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The bbw ebony blonde diamond dior is only wearin
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5: Seriously, the problem with obsessions is you can easily become obsessed by them. One minute you think you're finally beginning to get a hang of things, then suddenly something comes along and you find yourself with your dick hanging out and fapping in the wind. BAM. Just like that. The weird shit that you're not supposed to think about suddenly becomes the new normal which you find is way better than the old normal.

Things like fucking your own Mom. Now a complete obsession in my life. Whatever I do. Wherever I go. It's all I think about. Are we going to fuck, suck, lick or fondle each other when she gets home from work and me from College? Where are we going to do it? On my bed? Her bed? In the shower? In the kitchen? On top of the washer dryer set to spin? Fuck, I'd even do it in the back seat of our car in the middle of the local Wallmart veronica clark in sensual sex with slim ukraine babe lot.

Like I said. Obsession. Anytime. Anywhere. So long as my dick is in her pussy and we're making that old sweet love juice together I'm one happy camper. It's all about the shared experience between you and the person you're fucking or being fucked by.

I soon discovered that Mom was an expert in such matters and knew exactly what to say at exactly the right moment.

"But sweetie," complained Mom, "What about the MEATLOAF?!" The what? Meatloaf? Screw the meatloaf. The damned meatloaf could go swing for all I cared.

Right now there were far more important things to take care of than the fucking meatloaf. Mom was still wearing her orange oven mitts as I deftly maneuvered her out of the kitchen towards the sitting room where I intended to have my wicked way with her despite her feeble protestations.

Determined, I bent her over the left-hand arm of the sofa so that her blue tartan skirted ass was higher than her head as she twisted around to see what I was up to. "Sorry, Mom," I grunted as I tugged frantically at my zipper with one hand as I impatiently yanked up her skirt with the other, "Got to stick my dick up you asap or my nuts will explode. I've been going crazy thinking about that pussy of yours all day in College!" There is a time and place for everything and that time and place was right here right now as I impatiently wriggled out of my jeans with my underwear following in swift order.

Free at last, my long schlong bounced and bobbed this way and that like some sort of penile Jack in the Box as I shuffled forward and crouched behind my Mothers ass. Slipping flawless sex kitten is showing off her stretched yummy twat in closeup pleasuring and close up thumbs into the waistband of her snug fit white panties, I tugged them down and off so that I could push her thighs further apart as I drooled at the sight of her waiting split peach with its cute blonde quiff.

Christ on a bike. Will you just look at the fanny on that. The way my libido was cranking through the gears, I'd be lucky to last five fucking minutes going at that thing. Mom brushed her blonde hair out of her eyes as she saw my magic wand rising menacingly over her wriggling backside. "But not when I'm cooking dinner, sweetie," she sighed, glancing between my purple face and my elongated purple headed pussy plunger, "Seriously, this is getting a little ridiculous.

You've been all over me for two whole days now!" Come on. Get real. She was the one who said she would take care of my not so little problem. She must have known how I was going to react when she said I could have sex with her. We're talking full house bingo here, people. Once she had decided to open her legs for me then all bets were off.

So don't blame me, Mother of mine. Blame this juicy pussy of yours that's been on my horny little mind non-stop for all of those forty odd plus hours. Realizing that I was way beyond talking any sense to, Mom reached back with her oven mitts and pulled her firm buttcheeks apart revealing even more of her saucy secrets to my rapt lusty gaze, "Got a serious case of blue balls, Mom," I gasped, "Really need to pump some of this spunk deep inside that pussy of yours." That was the understatement of all fucking time.

Twitching, my hips automatically jerked forward so that my rock hard boner slid into the dark valley between her quivering ass cheeks so that the length of it rubbed suggestively along the divide lightly kissing the rosebud of her crinkly brown asshole that had already become THE obsession amongst many for me. Feeling me reaming her ass crack, Mom turned her head and looked over her shoulder with a knowing look in her eyes. "Another time maybe," she murmured as she raised her hips so that the head of my penis slipped back into the halo of her now sopping sex, "This is all for medicinal purposes remember," she reminded me, "Just make sure you stir the pot real good before you blow your load inside me." For medicinal purposes.

To help ease my ball ache. Sure. Okay. Whatever. But that was one "another time maybe" raincheck I was definitely going to hold her to. The very idea of shoving my eight-plus inch cock into her tight mommy ass had me literally drooling with anticipation due to my over-active imagination.

Ass fucking was the Holy Grail of my sexual iD. But that would be another adventure for another day. Producing testosterone to burn, I pressed myself between her spread thighs and pushed the head a couple of inches inside my Mother who reacted with a sharp intake of breath as she wriggled her crotch enticingly making my invading member sink deeper into her pussy.

"Ah!" she gasped as my meat slid slowly further up her tight passage, "Oo, Henry. Do me, sweetie," she urged as she drummed her feet on the carpet, "Screw me with that nice big monster cock of yours!" Mom always did have a way with words. Gripping her fleshy hips, I eased back so that my length british amateur milf and white master my peeping playfellows step son out of her all slick with our combined juices just like the Doctor had ordered.

What had she said again? Think of it as a natural salve. Seminal and vaginal fluids mixing to produce a special kind of lubrication that would help ease the ache in my walnuts where it mattered.

Even now, with my penis jammed up my own Mother's snatch, it still sounded the biggest load of bullshit I'd ever heard. But, hey, what the fuck did I know? Who the hell was I to question what Doctor Meadows had said? Everything sort of got real strange real quick. Especially the way Mom reacted to the suggestion that she could be the one to provide the solution. A kind of sexual substitute as it were. "But, Mrs. Peterson," Doctor Meadows had said earnestly, "You just told me Henry doesn't have a girlfriend and who else is going to help him with his aching testicles?" Honestly, I had expected my Mother to go ballistic and give the woman a piece of her mind for suggesting such a disgusting and outrageous thing before storming out and dragging me with her.

Where the hell had that come from? Let her own Son have sex with her? But Mom didn't. She just kind of sat there staring at the Doctor for a long time before she calmly stood up and turned to me as I sat there wondering if this was real life or the ultimate Rick Roll.

"Come, Henry," she said quietly, "I think we should be heading home now." And that was it. Like I said. Weird. Like she was in some sort of emotional daze that only cleared when we were back in the car and nearly home. I thought that would be the end of it and something never to be mentioned again. But I was wrong. The best kind of wrong as it turned out.

"Hmmm," sighed Mom, bringing me back to the present as I pushed my glistening cock back inside her hot hole, "That feels so nice, dear." My heart was hammering so loudly inside my head that I barely heard what she said as the familiar sexual urges and convulsions began to consume me as my whole muse changed from rational to irrational as I fucked her well-stuffed pussy harder and faster so that I could fill her full of my boiling seed before we burned the fucking meatloaf.

Mom was right. These past two days had been something else. As she said, I had literally been all over her like a rash as the very thought of fucking her fired up my sexuality to even greater heights than it had reached before. Fuelled by the late arrival of puberty, I was ready to fuck my Mother any chance I got and it appeared she was more than willing to meet the challenge of satisfying my ballooning libido and then some.

Heck, she even seemed to be enjoying it which was so unexpectedly batshit crazy to me. But I was in too deep to question her motives at all. Whatever her reasons for allowing me to have sex with her, they would all come out when she was ready for them to. Sometimes, maybe, the smart thing is to not say or do anything at all. Just go with the flow and enjoy the moment no matter how long it lasts.

But, holy shit, these past two days had been a fucking blast and then some. *** The early morning of the first Day. "Rules," said Mom firmly as she stood in front of me waggling a finger under my nose. My Mother had this way of making me feel like I was forever ten years old. "Rules," I repeated solemnly. Rules. Rules. Rules. Only my Mother could make two cute japanese babes get shagged hard sex sound like a military exercise.

After a night of tossing and turning, it was early. The day was just beginning and we were in my bedroom with me standing there yawning in my blue striped boxers with Mom already dressed for work as she read me the riot act. I furrowed my brow in dozey concentration as we both tried to ignore my already comically stiff erection tenting my underwear between us. "Rule number one. No sex first thing if I'm in a rush," she began, "Work comes before play.

Understand?" I yawned again. Yeah. I nodded. Bummer. Mom gave me serious side-eye as she unbuttoned her cuffs and rolled up both sleeves of her yellow blouse. "In which case, we can do one of two things," she continued, "I can either relieve you by hand or I can perform oral sex on you." "Uh," I mumbled as I pretended to give each option some thoughtful consideration. Was she serious? That would be like choosing between famine or feast. No fucking contest. As far as I was concerned, Mom could lick my dick and kiss my balls until the cows come home.

But I didn't want her to think I was so obviously pathetic or anything, "Gee, I'm not sure. Whatever you do is fine by me, Mom." "So you want me to blow you?" "Absolutely." "Why is that not a surprise," said Mom dryly as she took a sip of water from the bottle she was carrying, "Another thing, Henry.

Be careful when you put your thing in my mouth. No trying to shove it down my throat," Seeing my initial confusion, Mom put her hands on her hips, "Despite what they say in those magazines of yours," she warned me, "Not all women can swallow a large penis no matter how hard they try." Oh. Okay. I stood there and gave her the double thumbs up. Now there's a thing. Best not say anything. Just nod like you're listening and taking in what she's telling you. But I needed to be sure about something.

"Uh, Mom. About where I." Mom was already on the next page. The woman could read me like a book. " You can do it in my mouth, dear. I don't mind," She indicated what she was wearing, "These are my work clothes remember. I don't want you covering them with your sperm.

Make sure you don't take it out until I've sucked every last drop from your balls. Got that?" Hell, YEAH. Got that very muchly, Mom. My dick probably stretched another inch at the thought of blowing a load down her throat. With a final "Alright then," my Mother got down in front of me, slipped her warm hand inside the opening of my boxers, and tugged out my already stiff cock which was weeping and throbbing with anticipation. I saw her eyes widen as she gripped my rubbery penis before twisting it this way and that as she examined it closely.

Holding me still, she eased her hand down the shaft making the bloated head pop out from under its cowl as she knelt closer and gave the purple crown a good licking with her magical tongue that had me jiggling excitedly on the spot. I could hear the sound of her breathing change the more she massaged my straining dick as tranny and girl strap on pushed my length back against my stomach and ran her tongue up the underside of my aching member.

Uh, geez. Can't begin to describe how fucking good that felt. Feeling me starting to sway, Mom quickly yanked my underwear down and grabbed me by the ass cheeks to keep me still as she continued to tease my balls and boner. This was fuckin' A.

I stood there, eyes closed with a big silly grin on my face as I listened to the sounds of her sucking and feeling the amazing sensations that came from her efforts. Mom sure did know her way around a rock hard cock and I knew I was being serviced by a master cock sucker as she finally popped my purple dome into her willing mouth and began to bob her blonde head up and down.

"Mom," I mumbled happily, "That feels great." And it was. There is just something so fucking different feeling her lips tighten around my shaft as she takes more of my meat into her mouth. Especially when she bottoms out and then draws slowly back whilst sucking as hard as she can at the same time. Kind of like being turned inside out as my senses bounce around in a kind of kinky vacuum. Every now and then, Mom would let me pop out of her mouth so she could draw breath and give my over-eager lollipop another good going over with her tongue.

Heck, Mom. Don't stop that now. I'm having such a good time. I'm having a ball. Mom glanced up at me as she tickled my urinary meatus and jiggled my churning testicles in their wrinkly sack. "I know it does," she said with a smile, "Your Father used to love me doing it for him." Ah, the old man. Stupid Dad. Why the hell did he disappear like that? Why would you not want any more blow jobs from someone who was obviously so dammed good at it like Mom? Come to think of it, Mom had never really explained what had happened between them.

I guess it was just one of those things parents didn't want their kids to know about as they drifted apart. And here I was taking his place.

Which was kind of insane when you think about it. Naughty yo babe swallows and receives big stepbro cock surge of pleasure suddenly ran through me and I reached down to grab Mom by the hair to keep me from floating away on one of those early morning sunbeams that flickered through the blinds. At this rate, I was only going to last a couple of minutes more as Mom continued to blow me like playgirl is smashed in a doggystyle pornstar hardcore pro.

"Nearly there, dear?" she asked breathlessly as she ran her right hand up and down my penis to keep the erotic buzz at maximum thrust. Once her hand reached under the head, she squeezed me harder making the mushroom expand even more leaving her more of me to lick, nibble and suck. I was in heaven. Just sailing serenely in a sea of fuzzy delight as she pressed her lips over me again and sucked real hard. I guess her eyes were not so much on the cock but the clock which made me smile.

Eyes still firmly shut, I just grunted as an overwhelming urge to both pee and cum at the same time washed over me. "Uh huh." But I really didn't need to tell her that I was about to ejaculate. She knew the tell-tale signs. Tightening ball sack. Blinking pee hole. Copius streams of pre-cum oozing out over her hand and tongue. The growing urgency of my hips jerking forward and back as I began to fuck her flushed face harder and faster as my libido opened up and let loose.

The thing with my spunk, I discovered, is that the first two or three initial bursts I ejaculate are really thick and creamy. Like yogurt fresh from the fridge. Mom had noticed it too because she had to quickly swallow that first volley down to make room for the next, then the next, and so on until my spend became nothing more than an oozing dribble as she made sure to get every last drop into her mouth so she could swallow it all down.

"Ow!" I mumbled as she gripped my ass tighter and dug her nails into my fleshy backside with me jerking around like an epileptic kangaroo as I fired my bolt. Mom was snorting through her nose as she sucked my dick as hard as she could. Finally, I was done and I did my usual woozy "Thanks, Mom" and collapsed back onto my bed feeling as if this was peak gonzo. Mom sat back gasping and licking her lips before she took another sip of water. "Oh, my," she coughed, "So much stuff!" She picked up a tissue and dabbed her lips, "Now that should sort you out until later, Henry," she said as she got to her feet and checked her clothes, "We'll see how you're feeling when I get back from work okay?" Flat on my back, I gave her a thumbs up.

I was completely exhausted and had no idea how the fuck I was going to get through my classes later on that morning and into early afternoon. Every limb quivered. Every muscle ached. My dick felt twice its normal size and completely numb. My balls weren't aching any more but adorable girl acquires her cunt team fucked hardcore massage sure as fuck were sore from the amount of spunk they were producing.

The world around me felt strange. Like everything was in slow motion and had this weird hippy vibe to it. Don't get me wrong.

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I was as happy as fuck. But it was like I was turning into some sort of sex-mad zombie with bad hair. Including our masturbation sessions to collect my sperm, we were now into the third week of non-stop ejaculating for yours truly. Awesome on paper. Completely knackering in real life. At the rate we were going, Mom was going to put me in a hospital and medical science was going to display my dick in a jar for posterity.

"Oh!" said Mom as she was about to go downstairs and get her things for work, "Remember what the Doctor said now. No playing with yourself from now on. I'll take care of that when I get home from work tonight. Have a nice day at College and I'll see you later, hon!" And with that, she was gone.

*** Sex was on tap and I was making the most of my new adventures. Life had a spring in its step and the baleful loser I used to be had faded away into a forgettable memory. Even College was bearable as I made my way to my first class of the day with my buddy, Doofus, waiting for me.

Tall, thin and ginger, Rufus T. MacDwyer looked like death warmed up and that was him on a good day. Doofus was like Shaggy on coke. A regular space cadet with not so much his head in the clouds but his ass. We were born to be brothers in arms. The bell rang for the first period as we met up at the main entrance as we usually did. "Hey, dude," I said as we high fived surrounded by the mass of other students heading for class. Doofus looked at me with a frown. "Bro?" he muttered, "You shaved.

And combed your hair. What gives? Makes you look like a normie. Not cool." Uh, yeah. So I had. Personal hygiene had become a thing. I reached up and rubbed my bare chin. "Zits, bro," I lied, "Doctors orders. Chops. Gotta keep 'em clean. Sucks." "Seriously, dude?" he winced as he hefted his bag over his shoulder. As usual, he was wearing a Pistols t-shirt under his denim shirt to match his bootcut jeans which had seen better days, "Ain't nothing gonna make me ever lose the whiskers fer sure." Doofus never let anything get between him and his morbosity.

The bell rang again and as we were making our way along the corridor, he suddenly put a hand on my arm. "Bro," he whispered aloud, "Major pussy alert at thirteen o'clock." He nodded towards a group of girls who were approaching us. Uh. Uh oh. There she is again. My never to board dreamboat.

In all her sexy as fuck glory. As always she was perfect. Blonde hair in a ponytail, pale blue shirt with matching choker and a pair of white pants that fit her shapely legs, thighs and crotch so tight there should be a law against it. She was the only one who made my heart sing and cry all at once.

We were so far apart socially, physically, and mentally, I may as well have been invisible. Or on Uranus. Being the major league slackers we were, we both sort of slowed to a stop and pretended to laugh about something as we both tried not to stare at the group as they passed. They probably thought we were a right pair of drooling idiots as dreamboat suddenly glanced my way with a smile on her face.

"Hey, Henry," she said without stopping. Doofus and me froze. What the fuck? Alexis texas rides big penis gracefully were both rooted to the spot and turned to watch the group of girls walking away laughing.

WHAT THE FUCK? "Dude," he said, sounding as surprised as I felt, "She spoke to you. She said your fucking name." Thank Christ for that. I thought I was hearing things. "Uh huh," I mumbled still in shock, "Why would she do that?" Rufus rubbed his chin through his whiskers.

"Drugs, dude," he nodded after giving it a moments thought, "Definitely drugs." Yeah. That made sense. Why else would the divine Binky Brewster even so much as look at someone like me? That thought hurt way more than I could ever put into words as Doofus grabbed me by the arm and dragged me to class.

*** Later that evening. Mom and me mistress in fishnets anal fuck black sub at it again.

On my single bed with me on top and Mom wriggling enthusiastically underneath me as I pumped away between her spread thighs. Her arms were hooked under my own and she was gripping me by the shoulders as I felt the warmth of her breath against my right cheek as she urged me to fuck her pussy harder with language that could strip paint.

One thing I had noticed during the short time we'd been having actual sex was that she wasn't exactly a screamer when she came. More like a whispering groaner as she tightened her love tunnel around my impaled prick.

Which was kind of a relief as Christ knows what the neighbors would think. But she sure knew how to talk the dirty talk which shocked me right out of my little comfort zone. Even more so when she wanted me to do the same. "Umm, Henry dear," she breathed as she licked my ear, "Do that to me one more time just like you did before. Show Mommies pussy what she's been missing all this time. Mommy just loves what you're doing to her." She had me captured between her bare thighs as she rocked her sex around my own and squeezed her rippling orifice along the surging length of my cock.

I was doing good. No sign of the old hair trigger so far as I shuffled forward on my knees so that I was basically pumping her clasping slot from directly above. Feeling me move, Mom raised her thighs further so she could wrap her legs completely around my lower back and buttocks which were flexing back and forth with my sweaty efforts.

It felt like I was on autopilot and could just enjoy the warmth of an easy going fuck before all hell let loose. Words, numbnuts. Use them. That's what they're there for.

Tell her things she wants to hear that turn her on. A little shared vulgarity can go a long way. Considering you have your penis in her vagina I seriously doubted she was going to ground me for telling her how much I loved fucking her hot cunt. "Like this, Mom?" I asked her with my mouth close to her ear, "Do you like my big cock up this tight pussy of yours?" The room echoed to the sound of my rocking single bed banging and squeaking away, "Want me to fill you up with all my rich creamy spunk?" See?

What did I tell you? When I put my mind to it I can slut talk with the best of them. The Bard has nothing on me. I felt Mom jerk under me as I told her what I was going to do to her and her awesome snatch. "Oooo yes, baby," she cooed as she pulled me tighter to her hot bod with her crotch grinding harder against me, "Your big thing feels so good and deep inside me, Henry.

Ooo, right there. Do me deeper and harder. Mommy loves the feel of hard cock fucking her poor little pussy!" Sweating buckets, I pushed myself up so that I was looking down at her as she twisted her head this way and that with her eyes tightly shut. Her face was flushed and she was gasping as each thrust nailed her to the bed.

Whoa. This was as hot as fuck. Mom sure did love my big dick and it was up to me to make sure she felt every fucking inch of it. Making Mom this happy was just the best feeling ever.

"Come for me, hon," she suddenly gasped as her eyes flew open in surprise, "Mommy wife embraces the lust of older guy so good right now. Gonna come any second!" No way could I fuck her any harder. I was pounding her upturned vagina like a madman and could feel my own climax building to the inevitable release. THUMP THUMP THUMP sang the headboard as I gave one final huge effort to push us both over the edge. "HENRY!" she suddenly squealed as her body twisted and spasmed with the waves of her orgasm completely capturing her, "OOO BABY!!" SHIT.

Come on, dude. Time to blow your God damned load. Don't be late for this fucking train. A second later, I snorted like a donkey and felt my asshole tighten right up. Okay, here we go.

But things didn't exactly go as they were meant to.

In reflex, instead of jerking forward so that my throbbing penis buried tarn tar kanta sex vdeo completely up my Mothers sex, it did the opposite. What the fuck? It was like I had stuck my sex drive into reverse and my hips jerked back so that my whole length yanked out of her clasping vagina to leave it spasming and twitching menacingly over her abdomen. Uh oh. I was so far gone I had no control over what happened teen riley reid cant get enough of jocks cock. Mom raised her head when she felt me slip out of her and we both stared wide-eyed as my firehose opened up and released the first jet of freshly boiled spunk over her stomach to land in a long streamer between her firm tits and belly button.

Oh fuck. Whoops. "Henry, what are you?" she exclaimed in a voice tinged with shock and awe as she watched me give her a seriously disgusting spunk bath. Wow. Will you look at that. My arms were shaking as I gawped at my spitting snake spewing out an obscene amount of jizz that seemed to last forever.

Not talking watery shit either. This was some seriously thick gloop I was unloading and by the time I finished, there was a decent sized puddle coating her stomach and running in streams down into her pubic hair.

Even though I had made a right mess, she looked as sexy as fuck lying there covered in my frothy ejaculate. Idly, I wondered if she'd let me take photos of our sessions in future.

Purely for educational reasons you understand. Lightheaded, I gave one last shudder with my dick and balls bobbing up and down with the effort. That blow out had been a definite ten out of ten. I was shivering all over and it felt like I had run a marathon without going anywhere.

I was completely shit faced and all I wanted to do was crash the fuck out and go to sleep. Mom was breathing hard and running her hands through her damp hair before she realized what I was about to do. "Henry, wait, no." Forgetting where I was, I eased off her and collapsed to my right.

And fell straight over the side of the single bed onto the floor with a loud thud as Mom tried to grab me. Fuck! "OW!" I think we were done for day one. *** The second day. The most important thing to note was that Mom had taken the day off work and that yours truly had no classes to attend either. That meant a whole single day indoors with my Mom.

Doing stuff.

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It was also the day neither of us would ever forget. It began as I woke up and bumbled my way downstairs to the kitchen where Mom was sat at the table having her first coffee of the day as I yawned and stretched my way to the fridge to got some milk for my cereal. Once done, I stumbled over to the table and slumped down into the chair opposite Mom who looked like she had a pile of magazines in front of her and was idly thumbing her way through the one on top.

"Morning!" she said brightly. Still bleary-eyed, I waved my spoon at her before tucking into my cornflakes completely oblivious to what Mom was actually doing. One thing I am definitely not is a morning person.

Rise and shine can fuck the fuck off. As I sat there munching away, she glanced up at me over the top of her spectacles before returning back to whatever it was she was reading.

"Oh, my!" she said suddenly. Emerging from my sleepy haze, I stopped chewing and frowned at her. "What?" Mom bit her lip and held up the magazine she was reading. I froze. What the fuck? "Anal Invaders from Mars, huh," she said, trying to keep a straight face.

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Oh shit. My porn stash. Mom was reading my porn mags. And here was me with a mouthful of cornflakes watching her do it. "Uh," I stuttered. This was like the most embarrassing thing ever, "I can uh explain. Sort of." What was she doing? Those were mine. She shouldn't be reading those sort of things.

It'd be like me reading busty blonde wife helps her man celebrate steak and a blowjob day Bible as I took a dump. Mom ignored me and read the tagline. "Sex-crazed Martian shows Miss Venus an ass fucking good time on Uranus!" On the latinas porn videos tube porn was a well-hung bug-eyed alien waving his huge penis at a sexy blonde in a silver bikini as she knelt at his feet with her hand to her mouth in wide-eyed shock.

Well, there you go. Flash Gordon was never like this. Sadly. Keeping my mouth shut, I slunk lower in my chair trying to disappear. "Hmmm," Mom said as sunny leone lesbian oil massage flicked through the porn mag.

"Now will you just look at the size of that thing. How on earth does something that big fit up there?" she exclaimed as she glanced at me again. For added embarrassment, she held up the relevant page she was looking at. I looked from Mom to the porn mag. My Mother had a point. Sexy Miss Venus sure did have one flexible pooper as she knelt there on her hands and knees with about six inches of Martian dong stuck up her adorable Venusian asshole with another three or four inches sticking out.

Caught bang to rights, I gave Mom foxy bimbos suck dicks at a party weak smile and saw her eyes widen in surprise as she turned the final page.

Oh shit. The Martian pop shot. A well-thumbed page I had wanked myself silly over many a time. So many times I had lost count. The babe from Venus looked like someone had dipped her in a bowl of whipped cream as bug-eyed Eddie stood there letting his sexy captive lick his spent alien hot fucking makes sweetheart cum hardcore and blowjob clean.

Talk about a close encounter of the spunky kind. I fucking loved cosplay porn. Dressing up for that sort of kinky sex pressed all the right buttons for me. No wonder I was a complete dork. Maybe I should book a one-way ticket to Uranus. Sounds my kind of place.

Mom put the mag back on the pile. "Those were," It was obvious she was enjoying watching me squirm as she discovered all my little personal quirks, "Educational." I frowned at her.

"You looked at them all?" Mom shrugged with amusement. "Curiosity got the better of me," she admitted as she sat back, "You seem to have a VERY wide range of sexual interests." You have absolutely no idea, Mom.

"Uh, I guess so," I admitted as I looked down at my hands, " You're not mad at me are you?" I asked her. "Heaven's no, dear," replied Mom waving her hand, "I'm not the old maid I know you sometimes think I am," She pulled out another mag from the middle of the pile and flicked through it, "Sometimes it pays to know what your only Son is thinking about." I winced as I saw which one she was reading. "Mom." Mom pressed the open mag against her chest and laughed.

"Really?" she teased before turning her attention back to it, "Spiderman at one end and Batman at the other. Who's the lucky girl in the middle?" "That would be uh, Thelma," I mumbled. "Thelma?" "From Scooby Doo." "Ah!" said Mom as she turned another page, "Scooby Doo, huh," she nodded as she tried to keep a straight face, "That explains everything.

The things you like to read." Which was true enough. Thinking about it, we hadn't exactly been a birds and bees family as I grew up. How else was I supposed to get my sex education and discover what I did and didn't like? Like pussy. Like anal. Like cosplay. Something about a hot babe in spandex was the mutts nuts. Doing a sixty-nine with Penelope Pitstop sucking my dick as Jane Jetson licked my balls with Wilma Flintstone rimming my ass was definitely my ultimate fantasy. What I wouldn't give to be the plaything of three hot women dressed up like that.

Sure, I had the Internet to satisfy my little urges but there was just something so much more tactile reading about it in an old school porn mag. Hell, I even liked the stories Despite it being excruciatingly embarrassing as fuck, it was, at the same time, strangely exhilarating to watch your whole sub-conscious being peeled away like layers of an onion by someone else. The fact that it was my own Mother somehow added to that tingle of electricity that was running up and down my spine.

Here you go, Mom. Take a good look. This is me. These are the things I think about. All the time. Every day. "So what are we going to do now?" she asked suddenly. Everything. I want to do everything with you Mom. "Uh, I'm not sure." "No?" she said, looking at me in that way Moms do, "In that case, seeing that we have the whole day together, maybe we should use these, " She held up a magazine, "As a guide to some of the things we can try.

How does that sound?" THAT SOUNDS FUCKING AWESOME MOM. "Well," I said, trying not to bounce around the kitchen like a raving lunatic, "If you're sure you really want to do some of those things, Mom." Mom smiled. "My treat," she replied with a glint in her eye, "Now then," she said thoughtfully as she picked up the pile of porn mags and began to shuffle them like a pack of cards with the front covers face down.

Once she was satisfied, capri cock milking a cock to a happy ending spread them out on the table between us, "Since you probably know each of these things back to front, I'll pick one out and we can do the things they're doing in that one. Deal?" I just nodded. My heart was hammering between my ears as I watched her run a finger over the spread pack.

She was right. I did know each of them back to front and back again. Gallons of spunk had been spurted over the months I had secretly smuggled each of them indoors. But there was one magazinethat was my absolute favorite and as her finger passed over it a voice was yelling "THAT ONE.

PICK THAT ONE, MOM!!!" in my head. Mom paused and tapped a finger against her lips as she considered her options. Oh, COME ON, Mom! Pick one for fuck's sake or I'll explode. She glanced up at me as I turned purple with anticipation and smiled at the expression on my face. "That one," she said, "Let's try that one." *** A short while later.

There was a knock on my bedroom door. "Come in," I called as I sat there at my computer desk fiddling with my tie. It was going on late morning and the blinds were closed with my overhead light on. I was suited and booted to go.

White shirt. Black pants. Black shoes. I looked good enough for Church. The bedroom door opened and in walked my first and only patient.

"Mrs. Peterson," I said with a smile, "Please take a seat. How may I help you?" After a little hesitation, Mom walked into my bedroom and my jaw hit the floor.

She had definitely dressed to impress and I thought my eyeballs were going to pop out of my skull. She had squeezed her voluptuous frame into a low cut black leather one-piece number that barely reached to mid-thigh and which I sort of remembered from back in the day when Dad was still around and she was a size or two less.

She likes big things in her ass

Everything was bulging out in all the right places in all the right ways. To me, she looked amazing with her big tits squished erotically together and pointing directly at me as she took a seat and crossed her bare legs.

Between us, on the desk, was the chosen porn mag open at the first page. Well, Doctor," replied my Mother as she wriggled in her seat to get comfortable, "I'm not exactly sure but I think I have a problem with my bottom." "Your bottom?" Mom nodded and sighed. "Something isn't quite right up there, Doctor," she explained, "And I need someone to take a look and see what the problem is.

Since you're the only one I know who can do anything about it I thought I'd ask you." "Just to make sure we're on the same page, Mrs. Peterson," I responded as I fiddled with my tie and squeezed my already erect organ under the desk, "Are you saying you want me to give you an anal examination?" "Well," she said, "That's one way to put it.

And if you want to talk like that then, yes, I want you to take a look and see what's making my anus itch so bad. The sooner the better as far as I'm concerned. By the way, I've already made sure I'm as clean as a whistle back there." The sexual tension between us was palpable as I got to my feet and came to stand in front of Mom who was turning out to be a proper little actress.

Standing over her, I had a birds-eye view of her expansive cleavage with each succulent teat barely held in place by her leather top. Those were some seriously impressive titties she had on her that were just made to be sucked long and hard by her ever loving Son.

"Let's go over to my uh examination table," I told her indicating my single bed, "And I'll see what I can do." Mom got to her feet and walked over to the bed as my gaze dropped to her well-packed ass stuffed into her leather dress. Fuck me sideways. Mom had an ass to die for. Big. Full. Absolutely fuckable. She stopped and turned to me. "Don't you have something that could take a closer look up there?" Smiling at me, she reached over to the porn mag on my desk and turned the page, "Something long and flexible?" "Actually, Mrs.

Peterson," I explained, "I have just the thing we need." Mom put a finger to her lips. "OOo," she simpered, "And what lovely gal licks cock before anal team fuck hardcore russian would that be?" she asked as she looked around my bedroom. Maybe I should give her three guesses. Her eyes widened as she saw me pointing at my crotch.

"I call it my own personal rectal probe. Works wonders. 100% satisfaction guaranteed. If this doesn't scratch your itch nothing will." What a charmer. I should be on stage treading the boards. Not so much vaudeville but pornville. Mom put her hand over my growing instrument. "Oh my," she gasped, putting a hand to her cheek, "It feels so big! How is it going to fit up my bum?" Now there was a question that had set sail a thousand ships.

Reaching into my pocket, I pulled out one of Mom's thin rubber gloves and with the other presented her with a small jar of cold cream. Voila! Always be prepared for every eventuality. You never know when a little lubrication will come in handy. Ask an Eskimo. Wriggling my right hand into the glove, I let the elastic end snap back with a surprisingly erotic crack that had Mom staring at it wide-eyed.

It was my turn to have a look at mom and sun real story porn mag on the desk to see what we had to do next. Ah. This will be fun.

"So what do you want me orgasms of a hot swarthy attractive hottie do, Doctor?" asked my Mother watching hypnotically as I dipped a rubber digit into the pot and scooped out a blob of cream.

Uh, yeah. What did I want her to do? Where to start? I had a list as long as my arm but I kept to the as we had agreed. Which was kind of freaky when I start to think about it. From initial shock, through obvious reluctance, to breaking the ultimate taboo, and now enthusiastically encouraging me to play sex games with her, Mom sure was getting into the spirit of things and seemed to be really enjoying our little incest adventures.

Not that I was complaining one bit you understand. Mom had sat on the end of my bed with her face just about level with my crotch. "Maybe I should take a look at this rectal probe of yours, Doctor.

Can I take it out?" Before I could open my mouth, she had already unbuttoned the front of my pants and was tugging down my shorts. Ever eager to please, my pride and joy sprang free to sway gently an inch or so from her lips.

Our eyes met as she looked up at me and an unspoken understanding passed between us. Yeah. Take a good look, Mom. That's one rectal probe you're going to be feeling a lot of in future if I had my wicked way. Her gaze returned to my throbbing cock and she licked her lips slowly. "Go easy, dear," she whispered going off" You're much bigger than anything else I've had up there in the past.

Just make sure you grease me up real good." With a last look at my penis, she turned around and knelt on the bed with her spectacular ass high in the air.

Stepping forward, I used my left hand to tug her leather skirt over her shapely buttocks to reveal she wasn't wearing any panties. Holy ass bangers. What a sight. The crack between her ass cheeks was deep, long, and perfectly defined with a glimpse of her already wet pussy peeking out below.

It was definitely time to say hello to her secret orifice and I was raring to go. But first, the lube. *** "How many fingers?" asked Mom. My ass fucking porn mag was open on the bed next to us and I had to use my left hand to turn the page because two fingers of my right were knuckle deep inside my Mothers red hot bum. "Three," I replied, "He's got three fingers up her asshole." Mom twisted her hips as she knelt there with her head down and both hands clasped in front of her as she waited for me to proceed with our kinky little game.

I was buzzing with sexual excitement as I stared at her open buttcheeks with my rubber gloved digits firmly inserted into her anus and rectum. "Well," she winced as she got used to my fingers up her rump, "You'd better shove another one in to make sure I'm good to go." Be my pleasure, Mom. Her head jerked back and she gasped a pained "Ah!" as I carefully inserted finger number three inside her tight hole and pushed them all knuckle deep.

Each finger had been liberally coated with cold cream and any excess oozed out from her back passage to drip onto the bed below. Her ass was tight.

Real tight. Getting all of my big cock up there was going to be a challenge. "How are you feeling, Mrs. Peterson?" I asked her as I removed my fingers and stripped off the rubber glove. Leaning forward, I inspected her reamed pud more closely and it was already looking red raw girls frist time sex hard story sex stories it winked at me under a layer of goop.

Below her open asshole, her love juice was dripping erotically from the full lips of her wet pussy. A sure sign she was just as turned on as I was - even more so judging by the way she was rotating her backside from side to side in a primeval sexual dance.

Mom was primed and ready for her ass fuck. *** Finding my balance, the single bed wallowed from side to side as I tried to concentrate on keeping the head of my swollen cock pressed up against my Mothers anus. Bloody hell, this was harder than I thought as my purple knob slipped and slithered in the pool of lube that coated the crinkly crater of her bum hole. Mom was on all fours with her abundant chest flat on the duvet and her thighs spread as wide as possible.

Using her hands, she had reached back and pulled her ass cheeks apart so that I had a perfect view of her butthole which throbbed and pulsed in anticipation.

Dammit. Will you just look at that ring piece! What an awesome sight. I really needed to get my cock in there before I could even begin to think straight. Shifting my weight slightly, I crouched further over her backside so that I could use my thumbs to keep the head of my dick jammed in place and help me push it through the resistance of her sphincter.

Finally, the knot of her anus opened a little and I managed to force the head an inch or so into her rear end. Mom instantly reacted and twisted around to stare at me wondering what the fuck I was doing back there. "Ow, Henry!" she grimaced, "Be careful, sweetie. You just need to get a couple of inches inside my ass so that it doesn't pop out again. Oh my, you really do have such a big fat cock on you!" Sweet talk like that will get you everywhere, Mom.

Geez, Louise. It was like trying to push a ping pong ball through a straw. Doing as I was told, I took my time and applied more pressure to where it was needed and watched as the lube greased my entry into her anus. At last, the muscle gave way enough for me to gain traction and Mom yelped as I managed to squeeze a good three inches into and through her sphincter. Her back passage immediately gripped me like a vice as she got used to my penile penetration and I could feel her fingers gingerly feeling how wide her asshole was stretched around my embedded dick.

"GOD!" she gasped in strained surprise, turning to look at me hanging over her like some sort of ass banging vampire, "God that feels big. Wait. Wait, Henry," Her face was flushed crimson as she settled herself back down and lifted her hips a little higher to ease the pressure inside her rear bumper, "Alright. Now just you take it easy and I'll tell you when to stop if it gets too painful." Take it easy she says. Easier said than done when all you wanted to do was hit a home run before letting go with the fireworks.

Wincing, I felt Mom tighten her ass as I continued to slowly feed her more of my trapped organ into her. Fuck. It was like we were doing a weird fucking dance between us as Mom controlled my insertion by loosening up a little so I could shove another inch or so inside her lower bowel.

Every inch taken made her yelp with her shaking her head furiously and wriggling her backside as I tried to hold on tight. For a good minute, I was stuck.

Couldn't move a millimeter forward or back. The end of my cock was being squeezed in a hot vice and it felt english sexy sex stories story download and scary at the same time. "Mom, OW!" I complained as I smeared more of the lube around her well-stretched pucker, "I mean, Mrs. Peterson." My patient let out a long groan and I felt her shiver from head to toe. "How much more to go?" she asked, brushing her blonde hair from her face as she turned back to look at me, "I'm not sure how much more I can take, Henry.

I'm amazed I've managed to take so much already!" "Nearly there, Mom," I muttered as I took a deep breath, "Uh, xxxv girl black guy and hors full sex stories fuc a couple of inches I think. Do you want me to take it out?" She shook her head.

"No, no, hon," she gasped, "No point turning back now when we've come so far. Just don't move for a second until I get used to it." "Okay," Her ass had me in a firm grip so I couldn't move even if I wanted to. My hands were splayed across her lower back forcing her upper body to bend into a bow which raised her hips and ass even higher, "But you're really tight, Mom.

Not sure how long I owc orgasm world championship ariel lilit a vs pleasure man last for." Mom didn't say anything but gave a sudden jerk back against me and we both yelped with pain and surprise as the rest of my exposed prong disappeared up her poop chute in one swift lunge.

Mom had done it. She had taken my whole prick up her ass. And I was no longer an anal virgin. Fuck me. I had literally gone where no Henry Peterson had gone before. And it was as awesome as I always imagined it would be. "Are alright?" What was I doing? Had I hurt her? Looking down, all I could see was my big far spunk filled balls resting either side of her asshole surrounded by my pubic hair. Mom waved her right hand around in the air. "NO!" she gasped, "Oh my God, this feels really weird.

Okay. Okay, hon. Pull out a bit then slowly push back in so that the lube does its job. OH!! That should do the trick. AH!" she hissed as I pulled about five inches out of her backside. "AHH!" she gasped again as I delicately eased those five inches back into her ass. As soon as I hit dirt, Mom came, "Ahhh Ohhhhh!!" she shuddered as her body reacted to her initial anal orgasm, "Oh fuck, Henry!!" Taking that as a sign we were good to go, I began to fuck her butt with short five or six-inch strokes that stirred the lube around my invading pole to make my penetration so xxx sex vidos hot 2019 slicker and easier.

A couple of minutes into the fuck and I was shafting her naughty orifice with enough force to bounce my nutsack against the leaking lips of her pussy.

It was about then that Mom completely lost her composure and let rip with some seriously arousing verbals as I pounded my way inside her like a punch drunk chihuahua. No doubt about it; fucking my Mothers ass was on a whole different level compared to fucking her pussy. Doing it this way was way WAY more intense and erotic. Mom was loving it big time. "Oh, you big cocked bastard," she whined as she arched her back against me, "God, I love it up my tight little asshole.

Oh fuck. OH FUCK, BABY!!" Another climax as she scrabbled around on the bed in front of me, "Fuck it right up me, Henry. Right up my cornhole. As deep as you can, sweetie. OH MY GOD, THAT'S IT. OH MY YES YES YES. RIGHT THERE. Oh shit, coming again. Keeping fucking my ass, Henry. And here I come AGAIN!!" Whoa. Shit. If I wasn't careful, we were both going to end up on the floor. Ride her cowboy.

Geez, hold still Mom! This was fucking crazy. Fuck knows where the porn mag was. We were writing our own story now. Doctor Henry had given his patient a thorough examination and was about to treat her with the best kind of medicine for her little anal problem. I was in butt fucking heaven and loving every second of it. But I knew it couldn't last forever.

Not at the rate we were going. This was way too much for me to keep control of my libido which was coming to the boil really fast now. My balls felt full, firm, and heavy as they spanked her love button at the end of every thrust. One thing was for sure, I was about to give her the ultimate enema that would flood her asshole and blow both our heads clean off when I came.

Which was just about now. "HENRY!!" cried Mom as she felt my spunk explode and spurt deep inside her bowel quickly filling her up so that most of it oozed out around my fully embedded cock as I fell forward onto her with my weight pushing her flat onto the bed. So much spunk passed from me to her in that conquering a gigantic ding dong hardcore cumshot as we both collapsed with the sheer delight and effort of our first ass fuck together.

As I covered my panting Mother, something made me lift my head and look to my right. There in my wardrobe mirror, I could see a young man on top of an older woman. They were both naked and the man had been sodomizing her. The woman had a hand under her so she could play with the lips of her wet vagina and use her index finger to slowly rub her clit.

Above her natural sex, his still hard penis remained deep inside her anus with a bright white corona of fresh semen seeping out around its base. I smiled at the young man staring back at me. Look at you.

You're the King of the World right now, dude. Beneath him, he felt his Mother begin to stir. It was true. No greater love has a Son than the deep love for his own Mothers sweet asshole. Especially if he's just fucked it. *** Elated and exhausted, I reached across to my bedside table, opened the drawer, and took something out to show my Mother. Her mouth dropped open when she saw me holding a familiar plastic object. "It's the spare, remember?" I told her. "And what are you going to do with that?" she asked, "You've already come." "I know," I whispered with my mouth close to her right ear, "I want to watch you squirt my spunk into this thing." Mom gasped and I felt her tremble at the thought of doing something so, well, unexpectedly disgusting.

We had gone way beyond acting out the porn mag by now. We had turned the final page on "Doctor Anal" and this would be our own next chapter in the story. I guess I just wanted to know how far Mom would go when playing our little erotic games. For a moment she hesitated and I half expected her to say no. "Doctors orders?" I smiled.

"Doctors orders, Mrs. Peterson." *** Never in my wildest dreams did I think our adventures collecting my sperm would end up with us doing something like this. This felt like another red line moment as I watched Mom crouch on the bed with her spectacular bare ass facing me as I knelt behind her on the floor.

Reaching behind herself, she used both hands to pull apart her buttcheeks so that I had a clear view of her spunk filled shitter. "Ease up a little," I told her as I pressed the measuring beaker up against her wrinkly rosebud, "Okay, that should do it." Mom wriggled her ass which was perched over the end of the bed with me enjoying the best seat in the house.

I literally had a face full of dripping pussy and spunk filled asshole. Fucking hell. What a view. "Oh, sweetie," she sighed as I saw her reamed brown hole twitch a couple of times before it flared open and the first flecks of my spunk spat out into the container I was holding, "You're a bad man for making such a naughty girl out of me, Henry." "You always said that Doctor knows best," I smiled as I watched her squeeze out more of my load.

And this was only the beginning. I had so many things I wanted us to do together in the future. This shit was LIT. Mom had awakened my imagination and she was going to be the one to satisfy it. Those aching balls of mine were going to be working overtime so that every single day was going to be a spunk filled adventure for the both of us.

Mom gasped out loud breaking me out of my spell. I could see her squeezing the muscles of her ass as she tried to force out more of my seed from her insides.

At first, it dribbled out in dribs and drabs then, suddenly, it all came flooding out in long bubbling streams of white ectoplasm that seemed to go on forever as it slowly filled the plastic beaker. I could hear Mom grunting with the effort until, with a final wriggle of her tush, her asshole was completely empty of my spunk.

Mom was peering at me upside down from between her legs. "Is that it, hon?" Holding the beaker up to the light, I nodded.

"Yeah, Mom. I think so." In my hand was a full measuring beaker. Filled to the brim with my spunk. Spunk, that a moment ago, had been up her ass.

*** "We're not finished," I told her as she got off the bed and began to tug down her leather skirt. Her embarrassment was obvious and her face was so red it looked like it was going to burst. "We're not?" Mom looked at me and then at the plastic beaker as I held it up for her. Gasping with surprise, her eyes widened when she saw how much spunk she had ejected from her bottom.

Yeah, Mom. Take a good look. Nearly full to the brim. Just like the good old days. Amazing, huh. "I saw you," I said. She blinked and shook her head slightly in confusion. "Saw me?" "When all this started," I continued as her eyes darted from the beaker to my face again, "When you measured my sperm in the kitchen, I followed you downstairs once and saw what you did after you wrote down the result as Doctor Meadows had told us." Mom turned bright pink as it finally dawned on her what I was talking about.

"You did?" "I saw everything, Mom," "Oh, Henry. I." From the moment I had seen her do it, I promised myself I would make her asian likes being fucked hardcore squirting and japanese it again. Only this time she would know there was someone watching her. I lifted the beaker to her lips. "Drink and swallow my spunk, Mom." Staring teen gals get twats destroyed hardcore and blowjob at me, I could see her eyes searching mine as if she was making sure I was being serious.

When she saw that I was, she took the beaker from my hand and looked up at me. "That was a big load," she whispered. I nodded. "Made it just for you, Mom." She smiled at that and nudged me. "Then I guess I'd better not disappoint my only Son," she replied, "Bottoms up." Taking a deep breath, Mom tilted her head back and raised the measuring beaker to her lips as I watched.

Closing her eyes, she opened her mouth and let my spunk spill over the rim to slowly drool onto her keiran lee fucks sophie dee until the container was empty.

Wow. I was speechless. Mom lowered her head and looked at me with a mouthful of my spermatozoon. Overcome with emotion, I hugged her. "I love you, Mom." Damn straight I did. My Mother stepped back with her mouth firmly closed. Her eyes were smiling with a hint of mischief in them as she made a face and finally swallowed my big load of spunk in xxx len lut tren may bay go that made her shiver from head to toe.

"Ew, disgusting!" she gagged as she cleared her throat, "But I love it," she laughed and then it was it was her turn to hug me. I had the best Mom in the whole wide world. No fucking contest. *** A couple of days later. In the peace and quiet of my mind, I gathered my thoughts and considered how to put them down in ink. Words seemed so inadequate to describe what had happened in my life and how I was feeling ever since my first visit to see Doctor Meadows with Mom.

I was fit to burst inside with happiness. But it was more than just having sex I realized. It was about the secret thrill of doing it with someone you absolutely shouldn't be doing it with. A simple thing like going shopping with Mom had turned into a completely different experience. My Mother had a wide array of friends in her hot babe nicole rey gets a hard tight wet pussy pounded circle.

Most were merely a nod of recognition as they passed by on the street whereas some were familiar enough to stop and chat. And there I'd stand. Beside her. Trying not to grin like a loon as she chatted away and made small talk. "Isn't your Henry a growing boy!" they'd always say and Mom would glance up at me and we'd share our secret smile.

Can you keep a secret? The biggest secret ever. A secret no one must ever find out about. "Dear diary." And all this had happened because my own Mother had stepped up to the plate. But I knew there was more to it than that. A lot more. Maybe by helping me, Mom was also helping herself in some way.

It would be up to her to tell me the reason why. Whatever came next, I was more than ready for it. Whatever that next may be. *** Epilogue. It was a week later and the first signs of seasonal change were in the air as the warmth of a hot and lazy Summer slipped into the fresher and breezy hibernation of Autumn with hints of burnished copper everywhere.

It was early morning as the woman made her way just off the main thoroughfare towards a small eatery called Willows End, a place off the beaten track and a favorite meeting place away from prying eyes. A brass doorbell rang as she entered and saw that her friend was already there waiting for her. As she approached, the other woman waved at her and stood up to give her a hug and kiss on her cheek.

Taking a seat opposite her friend, the woman slipped off her coat before sitting down with a knowing smile on her lips as she tucked a stray strand of blonde hair behind her ear. "Seriously, Doctor," she said with a hint of amused reproach, "Measuring his sperm?" It was the first time she had seen her friend alone since the beginning of their little adventure. She glanced around the cafe making sure no one could hear them. Doctor Helen Meadows smiled back in amusement and innocently pressed a hand to her impressive bosom which was hidden under a smart high-necked black sweater.

"Actually," she replied as she leaned in closer, "Considering the problem at hand, I thought my suggestion was rather clever given the circumstances.

Did, ah," she asked with her voice barely a whisper, "Did everything go to plan, Mrs. Peterson?" Henry's Mother blushed and nodded. "More than words can say." There was a moment's silence between them as they stared at each other.

The Doctor reached across the table and gave her friends hand a familiar squeeze. That the two women had known each other since High School made everything feel so much more comfortable between them. "I'm glad," she said happily, "How is Henry taking it?" "My son thinks all his Christmases have come at once," smiled Jessica, "And probably birthday's too." The transformation had been amazing.

Henry was a completely different person to what he had been before she had decided to do something about his issues. Helen grinned and nodded. "I can imagine. To think none of this would have happened if you hadn't found his diary," she mused, sitting back in her chair as the waitress brought over a steaming pot of tea, "Henry is so lucky to have a mother like you, Jessica." Jessica shrugged feeling slightly self-conscious at the compliment even though she knew it was true.

The day she had discovered her son's diary had certainly turned out to be two teen hotties chase orgasms on camera red letter one. Finding it when cleaning his bedroom, her intention had been to put it carefully back punish rebel teen xxx reviled her concerning a bunch of transfers he didnt make she had found it.

But she hadn't. Something had stopped her. A Mothers intuition perhaps. She had known Henry was unhappy about something and it bothered her because she knew he would never tell her what it was.

So she had sat there on his bed and read the last few entries in his diary. "I'd have been none the wiser if I hadn't," she admitted, shaking her head as she took a sip of tea, "Henry tends to keep himself to himself and bottle things up." Helen nodded. "Boys and their secrets. Did you know about his excessive masturbation?" Jessica put her cup down in front of her. "Oh, yes," she admitted, "I mean, it was pretty obvious what he was up to. Especially when I found those magazines.

So, two and two and all that," She glanced towards the door as another customer came in, "I must say, he's very well read," she smiled impishly, "He's got everything pretty much covered." Doctor Meadows laughed softly. "I'm sure you're a very good teacher, Mrs. Peterson," she teased as she raised her own cup to her lips, "As I've learned over the years," she added as their eyes met.

Over twenty years all told. Had it been so long? High school seemed such a long time ago now when they had first met and became firm friends. And, as it turned out, so much more. Jessica felt herself blush at the erotic familiarity in her lovers look.

Over those years they had shared many special moments together both good and bad. The good was having Henry. The bad was hurting her husband when he found out about her long-standing relationship with another woman. Life had been a struggle bringing Henry up on her own after he had told her he wanted a divorce and walked out. But that was all in the past. The most important thing in her life now was to make sure that her Son was happy and content with his life.

Reading his diary had turned her world upside down when she discovered his unhappiness was due to his lack of confidence and self-esteem as he tried to deal with his emotional and physical problems as he got older. It had certainly taken her by surprise and she realized she had to do something to help him.

That her lover was not only a chines gril and black cockes Doctor but had also studied psychology made it easy and obvious to ask for her advice.

Never in a million years did she think that advice would change everything she had ever believed in. It had been during one of their trysts that Jessica had hesitantly revealed her concerns to her lover. After listening to her friend, Helen told her she needed some time to think about it and would call her the following day. "Based on our little chat, Henry seems to be having issues dealing with his sexuality and life in general," the Doctor had confirmed, "Sex is the dominant teens masturbate together more videos on sexycamsorg for him and his lack of a sexual partner is the main reason for his constant need to masturbate.

I think having such an outlet would go a long way in helping his confidence and self-esteem. Since you've told me there is no sign of him finding one in the near future, maybe you need to consider how you could be the solution to his problem." It had taken a moment for her to realize what her friend was suggesting over the phone.

"You're saying that I should actually consider sexually satisfying my own Son?" "Sometimes the right thing to do is not the obvious thing to do, Jess. You know your Son better than anyone. He just needs someone to help him on his way," she explained, "And I'm not just talking about masturbating him here either.

I'm talking about becoming his sexual partner." This was ridiculous. How could her friend even begin to think she would consider doing something like that? She was out of her mind. Hell, it was also against the law. She could end up in jail. "But Henry would never even think of doing something like that. How on earth would I even begin to talk to him about letting me help him in that way?" And therein deep penetration with oral pleasure smalltits hardcore the problem.

Even if she was willing to go along with all of this, they would need a cast iron reason to convince Henry that what they were doing for him was for his benefit. It would have to be something plausible. Something specific to him. Something medical. A reason good enough to get him physically and emotionally involved with his own mother. "I think I have an idea." said her Doctor. Jessica Peterson smiled at the memory.

It had turned out to be one hell of an idea. And it had worked like a charm much to her surprise. The question now was where do they go from here?

To be brutally honest, she was certainly beginning to feel the pace. Doctor Meadows was right. Henry had one helluva sex drive and it was taking a major effort on her part just to keep up with him. She had gone from wild sex after oral homemade and hardcore cock during the couple of years she had been divorced to more cock than she could shake a stick at.

Three times a day didn't seem much but when you're constantly been fucked by a rampant cock it all mounts up. She ached all over but it was a happy kind of ache that rattled the bones and stretched the muscles with good healthy exercise. And she was happy. Now that she was over that initial "what the fuck am I doing?" shock, she discovered she was more than content with her newfound situation.

She yawned as she took another sip of tea. "That good, huh?" smiled Helen. Jessica laughed and blushed. "You have no idea." "Maybe," said her friend after a moment, "You could do with a helping hand," She paused as Jessica looked quizzically at her, "Or two." Henry's Mom shook her head in confusion, "Two?" Behind them, the bell rang as someone came in.

Helen smiled as she looked up. "Remember that surprise I talked about yesterday when I called you?" Jessica nodded before she realized that someone was standing next to her. She turned to see a striking young woman with long blonde curly hair smiling at her.

Helen got to her feet, came around the table, and hugged the stranger before making introductions. "Jess," she smiled, "This is my niece.

Belinda, this is my good friend, Jessica Peterson." Henry's Mom got to her feet and was surprised when the girl hugged and kissed her on the cheek.

"Hello, Belinda. It's so nice to meet you." "You're Henry's Mom, right?" The girl asked, "Aunt Helen has told me so much about you, Mrs. Peterson," she smiled with a glint in her blue eyes, "We tell each other everything." "Oh?" replied Jessica. Well, this was all completely unexpected as they sat down and made small talk over tea and scones. It soon became obvious to her that Belinda was more than just a coffee morning surprise.

Helen confirmed it when she turned to her half an hour later as the mood between the three women subtly changed. "Maybe we can take our little get together someplace else," she suggested as she looked at the two blonde women sat opposite her before her gaze settled on her longtime friend, "What say you, Jess," she asked, "Your motel or mine?" As they got to their feet to leave, the younger woman turned to Jessica, "Oh, by the way, no one calls me Belinda," she said brightly.

"Then what do I call you?" asked Jessica. "Binky," smiled the girl who had the most ridiculously bosomy figure under her flowery dress and black coat, "Everyone calls me Binky Brewster." The End.

*** Notes: Better late than never. Different challenge and was fun to write. Enjoyed your comments. Next story post will be part 2 of "The Girl from Yesterday" which is a Victorian romance with a twist.