleeping boy sex Stephanie. The sweet, pure, ever faithful Stephanie.

The feeling of defeat that had been washing over her since that party just ballooned into a massive thundercloud above her head. "So, what does he have against me then? What the hell did I ever do to him?" Bella asked. In the last week Bella had learned that Zane had threatened Nikki with the same deal he'd given her, have sex with him or get kicked off the squad.

She'd also learned he'd already been sleeping with half the squad, while getting very cozy with the other half, and now, even Stephanie had slept with him just to keep her spot.

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Despite all of that, her question was, "What does he have against ME" because obviously, this was all about Bella. It always was. Stephanie answered "You didn't do nothing. It's not about you. He's a guy, he just wants to sleep with all the cheerleaders so he can brag to his friends. He's a fucking perv. That's all" "That's just sick" Bella replied. "Yeah well, I guess it's a guy fantasy. Like having a threesome with twins, or that kind of bullshit.

Anyway, he seems to have found a way to make it happen, AND to make half the girls on the squad sexy nude aunties with young boy it's THEIR idea to jump in bed with him." Stephanie laughed as she said it. "You sure seem pretty happy about it" Bella shot back at her, surprised to hear her laughing about it. "What, it's a clever scam. You gotta give him credit." She answered, still with a little giggle in her voice.

"Besides, he was actually pretty good!" she added, with a wink. Bella let out an exasperated sigh. She couldn't believe that Stephanie had fallen for this. AND cheated on her boyfriend to do it. And LIKED it! Then she thought back to that day in the bedroom. He really was very… slow, and… tender… and sweet… and she HAD been getting caught up in the moment… right up until he laid his ultimatum on her. What a dick.

The fact that Stephanie had actually cheated on her boyfriend of almost three years barely even cracked into Bella's train of thought, other than surprise that she would even consider doing it. She was supposedly one of Bella's best friends, but Bella clearly never even thought to ask her what the hell was going on with her.

It was exactly what Stephanie had expected. Stephanie's lie Stephanie had not in fact slept with Zane. Yet. She had figured teenpies braced latin teen natalie monroe takes cum in her pussy that Bella was lying about the whole episode and wanted the real story.

So, she lied herself. Stephanie was smart. She actually was as clever as Bella thought herself to be, she almost had this whole thing figured out, at least a version that made sense to her.

By saying that Zane did the same thing to her, and she had succumbed to his blackmail, they could exchange stories. They continued to talk and Bella finally told her the truth about what had happened. The whole, honest truth. She had gone in there hoping to gain Zane's favor somehow, but with no plan at all on how to do it. She had never even considered what she would have to do to accomplish that. Stephanie said that her story was much the same as Bella's, except that the first thing she did was make him put his phone in a drawer on the other side of the room, there was no way she was letting Zane take nude pics of her, and definitely no video!

She enjoyed that little dig, watching Bella cringe. For some reason Bella thought it made sense at the time, but it sure didn't now. She still hadn't even seen the video. She never knew he was taking video. Stephanie couldn't stop thinking about that video either, and not because of Bella.

Stephanie was surprised to hear Bella say that she had actually been enjoying what Zane was doing. He really knew how to work his fingers and his tongue.

She was lying back letting the feelings just wash over her when she suddenly realized how the situation had gone so far out of her control. She couldn't believe he had gotten her to that point. That's when she knew she had to get out of there fast, and that's what she intended to do.

The next thing she knew, his dick was in her mouth and blasting a load of cum down her throat. She still couldn't remember how the hell he managed THAT? Stephanie was fascinated by Bella's real story. This was a lot different from what she told her and Nikki that first time. It sounded to her like Zane was simply taking advantage of finding himself in bed with Bella, naked.

If she were him, she probably would have done the same. Except for the whole threatening her unless she fucked him part. Stephanie left still thinking about Bella's story.

Still thinking about Zane. Lunch with Zane The next day, Stephanie once again caught Zane before the lunch period began. "Hey Zane! Come sit with me!" she said, back to her bright and cheerful personality. Zane considered for a moment. Anything Stephanie or Nikki did was suspect, simply because of their closeness to Bella. This couldn't be good. Zane liked Stephanie though, so he cautiously accepted her invitation and the two of them picked a quiet table off to themselves.

After a bit of small talk about school and life in general, Stephanie drilled down to what she really wanted to know. "Did you really threaten to get Nikki kicked off the squad, i play with my aunt while she sleeps like Bella, if she doesn't have sex with you?" she asked.

Zane dropped his head and let out a heavy sigh. "Which one of them told you that?" he asked and paused. "First of all, I never threatened Bella with anything. She made that up. And I didn't threaten Nikki either, all I said was, maybe I should make you the same offer, I never said what that offer was" "Yeah, have sex with you or get kicked off the squad" Stephanie said.

"I never said that. I just said, the same offer, Nikki and Bella decided what that offer was on their own" Zane replied. "Why?" Stephanie asked. Zane answered "Did you see the way she was acting for the last week? Following me around making crude remarks anytime I tried to have a conversation with anyone. Practically calling all of the other girls sluts for even talking to me. She was just being a cunt, and she needed to shut the fuck up.

Everyone is starting to hate her, and if you don't believe me, get to practice early and then see what happens to the conversation when she shows up. It'll be dead silence." "So, you're not just trying to get her into bed?" She asked. "Nikki? No. I'm not. I was just trying to get her to cut the shit and keep her from making all her friends hate her." He answered.

Stephanie paused for a moment, then she said. "You should just go with it and fuck her anyway" she said. "She deserves it." Zane was taken aback. Did Stephanie actually just say that? She seemed to be very amused by the whole thing. What the hell was happening here? "What?" He asked. "Just fuck her. If she's stupid enough to believe all of Bella's freaking drama and think you can follow through with it, then just fuck her.

Why not? You'll never get a better chance." she answered. Zane sat there staring at her in disbelief. Stephanie just laughed, enjoying his confusion. She was having fun now. After a moment Zane asked "Okay, who are you, and what have you done with Stephanie?

Shouldn't you be yelling at me and telling me to leave your friends alone?" "Pffft, some friends. All they ever think about is themselves.

If they're too stupid to figure out they're being played then I'm not gonna do it for them. I say screw it, take advantage of it and fuck em both" Zane just sat there with his mouth open staring at her. He didn't know what to think. Stephanie also just sat for a moment, smiling and thinking to herself.

She'd had a moment of insight when she was talking with Bella, these girls were not her friends. Not real friends. Sure, they had lots of fun times together, but when it came right down to it, none of them knew what was really going on in each other's lives. When it came down to the real drama it was always me me me. She made some decisions that night, and now she felt even better pandam 7 wirabuana yg baru all of them.

A great big satisfied smirk lit up her face. Out of the blue, Stephanie looked up from her lunch and said "Hey, will you go out with me?" This stopped Zane mid-chew. "Huh?" Now he was more surprised than ever. Stephanie said "Go out with me. On a date. You're single right? I wanna go on a date with you" and she put on her biggest smile. Zane finished chewing, swallowed hard, and said "Don't you have a boyfriend?

Since like, grade school?" "Fuck him, he's an ass. We're over. I wanna date someone fun for a change. C'mon go out with me" she said, again with that big smile. "You know I'm dating Julia now right?" he asked. "Seriously? Since when? Didn't you do her already?" she said. "Excuse me?" he asked. "Well you know, since you boned her at that party shouldn't you be moving on to the next girl by now?

I wanna be next." She answered. Exasperated yet again, Zane replied "Jeez I don't know where you get your information, but nobody 'boned' anyone. Nothing happened at that party except that we had some time alone together.

Since then we have been on exactly two dates and our clothes have remained on the whole time, no sex, no 'boning', just dates, simple and innocent. You seem to think I'm some sort of man whore just going around fucking anything I can get my…" and he stopped mid-sentence, obviously a bit frustrated.

He completely missed the end of that sentence. Stephanie just laughed at him. She paused for a moment, thought about it, and then said "Are you exclusive then? Or are you still fucking Natalie in your car every morning? Does Julia know about that? Should she?" Zane's mouth dropped. "What? All I've done with Natalie is give her a ride to school. Nobody's fucking anybody." "Oh please, people have seen you doing it, everybody knows all about it" she said.

"Well, everyone but me. Trust me, if I was fucking Natalie every morning, I'd be going out with Natalie" Zane said. "just rides, no fucking" "Yeah, okay. Maybe I should just tell Julia about it anyway, just in case she hasn't heard" Stephanie responded, that smile turning into an evil grin.

"Are you trying to blackmail a date out of me?" Zane asked. "Why not, blackmail seems to be all the rage lately" she answered. Zane stopped to think for a moment. Stephanie was right, he wasn't exclusive with Julia, yet, although he wanted to be. He was totally smitten with her. And no, he wasn't fucking Natalie every morning, a couple times a week yes, but not every morning. This whole thing just felt like a trap to him.

This was so NOT Stephanie. Last week she was burning mad at him for blackmailing Bella, now she thinks he should just fuck her. AND Nikki. AND she wants to go on a date with him herself, because all of a sudden her and her boyfriend are over?

What the hell is going on? "Okay, when did you have in mind?" he asked. "Friday" Stephanie replied enthusiastically. "Nope. I'm going out with Julia Friday. Sorry" he answered. "Okay then, Saturday" She said. "Hello, you guys have a competition on Saturday, remember?" he answered. "Oh, yeah" she said. "Okay Sunday. OOOH that'll neighbors mom blowjob the blue balled comrades brother us the whole day, sweet!

we can take our time and really have some fun! Does that work? Or are you chicken?" she said. Zane didn't know what the hell was going on. He hesitated as he tried to work out her angle, but couldn't see any reason not to go on a date with her. "Okay, sure" He said. "Oh goodie!!" she exclaimed. Then she jumped up and leaned over to plant a little kiss on his cheek. "It's a date!" she said, as she gathered her things and bounded off to her next class. Zane was left sitting there in stunned silence.

What the hell had just happened? Stephanie had barely cleared the cafeteria doors before Carly and Julie came scrambling over and pulled up a couple of seats right next to him. "WHAT… THE HELL… WAS THAT?" Carly asked.

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Zane thought about it for a minute and answered, slowly "I… have no idea… but apparently I have a date with Stephanie on Sunday" The two girls were as surprised as he was and proceeded to grill him for another five minutes.

He couldn't really tell them much other than exactly what had just happened. They immediately thought that there must be some kind of "counter plan" going on. Zane asked if they knew if Stephanie had broken up with her boyfriend. The answer was, not that anybody knew of. Sunday Sunday rolled around and Stephanie drove over to Zane's house to pick him up for their date.

She had insisted that since she asked him out, it was her date. She made the plans, she paid, and she drove. Zane was amused by this so he just went with it. Whatever you like crazy girl. He still had no idea what she was up to. To his surprise, they went on a simple, ordinary date, just like he had with any other girl.

First, they went to the trampoline warehouse. Stephanie figured a gymnast and a cheerleader could elegant college girl is seduced and reamed by her aged mentor a great time there, and she wasn't wrong.

Once Zane let his suspicions go about her motives, they had a lot of fun. After a couple hours of bouncing and jumping and Zane showing off his gymnastic skills, they headed ardent sex excites naughty beauteous girlfriend hardcore massage to lunch at the usual local hotspot.

A few people from school saw them and stopped by to say hello and pry into their business, surprised to find Stephanie with a guy other than her boyfriend. Stephanie smiled at all of them and completely ignored any questions they asked about it.

They all walked away with curious looks on their faces and, most likely, starting their own rumors before they were ten feet away. They had their lunch. They talked, they laughed, and they had some great conversation. Not a single word was said about Bella, or Nikki, or Carly, or Anthony, or cheerleaders, or secret votes. It was all about Stephanie, and Zane. They just had a good time. After lunch they stopped in the mall and played games at the video arcade and won enough tickets to get Stephanie some hideous little stuffed animal.

It was cheap, and it was ugly, and Stephanie clung to it like a ten-year-old girl who's just won the giant, life sized teddy bear. Zane still didn't understand it, but Stephanie was smiling and giggling and very happy, which made Zane happy too.

It was infectious. After a morning of fun and games they stopped back at Zane's house planning to call it a day. At least that's what Zane thought. Stephanie still had some other ideas, she had some plans for this part as well. When they arrived, Stephanie asked if he was going to show her around his house, which of course, he did. They went inside, Zane introduced Stephanie to his parents, who absolutely loved her. How could they not?

Then a quick tour through the house and they ended up out by the pool. Stephanie got all excited by the pool and eagerly started shouting "OOOOH let's go swimming!!" Zane laughed and answered back "Sure… do you happen to have a swimsuit with you?" She wrapped her arms around his neck, pulled him close, and seductively said "Maybe we don't NEED swimsuits!" Okay, straying into strange territory again.

The Stephanie he had been with all morning, that was the Stephanie he knew. This Stephanie who is suggesting they get naked in his pool in the middle of the afternoon, that wasn't the Stephanie he knew. Zane was too wrapped up in thinking that she had some ulterior motive to think that maybe she just wanted to get naked with him.

He answered, "We're not skinny dipping with my parents home." "Awwwwwwwwwwww" Stephanie answered with a pout. Zane laughed again. He asked "Do you want to see if we can find something for you to wear? Julie might have left one of her suits in the changing booth" "Julie?" she asked. "Yeah, you know Julie. Cheerleader. Senior. She's on the same squad as you. She lives right there" Zane said, pointing to the house next door. Stephanie looked at Julie's house, then tilted her head and looked at Zane like he was a toddler who just couldn't find the bowl of cookies sitting right in front of him.

For someone who was trying to get all the cheerleaders naked in his bed, he just wasn't getting it. Then she whispered in his ear. "I'd much rather just get naked" With that, she started pulling her shirt up. The truth is, Zane never expected to even try getting Stephanie into bed. Stephanie was the nice girl. The sweet girl. The girl that everyone loved. She was also the girl who didn't need any help to win the captain vote, everyone was going to vote for her and he already knew it. So, the thought of having sex with her never even occurred to him.

Of course, there was also the fact that she had been seeing the same guy since freshman year, so Stephanie was perpetually "off the market" in his mind. Zane quickly grabbed her hands and stopped her from pulling her clothes off, at least on the back deck, with the likelihood of his parents watching them through the living room windows.

He took Stephanie by the hands, pulled her over to the deck chairs and sat her down. Then he looked her in the eye and demanded. "Okay Stephanie, what's going on with you?" Stephanie's secret Stephanie looked back at him, looking a bit hot babe needs a big cock deep in her wet ass, then flashed him that evil grin again and asked "Shouldn't you busty mamacita gets fucked outdoors by horny hubby asking what's coming off?" He stopped her again.

Looked into her eyes and just said "Stephanie…" and waited for her to respond. "What? Nothing's going on" He held her hands as he continued.

"Stephanie, I had a wonderful time today. That was probably the most fun I've had on a date in a long time. But none of this is you. Why are you asking me out in the first place? Is something going on with you and Anthony?

Does all this have something to do with Bella and Nikki? …" Stephanie interrupted him "Oh fuck Bella and Nikki. Who cares about them, they deserve everything they get. If I told you all the things I know about those two…" Silence for a few moments as Stephanie trailed off mid-sentence.

Zane just sat there waiting. Stephanie stopped talking. She sat there with her head drooped. After a few moments Zane asked.

"Okay, so you and Anthony? Something's going on? Did he cheat on you? Did he break up with you? What's the deal?" Stephanie looked up at him and said "You're the only one who's even asked that" "So?" he asked She just shook her head. "I can't tell you" "C'mon" he said.

"Talk to me. You obviously need to tell someone" She thought about it for a long time, and then said "You have to swear to God that you will not tell ANYONE." "I promise, I swear" He said. After thinking about it for another moment, she returned to her original answer.

"No, I can't tell you. Can't we just get naked and go swimming and have some fun?" she asked. Trying to return to their previous mood and escape this conversation. Zane thought about just giving it up and jumping in the pool with her, but something was obviously wrong here. If this was some kind of revenge plot to get back at him for going after Bella, then yes, he'd be happy to take her in the house and fuck her brains out just to spoil their plans.

But if she was actually having real problems, he wasn't going to take advantage of her while her life was a mess. He wanted to be the kind of friend that Bella and Nikki obviously weren't.

He looked at her again. "Steph, jade nile my hot wife likes it rough me what's going on, I swear I won't tell anyone" Stephanie thought about it and then made him an offer.

"Okay, I'll tell you what's going on, but if I do, you have to tell me why you're being such a perv and trying to fuck the entire cheer squad" AHA! It was all a trick to expose the Secret Vote scam after all!

Oh, she was clever. Then again, she didn't look like she was making this up. In fact, she looked on the verge of tears. So, he countered with his own condition. "Okay, but you have to go first… and if I don't believe you I'm not saying anything" Stephanie hung her head and thought about it for a minute, then looked up into his eyes and said "You swear you won't say anything…?" "I swear to God" he answered.

Stephanie then explained to Zane everything that had happened to her within the last three weeks. None of it having to do with Bella, of Nikki, or cheerleading. By the time she was done, Stephanie was crying, and Zane was left with his mouth hanging open, stunned at what she had just told him.

He reached out to her, pulled her close and held her as her sobbing slowed.

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Then he told her everything about the secret vote. He told her about him and Carly. Then he told her about catching Haley watching them. Then her told her about the bet, and fucking Haley, and what the payoff was. "So, this whole secret vote thing is just to pay off a bet?" she asked Zane just smiled and shrugged his shoulders. "Holy shit, I was right!" she said.

"What do you mean?" He asked. "I told Bella that you just wanted to fuck all the cheerleaders so you could brag to all your friends." She laughed. "Hey it wasn't MY idea. Carly came up with it. I never thought it would work" he said. "Has it?" she asked? "Have sexy babe in red stockings gets slammed seen how all the juniors are hanging all over me all the time?

And even some of the sophomores? AND freshmen! What do you think?" "And how many of them have you slept with?" she asked. "Only two actually, but only one really counts as being a result of the bet" he said. "Okay, that must be Natalie" she said. "Who's the other?" she asked. "Chloe. The freshman. But that had nothing to do with the bet. When Haley told her about us, Chloe decided she wanted the same thing, so…" he said. Stephanie leaned against him and just relaxed, her sobs finally dying away, turning into laughter.

This was hilarious. She hugged him tight for a moment and then kissed him. "Thank you" she said. Then she hugged him close and rested her head on his shoulder. Zane hugged her right back. Stephanie's turn After a while of just cuddling on the chair, Stephanie stirred. She climbed up and straddled Zane's lap.

She leaned in and kissed him. A good long kiss. This turned into minutes upon minutes of making out. Stephanie was hungry. Zane made no attempt to stop her. She started to grind her hips against his crotch, then grabbed his hands and planted them firmly on her ass. Zane smiled and grabbed himself a couple handfuls of ass, and Stephanie had one sweet ass.

She squealed and her face lit up as she ground her hips against his. Then she leaned in and started kissing again. She started rubbing and touching and digging her fingers into his sides. This made Zane jump and laugh himself, he was very ticklish there. As he jumped away from her fingers, Stephanie sat up and suddenly pulled her shirt up, almost over her head.

"What are you doing?" he asked urgently, as he grabbed her hands and pulled nice wife gets throatfucked with a nice result shirt back down. "I told you my parents are probably watching us right now!" "I wanna get naked!" she said back at him. He answered "If you really wanna get naked we'll go to my room, but not out here!" Stephanie pulled her shirt back down, then jumped up and said "Well then let's go!" as she held her hand out to pull him up.

Zane got up and led Stephanie into the house. He decided, instead of going upstairs to his room, they could go in the guest bedroom downstairs. His parents almost never came down here unless they were entertaining poolside, and they weren't doing that on a Sunday evening. The door closed and Stephanie was pulling her shirt off again before Zane could even lock it.

Then she was all over him, pulling his shirt off. "C'mon boy get your clothes off already, what are you waiting for?" she said. "Jeez what's your hurry?" he asked back, half laughing. She answered "I already told you all that. Right now, I want to fuck somebody other than douchebag for a change and I decided you're it! You lucky son of a bitch." And she kissed him again. "Your secret vote scam is the perfect excuse. I can tell everyone I did it because I want to be captain, and everyone will believe it." As she slipped out of her pants, Zane looked at her standing there in her lacy black bra and panties and asked "Was this your plan all along?

Get me naked and take advantage of me?" "Yep. Funny isn't it, turning the tables on you. Heh heh." She replied. Then she slipped off her bra. For about ten seconds that ran through his head. Turning the tables on him? If they weren't in his own house he would have thought he was being set up and expected Bella and Nikki to come bursting in with their boyfriends ready to not that easy sucking a huge dick brunette and big cock the crap out of him and leave him naked in the street somewhere.

But Stephanie couldn't have set anything like that up here. Then she took her bra off and he didn't care anymore. Stephanie's tits were beautiful. Big, full, firm and thrust right out at him. Within seconds, she had her panties off too.

Stephanie was in a hurry to get naked. She took Zane by the hands and pulled him to the bed, where she pushed him down and went right for his pants. She unbuttoned him and zoom, off they went, the boxers close behind. She stopped for a moment to admire the cock that she had set free standing at attention, waiting for her.

She climbed on the bed beside him and cuddled up close, then they're hands started to explore. Stephanie's hands drifted right to his cock and started taking long hard strokes. She whispered under her breath "Damn that's nice". Zane's hands were everywhere, her tits, her ass, her stomach.

He spoke up softly "I have to say, I never expected to find White slut getting fucked by two black fellow by interracialhardsex here." Stephanie said "Zane…" "Yeah?" he answered. "Shut up" she said. She pushed herself up and straddled his chest, pinning him to the bed. The she leaned down pushing those perfect tits right in his face. Taking the hint, his hands took hold and his mouth latched onto one of those nipples and started sucking, and licking, and teasing.

Stephanie started to moan and sigh, and grabbed onto his head hard, pulling his hair and pulling him tight to her chest. She was an animal. After what felt like hours of Stephanie caressing him and fondling him and telling him every little thing she wanted him to do to her, she told him to sit up against the head board of the bed.

They propped all the pillows up and he sat up, leaning slightly back against them. Stephanie straddled him again, on her knees this time, and once again pulled his head against her chest. As Zane returned his attentions to her nipples, Stephanie reached down between her legs and directed his cock right into her hole.

In one swift move she lowered herself down, taking him all the way in. Zane just sat back and let Stephanie do whatever she wanted, and she did it well. She climbed on and started riding him slowly at first, taking as much of him as she could and then grinding her hips against his.

Up and down, then back and forth, she knew what she was doing, and she knew what she liked. She started moaning and making little grunting sounds as her thrusts on him turned into a hard rhythm. As she started to get faster and harder, Zane grabbed onto her ass and started thrusting right back. Their grunts got louder and more urgent. Stephanie let go of his head and leaned in against him as she thrust hard onto him.

Her hand drifted down between her legs and started working her clit. Soon her grunts became moans. Loud ones. He put one hand over her mouth and told her to keep it quiet.

She buried her head against his neck and moaned into his shoulder. Zane tried to hold out until she came but he just couldn't do it. He grabbed her ass hard and thrust into her as deep as he could, letting everything go inside her. That set her off even more. Stephanie kept working her fingers furiously, she was almost there. Zane shot everything he had inside her, but was still holding her tight, trying to keep his cock hard inside her so she could finish.

Stephanie sat up, then leaned back as she drove herself onto him again. She told him "Just stay right there" and quickly finished herself off with her own fingers. The girl knew how to get herself off. Her body tensed up, she let out a longer moan, as everything started to flow.

Zane could feel her orgasm, it was so strong. Stephanie lay down on top of him and hugged him tight, his cock still inside her, but deflating fast. "Oh my God that was good" she said. "Is that what you wanted?" he said with a laugh.

"mmmmmm it sure was" she answered. "You take directions well" He smiled back at her and said "Anything to make you happy" She lifted her head, smiled at him and said "Good, cuz I'm gonna want to do that again" They lay there naked for a while, gently touching each other, catching their breath and cuddling close, Stephanie started to chuckle.

Zane turned to look at her and asked what was so funny.

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With her now familiar grin, Stephanie told him "I told Bella that I slept with you" "What? When? We just finished!" he said. "Oh, we're not finished" she answered laughing. "But like, Wednesday I think. The day before I asked you out. I told her that I fell for your same threat and slept with you so you would vote for me for captain" "Why the hell would you do that?" he asked. "Because she was doing her usual shit, I wanted to know what really happened between you two and she just kept lying.

I figured if she thought I'd slept with you too that she would tell me the real story." "And did she?" he asked. "I think so, at least most of it. It was a lot different than what she told us the first time" she answered. "You know what she said?" Stephanie asked. "No, what" he replied. "She said she LIKED it… when you were touching her and all over her… and fingering her?" Stephanie gave him a look, and chuckled again.

Zane just smiled and said "Good!" "You know what else I told her?" she asked. "What" he answered. "I told her she should just go ahead and fuck you" and then she just laughed. "Seriously!" he exclaimed.

"Yup. I told her I didn't see any other way out of it, and she should just fuck you and be done with it" she said, laughing even more. Zane started laughing right along with her. "Oh my God that's perfect! But why would you even do that?" he asked.

She just shrugged and answered "Because it's hilarious. Poor little princess has to actually give it up for a once. You should sell tickets!" Once again, Zane was shocked at the Stephanie that he thought he fucked preggio honey gets a mouthful of cum. They were silent again for a little while, just tender homemade shower scene julia and oliva and caressing each other.

Eventually Stephanie asked "So what is your problem with her anyway, that you wanna fuck her so bad? Did she do something to you?" "I don't have a problem with her, I think she's sexy as hell, why wouldn't I wanna fuck her?" He answered.

"She's not any sexier than any other girl on the squad, who you seem to have your pick of now, so why Bella?" she asked. "Are you kidding? LOOK at her. Every guy in school wants to fuck her, that tiny little body, and the fact that no one's been able to get any, mmmmm I just wanna… I'm just the only one who has a way to make her do it." Stephanie thought about it for a minute, and gave him a skeptical look.

Sure, Bella was tiny, but no more so than half the other girls on the squad. She wasn't buying it, and she said so. "Nope. Not buying it. That can't be the only reason. Spill it" Zane answered "Fine, that was one of the conditions of the all sexxy story xx xx. My conditions were that anything I said, they all had to go along with. AND they all had to do anything they could to convince the rest of the girls to sleep with me.

Carly's only condition was that I fuck Bella" "CARLY wants you to fuck Bella? … Why?" she asked. "Actually, once she brought it up, all of them went in on that condition. C'mon you know Bella, you know the kind of shit she's pulled. She deserves to be fucked." He said. "It sounds like Carly's got a real hard on for her though. Why would she make that her only condition?" "I dunno" Zane said. "Maybe we should ask her" Zane did know, but wasn't ready to tell Stephanie just yet.

Right now, he was contemplating whether or not to tell the others that Stephanie was in on the bet, or to keep that secret just between the two of them. Would that be better, to keep that a secret? He had to think about that for a while. While they were talking, Stephanie's hand had been bringing Zane's cock back to life, and right now he was ready to give it to her again. He rolled over on top of her and started kissing and licking and nibbling all over again.

The went at it for round two. Taking their time this round. Sometimes Zane took charge. Sometimes Stephanie took charge. But they both enjoyed every second. When Stephanie finally left she had a bounce in her step and a very big smile on her face. And another date for later in the week.