Cute alice romain assfucked by black cocks

Cute alice romain assfucked by black cocks
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I had been divorced and living alone for five years. The only sex I had in that time was the occasional romp in the hay with Dandy. Dandy is the name I have given to my vibrator.

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I named it that because that's maci mays tight anal fuck balls deep on top it works. It works just Dandy whenever I need a sexual release. One evening a couple of weeks ago, I had the urge and went to my nightstand to get Dandy out for some bedtime fun.

Just as I pulled Dandy out and was testing the batteries, the phone rang. I hesitantly answered it but I'm glad I did. It was Charlotte, a friend of mine that I hadn't seen in two years. She was going to be comming through town on her way to her new job and was wondering if she could stop by for a day or two so we could do some catching up.

She said, "Don't worry, Carl won't be with me. We divorced a year and a half ago." I breathed a sigh of relief since I absolutely hated the man. I told her it would be great to see her again and that she could stay as long as she liked.

She said she'd be here on Friday.

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Friday finally rolled around and it was about 7:00pm when she showed up. After all the cheerful hello's and a tour of my house, we settled on the sofa and talked half the night away.

We talked about everything under the sun. When the subject turned to sex, my juices really started flowing and as I found out later, hers did too! It turns out that neither of us had had sex since our divorces, except with our toys. We were laughing and joking about our ex-husbands and how they performed in the bedroom.

I made the smartass comment, "Every since I got my vibrator, I realized that the ONLY good thing my ex had ever done for me in our marriage was eat me!" We both laughed out loud and she came back with, "Oh my God! Mine too!" We laughed even louder. We talked about how both of our ex's had always wanted us to bring in another woman for a three-way and how neither of them got that dream to come true. We both admitted that we had thought about, maybe even fantasized about having sex with another woman but, had never actually done it.

We also mom fuck comrade playmate xxx lust in translation that if we ever were to have sex with another woman, it sure as hell wouldn't be to fullfill a mans fantasy.It would be done to fullfill our own. We laughed our asses off again. By this time my pussy was dripping wet and my nipples were begging to be set free from my padded bra.

I couldn't keep from thinking about Dandy waiting all alone for me in my bedroom and how I hoped he wanted me as bad as I was wanting him.

I hoped his heart (batteries) was up for it because he was going to get the fucking of his life when I went to bed! Both of us couldn't believe how horny we were. Charlotte jayden jaymes my sisters hot friend she was going to go take a shower and I told her I was going to head off to bed. Before she got up from the couch, she said, "I really don't miss getting fucked but, I sure miss having my pussy eaten." I told her I felt the same way.

As she was getting up, she said, "I sure wish I could find someone that just wanted to eat me and not want to fuck me afterward." That was my cue. I looked at her and said, "I'll eat you." She just looked at me with a weird look on her face and started to laugh. She must have thought I was joking so I played along and laughed also. Charlotte headed off to take her shower and I hurredly went to my room to give Dandy a workout. I had just started fucking myself when my bedroom door opened up and in walked Charlotte wrapped in a towel.

She saw how I jumped and that both my hands were under the blankets when she walked in. She asked me if she had interrupted something. I told her, "Nothing that can't wait a few more minutes. She then asked if she could bum a cigarette from me since she had left hers downstairs. I told her sure, and as I rolled over to get them off of my nightstand, I had my back to her, she says to me, "Were you serious when you said you'd eat me?" I told her that if she were willing to let me try, then yes I would eat her.

I got the cigarette for her and as I rolled over to give it to her she dropped her towel. She had the most perfect tits. A little smaller than mine. I'd say 36c, as mine are 38d. Her pussy was neatly trimmed. Clean shaven down below and had a small triangle patch of hair up above that pointed to her slit. She said she had never done this with another woman before but had always wanted to try it. I told her I felt that way also and that I couldn't think of anybody I'd rather do it with.

She put a knee up on the bed and asked me, "So, what did I interupt?" I said, "You wanna see?" She just smiled and shook her head yes. I spread my legs and pulled back the blankets. She commented on how she thought I had a beautiful body. Then she noticed my vibrator that I had stuffed in my soaking wet pussy before she came into the room.

It was still inside me and was buzzing away. She said, "If we're going to do this, please don't tell me you plan on keeping elegant college girl is seduced and reamed by her aged mentor thing all to yourself." I told her that I wouldn't think of it, and besides, like any other man, Dandy has probably fantasized about a three way many times. To that we both laughed out loud.

With her knee still up on the bed, she asked if she could watch me fuck myself with my vibrator. Without a word I reached between my legs with one hand and started moving Dandy in and out of my sopping wet pussy.

With my other hand I started rubbing my enormously swollen clit. As I did this, Charlotte started rubbing her pussy. She slid two fingers into her gorgeous pussy and when she pulled them out I could see that she was every bit as wet as I was.

She then put her fingers up to her mouth and licked them clean! The sight of that gave me a mind wrenching orgasm that had my pussy convulsing so strongly that Dandy shot out of my pussy and landed on the floor! Charlotte picked it up and licked it clean! "Oh you taste soooo good, I'm going to have to go directly to the source for some more!" she told me.

When she said that, I felt a tingle in my pussy, the likes of which I had never felt before. I told her to hand Dandy over to me because I just had an amazing idea and I wanted to find out if it would work. She gave it to me and when she did I told her I wanted her to sit on it. She was all for it! So, I put the base of it in my mouth and held it with my teeth and I motioned for her to come sit on it!

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She straddled my face and I watched her dripping pussy get closer and closer as she slowly lowered herself onto it. It was the most awesome sight I had ever seen!

Juices were flowing freely from my pussy and was soaking my bed.

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No man had ever turned me on this much! When Dandy's head parted her dripping pussy lips and disappeared inside, I came again! She sat down fully on my face and I starded vigorously shaking my head back and forth and was rubbing her clit with my nose. Her juices were flowing and filling up my mouth, which I willingly swallowed.

She tasted so sweet. Sweeter that I remember my pussy tasting when I'd lick my fingers clean after a good orgasm! I've got to stop here because I have a moisture problem going on and need to take care of it. Let me know what you think so far. If you like it, I will treat you to part 2.