Busty babe with big natural tits fingering her pussy and teasing on webcam

Busty babe with big natural tits fingering her pussy and teasing on webcam
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~~~ This is my first attempt at writing, and I am sorry for the long introduction, please bear with me as I am hoping to write more stories.

Thank you ~~~ My name is Clint. I am about 6 feet tall with short blonde hair and blue eyes. I am quite slim and not too muscular, and before 1 fateful day I thought I was just you average typical nerd. I worked and attended school part time. I spent the majority of my spare time playing video games or on the Internet. It all seemed to change with just the blink of an eye. I had a girlfriend named Myra but she had recently broken up with me.

Myra was about 5'6" with shoulder length dark hair and amber colored eyes. She was very slim except at the hips. She had small boobs and the most perfect ass that I have had the pleasure of smacking or staring at freely.

At first I thought I was OK with the breakup, but after a few weeks and Myra having a new boyfriend I was feeling jealous. I mistook this feeling as wanting her back so I started talking to her again.

After another few weeks for whatever reason she dumped the rebound but still would not get back with me saying that she wanted to be single for a while. After that I noticed her start to change. She was becoming much more carefree than usual, also her curiosity seemed to be increasing. She was going to parties and clubs all the time as well as trying light drugs frequently.

This led her to talking to way more guys, which did not bode well with me. I was going to confront her and see what was going on but she disappeared all of the sudden.

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I could not get a hold of her for anything. When I went to her house her mom said that she went on a short trip with a new friend. I asked who it was but she just said some girl she met not to long ago. After a few days I got a text message from Myra saying that she was at a night club and that is should come meet her.

She said that she wanted to introduce me to her friend. After the loneliness and hopefulness that I had been feeling I could not have resisted her invitation if I wanted to.

So I cleaned up and headed out wondering if this new friend was the reason for her new found personality. When I arrived at the club she quickly found me and lead me to a private booth near the back. Myra's friend stood and introduced herself as Talia. She was the most gorgeous person I think I have ever seen. She was wearing this black dress that was fairly concealing and yet very seductive.

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She was slim and almost as tall as me with long blonde hair. Her boobs looked to be "C" cups and I was just waiting to catch a glimpse of her ass. My eyes met hers and I noticed that she must have some sort of contact lenses in because her eyes were blood red. Then I realized that I could not stare away. After a moment I was able to break eye contact and stutter "I… I'm Clint, na na… nice to meet you." She giggled as I spoke and said, "The pleasure is all mine." I paused for a moment trying to collect my bearings when Myra broke the silence, " OK the greetings are over can we party now?" Talia told Myra to calm herself and to sit down.

Myra quickly obeyed which shocked me a little. "Let me get straight to the point," said Talia, "You are a wolf, you carry noble blood of the earth clan." I stood there in awe trying to figure out if she was making a joke. Myra spoke up, "I just said that it seemed like he was psychic, not anything about being a wolf." "He seems that way because he has extremely heightened instincts almost like a sixth sense." Talia said to Myra.

Putter her attention back on me Talia asked me to go with her to her home so that she could explain more. She added that after her story was over the 3 of us would be able to have some fun together. I pretty much thought she was crazy but hell I could play along if it was going to be get me laid, especially if it was going to be by both of them. Later at Talia's house she again told Myra to sit and be patient.

We sat down and Talia began her story. "I am an ambassador for the earth clan, they have recently asked me to find a missing noble wolf and return him to the d porn game mercy fucking sound play free. The chief is not long for this world and his replacement must be of noble blood.

Clint, the missing wolf is you. Your father did not simply abandon you and your mother.

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He was called to war when you were young and during his battles he suffered fatal injuries. Because you are only half blood and you were not raised in the clan you never leaned how to activate your abilities." "So what? I can turn into a wolf?" I said. "Not just a wolf, but you can take a werewolf like form as well once I awaken your powers." Replied Talia, she continued.

"I can tell that you do not believe me, but you will in time. For now let us retire to the bedroom." The moment I stepped in Myra tossed me to the bed and began striping me. Talia came over and started to caress my chest, arms, and face. Once Myra had us both naked she started sucking my dick. I was fully erect in seconds. After a few moments Talia lowered her face to mine and we began kissing.

I seemed to feel vibrations of pleasure emanating from her. They were so powerful I almost did not notice that Myra had started riding me. She was humping and grinding but I didn't feel like I was getting close to a climax because I was lost in Talia's lips. After a while Myra stated to convulse uncontrollably and moan loudly. Suddenly she became very still and tense before falling off of me then what seemed to be straight to sleep.

"Looks like she has had her fill, my turn now." Talia said seductively. She quickly undressed and got on her hands and knees.

I got behind her and rubbed her pussy with the head of my dick until I felt her getting wet. It didn't take long for me young girls have fun with a dick slip my rod into her warm, waiting crotch.

She kendra secrets gets a big black cock so tight and moist that I almost lost it instantly but I recovered when I noticed another odd sensation that I had never felt before. By now I was steadily pushing deep into her.

It wasn't enough for me so I began to ram hard and deep as quickly as I could manage. She put her head down and started screaming muffled words into the pillows. After I herd what I thought were the words don't stop I tried my best to keep the pace that I had set just continually ramming my rod into her hot box.

It wasn't long before my balls were churning and cum started gushing from my cock into her belly.