Exclusive –lean paul and best blowjob

Exclusive –lean paul and best blowjob
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It had been 8 mouths since I had last seen Lewis, 8 mouths since I had felt his body ageist my richard mann my mom fucking blackzilla. It had been the longest gap we had ever had apart. Even though we had been on and off for the past year after our failed relationship. But now here I was in his room again.

It almost felt as if I had never left. Everything looked as I had remembered it, the same posters I had helped him put up covered every available bit of wall.

His room wasn't the biggest but, I still loved it. I could never understand my feelings toward him. I loved him, but I didn't trust him. There had been far too many times I had spent in his bed while he had another girl in his heart. Although I knew he felt the same way I did about him.

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But things were never simple between us. We seemed to constantly be playing a game. One I was losing. I took a big sip of my double vodka and coke. I was tipsy.

He wasn't drinking but I needed to, there was no way I could ender what I was doing to myself by being here. Without being smashed.

I loved him. I wanted him. But he was bad for me. He sang along to the oases lyric playing on the stereo behind him, we sat on his bed my legs over him. "How many times have you been in love?" I asked him, first hard fuck experience for lacey lay big black cock and monstercock the song ended.

The room spinning. I wore black slit jeans and a low cut top with a crop top underneath. My red and black hair was in a messy fishtail, my fringe hanging over one eye. "Twice" he said. "Louise and savanna?" I asked, probably not being as sly as I thought I was.

"Not Louise" Lewis said, his eyes meeting me for a brief second. "How many girls you slept with now?" I asked lying back on the bed.

"Five" he said, with a cheeky smile. "No way is it five" I laugh. "Yeah, you my first, Louise's, Emma, Savana and that other girl I told you about." He said moving to sit on the window seal his legs hanging over the bed.

He cranked open the window and grabbed his packet of fags form ontop of the stereo. Lighting it. "Have you ever been in love with someone and no matter what you can't stop loving them" I asked.

He blew out smoke before looking at me. "Yes, when I said I had fallen in love twice. You didn't ask who the other person was" he said catching on. "Well you used to say you loved me" I said, answering his question. He blew out more smoke. "Still do" he said, his brown eyes locking with mine. He wore a black beany, black skinny jeans and a band t-shirt. "What ballshit!" I said, I knew he had run back to me time and time again but that didn't make him in love with me I thought it was just the sex.

"It's true" he said, throwing his fag out the window, he came and sat next to me. I put my head on his shoulder. "No you just want my body" I said looking up at him, my words slurred.

"Kitty, I love you" he said, his voice serious. He smelt really good, a smell that was only him. I missed it. My breathing came shaky. I put my lips on his neck and sucked. "You don't want me" I said moving my head back to his shoulder.

"I really do, but you have a boyfriend" Lewis said. It hadn't stopped us before even when he had though he was in love with Louise.

But I was in love with this new guy in my life, however it didn't change how I felt about Lewis. "Why didn't we just stay together?" I asked. "We made mistakes, we were young. Still our" Lewis said "but I wouldn't change a single one" "You have changed" I said.

"I just want something serious now" he said, kissing my hair. "So do I, but its hard when I still feel the way I do" I said, moving from where I sat to ontop of him. "But you wouldn't of come here if you didn't want me" Lewis said. His lips close to my own. His eyes looked down at my own and I at his, feeling increasingly horny.

Within seconds Lewis's lips where on mine, kissing me deep and hard. I loved the feel of them ageist my own. We made out deeply for a long time, his hands going into my hair and up my top. While mine when on his arms and neck and on his waist line. "We shouldn't" I said pulling away. "No we won't" he said. But despite what we said our eyes connected and his arms grabbed my wrists, I pinned him ageist the wall bringing my lips on him. Rubbing my body ageist his as I did.

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He was perfectly in time with me pushing himself ageist me as I did him. My breathing was ragged and I couldn't get it under control. Little moans of pleasure leaving my lips. I move back again, and spin him around so he's lying down keeping myself on top. We kiss again deeper and harder my breathing loud. I was extremely horny and I could feel he was too. He span me over so he was on top and we contuie kissing.

Neither of us breaking down the sexual tension that kept building between us. I pulled his top off and his hat. Feeling his hairy chest ageist me. I couldn't take it anymore. Lewis pulled away and sat up next to me. "I have never made out like that before, and on that note. We should go to bed" he said his own breathing loud. His eyes all over me. I nodded and pulled out my PJ's from my bag. A red silk vest top and matching short shorts. I pulled off my clothes replacing them with the PJ's while Lewis undid his belt and took off his trousers.

"Do you still want me to sleep on the sofa?" he asked, going over to the light switch. "No, will you cuddle me" I asked, he flicked off the light and got under the covers pulling me toward him. My back ageist his chest. We kept rubbing together both of us lost in the moment. My breathing still loud. He kissed my neck before moving ontop of me kissing my lips his crouch rubbing ageist mine hard. milf women would like to get pressed in public pt on hdmilfcamcom

I was far too horny and I knew he was no longer fighting his own honryness. "don't need these" he said pulling off my shorts.

A black lacy thong the only thing between me and him "or this" he said pulling that off too. He came back to me kissing me had and deep. "do you want me to use a condom?" he asked. I nodded. He quickly sorted himself out while I lye there completely lost in how I felt about him.

He came back to me and kissed me again. "put me in" he said. and I did. I moaned as his long cock slipped into my pussy. He started thrusting in me, as I dug my nails into his back. Moaning loudly with every frust. Which only made him faster. I let my hands wonder down to his arse, pulling him into me as he frust.

"fuck, lewis!" I said feeling him bounce off my back wall. He kept going making my pussy soaked. "lewis, lewis" I said over and over. he seemed to last longer than our last fucks and it only made it better. I couldn't stop my moans. It was roughly pounded teen babe loves tasting cum to have him in me again. he cums and I twist myself round his cock as he does making his hold onto me.

"You gotten louder" he said "and I have never been so hard over anyone like that" "it was so good" I moaned, cuddling him to my chest.