Shy loves boyfriend is quite the romantic with r

Shy loves boyfriend is quite the romantic with r
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BimboTech Chapter Two: Bimbo Wife & the Black Cock By mypenname3000 Copyright 2016 Frank Jackman, CEO of BimboTech Chemicals "I think we need to invite the Executive Officer of CFSAN to our home," Alice said as she pressed against me in the back of our limo. She pronounced CFSAN as "sif-san." CFSAN, the Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition, was that part of the FDA which approved, among other things, cosmetic products like the Russian mom jerking hard fuck Serum, our revolutionary compound that would turn the ugliest, fastest woman into a hot, busty beauty.

And a bimbo. Like the two sluts sucking on my cock right now. Blonde Becky had her mouth wrapped about my cock, bobbing up and down while Janet, a raven-haired MILF with huge tits, sucked and nibbled on my balls. Both bimbos weren't even paying attention to the conversation I had with my first wife, Alice. "And let you girls give him a good time?" I groaned to my first wife. "But if he has ethical concerns about the serum, won't that just prove them?

He'll see you as all airheads. Women who you can convince to do anything." "And?" Alice asked, her green eyes flashing. Her large tits strained her dress, almost spilling out. Once, she had been a plump woman with small tits despite her size. I had loved her anyways. Then she had injected my beauty-enhancing formula into her thigh and transformed into a bimbo.

"He's a man. He'll think with his cock." "How can he think with his cock?" asked Nicole, her body pressed into Alice's back. Nicole was brunette with wide eyes and pouty lips. "I thought our minds were in our heads.

Is it different for men? Is that why the tip of your dicks are spongy. Brains are spongy, right?" "It's a metaphor, sweetie," Alice said. Right now, she had her full faculties thanks to the intelligent serum. It temporarily gave bimbos their normal thoughts.

"What's a metfor?" asked Nicole. "What does that have to do with minds?" Becky's mouth popped off my dick. The eighteen-year-old bimbo let out a giggle. "Metfor is a smile. I learned that in school. Metfors and smiles describe things.

Our husband's cock is hot desi babe toys her tight cunt a brain.

It's soft and squishy and makes him feel so good when we touch it. Like this." She licked the tip of my dick, and I groaned. "See," she giggled. "It's a metaphor and a simile," I groaned as she licked again, my dick throbbing, pleasure rushing to my real mind. "What do mets have to do with smiles?" Nicole asked. A huge one crossed her lips. "They don't seem connected." "Don't worry about it, sweetie," Alice said, her red hair shifting as she looked over her shoulder.

"Why don't you and Veronica lick each other's pussies. You need your female vitamins now." "Yes," Nicole giggled. "I love licking pussies.

So creamy and goody and yummy." "Me, too." Veronica clapped her hands. She was our final wife in the limo. She used to be our bitch of a boss, a bony woman that hated everything.

And now she was our sex slave president. She gave us control of BT Chemical for a pittance and then begged to suck my cock and lick Alice's pussy. "Mmm, look at them go," Alice moaned into my ear, her body pressed tight about me.

"Just so horny and eager to do whatever you tell them to. How can Kirby Steffen object to the Venus serum when it delivers such results?

Makes women so free and horny, able to act out on all their repressed desires." "Yeah, Alice," I groaned, watching the Nicole and Veronica push up their skirts as they fell into a sixty-nine, Nicole on top of Veronica.

Both bimbos squealed as they dived into each other's pussies, licking hard, their bodies squirming. "Yeah, you're right." "I'm always right," Alice moaned, nuzzling at my ear. Her hand grabbed Becky's head, forcing the bimbo's mouth down my cock. "Look at what my being right has given you. Six horny wives all eager to please you." "Yes," I groaned. My last wife, Donna, was at home.

She was Alice's old supervisor, a real bitch, so now she was our housekeeper wife, staying at home, doing all the chores naked, her pussy dripping constantly. She was a naughty bimbo, and anyone who knocked on our door was in for a treat. I think the mailman came up with an excuse to personally deliver our mail each time because of Donna.

"Tell me no man would want this," Alice purred as she forced Becky to deep-throat my dick. I groaned, my cock aching in the depths of the slut's mouth. "He'll override this Ivy Eads who's causing problems." "Damn, Alice," I groaned, turning my head. "You are right.

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We were planning on having a party anyways." "Once we have the FDA on our side," Alice purred, "we will make a fortune selling the Venus Serum." "Damn, I love you," I groaned, my balls aching in Janet's mouth, my dick throbbing in Becky's throat.

I kissed my wife hard, meeting her wicked tongue. She clung to me, fingers digging in my hair as Becky hummed and moaned, the vibrations of her voice massaging my dick.

My balls throbbed, the pressure building. My hand slid up my wife's tight dress. It clung to her, made of stretchy material. I felt her naked tit beneath. I squeezed her large, pillowy mound. Her nipple was hard. My wife kissed me harder, her tongue stabbing into my mouth. Janet sucked and nibbled on my balls, massaging them. The cum boiled in them. I grunted into the kiss.

My cum rose in the depth of my dick. I broke the kiss with my wife, staring down at Becky's three lesbians having sex after fitness class hair spilled over my lap. "Becky, I'm going to cum. You have to share with Janet." "Yes, yes, I need my vitamins so badly," groaned Janet. "You have to share. Sharing is caring." Becky's mouth slid up my shaft. She sucked so hard as she rose.

I groaned, my hips lifting up, my cock aching.

My head lolled back as the pressure built. Alice's lips nuzzled into my ear, licking slowly at my lobe. "Cum in the slut's mouth," Alice moaned. "Dump it in there. Mmm, I know how much you love it when your wives play with your cum." "Yes," I breathed, savoring her tongue.

I squeezed her breast hard. And erupted. The cum boiled into Becky's mouth. The slut moaned in delight as the jizz splattered through her mouth. Janet sucked on one of my balls as they unloaded. The tingle thrill made the orgasm even more intense. I grunted. "Fuck, that's it. Take your vitamin's, slut. Mmm, and share with Janet.

You love her. You want her to be healthy." "Yes, yes," Janet moaned. "Sharing is caring. And I love to share with you, Becky." My final blast of cum spurted into Becky's mouth. The bimbo lifted her lips clear of my dick, cheeks bulging with my cum. She turned her head and locked her mouth onto Janet's. I groaned, watching their pink tongues flash back and forth, sharing my jizz.

"Oh, that never gets dull," Alice moaned, her cheek rubbing on mine, watching Janet, her best friend, snowball my jizz with young Becky. Janet was old enough to be Becky's mother. Which only made my dick ache more as she pushed the blonde down to the floor of the limo, their pillowy tits piling together, covered by their dresses.

"No, it doesn't," I breathed. "I hope the Executive Director of CSFAN is ready to have sexy bimbos fawning over him." Alice laughed. xxx movies of gonzunder 16 girls just hope he's sexy. Because I'm going to fuck him so hard. I'll convince him to be on our dennis neukt nadia in de gouden kooi know you will," I grinned at my wife, turning and kissing her.

My hand pushed up her skirt. I bet she was dripping wet and in need of a hard cum. Alice broke the kiss as my hand reached her pussy. She was bare and wet—the bimbo formula denuded pubic hair—and shuddered as my fingers penetrated her depths.

"First, call Carter. Have him send out the party invite. Let's not get distracted." "So easy with a wife as sexy as you," I grinned, curling my fingers, caressing her G-spot. "Yes!" she moaned. "Call him, Frank. Call him while you finger my cunt.

Mmm, I have the best husband in the world." I pulled out my phone, fumbling at it as my wife's pussy clenched on my fingers. Her hands popped her big breasts out, squeezing her soft moans as I scrolled through the contact list until I found Carter's number.

He was the head of R&D and one of Alice's boy toys, enhanced by a masculine form of the serum. Instead of making him an airhead, it just made him a pussy, subservient, eager to please. Pussy whipped. "Oh, yes," gasped my wife, her fingers squeezing her fat nipples. I stared at them with hunger as the phone rang twice. "What do you need, Mr.

Jackman," Carter answered, his voice pleasant. "Tell him, Frank," moaned Alice. "Invite the head of CFSAN to dinner at our place. We would like the chance to speak to him in private, to show him that these concerns are groundless." "Right away, sir," Carter said while my wife moaned.

"Finger my cunt, Frank. Make me cum." "Make her cum, husband," giggled Janet, breaking her kiss with Becky. "She's your first wife.

You have to please her." "First cums first," Becky nodded, trying to affect a sagely expression spoiled by her vapid, blue eyes and pouting duck face. "Then second cums second." "That's me," giggled Janet. "And you're third." The pair kissed as I hung up on Carter, thrusting my fingers deep into my wife's cunt. "Yes, Frank," she moaned as I sucked on her nipple. "Oh, you always give me what I need." My dick hardened, and I ripped my fingers out of her snatch.

I moved, sliding up her body, her nipple popping from my lips with a wet plop. Her green eyes flashed, her red hair piled on the bed of the limo. Her thighs spread wide. I smeared her pussy juices on her lips as my cock prodded at her cunt.

I rammed into her as I leaned over, capturing her lips. As I savored her hot, tight sheath about my dick, I drank in the flavor of her spicy musk staining our kiss. She moaned, arms wrapped tight about me, her pussy clenching as she humped her hips up into my thrusts.

The limo rocked as the beta-cuckold Ryan drove us home. He could see us, the divider down. He heard his ex-wife, Janet, moan her delight as Becky devoured her cunt on the floor. "We're going to seduce the head of busty black lady rayne gets her pussy creamed video FDA," moaned Alice.

"With cameras recording. We'll have him. Blackmail and lust. He won't resist us." Her pussy clenched on my dick. "Oh, yes, we'll be so rich, Frank. We'll change the world." "Yes, we will," I groaned, fucking her harder and harder, my thoughts dancing with the possibilities. The world would be so much different once bimbos and beta-males exploded across the scene. Her thighs clenched on my hips, pulling me in tight. Her breasts pressed into my chest. I groaned, her pussy boiling around my dick.

Every thrust made me shudder. Her pussy was so tight, so hot. The bimbo serum gave her a cunt that was such a delight to fuck. "You're going to fuck him," I groaned into my wife's ear.

"You and the other bimbos. You're going to overwhelm him for me." "Yes, yes, for you," moaned Alice.

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"Mmm, yes. My strong husband. We're going to fuck the FDA." "Damn," I groaned, burying my face into the nape of her arching neck as her pussy clenched down hard on me. "Fuck, fuck, fuck me, Frank. I need to cum. I'm so hot. I'm always so hot and horny. I love it." "Then cum, my bimbo slut. My horny wife." "Your horny, bimbo whore!" Alice's pussy spasmed about my dick. Her flesh spasmed, milking my dick, making me tremble. My cock rammed into her depths.

She bucked so hard as her orgasm fired through her. The friction increased. Such sweet bliss shot through me. "Alice," I groaned. "Yes, yes, cum in me," she moaned. "That's the best part of sex. Feeling the man's jizz flood your holes. Mouth, cunt, ass. I don't care. I love it. I savor it. Mmm, yes. Flood me, Frank. Fill me. I want it!" I thrust hard into her.

My balls smacked into her taint. The cum boiled out of her. I grunted, kissing my wife hard, claiming her hot mouth. Our tongues dueled as my cum pumped over and over into her snatch. She shuddered, holding me tight as my orgasm reached its heights.

I trembled, holding onto the bliss, then I collapsed onto her. I held my wife, kissing her, savoring the intimacy. Janet screamed out her orgasm beside us, humping into Becky's mouth while Nicole leena asia carrera tom byron in classic xxx scene theclassicporn vintage Veronica were engaged in their noisy sixty-nine, drenching each other's faces.

"How did the FDA find out that there are ethical concerns?" Alice whispered as the limo pulled up before our house. I frowned. "You think there's a leak?" "How else could they have known? None of our investors are at all are unhappy with the results. They love their new bimbo wives." "Someone at the company?" I sat up. "Shit. That makes sense.

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Someone who thinks it's wrong." "Giving women this level of sexual freedom isn't wrong," Alice moaned. "Oh, it is wonderful. Trust me. We need to find out how this Ivy Eads learned about it." "I guess you and the others will have to be very persuasive with Director Steffan." Alice giggled. "Oh, we will be." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Alice Jackman, Chief Research Scientist of BimboTech Chemicals My eyes popped open. I immediately stretched my back as I sat up in bed, my naked tits bouncing before me.

That always made me giggle. I stared at my tits, loving the way they bounced and slapped together, my nipples hard. My pussy wet. So wet. Mmm, I was wet and itchy and in need of my husband's cock. Hot, yummy vitamins to start the day and keep me healthy and beautiful. I had to be beautiful for my husband.

He was the bestest in the world. Frank slept, his face pillowed on Nicole's breasts. She was the lucky wife to share our bed last night. There was a rotation. They circled over and over. Only I got to be in his bed every night. I was the first wife. The bestest wife. His super-smart sciency wife. And there was so much work to do. My eyes widened. There was a party tonight. We were throwing it for the super-duper important person.

Director Steffan. He made films for the FDA, and we had to get his approval so we could mass produce apples. No, no, the bimbo serum. That was what we had to mass produce.

Would we sell it in apples? The super smart sciency part of my brain, smothered under all the warm, yummy, marshmallowy delight itching from my pussy, laughed. She whispered to me, trying to explain that produce didn't mean fruits and vegetables. Which was silly. That was why there was a produce section at the grocery store. Which was where Three girls in costumes fucked on turns by hard man meat needed to go today.

I hopped out of bed, my eyes wide. We needed food for the party. It had to be perfect. We had to get Director Steffan's approval to make his film and show it to the FDA so they would know our product was safe and ethnical.

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It was very ethnical. Women of all races would enjoy the bimbo serum. I rushed out of the bedroom to find Janet, my bestest friend and bestest wife.

She was sleeping with Veronica in the smaller bedroom next to mine. I smiled at her sleeping on the bed's edge, sunlight glinting on her cheek, her black hair spilled over Veronica's shoulder. I tiptoed to the bed, not wanting to wake up Veronica.

I paused by the bed, leaning over it, a big smile on my lips. I brushed aside the hair on Janet's cheek and leaned over to whisper in her ear. "Wake up, sleepyhead." Janet sighed, shifting. I licked her earlobe, slow and sensual the way she liked it, my large breasts rubbing against her arm.

"Sleepyhead, wake up." "Hmm?" Janet murmured as she rolled over onto her back. Her breasts appeared, the sheet slipping down sexy story by venky ebony story expose two large mounds of jiggling, delicious flesh.

I grabbed them, loving how my fingers sank into them. They were as big as my titties. "Come on, tittyhead," I said, wiggling her breasts, her nipples hardening. "Wakey, wakey." "Alice?" murmured Janet, her blue eyes opening.

They were so brilliant, like two gem stones, the blue ones. Sap fires! Though what did burning sap have to do with blue?

"What, Alice?" "We have to go shopping!" I declared, my voice booming with my excitement, my breasts jiggling beneath me as I thrust my arm into the air above my head.

Veronica groaned, rolling over on the bed. "Oh, no," I gasped, clapping my hand over my mouth. I didn't mean to wake Veronica. I forgot to be quiet. It was so hard to think when excited. My poor pussy was on fire with the need to go shopping. And cum. I loved cumming. "Come on," I told her, pinching her nipple. "We have to go to the grocery store and buy food for tonight. We're the first and second wives. It's our job to buy them." "I thought your job was a sciency person," Janet said.

"And mine is wife." "And buying groceries is a wife job, remember." I giggled.

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"Now get up. Big party. We have to go, go, go." "Mmm," Janet said, nuzzling her face against my thighs. "I could use my morning vitamins. Yours smells so yummy." Her tongue licked at my thigh. I shuddered as she climbed higher, nearing my pussy and— "No, no, sillyhead. Shopping. We can lick pussies later. Get up." "Fine," Janet pouted. Then her eyes widened. "But we get to go shopping!" Veronica let out a murmur, pulling sheets to her.

"Shhhh," I hissed softly. "You'll wake her. It's me and you." "Right, right." Janet took my hand as she stood up and we headed to the bathroom.

We had to make ourselves look beautiful, first. It was so hard not to cum in the shower. But I used all my thoughts to avoid it. We soaped quickly, getting all nice and happy. Then we set about putting on our makeup. We were already the most beautifulest women xxx storys full move download the world. But makeup made use even more beautifuler.

My eyes looked so smoky with the eyeshadow, my green irises vibrant. My hair was a curly mess, and my lips were so red. Vicky vette threesome brooke banner so kissable. We dressed in our favorite outfits—tight dresses. I loved the stretchy material clinging to my body.

My nipples were so hard, poking at the thin material, and my juices trickled down my thighs. The skirts were short, so if I wasn't careful I would flash my pussy for everyone to see. And that would make poor men all hard and erect and in need of my help. And we were supposed to shop, not cum.

Oh, I loved cumming. We grabbed our purses, our heels clicking on the floor as we headed out to the cars. I hadn't driven in so long. This would be so much fun. I opened the garage and found my old Jetta, a cute, red card that Frank promised would be replaced with something fancy. It needed to be bimbofied like me. I bounced in the seat as I drove to the grocery store, my tits jiggling. They almost touched the steering wheel as I leaned forward, my head snapping from right and left as I drove.

Everyone was so happy to see us, honking as sani lione porn story online drove through intersections or drove around cars that didn't seem to understand they had to keep moving.

"Don't red lights mean stop, Alice?" Janet asked as I drove through the intersection, the nice car driving at us was kind enough to honk a greeting as he swerved around us. "Why would red mean stop?" I asked with a giggle. "Red means hot.

We're hot, so the lights are complimenting us." "Oh," nodded Janet. "And the green lights?" "Those mean go. Green and go both start with G's." I rolled my eyes. She was such a bimbo. "And yellow lights?" Ahead, the light turned from green to yellow. "Yell!" I shouted and happily honked my horn as I made the left turn. A car screeched to a halt and honked at us, the driver waving. Janet waved back. "See," I beamed as I turned into the grocery store's parking lot. The car that honked and waved at us, followed us into the parking lot, the driver still waving.

I pulled into a parking space, straddling as many white lines as I could. "Let's shop!" "Yes," Janet said as I opened my door, the engine rumbling away. "What the fuck?" the driver who waved at us bellowed.

He spilled out of his car and froze, his eyes widening. He stared at my body, his jaw dropping. "Hi," I smiled at him. "Are you shopping here today?" "I.uh." He shook his head. "Damn." I cocked my head to the side as Janet came around the car, hooking her arm in mine. European lesbo fingers babe after wrestling lesbian and amateur shook his head again. I struck a pose with Janet, my breasts jiggling in my tight, stretchy dress, my pussy so hot as he stared at us.

"Did you like my driving? Did yo have to come say hi?" "Yeah," the guy groaned. "Damn," he said again. "I. Damn." Then he climbed into his car.

I smiled and waved at him, then Janet and I turned for the store, our heels clicking on the asphalt, our hips swaying. I could feel the stretchy material of my dress clinging to my ass.

Since the man was so nice, I made sure to sway as much as possible, hoping he enjoyed the view. "Maybe he needed our help," Janet said, eyes widening. "Maybe we made his cock hard, and he's in pain." "Oh, no," I gasped, turning around.

But the guy was already driving off. "I hope he'll be okay. Maybe his wife will suck his cock and make him feel all better." Janet nodded her head. I had learned from several men that when their cocks grow hard, it was the sexy woman's responsibility for relieving them with her mouth or pussy or even her asshole. I liked all three. My pussy clenched and another trickle of juices leaked down my thighs. I really wanted to cum.

Maybe we could finger ourselves. I shook my head. Shopping. The party was super-duper important. I had to remember that. But it was so hard. My thoughts were coated in a thick, creamy, marshmallowy ache.

I wanted to fuck so badly. "Come on," I said, shivering in frustration. "Let's hurry and get all the yummy food we need." "Like what?" I blinked. What did we need? "Umm, produce! We should have the best produce for the director.

Melons and bananas and carrots." "And cucumbers?" I nodded my head. "Of course, cucumbers. And eggplants. And celery." I pulled on her arm. "Let's hurry." We strolled into the grocery store arm-in-arm. I giggled when Janet gasped at the whooshing sliding door opening before us. She was so forgetful sometimes. I grabbed a cart and pushed it, Janet at my side. Together, we guided it to the produce section, nodding at everyone we passed.

There weren't a lot. It was super-duper early. But the few women we walked by watched us with envious eyes, wishing they could be us. And they could be for a price. We would make them all so happy and warm and feel so yummy all the time. And horny. So very horny. Ooh, I needed to cum so badly. We reached the produce section, my tits jiggling we headed to the melon section.

We were the only ones in this part of the store. I let go of the cart and grabbed a pair of honeydew melons off the produce table, lifting them up. I gripped the green rinds, holding them before my breasts. "How do I know when they're ripe?" I pouted to Janet. "Do they feel firm?" a man asked. I jumped with a squeak and whirled around and came face to face with a Black man, his chin chiseled, the faint line of a very short beard following his jawline then up his sideburns to his equally short hair.

He had such a smile on his lips as busty in bondage with box on a head stared at the two melons before me. "Do these feel firm enough?" I asked, proffering the melons to him.

He reached out, his grin growing naughtier. He gave them both a squeeze. "Well, they are a nice pair of melons. Almost as nice as yours." "As mine?" I frowned, glancing down at the two melons in my hand, my breasts rising and falling in my tight, green dress. "Oh, yes, you have a pair of ripe melons. Very well developed" "These are?" I asked, holding them up, frowning. I didn't understand. He shook his head and stared at me. "Are you messing with me, girl?" "I would never mess with you, sir," I said quickly.

"I just can't remember what a firm pair of melons feels like." He glanced at Janet. "It's helpful to grab someone else's melons and feel them so you can have a reference.

Your friend's melons also look ripe." I glanced at Janet in her red dress, frowning. "But she doesn't have any melons." "No, these are grapefruit," Janet beamed. "They're the biggest grapes ever. I bet the vines they grow on must be huge." "That's what sciency can do," I told her sagely. "Grow things very big. Like your tits." Janet giggled.

"See, those are her melons," the man said. There was a catch to his words, his eyes a little wide. "Ooh," I said then giggled. "Right, melons are boobies, too. But boobies are so much softer than melons." "Are you sure?" I handed the man the melons and squeezed my breasts right through the fabric of my dress.

My nipples tingled, sending a wave of heat right down to my pussy. The man groaned as he watched me knead my tits, the top of my dress sliding down, coming closer and closer to popping out my tit. "See, these aren't anywhere near as firm as those melons," I giggled. I cupped my tits in my hand, lifting them up, the fabric of my dress almost stretching down past my nipples, and proffered them to him.

"You try." "You want me to squeeze your melons?" the man asked, looking around the store. "Yes, so you know," I said, nodding to him. "You clearly don't remember what a girl's melons feel like." "Damn, I am glad the girl sent me to pick up her tampons," he muttered, reaching out with his ebony hands. They were large, but my melons were so much larger. He cupped as much as he could, groaning, "Damn," as he squeezed them. "You are ripe." "Thank you," I moaned, his palms rubbing on my nipples through the stretchy material of my dress.

I groaned, shifting my hips, my pussy getting wetter and wetter. I gripped the melons hard in my hands as he felt masseuse abella fingers and licks her customers pussy girl-melons. His fingers sank into my flesh. He had such strong hands. Pussy juices trickled down my thighs as I grew hornier and hornier.

My mind grew so hotter. It was so hard to think with his hands groping my girl-melons. "Check mine," Janet said, pressing up beside him. "Make sure my melons are ripe." "Thank you, Jesus," the man groaned, letting go of my breasts to grab Janet's. He kneaded them, shuddering, his eyes so wide. "Oh, yes you both have such a ripe pair of melons." "Thank you," I squealed.

"Ooh, that's such a relief to know. I knew they were perfect. Our husband made them that way." "Your husband," he said then looked around.

"Is he here?" "No, silly. Wives do the shopping." Janet nodded her head. "We have to buy so much produce for the super-duper important party tonight," I added. "A director's coming to our house to make a movie with us." "Uh-huh," groaned the man.

"What's your name, girl?" "Alice. And she's Janet." "I'm Janet." Janet nodded, still squirming as the man groped her breasts. "Well, I'm Kent, and I am a produce expert." "Wow," I gushed. "Do you girls need cucumbers?" he asked. I nodded my head rapidly.

"And you know the perfect way to test if a cucumber is ripe?" "What?" I asked. He lowered his voice as he said, "Well, it's something pretty naughty." "We like naughty," Janet breathed, leaning her head in with mine. I felt so wicked. Like we were spyders trading secrets in a spyder flick, like one of those Jason Bourne movies. Wicked, naughty spyders. "You have to stick them into your pussy and see if they feel like a cock," Kent said. He paused, licking his lips, breathing in and out swiftly.

"Wow," I gasped. "I had no idea." My pussy clench." "And since cucumbers are so big, you need a big cock to compare it to. And luckily," he said, grinning, "I have a huge one.

If you'd girls would like to feel it—" Before he could finish, I squealed, "Yes!" I grabbed my skirt and hiked it up over my ass, revealing my hairless, dripping pussy.

I leaned back on the produce table, my legs spread wide, my ass brushing the cold melons. "Just ram it right in. Let me feel your dick so I can know." "Damn," the guy said as I seized his shoulders and pulled him to me. "Right here?" Janet's hand already rubbed at his crotch. She smiled at me. "He's definitely cucumber thick." "Oh, goody, I love Black cocks," I moaned. "They're so big and huge and big. They make me go kablam." "Shit," the guy panted.

"Right here? You girls are something else." I groaned as his big, Black cock spilled out gripped in Janet's pale hand. She stroked his shaft as she brought him to my pussy. She was such a helpful wife. I was so glad Kent was here to teach us this wonderful technique. The tip of his Black dick rubbed at the wet folds of my pussy. My eyes widened as he slid into my married cunt. Such wonderful, marshmallowy delight rippled out of my pussy and through my body as his dick slid deeper and deeper into me.

"Oh, you're so thick," I gasped as he speared into my depths, yummy pleasure surging through my body. "Damn," the guy groaned. "I can't believe I'm fucking a married bimbo on the produce table at Lucky's." "Uh-huh," Janet said. Then she giggled. "Maybe that's why it's called lucky." "Maybe," I moaned as his dick slid out and then he thrust into me again, the friction shivering through my body. "Damn, I'm glad it is so early," he groaned.

"There's no one around." "Nope," I gasped, loving the feel of his huge cock thrusting so hard into me. "And don't forget to keep checking my melons. Make sure they're nice and ripe." "Damn," he groaned again.

He really liked that word. It must be his favorite. "We're going to be in so much trouble." "Why?" I moaned and then gasped when his big, Black hand cupped my breast through my dress. My nipple tingled through my dress. He pinched and rolled it, making me shudder and gasp. My pussy clenched on the wonderful cock reaming me. I loved big, Black cocks so much. They stretched out my pussy so bestest. They were amazing. I humped against him, grinding my clit into his pubic bone. Pleasure rippled through my body every time he bottomed out in me.

My eyes rolled back in my head. My arms locked around his neck as he pounded me so hard, pushing my ass back into the melons. "Damn, you are one hot-pussy woman," groaned the man. "Never knew a White woman as crazy as you." "Uh-huh," I moaned. "Oh, yes, fuck me harder." "You just love my Black dick in you." "So much!" My body shuddered, my orgasm swelled. All those wonderful, yummy feelings were about to boil through me.

I savored it. "I love Black dick!" I shouted at the top of my lungs. "I love being fucked by them. They're the bestest dicks!" "Yes," Janet moaned. I glanced at my wife. She shuddered as she sat beside us, working a cucumber in and out of her shaved snatch. Her skirt was hiked over her ass, the cucumber sliding in and out of her cunt, coated with her creamy pussy juices.

"You have to try his dick first, Janet," I moaned. "Then you'll know if it is firm enough." "I couldn't wait," moaned Janet. "I needed to know. It feels so firm in me. And it's so thick. Oh, yes, Alice. Cucumbers are the bestest fruit." "Vegetable," I giggled. I think. "What is it, Kent?" "I fucking don't care," he groaned. "Just keep fucking against me. Damn, you have a tight cunt. I'm going to dump so much cum in your married snatch." "Goody," I groaned.

His fingers pinched and pulled at my nipple through my dress. Shivers raced down to my pussy. I clenched down on his big, Black cock, my thighs clutching tight about his hips. I didn't want to let him go. He rammed into me so hard, pushing my ass back into the melons. They tumbled around us, bouncing on the floor. I didn't care. My red hair flew as the pleasure shuddered through me. I nuzzled at his face, loving his dark whiskers on my mouth and cheeks. His dark lips met mine.

I kissed the Black man so hard while Janet moaned beside us. "He looks so dark compared to you," moaned Janet, the cucumber sliding wetly in and out of her cunt. "I can't wait to feel his cock and make sure the cucumber is firm enough. It feels so wonderful in me. Oh, yes." I broke the kiss, watching Janet ram the cucumber into her hungry pussy. Her lips were spread so wide around the thick vegetable. Her other hand frigged her clit. Her black hair tossed as her large breasts bounced in her dress.

"Damn," Kent groaned, ramming into me. "Fuck that cucumber into your snatch. You both are so crazy." "Uh-huh," I gasped not caring what he said. "Yes, yes, yes." "What are you doing?" a woman suddenly shouted. "Shit," Kent groaned as a stout woman in a blue apron marched up, a nametag pinned to her white shirt. She had brown hair cut short around a pudgy face. She was a woman in need of the bimbo serum. "I'm testing cucumbers!" I screamed as I came.

"I need to make sure they're as hard as a cock!" My pussy spasmed about his big, Black dick. The pleasure flooded through me. Yummy, marshmallowy delight coated every of my body. His cock hammered over creamy latina with pink panties getting fucked doggystyle over into me. Our flesh smacked together as the woman marched forward, her face red. I threw back my head, Kent's hand pulling my tit out of my dress as he groped me.

The woman watched as I came and came. My body heaved as the wonderful delight flooded through my thoughts. I quivered and moaned, my eyes rolling back into my head. The bestest feeling in the world filled me. "I love Black cock!" I screamed. "Well, you can't love one here," the woman shouted, her voice strangled. "Stop that!" "Shit," groaned Kent as he drove his cock into me. "Shit, shit, shit." His cock unloaded into me. He pumped load after load of his wonderful jizz into me. I shuddered, another bestest orgasm rippling through my body as my pussy milked his dick of all the yummy cream.

I shuddered, stars dancing before my eyes. And then Kent ripped his cock out of me and ran from my embrace as I collapsed back on the melons. More fell around me. The woman stopped before me, shaking her head as she shifted her feet not to step on a bouncing honeydew. Cum leaked out of my pussy as I stared at her. She was cute, nineteen or twenty, her nose pierced. "What were you doing?" "Trying to know if cucumbers are firm enough," I told her, shuddering as the pleasure drifted out of me.

"Yes, yes, yes," Janet moaned, spasming as she came on the cucumber. She shoved it deep into her stranger bonks pretty beautiful gal girlfriend and homemade. Her legs trembled and her head arched. She licked her lips as the pleasure boiled through her body. "You can't fuck people in the store. And you're getting his cum inked hottie deepthroats a massive meat pole The woman pointed at my crotch.

"Look at that." "Oh, no, I made a mess," I gasped. "Would you help me clean it up." I squinted at her nametag. ".Natasha?" "Yes," Janet moaned, pulling the cucumber out of her. "So much cum is dripping out of her full of all those vitamins. It's going to waste. Got to lick it up." "You want me to lick.the cum.out of her snatch?" Natasha asked, raising her eyebrows, her thin lips pursing into a tight, ugly grimace. "Well, yeah, what's wrong?" I asked, taking the cucumber from Janet.

I couldn't resist licking the waxy skin and tasting Janet's tart juices. "What is wrong with you two?" the woman asked. "Are you high?" "We're not high," Janet playgirl is smashed in a doggystyle pornstar hardcore. "We're at your level." I nodded my head and then shoved the cucumber into my messy pussy.

I groaned, "Oh, Janet, this is a good one. It's soooooo firm." Natasha's jaw dropped as I worked the cucumber in and out of my pussy. I didn't get why she was so shocked. It was like she had never seen a woman test if a cucumber was ripe or not. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Magnolia Savage, President Femme Allure, Inc.

I had just settled back into my chair when the interruption came. If was Friday morning, no meetings, no concerns. My legs were spread wide, my new bimbo dyke slave on her knees beneath my desk, her hands sliding up my thighs as she prepared to devour my pussy.

It pleased me to know end that Annalee Burrell, my former Vice President of Research, was now my dedicated pussy licker. She did an even better job at it than my assistant Melissa. And Melissa knew how to please. I was so glad I had turned Annalee into a bimbo, showing my company's board just how much of a threat the Venus Serum was and how we could not let BT Chemicals bring it to market.

No man could ever control a serum that turned a woman into a complete bimbo like Annalee. I had to control it. I had to make sure that the right women were changed, and that they were not preyed upon by men. Annalee took her first lick of my pussy when the intercom beeped. I groaned, reaching out and pressed the button on my desk. I snarled, "What?" "I'm sorry to disturb you," the sultry voice of Melissa purred, "but there is an Ivy Eads from the FDA here.

She is not happy. She wants to speak with you." I shuddered, my pussy clenching. Ivy Eads was my weapon in the FDA to slow down Frank Johnson and his bimbo amazing teen with admirable figure sucks cock hardcore and blowjob over at BT Chemicals from bringing the serum to market.

I couldn't turn her away. "Send her in," I purred as Annalee licked again. Ms. Eads wouldn't be able to see what was going only girl hath mithun story download beneath my desk.

I loved the bimbo serum. It would make me so rich. I would have my mansion full of hot women with big tits all willing to please me. To be continued.