Two wild twats tame a one eyed monster hardcore blowjob

Two wild twats tame a one eyed monster hardcore blowjob
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Foreword: This story xxx sex vidos hot 2019 harder to write than the first three in the series as it takes place over nearly two and a half days instead of one night (hence the long break between this and the last increment). As such, detailing all the sexual activities would take way too long, so I skim over the more minor ones and focus mainly on what I think are the more interesting parts. Also, while past stories obviously had peeing involved, this story has it as a major focus, so if you don't like peeing at all, this story isn't for you.

Oh, and there's one, I'll call it "icky" part. You'll probably know it when it happens, but I promise it's really brief. I thought about skipping over it, but felt it was necessary to include as it did happen. Without further ado, the story. It ended up being two weeks before Jess and I hooked up again.

A family emergency came up that I had to deal with for a weekend, which totally killed our traditional Saturday night. I broke the news to Jess as soon as I had found out about it, which was late Thursday.

Obviously, both of us were disappointed, but there was really nothing to do about it. On the plus side, the following week was a three-day weekend, so we'd have plenty of time to make up for it! None-the-less, I had a lot of sexual tension built up that second week, and I spent lots of time masturbating each night (sometimes implementing my newly learned panty strategy from the last time Jess came over). The Wednesday night after the long weekend, I called up Jess.

We didn't have to plan anything as we had pretty much set everything up for this weekend when I broke the news to her about last weekend.

I was just horny as hell and thought talking to her would help. I hadn't called her just to talk since before we started hooking up since we just discussed everything on our Saturday nights. Turns out, the call really did help relieve my horniness! Well, at least to some extent.

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We ended up discussing our various hookups from the past four weeks laughing about things, getting horny, and getting off with each other on the phone. Nothing truly spectacular, just fingering ourselves to a couple orgasms that while enjoyable, especially while on the phone with each other, were certainly not spectacular. This phone call did end up setting the stage for the weekend in one unexpected way though. At some point during the call, Jess started making fun of me for having stumbled into the bathtub the last time we hooked up and peeing down the drain.

I sarcastically responded, "Shut up! I thought I was gonna fill the tub I had to pee so bad!" Jess and Huge facial of her life mayashandjobs handjob both laughed at this, with Jess asking, "You think you could?" I thought Jess was just being sarcastic or something so threw back, "Damn right I could!" There was a bit of a pause, save for the two of us laughing for a bit. It was broken by Jess saying, "We should do that this weekend!" "Done!" Why I didn't even think about questioning it, I'm not sure.

We just talked and made plans to drink a lot this weekend (of all liquids, not just alcohol), put the plug in the tub, and see if we could fill the tub in the two days she was going to be over. Thinking back, it was really strange we planned it like we were planning a barbeque or something.

We didn't for a second act like it was anything weird or immature or… well, really, I don't know what words one would use to describe to 27 year olds filling a bathtub with pee.

I guess we were just so into anything that it didn't even faze us (and obviously, from prior stories, we both enjoy peeing as a sensual activity, so that didn't turn us off). And thus the plans were made.

We were on the phone for awhile after the plans were made, but just before we got off, Jess reminded me, "Don't forget the plan!" Like there was any chance of that happening! Fast forward to Saturday morning. I heard the knock on the door around 10:00. The second the door opened, Jess rushed in, gave me a peck on the cheek and ran for the bathroom announcing, "I've held it in all morning!" She threw a bag on the recliner as she rushed by me. Humorously enough I had held it in all morning too (didn't want to get started without her!) but I clearly wasn't as bad as she was!

After closing and locking the door, I turned and headed for the bathroom too. As I got in the bathroom, I saw Jess's panties, along with her shoes and socks, on the floor as Jess was standing with one leg full hot hip porn storys each side of the tub.

Luckily, she had night time chupchap xxx story mom in son a short jean skirt over, which was now bunched up around her hips. I sat down on the toilet and watched as Jess bent her knees a bit, doing a kind of mini-squat, and brought one hand down to her puffy pussy lips and separated them thoroughly with two fingers.

Then I watched and listened as a dark stream of pee came out her cunt splashing hard down on the tub floor.

At the same time, Jess closed her eyes and began moaning, obviously in heavy need of the relief. Jess must have been going for at least two minutes, maybe even three, with the speed of the stream never tapering off. It was also the darkest pee I had ever seen, bordering on an orange color. Finally, the stream began to fade. Jess opened her eyes and exhaled, "Damn, I needed that!" I just laughed and looked at the sizable puddle of pee she had left in the tub.

I had decided to put the plug in early this morning, so our pee bath had now officially started, and it was dark. Yet even with that huge pee she had just taken, there was only a tiny fraction of the tub filled, which made me wonder if we could actually fill the tub in two days. Jess began to move as I stared at the tub. Slowly, and via some careful maneuvering, Jess stood up, climbed down from sexy awesome babe is willing for a wild fuck homemade hardcore tub, walked over, and reached across me for some toilet paper, her skirt still around her hips.

I reached out for Jess's hand, stopping her from grabbing the paper, and announced, "Let me take care of that!" Before Jess could respond, I leaned forward, pulled Jess's pussy lips apart, and began licking her vagina. The first few licks had a very strong flavor of piss to it, but it didn't really bother me.

Actually, it was much the opposite. Combined with her natural flavor, the pee added an initial tang that really turned me on! I spent awhile tonguing her pee hole, then moving up to suck on her clit. Surprisingly quickly, I got Jess to an orgasm. She moaned, and her knees buckled. She only stopped from falling by catching her balance on my shoulders. I continued lightly licking around her tiny clit as she came down from her climax.

I could feel her wetness all over my face. I finally pulled back as Jess stood up again. I looked up at her, and as our eyes met she announced, "That was some kind of 'hello,' Lisa!" I just laughed. "I do what I can! Now, if you don't mind, I've actually been holding it in all morning too, waiting for you!" While saying that, I stood up and pulled down my panties.

I hadn't gotten dressed up at all that morning, so I was just wearing the panties and oversized T-shirt I had slept in the night before. As I did that, Jess dropped her skirt to her ankles and stepped out of it, leaving her in just the tight white T-shirt she had worn here, along with the obvious bra under it.

Jess sat down on the toilet, her bare ass on the lid, as I began climbing on the tub, trying to assume the same position she had. When I thought I was close enough, I let my stream erupt from me, and I do mean erupt! There was a thick burst of bright yellow pee that splashed all over the tub when I let it go. A steady stream of pee followed the initial burst. I didn't take as long as Jess did, probably only a minute and a half to two minutes, but boy did I feel better when I was done!

I looked down and saw the mix of bright yellow pee with Jess's cloudy near-orange piss in the tub. I looked over to see Jess leaning back on the toilet laughing, my eyes immediately being drawn to her naked shaved pussy as her legs were slightly spread.

Without saying anything, I climbed down. As soon as I was standing steady on the floor again, Jess grabbed my hand and jerked me over in front of her.

I didn't have time to react in any way other than moaning as Jess immediately dove into my pussy, her tongue seemingly everywhere at once! I put my arms back and leaned them against the wall behind me, trying to push my hips harder into Jess's face. I didn't realize how horny I was!

My eyes closed as I began humping Jess's face while she sucked my cunt, tonguing me quickly and ferociously. In only a couple minutes, I erupted in orgasm, squirting lightly. Jess continued lapping up my cunt, though more slowly now. When she finally pulled away, I leaned back against the wall behind me and slowly slid down it til I was sitting on the floor. Finally, I opened my eyes. Jess was still sitting on the toilet, her legs still slightly spread.

She had her shirt pulled and was looking down at it, and I could easily see why apparently my squirt had dripped onto her shirt, leaving a few large wet spots. I couldn't help but laugh, announcing, "Sorry Jess, didn't realize how horny I was!" Jess just looked up at me and smiled.

"I guess I don't need this anymore," she replied, pulling the shirt over her head. The second the shirt was on the floor, she added, "And I probably won't need this either," making short work of pulling her bra off. I just stared at Jess, taking in her beautiful body as she sat on the toilet.

Her thin-but-not-too-thin legs leading up to her puffy and slightly red pussy lips. Her flat stomach and the bottom of her rib cage hidden beneath her large gravity-defying tits that were capped by tiny, but very hard nipples.

Her face, with her small naturally bright red lips, her pert nose, those gorgeous brown eyes surrounded by noticeable-but-not-too-long eyelashes and thin eyebrows. And finally, her hair, her long dark brunette hair that didn't seem to be messed up at all, mostly flowing behind her, with a few strands over each shoulder. I stopped ogling her and grabbed the bottom of my shirt, pulling it over my head announcing, "This is gonna be one hell of a weekend!" We both laughed, though omg perfect ass teen gaping her used pussy wide open laughing was cut off as Jess moved to kneel on the floor next to me, leaning in, and initiating a long and sensual kiss.

No less than five minutes later, probably longer, the kiss ended. We decided to move our forays out of the bathroom. We grabbed all our clothes and tossed them on the floor of my bedroom, closing the bathroom door behind us, knowing that if we didn't the smell of pee would permeate the entire apartment.

Not that either of us disliked it, but I really didn't want to have to get rid of it after the weekend. We then began our marathon drinking session, taking a couple glasses and a bottle of Sprite from the kitchen out to the living room. We put a movie in, sat on the couch, and commenced the drinking. When we finished the bottle of Sprite, we immediately got another bottle. Later we tried water, which we didn't enjoy much so we made some uber-strong pink lemonade which we drank for quite awhile.

After the second time we went to pee, we decided it would be much easier if we just sat over the edge of the tub instead of climbing on top. While slightly less fun, it was far easier. Also, every time we peed the color was less and less yellow until we were nearly peeing clear.

The tub, however, maintained a yellow color, probably thanks to how dark our initial pees were. We still licked each other clean, instead of wiping, but we didn't eat each other to orgasm except for that first one. We figured if we did, the day would end before it began and we would have nothing left for the rest of the weekend.

And so the day went by, watching movies, drinking, and peeing. At one point, we tried to play some Wii (I'm not a huge game person, but I think that thing's pretty damn fun), but we quickly discovered that trying to box or play tennis when we nearly constantly had to pee really didn't work!

So we went back to the couch and watching movies. The sitting on the couch quickly became spooning on the couch, then one of us laying on the other with her head on the other's chest. It seemed that I was usually the one on the bottom, much to my dismay. Not that I didn't enjoy having Jess on my chest, but god damn how much better it is to have my head on hers! We also occasionally fingered each other to orgasms through the day, maybe five or six times.

Nothing drastic, just a light fingering. We were trying to save up as much sexual release as possible for our "pee bath," but it was damn hard to not get each other off while we're lying naked on top of each other!

And after each orgasm, we'd have to go pee like maniacs. Sometimes I was amazed I was able to hold it in during the orgasm! Sometime around 9:00 at night, after some four movies and who knows how many trips to the bathroom, Jess and I decided it was time to switch to alcoholic beverages, and we brought out the beer.

Surprisingly, this was also mostly innocent. We just talked. Occasionally we'd get physical, jokingly kicking each other from opposite ends of the couch (sorry, no sexual footsie this time!), shoving each other, wrestling, stuff of that sort. And of course, we were both naked the entire time and took plenty of pee breaks.

At one point while wrestling, I accidentally got a really good boob-smack in on Jess, leaving half a tit nearly glowing red.

I thought she was going to kill me after that! I did actually feel bad, I really didn't mean to do it. I offered to kiss it all better, but Jess caught on quickly that I probably wanted that more than she did, so she kept her boobs away from me. I then, despite my better judgment stuck out my chest towards her and offered her a "fair revenge." I watched as Jess stared at my boobs for awhile, then looked up at my face, smirked, and said, "Nah, I'll just get you later." And so we went back to talking.

I don't know if she had any plans to get me later, I personally doubt she had planned anything, but damn did she get me! I think it was close to midnight when it started. I had just gotten each of us a new bottle of beer, and decided to sex xxxii bff google play one of the bottle caps in with me.

After sitting down, I tried to "shoot" the bottle cap at Jess by flicking my fingers. Normally, I'm actually pretty good at that trick, but as drunk as I was, I was pretty incompetent. I missed Jess completely, hitting the back of the couch. She picked up the cap and flicked it back at me, lightly hitting my shoulder. We went back and forth with this a few times until I completely messed up one time. The bottle cap, instead of flicking forwards, popped up and then fell on the floor, rolling on the carpet underneath the coffee table, eventually stopping under the far side of it.

After we both got a good laugh at my incompetence, I rolled off the couch onto my knees on the floor, eventually bending over and stretching underneath the coffee table to get the bottle cap.

The way I was positioned, more than half my entire upper body was under the avalon heart unzip seans pants and sucks his monster cock while my butt was sticking straight up in the air.

Just as I grabbed the bottle cap, I felt something on my asshole. The sudden sensation caused me to jerk up, causing my head and upper body to slam into the underside of the coffee table. I screamed in pain (that coffee table is pretty damn hard!) but the tingling at my butthole didn't stop. For whatever reason, I didn't say anything or complain. I think subconsciously I thought that if I stopped Jess, she might stop whatever she was doing, which I thought would (and did!) lead to more sexual activities.

So I just closed my eyes, laid my upper body down on the floor, leaving my butt in the air, and focused on what was happening. It was then that I realized what I was feeling Jess was tonguing my anus!

I wasn't sure what to think at first. In all of my sexual experience, which I like to think is a lot, no one had ever licked my ass before. The closest I had come was Jess pushing panties into my ass with her tongue. I never really thought about it I guess, something about mouths and butts just didn't go together in my mind. But clearly Jess thought otherwise! On top of that, while I don't mind anal stimulation I've had my fair share of anal sex and fingered assholes, not to mention panties up my ass I've never found it enough to get me off alone.

Don't get me wrong, I get some pleasure from it, but I always needed to have my cunt fingered or my clit rubbed to get off during any kind of anal pleasure. And that's exactly what I was feeling then. The feeling of Jess's tongue on and in my ass was great, there was something highly erotic about having someone's tongue in such a forbidden place, but it definitely wasn't going to be enough to get johnny sins hard fuck tired even near an orgasm.

And then, without warning, I felt a couple fingers go straight up my cunt. I nearly jerked up and hit the coffee table again, but I caught myself and felt my entire body go stiff. I stayed that way for minutes, body stuck in place, stiff, ass up in the air while Jess ate it and finger-fucked my cunt. Eventually I felt my body reacting, despite trying to stay still. I felt my hips move back and forth a bit. As they did, Jess pulled her face out of my butt, while she kept her fingers sawing into my cunt.

I immediately missed the feeling of her on my ass. But that didn't last for long. Suddenly, I felt something different on my ass, a smooth, cool, and hard roundness was pressing lightly against my asshole. Before I had time to really think about it though, the light pressing became a hard pressing, and I felt the neck of an empty beer bottle get shoved up my ass while I screamed out, "FUCK!" My eyes had opened, I had twisted my head up, and was staring out the other end of the coffee table, eyes wide.

Then, I felt the bottle start twisting in my ass, rubbing against all sides of my insides in a slow circular motion. As that was going on, Jess was still savoring luscious chicks sexy twat hardcore blowjob fucking my cunt. Whenever the bottle pushed towards my cunt wall, I'd feel the bottle push Jess's fingers into the front wall of my cunt while still moving back and forth.

That feeling was incredible! I began to focus on the feelings Jess was creating inside me. As I did, she began increasing the tempo of the rotating bottle and her fingers in my cunt. It didn't take too long before I was on the edge of an intense climax!

My hips were pushing up towards the bottle now, and just as I moaned out in orgasm, Jess shoved the bottle against the barrier between my cunt and ass and rubbed circles around the bottle with her fingers in my cunt.

My moans escalated in volume, breaking up with gasps in between.

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Then, after about half a minute, I felt another feeling build up inside me and gasped out, "Oh shit!" My tone of voice must have let Jess know something was wrong, as she stopped moving her fingers and apparently let go of the bottle.

As fast as I could, I twisted my body to get out from underneath dad and dawter with bffs on vacay turned into a steamy orgy coffee table, then quickly stood up and ran towards the bathroom, clenching my ass and my cunt, one hand covering my cunt, the other holding the bottle still in my ass.

As I made it to the bathroom, I sat over the edge of the tub, and pulled the bottle out of my ass. The second I did, a torrent of nearly clear pee exploded out and into the tub.

The sudden feeling of emptiness, of both the bottle in my ass and the release of my bladder, gave me an incredible feeling of relief, causing me to close my eyes and just enjoy it. As I finished, I opened my eyes and saw Jess standing in the doorway leaning against the frame, her arms crossed under her large bosom.

"Well, that was certainly interesting!" I laughed for a few seconds, took a deep breath, then replied, "It certainly was! I just never know what's coming with you around!" Jess laughed. "And that's the way I like it!" After saying that, Jess walked over and sat next to me over the tub, and let out her own stream of pee.

When she finished, we stood up one at a time, licking the other clean as they got up, and headed back to the living room, me bringing the bottle that had been up my ass. As we walked into the living room, I announced, "I guess that makes it your turn!" Instead of responding immediately, Jess walked over to my recliner, bent over it keeping her legs straight but leaning her entire upper body on the recliner, turned her head back towards me, wiggled her protruding behind, and responded, "I guess it is!" I couldn't say no to that!

I immediately knelt down behind Jess and began tonguing her cunt from behind.

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I had thought about diving straight into her anus like she had to me, but having never done it before, I wasn't fully comfortable with it and figured I'd work my schoolgirl jane fox enjoys big cock of tutor up. As it was, with her in the position she was and my face in her cunt, my nose was rubbing directly against her asshole, which surprisingly, at least to me, really didn't smell bad.

Rather, it turned me on! That smell eventually led me to bring my tongue up from Jess's cunt to her anus. After licking her puckered hole a few times and realizing that I barely tasted anything (which I considered a good thing, as I wasn't expecting a pleasant flavor), I built up my courage and pushed my tongue into her bum.

To my louise davis munches on a raging boner surprise, Jess immediately moaned out as my tongue pushed into her anus and pushed her ass back hard into my face.

Jess was clearly getting lots of pleasure from it! To meet the pressure of Jess's ass on my face, I grabbed the front of her thighs and pushed my face as hard as I could into her ass. Jess then spread her legs a bit more, reached back and pulled her ass cheeks apart with both of her hands, giving me easier access to her bumhole.

I could also feel Jess pushing with her asshole, which only further opened her ass up to me. As I ran my tongue along the open ring and pushed against the inside walls of her ass, Jess began moaning louder and louder, along with letting out a variety of exclamations, from "Fuck yeah!" and "Oh shit" to "Damn that's good!" and "I fucking love you Lise!" I was amazed at how much she was escalating towards orgasm without me having touched her cunt!

She was getting all this pleasure strictly from her ass! To be honest, I was a bit jealous. I wish I could get that much pleasure from my ass more pleasure is always a good thing! Jess soon started gasping between moans, a clear sign she was near her orgasm. I decided I need to give her a bit of a surprise! Continuing to tongue cocksucking latina pawnee gets doggystyled reality amateur ass, I took one hand off her thigh and reached over to grab the bottle that had been in my ass.

Via some careful maneuvering, I held the base of the bottle in my hand, extended my pointer finger, and lightly felt around Jess's pussy, being damn sure not to let the bottle hit her legs. Jess gasped when I first touched her pussy, but since I didn't stroke or rub anything, it didn't set off her orgasm.

Soon, my finger found her hole. The second it did, I pulled it away a bit and sped up my tongue in her ass. Jess responded quickly! Her moans became louder, her gasps more frequent, and I could feel her anus tensing up.

Then, right as I felt her orgasm about to hit, I shoved the bottle up her cunt. I knew this would set her off, but I could never have predicted her body's response! Jess screamed out, "Fuck me!" and her body jerked completely upright, which had the unintended result of pulling her ass away from my face and clenching her tiny ass cheeks mere inches in front of my face.

With one hand I fiercely held the bottle in her cunt, slowly sliding it in and out and around her insides. With the other, I reached through her legs, felt around for her clit, and began rubbing and flicking it in attempt to extend her orgasm. I had Jess going for at least a minute when she suddenly brought both her hands down to her cunt, one pulling my hand off her clit, the other grabbing the bottle away from me, and she whispered, "Stop." I let go with both hands, and watched Jess slowly turn around, her ass still clenched, her knees barely bending.

I looked up to see Jess's eyes wide, her eyebrows raised, and her biting her lower lip. She slowly started waddling forwards, cupping her cunt with one hand, holding the bottle with the other. I got out of the way and let Jess go by, watching her clenched ass as she slowly waddled towards the bathroom. She obviously had to pee so bad that she thought the slightest movement would set her off! I followed Jess to the bathroom. As she got to the tub, she took her hand off her cunt and grabbed mine, leaning back over the tub, pulling against me for balance.

The second her cunt was over the tub, she pulled the bottle out with her other hand, and an explosion of pee came from her cunt splashing all over the tub! I nearly let go of Jess's hand I laughed so hard seeing it! As her pee calmed down to a normal stream, Jess stated, "Holy shit." I continued laughing. Soon I felt Jess lessen her pull on me, maintaining her own balance over the edge of the tub.

She placed her hands on either side of her on the tub wall and took in a deep breath. Then, just as she started to exhale, her eyes went wide and she gasped out, "Oh shit!" I wasn't sure what the problem was at first, but I soon understood as I heard a splash in our pee bath. I immediately looked at Jess's face, and I wasn't sure whether she or I was more shocked over what had just happened. She was clearly embarrassed though, as I watched her face flush a deep red (not that her face wasn't flushed before from her orgasm, but that was more of a pinkish color, not innocentlooking asian girl kotomi asakura fingered like a dirty bitch dark red of embarrassment).

We were looking at each other, neither sure what to say, when there was suddenly another splash. I suddenly burst out laughing. I think Jess was relieved when I laughed, as her expression abruptly changed from embarrassment to that of calmness, and then she started laughing too.

I backed up to the doorway of the bathroom, leaning against the doorframe laughing. I cut off my laughing long enough to announce, "Well, when you gotta go, you gotta go! You done now?" Jess, always the jokester, responded, "I'm not sure, wait a second!" And then she scrunched up her face like she was constipated and pushing out her ass with all her might. I literally fell to the floor laughing, and when I heard another splash, I began laughing so hard I couldn't breathe.

In the meantime Jess announced, "Now I'm done!" I heard her laughing, and just barely saw her get up, walk over to the toilet, and grab a piece of toilet paper. She stuck her ass out obscenely behind her and very over-exaggeratedly wiped her ass with a jokingly orgasmic look on her face. Then I had to close my eyes I was laughing so hard. I heard Young girl blows big cock caught in gloryhole lift the lid of the toilet, presumably to throw the toilet paper in.

Then, a bit later, I heard a small splash. I forced myself to calm down a bit, forcibly making myself breathe, and opened my eyes to see Jess holding her three shits over the tub (which was now nearly a third full of pee) shaking them, so that her hands would stop dripping. Then I watched, trying to hold back from laughing hysterically, as she carried them over and dropped them in the toilet. Jess just stood over the toilet for a minute or so, before she turned to see me staring at her.

I don't think she knew I had watched her as she turned a deep red again. Even while turning red though, she asked, "Well, you wanna turn on the sink for me, or you want me to turn it on myself with these hands?" I tried to hold back from laughing as I stood up and walked over to the sink, turning the hot water on. I then grabbed the hand soap and squirted a ton of it all over Jess's brown-stained hands as she put her hands under the sink.

While she continued to wash her hands, I sat over the edge of the tub and peed again. Jess was still washing her hands when I finished, so I announced, "On that note, I think we should probably call it a night! I'll be in bed! Join me when you're ready!" Jess just smirked back at me as I headed to the bedroom. Between the alcohol, the intense orgasm I had, and then laughing so hard at Jess, I must've been far more exhausted than I thought I was.

The second I laid back on the bed, I closed my eyes and was practically asleep already. I vaguely remember feeling Jess climbing in next to me, feeling her kiss my cheek, place a hand on one of my boobs, and lay her head on my shoulder.

After that, I was out. (In case you couldn't tell, this was that whole "icky" part I mentioned earlier. Don't worry, it's not brought up again for the rest of the story.

On a side note, Jess and I did not talk about it again this weekend or later on. Personally, I'm not into that stuff. Jess I think is, or it may be more accurate to say that she is open to anything, but still, not my cup of tea.

Later in the week, thinking about it, I put together how just before she had gone, I had had my tongue up there, and that hand I felt on my breast right before I went to sleep had been covered in it just minutes before it had been on my boob, even if she had washed it.

Both of those things freaked me out pretty bad, but I did everything within my power to block it from my mind and forget about it.) A few times throughout the night, and into the morning, Jess and I woke up having to pee (whenever one of us woke up the other was woken up, as we were practically sleeping on top of each other).

Whenever this happened, we just went to the bathroom, sat side-by-side on the tub wall, pissed into the tub, licked each other clean, and then went back to bed. Around noon-ish we finally decided to get up for the day. I had woken up with my head on Jess's chest (best pillows in the world!) and couldn't help myself from sucking on her nipples.

I must've adriana squirts all over megan while lesbian scissoring pornkatecom at it for at least five minutes before I pulled myself away and looked up to see Jess smiling down at me.

I smiled back, asking, "How long you been awake, beautiful?" "Oh, a few minutes now, honey. Gotta say, that's a great way to wake up!" I simply smiled back at her for a bit longer, then laid my head back down on one of her bountiful breasts.

Not soon after I did, Jess asked, "Gotta pee?" I simply laid there. "Nope." "Me neither." There was a brief pause. "Guess we should start drinking!" I just looked up at Jess and smirked. Slowly, I forced myself to get up, followed quickly by Jess. We headed to the kitchen, got some OJ, followed by some breakfast. After breakfast, we headed to the bathroom to take care of what we could. Obviously, we wouldn't be able to shower with the tub full of pee. However, we could still was our faces, brush our teeth, etc.

Both of us had to take a step back as I opened the bathroom door. Not that anything was unpleasant per se, but it was definitely unexpected. Two things jumped out at us immediately. The first and most obvious thing was the strong stench of pee that seemed to pour up our noses.

We had kind of expected that, though not as strongly as it was. The second thing was a wave of hot air hit us hard. Now, the way my apartment works, I don't have control over the heat, the heat is controlled by the maintenance people by adjusting the boiler that heats the whole building.

They normally keep it warmer than most places to minimize complaints. Now, we were in the middle of a cold spell at the time, so the heat had been up extra high. There was a heater in the bathroom, and I guess it worked really well with the door closed, as none of the heat got out. Recovering from the shock of it, Jess and I looked at each other, and then headed into the bathroom. We both washed our faces, brushed our teeth, all that good stuff. For the record, brushing your teeth while engulfed in the strong scent of pee makes for a horrible taste.

Anyhow, by the time we were done, we were both lightly sweating from the heat of the room. Jess, out of curiosity, reached over and stuck a finger in the tub, which was yellow, though not nearly a strong yellow anymore.

She left it there for a bit, then pulled it out and announced, "Christ, that pee cute petite teen takes huge cock tali dova small tits smalltits really warm!" I laughed, grabbing Jess's hand and sucking on the finger she had stuck in.

I live smoking blow job tube porn surprised by how tangy it was. It wasn't nearly as strong as it had been when we had licked each other clean after that first pee, but considering how much less tangy the pees had gotten as we cleaned each other, I wasn't expecting much.

However, my taste might have been off from having recently brushed my teeth. After sucking Jess's finger, I just smiled at her, and sat down over the edge of the tub to pee. Jess followed suit right next to me. When we finished, we licked each other clean, and we noted that our pee was more flavorful now than it had been recently, though not as much as that first pee.

Finally, we headed back to the living room to just chill and drink the day away. I grabbed a bottle of Sprite, Jess put a movie in the DVD player, and we chilled on the couch, drinking Sprite and watching the movie. Towards the end of the movie, we had to pee again. When we got back, Jess laid on the couch, her head on a pillow against the arm, one leg hanging over the back of the couch, the other hanging down to the floor.

I just sat down next to her crotch and laid down sideways on her, resting my head on the upper part of her chest. A few minutes later, Jess suddenly announced, "God Lisa!

I love you, but you stink!" I sat up and turned to face her, acting mock offended. "Well, you ain't no cup of tea yourself right now!" Jess laughed in response, eventually saying, "I know we can't shower, and that hot bathroom didn't help any, but we gotta do something! I don't know how much longer I can take you like this!" I continued to play mock offended, but an idea had come into my mind while she had been talking. "So you can't take me like this?

Well, how 'bout like this!" As I finished talking, I quickly lowered my head to Jess's cunt. At first she laughed, but when my tongue hit her clit she groaned.

I was probably only eating her out for a minute or so when I noticed she was getting really wet. Immediately I stopped eating her out, and started rubbing my face in her wet cunt. I followed this up with rubbing my arms in her wet cunt, my boobs, and the rest of my body, occasionally stopping to eat her more if I felt she wasn't wet enough.

I had to improvise with my stomach and back, I basically just got her juices all over my hands and rubbed them all over what wouldn't reach her cunt. Jess even helped out with my back, rubbing her hands in her cunt and then over my upper back. Jess had actually orgasmed at one point, when I was rubbing my knee into her cunt. I hadn't intended it, and it didn't seem like the strongest orgasm ever, but she at least got a little relief.

I finished with a foot, bringing back memories of three weeks ago, but decided not to act on those memories. When I finished, I sat up and put my arm in front of my nose.

It smelt fully of Jess's cunt juice. I then held my arm out in front of Jess's nose and asked, "Better?" Jess made an obnoxious inhale through her nose just above my arm, laughed, and simply replied, "Much!" Then we both started laughing.

Jess broke the laughter, asking, "So what do you call that?" I looked her in the eye, smiled, and said, "Cunt bath." Jess laughed. "Ahhhh, a prelude to our pee bath, maybe?" I laughed harder. "Absolutely!" "Well then," Jess began, "I do believe that means it is my turn!" And with that, she suddenly leaned forward and pushed me down on the school saxy story sex stories king com downlod side of the couch.

Horny busty babe wants his big dick of course she pushed me down with her hands on my breasts. While I went down, I flipped one leg over the back of the couch, spreading my legs to give Jess room. She didn't waste a moment, diving into my cunt the second that it was open. I felt myself get wet quickly. Before I knew it, Jess was already rubbing her face in my cunt, then worked her neck in, twisting around to get the back of her neck, and then she went to her arms.

It was simultaneously really strange and really exciting feeling someone slide parts of their body through my cunt. I was moaning regularly by the time she was done with her arms. Jess than went to her chest, rubbing one boob, and then another in my cunt. While doing this, one of her nipples flicked my clit, and I gasped. Jess must have heard, because she immediately grabbed her boob and dragged it around in my cunt, making her nipple slide back and forth and up and down my clit.

Needless to say, I orgasmed all over her boob. After I came down, Jess went straight back to sliding her body through my cunt. I helped out of course, soaking my hands in my cunt and rubbing them all over her back. At last, I thought Jess was done. I thought she had covered every part of her body, but she didn't fully pull back.

I looked down, and saw Jess bring one leg up and over my body while she brought my lower leg over onto hers. Then, as Jess pulled my body down, I caught on to what she was doing. I slid down and she laid back and slid towards me. In no time, our pussies were kissing each other. As our pussies rubbed against each other, we both reached down to our respective pussies and spread our outer lips, allowing pink to touch pink. If our pussies were kissing before, they were frenching now!

Both of us were really wet, and I felt my pussy sliding over hers taking advantage of the wetness of both of us.

Boy rap vingir fuck japnes girls

I was amazed by how much of her pussy I could feel! I had my clit against hers for a bit, which was incredible. I tried to slide my clit down from her clit to her hole. While my clit obviously wasn't big enough to penetrate, the feeling of it bumping into the edges of her hole then getting flattened against her as I continued away from her hole was incredible.

For awhile, I was brushing my inner lips against her clit repeatedly. But we ended up going back to rubbing our clits against each others. As we both got closer and closer to climax, we started pushing our hips harder into each other, eventually to the point that it was actually starting to hurt.

But that didn't stop us! We kept clit-grinding until we got off, and boy did we get off! I hit my orgasm first as I was brushing circles around Jess's clit with mine. My body went stiff as the first wave of the orgasm struck me. Immediately, Jess began shifting her hips back and forth, dragging her small clit back and forth over mine. Soon after she started this, Jess screamed out in orgasm, but as she did, I got the strangest sensation.

I definitely had not come down from my first orgasm yet, but it felt like another was being set off. Young cutie gets rammed in a threesome, I've had multiple orgasms before, but never so quickly, there's always at least a brief downtime. As such, to this day, I'm still not sure if I hit a second orgasm then or if it was just another wave of my first orgasm that just happened to be more intense than anything before it.

Whatever it was, it was fucking great! I just laid there, my body still completely stiff, still moaning while Jess continued to quickly shift her hips, dragging out her orgasm and extending mine. I have no idea how long we were getting off, but it seemed like ages. Eventually, I felt Jess's hips slow down while they were shifting back and forth.

This allowed me to finally start coming down. I started to regain my breathing, but I kept my body still. In time, Jess apparently got worn out, and just stopped moving her hips, leaving our clits pressed against each others.

Then, without warning, both Jess and I let our bodies loosen and we dropped limply onto the couch, our pussies still lightly pressed against each other, though our clits were no longer touching. Again, I have no idea how long we were like that. At some point, I looked down to Jess, and saw her lying on the opposite end of the couch, her chest moving up and down with her breathing, her mouth hanging wide open, her eyes shut.

I smiled and laid my head down and closed my eyes. I must've fallen asleep as the next thing I felt was Jess pulling her body out. I looked at her and lifted my legs, making it easier for her.

She gave me an apologetic smile and said, "Sorry, but I really gotta pee!" The second she said that, I realized how badly I had to pee! I quickly got up and followed her to the mom garden no navy for my baby, and we both continued filling the tub. When walking back to the living room, we both noticed the giant wet spot on the couch directly under where our cunts had been grinding at each other.

It was huge! Laughter ensued for a bit, as we sat down on either side of the wet spot. Then Jess spoke up. "Alright, no more games until the pee bath tonight, or I'm gonna have nothing left!" I couldn't help but respond, "So, you can't handle me?" In response, Jess just leaned in and kissed me.

During the kiss I suddenly remembered the 'cunt baths' as Jess smelled amazingly like my juices. As Jess pulled back from the kiss, she stated, "Oh I can handle you Lisa, I just want to handle you in a different way!" We laughed, and went back to movies, drinking, and peeing. We actually spread out a bit, not wanting to be tempted to jump on each other. Jess moved to the recliner leaving me on the couch with the big wet spot.

Later, we had a small dinner and discovered it is damn hard to eat much when you are drinking so much! Shortly after the dinner, Jess and I went to pee again. The tub was well over half full when we were done, though not quite two-thirds full. After we finished and cleaned each other, Jess looked at the tub, then turned to me and asked, "So, when do we start?" I had no idea what to say.

I looked at the tub, and it suddenly struck me that I was going to take a bath in pee! I felt my face flush. I know this had all been planned, so it shouldn't have been a surprise, but I guess I just never thought it was actually going to work out.

I was actually really nervous about it now! Jess must have noticed something was wrong (perhaps from my face flushing) and asked about it.

"Nothing," I said back, "I say we break out the vodka, and after a few swigs, we begin!" Jess's face lit up apparently she was really excited about this! I followed her out of the bathroom and into the kitchen. She pulled out the vodka and a couple of double shot glasses while I grabbed what was left of the Sprite from the fridge, which was a little less than half a 2-liter bottle.

As we toasted the shotglasses, Jess announced, "To cunt baths and pee baths!" After downing the shot and chasing it with Sprite, we head to the living room again, Jess bringing the bottle of vodka, me bringing the Sprite. We took a couple swigs straight from the bottle in there, then, finally, headed to the bathroom, again with Jess carrying the vodka in and me with the Sprite.

Walking into the bathroom, Jess put the bottle of vodka in the sink (which is right next to the tub), leaning to the side. I followed suit with the Sprite, then turned around to close the door. I turned back to see Jess staring at me smiling. Waving my hands forward, I asked, "Would you like the honors?" Without even thinking about it, Jess replied, "After you, madam," bowing slightly and motioning towards the tubs with her arms.

I was honestly completely surprised that Jess did not want to go first, considering how much she seemed to be looking forward to it. In the short second I had to think, my only rationalization was that she must think that I might cop out or something and she didn't want to do it alone.

I was kind of offended at that thought, so I quickly stepped forward and into the tub! I watched the ripples in the light yellow liquid as my feet entered. The feeling of warmth was immediate, which I found surprising considering most of it had been there for more than a day, but again, the room was really, really korea utara by movis freand is mam thanks to that heater with the door closed, so I guess it shouldn't have been too surprising.

As soon as I had both feet in, I grabbed onto the sides and lowered myself into a sitting position, feeling the heat of the pee. The water level, or pee level as I guess the case was, raised so that it was just touching the bottom of my boobs. I took a deep breath, and while I did, I felt the bottom of my boobs raise out of the pee, and then just barely drop in as I exhaled.

"How is it?" I turned to see Jess, her head cocked to the side staring at me. "Really nice actually! What are you waiting for?" She didn't need to be told twice! Jess stepped in and sat down on the opposite end of the tub, being careful to avoid hitting the faucet.

When she sat down, the pee level was merely a couple inches below the top of the tub, slightly less than an inch when both of us extended our legs towards the other. We sat there for a couple minutes, just enjoying the feeling of the pee, adjusting to the strong smell, and talking. "Well, Jess, I think we are officially ridiculous!" Jess cocked her head at me. "What do you mean, Lise?" "What do you mean, 'what do I mean?' Who in the world takes pee baths?!?

We are crazy!" I then dipped my head into the bath enough to fill my mouth up with pee, and spat it into Jess's face. Jess jerked back as the pee splattered on her face. "Oh, is that how it's going to be?" Jess didn't bother waiting for a response, just dipped her head down, got a mouthful of pee, and leaned in and spat back into my face at point-blank distance. I felt the pee hit my face and drip down. I could feel small drips fall of my nose and larger ones fall from my chin. A few moments later, I grabbed Jess's head, which was still mere inches from mine, and pushed it down, submerging it completely in pee.

A war ensued as we both dunked each other in pee. I don't know about her, but I ended up swallowing a couple mouthfuls of pee. This was probably a good thing, as the pee level got exceptionally high during our fight when both of us had most our bodies in it. There were a few overflows and a couple splashes out that would have to be taken care of at a later date.

Eventually, Jess and I let the fighting subside, and we just stared at each other, both completely soaked in pee. Jess's hair was matted down her back, and occasionally I could see drops of yellow fall from stray strands on her head. After a bit of staring at each other, Jess gave me a sweet smile, reached up and grabbed the bottles of Sprite and vodka.

I watched her take a swig of both, and then followed suit, finishing off the Sprite. I passed her back the bottle of Sprite to put back in the sink and put the vodka on the edge of the tub against the wall and lay back against the end of the tub. After putting the empty Sprite bottle in the sink, Jess came over, turned away from me, and lay on top of me.

In the position we were in, the pee level was up to my shoulders, and up to Jess's chin. I wrapped my arms around her, interlocking my hands over her stomach, and then just laid my head back as Jess rested hers against my tits.

For a long while, we just laid there. Occasionally we talked, but mostly we just laid there, enjoying the others company in a bathtub full of pee.

It was finally broken up as Jess grabbed the bottle of vodka, took a swig, and then dipped her head to chase it with a mouthful of pee, which she swallowed. She then moved to the other side of the tub to give me room to follow suit, which I did. Strangely enough, pee turned out to be a really good chaser! The tang of the pee quickly and completely killed the sharpness of the alcohol that was left over in my mouth. If you don't mind pee, I suggest you try it sometime.

Maybe not with a bathtub full of it, but a cup would probably do fine! As I put the bottle back, Jess smiled mischievously at me and began to stand up. Without verbally responding, I raised an eyebrow at her, and watched her. She moved forwards to me, stood above and a little in front of me. Then, as she spread her pussy lips, I caught on to what she was going to do.

I just looked up and opened my mouth, and soon enough had a stream of pee filling it up! I swallowed the first mouthful, but then realized I wouldn't be able to keep up, so I didn't swallow anymore after that. Instead I dipped my head forward and let the pee cover my hair, then looked up and let the stream flow across my face and down onto my chest.

When the stream began to fade, I decided busty hot gf rides and swallows hd go straight to the source. I rose to my knees and brought my mouth to Jess's cunt as she was still peeing and sucked her pee straight from her peehole! I tried to push some of it up into her cunt with my tongue, but I don't think I was very successful as I felt it fall down my chin, so I just ended up tongue fucking her while she peed.

I soon realized that in the position I was in, my nose was just above her clit. Via some careful maneuvering, I moved my face down a bit so that I could still tongue fuck her, but could also rub my nose against her clit. Jess immediately started moaning, and her pee broke off into spurts, then stopped big ass dirty talk tease. I sped up my action on her cunt, eventually moving my mouth up so I could suck and tongue her clit and brought my hands up to stick a couple fingers in her cunt and a couple from the other hand in her ass.

I slowly sped up my fingers in both holes as well as my tongue on her clit. It didn't take long for Jess to hit her orgasm, a burst of pee and cunt juice splashed out over my chin and chest as she did. I slowed down my motions to let her come down, eventually stopping and looking up at her. I saw her looking down at me over her boobs. My line of sight was immediately drawn towards her hard, extended nipples that had drips of pee coming off them.

They looked delicious! I couldn't help myself, and pushed myself up on my feet a bit, sucking on one of the nipples. I felt Jess grab the back of my head and hold me against her chest as I sucked first one, then the other nipple. I went blonde cutie has fun with a pecker and forth a few times before I felt Jess pull me away from her chest and tug me up.

Catching on, I stood up completely, and Jess immediately leaned in for a kiss. I found the kiss to be highly erotic, tasting the piss in Jess's mouth as we made out. Slowly, Jess worked her way away from my mouth and began kissing my cheek, then down my neck, and slowly working her way down my body. She spent a lot of time on my nipples, tonguing them, making them incredibly hard. Every now and then, I felt her lick off a drip of pee I could feel building up on the end of it.

My desire for her was building quickly, and I began moaning. As I did, Jess moved on, kissing her way down my stomach to the small track of hair just above my slit, though not touching my slit.

She teased me, kissing around my slit, kissing the insides of my thighs, always getting closer to, but never quite reaching my pleasure center. And naughty america mom and son love story, in one instant and with no warning, Jess pulled my pussy lips apart with her hands and latched onto my clit. My whole body shook in response, but Jess just kept sucking!

I was rapidly approaching my orgasm. Jess occasionally moved her mouth away from my clit to lick the rest of my cunt, often tonguing my peehole, but even when she did that, she'd reach over with tereza plays with her sexy body and toy thumb and keep rubbing my clit. I don't know how many times Jess went back and forth three, maybe four but the last time she came back to my clit, I felt her lightly nibble on my super-sensitive clit with her teeth.

That was far more than I could take, and I immediately orgasmed, unintentionally pushing my hips forward into Jess's face. I felt an eruption, which I thought was just going to be a brief squirt of cunt juice, but it either wasn't or it was and changed without break into a stream of pee that was going straight into Jess's mouth. After the initial shock of the orgasm, I opened my eyes and looked down to see Jess's eyes looking up at me, her mouth open and overflowing with pee maybe an inch away from the source.

When Jess saw me look at her, she closed her mouth, swallowed, smiled, and then let the stream of pee hit the rest of her face and her hair. I watched, and couldn't help but laugh, as Jess brought her hands up through her hair as if she was washing it with my pee.

Finally, my stream ended, and as it did, I realized how exhausted I was, and felt my body lower into the tub, again leaning against the back end of it. I closed my eyes as I leaned my head back over the edge of the tub, but I felt as Jess lowered her body on top of mine. I reached around, closing my hands around her stomach as I had done before.

And then we fell asleep. I woke up because of a stinging pain in my knee. Jess had fallen asleep too, and I guess rolled part way to her side, with her leg twisted so that her knee was pushing against the back of my knee with the edge of the tub on the other side of my knee.

While I felt kind of bad about it, I had to wake her up, because my knee just hurt too much. I lightly shook her shoulder, which caused Jess to twitch forcefully as she woke up. During that twitch, her leg moved upright, freeing up my knee. I let out a sigh of relief as Jess turned to look at me. "How long was I out?" "I don't know," I replied, as there was no clock in the bathroom, not that we'd even looked at one before we came in anyhow.

"I just woke up myself too." I brought my hand up out of the pee, planning to place it on the side of Jess's face, but as I looked at it, I announced, "Apparently we were out for quite some time!" Jess turned her head and saw my hand, which was completely pruned.

Jess then pulled both of her hands out, only to see they were completely pruned also. "Well," she began, "I guess we should feel special. There probably aren't that many people out there who've become pruned from being soaked in pee too long!" We both laughed for a bit. Jess sat up and turned towards me, asking, "You know what I bet feels good?" "What?" I replied still laughing.

"This!" While saying that, Jess shoved a couple fingers of her hand up my cunt under the pee. I immediately understood what she was talking about she was pressing the pruned ends of her fingers against my cunt walls and dragging them around. I could feel the slightly course wrinkles dragging against my innards, and damn did it feel good!

As I started moaning, Jess brought her other hand down and started rubbing my clit, which also felt much better with pruned fingers!

Then, adding one more piece to complete the process, Jess leaned in and started kissing my boobs, which were just above the pee level. Every so often, she would get a mouthful of pee and let it spill out over my boobs, sometimes sucking on my nipples while she had some left in her mouth and letting it swish against my nipple. The sensation of all of this together, combined with the smell of the pee which was all but second nature to me now, brought me up very quickly.

A few minutes later, I moaned out in orgasm, arching my back and tensing my body. Jess began to slow down her fingers as she pulled her head back away from my chest. She brought me down slowly, very slowly. In fact I think I took more time coming down from the climax then I did reaching it. When Jess finally stopped moving and pulled her hands out, I opened my eyes, leaned forward to kiss her, grabbing a mouthful of pee on my way. We passed the pee back and forth in our mouths while we kissed, and I tried to twist around to get to the other side of Jess, allowing her to assume the position I had been in.

It took some complicated maneuvering, and more than a bit of pee splashing out onto the floor, but it got done. I broke up the kiss, letting Jess slide back against the end of the tub.

I wasted no time getting a couple fingers in her cunt, a couple others on her clit, and my mouth on her nipples. I did my best to repeat exactly to her what she had done to me. Besides the fact that fingering someone feels really weird with pruned fingers, and the fact that I was doing it while in a tub full of pee, everything seemed normal.

As she approached her climax, she kept moaning "Lisa" over and over again, which only increased my drive to give her an incredible orgasm, which I think I did! I then very slowly brought her down, as she had done to me. After I pulled my fingers out, we just sat there for awhile. Jess kept her eyes closed, and I laid forward and rested my head on her floating tits. We were only in that position for a minute or so when Jess said, "I guess we should probably be draining veronica clark fucked by four men dped soon." I looked up at her and nodded my agreement.

She then added, blonde teen strip dance suspect denied theft numerous times like a huge waste." I merely laughed in response. And so I slowly turned around and pulled the drain out of the shower.

I turned around to see Jess standing up, and got up with her. Then, with the pee draining out, I grabbed a couple handfuls of pee and splashed it onto Jess body, rubbing it into her tits. We took turns doing this, rubbing the pee all over each other's body, from our hair and our faces to our chests and stomachs to our cunts and asses, down our legs, and finally to our toes as the last of the pee drained out. It was funny, after it was gone, we both just stood there looking at each other for a bit.

I don't think either of us really knew what to do. We were still dripping with pee, so we couldn't really get out. Eventually I said, "I think we should probably shower before we get out of here." Jess just nodded in response. So I pulled the shower curtain closed and turned on the shower. As a side note, I realized while closing the shower curtain that I probably should have done that earlier, thus preventing the massive pee spills that were now on my bathroom floor.

And so we showered, for the first time in nearly two days. We washed each other's hair and bodies, because obviously you don't wash your own body when you are in the shower with someone else! It mostly was just a normal shower, though when Jess spread her legs to let me wash her pussy, I grabbed the vodka bottle that was still in the shower and fucked her with the neck of the bottle until she got off.

I'm not really sure why I did that, I guess it just seemed like a good idea at the time. And of course, since I had done it to her, Jess quickly grabbed the bottle when I was done and did the same to me. After we finished, we got out of the tub and dried each other off.

Getting out was actually a bit complicated, as we had to jump from the tub to the shower rug a few feet away so that we didn't step in the puddles of pee that had splashed over, but everything worked out.

Jess offered to clean the puddles up, but I told her not to worry about it and that I'd do it tomorrow. She also noted that the bathroom still reeked of pee, but I also said I could fix that tomorrow too. When we finished drying each other off, Jess and I headed to my bed. We were shocked to see that it was just past 2:00 in the morning when we got there. The last time I had looked at a clock, which was before we had gotten the vodka out, it was around 9:30!

I don't know how long we spent doing everything, but I figure we must have been asleep in the tub for at least two hours. Jess pulled the blankets back and got into bed, lying on her back, announcing, "That was a hell of a weekend." While climbing in, I responded, "Damn right it was!" I then laid down on my stomach on Jess, pulling the blankets up to my shoulders and resting my head on Jess's boobs.

I yawned, and suddenly realized how tired I was. I whispered, "Good night, beautiful!" I was practically out before I heard Jess respond, "Good night, honey! See you in the morning!" I remember very clearly waking up the next morning, solely because of the odd position we had somehow gotten ourselves into.

I was on my side with the blankets pulled up to my neck, though pretty tangled up. Jess was completely under the blankets, on her side facing me. Her head was pushed right up between my tits. I could actually feel the end of her tongue on my bottom boob, and a little stream of drool going from her tongue, down my boob, and forming a wet spot where it met the bed.

Jess was on top of my lower arm, my hand being right beneath her hip, while my upper arm was resting on Jess's head. And her upper leg was sticking straight out, right between my legs, her thigh pushed up against my pussy.

I couldn't help but laugh as I tried to figure out how we got in that position. I felt Jess's head twitch, probably from my chest lightly shaking with laughter. She pulled her head back for a second, which caused the blankets she was under to rise up. While pulling it down, she began wondering aloud how we ended up interracial threesome with two stunning girls hd group interracial tube porn that position.

There were no 'good morning's, just a conversation about how in the hell we ended up like that! We continued talking about it as we got up to get breakfast.

After eating, Jess headed to the bathroom to brush her teeth and whatnot. I washed the few dishes we had, then headed to the bathroom to pee… in the toilet! Hadn't done that in a couple days!

We talked about the weekend, how, despite the fun of the pee bath, it really was not worth forcing ourselves to continuously drink throughout the weekend, and other such stuff. When I went to grab toilet paper to wipe, Jess grabbed my hand. I turned to look at her, and she asked, "One more time, for old time's sake?" I just laughed, stood up, and spread my pussy lips as Jess kneeled before me and licked me to a quick orgasm.

After she did, I got up, and Jess immediately sat on the toilet to pee. I got on my knees in front of her, waiting my turn. The second she finished, she stood, pulled her lips apart, and invited me to dive in, which I eagerly did.

Following the final orgasm of the weekend, Jess and I went back to the bedroom. Jess had told me when we planned out this weekend that she'd have to leave quickly Monday morning, as she had a bunch of stuff she needed to take care of during the day. I tried to argue it, but got nowhere, so now I had just accepted it and followed her around. Jess got dressed in the only other outfit she had brought, besides what she had worn here Saturday morning.

She correctly guessed, unsurprisingly, that she would not need any other clothes for the weekend. After she was packed and dressed, we both went to the door. Jess turned around at the door and said, "Next weekend." I think she meant it as a question, but it came out as a statement.

I simply replied, "Definitely." Then I grabbed the back of her head and leaned in for a final kiss. The kiss lasted a long time, though that was partially because I wouldn't let Jess pull away. Each time she tried to, I held her head there with my hand, leading to both of us laughing into the kiss. Eventually, Jess started opening the door behind her while I was kissing her. When the door was open about halfway, I finally let Jess pull back. She stood in the doorway smiling at me for a moment, then reached forward and placed her hand on one of my boobs and slid it down my body to my pussy, and then quickly turned to leave.

The second Jess turned her body, I jumped back in and slammed the door to my apartment, leaning naked against the back of the door, my heart racing. This was because the second Jess turned, I was able to see past her body, and right behind her.

And there, standing with one foot on his scooter in the hallway in front of the door to his apartment, was the twelve year old boy that lived there with his mom. I figured that he must've seen plenty: Jess kissing me, her hand running down my body hell, my whole fucking body! I quickly realized something had to be done, I turned and looked out the peephole in the door to see him still standing there staring at my door, no sign of Jess.

I ran to grab a blanket, wrapped it around my body, and opened the door. The boy just stared at me, or more specifically, my blanket-covered tits. "Hey, Mike," I began, trying to sound as normal as possible. "You think you could, you know, not tell anyone what you saw here?

It's kind of a secret." Mike, still staring at my tits, simply nodded his head. "Thanks Mike!" I then turned around and closed the door, letting out a sigh of relief. I dropped the blanket and turned to stare out the peephole. Mike stood there for a minute or so longer staring at my door. Finally, he shook his head as if he was waking up from a dream, and continued down the hallway on his scooter.

Part of me was laughing, thinking the kid probably got the greatest show of his life. But that was a very small part. The vast majority of me was terrified that he'd tell his mom (who I considered a friend, though she's a bit older than me) or other people and that I would get complaints or possibly kicked out of the apartment.

There was also a part of me that was really embarrassed and found it really awkward, especially since I used to babysit the kid a few years ago, and even up to a few months ago I'd let him come over, along with a few other kids from the complex, and play my Wii.

Luckily, he eventually got one, and then they all stopped visiting me. I dealt with all my panic by obsessively cleaning my apartment all day.

I tell you, the place was spotless by the end of the day, despite the mess we had made in the bathroom. Work distracted me for the next few days, though there was always some little part of me freaking out about what was going to happen. I calmed down after about a week had gone by and nothing happened. As it turned out, looking back on this, there really hadn't been anything to worry about. Nothing ever came of it. I never heard of the instance again. The only change was that on the few occasions I ran into Mike and said "hi," he gave me a slightly different kind of smile, kind of a horny smile.

It freaked me out at first, but now I just think it's funny. It's not like I did anything wrong really, he just caught a good peepshow that I'm sure he's made use of mentally many times since.

Lucky him.