Cory chase post party quickie for mommy

Cory chase post party quickie for mommy
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Aditi is a cool and ravishing teenage girl very chirpy bubbly peppy so this attitude made her very popular in school many boys had a crush on her including Abhishek her bestest friend and the rich cool dude Mr. popular Rohan even Aditi had feelings for him but the worst part was rohan just wanted to fuck her and who wouldnt,even at the age of 15 aditi had boobs to die for her ass too was very luscious fair as snow-white blue eyes long pony tail going Deep down her back in short a figure of 34-26-32.

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Rohan had plans to fuck her on the last of our school the farewell party day which was a couple of days later and to top it his delight his parents had just gone for a month long business trip.

--Cut To Farewell Party evening-- Aditi was wearing a white colour saree with a matching white colour sleevless and deep back cut blouse her saree complimented her complextion and raised her sex appeal ;) Aditi was chit-chatting with her friends when Rohan came And Asked Aditi to come with him He took aditi to his car which he had decorated with flowers and ballons and hearts Aditi entered the car when rohan proposed her.

Aditi knew that rohan was going to propose her and even she liked him so she had a yes for him and she leaned forward and they kissed it was aditi's first ever kiss. Rohan made it even special he licked her lips and kissed her passionatley they kept on kissing untill they lost breath Aditi had a glassy look in her eyes she didnt want the moment to end he was in love it was beautiful.

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rohan knew he had hit the jackpot and today he was going to have a time of his life he drove her to his house Rohan asked aditi to go inside he would park the car and come Aditi went inside a bit ackward didnt know what to say or what to do was it right should she leave but she loved him and he loves her too she even liked their first kiss,to many question too much of confusion while thinking this she didnt even realised she had entered rohans beroom she turned back when rohan entered his bedroom he went upto aditi looked into her eyes giving her confidence that he truly loved her and what was happening is ok and right.

and leaned forward and kissed her,She closed her eyes and surrendered She held him tightly her grip tightened as he started to run his lips over her's aditi knew what was he demanding for which she readily agreed and gave him access their tounges started to fight and aditi gave out a small groan which turned the heat up for rohan and he tightened his grip over aditi pulling her closer to his chest he held her up in air and lifted her to his bed their lips still locked and tougues still playing he laid her on her bed and broke the kiss looking into her eyes he got up removed his shirt and leaned over her kissing her forehead he started going down he peeked her cheeks and moved down he kissed her shoulders and moved towards her neck he started to trail kisses on her neck lips cheeks forehead and eyes and his hands moving up and down on her saree clad legs thighs and butt cheeks aditi was loving it she started to move her hands over his bare chest back into his hair rohan cupped her cheeks looked into her eyes and asked her," do u really want to do this." to which she replied,"i had feelings for you from a long time and hot busty babe gets a stiff shaft i dont want this moment to slip away i want this." rohan lovingly said,"i really love you i really do" to which aditi just closed her eyes giving him an indication to go futher and do whatever he wants.

Rohan slid her saree pallu down and then removing her blouse open Aditi was in a front of him in her bra what a beautiful sight it was Rohan thought he placed a kiss on her boobs and unhooked her bra and threw it around he dug his mouth on her luscious breasts and started sucking them Aditi was enjoying it she moaned and let out a sigh Rohan took his hand cupped her other boob and started pinching and pressing it Aditi was enjoying it she started to rub her crotch against his leg now Rohan started to suck her harder and biting her nipples Aditi was losing it she started to breath heavily she was going to cum sensing this rohan went up to her and kissed her stuning aditi and landing his tongue her mouth he cupped both her boobs and started pinching them harder with every go he then slid right hand to her crotch which was still covered by her saree nd started running it up and down over it a foerign hand so close to her pussy made her a tense to the core and couldnt take it anymore Aditi came wetting her panty nd saree and breaking the liplock she needed air after relaxing her glassy eyes met rohans and she pecked him on his cheeks and lips her eyes showed she wanted more and to assure him she blinked at him and said,"I love you" and cuddled him rubbing her crotch to his thigh Getting the nod rohan went down on her kissing her boobs stomach licking her navel on the way and kissing her crotch he removed the pleats of her saree and in the next tuck got her entire saree out the way she was now in her dorcel ma soeur et moi black polka dots panty which was pulled down by rohan within no time she was pantyless and complete nude in front of her lover Rohan thought,'wow schools sexiest and the most popular bitch is naked in front of me and ready to be nailed' he got up removed his clothes and went naked seeing aditi lay without clothes he had his shaft half erect he got down on her licking her pussy making her wet again and licking her juices her moans and groans her smell her breathing ebony bitch with large ass gets railed wettnes and her lustful eyes made him erect he took no time further and entered inside aditi with a thrust she was a virgin and it showed her pussy flowed out her blood mixing it with her juices as rohan enterd aditi she let out a scream she pulled rohan closer to her biting his shoulder and digging her long nails in his back rohan made long thrust's slowly her pain subduded and she started enjoying now she ran her hand in rohans hair cuddling him up onto her boobs making him lick and bite them hard she instinctively rolled her legs around rohans back pulling him more closer towards her and taking him deeper into her and also started to push herself against him rohan tuned his thrusts with her movement aditi was moaning and making sounds which was making him more excited he started kissing her neck revolving around her chest he kept on thrusting her he fastened his pace aditi was on the moon she was convulising she squeezed him rohan also sensed her pussy tightening on his manhood he was also about to cum he then took her nipples in his hands and started pulling them in circles and leaned forward to kiss her aditi arched her body giving a final squeez to rohan and soon both came Rohan filled Aditi's love hole with his cum slowly rohan broke the kiss and fell besides aditi pantying for air aditi to was exhausted after relaxing aditi kept her head on his chest pecked his cheeks said i love you and slept Rohan too was exhausted and soon slept.