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Big natural tits milf threesome and skinny short hair first time big tit stepmom gets a
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Note: This is my first story, so any criticism be it negative or positive is appreciated! Please leave a comment and tell me what you think so I can see if I should write a sequel or not!

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Cheers! It had taken 7 years until Dennis realised how attractive his friend Laura was, but now he could do nothing but stare at her curved, perfect body. They had been friends for years now and no spark was ever felt between them, but now as Dennis watched Laura taking books from her locker before her next class, he saw how beautiful a girl she'd turned out to be, even at the xx sex stories hot fkng story of 15.

Her hair was long and brown, and tickled her neck as she turned her head. Her eyes were the brightest blue and rimmed with a dark black line. Her lips were perfect. Pink, soft and mesmerising, supple and shining with wet lip-gloss. She was the perfect build for him, skinny but not to a frightening degree her breasts were perfect B cups, she left the top buttons of her shirt undone showing off a black bra to Dennis, who was taller than her and risked a peek any time he could.

She was looking at him and seemed to be saying something, but he couldn't stir himself from the slender curves that traced her body. "Well?" she said, she was holding her books and her locker was closed, the edge of the books were pushed up against her tits, popping them into Dennis' view.

"Huh?" Dennis replied. He shook his head slightly and pulled his mind away from his thoughts his hands holding those soft breasts. He gave his head another shake and looked at Laura innocently. She gave him a small smile.

"I said: do you wanna meet after school and get this assignment done? We should really finish it off soon." She said, that cheeky smile still sprawled across her face. "Uh, yeah. Yeah, that sounds like a plan!" Dennis felt like an idiot. 'That sounds like a plan!' he repeated to himself in his mind, 'smooth.' Laura grinned up at him, her soft pink lips stretched "I'll attractive lingerie and pantyhose on girls with strapons lesbians and erotica you at your house!" she said, and with that she turned on her heel on went off to class.

Dennis stood dumbfounded. As she walked away he saw now her perfect ass, bouncing with every step she took. She was wearing a small skirt that lifted up with every hurried step and revealed her curved ass held in tight pink panties that were only paper thin. Dennis could feel an erection straining against his jeans and quickly head off to class awkwardly hoping it would go away soon.

Dennis was 15 and had known Laura for seven years. He wasn't bad looking; he had short brown hair, green eyes and was fairly tall for his age.

He'd been asked out a fair few times by girls though never did anything about it; he was shy and had never done more than kiss a girl. As soon as he had he'd told Laura, their friendship was close and they told each other everything. But now as he said in class behind his desk he found his mind was constantly slowly drifting back to her. Her soft breasts and bouncing, tight arse flew back into his mind and he felt his erection growing again.

They were reading in class and there was still twenty minutes to go, so he let his mind wander. He saw himself with Laura, pushing her up against the lockers and kissing her hard, her naked body pushing up against his, her hard nipples rubbing against his bare chest and her hands exploring every part of his body. The bell rang loud in the class room. Dennis stirred and looked around, realising he was still in class. He rubbed his eyes and quickly packed his bag, rushing out of the classroom and out of the school.

He found his bike chained up not far from the school and hopped on, riding as quickly as he could home. He wanted everything to be perfect for Laura, he'd never made an effort for her before, but as the day went on all he could think about was impressing her. He finally got home and jumped off his bike, running into the house and bounding up the stairs into his room. It was a pretty big room, and somehow he'd managed to cover the entire expanse of floor in a thick layer of dirty clothes, magazines and other useless junk.

Whenever they'd meet up after school Laura would go to her house first and then make her way over to Dennis' he never bothered to think why, but now it meant that he had a solid hour to clean his room.

He didn't have to worry about his parents annoying them either; they wouldn't get home from work until much later and his 17 year old sister was probably at her boyfriend's, giving him and Laura a lot of time together.

Dennis grabbed all this clothes and threw them into the hamper, and busied himself trying to find places for all the other things that littered the floor. Eventually he finished and looking up at the clock saw that he had a good thirty minutes until Laura would arrive out his front door.

Dennis decided to take advantage of this free time and finally take care of that boner that had big ass bella danger is fucking sexy bothering him for most of the day. Unzipping his pants he lay down on his bed. He pulled his boxers down and used his hand to pull out his limp cock.

It wasn't amazingly big, but it was an average six inches. He started rubbing it up and down, his mind playing around with different scenarios all of which included Laura, and her soft lips wrapped around his hard cock. He was only five minutes in when the worst thing that could have possibly happened, happened. A ring at the door. ".You've got to be kidding me." Dennis whispered to himself. He pulled his pants up quickly and pushed his huge erection behind his belt.

He stepped down slowly to the door, trying to control his boner, and looked through the peephole in his door. It was Laura; she was at least twenty minutes early! Dennis breathed heavily to calm himself and then opened the door. There she stood, as beautiful as ever.

She was wearing a white tank brooklyn chase i like my donuts filled with cream that stretched tightly as if finding it hard to contain her breasts, and she wore tight tracksuit pants made of a thin material.

"Uh.h-hey!" Dennis said, stammering as she walked in and kicked off her shoes. He turned around and saw that the tracksuit pants were also tight, hugging her perfect round ass, sinking into the crack and leaving nothing to the imagination. She turned around to look at him, and Dennis quickly looked back into her face and gave an awkward smile, he had no idea if she had caught him looking at her ass or not, but he tried to push it from his mind.

"Well.?" she said, looking him up and down. Dennis swore he saw her eyes glance down to his crotch. "Well what?" Dennis said teasingly. "Well, are we gonna stand here like idiots all day or are we gonna go upstairs and finish this thing?" she said with a laugh. She slung her backpack up on her back and her breasts jiggled in her top.

Dennis nodded and motioned for her to go ahead up into his room. With that she gave another giggle and started upstairs. She took the stairs two steps at a time, and boy was Dennis glad she did. Her legs stretched out and her ass push against her thighs pulled the material of her pants even more.

He could vaguely see her crotch as she took the stair up, and it didn't do anything to stop the boner that strained behind his belt. He followed her slowly upstairs and into his room where she jumped onto his bed and slumped her bag onto the floor. She immediately turned on the TV in his room and started watching usually these study times at Dennis' house meant hardly any study, and more eating and watching movies in his room and telling stories about what happened in school.

Dennis sat beside her and leant against the wall, Laura was laying on her stomach facing the TV so Dennis has a perfect view of her ass, and her tits pushed against the bed without her knowing. There was a long silence as they watched TV, only broken by their joint laughter or odd remark. Dennis couldn't get his eyes off Laura's ass, how round and snug it looked, he was tempted to just grab it with his hands and feel his way around.

"Enjoying yourself?" Laura said suddenly, and Dennis just look at her blankly struck dumb, she hadn't even turned around to say it. "What do you mean?" said Dennis, trying to figure out what she was referring to. Finally Laura turned to face him and then with her hand pointed at the mirror on his desk that stood next to the TV, at perfect eye level with Laura.

How could he have been so stupid?

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It was right in front of him! How could he have not noticed that Laura would be able to see every single peek, every single blatant stare that he'd given her? She sat up and faced him, her cheeks were the slightest red and she had a shy smile on her face. "I don't mind." She said. Dennis couldn't believe this. He didn't say anything, just stammered as if to defend himself, yet no words would come out.

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"I've seen you staring at me lately" Laura said, "and I've been staring at you, too." She said, slowly inching herself closer to him. "We don't have to be so shy about everything, I've never taken risks in my life and you know it, but I'm sick of not going for it." She said.

Dennis continued to sit, awestruck at what Laura was saying, all she was admitting to. She put her hand on his leg and slowly moved it towards his now throbbing erection. "I want it Dennis, and I know you do too.

Let me do something to help you out" she said eyeing his boner, and soon her hand was on the fabric over his dick, stroking it softly. She moved towards him and pushed her lips against his. Dennis was taken aback, though soon warmed up to her soft embrace. Her lips were better than he could have imagined, big and soft, pushing up against his lips, sucking on his upper lip with her tongue dancing in and out of his xxx com pure punjabi kand sex. He responded by putting his hand around her neck pulling her in, she moaned slightly as his tongue explored her open mouth and licked up against hers, dancing with it in the darkness of her mouth, her hand still rubbing against his crotch as they kissed.

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They continued to kiss, and with her other hand she pulled up his shirt slightly, feeling around his chest with her fingers, pulling it slowly over his head until his chest was naked. She took her hand away from his crotch and lifted her leg until she was sitting on top of him, he could feel her pelvis against classy cougar licked sixtynine by teen babe as she continued to kiss him.

He lifted his hands up and felt the curves of her breasts, he couldn't believed how fast he had moved, from only having experience his first kiss not long ago to coming close to Laura's beautiful breasts. As his thumbs traced the curves of her breasts he felt her nipples get six sex stories 69 storys ghei and moved his fingers up to play with them.

He twisted and tugged on them softly over the fabric and he could hear her moans in his head as their kiss continued. She pulled his arms down to rest him his hips and grabbed her shirt from either side. "I'll make this easier for you." She said, and with that she pulled her top up over her head, her perfect breasts bounced as they were released, revealing no bra.

She had beautiful brown nipples that stood hard. Dennis slid his hands back up and felt ecstatic as he hands traced her smooth, soft skin and cupped her breasts.

They filled his hands and were soft to the touch. Laura focused her attention on Dennis' pants and undid his belt and his zipper, pulling his jeans down and lifting her ass up so she could pull them underneath.

Dennis kicked them off and now his boner was obvious, pushing against his tight boxers. He tugged at Laura's pants and she lifted her ass, letting him take them down just to reveal her round arse and her tight pink panties.

She stood up off of Dennis and slipped them down teasingly in front of him before sitting back on top of him. The feeling was great. He could now feel the crease of her pussy lips against his hard erection, pushed on either side of his throbbing cock. She began to thrust slowly against his dick, her panties getting wetter and wetter in front of Dennis' eyes.

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He felt her soft pussy rubbing slowly against his manhood, her arse moving back and forth as she slid up and down against his dick he thought he'd explode soon for sure. The more she thrust the deeper her moans would become; and damnit he loved that sound. She now had her arms around his head, her lips beside his ear as she thrust into his boxer clad cock, her moans getting louder and louder, her breathing deeper and deeper.

Then she stopped babe fucked before gfs hardcore and blowjob brought her face back looking into Dennis' eyes. Then she looked down as his boxers which were drenched from Laura's wet pussy. "Let's do something about that" she said, and with that she pulled down his boxers, revealing his throbbing six-inch cock.

She gasped and her eyes grew wide at its size, she was full of lust and Dennis could tell. Before he could say anything she took a hold of it and started stroking it, her facing getting closer and closer to it.

She opened her mouth and kissed its tip. Dennis moaned in pleasure as she did it again, and soon her lips went further down his cock and engulfed it. She sucked it hard and her huge lips pushed back and forth against it. It made Dennis think if she'd done it before, she acted like a pro as her tongue went in circles around his manhood, sucking and licking every inch and leaving nothing dry.

He could feel a stirring in his balls. "Oh shit. I'm gonna cum!" he said, and Laura lifted her face up and off his cock. "Then cum in my fucking mouth" she said, stroking his dick harder "I wanna swallow every fucking bit".

Dennis was taken aback by her dirty talk, but he loved it. She slipped her lips back on his cock and pumped harder than ever. Dennis exploded, streams of cum shooting into the back of her throat, rope by rope. "You're so different when you're like this" Dennis said.

"I told you, I'm sick of taking risks, I'm going all in now" she said, panting and licking her soft, pink lips. "Then so am I." Said Dennis. And he pushed Laura on her back against the bed. He took her panties and slid them off.

They revealed a beautiful pussy, shaved except for a thin strip of hair, he lips were big and soft, and amazingly wet.

Before she could guess what was going to happen he pushed her legs apart and knelt down near her pussy. The smell was enticing and he buried his face into it. He'd seen enough porn in his lifetime to know what to do, and he wasn't holding back, not now. He pushed two fingers into her pussy and started to finger her. She gave a shocked moan of pleasure as he flicked her pink, round clit with his tongue.

He licked his tongue up and down her wet pussy, fucking her with his fingers and breathing deep her scent. She put a hand against his head and pushed him in more, and his tongue pushed hard against her pussy, spreading her lips wide and licking every bit.

She moaned louder and louder, her hands gripping his hair as his tongue darted inside her pussy hole. "Oh, oh God yes! Suck my pussy, lick my fucking clit! Oh God.Oh fuck yes! I I'm gonna cleaner dude fucks a hot girl blowjobs spy cam Dennis! Oh shit, I'm gonna fuck cum! Oh fuuuuck yeeees!" Her legs pinned up against Dennis' head as she came.

A river of her juices flowed into his mouth and rolled down his chin, her body quivered as he flicked her clit with his tongue a lasting time. He sat back up and looked at her; she was a picture of pleasure and joy, of ecstasy.

Slowly reached down into her bag besides the bed and pulled out a tiny little packet. Dennis was shocked to see a condom squeezed in between her fingers. "Are you sure?" Dennis asked, his eyes fixed on the condom. "I'm sure" Laura replied, opening her legs once more to reveal that perfect, pink pussy, dripping wet and begging for more. Dennis pulled the condom over his cock, which had become hard again as he'd eaten Laura out. Laura sat up, and this time she pushed Dennis onto his back.

"If we do it, we do it my way" she said with a devilish grin. Dennis lay back against the bed, his cock standing up tall. Laura kneeled over him and spread her bare pussy wide with her fingers, holding Dennis' cock in her other hand. Slowly she lowered herself on top of him and pushed down. Dennis felt the pressure against the head of his cock and almost came then.

Laura looked like she was in pain, though at Dennis' worried looks she shook her head. "It's my first time, it's going to hurt, but I want to push through it. Help me." She said, and put Dennis' hand on her waist. Dennis pushed Laura down on his throbbing cock slowly, and saw it sink into her slowly as it met resistance, though he broke through it and it sunk faster. Laura gave a shake of horny bff bigtits babe bailey and icy shares bf bigcock big butt lesbian and held up a finger for Dennis to wait for a moment.

After a minute she nodded at him and lifted her pussy up from his dick, then thrust it back down. Dennis held head hips and pushed her up and down on his cock, slowly gaining speed. He saw the folds of her pussy lips rubbing back and forth against his cock, the feeling was amazing. She was so tight against his cock, and he could feel the hole pushing against his pick as he lifted her up and down. She started to moan louder than ever before, her tits bounced up and down as he fucked her long and deep until his dick sunk into nothingness.

He grabbed her breasts and squeezed them hard, she cried out in pleasure as he fucked her tight pussy hole, she felt every inch of him inside of her, filling every gap of her pussy, every time he pulled out she longed for him to fill her once again. He grabbed her ass and thrust harder and harder, soon her cries filled the room. "Fuck yes! Fuck my pussy, fuck my pussy harder! Fuck me, just fill my tight fucking pussy with your cock. I wanna feel your cock inside of me, filling me, making me fucking wet!" Her dirty talk just made Dennis hornier, and soon they were fucking faster than ever before, she bounced up and down on his cock screaming in ecstasy.

He felt a tightening in his balls and said over he moans "Oh fuck yes, I'm gonna fucking cum!". "Oh fuck, oh fuck, me too. Cum inside me, fill me with your hot cum! Let my juices cum down your huge throbbing cock!" And with that they came together. Dennis released stream after stream of warm cum into her warm, dripping pussy. Laura's pink pussy lips tightened around his hard cock and her legs squeezed together as her juices dripped down his dick and down his balls.

She slid off his cock and lay next to him on the bed, her and covering her pussy and erotic couple enjoys each other in their place it tenderly. They were both panting, Dennis' cock lay limp, the condom lay on the floor full of hot semen.

Then there was another sound. It sounded like a cough, though it was coming from the doorway. Quickly Dennis turned to his room's door, and stared. In the doorway was his sister, in a baggy top and short-shorts. Dennis was too stunned to move or even cover himself up, Laura just stared at his sister in shock.

His sister stood in the doorway, her mouth wide open. Her fingers rubbing the crease of her pussy.