Kissa sins removing hair from all body

Kissa sins removing hair from all body
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This story is a work of fiction. Like most of my stories, the basic scenario is one suggested by a friend of mine. She had found herself In this situation once, and through discussion, we talked about the basic lusts and passions between two individuals and the internal conflicts they would have to overcome to basic religious morals and overall societal mindfucks the youth of today have to go through concerning sex. I can empathize with the characters, but legally cannot condone sexual relations between a minor and an adult.

Laura and her Youth Minister Chapter 8 Things progressed as normal as possible, but both Michael and Laura had a different bounce in their step. There were some clandestine texts sent back and forth, a few pictures, and a few opportunities to be together long enough to get in some talk, some necking and a couple of blowjobs.

Michael was desperate to taste her, but the one chance they had, she was on her period, and she was having nothing to do with that.

Frankly, he didn't mind postponing the event and gladly accepted her offer of another blowjob as a substitute. She was getting better at it, and he helped her along, telling her what felt good and what didn't. Laura for her part loved it as well, enjoying the sensation of him growing larger in her mouth.

The throbbing and pulsing shaft on her tongue tied together with the way he gently commanded her made her feel so alive and somehow more complete. Neither of them spoke of the classes he had proposed more than once or twice after that. Both were too scared it might screw up what they had going on. The upcoming Saturday would be Michael and Kelsey's 7th anniversary.

Michael talked his wife into going out for a little "us" time, since they hadn't been alone for over 8 months now. Kelsey called Laura asking if she could stay with the kids for them. "Why don't I just stay the night?" she asked. "I can bring some clothes and ride into church with you on Sunday? That way you guys can go out and not worry about when the girl in this beautiful erotica video is home alone and very horny luckily she finds a way to sat get home." "I was just going to suggest that, I would feel better if something were to happen that would delay us." Things settled, Friday came around and one of Laura's brothers dropped her off at their house at 6:30, an hour early.

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That gave the couple time to get ready without having to fuss with the boys. When Michael and Kelsey came out, they looked happy and eager to be out on their own for a bit.

Laura felt a pang of jealousy run through her tummy as she looked at Michael, so handsome and smiling at her. For just a moment she wanted badly to be the one he was taking out on the town, but then she shook her mind clear of that, knowing how ridiculous that would be.

And besides, she really did care a lot for Kelsey. At 9, Laura's phone chimed, and Kelsey told her they were about to go into the movie, and had decided after that to go have a couple of glasses of wine at a piano bar they used to haunt. Laura assured her all was fine, in fact the boys had just gone down to sleep, they needn't worry. She went into their bedroom after a bit, bored and was looking for some way to leave Michael a surprise.

After looking around a bit, she noticed the hamper and some soft blue pajamas big girl horny webcam show front of computer top. Picking them up, she flicked them in the air and held the bottoms to her body as she posed in the full length mirror. Kelsey was a little thicker than her, and a bit taller, but well&hellip.she grinned at her double in the mirror and began to strip down.

Standing for a moment, realizing she was completely naked in their bedroom, she felt a glow in her loins and quickly pulled on the smooth pajamas. Man, they felt good. Some sort of satin, so soft and smooth against her body.

She felt her nipples stiffen even more than they had when she stripped down. Running her hands over them, tugging and twisting the material against her body she wished she had just one sexy piece of sleepwear. But no, she was too young, according to her parents. What they didn't know, she thought with a giggle. Posing in the mirror she grinned and started taking pics of herself with her phone.

Over the next hour she tried on several different outfits, finishing off with a bright red short teddy she found in the bottom of Kelsey's lingerie drawer. It was hot, and she shook her head in disbelief that it still had the tags on it. It had never been worn!

What a pity, she thought as she looked at herself in the mirror, pulling her hair up out of the way, blowing a kiss to the camera, then slowly exposing more and more of herself as the nighty was pulled aside, panties stripped of, titties exposed, close ups of her nipples against the red lace edges of the neckline. Damn, she was horny! Running down the hall to check on the boys, she stopped in the den and grabbed Michael's camera, setting it to auto shoot and video.

Re-adjusting the teddy again, she placed the camera on the dresser and clicked it on.

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Climbing onto the big bed, she knelt in the middle of it, posing coyly. "Am I hot, Michael? Do you like this outfit?" She playfully slid one strap down and let a tit pop out. "Hicky is gone, bad boy." She giggled as she encircled and cupped the firm teen mound, squeezing her hand and sliding it to the center until the small nipple was caught in the notch where her thumb and forefinger met.

Her other hand ran down over her belly, pulling up the light nighty to expose the panties she had put back on, pushing her fingers into the space between her thighs, feeling the incredible warmth matched only by the dampness. Right then and there she vowed to take the panties with her as she leant back on her bent knees, spreading them as she continued to press and pull the fine red fabric between her folds.

Eventually Laura had the panties pulled off and rolled over and got on her knees, dragging Michael's pillow under her as she began to plunge first one, then two fingers into her slick snatch.

Faster and faster she ground on the king sized pillow and squished her fingers in and out rapid fire, her pussy leaking the thick creamy white honey, clinging to her fingers. She hoped the camera was picking up the delicious sounds of her masturbation.

Gasping she freezes and comes, shuddering rolling onto her back, pulling the pillow with her, quality time phoenix marie and danny d in bathroom it between her legs, sponging up the residue of her excitement.

Satisfied, sated, she slid off the bed and turned off the camera. Peeling off the top half of the teddy set, she folded it and put everything back after she had put her own clothes back on, sans panties. Grinning she checked the video to make sure it had actually recorded and then took the camera with her, putting it in Michael's dresser drawer under his underwear, and took the red panties, packing them into a pocket of her backpack.

Laura was sitting in her old jersey and sweat pants when Michael and Kelsey came through the door shortly after midnight. She could tell that they were happy and Kelsey was giggling a bit, which was out petite katie st ives gets fucked by bbcy bbc character when she said something silly and giggled some before wandering down the hall to check on the boys.

Michael grinned at Laura as she looked at him quizzically. He held up his hand to his mouth, doing the gesture for drinking, fist made with thumb toward mouth and pinky extended, waggling his hand in the universal pantomime. Laura giggled and wondered if that was something a nursing mom should do, but she figured if anyone knew if it was safe or not, Kelsey would. She followed the couple into the nursery and watched Kelsey pat and kiss the sleeping baby's head.

Then off to Sean's room, where she tucked him in a little tighter and cuddled his tiger under his chin. "Thank you Laura, I knew they would be fine with you. I bet you are tired, hun. I know Michael is, aren't you Michael?" She grins and elbows him and heads to their bedroom. "G'night Laura, see you in the morning!" And with that Kelsey disappears into the master bath, grabbing the blue PJ top on the way.

Michael gives Laura a little kiss when he hears the door shut. "Did you behave yourself, young lady?" He asks with a crooked grin. "You'll see, I left you a present on your pillow." And with that she grabbed his cock and stroked it through his slacks a bit, feeling it grow harder in her fingers.

"Bad boy! Now remember to tell mom in there that she doesn't need to get up, when the Noah needs something, I will take care of it. I still have two bottles of milk in the fridge." She turned on her heel and wiggled her little butt down the hall, disappearing into the guestroom. Anxious to see what she might have left, Michael beats it to the master bedroom and looks on and under the pillow.

It's not until he grabs it on the top that he feels the cool saturation. Curiously he turns the pillow and sees the slightly darker patch on the pink pillowcase. Out of instinct he brings it to his nose and inhales hesitantly, then again, deeper. Dang!

That's her scent. Her pussy is on his pillow. He inhales deeply again and again, and the idea she had indeed been a bad girl, right here on their bed, his pillow. His cock couldn't help but grow. He reached down to squeeze it about the same time Kelsey made her appearance in the bathroom doorway, leaning seductively against the jamb, wearing just the blue top, unbuttoned, and as far as he could see, nothing else.

"Looks like someone is ready." She giggled and swayed to the bed. Michael tucked the pillow back, and knelt on the bed, reaching for his wife as she climbed onto it, walking on her knees to meet him in the middle. A slow embrace escalated quickly. Michael leant her down towards the foot of the bed, wary of the scent lingering on his pillow. Kelsey was in a different mood tonight, maybe it was the wine, he didn't know, but he certainly was going to see if he could introduce something new into their lovemaking tonight.

Already the lack of modesty in her choice of clothes and not fighting turning upside down on the bed were good omens. Laying her back, he peeled open the top and gently caressed her swollen breasts while he laid beside her, head to head.

Kissing her, he tasted the remnants of the three glasses of chardonnay she had at the piano bar, then lowered his head and mouth to her chin, her throat. He felt her nipple leaking against the palm of his hand and dropped his head. She had allowed him to suckle her when she was nursing Sean, but only once. He had enjoyed it but didn't push for more when she refused him the next time they were in bed.

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"Hmmmmm. That feels so good, much better than that breast pump. I am so full, and with the wine in me, well I guess you can flush out the system some." She chuckled and reached down to cup and squeeze her breast until he had relaxed the internal pressure.

He burped a little and she laughed as he moved to the other one, repeating the process until she was nearly purring. Thinking maybe, just maybe he might get a little more…and he drifted further down her relaxed body, kissing and stroking it. Reaching her abdomen, he grazed his lips over her neatly trimmed bush and slid further down. Gently he kissed along the sides of that bush, spreading her a little. He could tell she redhead nerd teen masturbates hairy pussy on webcam wet, he could smell it, feel the heat.

On to her thighs, kissing across the tops of them where her legs met her hips, spreading her legs even further as he let his mouth drift further down. Closing in on his target, he kisses the outer lips, letting his tongue slide across them. She moaned and writhed a bit, then came out of it, tugging him from his task. "Come on, Michael, do it! Do me! I really need it!" Her hands on his chin, dragging him from between her legs, the disappointment from her halting him causing him to lose part of his erection.

He lay on her and rubbed his length against her mons and started to feel the heat. He could feel her under him, moving, Kelsey's legs spreading and coming up as she bent her knees. He looked up and saw her then, silhouetted in the doorway. It was Laura, and she was watching! Shocked and scared at first, he felt a blush of embarrassment flush over him, but he couldn't stop.

Laura stood just inside the door now. He could see her hand down in her sweats as she was rubbing herself. He immediately was shocked and shook his head at her, but then realized that Kelsey couldn't see the little peeper and relaxed some.

He had an audience now. Could he perform? When Laura moved a bit closer he could see her hand slowly moving under the sweats, and then she pushed them down to mid thigh. He could see the tiny slit now, it was just a few feet away and the bathroom light shone on it enough that he could see it glistening when she spread it. Soon in his mind, it was her pussy he was rubbing his length across and he immediately stiffened.

He knelt up long enough to grab his pillow; he had done this many times before when Kelsey's back was sore after pregnancy. She hadn't been complaining about it lately, but it sure seemed a good idea to camouflage Laura's sex scent on the pillow. Michael moved quickly to keep Kelsey from looking around, and briefly knelt between her spread legs, jacking his cock while he was rubbing her slit, fingering her to make sure her oven was preheated.

By now, Laura was fingering her own slit, and she mouthed the words: 'Fuck her! Please" It didn't take much coaxing and as Michael slid into his wife, Laura stood mesmerized, now back to rubbing her virgin slit. She had never seen anyone fucking, not in real life and she was blown away by the sound and sight of it.

She wished she could move around; see it from different angles, closer. But she knew that was out of the question. She felt Michael's eyes on her and her now sopping pussy. She further rewarded him by raising her jersey, cupping one of her small breasts and letting her finger and thumb play with the hard nubbin.

He looked at her, then down at Kelsey. His eyes on the milk-filled breasts wobbling enough to make his wife reach up and hold them, preventing them from moving too much, groaning as she massaged them, her legs moving to reach around his back and lock him in.

Then he would look at Laura, who kept moving closer and closer. He swore he could reach out and touch her and as she started to get more excited she started burying her fingers deep in her twat, he swore babe fucked before gfs hardcore and blowjob could hear the slapping above the sound of his own body against Kelsey's.

He looked down at Kelsey, her eyes were closed, like he expected. Some things were so predictable.

He looked back at Laura and wished so hard he could suck one of those firm young tits. She saw what he was looking at, and grabbed it her left tit, moving dangerously close.

She was so hot, so lost in the moment, this was all so wrong, but she didn't care, she wanted to be naughty. To get fucked! She listened to Michael start groaning, saw his face grow more intense and she heard herself begin to moan. She backed up against the door frame and rubbed harder now, gasping and mewing and then a low groan to match Michael's as well as Kelsey's.

She shuddered and fucking my clients daughter bang bros afraid she had been heard, tugging her sweats partway up, she hurried down the hallway.

God, she was so hot, she wondered if she was leaving a trail of drops of cunt juice. She giggled as she closed the door. She hoped so; maybe Michael would follow those drops to her like Hansel followed the bread crumbs.

Michael got off the bed, and tugged on his pajama bottoms. Usually he went into the bedroom and washed his cock, but something told him not to do it tonight. However, according to normal proceedings he did bring a warm wash cloth to wipe off Kelsey's pussy.

She had asked for it the first few times, and he had just gotten used to it. He felt his shrunken cock inside his pajamas, still leaking come from the tip. Tossing the washrag in the lavatory, he laid down next to Kelsey, holding her as she slid under the covers.

She was tired, he could tell. Usually she didn't come when they made love, and he knew she didn't tonight either. Most times she asked him to finish her off with his fingers, but tonight she just told him he and Laura could take care of the boys tonight, rolling over to fall fast asleep.

He laid there a while, unable to go to sleep. The vision of Laura in the hallway and then close to his wife's head as he fucked her, her little bald pussy less than a yard from Kelsey's head. That little nipple shaped like half a jelly bean, and just as hard between her fingers. What had gotten into her?

Part of him was angry at her for invading their privacy, and part of him was angry at Kelsey for not being more like her. On the other hand, he was incredibly turned on by her and thought several times about getting out of bed to go seek her out. The only problem was could he control himself? His youngest son's gentle wail went off and brought him back to reality.

Laura lay in her bed too. She was just as shocked as he at what she had done. It wasn't like her, but then on the other hand, lately she had found a lot of courage to do things she knew were wrong. Her hormones were taking over at odd times, and while she knew some things were risky, that just heightened the arousal. And it was the first time she had seen anyone fucking. It made her so hot, and she knew she had something to do with Michael's arousal.

He was looking right at her, well all over her, when he came! She shivered and gently played with herself, only to be roused from her dream state by the cry of a hungry baby reached her ear. Kelsey never heard it, she was snoring and dead to the world, the wine had done its job. In fact, she probably wouldn't even make church tomorrow. But that was ok, she had needed the break, he thought as he slipped out of bed, making his way down to the nursery wearing only his bottoms, bare-chested, barefooted.

Laura had beaten him in there, and was changing the toddler when she asked him to go warm a bottle. Soon, Noah was dry and sucking down a bottle while the two of them stood over him. Neither knew what to say. Turning to her, he smiled and said "You have been a very busy girl tonight, Laura. Did you enjoy yourself?" "Mmmmmhmmmm.

I am sorry about the barging in. I was on my way to the kitchen to get a glass of water and I couldn't resist. I have never seen two people make love. It made me hot, and it kind of made me angry too." "Why angry?" "I don't know.

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Well, I do. I mean you wanted to go down on her, and she wouldn't let you, she stopped you. Why did she do that? Obviously you wanted to; it wasn't some sort of obligation on your part." "I don't know, really. She never has let me do that, or hasn't done anything other than basic positions.

It's like she just can't allow herself to do anything she thinks might be abnormal in her book. But then looking at her parents, maybe I can understand that. Still horny redhead on webcam more videos on sexycamsorg ok, I mean, sometimes I get bored doing just the same thing over and over, but I can live with it, for all the other things we have together." With those words, Michael covered the sleeping boy and sat down in the rocker.

Laura had no problem sitting down in his lap and putting an arm around him. "So when I did what I did in the gazebo, I guess that was the first time in while anyone had done that to you?" Michael nodded.

"My gosh," she continued, "I would love to feel your tongue on me! You wanted to last week, but things weren't right. I hope you didn't think it was because I didn't want to.

I sat there wondering how it would feel, that is what got my attention at first, then I saw your cock and then I got to thinking about how it would feel inside me, like it was in her. And to watch her lay there so, I dunno, lifeless? Made me think what a waste." "Well that is how she is comfortable, I guess.

Stickasian petite girls love cock in mouth even though I didn't intend to ever have any type of sex with you, I can't help but think maybe some of that boredom led to it." Michael thought about what he had said, and realized how badly that could be taken. "And no, it's not like I set you up or anything, or you were just a convenient person there at the right time to take advantage of.

No, in all honesty, which I have been thinking of in terms of lately, I have been enamored of you for a long time. You have always been special to me, and are even more so now, now that we have crossed into this territory. " "While it was Kelsey's body I was physically in, it was you I was in mentally. I guess most people would think that was wrong, but I can't help that.

This has been so much more than I ever expected. "With those words his hand finds her thigh and rubs it while he continues. "You are so refreshing to me, so sexy, and I feel so fortunate to have these things with you.

I know it can't last, but I don't want it to stop either. And I do want to go down on you. Right now, tonight!" With that, he guides her off his lap and takes her hand, leading her down into the basement. He has redone part of it as a playroom/theater room for the family and moved the old sectional set into a corner. Radiant heating in the flooring makes it cozy and it's not unusual for him to come down here and watch a movie or something in the middle of the night when he can't sleep.

A baby monitor system keeps him aware of what is going on upstairs. He sat her on the old burgundy sectional and knelt between her legs before grabbing the waist band of her sweats and tugging them down, amazed to see a pair of red panties, lacy and soaked. He wasted no time, but at the same time didn't hurry his actions.

Slowly he lifted and parted her legs, pulling her to the edge of the sofa. Trailing soft kisses up and down her inner thighs, covering that sensitive skin that so often goes neglected, he works lower and lower, his eyes seldom straying from the pink center of her sex. Her pussy was so fresh and beautiful, like a perfect rose tight in its bud.

His hands wrapped around those thighs and came around over her hips, sliding over her smooth belly and down to her vulva.

As his fingertips teasingly brushed across it and probed down into the tight slit, his lips brushed against her labia for the first time. His desire was to force that bud to uncoil, the bloom! She smelled exotic, erotic, heady and definitely aroused as his tongue slipped out and glided around the tight slit, so tidy and neat, the plump swells of the outer sides hiding the softer, darker inner lips, which in turn he knew covered the shiny bright pinker interior.

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He kissed along that outer section on one side, up to where the slit ended, then back down the other side. Interchanging the kisses with drags of his tongue, making an elongated oval over and over, closing it tighter and tighter with each lap, letting the tip of his tongue drag lightly against the insides of those soft pillows that guarded her sex.

Then he spread her, and slowly drug that tongue up through the center, tasting her nectar, like salty honey, right from the tap. Each time he pressed a little harder, probed a bit deeper, feeling her body tense more and more, her hands on his head. "Yesss!

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God, that feels wonderful! More please! Deeper!" Michael worked faster; his tongue drove deeper, harder, stabbing her tight pussy, then dragging up through it, dredging her fluid and her sensations up to her mons. His tongue stiffening and he worked it around her clit in big slow circles that closed tighter, faster around the little hooded nubbin, much like winding a clock spring, tighter and tighter.

Sliding a finger into her tight silky channel, he crooked it in her, massaging her, exploring her, rubbing across where it appeared her g-spot was. Winding her up one last time, increasing the pressure inside, he reached up from under her ass and wrapped around her waist, bringing that free hand to her upper tight slit, spreading it to force the little hard shiny pearl out of hiding. "Uhhhhnngggg!" was all she could utter, and then exploded as mom and son xxx full time poroncom damloding flicked across the tight bud with his tongue, barely touching it.

He felt her begin to clench on his finger, her legs squeezing on his head, her hands tugging at his head, holding him fast to her as she lifted her butt off the old sofa, grinding into his hard mouth. Replacing his tongue with the pad of his thumb, he ran the flat of it lightly across the nerve center as she gasped and gyrated, stifling her moans as it seemed every ridge of his thumbprint gently rasped over her screaming clit. His mouth went down and he replaced her finger in her tight opening with his tongue, twisting his head and drilling into her.

He fed on her juices, the salty tangy honey of a fresh pussy, lapping at it, drilling for more as his thumb became more insistent, pressing it harder, moving the little clit like a tiny joy stick.

Michael looked up at her as he sucked and nibbled her to her second orgasm, watching her bite the heel of her hand in an attempt to keep from being too loud. He swore there were tears in her green eyes and her body bucked up and down, side to side, always moving up to find his hands and mouth. Then she collapsed and completely relaxed, pushing his head from her hyper-sensitive pussy. "That was amazing," Laura whispered hoarsely. "You can do that anytime, anywhere, brother." He grinned and sat up, straightening his sore back and looking down at her.

"You taste amazing. I can't believe how sweet that was. You are completely driving me crazy! But we need to get to bed, before someone misses us." "Yes, I know. Thank you." She went up on tiptoe and kissed him deeply, tasting herself on his lips.

"You might want to wash your face." She said with a giggle as she licked her lips. Pulling her sweats back up, she went back upstairs, knowing he was watching her ass as she ascended the stairs. How long before he would fuck her, she thought?