Hungarian wife takes it in the ass on webcam

Hungarian wife takes it in the ass on webcam
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Kim had always fantasized about John. They were in the same class, always talked, sat together at lunch. Kim and John would playingly throw a wink at eachother. Just to throw others off. Everyone knew Kim was a lesbian. A butch lesbian, at that. No one knew that Kim imagined John inside her all the time. Kim wanted to tell John about the thoughts she had but once it came time, she always said never mind.

John just shook it off. Seeing as he had no clue that Kim secretly fantasized about him. John would always try looking up Kim's shorts, but she frequently noticed.

Kim would occasionally tell John about her sex capades with all of her girlfriends from the past. As her stories got into detail, she would notice his package always start to bulge. Kim loved telling him her stories, at least then she could see miyaa khalifa xxx sex adam big he actually was.

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Kim eventually let her fantasies go, but every once in a while thought about him during her hot alone nights. A couple of months passed by and Kim was caught. John noticed Kim staring at his rock hard cock while he was trying to pay attention in class. Obviously his mind was somewhere else. John pulled Kim aside after class and confusingly asked her what it was about. Kim played it off cool by saying she was off in space, but clearly she was day dreaming about them.

About getting the opportunity to have him, for him to have her. Kim and John were finally alone. Kim finally got the courage to tell him sweet ebony gives wet oral job pornstar hardcore was going on. John didn't mind, in fact- he had been dreaming of the same thing since they first met. She was surprised, she thought he would be disgusted. John slowly went in for a kiss from Kim, in approval Kim moved closer to his lips and kissed him with the most pasionate kiss she could give.

John never imagined actually getting to do this. So, in response he asked Kim "are you sure you wanna do this?" Kim nodded and John proceeded with unbuttoning Kim's shirt. The locker room wasn't where they had imagined it, but anywhere was fine at that point. John pulled off her shirt and admired her Magnificent double f's. He knew she had a nice rack, seeing as he had went through her phone before.

Kim unhooked her bra and let it fall to the floor. Kim knew by the look on Johns face that he was enjoying what he was getting himself into. He proceeded to take his short off, along with his pants. Kim had never seen such a bulge before. She didn't know if she could handle him, but she wasn't backing down. Kim hisse her lusty asian teen kayla shows her skinny body and bangs from his lips, to his neck, down his chest, to his firm abs, and down to his hips.

Whilst looking up at John, asking for approval with her eyes, she slowly pulled out his cock. She had never sucked cock before, but what she did know is that she didn't have a gag reflex. She was sure that John would surely enjoy this. Kissing down his shaft, making her way to his balls, she slowly stroked his 10 inch dick. The second Kim put her lips around his cock, he approved with a soft moan. Kim began to work his cock, making sure she took her time and that he was enjoying it.

John told Kim to go ahead and strip, Kim did. She was already soaked. She wanted him inside her more than anything.

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Kim teasingly bent over Infront of John. John noticed Kim's pussy was glistening from her wet juices. John pushed Kim against the wall from behind. Gently pulling her hair, kissing her neck.

Kim could feel Johns hard cock rubbing against her ass which made her that much more wet. As his dick slid between her ass, she let out a moan.

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He wasn't even inside her yet, and she was already loud. John made Kim bend over on the locker room bench. Kim wanted him. Now, more than ever. John started to eat Kim's pussy. Liking up every possible sunny leone hot xxxnxx story. Suckin on her clit drove Kim insane. While her legs began to shake, John fucked her with his tongue.

Her body shuddered in response. John knew he was eating her good. As Kim began to y Shout "I'm cumming!!" John stopped pleasing her. Kim wondered why he stopped. She was about to have the best orgasm she had ever experienced.

John told her he wanted her to beg him to fuck her. Kim pleaded "fuck me, daddy. Please! I need you inside my tight pussy." John agreed. He needed her. He needed to be inside her. John started to slowly enter Kim's pussy. He knew she was tight, but damn.

He didn't think she was this tight. He started to thrust gentle and slow. Kim arched her back and moaned.

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"Mm. I want you to fuck me hard, John. Fuck me!" John took advantage of this oppurtunity. He started to thrust inside her, harder and faster with every thrust. Kim was already on her 4th time cumming. Her knees were weak, her tits were bouncing making John fuck her harder and harder. As John was starting to cum, he pulled out and came all over Kim's round ass. John and Kim told each other they would keep their time a secret.

They fuck every Thursday in the locker room after school. Kim went from pussy to cock, and she knew that his cock, was the only cock she feened for. She needed him 247. And she got what she wanted and has what she needs