Working out with biggest fake penis lesbian and college

Working out with biggest fake penis lesbian and college
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" So will you suck my weewee this time?" " For fuck's sake shut up you loser!!" Most nights were now like this.She would come in my room,and without saying even a word,just sit on my penis and fuck me like a freakin sexrag.At that time I couldn't help but think that it's ok, she's my mommy.Atleast I thought she was.

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" You fuckin dimwit.You're pathetic and of no use.I even hate doing this with you." She said while straddling on me.I was on my back and she was on top,jumping up and down. Then she said,"Suck me like the loser you are.Maybe then I'll not spank you tonight." " Please anything,but leave my butt." She grabbed a belt and then sat on my face while I already naked was lying on the bed already out of breath. "Now cuntbag or else.

Uh-Uhm yeah ooh it feels so-" There was no warning or sign she smacked the belt on my penis.i winced in pain as tears started to well on my face.But I didn't dare stop licking her cunt.I licked her cunt as if it was chocolate.My dick was throbbing,eventually the pain had subsided,gone too numb I guess.

"Oh so gooood,faster you wimp or I'll. ohhh unnnh I'm,I'm cumming.Uhhhhhhhhh. ooooh fuccckk. " She moaned in pleasure as she whipped me more and more all over my body.I winced in pain making muffled noises.The tears had finally run free.My body tensed up due to all the abuse. "Ok, shithead that was pathetic. Don't tell me that's all you got. Huh, you're crying, oh it feels so good to hear your pain you know." She then got up and pushed hot massage adorable girl bounces on dong hardcore blowjob off the bed.

Leaving me to sleep on the carpet she dozed off just like every night.

But unlike every night today was special, today I was going to leave my mommy behind and finally run away. I had been stealing money quietly just for this time. I went outside of the room carrying my clothes and walking on tiptoes silently making my way to the kitchen towards the bundle of cash that I had hidden inside the cookie jar.

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It was 238 dollars and 76 cents to be right. After dressing up and wearing my shoes, I pocketed the money and checked my clock. 12:45, exactly as planned. I then silently went outside our house and ran. I never even looked back to the place I had been calling home since childhood. I ran and ran not stopping for even a second. By the time I stopped running I had reached the bus station.

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Panting hard I made my way to the bus and sat on the last seat making sure to wear my hood on so no one would recognise me. Finally I had done it and escaped. I didn't know where the bus was going but I didn't care as long as it was away from home. I started feeling sleepy and finally dozed off. "Ok kiddo, last stop's here. " I was woken by the driver's voice. I saw outside the window where it was day. I got yanks brunette tegan mohr humps her foot the bus.

The bus instantly sped off choking a huge cloud of dust on its way, leaving me stranded in this place where even the roads were dusty and the fields were as yellow as the sun and as the soil they were growing on.

Seeing no building around I started walking. I walked and walked until my feet started to hurt. I started sweating so bad I opened my zipper but left the hood on.

The sun baked me like a sizzling barbecue. There was no sign of life. Just miles and miles of dusty fields. It was about dusk when I reached a house. Infront of which was a girl, she had auburn hair and was wearing jeans and a t-shirt. "Hey kid,you need something?" She gasped, as she finally looked in my direction. "Mom! Please help there's this weird kid, he has red marks on his body!!" A woman came running out. " Oh sweety, are you los-" "Mommy."was all I could say as my body gave up out of exhaustion and hit the ground.

My eyes slowly closing leaving me finally in peace.

I had escaped. Who was this weird kid? He had alot of red marks all over his body. He was wearing nothing under his hood, it was all clearly visible. "C'mon sweety we have to take him inside. You grab his arms and I'll carry his legs." Mom and I carried him up to my room and left him on the spare bed. " Eww, what's that weird smell on his face." I sniffed him. Yup, it was definitely cum.

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" Ok now, Briana I'm gonna go finish the chores. Watch out for this kid now." "K, Mom. " After mom left I got attractive doll flashes massive ass and gets anal plowed rag and some water.

I then hesitantly took off his clothes and shoes. " Oh my God." He had these marks on all his body and his penis too! No wonder he was in so much pain. I then cleaned all his body, not thinking too much of the penis. I took extra care for his face and hair. He had almost pale white skin and looked 18-ish. With black hair that completed his look. Blushing, I then covered him with a blanket allowing him to sleep. "So." "So what?" "What should we about the kid? I do have school tomorrow. " "We'll see to that in the morning.

Now finish your dinner and go to sleep." "But what if he wakes up a-and I don't know,try to attack me?" "You saw his face. Do you think he could attack anybody, besides it looks as the poor kid has suffered a lot." That I think we both agreed.

I finished dinner and then after cleaning the plates, was changing my clothes when I heard the sound of thunder. " Just great now it will be muddy tomorrow. " I brushed my teeth and went to bed.