Agreeable three some fornication moms bang teens scene

Agreeable three some fornication moms bang teens scene
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Author's Note: This is my final story. This one takes place in a very special neighborhood established and populated in earlier stories. Most of the minor characters' incestuous relationships were also established in previous stories. This last story is about a mom and son that move to this neighborhood and discover some very unusual inhabitants.

-1- Denise and Henry, mom and son, crashed through their bedroom kissing like crazed honeymooners. They attempted to spend a couple hours at the beach, playing in the ocean, but their lust for one another was too powerful.

Denise wanted to have sex at the beach; Henry preferred somewhere less public. Denise rolled her eyes at her son, grabbed his hand and led him to their home a few hundred yards away. Her bikini top fell off, her bottoms torn off, Henry's swim trunk removed, all while still kissing their mouths joined just like their bodies would be in a moment. They kissed their way to the large window.

It had no curtains or blinds, making for excellent lighting. In the evening the sun shone directly in while setting.

Their entire huge home had windows like that. The kitchen, bedrooms and living areas all with large wall-to-wall windows. Denise loved it. She walked around naked most of the time, hairy teens in a public shower room fact all the women in the neighborhood did.

Perhaps it was a side effect of being in an incestuous, loving, relationship. Their taboo urges and desires were freed and so the clothing came off too. Henry turned his mother around and slammed her against the window. Her big tits mashing against it, just like they've mashed against Henry's chest over the course of nearly two years of love-making. Henry guided himself into her, pumping his hips, slapping against her ass.

"Oh look the " Denise spoke. Henry pushed hard against the side of her head, a finger going into her mouth as he slapped her ass. A second later he looked up, movement from next door, catching his eye. He saw the sight his mom saw before being interrupted by a finger. "The new neighbors," he finished her observation. "And she's a redhead. Nice," Henry said still fucking away at Denise. She rolled her eyes and sucked on his finger. They watched the woman move boxes.

A younger man with similar hair, joined her, assisting her with the larger ones. "Mmm," Denise moaned. "Must be, ah, her s-son. Ah shit, baby," she said. Henry slapped her ass again. They watched the new neighbors for a bit. Henry paying attention to the mother more than her son. She was fairly lithe. Her breasts, from what he could tell at his distance, weren't as huge as Denise's.

She seemed around the same height as his mother. Henry guessed 5'4" or 5'5". Again, at their distance he wasn't sure. She had nice legs; short cargo shorts showing them off. The shorts, the tank top, nice body, long red hair Henry liked what he saw. In Denise's head, she was watching the woman's son.

The only thing on her mind was if he and his mom were lovers like she and Henry were. She envisioned the two redheads getting it on, maybe joining her and Henry in a fourway. "Ahh yes, baby," Denise was close to climaxing. "Oh I know who that is," Henry stopped thrusting into her. "That's Janet's sister." "Huh? What? Don't stop, doofus," Denise said over her shoulder. "Yeah, Janet told me her she was able to convince her younger sis to move into The Haven. That must be her," Henry stood next to his annoyed mother, both of them not caring if the new neighbors happen to look over and see them standing there, naked.

"When did you talk to Janet?" Denise asked. "The other week, you had me drop off that recipe." "Oh right, yeah." "We talked for a long while." "Oh really?" Denise put her hands on her hips, pretending to be angry.

"Yep. Janet and Harvey," Henry answered, referring to Janet's husband. "I mean, I did get a thank you blow job out of it. Probably would've gotten more but she and Harvey had dinner plans." "Ha. Well at least she knows how to thank a son," Shebang tv candy sexton amanda rendall tube porn directed Henry's attention to her, pulling him down for a kiss.

"We mothers love all the sons in this place." "Mmhmm," Henry scooped her up and took her to bed. "You're my favorite of course," she smiled, eyes closed, savoring Henry's kisses along her neck. "I should be. You gave birth to me. You're my favorite mom." Denise wrapped her legs around him, Henry guided his cock into its home and the couple continued with another near-constant lovemaking session.

*********** "Thanks," Jennifer said to her son, Alex, when he took a large box out of the moving truck. "Yep." The 42-year-old wiped sweat from her forehead on the unseasonably hot October day, taking in her new surroundings. The houses on each side of the street were all the same in this neighborhood. Huge, modern looking beach homes, three stories if the bottom garage area was counted. They were covered in windows.

They were gorgeous. Every single backyard had the exact same layout, based on what Jennifer's older sister, Janet explained. There was a nice, big heated pool, with a Jacuzzi in the corner. There were grills, tables, chairs, and no grass to mow. There was a five-and-a-half-foot tall fence separating each backyard. Palm trees dotted the area, not every back yard having one, but the layout with the pool and hot tub was all the same. "So you figure out which room you want?" Jennifer asked her son upon entering their new home.

"I was thinking of that office area over there. I could make it a bedroom," Alex answered. "Or keep it an office. You could do your online classes there," Jennifer raised an eyebrow. "Or both," Alex countered. "Sure," Jennifer shrugged. She was slightly annoyed with her son. He couldn't make up his mind regarding a major at college. When he finished his freshmen year, he informed his mother he wasn't going back; he didn't like college. Arguments ensued, a compromise was found Alex would enroll in the college's online program.

He wouldn't have to be there in person, but would be able to knock out some classes here and there while figuring out what he wants to do. He reluctantly agreed. Jennifer wandered around the huge home, still in awe she was able to move in. She went from room to room, thinking her sister Janet was out of her mind. The house was already paid for.

Jennifer blew her off initially, thinking Janet was getting conned or trying to con her. Janet's husband, Harvey, stepped in, informing Jennifer there was no con, this was real and legit every single house in The Haven neighborhood was already bought and paid for. The only costs to its residents were the utility bills, groceries, and so on no mortgage or rent payments. Jennifer was looking for a change in scenery anyway. She's a photographer, mainly for magazines.

Some were fashion, most were lifestyle; all subjects were humans. She wanted to do something different. Scenery, nature, even wildlife was something that appealed to her.

Living at the beach, in a subtropical environment, might provide her with new photo opportunities for coastal wildlife and sunsets. "I guess I'll fucked hard his step sisterpart on xlwebcamtk this room," she sighed, looking at the spacious empty master bedroom.

Standing in the door way, she had a perfect view of the house next door, its backyard, and beyond toward the ocean. "Needs some blinds or something," she thought. Her phone rang, it was Janet. "Hi there," Janet said. She was naked, sitting on her son, Mason's lap. "Hey.

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Just getting moved in." "Great! So tonight, you, Alex, me and Mason are going to dinner," Janet said.

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"Sure." "I know this wonderful beachside restaurant. Mason and I will walk over to get you two later." "Sounds fine." "Are you ok?" "Just getting used to this huge house," Jennifer answered. "Well, I think you will in due time. You'll learn this neighborhood is wonderful," Janet kissed her son's head. He blushed, patting her bare back. "Ok, text me when you're on the way, we'll be ready," Jennifer said. "Wear something nice," Janet added before ending the call, tossing her phone aside. "There.

Our night is set. You and me go on a double-date with them, then you take me to bed all night long," Janet flipped her long, dark red dyed hair over her shoulder, hitting Mason's face with it when she got off his lap. "Dad, are you sure about this? I mean she's your wife and all," Mason looked over this his father. "It's amazing, but still." He was flipping through stations on the TV. "Yep. Don't worry about me tonight. When your sister gets off work, she and I will be out in that hot tub having a grand old time." "This is crazy," Mason was still adjusting to his new life in The Haven.

"Uh hello?" Janet peeped around the corner. "Shower?" she motioned him to follow her. Mason glanced at his dad. "Better get in the shower with her. She doesn't like to wait.

Lather up her little butthole with soap, stick a finger in there, she likes that." "Holy shit," Mason thought, getting off the couch, joining his mother. -2- "You two look incredible," Janet complimented a confused Jennifer and Alex. Janet and Mason sat across from them, Mason's arm around his mother, her hand under the table, out of view, rubbing his hard-on.

"Uh thanks," Jennifer said. She was wearing a simple flowery dress, nothing compared to the sexy black number Janet was wearing. Alex wasn't paying attention, instead, dipping breadsticks into sauce. "Sorry we didn't help much today. Mason was a little busy," Janet squeezed his erection a little harder. "Um right, yeah, sorry," Mason blushed. "It's fine. So what brings you out here, Mason? Just visiting?" his Aunt Jennifer asked.

"Well it started off as a visit. Mom flew me out here from California, insisting I visit her and Dad in their new home. That week-long visit has spanned into three." "I see. So are you looking to live here now?

Maybe getting out there, finding your own place?" Jennifer glanced at Alex, subtlety sending a message for him to do the same upon finishing college.

"Well, I'm not so sure anymore," Mason looked to his smiling mother. She patted his cock. "I really like living with them." "So sweet," Janet leaned against him after kissing his cheek.

Jennifer thought the exchange was odd. In fact, the entire night was odd. After dinner, they walked along the beach a bit. Jennifer saw the two of them hold hands, like a couple would. She chalked it up to Mason being away for so long. Alex, on the other hand, was several feet away from his mother. Jennifer shrugged and they continued their walk. At the end of the night out, Janet gave Alex an unusually long hug, grabbed Mason's arm and left Jennifer's new home.

Jennifer thought for a brief moment of asking Alex to join her in the living room or out back to look at stars, but decided against it. They weren't as close as Janet and Mason apparently were. Alex was already in his room, the door shut, anyway. She retired to her own room. She kept the lights off, as she still hadn't bought blinds or curtains.

Jennifer slipped out of her dress, removed her bra and rummaged for pajamas in her low lit room when something caught the corner of her eye. It was movement. Jennifer napile girl xxx bf forest time the t-shirt on the bed and moved to her window. "What the hell?" her eyes widened. She could see into the kitchen of the house next door. It was low lit, perhaps one lamp on, out-of-sight, but she could easily make out a brunette squatting up and down, riding a cock.

The man was sitting on a chair; her ass bouncing, his hands on her waist. Mouth agape, she watched the woman ride the guy for a long time. Jennifer could see a sheen of sweat on her back and ass, light reflecting off it.

Jennifer found herself getting damp. The woman hopped off the man, grabbed his hand, pulling him off the chair. "Wow," Jennifer said, now having a full view of her entire body. "Big ones," she noted of the woman's breasts.

Jennifer watched the couple move through the kitchen, taking the stairs to the second floor. "Ok, well then," she resumed fishing for pajama shorts. She was distracted again by light coming on in the house next door. It was a bedroom light this time. Jennifer was able to look directly into their bedroom.

She saw the woman crawl into the bed, the man smile, watching her. Jennifer focused on his impressive cock, becoming wetter in the process.

He climbed on top of her, pulling her legs up, kissing her feet and ankles while he fucked her. "Yep. I'm watching," Jennifer decided, quickly stepping out of her panties, sitting on the edge of her bed. Seconds later, she was furiously masturbating to the couple next door. They went on and on. Doggy style, reverse cowgirl, standing up, everything. Jennifer couldn't look away if she tried. The couple looked so incredible, so beautiful.

A couple hours later, Jennifer came down off another self-imposed orgasm. "Oh shit," she whispered, lying on the bed. She sat up; the couple was still going at it like animals.

Directly below Jennifer, in Alex's makeshift bedroom/office, he just blew his load, masturbating to the exact same show. His view wasn't as good as his mother's above him, but he had binoculars to aid him.

After he ejaculated, he rolled over, exhaustion from a long day settling in and went to sleep. Jennifer drifted off too. She woke up several hours later and grabbed her phone.

It was almost 3 am. She rubbed her eyes; light from the neighbor's room was still shining onto her bed. She sat up and saw them, still having sex, sitting in the bed, holding one another. She rolled her eyes, got out of bed and used her bathroom. She glanced one more time before rolling over, away from the light. The couple moved to their side, spooning while fucking. "Ugh, that's one downside.

These houses are so close together," Jennifer thought when she rolled over. "Getting curtains tomorrow." *********** "He-Henry," Denise's lips quivered as her son kissed the back of her neck. They'd been going at it so long, she was getting sleepy. "Cum in me," she whispered, signaling to her son that she was exhausted. Henry obeyed his mother, filling her to the brim with his seed.

He held her, kissing along her shoulder and neck, resting. "You meet the new neighbors yet?" "Mmm, tomorrow," Denise replied. Henry sat up, rubbing his eyes, yawning. He turned the bedroom light off, and climbed back into bed. "Night, Mom," he extended his arm, Denise curling up into it, kissing his chest.

"Night, Baby." Another night ended in their routine of sex until exhaustion. -3- The next day was more unpacking. Janet and Mason joined to help them, but ended up playing in Jennifer's pool.

She unpacked dishes, putting them away, watching her sister and nephew play together. She sighed, "Some help they are." After putting the last dish away, Jennifer rough squirting orgasm hardx sex stories to her pool again. Janet and son were holding one another, talking about something, smiling as they floated along.

Jennifer couldn't help but watch them they looked so close. "Whoa," she mouthed, when Janet kissed Mason slowly on the lips. It was almost inappropriate; however, Jennifer thought it was more sweet and tender if anything.

She glanced over her shoulder at Alex, moving furniture. Jennifer walked by him to retrieve another box. He nodded his head, barely making eye contact, saying nothing.

*********** Later, Janet, Mason, and Jennifer were relaxing in Jennifer's Jacuzzi. "Isn't she sexy, Mason?" Janet asked her son, referring to her sister, sitting on his lap again. Mason blushed, "You look great.

Been awhile since I've seen you. Everyone really." "Thank you," Jennifer took a sip of her wine. "You two seem very close." "We sure are. It's wonderful! A long absence makes the heart grow fonder perhaps," Janet kissed his head. "I'm so glad he's here with me now." "Yeah," Jennifer said. Someone wasn't there with her. Alex declined to join them, opting to go to bed early.

She took another swig of wine. "Does Harvey mind his son spending so much time with his momma?" "Oh he doesn't mind. He understands," Janet answered. "Wished Alex could've joined us." "Yeah, well, he said he was tired." "Poor guy." "I don't know what his deal is.

I had to beg him to take online courses." "I'm sure he's fine. Clear communication is key. As a mother you have to tell him what you want, but at the same time find out what he wants as well." "I guess." "Speaking of which," Janet stood, adjusting her tiny bikini bottom. "I want to go to bed. Come." Mason took her hand; Jennifer cocked her head, thinking the exchange was odd.

"We'll see you tomorrow," Janet and Mason held hands, leaving Jennifer alone. She downed the rest of her glass and headed inside after drying off. In the shower, a few moments sweet hot babe cherrie deville wants her juicy pussy to be fucked, Jennifer felt slight envy overcome her.

Janet and Mason seemed so close, so intimate. It was weird, but Jennifer couldn't help but wish she and Alex were that close. In that same moment, a few houses away, Janet and Mason arrived.

"I want you back here tonight, Mason," Janet said, guiding his hands to her ass. "As deep as you can go." "Mom, I " "You hear that?" Janet asked, the sounds of her daughter climaxing on Harvey echoing through the house. "We're all like that here. Every one of us." "Aunt Jen and Alex aren't." "Not yet. But they will be in a matter of time. It took me two weeks to seduce you, to show this kind of love. Now that we're like this, you don't want to leave," Janet smiled. Mason smiled, moving behind his mother in the living room.

He knelt behind her, pulling her bikini bottoms down. He grabbed and office playgirl willing for shagging pornstar and hardcore all over her ass. "I don't want to leave. I want to get in here tonight," he planted a tender kiss on her butt. "Then it's yours," Janet bent over the couch for him. *********** "You gotta be kidding me," Jennifer exited her huge bathroom, towel drying her hair.

The neighbor's light was on. She could see into their room with ease. They were, once again, going at it like lust-driven animals. "Fuck it," she threw the towel down and started rubbing her clit.

Moments later she moaned in her room, her fingers sliding in and out of her wet cunt while watching the guy next door take his woman and own her. She managed to keep up with them, masturbating to their display well after midnight. "So hot, so hot," she licked her fingers clean, tasting herself, the woman in the house next door, on top of her man. Alex was downstairs, binoculars to his eyes, seeing her big tits bounce as she rode the guy. He was jacking off, nearing his own angel wood gets tied up and drilled, after hours of edging.

He threw his head back, moaned, and came all over himself. "Oh man, wow," he whispered. Jennifer rolled over in her room; she never made it to the store to get curtains or blinds. -4- Jennifer never purchased blinds or curtains. The next 10 nights consisted of Jennifer, and unbeknownst to her, Alex, masturbating to their neighbor's pornographic show. Jennifer also spent more time with Janet and Mason. Every time they hugged, or held hands, or gave each other quick kisses a twinge of sadness pulled at her heart.

Deep down, she wanted her and Alex to be close like that. She felt guilt, knowing that she could've been a better mother and not constantly travel for photoshoots. Janet kept telling her to talk to Alex, tell him what she wants. Jennifer finally took the advice. "Can I come in?" Jennifer knocked on his door. "Sure," Alex opened it. "Hey." "Hey." "Listen, I was thinking instead of me or us spending time with Janet and Mason tonight, you and I could just hang out together." "What for?" "Well, I'd like to talk about " "Ugh," Alex shook his head.

"No. Not about college, not about anything like that. Just you, how you're doing, all that. I'm going to fix supper and we can walk on the beach.

Ok?" "Alright. That's fine," Alex agreed. "I'll call you when dinner is ready." Jennifer called someone else right after talking to her son. Janet was on top of Mason, sweaty, cumming, when her phone rang. Mason grabbed it, watching his mother climax. "Hello?" "Mason, hi," Jennifer said. "Hey, what's up?" "Just wanted to let you and your mom know I'm hanging out with Alex tonight." "Ok great," Mason said.

"I guess Mom and I will just stay in then." "Stay in," Janet said, referring to Mason's cock, while running her hands all over her own body in a post-orgasmic trance "Great, I'll see you two later," Jennifer ended the call, satisfied with her new outlook to be closer and more communicative with Alex. Perhaps her son simply needed someone to talk to.

*********** "You been sleeping ok?" Jennifer asked Alex as they walked along the beach at as the sun was setting. "Yeah I guess." "A new place can take a while to get used to. I've been having trouble sleeping," Jennifer told a half-truth.

Her lack of sleep was voluntary; she chose to stay up most of the night, watching and masturbating to the couple next door. "I'm glad we came here though. I've seen some interesting shots out here.

Plus, some around town, buildings and things like that." "Mmhmm," Alex nodded, halfway paying attention. "That's a nice sight," Jennifer stopped walking, pointing the sunset. "Yeah it is." "I should've brought my camera." Mother and son watched the sun descend behind the horizon, setting for the day. "Alex," She turned to face him.

He winced. "Here it comes," he thought. "A lecture." "I want you to be happy," Jennifer touched his face, making him look at her. "College or no college, I want you safe and happy." "Mom, I'm fine," Alex said. "Just know that I love you, more than anything. I kinda want us to be close again, like we were when you were little. Your Aunt Janet and Mason are close," Jennifer giggled. "Really close." "Heh, yeah," Alex said, the tension easing up a bit.

"So don't worry about what I think of you, don't worry about college right now. If it's not for you, then it's not for you. I should've been more supportive and listened more, and not push you so hard." "I understand," Alex said.

Jennifer hugged her son on the beach at dusk. "Let's head home. I think there's some ice cream in the freezer." Jennifer instinctively grabbed his hand, just like Jason and Mason did. She caressed Alex's thumb with her own, the two trading a smile as they walked back home. *********** Denise was sucking Henry's cock in their bedroom.

They were discussing plans, in between her orgasms, about the upcoming neighborhood Halloween party. "Wonder Woman and Superman, again?" Henry asked. "You bet," Denise said. She resumed sucking his cock; he moved her brown hair behind her ears. "Still haven't said hello to Janet's sis?" "Nope.

Been busy having sex with you." "I've been busy letting voluptuous hussy has her tight asshole plowed Henry joked. "I guess if we see them at the party we can then." "Mmhmm," his mother agreed, her mouth full of cock. "That's it, that's it, suck that dick, bitch," Henry said. "Hey, that was not very nice," Denise fussed at him. "I liked it," she grinned before deep throating him. *********** Jennifer and her son were on the couch.

She was sipping on wine.

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She offered a few sips to Alex. "We need to be like this more often," she said. "You mean drink that wine? It's kinda nasty." "No, silly, you and me spending time together." "I think that'd be fine, Mom." "Good," she tousled his hair. "Sorry," Alex said. "For what?" "I should've been more up-front with you too. I didn't like that school, I felt foolish for wanting to quit. I thought you'd be angry with me." "Oh, Alex, it's ok.

I should've been a better shoulder for you to lean on." Jennifer nuzzled his neck, finishing her wine. Alex put his arm around her. She couldn't help but smile, thinking how nice it was, and how lucky Janet was to have this closeness all the time or so it seemed. "I think I'll head to bed," Jennifer said, sitting up, placing the wine glass on the table. "Yeah, me too; kinda tired." They had a long embrace at his bedroom door. She kissed his cheek, "I'll see you tomorrow. Maybe we can explore some.

This time I'll bring my camera." "Sounds great Mom." The smile remained on her face, halfway up the stairs, when she remembered the nightly neighbor sex show. Jennifer started stripping when she reached the top of the stairs.

Alex was in his room, naked, binoculars in hand, watching the couple next door fuck. His mother wasn't far behind, upstairs, fingering herself, watching the two lovers give everything to one another.

"So beautiful," Jennifer whimpered before another orgasm hit her. -5- The next morning, Janet was straddling Awesome teen beauty likes fingering and fuck, his cock in balls deep, feeding him breakfast. Jennifer called to once again decline plans for the beach that day. Janet didn't mind, she understood. They ended the call and Janet took Mason back to bed after breakfast. "Whoa! You alright?" Alex exclaimed, coming to his mother's aid.

Jennifer was attempting to wade out into a nearby marsh to get a photo of a Great Blue Heron. She slipped and fell into the mud. Luckily, she used her body to break her fall, saving her camera from getting muddy. She handed her camera to Alex. He set it down and extended his hand. Jennifer felt like being playful, pulling Alex into the dark mud with her.

"Aw come on!" he cried out. Jennifer tackled him, flinging mud on him. "We can mud wrestle," she joked. "Sure," Alex slammed her down. They rolled around in the mud for a bit, coming to a stop with Jennifer on top of Alex. "Uh, Mom, I think you're missing something," Alex pointed out. "Oh shit," she cupped her breasts, her bikini top having fallen off in their wrestling.

"Don't worry. I can't really see anything. The mud is pretty thick," Alex said, looking around for her top. Jennifer paused, straddling her son; she removed her hands from her breasts. "Alex," he looked at her. "You sure?" "Um, yeah," he chuckled, barely able to make out her nipples. Jennifer walked around in the mud, topless, looking for her bikini top.

She found it a few minutes later, slowly putting it back on. They held hands and swam out into the creek, washing the mud off. "Well, that was fun," she said, resting her arms around Alex's shoulders.

"We should probably get out of here. A shark could swim up here and get us." "Ha, I doubt that," Alex said, moving the two witness sex with hot beauty hardcore and blowjob them toward land. He stood and walked out of the marsh, his mom pulled his pants down, exposing his untanned ass. "Hey!" he quickly pulled them up.

Jennifer smiled; she liked her and Alex being closer like this. When they arrived back to their home, there was a flyer stuck the mailbox.

"A Halloween party," Jennifer said. "I want you and I to go." "Do I have to?" "Yes, please, I'd like that. I'll think of a costume for us." "Ugh, fine," Alex said, walking by her, toward the front door. Jennifer playfully kicked at his butt.

They had dinner with Janet and Mason a couple more times before the party. Alex imitated Mason's behavior, putting his arm around his mother. Jennifer did the same, sitting close, resting her hand on Alex's leg. What Jennifer didn't know was that her sister was rubbing and squeezing Mason's erection under the table. When they walked on the beach this time, both couples were holding hands. Jennifer felt so much peace now. She and Alex were much more like Janet and Mason.

Jennifer kissed Alex goodnight, telling him to sleep well. "I'm making breakfast tomorrow, so no cereal." "Sounds great, Mom," Alex smiled. Jennifer couldn't wipe the smile off her face if she tried. She was naked by the time she reached her bedroom door hours of masturbation and voyeurism lie ahead of her.

"Yes, that's it," Alex watched the couple next door getting it on in their kitchen. He stood at his window, binoculars to his eyes, cock getting harder and harder each second. *********** "Are we going to the Halloween thing?" Mason asked after slapping Janet's ass, while taking her from behind. story sex pantat besar black porncewe negro, already got our costumes. A priest and a slutty nun," Janet said, on her knees, guiding Mason's hands to her breasts.

"Is Dad going?" "Not sure. He spends a lot of time at the new strip club." "I see," Mason recalled going there with his mother. It was the night they first had sex. There were drinks, lap dances, blowjobs, which led to Janet and Mason sleeping with each other that night. She stood before him, undressed, and confessed her goal of bringing him to her new home to chubby hot lady enjoys pussy slamming and cock sucking european brunette love to him.

"I may take Jennifer there. I'll show her many wonderful things, but I'm not sure when. She and Alex aren't lovers like all the other families are at least not yet." -6- "Well, how do I look?" Jennifer appeared before Alex wearing a sexy sailor costume.

Her midriff was shown, her skirt was mid-thigh length, and she had on knee high matching boots. "Whoa!" Alex exclaimed, also wearing a sailor costume that wasn't sexy. "Um, yeah." "Too revealing? This is what arrived, I thought it'd look better than this." "No, I mean, yeah it's a little revealing.

But It's fine," Alex said. "Ok, as long as you aren't bothered by it." "Nah, it's ok." The house they walked to was completely packed full of people. Jennifer noticed no older men, and the women were all in the range of late 30s to early 50s.

She found Janet wearing a sexy nun costume. "Wow, you look like a total whore," Jennifer said. "So do you!" Janet hugged her sister. "Hey, there's something weird about this," Jennifer shouted over the loud music.

"What?" "I said this is weird. Where are all the older men?" "Oh! This is mom and son only," Janet informed her. "That should've been on the flyer. Maybe they forgot to mention it. Oh well!" Jennifer watched Janet move through the crowd. Janet found, hugged, and kissed Mason on the cheek. Mason was talking to someone. Janet moved out of the way to reveal a brunette in a Wonder Woman costume. Jennifer immediately blushed, recognizing the woman as her neighbor someone she'd been watching have sex every night since they moved in.

Jennifer couldn't hear the conversation on account of the music, but she saw Janet pointing to Mason and the woman's chest. Mason nodded, smiling awkwardly. The woman laughed, arched her back, and Mason grabbed a breast. "What the hell?" Jennifer watched Janet and the woman laugh.

The woman made eye contact with Jennifer. "Alex," Jennifer turned around, he wasn't there. She looked for him, weaving through the crowd, finally laying eyes on him and another woman.

She was older than Janet, another mother. The woman was touching his arm. Alex leaned in close, his hands behind his back and listened to whatever the woman said. Jennifer was able to read his lips a bit. Alex nodded and said "yes ma'am." Jennifer watched the woman give him a quick hug and waved bye.

"Alex," she smiled, taking a step closer. Jennifer was stopped by a tap on her shoulder. She turned around, blushing once more, seeing her neighbor.

"Hi!" the woman leaned in close. "I'm Denise, your next door neighbor," she extended her hand. "Hi. Jennifer," Jennifer shook it, embarrassed and slightly ashamed for watching Denise and her man have sex. "I would've come over to introduce myself shortly after you moved in, but I was so busy, I just kept forgetting!" Denise explained, leaning in close so Jennifer could hear.

"Busy having sex," Jennifer thought. "Oh, it's fine, really," she said. "Henry!" Denise called out. A younger man in a cheap Superman costume joined Denise. Jennifer recognized his face, from what she could tell from her bedroom vantage point.

"Henry, this is Jennifer our new neighbor. Jennifer, this is Henry, my son." Jennifer's stomach flinched, almost like she was punched in the gut. She inhaled sharply, holding her breath. "Uh, um, what?" "My son," Denise said again. "Um," Jennifer was at a loss for words. "He's, he's your son?" "Yep. I got pregnant in my teens so I'm not too much older than him," Denise playfully whacked her tall son across the chest.

"I, I see, well, um, ok. Nice to meet you. I need to find my own son. Excuse me," Jennifer pushed past them, in the opposite direction of Alex. She moved through the people, mothers and sons, finally reaching the back door. She stepped outside to the pool area. "Holy shit! What the hell?" she sat down on the steps, running her fingers through her hair. She had no words, only shame and confusion. She masturbated to those two since they moved in.

She had no idea they were related, much less a mom and son. She did her best to fight back tears. She felt betrayed.

Jennifer thought their love-making, their sex with one another, was so beautiful. She had no idea it was incest. She admitted to herself it was her own fault for spying on them. She stood and headed back inside. On her way in, she saw two people kissing by the pool and older woman and, she presumed, her son. When she found Alex, Denise and her son Henry were talking with him.

He had an expression on his face as though he'd seen a ghost. His saw his mother approach and gave an awkward wave. "Hi, Alex, we need to leave," Jennifer said. "Aww so soon?" Denise asked. "Yes, my stomach, something isn't sitting well," Jennifer told a half-truth. "Ok, sure," Alex said. He gave Denise and Henry a nod and left. They said nothing on their walk back home, they didn't hold hands either. Both couldn't admit to the other what they'd been pleasuring themselves to.

Both felt embarrassed at the fact what they've been witnessing each night the incredible, beautiful lovemaking was a mother and son. They quietly headed to their respective rooms where they stayed the remainder of the night. - Jennifer tossed and turned, unable to sleep. She punched a pillow in anger. There was no light shining through from Denise and Henry's bedroom. She assumed they were still at the Halloween party.

Images of them fucking ran through her mind. Jennifer saw Henry sucking Denise's tits, Denise's head thrown back in pleasure. She saw Henry kissing all over his mother's back while taking her from behind. She saw Denise bouncing up and down on her son, shaking the bed. She saw the light come on from their bedroom.

Denise and Henry were home from the party. "Don't, please don't," she begged herself not to sit up and look. "Resist it," she fought the urge to watch them. She tried to sleep, rolling to her side, facing away from the window. The light wouldn't go off, it stayed on. She sat up and angrily turned to their window.

Denise was naked, running around her room, laughing, Henry chasing after her. He caught her and slammed her on the bed, climbing on top of her. Jennifer watched them have sex again, her own pussy practically dripping when she saw Denise's facial expression one of pure ecstasy. Jennifer couldn't hold out any longer, she slid her fingers into her panties, rubbing her clit while watching them.

When Denise came again, so did Jennifer. She watched them talk, wondering what about. Denise slapped him, he pouted, Denise slapped him again. It reminded Jennifer of a lioness playing with her lion. Henry dove into her neck, kissing and licking. Jennifer watched him sit up, taking Denise with him. He stood and threw her over his shoulder. She watched Denise slap at Henry's ass as they left the bedroom, turning the light college giving each other handjobs cumming. "It's over," Jennifer thought.

She was wrong. Another light source got her attention. It was their back yard. She could see into it, but only half of the pool area. She saw Henry, his mom on his shoulder, run and jump into the warmed pool water. She saw them splash and playing. Then swim away, out of sight. She took a deep breath, sitting on the edge of her bed in the dark room. She felt uneasy, she wanted to watch more. She decided to sneak into her yui kasugano tight schoolgirl fucked by the teacher back yard and peep over the fence.

As Jennifer approached the back door, via the kitchen, she discovered someone else had the same idea. Just beyond the door, standing at the fence, she saw Alex, illuminated by Denise and Henry's back porch light. He was watching them. Jennifer moved away from the door, sitting in a chair, rubbing her temples. The reality that both she and her son have been watching Denise and Henry have sex sunk in. She had no idea what it meant and was afraid to think about it. She went to bed, leaving Alex to jack off outside.

-7- "Janet. What the hell kind of neighborhood is this?" Jennifer asked Janet on the phone the next day. "Excuse me?" "You heard me. Our next door neighbors " "Denise and Henry." "Yes, them. They're fucking each other. I've seen it. You and Mason, I've seen you two act like a romantic couple. That party last night, mom and son only?

They're all with each other, aren't they? Why the hell did you and Harvey invite me to move here? Huh?" Janet sighed on the other end. She looked over to her naked son, watching him flip through channels on the TV in the bedroom.

"Ok. It's time we talk," Janet said. "I'll pick you up later. There's something I need to show you." *********** The brand new strip envy star fine and cute black pornstar was packed with people.

It was beachfront, a few miles from The Haven. Jennifer didn't ask why she was there; she was going along for the ride. She and Janet sat in a booth in the corner. Janet ordered drinks and they sat quietly for a while. "Jennifer, do you see that young brunette over there? She has a very ample backside," Janet asked.

"Yeah, so?" "The guy she's giving a lap dance to, that's her brother. Her mom, she's a little older than me I think, we were talking the other week. She told me that her daughter's butt has been attached to her son's dick since he arrived a few months ago.

She was joking with me, saying she didn't know how the poor girl could walk after all the anal sex they've had." Jennifer blinked rapidly, watching the woman's ass glide over her brother's crotch, rising up to cover his face. The girl stood, blowing him a kiss, as she made her way off stage. "Over there, see that old fart?" Janet said, pointing to her husband, Harvey.

"Watch." Jennifer watched a tall, short-haired, blonde, crawl out onto the stage, directly toward Harvey. Her big tits swayed as she crawled seductively toward him. She got in his lap, straddling him, playfully knocking his face with her breasts.

Harvey grabbed her waist, holding her still, motor boating them. "He loves his daughter. He comes here every day she's here, watches her, supports her," Janet said. "Every single woman that dances here, most of them, have never stripped professionally before. Most of these people here in the crowd, you'd probably recognized some from last night.

I'd say the majority of customers are residents of The Haven and come here to see their mom, sister, daughter, aunt, whoever strip and be sexy up there. Sure we have regular non-Haven customers. They don't and will never know about the familial relations that go on here. Do you know how I know so much about this place?" "You come here a lot too?" "It's because I'm a part-owner." "Really?" "Myself and a few other moms got together and talked about setting up a strip club for us.

For fun. We used the reserved money the creator of The Haven set aside, and opened it up." "Janet, I " "The reason I asked you to move here, is because I was hoping the entire family could be here together, loving each other. If you and Alex never became lovers, that's fine, you don't have to. No one is forcing it." "Geez, Janet," Jennifer ran her hand through her long, red locks.

"Think about this for a minute: if you could live in a place where you could love who you want, how you want, no one would judge, criticize, or condemn you, you would, secretaire francaise sexy suce une bite pour les voyeurs you?" "Yes, but Janet, this is incest, this is " "Wrong, sick, taboo, I know.

That's what the outside world thinks. But look at them," Janet pointed to Harvey and her daughter. "Look at Mason and me. Look at Denise and Henry.

There's so much real love there." "It's wrong." "If you have those desires, those urges, to be that intimate with the person you love most, the person you'd die for your son even if they were wrong, wouldn't you at least consider it?

Especially if you lived in very hot amateur couple having an amazing sex masturbation tight pussy place where you wouldn't be judged or condemned, but free?

That's another reason these women with no experience dance up there. That's another reason most of the people in The Haven are practically nudists its freeing. They can be free and love without fear. It could be their son, sibling, parent, whoever." Jennifer didn't respond, she stared blankly at the stage. Her niece finished up with Harvey and headed backstage. Deep in Jennifer's heart she knew Janet had a point.

She wondered if it was human nature to do or try something, knowing there'd be no consequences. With incest, there could be mental or emotional damage, but, Jennifer wondered, what if it was consensual? She watched people again. This time, Janet getting up, hugging her daughter. Harvey came over, hugging them both. Jennifer watched the sister from earlier, sitting next to her brother, his arm around, kissing her tenderly. She thought of Denise and Henry, then of herself, how happy she was those few days she and Alex reconnected.

If they were like Denise and Henry, that happiness would be amplified tenfold. "Alex was watching them too," she thought, Janet taking her seat. "I've been watching them, Denise and Henry, that's how I know about them," Jennifer told Janet.

"I didn't know their names until last night, they introduced themselves to us. I've been watching them from my bedroom have sex every night since we moved here. I had no idea the most passionate, amazing sex, I'd ever witness was between a mom and son." "Right, see?" "Alex has been watching them too. I caught him last night, looking over the fence into their pool area." "Maybe he feels the same way. I've been telling you since you two got here to communicate more with him," Janet reminded her.

"Ask him about it." "How long have you and Mason been like that?" Janet smiled, "Not long. We're just getting started. It took about two weeks for him and I to cross that line. I took him here and danced for him. That led to many wonderful things." "Do you two do it every day?" "Yep." "So does Harvey and she?" Jennifer nodded to the father/daughter couple talking at the bar. "They do." "This doesn't affect your marriage?" "Not yet.

We're open, we love each other, and we love our kids." Jennifer took a deep breath. "Talk to Alex, see what he thinks about your neighbors," Janet advised.

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-8- Jennifer sat in her dark bedroom later that night, debating on whether to get blinds or not. If she did, she couldn't watch them. If she didn't, she could. She wondered if that meant she accepted it, enjoyed it, and maybe even wanted it firm bodied ebony enjoys good pussy drilling which ends with big creampie herself.

She wasn't masturbating. She simply sat there constantly watching them, sipping wine. When Denise and Henry finally stopped, Jennifer almost immediately fell asleep. She, like her neighbors, slept late, waking up around 11 am.

Alex did the same. "Hey, I'm going to a nature reserve, take some pics," Jennifer said, grabbing her gear. "Ok cool," Alex replied, not looking at her, fixing a bowl of cereal.

Jennifer was away from him, her neighbors, and her sister all day. Janet's words and all she'd witnessed since moving to The Haven weighed heavily on her mind. That night, after avoiding everyone for most of the day, Jennifer brought herself several orgasms to Denise and Henry. "I want it, what they have," she admitted before falling asleep. The next day she approached Alex. "We need to talk, let's go for another walk after dinner, watch the sunset." "Everything ok?" "I want to talk to you about living here, if you like it, your thoughts on it, alright?" "Sure." *********** After a light booby stepmom and slim teen nasty some, mom and son walked along the beach, the sun setting in the distance.

"Alex," Jennifer grabbed his hand, stopping their walk. "I know you've been watching the neighbors." "What?" his hand jerked away. "I know you've been watching them have sex." Embarrassed, he struggled to speak "I don't " "I have too.

Every night. I watch them have sex every night. I know they are mom and son. We both learned that at the Halloween party the other night.

I still watched them, I still," Jennifer paused. "I still masturbated to them." Alex blushed, looking toward the setting sun. "I know you watched them since then too. After learning they're related.

Alex," she reached for his hand again. "Incest is normal here in this neighborhood. The Haven. After watching our neighbors, I can't help but think what it'd be like to be that close to my son to you." "Mom, I'm not sure. I mean, I don't know if that's a good idea." "Have you thought about it, too?" Alex gulped, "Some yes. They seem so normal." "I know.

Janet and your cousin are like them. I've learned that all the residents of The Haven are." "Really?" "It makes me wonder if we're surrounded by it, it's accepted here, what if you and I considered it." "Are you serious? I don't know.

Just because it's accepted doesn't mean it's a good idea," Alex said. "True. But look at Denise and Henry, and Janet and Mason. Look how happy they are. It's insane, watching our neighbors go at it like that. So much love there." "No one would know. Except maybe our family. Sounds like they all do it anyway," Alex said.

"Right." "I mean, you wouldn't a mommy wants you to cum in her mouth hurting me. I'd agree to it. IF I agreed to it, that is." "Yeah. Maybe we could think about it more?" "Good idea." Jennifer grabbed his hand and they walked back to their home.

*********** Hours passed. After giving Alex a slow goodnight kiss on the corner of his mouth, Jennifer headed up stairs to her room. Alex was alone in his, watching the neighbors go at it. Henry was really giving it to her. Denise was pinned against the wall, the window, thrown onto the bed. She'd jump in Henry's arms, taking him down to the mattress. Alex was close to cumming several times. He stopped each time to break. He wondered if his mother was seeing their show too.

She was and was nearly ready to explode. Alex was jacking off, beating his meat to Denise riding Henry. He stopped, sighing heavily, rubbing his neck and head. "They're crazy," he thought. He looked to his throbbing erection, his entire cock seemingly tingling.

His door opened. He gasped, his mother entering his room. Alex quickly covered his crotch with a pillow. Jennifer was naked. She said nothing, moving slowly over to him. "Mom? Uh, I was just " She placed her index finger on his lips, silencing him. He calmed down. Jennifer removed the pillow, tossing it aside.

Alex's breathing picked up, he wasn't sure what was going on. A deep, passionate kiss from his mother told him everything he needed to know. "Are we really going to do this?" he whispered. "Yes," she said at a normal volume. Jennifer pushed him to the bed, straddled him, kissing him again. "I love you." They kissed again, his hands finding her waist. She grabbed the base of his cock, sliding it inside her. "Alex," she whimpered.

"Yes," she nearly cried, feeling his length go in all the way. He looked at his mother, light from Denise and Henry's bedroom streaming in on his room. Alex ran his hands over her breasts, her tummy, and her neck, bringing her in for another kiss. "When in Rome?" she giggled. "Yeah," He smiled at her. "I love you too, by-the-way." "Good, now show me." Alex stood and climbed on the bed, on his knees, his mother's legs wrapped around him. She grabbed the back of his head, hanging on, while he bounced her.

"Alex!" Jennifer moaned. "So good, so perfect." Staring into one another's matching blue eyes, breathing heavily in each other's face, they made love. Alex kept bouncing her, thrusting upwards into her; Jennifer moaning, calling out his name each time. "We're doing it!" she exclaimed before an orgasm overtook her. "I can't go as long as him," Alex said, referring to Henry.

"Don't care!" his mother cried out. "Oh yeah!" he said, feeling her clamp down on his dick. "Ohh, Alex!

Yes! I'm, I'm cumming!" she clawed at his neck and shoulders, her back arching, Alex sucking her tits while she came. "Ahhh, Alex!" He was shaking, nearing his own release. Alex guided her to her back, his arms tired. "Oh wow," he whispered, propping himself up on his elbows, thrusting hard against her. He grunted with each hard impact as he mated with her. "Yes! Come on!" he said. "Cum! That's it!" his mother urged him.

"Ahhhh!" Alex thrust one, hard, final time, his cock erupting inside her, filling her with sperm. "Mom!" He rolled off her, she followed, kissing his neck, shoulders, chest, rubbing his tummy. "Mmm, so glad we did that," she said. "You don't feel guilty?" "Nope! Feels natural." "Whew, it was amazing. Sorry it wasn't long," Alex said. "I have a feeling we'll be getting plenty of practice," Jennifer kissed him. -9- Mom and son woke up earlier than usual the next morning.

They got a decent night's sleep. Mainly because they didn't stay up most of the night masturbating to something they wanted. They were spooning, Alex waking her up by kissing along her side. He caressed her shoulders, sides, following up his soft touches with kisses. He kissed down to her hip. Jennifer stirred, rolled to her back and smiled at her son. Alex kissed along her tummy next, heading southbound. Jennifer responded by opening her legs for him.

Alex kissed and licked along her inner thigh. He lapped at her pussy lips, nuzzled her clit, running his nose across her trimmed bush. "Mmmm, yes," his mother moaning, when Alex licked inside her pussy. "Yes, baby." His hand trailed over her tummy, her breasts; his fingers caressing her face as he ate her out. "This, this is how I want to be woken up each morning," Jennifer said before sucking on his index finger. "Good idea," Alex said, moving upward, aligning cock to her pussy as he kissed along her neck.

"We should've done this for your eighteenth birthday. What a present that would've been." "Mmhmm," Alex half paid attention, busy licking her neck, while sliding his cock slowly in and out of her. "Maybe, just maybe, all moms could do this," She droned on. "At least once." Alex went to his knees, gripping her waist with one hand, the other rubbing her tummy.

"But, but you and I," Jennifer held his hand, while he slowly pumped his hips against her. "We'll do this every day.

Like your aunt and cousin, our neighbors." "Good idea," Alex said again. "Ugh, you feel great." "So do you!" she arched her back, her cries of morning lovemaking, echoing in his room. Alex, on top of her, watching her face contort with pleasure, fucked her hard and deeply. "No regrets." "Yes," Jennifer said, Alex stopped thrusting. "I regret not being around like I should've, not listening to you, being stubborn about your college.

And I regret being afraid of us crossing this line. I had nothing to fear." "We can be like everyone else here now. We don't have to be afraid," Alex said. "We're free," his mother added. "Now fuck me. Give me everything!" He went hard on her, as hard as he could without completely emptying his balls into her. He loved hearing her moan and say his name. He loved hearing the bed bang against the wall. Both mom and son were exposed to incest by watching Denise and Henry each night.

They saw how magical it was for them. Now here Jennifer was, underneath her son, cumming on his cock. The burning waves of pleasure passing through her body subsided as she placed her hand on his chest. A little later, Jennifer hummed to herself as she fixed breakfast. She was naked, having no desire to dress.

Alex was in his boxers sitting at the table. "Are you going to be naked like me?" "What if someone comes to the door?" Jennifer chuckled, placing eggs on his plate. They had sex in the shower next, before their double-date with Janet and Mason. They went to the same restaurant they went to their first night there. This time was different. Alex had his arm around his mother, just like Mason had his around Janet.

The two sisters were chatting about random things, all while Jennifer squeezed and rubbed Alex's erection under the table just like Janet was going to Mason.

They walked together, holding hands, like two couples. That night, neither of them watched Denise and Henry have sex. They instead went to Jennifer's room, Alex moving in, turned a lamp on and made love. Jennifer was on top, smiling at Alex. He laughed at her, his hands rubbing all over her body. She lowered herself, kissing him, Alex squeezing her ass.

He sat up, his mother offering him a breast to suck. "Mmm, I love it," she purred, Alex sucking a nipple. Jennifer ground herself against him, the two lovers kissing, caressing, fondling continuously. Alex held her in his arms when she climaxed. Jennifer was giggling. "What's so funny?" Alex asked. "I don't know!" Jennifer replied.

Alex guided her to all fours, moving behind her, running his hands over her back into her long, red hair. "I love it," she said, when Alex guided himself into her. He pulled her up to his chest, holding her there by her hair and his other hand around her waist. He gave her hard, slow thrusts from his pelvis, touching bottom. "Good?" he asked. "Uh huh. Anything you do is good," Jennifer said, her tits bouncing with each impact. They eventually moved again, Alex sitting against propped up pillows.

His mother was on top of him, lovingly kissing and licking at his mouth. Their foreheads touched, as she rode him. He loved her hot breath on his face she orgasmed.

"Oh man," Alex said. "You ok?" "Yeah, just give me a second," he wrapped his arms around her, squeezing her tightly. His cock so close to erupting. "Want some water?" "Sure," he stared at her ass when she walked away. When she returned, she handed him a bottle, sitting on him once again his cock back inside her. He took a couple swigs and placed the bottle on the table. "Ready?" he asked. "You know it!" Mom and son got to work, bouncing, grinding, thrusting, and working toward a mutual orgasm.

When they achieved it, Alex filling her with cum, they couldn't look away from one another. They had to watch each other cum. When the orgasms passed, Jennifer pulled him in for a slow kiss. "So good, so wonderful." "Whew, sure is," Alex grabbed the water, sharing it with his mother.

"Alex, what did you think when you found out Denise and Henry were mom and son?" "She introduced herself, then him. I thought I heard wrong. Then I felt bad because I've been spying on them. But at the same time, I couldn't deny what I was watching was really, really hot.

I mean look at her." "Heh, look at him!" Jennifer said. "Anyway, I thought maybe it wouldn't be so bad to try it, because they seemed to have a wonderful relationship. Then Janet and Mason are like that.

I was blown away by how good they get along. I couldn't help but think we could be like them," Alex shrugged. "Maybe." "I think we are like them," Jennifer wiped his forehead. "This feels so right. Janet was telling me here, incest is accepted. I think I had a hard time realizing that. But deep down I knew, if we did this, we'd be just fine." "Yep," Alex kissed his mother, guiding her to her back.

Alex rested up, then he and his mother went at it again. Exhaustion was setting in. Both were sweaty and raw from nightlong sex. "KY Jelly. I'll get some from the store tomorrow," Jennifer said, sliding off Alex's cock after another orgasm.

"Cum for me once more?" she asked, signaling she was sleepy. "Ok," he replied. "Ooh, I know, I can suck it from you," Jennifer giggled again, licking down his body to his cock. She sucked and slurped all over it Alex wouldn't last long.

He filled her mouth with cum, Jennifer swallowing all of it. "There we go, thank you," she wiped her mouth. She turned off the lamp and crawled into bed, kissing his chest, his arm wrapping around her. "I think you look better than her," Alex said in the darkened room, no light from next door shining in.

"Who? Denise?" "Yep. You're probably the hottest woman I daddy i cant handle that bbc inside me take it easy x two know what? I think you look better than Henry. You're the 'hottest' person man I know." Mom and son smiled, holding each other tightly, as sleep overtook them. Jennifer now knew exactly what kind of place The Haven is.

-14- It was New Year's Eve a couple months later. Denise was sitting in a chair in her and Henry's dark bedroom. She was enjoying her wine, naked as usual.

Henry appeared with popcorn, sitting in the chair next to her. Denise rolled her eyes at his boxer shorts. "Henry, why?" "What if someone comes to the door? Geez," he offered her the bowl. "Has the show started yet? "Not yet, they're still eating dinner." A few minutes later, Denise piped up, "Ah here we go." The watched Jennifer push food away and crawl on the table, going to her back.

Alex stood in front of her, pulling her panties off after he removed his shirt. With her assistance, he removed and old professor chillin with a warm tamale her dress off next.

"Looks like he's enjoying some dessert," Henry noted, watching Alex bend forward, kissing all over his mother's stomach. She spread her legs for him, offering her pussy for him to feast upon.

"Mmm, looks fun," Denise munched on popcorn. "She has a nice little body," Henry munched on his own handful, Denise swatted his arm. Jennifer slid off the table, going to her knees, lathering up Alex's cock with her mouth. Denise and Henry watched her stand, kissing Alex, after she covered his cock in saliva. Alex sat his couple having sex to the core pussyfucking wardboy on the table, entering her while standing.

He made love to her, feeding her bits of nearby food as he did. Denise was touching herself, watching Jennifer eat from and lick her son's hand, while he fucked her. His thrusts were so slow and methodical, yet so powerful and deep. Jennifer grabbed her glass of wine, gulping it down. Alex picked her up, moving away from the table, toward the stairs. "Oh, looks like they're heading upstairs," Denise said, watching them go out of sight.

"Maybe. We can't see their stairs from here." Alex set her down at the steps, Jennifer turned around, arching her back, grabbing the banister. Alex entered her from behind, driving his cock in hard.

"Ah fuck!" his mother cried out. He was in so deep, his powerful thrusts, pushing her up the stairs. When they finally arrived at the top, Alex picked her up and took her to their bedroom. She turned a lamp on and he tossed her on the bed. "They're back," Denise patted Henry's head. He was on his knees in front of her, eating her pussy, while waiting for the couple to reappear. He took his seat, grabbed more popcorn and continued watching.

Alex was in some sort of crab-like position next. His mother was on top, riding him, while he flung her practically off his cock and body with each thrust. "Oh, yes!" she cried out so loud it was a surprise Denise and Henry couldn't hear them. "Wow look at that! We haven't done that position," Denise said.

They watched the couple fuck for several more minutes, Denise casually rubbing her clit. The clock struck midnight, a New Year beginning. "Aww," Denise said, when fireworks exploded in the distance.

Jennifer and Alex making love in the foreground. "So very beautiful," she said. "The fireworks, New Year's, a happy couple next door." "Yeah, it's nice." Denise couldn't take it anymore.

"Ok, you and me, let's go," she hopped on Henry's lap. He grabbed a tit to suck on, stood, and took his woman to bed. "Leave the light off," Denise said. "Don't want to distract them. Not that we could at the way they're going at it." "You got it, Mom," Henry said. He slid his cock in, she wrapped her legs around his body, and like Jennifer and Alex next door, along with all the other mothers and sons in The Haven, they rang in the New Year right. The end.