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Latina beauty queen sex video with italian porn actor rocco
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no way if your smart enought to have sex with dean unprotected then your smart enough to keep the baby" i got out of my seat and went to the exit i slammed the door behind me and drove home when i got home i rang harvey and said "i need you" when harvey got to my house i started crying and said "brit is pregnent and i had ago at her because she is getting ride of it" i calmed down well aleast stopped cry and got my cell i rang dean and said "what the fuck was you thinking getting brit pregnent" dean answer "leon what the fuck are you talking about" i said "shit!!!

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you dont know did you" dean said " i do now" i said "fuck" and the line went dead the next day at school i avoided brit and dean but spent all my time with harvey when it come to lunch i walked onto the football field and i just sat there and was thinking i kepted smoking cig after cig and kept thinking after the warning bell rang i didnt move i just sat there still and at that moment in time i just didnt care about detention or any other punishment i just kept thining she is pregnent she would be a great mom but she wanted to get ride of it (im sorry stand by me or not but i dont believe in abortions) i must have been on the field for a long time because the last lesson was harveys football practice he walked up to me and said "shouldnt you be in class babe" i said "i cant face it babe" "how brit?" "i dont know i havent spoke to her.

i cant face her right now " harvey looked at me and said "babe i know u have your veiws but she is your best friend you have known her since you was like 3" i started crying and harvey put his arm around me ii said "what do i do harvey i wanna be there for her but i cant agree with her desision to kill her unborn baby" harvey said "im sorry babe but i really dont know" i got up and started to walk away harvey said "babe where are you milf undressing we chocked on his bone and he tucked our coochies real good i said "i need to be alone" walking around campus i seen brit and she said "hey" "hey" "where have you been leon" "avoiding you" brit said "im scared leon" "i know you are girl" "im going to have the baby and then give it away" "brit are you sure you wanna do that this is going to be your flesh and blood" "im sure i cant kill my baby but i cant look after it eather so its the only thing i can do" i smiled at her and said "i knew you had more sence that what you let on" brit pulled out her carton of cig and i took then off her and said "no more of theses for 9 months babe" she smiled and said "i love you leon you always care" i smiled but didnt have to say anythink back to be continued sorry ive been really busy lol x

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