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Teenpies braced latin teen natalie monroe takes cum in her pussy
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The sun shines through the tent as it rises ever so slowly from the east. There are few sounds to be heard aside from the occasional song bird. There are no signs of life save the rare insect crawling across the front of the tent's mosquito netting.

He looks over and notices she is sound asleep; exhausted from the long, laborious hike the evening before mom and son sxx story the tedious task of setting up camp. He slowly moves to the exit of the tent; painstakingly avoiding waking her.

He exits the tent; wearing only his polypropylene thermal underwear bottoms to take off the morning's bitter cold bite. He stirs the coals of last night's fire and adds more wood.

He stokes a good fire; rubbing his hands in the growing warmth. He takes a pot and gets fresh water from a jug and puts the pot in the fire to boil the water. He turns to her and wonders what it is she is dreaming.

He stares at her; noticing her nipples through the material of her flimsy t-shirt. She is cold from the morning air and she is obviously having a deeply arousing dream, for she is moaning and squirming. He notices a coy little smirk on her lips. He grins. He takes the skillet and begins to make breakfast. He is cooking eggs and bacon over the open flames and turns to make certain she is not disturbed.

He grows increasingly interested in her dream as he hears her moans intensifying. He returns to cooking breakfast. He walks over to the tent and stands there, staring intently at the vision of beauty in front of him. She looks like and angel; face soft and innocent.

Her skin shimmers as she moans and moves in what appear to be erotic undulations. He is becoming aroused. He regains his composure and returns to the task at hand; preparing a breakfast fit for a king. As he is dishing up the food, he hears a sound that causes him to turn around. She is exiting the tent; gloriously silhouetted by lustful attractive bitch does her superlatively good to cum crimson hues of the rising morning sun.

He is unable to make out any of her features save the sensuous curves of her delightful hips and firm, pert breasts. As she exits the tent, he calls to her; "Hungry?" "Breakfast is ready" "I was hoping to have it ready before you woke up and bring it to you in bed." She walks over to the tall oak tree standing alone by the edge of the creek and starts to stretch.

He can tell through her thin clothing that she is aroused by what ever thought filled her mind while she slept because her nipples are standing straight out and are the size of quarters. He begins to get aroused again. He turns away from her for fear that she might notice the "extra tent" he is now sporting. He concentrates on dishing the meal up for them both. Tells her to come and get it. There is no reply. He turns around while calling out to her only to see she is nowhere to be found.

He is puzzled. He calls out to her again. There is still no reply. He runs to the edge of the water, fearing she may have fallen in. She is nowhere to be found.

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As he is about to be overcome with fear for her safety he becomes painfully aware that he is being watched. Before he can turn around, he feels the warm caress of soft, feminine hands on his back from behind.

He tries to turn to face her but she will not let him.

She reaches around his arms to caress his chest and rakes her finger nails across his muscles. He grasps her hands and she pulls them away from his masculine grip. She scratches her nails across his muscular back; leaving small marks of affection. He is breathing harder. She knows japanese mother son sister 26 is creating a situation which could have curious consequences.

His breathing is becoming heavy and rapid. She takes this as the sign to continue. He stands there; wanting to take charge, but she will not allow it! While she is caressing his pecks with her left hand, she reaches forward with her right hand and snakes her fingers inside the hole in the front of his long underwear to release that which she has sought all night and morning. She grasps his cock with the touch of a feather and he twitches due to the brisk chill of her hands having been out in the cold morning air.

She releases his cock to the chill of the open air and he shivers a little. She starts to gently and slowly stroke his cock to complete and utter massive hardness. His eyes are closed and she whispers, "Just relax. I am going to make your wish come true." She starts to stroke his cock with wanton abandon; moaning all the while.

Her hips begin to undulate in unison with her strokes. He is harder than he has ever been and she feels the tension building. She wants to help him release.

She presses her bare breasts into his bare back and he moans aloud. "I will cum if you do not stop", he tells her. "I want you." She replies, "Hush! I am satisfying you. Just enjoy it." He tries again to turn to face her but she resists his efforts. She is going exceptional sex kitten is popping out her gaped spread muff in close up be his Master and he will be her slave; even if for but a few moments.

She grips his manhood tighter and strokes it fervently. He is twitching and buckling at the knees. She knows he is about to explode and the anticipation is building in them both to a feverish pitch. As she feels the muscles in the shaft of his cock spasm in the throws of orgasm, she squeezes his cock to block the release and turns him around to face her. She kneels in front of him and releases his cock; allowing his masculine seed to cover her naked chest.

He twitches with orgasmic rhythm. As he begins to relax, he feels the unmistakable warmth and wetness of a puckered mouth. He looks down to see she has engulfed his cock in her mouth.

She is slowly stroking his massive manhood with her talented mouth and gently stroking his balls with her left hand while simultaneously fingering her clit with her right hand. He opens his eyes to see her feverishly fingering her clit and, at the same time, expertly pleasuring his manhood with her luscious mouth. He reaches down and grasps her by her shoulders. He stands her up and, in one fell swoop, picks her up by the hips and pushes her against the large trunk of the tree while, at the same time, thrusting his massive manhood into her waiting pussy.

He thrusts past her lower lips in one swift motion; making her scream at the feeling of the largeness of his girth and length moving so deeply inside of her.

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He holds that position; buried inside her pussy all the way to his pelvis and not moving. She tries, in vain, to get his hips to move so that he is stroking her pussy, but he remains still. Motionless, they can both feel the twitching of his cock inside her and the contractions of her vaginal muscles milking his shaft more and more.

He forces his tongue inside of her waiting mouth and begins to stroke his staff inside of her; slowly at first, and then gradually picking up the pace. He begins to stroke her pussy feverishly now, still holding her suspended above the ground. The sound of her ass bouncing off his pelvis reverberates throughout the area; the only other sounds to be heard are those of the flowing creek and the breeze.

All animal noises have ceased, as if paying respect to these two amorous hedonistic humans completely engulfed in their own world of Sapphic rhapsody. He is thrusting in and out of her so wantonly and aggressively that she is whining and wincing in the throws of multiple orgasms which can only be described as magical.

The two of them are now one as he releases a load of his manly seed so forceful it buckles his knees. They both fall to the ground; spent and reeling from the light-headedness any bunny xx vidifull sex stories porn being sucked dry of the very essence of their being.

They fall asleep in each others arms………… To Be Continued!